Top 10 Tuesday
Top Trends I'd like to see more of/Less of in Books
Top 10 Under rated Books
Top 10 Friendships in Books
Top 10 Books I Loved but Never Wrote a Review for
Top 10 Books I Want to Read Fall 2011
Top 5 Sequels I Want to Read
Top 10 Books I feel everyone has read expect me
Top 10 Surprising Book Endings
Top 8 I'd like to Read Again for the First Time
Top 7 Books I Read because of the Title or Cover
Top 10 Books I Had Strong Feelings About
Top 8 Books Outside of my Comfort Zone
Top 8 Books that Haven't read that are on my Bookshelf
Top 10 Books I want to Read this winter
Top 5 Books from my Childhood
Top 5 Books I'd Give as Gifts
Top 10 Books I Read in 2011
Top 6 Authors I want to write another book
Top 7 Manga/Anime for people who don't read/watch manga/anime
Top 10 Books that would be good for a book club
Top 7 Books for People Who Don't like to read
Top 7 Covers of 2012
Top 10 books I want to read this spring
Top 10 books that have distracted me from school
Top 10 I Read in a day
Top 8 books tha deceived me
Top 7 tips for bloggers
Top 10 Book Characters
Top 10 Books I'd like to Become Movies
My Favorite Book Quotes
Top 10 Websites not about Books
Top 8 Books I hope People are still reading in 30 years
My Top 10 Book Heroines
Top 10 Beach Books
Top 10 I'd like read summer 2012
Top 5 Book Characters I relate to
Top 10 Books for people who like X author
Top 8 TV shows based on some kind of book that I like and 2 I didn't
Top 9 Books for people who like Anna and the French Kiss
Top 9  Settings
Top 10 Book Couples that would make it in real life
Top 10 Books and Top Manga I reviewed
Top 10 Bookish Confessions
Top 10 Books I want to read this fall
Top 10 Books that made me think about the world in someway
My Top 10 Writers
Top 10 Book Series I Haven't finished yet
Top 7 older books I don't want people to forget about
Top 10 TV episodes I reviewed
Top 10 Authors in X genre
Top 9 Books to get me in the Halloween Spirit
My Top 10 Kickass Heriones
10 Popular YA genres matched with TV Shows
Top 10 Books to take to a deserted Island
Top 10 Books I'm Thankful for
Top 10 things in Entertainment I'm looking Forward to 2013
Top 10 I'd like to get for Christmas 2012
Top 5 New to me Authors 2012
Top 10 Books I Read in 2012
Top Books I Resolve to read 2013
Top 10 Book and Blogging 2013
Top 10 Settings I'd like to see more of
Top 7 Bookish memories
Top 10 Book Romances
Top 10 Fantasy Book Characters
Top 6 Authors on my Auto-buy list
Top 10 Book Series I'd like to Start
Top 10 Books on my to be read list Spring 2013
Top 10 Books Had to buy but are still on my bookshelf
Top 10 Books I Recommend the Most
Top 10 Fictional Guys I have Crushes on
Top 10 Books I read Before I was a Blogger
Top 10 Books I thought I'd like more or less than I did
Top 10 Words/Topics that make me pick up a book
Top 10 Books I read when I need something Light and Fun
Top 10 Books that deal with Tough Stuff
Top 10 Covers of Books I've read
Top 10 Moments in Books
Top 10 Books that Involve Travel
Top 10 Beach reads
Top 10 Books I want to read this summer
Top 8 Books I read so far this year
Top 10 Books that Intimidate me
Top 10 Best/Worst Book to Screen Adaptations
Top 10 Authors who deserve more recognition
Top 10 Things that makes me not pick up a Book
Top 10 Book Endings
Top 5 Books I Wish Had Sequels
Top 10 Books Set in School
Top 9 Things that My life as a Blogger Easier
Top 10 Secondary Characters
Top 6 Books that Should be Required Reading
Top 10 Books I'd like to see as movies or TV shows
Top 10 Books on My Fall to be read list 2013
Top 10 Sequels
Top 10 Book Turn Offs
Top 7 Best/Worst Series Endings
Top 10 Books I'd Recommend to my Followers
Top 10 Books I Want Christmas 2013
Top 4 New to Me Authors 2013
Top 10 Books of 2013
Top Things on My Reading Wishlist
Top 9 Worlds I Never Want to Live In
Top 10 Books that Made Me Cry
Top 10 Reasons I love Being a Blogger/Reader
Top 10 Ideas for Future Top 10 Tuesday Lists
Top 10 Popular Authors I Haven't Read
Top 10 Contemporary Books
Top 10 Gateway Books
Top 10 Most Unique Books I Read
Top 10 Characters that Own My Heart
Top 10 Covers that Are Works of Art
Top 8 Books I almost Put Down but Didn't
Top 10 Series about Friendship
Fangirl Friday
Fangirl Friday 1
Fangirl Friday 2
Fangirl Friday 3
Fangirl Friday 4
Fangirl Friday 5
Fangirl Friday 6
Fangirl Friday 7
Fangirl Friday 8
Fangirl Friday 9
Fangirl Friday 10
Fangirl Friday 11
Fangirl Friday 12
Fangirl Friday 13
Fangirl Friday 14
Fangirl Friday 15
Fangirl Friday 16
Fangirl Friday 17
Fangirl Friday 18
Fangirl Friday 19
Fangirl Friday 20
Fangirl Friday 21
Fangirl Friday 22
Fangirl Friday 23
Fangirl Friday 24
Fangirl Friday 25
Fangirl Friday 26
Fangirl Friday 27
Fangirl Friday 28
Fangirl Friday 29
Fangirl Friday 30
Fangirl Friday 31
Fangirl Friday 32
Fangirl Friday 33
Fangirl Friday 34
Fangirl Friday 35
Fangirl Friday 36
Fangirl Friday 37
Fangirl Friday 38
Fangirl Friday 39
Fangirl Friday 40
Fangirl Friday 41
Fantastic Five Friday
Top 5 Female Characters
Top 5 TV couples
Top 5 TV Quotes
Top 5 Movies to Watch When I'm sick
Top 5 Flashback Episodes
Top 5 Finales that Disapointed me
Top 5 TV Weddings
Top 5 Shows that were referred to me
Top 5 Story Arcs
Top 5 Pilots
Top 5 Sibling Relationships
Top 5 Holiday Episodes
Top 5 Recently Discovered Actors

30 Days of Books Challenge
Day 1: Best Book You Read this year
Day 2: A Book Read more than 3 times
Day 3: Your Favorite Book Series
Day 4: Favorite Book of your favorite books series
Day 5: A Book that makes you Happy
Day 6:A Book that makes you Sad
Day 7: Most Under rated Book
Day 8: Most Over rated Book
Day 9: A Book You Thought you'd hate but ended up loving
Day 10: Favorite Classic Book
Day 11: A Book you Hated
Day 12: You Use to Love but don't anymore
Day 13: Your Favorite Writer
Day 14: Favorite Book by your favorite author 
Day 15: Favorite Male Character
Day 16: Favorite Female Character
Day 17: Favorite Quote from your favorite book
Day 18: A Book that disapointed you
Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie
Day 20: Favorite Romance Book
Day 21: Favorite Book from Childhood
Day 22: Favorite Book you Own
Day 23: A Book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven't
Day 24: A Book I wish more people have read
Day 25: A Character you can relate to the most
Day 26: A Book that changed your opinion about something
Day 27: The Most Surprising plot twist or ending
Day 28: Favorite Title
Day 29: A Book that Everyone hated but you loved
Day 30: Your Favorite Book of All Time

30 Days of Female Characters Challenge
Day 1: Favorite Lead Female Character
Day 2: Favorite Supporting Female Character
Day 3: A Female Character You Hated but Grew to love
Day 4:Favorite Animated Female Character
Day 5: Favorite Female Character on a Male-driven Show
Day 6: Favorite Female-driven Show
Day 7: A Female Character that Needs More Screen Time
Day 8: Favorite Female Character in a Comedy Show
Day 9: Favorite Female Character in a Drama Show
Day 10: Favorite Female Character in a Sci/Fi or Supernatural Show
Day 11: Favorite Female Character in a Children's Show
Day 12: Favorite Female Character in a Movie
Day 13: Favorite Female Character in a Book
Day 14: Favorite Older Female Character
Day 15: Favorite Female Character Growth Arc
Day 16: Favorite Mother Character
Day 17: Favorite Warrior Female Character
Day 18: Favorite Non-Warrior Female Character
Day 19: Favorite Non-Human Female Character
Day 20: Favorite Female Antagonist
Day 21: Favorite Female Character Screwed Over by Canon
Day 22: Favorite Female Character You Love but Everyone Else Hates
Day 23: Favorite Female Platonic Relationship
Day 24: Favorite Female Romantic Relationship
Day 25: Favorite Mother/Daughter Relationship
Day 26: Favorite Classical Female Character(Pre 20th Century)
Day 27: A Female Character you have an Extensive personal  Head canon for
Day 28: Favorite Female Writer
Day 29: Favorite Group of Ladies
Day 30: Whatever You Like

Other Lists
My Top 5 current TV episodes 5/7/11
Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward to in Entertainment Summer 2011
Top 10 Female TV Characters
Top 10 Shows I'm Looking Forward to in Fall 2011
Top 10 Things to Look forward to Summer 2012
Top 10 Shows I'm Looking Forward to this Fall
Top 10 Animated Guys I Find Attractive
Top 5 Doctor Who Episodes
Top 10 Female Characters of 2012
Top Female Friendships in Fiction

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