Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 9 Worlds I Never Want to Live in

1. Sunnydale(Buffy the Vampire Slayer): Well it's implied that there is an extremely high death rate in this town and just about every monster that you can think makes it way to town since the town is on top of a Hellmouth which sounds just very unpleasant. There also seems to be an Apocalypse once a month to avert which is always a negative. There's also the whole thing where the people in the town seem to ignore the bizarre supernatural without trying to which always freaked me out a bit although not as much the murder and apocalypses.
2. Mystic Falls(Vampire Diaries): Mystic Falls appears to be a pretty small town that looks quite picturesque until you realize that there's about 50 on screen deaths per-season and each season only covers half a school year which means that in a town with an already small population there's about 100 murders a year and that just doesn't make me feel safe. Another thing that creeps me out about this town is that it seems that these mass murders that they have has been going on periodically for centuries but it's still something that the townsfolk choose to ignore even though it's clear that there aware of the problem. There's also the fact that this town is just plain weird with them having town wide celebrations at least once a week despite the fact that someone almost always ends up dead at one of these events and it seems like everyone in this town owns a ball gown or tuxedo so that they can all be dressed up for a last minute ball and I'm pretty sure the celebrated Christmas during the spring last season for no reason which freaks me out almost as much as the fact you kill people in the middle of the day in this town and no one would look twice.
3. Westeros(A Song of Ice and Fire): This kingdom is one that is in a huge war at the moment and it seems to be killing a ton of people whether their from noble families or common folks I think it's safe to say that no one is safe in Westeros and I rather not live somewhere in which I constantly fear for my life. I think Westeros is a great setting for this story but I see no reason to ever visit this land.
4. Panem(The Hunger Games): They force young children to fight each other to the death I want no part of a world that does this and it sounds like life in the districts are pretty awful to begin with so adding children getting murder annually just makes an already unappealing world look worse.
5. Acid Tokyo(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle): This world appears to be post-apocalyptic and it rains acid not to mention that everyone leaves this place much worse off than they were when they came there it seems like a miserable place that I never wish to go to.
6. The World of 1984: The government spies on it's people constantly and there world tries to control your thoughts which is the one thing that someone should always have control of. Any place that messes with your head is a pace that I never want to be.
7. Luna(Cinder): This is another world in which your thoughts are messed with and it's also said that Lunars are pretty cruel as well which while I'm intrigued by this world I know already that I don't want to live there.
8. Beacon Hills(Teen Wolf): This town isn't actually as bad as a lot of fans make it out to be there's multiple murders each season but unlike Mystic Falls the murders are actually solved which does make the town a bit safer and it also seems like Beacon Hills is a city not a small town which would make the murder rate a bit higher than a small town which most people seem to talk about it as if it is one despite the fact there's very little to back up this claim.. I still wouldn't want to live there since there's still quite a few murders and a whole bunch of supernatural creatures seem to be drawn there so I still wouldn't want to live there but I think it's much safer than Sunnydale or Mystic Falls but that's not saying much.
9. Wonderland(Alice in Wonderland): Everyone here appears to be crazy and most of them also seem to like bullying a little girl simply because she doesn't know everything about how their strange world works so I'd rather not live there or visit there.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Illuminated(3.16)

                                             Teen Wolf: Illuminated(3.16)Review
  • I found the shadow creatures to be very frightening and the fact that it wasn't explained what they were and what they were doing just made them more so.
  • I like how Mr. Argent had Isaac trigger his healing process in order to snap out of the state the shadow creatures put him in and  I like that it seemed to that he cared about Isaac's well being.
  • I felt bad for Isaac with how frightened he was after his encounter with the shadow creatures and Daniel Sharman had really good acting in that scene.
  • I wonder what Mr. Argent's connection with the shadow creatures is and why he thought it was a good idea not to tell anyone about them considering how dangerous they seem to be.
  • I liked seeing Agent McCall try to interrogate Scott, Kira, Stiles and Lydia I enjoyed that scene with everyone not really telling him anything and I found it quite funny.
  • I liked how Scott still wanted to talk to Kira after what happened the other night and I kind of liked how Stiles thought it was a bad idea because since she's not human that makes her a possible threat.
  • I liked that Lydia told Aiden that he was a bad guy not just a bad boy which is an important difference and she doesn't want to be with one of those and I think nothing he did this episode proved that he was anything but a bad guy.
  • I find it interesting that in pictures with the flash on that flames in a shape of a fox appears around Kira and I like that she trusted Scott enough to show him this.
  • I liked how when Scott and Kira with a bit of help from Stiles were breaking into the police station that when Stiles said that he cloned the cards rather than stole them that Scott asked if that was worst than stealing and that Stiles said it was smarter. I also liked that Kira was cool with Scott telling Stiles that the pictures she didn't want anyone to see were naked pictures.
  • I'm curious about what it is that Stiles and his dad knows about Agent McCall that he doesn't seem to like that they know.
  • I liked how excited Kira was about the whole breaking in to the police station and deleting pictures because she's never done anything like that before and when she asks Scott and Stiles if they had before I find it funny because this is a pretty typical night for them at this point.
  • I like that when Isaac sees a black light party going on in Derek's loft that his first thought is Derek can never find out about this.
  • I liked how when Scott and Kira came to the party that they ended up holding hands but then stopped when Scott saw Alison and Kira could sense they had a history together.
  • I kind of like how awkward the scenes between Stiles and Catlin where with him being like oh your girlfriend died and she's like it's okay I'm really drunk right now. Also the whole thing when she kissed him and he was like but you like girls and she's like I also like boys, it made me laugh and it was really clear that nothing serious was ever going to come from this so I was alright with it.
  • I liked that Lydia was super unimpressed by Aiden throwing a party because that does disprove any of her earlier points and really until he displays any sense of guilt over his past wrongs he's not even worth her looking at him, also the guy that played Aiden acting was really bad in that scene as well which does actually make me hate him more than I already do.
  • I like how Isaac mentioned that he doesn't like keeping stuff from Scott at all.
  • I was really frightened by the creatures when they cornered Lydia and seemed to paralyzed her I'm glad that she seemed alright by the end of the episode though.
  • I liked how Stiles left Catlin once he realized where the key that mysteriously appeared on his key ring may have came from.
  • I liked the moment on the roof top with Scott and Kira where Kira thanked him for not think she was a demon or something and Scott told her he thought something was protecting her.
  • I loved how Derek kicked everyone out of his loft once he got there and was super pissed about the whole thing.
  • I'm still confused and frightened by the shadow creatures.
  • I'm worried about Stiles since he's either being controlled by or possessed by someone or something and well that's never a good thing and I hope it's something that can be fixed fairly quickly because I don't want to not really see Stiles for a long time or anything like that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafurru 2: To See The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms(2.23)

                   Chihayafurru 2: To See The Beautiful Cherry Blossoms(2.23)Review
This episode starts with the semifinal matches which we don't see much of we see Arata and Shinobu beat their opponents by a lot once again and the coach of the Fujisaki remarks that the two of them are in an entirely different level than everyone else. Shinobu acts threateningly towards Arata to which he gives a friendly smile and Chihaya seems confused by their relationship because I doubt she knows they know each other. Taichi and Tsutomu have also made it to the finals for Class B and C so Chihaya feels conflicted about which match to watch Nishida decides to watch Class A's final in hopes of learning something and while Taichi was so sure that Chihaya would watch Class A's match she actually came to support him.

The match between Shinobu and Arata was the one that most everyone was excited to see at first it appeared that Shinobu was dominating once again to some people but since they both touched the first two cards at the same time that was a bit of a jump. After the first two cards Arata could see that Shinobu's strengths were still speed and accuracy so he used a strategy that he learned from his grandfather in order to attack her strength and take cards from her.

Taichi through out the day had been unusually calm before this point and this was most likely one of the reasons he was doing so well before starts to become more focus on winning the match quickly in order to allow Chihaya to be able to watch Class A's match rather than just winning his own match. Taichi is playing the match against Rion who has speed and game sense as good as Chihaya although at first neither of them are doing very well since the reader was going through certification final exam but Rion was able to find her rhythm faster than Taichi was.

Taichi begins to compare Rion to Master Suo which he realizes is just something that keeps psyching him out so he starts to think of her by comparing her to Chihaya instead. Taichi begins to do much better in his match by simply focusing on taking the cards with as much accuracy as possible and just caring about winning the match at all not by winning by a lot. In the end Taichi was able to win his match and make it into Class A final although he didn't seem to realize how big a deal it was until Chihaya told him what he accomplished.

I really loved this episode the final matches are always exciting and I especially loved seeing Taichi finally win a tournament and making it into Class A at last it was a very emotional moment that he almost skipped over if it wasn't for Chihaya. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Long Last We Meet(2.22)

                                       Chihayafuru 2: Long Last We Meet(2.22)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with Chihaya preparing for her match against Shinobu and when the match starts off Chihaya isn't doing well at all but she does seem to know a lot about Shinobu's playing style and would probably be able to have done a lot better in the match if she wasn't injured. Chihaya was able to take one of the cards on her own side and awhile after that she realized that the tape on her finger was too heavy and slowing her down so she took it off.

Soon after taking off her tape Chihaya was able to take Shinobu's favorite card although after that Shinobu went back to dominating the match but Chihaya never stopped trying. Shinobu remembers when she was young and first went to karuta society how she played with a girl her own age and seemed to develop a bit of friendship with but her coach thought that it was bad for her to play with people her own age because she would go easy on them and that would make her a weak player so the friendship ended shortly after it began.

In the end Shinobu won the match by 23 cards and Shinobu at first thinks that since Chihaya was injured maybe she should have let her take some cards but then Chihaya comes up to her and thanks her for not going easy on her. Shinobu then goes back to think of Chihaya as a rival and is made at herself for letting her take even two cards from her especially when she was injured.

Also in this episode Sumire makes it to the third round in the Class D matches only to be defeated there but Tsukuba actually ends up making it to the semifinal although after Sumire hears that Taichi also is still in the game for Class B she decides to go watch his match instead. I really enjoyed this episode and I would like to hear your thoughts on it as well.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Seeds(1.12)

                                       Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Seeds(1.12)Review
  • I really liked how the team went to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s science and technology academy to investigate a device that froze an indoor swimming pool completely within a few seconds.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that there was a bit of a rivalry between the science/technology and operation academy and that Fitz Simmons and Ward made a few jabs about each others schools.
  • I liked how this episode showed that Coulson was still very shook up about what he learned about his death and that both Skye and May express concern for his well being.
  • I find it interesting that in order to get into the science and technology academy you have to have at least one PHD.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons are quite popular at the academy because they were the youngest graduates and it's smartest students.
  • I liked how when Ward showed Skye the wall of valor that after she says she feels like she cheated her way into S.H.I.E.L.D. that Ward told her that all a S.H.I.E.L.D. really needs is the willingness to do good and Coulson saw that in her the first time he met her.
  • I felt bad in the episode when Donnie would say that he doesn't really even know anyone and that he is still isolated even in a place with people who are similar to him.
  • I liked how Ward suggested that Fitz talks to Donnie both because he might know more than he's letting on and he could really use a friend. I also liked how Skye and Simmons made fun of Ward a bit for showing this kindness.
  • I found it pretty cool that the students at the academy have turned their boiler room into basically a night club.
  • I liked how in order to distract Coulson from what he had just learned May has the two of them look into Skye's past and find the agent who was partners with the agent that dropped Skye off at the orphanage.
  • I liked how Fitz and Donnie connected over both feeling like they never fit in, I liked how we learned a bit more about Fitz with how before he met Simmons he was shy and a bit of loner and that when he lived at home and he would talk about tech to his mom he might as well have been speaking Japanese.
  • I also liked how Fitz looked over Donnie's designs and helped him out a bit with them although I was sad about this once we learned that Donnie and Seth were the ones who made the freezing device.
  • I found the story of Skye's past to be sad with how because Skye supposable had some sort of power and because that someone killed her whole family and an entire S.H.I.E.L.D. team, I kind of agreed with May that Skye doesn't really need to know this.
  • I liked that Fitz was mad at himself for not realizing what Donnie was up to earlier and said that it was his fault that things went wrong. I also liked Fitz instance that Donnie is a good just that Seth was a bad influence.
  • I was surprised that Ian Quinn the bad guy from episode 3 was the one that hired Donnie and Seth to make the device and I actually enjoyed that he's going to be a recurring villain because he has this charisma and he's really very selfish.
  • I really didn't like Seth much because even when their device created a huge storm around them that could easily kill them he still didn't want to turn off the device because of money.
  • I liked that Coulson did ended up telling Skye the truth because she really did deserve answers even if they weren't happy ones.
  • I liked that the team went into the storm to try and rescue Donnie and Seth even though they were the ones that put themselves in danger.
  • I felt bad for Donnie when Seth died because he was his only friend but I think that Donnie may ended up a bad guy someday since it seems he developed ice powers and seemed a bit to pleased about that but at least S.H.I.E.L.D.'s monitoring him.
  • I loved how Coulson said that after telling Skye the truth that Skye told him that she was grateful that S.H.I.E.L.D. as always been protecting her and she really belongs there, I just loved that she chose to focus on the one good thing from that story rather than all the horrible things it just made me love her more than ever.
  • I find it interesting that Ian Quinn also works with the Clairvoyant.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Fangirl Friday 43

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf: This week's episode of Teen Wolf was great I remember thinking that Scott's was extra adorable this week which is something I always welcome and I'm really loving the Scott and Kira relationship so far their very cute together and I just really love Kira in general since she's pretty cute and awkward. Although Kira seems to be some sort of supernatural being as well but I doubt she's evil so I'm mostly just curious about her. I also really loved that this episode dealt with Lydia's banshee powers with her being able to sense Barrow(the escape serial killer) was in the school although she couldn't really prove it so she started doubting herself. I really loved the scene in Stiles bedroom between him and Lydia where Lydia was doubting herself about Barrow being at the school and she also seemed pretty upset that she got Stiles in trouble which I thought was very sweet of her to care as much as she did about that when she easily could of glossed over it like Stiles seem to of. I really loved how Stiles gently told Lydia that he's sure she's right about Barrow because when ever she has had this kind of feeling she's been right and that he was willing to search the school all night to prove that she was right, also they both had the sweetest expressions on their faces I think it would be hard to look more in love then those two did in that scene. I also loved the whole thing with the red string between Stiles and Lydia because of the whole legend with red string of fate which is basically the shows way to say their soul mates without actually saying anything at all. I also just really enjoyed Stiles and Lydia working together as an investigation team and I love that Stiles encouraged Lydia to scream that helped her figure things out.

2. Community:I watched the three latest episodes of Community this week and they were all very enjoyable but I especially liked the last two. I liked the whole thing with the study group having to take a lie detector in order to get what Pierce left them in his will, I always tend to enjoy the episodes where the study group are just in a room together were they argue after learning secrets about each other and that's what this episode mostly was although it had some pretty heartfelt moments towards the end of the episode as well which I also loved. The latest episode dealt with Troy's last day a Greendale and Abed had ended up setting up a school wide game of hot lava which everyone got super into like they did when they played paintball in earlier seasons. I also really enjoyed Britta trying to make sure that Abed actually faces that he's sad about Troy leaving rather than just creating the hot lava game in order to avoid the fact that Troy's leaving. I loved the heartfelt moment Troy and Abed shared when it became clear that Abed didn't want the game to ever end since he didn't want Troy to leave. While I'm sad that Troy left the show I felt that the show gave him a great send off.

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I watched the two latest episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week and both Coulson and Skye got the answers they were looking for but they didn't exactly like the answers they got although Skye did take her news very optimistically all things consider with choosing to focus on the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. was protecting her rather than all the people died around her when she was baby which just made me love her more and since I already love her a ton that's actually saying a lot. I also really liked the storyline at the Science and Technology Academy where Fitz connected with a lonely student named Donnie who actually ended up being one of the bad guys who was the whole reason the team went there. Anyways I really loved the last episode and I really love this series in general so far.

4. Revenge: This week's episode was the last one before the show went on a little over a month long hiatus and the end of the episode left me a bit confused and with quite a few questions but not in the traditional what's going to happen next sort of way but rather what happened the night before which was strange. Anyway loved seeing Emily get rid of Sara in her takedown fashion because I always love it whenever Emily destroys people's lives or is just generally manipulative. I also really love how insane Emily is acting with her continuing along with her story of being in love with Daniel that's great fun to see as well. There was a nice scene between Emily and Nolan that I love but at this point I kind of expect at least one scene between them per episode preferable more. I also really like that Niko is close to finding out that Aiden's the one that killed her father and I'm really hoping she ends killing him since I hate Aiden and I'm liking Niko so far.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Galvanize(3.15)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Galvanize(3.15)Review
  • I found the serial killer William Barron who killed children with glowing eyes to be very creepy and the whole thing with him needing surgery made it pretty obvious that he was going to escape.
  • I really like that Stiles called up Scott to help him prank the Coach because it was mischief night(the night before Halloween), I really loved this because it showed that they were in a good enough place mentally to be doing fun things like this and they haven't been in a good place at all before this episode.
  • I loved that when Ethan and Aiden went up to Scott and tried to convince them to let him join his pack that both Stiles and Isaac brought up the fact that they both neither trust or like them and they murder Boyd and I love that Scott told them that he doesn't them either so they can't join their pack.
  • While I hate the idea of Ethan and Aiden coming back to school because I don't care for either of them but I did like that Ethan refused to take math again because no one likes math.
  • I liked how in order to motivate Scott to ask Kira out that Stiles called him the hot girl and that Isaac came in half way through the conversation and also agreed that Scott was the hot girl and that it worked to motivate him, I found the scene really funny.
  • I found it really freaky that Barron was able to wake up in the middle of his surgery and escape the hospital and of course that there were flies in his stomach.
  • I like that it was made clear that Lydia and Aiden aren't really together and that well their relationship is still completely based on lust I still dislike but the lack of any meaningful connection between the two of them makes me feel less threatened.
  • I found how Lydia thought that she heard fly noises in during class was a good way to show that she is sensing something without revealing too much at once.
  • I liked that when it was clear that Barron was headed to the high school that the Sheriff told Stiles about how Barron killed teenagers with glowing eyes, I just enjoy everyone keeping everyone inform about everything this season.
  • I find it sad that Kira eats lunch with her dad in his classroom and that she just doesn't seem able to make friends with anyone in Beacon Hills.
  • I like how Stiles and Lydia came to Scott and told him about Barron being in the school and about who he kills. I like that Lydia realize that the reason she could hear the buzzing in her head earlier and why it getting louder is because she can sense Barron.
  • I liked how when the police where going to leave the school because the eye witness reports that place Barron elsewhere that Lydia told Stiles that they can't leave because she was still sure Barron was there and that Stiles then goes to try and convince his dad.
  • I like that although it's clear that the more the sheriff learns about the supernatural it just seems even less believable but I like that he told Stiles that he wasn't leaving because didn't believe him just that he had to trust the more reliable evidence.
  • I like that Scott's mom brought him Barron's clothes so that he could track him and I like that she warned him about how dangerous he is and I like that Scott kissed his mom's forehead before she left after he promised to be careful.
  • I like that although Scott let the twins help him that he said that he still isn't letting them join the pack.
  • I like that Isaac said that he doesn't like the twins actually he hates them and wish they were dead, I think he has good reason to feel this way and I agree with him.
  • I like that before Alison snuck out of school while it was in lock down in order to look through the beastiary that Lydia reminded her what the archaic Latin word for fly was.
  • I liked how after searching for awhile that Lydia and Stiles comes to the conclusion that Barron might ended up making the school explode due to his background with engineering and decide that they have to get everyone out of the school.
  • I liked how Stiles pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out of the school but I'm sad he got detention for it.
  • I like that there was a brief moment where Stiles and Lydia held hands.
  • I liked how Mr. Yukimura invited Scott over for dinner in order to than him for saving Kira from a coyote although I think he may be trying to get Kira to make a friend as well.
  • I liked how Alison had put stuff that electrocutes someone on her windows and that she laughed when she heard Isaac being shocked by them.
  • I liked how Isaac came over to help Alison with research even though he couldn't archaic Latin so he says that he'll just look at pictures.
  • I liked how Scott had a pretty awkward time trying to eat sushi for the first time and I like that Kira helped him with his chop sticks. I also found it funny that they were actually suppose to have lasagna but Mr. Yukimura wanted to impress Scott.
  • I thought it was sweet that Mr. Yukimura actually took his wife's last name because she was the last one in her family.
  • I'm curious about Kira's mother lineage because Kira really seemed to not want anyone to know about it.
  • I liked how Lydia asked Stiles about what the strings on his board of evidence on the wall in his room meant and that Stiles explained what all the different colors of strings meant.
  • I liked how Lydia felt bad that Stiles got detention because of her because she couldn't even prove that Barron was at the school and whether there was any reason for them to need to empty the school out.
  • I loved that Stiles reassured Lydia when she was doubting herself and told her that he was sure that she was right about Barron being at the school and that he would search the school all night to find evidence to prove this. I just really love how much Stiles trust Lydia's abilities and how he comforts her and think they might have held hands again briefly in this scene.
  • I like that Stiles and Lydia did end up going to the school again because Stiles figured out that Barron was using chemicals to mask his scent and that Lydia figured this out quickly once they got there.
  • I like that Lydia saw that Barron wrote three elements numbers on the broad and by using there symbol she was able to figure out that he was after Kira.
  • I liked how Alison and Isaac had an almost kiss that turned pretty awkward when her dad walked in and was very angry that Alison might date yet another werewolf.
  • I liked how after a sushi dinner that Kira got some pizza for her and Scott and I like that those two had nice not quite a date with each other. I'm really enjoying those two together so far.
  • I was worried for Kira when Barron had taken her after he knocked Scott out.
  • I liked how when Lydia could no longer sense Barron and was feeling so frustrated that she wanted to scream that Stiles told her to do just that and afterwards she was able to figure out where Kira was.
  • I liked that Scott did his best to try to save Kira and even almost tried to get Barron to go after him instead.
  • I'm really curious about what Kira is since she was able to suck up all of the electricity in the surrounding area instead of being electrocuted by it.
  • Also Derek communicated with his mother for someone reason and I don't what he found out.
  • I'm worried for Isaac because he's trapped in a room with a bunch of guys with creepy masks and cloaks.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Magical Place(1.11)

                           Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Magical Place(1.11)Review
  • I liked how Ward, May, Fitz, Simmons, and Skye all worked together at the beginning of the episode to catch Van Check who is known for selling alien tech in order to find out where Centipede is holding Coulson.
  • I felt bad for Coulson since it looks like he's been tortured for days with the help of some machine in order to tell Centipede what happened to him after he died.
  • I liked how when Agent Hand said that she wanted Skye off the plane that Ward defended her and mentioned how Skye had been a big help for missions in the past and was part of their team.
  • I liked that May only supported Hand's decision to kick Skye off the plane because she knows that Skye works best outside of the box and that's exactly the kind of thing she can do off the plane but not on the plane at the moment.
  • I liked how Ward told Skye to ditch her debriefing and Simmons and Fitz gave her a phone that she could use to call them once she found something.
  • I liked how when Skye found that she herself couldn't access any computer that she started to become creative about how she was going to get the access that she needs.
  • I liked that Coulson was able escape from the room he where he was handcuffed to the bed but I'm sad that since he was being held in the middle of nowhere it didn't really matter.
  • I liked how Ward broke protocol with going in to get Van Check to talk and with a little help from Fitz and Simmons he was able to crack him much faster than Agent Hand's man.
  • I liked how Rayna took over trying to get Coulson to remember what happened the day after he died and I liked how she made him want to remember rather than torture him like the first guy did.
  • I liked how Skye pretend to be May to this business man that she knew had worked with centipede in the past and she was able to get him to give her the access she needs with him access his records for her and that she was able to take down the two police men that he had called. I also liked how the guy didn't know much of anything about computers so Skye had to use one of the police guys to get her the records she needed in order to find Coulson.
  • I found Coulson finding out what really happened to him after he died with being dead for several days and how during his surgery he kept saying he wanted to die to be very sad.
  • I'm glad that the team found Coulson and they were able to save him as well as taking Rayna in although I doubt that this will be the last we see of her.
  • I liked how Coulson decided that it was time that Skye was left off her bracelet and I liked that she worried about him because she heard him saying he wanted to die and I liked that he reassured he was fine even if that was a lie.
  • I'm glad that Mike Peterson is alive but I'm sad that centipede has made him one of their soldiers they control through their eye thing.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Things on My Reading Wishlist

1. Intelligence Ships: First off I love smart characters and I really appreciate when a series allow for someone's intelligence to be consider an asset rather than a reason not to date them. So I really love when one of the basis of a relationship is mutual admiration for each other's intellect and also I believe that a highly intelligent person probably wouldn't be content with a relationship with someone who isn't smart. I feel like with someone of the relationship like this it's almost that the two characters speak their own language due to how smart they are like Fitzsimmons from Agents of SHIELD who also have the whole they've been by each other's side through everything and they're massively adorable that makes me love their relationship. On the other hand there are other relationships where the characters don't really have their own language but they do have a pretty good understanding of each other and see things similar and therefore know how to motivate each other I'm more referring to Stiles and Lydia's relationship from Teen Wolf in the vaguest terms possible but if you want me to more specific about my love for them feel free to ask.
2. Adorkable Characters: I really love characters that are kind of nerdy or quirky or dorky and I find it weird that despite the fact that YA books are obviously marked to people who read and that's something many people consider a nerdy hobby there are barely any characters in books that fight the definition of adorkable. It's strange that the characters in books seem to be popular or brooding loners or bad boys or cool loser characters(who are really just characters that think they're better than everyone else) but never adorkable despite the fact that when these kind of characters appear in TV shows or movies they're usually the fan favorite but weirdly enough if someone geeky appears in YA books they're usually deemed a pathetic loser that no one can see as a romantic lead which once again is super weird because books are considered geeky so it seems stupid that so many YA authors either insults adorkable characters or simply don't write them. I love adorkable characters and I would love to see more of them in YA books because I think they belong there more than anywhere else and I also think that there needs be more girl adorkable characters in general.
3. Semi-realistic effects of how the supernatural effects your life: I'm not talking about the initial reaction to the supernatural but more how having to keep this secret effects your relationships with people not in the know such as your parents or how it effects your school life if you're out fighting the supernatural all night you probably don't have time to finish your English paper so how are you going to balance the supernatural world and your new life sounds like a great uncontrived source of conflict to me so how about writing about that instead of a love triangle. I would also really love to read about the psychological side effects of being in life or death situations constantly and see how that effects the characters past the fear they feel in the moment but how it changes how they think about their life. I would also really love if more of these series actually admitted that teenagers have no idea what they're doing most of the time and even if they are dealing with supernatural attacks in the story that doesn't mean that they wouldn't at least consider finding an adult to guide them in these type of situations.
4. Friendships: I think that friendships offer another layer to the story with their being chances to know more about a character through their friends because it's someone to confide in about everything that is going on it the story and someone that can tell stories about what life was like before the story started. Friendships can also be complicated and have interesting stories to tell because while friends understand you more than anyone they can also hurt you more than anyone else so there are lots of chances for conflict as well but unlike romantic relationships the reader knows that friends will only fight for a little bit before the make up. I feel like having friendships in stories allows for there to be lighter moments and makes the series more fun and could give the series it's heart. For example the TV show Revenge would've felt pretty heartless without the relationship between Emily and Nolan because she would've always be pretending to be someone else and never able to speak of her true feelings or her motives and she probably would've been a lot darker without anyone to confront her about the collateral damage she's causing. I think that friendship adds depth to a story and it's characters and I really need to see it more in YA books.
5. That the girl never ends up with the Bad boy: I've never really been a fan of the bad boy character as a romantic lead but as time as went by I find that I dislike them more probably because they bad boy went from a rebel to a serial killer within the past couple years and well no sane person would date one of those so they can't of lost their appeal entirely for me. I don't understand or like when they heroine chooses to be with the guy that treats them like crap for no reason it's especially disturbing when they have the option of dating a much nicer guy that's equally attractive and actually respects them, I just really hate seeing characters I love put in bad relationships or when everything likable about the character is destroyed for the sake of having the heroine hook up with the bad boy. I also think that considering how much worse the bad boy has gotten over the years(remember when Ryan from The OC was consider a bad boy and now a bad boy is Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries look at the difference between these two characters and think about how much things have changed in the past 10 years when it comes to bad boys) it's wrong for them to be reward for their bad behavior.
6. That life-saving doesn't come second to romance: One problem that I have with paranormal YA is when people are dying to up the tension in the story but the main characters aren't really all that concerned about this even though they know that it's a supernatural being killing people which means the police can't stop them. This kind of makes me dislike the main characters because they seem to put the whole people being murdered on the backburner in favor of their relationship which makes them come across as selfish so I really just wished that in these type of series the main characters just put more effort into stopping the bad guys they can still have romance just have that be the thing that's more in the background.
7. Witches: I know witches aren't unpopular but on the other hand there aren't a ton of books about them either and since their my favorite supernatural being I really would love to see more stories about them and I think that there's a lot of stories to tell. There's the kind with having the powers to save the world or something grand and heroic like that or we could have them just be teenagers with magic that they use for whatever they want but often ends in mishaps or they could be cruel and totally abuse their powers and use them to hurt other people or a mixture.
8. Vengeance: I always tend to love stories about revenge especially when the character seeking vengeance is a girl and I really wished I could find more books about this topic but I suppose that I could probably find more of this type of story if I read more adult books because vengeance is cruel, merciless and all consuming thing that probably isn't consider a subject that teens should be reading about.
9. Family relationships: I find it weird that in YA books that in-depth family relationships are hard to find because whether you like your family or not they're a big part of your life when you're a teenager and if they aren't around that's a big deal as well and needs to be dealt with. Whenever I read YA books especially paranormal ones(for some reason) I'm always interested in how the rest of the story is affecting the characters home life and especially the relationship with their parents but I'm always disappointed by how it's almost never really address in the story. Although two books I read dealt with very interesting parent-child relationships, White Oleander which dealt with a mother-daughter relationship even though the main character was separated from her mother for most of the book and went through many different foster homes the relationship with her mother was always present even though they weren't together and than Reading in the Dark which had an interesting mother-son relationship which while not the main focus of the book was really interesting with how learning his mother's secrets and keeping them just caused a rift in their relationship because his mother didn't really want him around anymore after he found them out. Interestingly enough neither of these books are YA books but they do show how one could make family relationships interesting in YA books. I also really wished that there were more focus on sibling relationships because those are also a big part of being a teenager and not everyone is an only child like most YA characters seem to be.
10. High School popularity: I know that most people hate catty mean girls but I've always been very interested in the girls who spend hours each day getting ready for school(because they have to look perfect every single day), who chooses there friends based on status(rather than whether or not they actually like the person and most times they kind of hate each other), who chooses their boyfriends on how much it will increase their popularity(rather than how well they treat you) and that pretty much everything they do or say is dictate by how it will make them look. I think that the whole popular clique girl thing is terrible unhealthy when it's based on these kind of standards but that also means that there has got to be a great story to be told about how much it takes to be a queen bee and how mean everyone can be about it.

TV Review: Revenge: Hatred(3.13)

                                                 Revenge: Hatred(3.13)Review
  • I liked how when Emily stitches needed to be redone that instead of getting new ones she had Niko burn her wound shut and refused to bit done on anything while getting it done. I also liked that Emily thanked Niko for setting her back on track.
  • I like that when Nolan went over to Patrick to give him the information that Victoria was hiding from him in order to hurt their relationship that it was so clear that Nolan was done with Patrick and didn't even want listen to him say he was sorry.
  • I like that when Margaux saw that someone tampered with her writings in her magazine she went straight back to her office to find out who was responsible for the misprint and she planned to make them pay for their mistake.
  • I liked how Conrad offered to be an ally to Emily if she ever wants help in destroying Daniel.
  • I like how Emily remained determined to keep up the appearance that she loves Daniel even though pretty much everyone knows that's a lie. I like that when Daniel thought that seeing him in bed with Sara would be something that would make Emily want to leave but it actually all it did was make Emily set her sights on Sara.
  • I like that in the scene where Emily tells Sara that she should leave because she doesn't belong here that she lets Sara draw her own conclusions about what she means which Sara thought it meant she was trash and Emily let her.
  • I like that Nolan was clearly not okay with Aiden allowing Niko to stay with him at his house and that Nolan in general wanted Aiden out of his home. I don't really have a problem with Niko deciding to move in with Aiden because who would want to live in the place where their dad was murdered.
  • I like that Victoria warned Daniel to be careful while messing with Emily because she can see that Emily is playing mind games with him and she is far better at it than Daniel.
  • I like that Emily went out and bought a ton of things with the Grayson's money just to piss Daniel off.
  • I thought it was very cruel of Daniel to fire all of the household staff just because he was mad that Emily was able to get one or two of them to gossip a bit, I liked that Emily decided to pay back the staff with her own money. Although I did love that Emily just kept creepily proclaiming that she loves Daniel.
  • I like that Nolan went to check up on Emily and I really just loved that they were both clearly so happy to see each other. I'm glad that he told Emily about the Niko and Aiden thing.
  • I found the whole thing with Emily loosing time and I'm not really sure about what's going on there and it just things felt really off in those scenes probably because there were only to scenes of that and there wasn't anything explained about it.
  • I did like that Emily seemed to clearly not want to be around Aiden and that she seemed very pissed at him about his thing with Niko.
  • I found the story of how Victoria was raped by Patrick's father a man that she had seen as a big brother figure before the incident to be very heartbreaking and while I don't think Victoria's awful past justify the bad things she has done I can't help but feel really bad for her especially the younger version.
  • I like how Niko was able to figure out that her father was killed with his own weapon and that Nolan was pretty freaked out by her when she was practicing removing flesh from bone.
  • I love that when it became clear to Margaux that Conrad wouldn't stop trying to destroy her magazine until Daniel was out of it that she fired Daniel without hesitation.
  • I liked how Emily brought Sara's mother over to put an end to Daniel and Sara's relationship and I like how Sara's mom told Sara what a mistake she was making and that this wasn't the type of person that Sara is, I like that although Sara didn't leave with her mother that by destroying Sara and her mother's relationship she did make Sara see how serious she was and Sara decided to leave and end her relationship with Daniel by the end of the episode.
  • I like that Jack and Margaux are planning to move into together even though it does feel a bit fast a really like those two together.
  • I like that despite Aiden's attempts to hide the truth from Niko that she was able to find her father's sword under his bed and I hope that means she knows that he's the killer and that she will kill him to exact vengeance.
  • I found the whole thing with Emily waking up in Conrad's bed to be really confusing and since she was wearing flannel pajamas I hope that means they didn't sleep together because I'm all for them scheming together but I don't want anything romantic between them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good(3.14)

                                      Teen Wolf: More Bad Than Good(3.14)Review
  • I'm curious if the people torturing Derek and Peter for information about the she-wolf if they were talking about Cora or possibly Malia or someone else we've never heard about.
  • I liked how at the beginning of the episode that Scott and Stiles nearly run into each other because they had both found some new information about Malia.
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles explained to the Sheriff why Malia is trapped in a coyote's body for the past eight years and I was a bit sad that the Sheriff seemed to almost go back to not believing them.
  • I disliked how Agent McCall showed up at the crime scene and brought Mr. Tate who it was clearly a bad idea to bring down there since he was clearly too emotional and not exactly mental stable.
  • I liked that Scott and Stiles informed Alison of what they found in regards to Malia and that she had some interesting information about coyotes to share.
  • I liked how Kira had spent hours doing research for Scott and I like that Scott told her that she really didn't need to have done that. I felt bad for Kira when her dad embarrassed her yet again.
  • I felt so bad for Stiles when he had to read in front of the class but then the words started raining down until they disappeared entirely and then he started to have a panic attack.
  • I liked how Scott got Stiles out of the class room and calmed Stiles down by asking him how to tell if something is real or in a dream by counting fingers. I really loved seeing Scott calm Stiles down and be there for him because while I always knew he would be we don't actually get to see it very often.
  • I liked that Scott tells Stiles that he'll be okay and that Stiles ask Scott if he'll be okay.
  • I really liked how after Stiles pointed out that him, Scott and Alison are in no position to help anyone that Scott told him that they can they can always try which I really love because that pretty much summarizes the show for me they always try to help people and save lives even though they are usually way over their heads and I love that they always try. 
  • I like that Kira planned to make friends with Scott and Stiles by returning their bags to them but I feel bad for her because it led to her almost being mauled by Malia.
  • I like that Stiles asked his dad if he was starting to not believe again because he had to keep telling his dad that it's Malia that they will be putting down not just some animal.
  • I like that Scott still had complete faith in Alison that she'll be an excellent shot even though recently she's been having trouble with that.
  • I like that Stiles kept pointing out that Isaac just being negative wasn't really helping anyone but I also thought Isaac brought up a good point about them having no idea how to turn Malia back into a girl when she hasn't been one in over eight years.
  • I hate the alpha twins more than I did before because they just started beating the crap out of Scott for along time before than he even gave him any advice so it wasn't even helpful and I just don't trust them.
  • I like that Lydia couldn't stand to watch the twins beat the crap out of Scott and leaned into Stiles shoulder to hide her eyes.
  • I'm super happy that Braeden the girl that saved Isaac is still alive because I really loved her in that one episode she appeared in so I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.
  • I found the scene where Alison hallucinated that her aunt and some other people where removing her organs and talking about her as if she was dead before all them started to try to eat her to be extremely creepy.
  • I liked how Alison is worried about if she'll be able to help anyone when she like how she is now and than Isaac steadies her hand and tells her to let him help her, they had some nice scenes this episode.
  • I liked how Mr. Tate setting up a bunch of traps through out the woods was something that created another believable obstacle.
  • I liked Stiles with the help of Lydia was able to figure out that the doll meant so much to Malia because the doll was like flowers left at a grave for her little sister that died and she wants to return them.
  • I like that when Isaac got stuck in a trap and let out a yell of pain that Scott was able to hear him even though he was far away.
  • I like that after Isaac helped calm her down that Alison was able to fire the shot and prevent Mr. Tate from killing his own daughter.
  • I liked that when Lydia stepped on a trap and after she told Stiles where the instruction where and Stiles told her that he couldn't read that Lydia told him that he doesn't need them because he is too smart and always figures everything out, I just love how highly that means she thinks of him and how she has complete faith that he will figure things out that she would encourage him to do something while at risk of loosing a leg.
  • I love the moment after Lydia steps out of the trap and she almost falls over that Stiles holds her in his arms and they share a longing look with each other.
  • I love that Scott was able to get Malia to come back to human form without loosing control himself.
  • I like that for a brief moment at the end of the episode that Stiles was able to read as well, I just enjoyed them all being able to at least briefly overcome the whole loosing their minds thing.
  • I like that it seems like the Sheriff will be able to keep his job for the time being since he was able to return Malia alive to her father.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Endurance(3.12)

                                                Revenge: Endurance(3.12)Review
  • I liked that Nolan snuck into the hospital to see Emily and I loved the look of pure joy on his face when he realized Emily remembered him.
  • I liked that Emily told Nolan that the worst part of loosing her memories was having to relive all the pain in her life again and I liked how this led her to the conclusion that revenge wasn't worth having to endure anymore of it because that's something I think she should experience at least once during the series.
  • I actually really liked Niko so far and I really like she told Aiden that removing Emily from hospital care was a terrible idea and that while she's looking out for Emily in terms of her mission with the Graysons it's clear she has no intention of listening to Aiden's requests about the situation.
  • I'm glad that Sara didn't actually try to kill herself because of Daniel but instead just made a stupid mistake because she was drunk.
  • I like that Jack punched Daniel and kicked him out of the bar because he had reason to both because he knew Daniel shot Emily and because Sara clearly wanted Daniel to go away.
  • I kind of like that Victoria's solution to keep people with memory loss from remembering things is hold them captive in her home.
  • I like that Patrick seemed to realize for a second that Victoria is lying to him and will betray him in order to protect Daniel even though the tension between them didn't last long I'm glad that it existed briefly.
  • I like that Niko was revealed to be Takeda's daughter and that she knew of Emily because she was his only student that he spoke of with affection. I also like that Niko spent the episode convincing Emily not give up on her mission in a way that was somewhat similar to her father.
  • I like how Conrad more or less told Emily that once she remembers the truth about who shot her he would help her, I just love how the Graysons seem to always be willing to turn on one another.
  • I like that when Jack came to visit Emily he gave her a stuff dog that gave her a way to communicate with Nolan during her time recovering.
  • I liked how when Patrick asked to go over to Nolan's for the night that Nolan was suspicious of him and spent the night drinking water instead of alcohol in order to keep a clear head.
  • I felt horrible for Emily when she discovered that she can no longer have children and Victoria's delight in this fact was particularly cruel.
  • I like that Patrick told Victoria that the two of them have kind of gloss over the hard parts of their relationship and that he wants the truth about his mother.
  • I love that Nolan filled Emily's infinity box with evidence that Emily was obsessed with Daniel because of how wealthy his family his and that Victoria since she now believes she knows the truth about Emily she will stop trying to figure out who Emily really is.
  • I like that Jack told Margaux that Emily told him that Daniel shot her in order to save her from printing something dishonest in her magazine.
  • I liked how Emily called the press over to Grayson Manor to announce that Lydia shot her in a way that also told the Graysons that she knows the real truth about who shot her as well.
  • I liked how Emily told Nolan that she owed him one for what he did with the infinity box and that he said he was just glad that she was staying.
  • I love that Emily finally broke things off with Aiden by choosing revenge over him and I'm glad that there is actually whole bunch of other reasons for her to hate Aiden that she doesn't know about as well because that's likely to lead to him being off the show soon.
  • I like that Niko has now devoted herself to figuring out who killed her father and exacting vengeance on that person and I hope she figures out that it was Aiden and she ends up killing him.
  • I loved how Emily told Victoria and Daniel that she knows that Daniel is the one that shot her and she isn't going anywhere and I love that she just keeps on saying she loves him and I love how it looks like she's taking so much delight about keeping Daniel trapped.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Anchors(3.13)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Anchors(3.13)Review
  • I found Stiles's dream sequences rather frightening with how they didn't seem to end and how he was so scared that someone would get in although we have no idea who or what he was referring to.
  • I liked that in one part of Stiles dream Lydia was in bed with him and she was a source of comfort for him in it, I especially love that he held her hand briefly at one point.
  • I found that last part Stiles dream when he was at school talking to Scott about his nightmares and sleep paralysis to be the most frightening because it was so normal but he can't even be sure of if he's awake or not then.
  • I found the parts where Scott would start seeing himself transform in shadows to be pretty frightening considering how important control is to him.
  • I liked how Isaac came to Scott and was all awkward asking Scott if he was going to school and if Scott was mad at him or not and if he has a probably with Isaac and Alison thing which Scott is still pretty unsure how he feels about that other than he surely doesn't hate Isaac although he doesn't like the idea of Isaac and Alison so far. I like the scene it was rather humorous.
  • I liked when Scott hit Isaac the two times he did that Melissa told them to not damage her house.
  • I found the scene where Alison went in the elevator to go to school and ended up in the morgue of abandon hospital she found a zombie version of her aunt trying to come after her to be really frightening but I think the part that freaked me out the most is she was at school when the hallucination ended.
  • I liked how Scott hallucinating that his shadows her transformed became large and hard for him to ignore until he was full on freaking out and running away from it until he ran into Stiles who he tried to convince he was fine.
  • I kind of like that Lydia is enjoying that Scott, Stiles and Alison are the ones now loosing their minds a little too much because of what she went through in season two and I like that Stiles told her to stop enjoying it so much.
  • I like Mr.Yukmira introduced himself to the class while basically telling the class that his daughter Kira is new and has no friends, I just love the scene because he so clearly thought he was helping her but she was completely humiliated by him, I felt bad for her.
  • I found when Scott started to transform in the hallway and couldn't make himself stop to be pretty scary but I like that Stiles made sure that no one else could see what was going on and wouldn't leave him. Although I found it scary and a bit sad that Scott could only make himself not transform by causing himself pain.
  • I kind of like that Scott, Stiles and Alison are all having trouble doing the things that they usually their strength when dealing with the supernatural, Scott can't control himself so he can't use his werewolf abilities, Stiles a lot of the time can't read stuff so that would make researching stuff hard for him and Alison can't seem to shoot her arrow straight unless she's hallucinating.
  • I like that Lydia was there for Alison so much this episode and was doing what she could to help her.
  • I'm so glad that Isaac randomly showed up and stopped Alison from accidently killing Lydia.
  • I like that Scott, Stiles, Alison, Lydia and Isaac all met up and where discussing what could possibly be wrong with the first three and how to deal with it, I just love seeing them all have scene together and all interact.
  • I like that Kira approached the group awkwardly after overhearing their conversation and told them about the place in-between life and death, I overall like Kira so far though we didn't see a lot of her and I like that there seems to be just a little attraction between her and Scott.
  • I found the scene where Stiles hallucinated about the sign language in class be super creepy and the whole thing about him not actually being asleep and writing to himself to wake up was pretty scary as well.
  • I like that Stiles and Scott went to Deaton with this and he told them that he thinks Stiles's subconscious was trying to give him a message and with what Stiles remembered and Deaton's knowledge of sign language they were able to translate the message that a door is a jar which basically means there's a door in their minds that needs to shut as quickly as possible.
  • I like that the Sheriff now that he knows about the werewolf stuff is going back and looking at his old cases and trying to figure out if there's anything supernatural about them that he missed before.
  • I like that when Scott and Stiles where in that bedroom with the dog that wouldn't stop barking and Stiles told Scott to use his alphaness to get to stop that Scott just gently reached out and said "Nice dog." it just made me laugh.
  • I hated that Scott's dad is trying get Stiles's dad fired but I love that after Scott found this off he went and yelled at his dad and that Melissa pretty much agreed that his dad sucks as well.
  • I like that when Scott was loosing control Melissa told him to be his own anchor which I think is pretty good advice.
  • I like that Scott went to Stiles to help him look for a dead body because it reminded me of the first episode.
  • I found Alison's dream about her and Isaac almost getting it on and then her aunt Kate appears behind Isaac with a rope around his neck and asks Alison if she'd like to do him together to be really creepy but it totally fits Kate's character.
  • I'm curious about that full wolf with blue eyes that Scott ran into.
  • I feel bad that Derek is getting torture and I wonder how him and Peter getting torture is Peter's fault.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: But It's Legacy Continues to Spread(2.21)

                       Chihayafuru 2: But It's Legacy Continues to Spread(2.21)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ends with Chihaya realizing that she can't seem to move her left hand like she does her right one. Chihaya soon finds a way in which she can attack the cards on her opponents side and was pretty good at taking any card which her opponent covered but is unable to figure out how to take cards from her own side. Chihaya starts to think about how right handed players only know how to play other right handed players and that playing left hand was whole new way to look at karuta but sadly this didn't stop her from being down by ten cards.

In the meantime both Arata and Shinobu had finished their matches rather quickly and Arata stays behind to watch Chihaya's match and notices that she's injured and is playing her left hand and he thinks that there isn't a way for her to win this match. Chihaya after seeing her cards from the opponent's side realizes that she can take cards from her own side if she merely mirrors her usual motions so she moves all her cards around which is a bit frowned upon but her opponent allows because Chihaya's injury is a bigger handicap than having to rememorize a bunch of cards. Chihaya is able to play with her left hand the way she usually does which leads Arata to think that playing karuta with Chihaya must be fun, in the end Chihaya wins her match.

Nishida in his second match has to play against Arata which is something that is distressing for him since he hates to play against players as strong as Arata. Nishida tries his best and Arata is impressed by how he can see the teachings of his coach in the way he plays and that he's still playing his heart out after playing so hard in the team matches the day before. Nishida says that everyone else on his team plays much harder than him and reveals through his thoughts that he dislikes playing strong players because they make him want to be better.

Chihaya ended up winning her second match but for her third match she is up against Shinobu and it looks like Chihaya is planning to use both her hands against her. I overall really loved this episode, please tell me your thoughts on it.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: Of the Autumn Rice Fields(2.20)

                               Chihayafuru 2: Of the Autumn Rice Fileds(2.20)Review
This episode starts off with the karuta team accepting their trophy for winning the team tournament but since the individual tournament is the next day Chihaya starts to worry about her finger's injury she got during the last match. Chihaya goes to an emergency clinic and she is advise that she shouldn't play in the tournament but she decides that she has to play and comes up with the idea to just play using her left hand instead of her injured right one. Chihaya when she starts actually playing the match she realizes she can't seem to make her left hand move the way she usually goes her right.

The night before the individual tournament Arata briefly meets up with Taichi and tells him that he can't think of himself being apart of any team other than one with Chihaya and Taichi and that he's looking into going to college in Tokyo. Taichi says pretty much to himself that Arata is his enemy(which seems a bit strong of a word for him to use I think rival better defines how he sees him) because of the whole thing with Chihaya and karuta.

This episode is really just set up to the start of the individual tournament which it does a very good job at making me excited for the tournament. There was also a scene where Chihaya accidently goes to Taichi's room and finds him sleeping and she decides to sleep in their as well even though she could have just left and went to her own room. Also Shinobu wants to win all of her matches in order to prove that team matches are a waste of time. Overall I really love this episode and I would really love for you to tell me your thoughts on it.

TV Review: Revenge: Homecoming(3.11)

                                                 Revenge: Homecoming(3.11)Review
  • I kind of love how pretty much everyone immediately assumed that Victoria was the one that shot Emily.
  • I liked that for a bit at the beginning of the episode Emily did have her memories and was able to get herself on a boat which allowed someone to find her and take her to a hospital.
  • I liked how Jack pointed out to Aiden that Emily needed to go to the hospital and I'm glad that Aiden realized when he found Emily that since Emily needed medical attention as soon as possible that he didn't run off with her.
  • I like that Jack feels guilty about pushing Emily to meet a deadline but I really don't think that things going wrong is his fault at all.
  • I liked that while Aiden and Jack were arguing about who's fault it was that Emily got shot that Nolan pointed out that the only thing that is really important at the moment is helping Emily since she's in more danger now than ever before.
  • I like that Nolan went to the hospital right a way to see Emily although I'm really sad that he couldn't see her since they aren't related.
  • I like that Nolan pretty much accused Victoria of shooting Emily even though he knows that isn't true because he knows that Emily would've wanted Victoria to go down for the crime.
  • I like that Nolan revealed his relationship with Patrick to try to be able to see Emily but I'm sad that this didn't help him see her but I do like that it shows that he is willing to destroy pretty much any other relationship in order to protect or help Emily.
  • I like that Lydia sat in Victoria's chair to upset her and than spilled wine on it while taunting her about how she was going to redecorate Grayson Manor.
  • I like that Emily's amnesia was real but short lived because if it hadn't been Aiden would have taken her to some safe house and that would mean that she'd disappear from the Hamptons possible for forever which would mean there would be no show.
  • I kind of like that Daniel can't be in the same room as Emily and I'm glad that Sara lived even though we'll probably never see her again.
  • I liked how Nolan hacked into the hospital's system so that he could check on Emily's condition and I liked that he seemed to be the only one that seemed to be concerned for Emily's health when he found out about the amnesia. I also liked that when Aiden pointed out that Emily might be faking her amnesia that Nolan says "That sounds like my Ems."
  • I kind of like that Nolan and Patrick broke up and Nolan's reason for it was mainly because Patrick didn't help him see Emily although I also like that Patrick just really distrusts both Emily and Nolan.
  • I like that Charlotte was the one that was trying to help Emily remember her old life and I liked how Emily told her that her father was David Clarke although Charlotte didn't end up believing her.
  • I liked how Nolan thought that Emily needed to be with someone she had an emotional connection to gain back her memories and that he tried to convince Jack to go to her but I'm a bit sad that Nolan didn't really seem to consider that his relationship with Emily was important enough to her to get her to remember.
  • I like how Daniel wanted to turn himself in after finding out that Victoria would go down for what he did.
  • I liked how Victoria made Conrad frame Lydia in order to save Daniel because it parallels the time Conrad made Victoria frame David Clarke.
  • I like that Conrad warned Lydia of what he was going to do and that she was able to leave before she was put in jail.
  • I like that Emily was able to regain her memories once Jack gave her back the necklace that Amanda gave to her when she was dying, I really love that Emily and Amanda's relationship is still so important even though Amanda's off the show now.
  • I like that Neko the nurse taking care of Emily is an ex of Aiden because this could mean that his relationship with Emily might finally end and he might finally be off the show.
  • I'm worried about Victoria and Patrick knowing about the infinity box and them planning to see it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Bridge(1.10)

                                  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Bridge(1.10)Review
  • I found it somewhat unsettling that Edison Poe the man that centipede broke out a jail at beginning of the episode is so calm in every situation it seems especially after hearing the story about how he poked someone's eyes out and than finished eating his meal.
  • I liked how Skye had made a whole list of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who could have dropped her off at the orphanage, in her spare time so that she can come closer to finding out where she comes from.
  • I liked that Simmons seemed excited that centipede was able to keep their super soldiers from exploding and I liked that Fitz told her that she probably shouldn't sound so happy about it.
  • I liked that Mike Peterson was brought back in this episode and was very eager to do anything he could to help the team and make up for what happened the first time they met.
  • I liked how Ward seemed worried about Mike joining the team because it does fit with his character and I like that awkward moment when he was talking about Mike's rampage from the first episode right when Mike walked in.
  • I liked how Simmons seemed to admired Mike's body quite a bit and that this made Fitz quite a bit jealous although not in an overly obvious way.
  • I liked that it was revealed that the gun shot from the first episode is what actually got Mike to stabilize.
  • I liked how Skye thought that it was pretty cool that S.H.E.I.L.D had a program that could read lips.
  • I liked Coulson mentioned that he use to see a woman who played the cello but he had to give up that relationship because most the world thought he was dead.
  • I liked that Fitz and Simmons seemed very proud of the suit they made for Mike that would monitor his vitals, I also liked that even though Ward said having superpowers was cheating but even he thought the suit was pretty cool.
  • I find it interesting that centipede is also the people behind the camera and kill switch in the eye people that we say in an earlier episode.
  • I liked how Skye talked to Mike and asked him about his son and how he talked about how he talks to him all the time and that he sent him action figures of all the avengers.
  • I thought that May was a bit too harsh with Skye I mean I understand that she wants to focus on the mission and that Skye finding out the truth may not be a good thing but Skye has been trying to figure out something anything about her parents for her entire life so it's pretty unrealistic for her give that up right after she got some real information for the first time.
  • I liked how Coulson told Mike that he had a choice about what kind of life he wants to have and that he really should go see his son again.
  • I found it very scary and very sad that Rayna the lady from centipede took his son and threatened to kill him if Mike didn't give them what they want.
  • I found it pretty heartbreaking that Mike didn't care at all about what happens to him as long as his son is okay.
  • I liked that when Coulson found out that centipede wanted him and not Mike that he understood why Mike lied to him and he didn't blame him for making that choice because he understood what Mike's son meant to him and that Coulson pretty much allowed himself to be taken.
  • I liked that Mike tried to go back and make things right once he brought his son to safety but I'm sad that it seems like he died because of this since their was a big explosion once her ran over there.
  • I'm a bit worried about Ward since he was shot but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't to anywhere major.
  • I'm worried about Coulson but also interested in why centipede is interested in him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: Left Behind(1.07)

                                                  Reign: Left Behind(1.07)Review
  • I like how Olivia knows that Francis's heart still belongs together because when he was with her he said Mary's name.
  • I liked how Mary told Francis that she hates his plan of them seeing other people until they are sure of their marriage and that she hates hearing his mother talk about him and Olivia.
  • I liked how Leith could tell that Greer was reading a letter from her father where he told her to basically marry someone of standing soon just by her expression.
  • I liked how after Greer told Leith that she doesn't really know how to do much of anything that he tries to teach her how to flip an egg. I found this scene to be very cute.
  • I liked that Diane was trying to come up with a plan that would get Bash legitimized and her married to Henry and I loved that Bash was completely against this plan because it would displace Francis and his other brothers.
  • I find the meeting with the minor Italian Count to be quite unsettling with how he kept bringing up his ransom and Italy's past conflicts with France. It was pretty clear that something was going to go wrong but I was still surprised that the Count's men took the castle.
  • I liked how Mary was able to save Kenna from one of the Count's men by being very polite and diplomatic with him.
  • I liked how when Catherine offered the Count, Mary that Francis instead offered himself to the Count to be held for ransom in order to save Mary.
  • I liked how Greer was pretending to be a servant because she was with Leith at the time the castle was over taken and she knows that servants are practically invisible.
  • I liked how Mary asked Clarissa for help to find a way out of the castle using the secret passage ways and that Clarissa showed and marked the way out for her.
  • I like how Mary and Catherine are working together because they both love Francis and would do anything to keep him safe.
  • I liked how when Mary went to Francis with her plan to get him out that he didn't want to leave without knowing that Mary was safe and I like that Mary told him that they have to trust each other especially if one day they are going to rule together. I liked how all the things that were complicating their relationship cease to matter when their lives are in danger.
  • I liked Catherine's sad story about what happened when she was held for ransom for years when she was a child and I liked how at the end of the episode she said that history is written by the survivors and she is certainly one of those.
  • I like that Leith was going to be the only servant staying behind when everyone was escaping but Greer refuse to leave him.
  • I like how when one of the Count's men came so he could have his way with Greer that Leith fought him and when Leith was loosing Greer also attacked the man. I liked that they both protected each other in the fight.
  • I like that when Greer thought she killed the man with the fraying pan that Leith slit his throat and said that there was no way to be sure who killed him.
  • I disliked how Olivia left her spot after Francis came through and put Mary and her ladies in danger. Although he seems that Clarissa probably killed Olivia after she got lost in the secret passage ways.
  • I liked that Catherine had poisoned the gold that she gave the Count and his men although it didn't work on the Count himself.
  • I liked that Mary was able to save herself and stabbed the Count in the throat.
  • I love that Francis finally told Mary that he loved her and that he finally stopped letting the uncertainty of their future keep them from being with each other.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, January 3, 2014

TV Review: Reign: Chosen(1.06)

                                                        Reign: Chosen(1.06)Review
  • I liked how at the beginning of this episode Francis was avoiding Olivia even though him and Mary still haven't made up yet since his heart still lays with her.
  • I liked that Mary gently warns Kenna that she should be careful with her relationship with the King and that she should be wary of Queen Catherine.
  • I liked that Mary still sees her kiss with Bash as a mistake and I like that while Bash doesn't really regret kissing her he regrets that she is the one who's meant for his brother who he also considers a friend.
  • I felt bad for Kenna when she saw that Diane returned with the king and still stood by his side as she always had.
  • I like that once Bash realized that the pagans where threatening Mary in order to get him to pay his debt that he tells both Francis and Mary about what the pagan told him last episode about needing to pay debt.
  • I like that Francis seems to be more mad that Bash is lying to him than he is that he kissed Mary even though he's clearly upset about both.
  • I liked the scenes between Bash and his mother Diane where we learn that she use to be a pagan but doesn't practice anymore and that although Bash considers himself Catholic the pagan community seems to disagree.
  • I like that Kenna told all the other ladies in waiting about her relationship with the king because I'm glad that she told them and they didn't have to find out on their own. I also liked how the other girls warned Kenna to be careful with the king since he isn't making it seem like his heart belongs to Kenna.
  • I find it scary that pagans drugged Mary and hung a dead stag above her bed to threaten her further.
  • I was saddened by the tension in Francis's and Bash's relationship with Francis telling Bash more or less to commit a blood sacrifice in order to ensure that Mary stays safe although I disliked the tension I could understand both of their actions.
  • I like that when Catherine first asks what happens in Mary's room that Mary tells her someone broke in and that Catherine could probably tell them how the person could have done that.
  • I like that Mary and Catherine worked together to find out who were the pagans in the castle with Mary offering anyone with information their protection as motivation while Catherine threatened to burn down their homes as motivation to get them to talk.
  • I like that Bash clearly didn't want to kill anyone for the sacrifice but felt he had no choice so he went to the jail in hoping to find a killer but could only find a thief.
  • I like that Francis told Mary about what Bash had to do to pay the debt and how he had told Bash to do it and that he knew about their kiss.
  • I feel bad for Kenna because by the end of the episode she believes she has the king's heart but he's still with Diane although I did enjoy the brief glimpse we got of their relationship they seem to understand each other well.
  • I like that Bash killed the pagan as his blood sacrifice even though he does end up killing the thief later in the episode.
  • I liked how Francis pointed out to Mary that due to their positions they can't let their emotions motivate their decisions and their engagement is merely a promise that he may never be allowed to fulfill. I also like that Francis told Mary she could see who she likes as long as it isn't Bash although I dislike that he went back to Olivia at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Fangirl Friday 42

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Elementary: In this week's episode Moriarty returned and she continues to show how she's a brilliant criminal mastermind with how she was able to negotiate herself into a more comfortable prison and she was also able to pass along messages to the outside, get exactly the kind of information she wanted and escape when she felt she needed to. This episode is also when Joan first learns that Sherlock has been in contact with Moriarty through letters for the past several months which is something that concerns her quite a bit due to the past nature of Sherlock and Moriarty's past relationship. I also really enjoyed the final scene between Sherlock and Moriarty where she admits that she didn't kill her guard because she knew it would look bad in his eyes and she wonders if that's how he was able to become one of them(due to their similar personalities) and Sherlock tells her he's unsure of if he really is one of them.

2. Chihayafuru: I watched quite a few episodes of this series this week and it was great and really much more emotional than it should have been to see the karuta team win their final match in the tournament and become the best in Japan together. I love this series and this episodes where super good and loved seeing the characters work so hard to reach their goal that I shared their excitement when they won.
3. Community: Community season 5 come out this week with two new episodes and I personally loved them both. I loved that the first episodes had call backs to the pilot and I liked how it set up this season with showing how Greendale actually kind of made their lives worse because the school lets everyone graduate but doesn't prepare them for the jobs their major is in and I liked how this led to them returning to Greendale. I like that Jeff only really took the job as a teacher because he was desperate and doesn't really take it seriously at first although he does accidently discovers that he might kind like teaching. I also love the subplot about Abed trying to figure out if Nicholas Cage is a good or bad actor but freaking out since there is no real answer, I feel like that's pretty much the only way to explain Nicholas Cage.