Saturday, March 31, 2012

TV Review: Grimm: Last Grimm Standing(1.12)

                                       Grimm: Last Grimm Standing(1.12)Review
  • In this episode there's a group of lowen are forcing other fairytale creatures to fight in these cage fight battle to the death battles. This whole concept is very creepy due to the brutal style of the fighting, the type of thinking that goes along with this type of fighting and the fighters becoming addicted to raw flesh.
  • I liked that Nick was protective over Monroe when he was in trouble and I loved when the two of them fought side by side in the arena towards the end of the episode.
  • I was very interested in Captain Renard's past since he seems to be involved in some rather questionable things but he seems to have a certain sense of morals that he won't stray from.
  • I'm also interested in what kind of church/organization Renard is involved in since it seems to be about respect and they are willing to kill anyone who goes against their will.
  • I felt bad for Juliet when Nick had to be late for dinner and also she found the engagement ring since it's pretty clear that Nick isn't planning on proposing anytime soon anymore.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: 7:15AM(1.10)

                                        Once Upon a Time: 7:15AM(1.10)Review
  • I liked seeing that Mary Margret and David still has feelings for each other but I dislike that he's still with Katherine even though he clear loves Mary Margret more now.
  • I liked that Mary Margret was so determined to make sure the bird would get back with it's flock because she didn't think anyone deserved which is how she felt due to the situation that she was currently in with David.
  • I liked that even though Mary Margret and David decided not go to the coffee shop at the usual time in order to avoid seeing that they ended up seeing each other anyways. I loved that they end up kissing but I hated that Regina saw them kissing.
  • I liked that Henry questioned the mysterious new guy.
  • I find the mysterious new guy to be interesting and I like that he's a writer and I wonder if he had been to Storybrooke before.
  • I liked seeing Red and I like that she and Snow White are friends.
  • I loved that Prince James wrote Snow White a letter and asked her to be with him. I also liked that Snow White went to the kingdom to meet him right away.
  • I'm sad that Snow White was imprisoned but I liked that this was were she met Grumpy and Stealthy and she ended befriending them.
  • I was sad that Stealthy died but I'm glad that Snow White came back to defend Grumpy.
  • I hated that the King forced Snow White to lie to Prince James and say she wasn't in love with him, that whole scene broke my heart.
  • I liked that Grumpy told Snow White to not drink the potion that would make her forget Prince James because pain was part of what made a person who they are.
  • I liked finding out how Snow White came to be living with the dwarfs.
  • I loved that Prince James found out somehow that Snow White was lying and he then called off his wedding and went looking for her.
  • I hated that Snow White ended up drinking the potion.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, March 30, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle: Curse(1.17)

                                                Secret Circle: Curse(1.17)Review
  • I liked that the whole episode was basically about how awful it would be for Adam and Cassie to be together because of the curse that would kill someone.
  • I was very worried through out the episode that Jake would die and I'm so glad that he didn't die and I'm kind of glad that it was at the expense of Cassie and Adam's relationship since I'm not a of it.
  • I liked seeing Jake hallucinate about Calvin and I like that he showed guilt about it. I also like the scene at the end of the episode when Jake says he wasn't worth saving and then Blackwell told him he thought that he could change, I honestly believe that he already has so I'm good with other people seeing that he's not evil.
  • I felt bad for Cassie's grandmother because all that she does the whole episode is have her brain controlled by magic.
  • I liked the scene were Cassie told Adam that the elixir will make them forget their feelings for each other and then Adam says that it would take a lot more than an elixir to make him forget about how he felt about her. The scene was tragic and desperately romantic it almost made me ship them.
  • I felt so bad for Cassie when Adam didn't remember his feelings but she remembered her's.
  • I'm glad that Ava no longer has Faye's powers but I'm sad that they weren't able to bring Lee back to life but like Faye said having magic doesn't make you god.
  • I like seeing Faye, Melissa and Diana work together they have a nice dynamic and I ship all three of them together for some reason but I like them just as friends as well.
  • I'm not really sure of what's going on with Dawn and Charles storyline but it's clear that Charles doesn't like Blackwell at all and he wants him dead.
  • I thought it was both surprising and incredibly cruel that Blackwell fake the curse on Adam and Cassie's family.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Book Review: Anna and the French Kiss

                                              Anna and the French Kiss:Review
Anna and the French Kiss is about a girl named Anna who is forced to go to a boarding school in Paris for her last year of high school and the story is about how she adjust to life there and how she falls in love with St.Clair, charming American/French/British boy who goes to school with her.

I loved how the book was written it was written in a humorful style and most of the characters had depth and it wasn't just focused on romance all the time. The characters were good for the most part I loved that Anna loved films so much and St.Clair loved history and Josh loved drawing and Meredith loved soccer because it showed that they were all passionate about something and it made the characters seem more like real people. I also liked that there was British slang thrown in since I'm a big fan of British tv and their slang in general but I'm not sure it was always used correctly.

The relationship between Anna and St.Clair gave me mixed feelings in that I really liked the way they interacted with each other but I hated that they would interact that way since St.Clair had a girlfriend for most of the book. I hated that St.Clair was with Ellie because it made me not like him for flirting with Anna and it made me hate Anna at some points for wanting to steal St.Clair from Ellie. I especially hated the moment when Anna says she fantasies about beating Ellie up because she had no reason to do that since Ellie has been nothing but nice to her and St.Clair is her boyfriend so she has the right to kiss him and run her fingers through his hair. I don't get why they had St.Clair have a girlfriend for so long because it didn't feel needed since Ellie was barely in the book and Meredith already had a crush on St.Clair so there would have been enough internal conflict for Anna to deal with without St.Clair having a girlfriend.

I was overall disappointed by the book, I'm sorry I know almost everyone else loves this book but I just couldn't get over the St.Clair is already in a relationship thing. Please tell me your thoughts on the book and why my opinion may be wrong.

Book Review: The Hunger Games

                                                    Hunger Games: Book Review
The Hunger Games is set in a dsysoptian future were two teens and/or preteens from each district are forced into competing in a reality tv show were they have to kill everyone else in order to survive. The main character is a girl named Katiness who is from district twelve which is the poorest district and they almost never win the Hunger Games.

I overall thought the idea of the book was brilliant but I thought that it was as gory and brutal as I thought it would be but that can be justify with it being in first person which means we can only saw what Katiness saw. I mostly loved Katiness as a main character with her being brave and self sacrificing with volunteer to take her sister Prim's place in the hunger games and she was clearly badass do to her hunting skills with a bow and arrow so it made sense that she would survive to the end since she was far from helpless. The only thing I didn't like about Katiness is that she couldn't see that Peeta was in love her because it was fairly obvious that it was but I do understand why she wouldn't want to fall for him. I loved Peeta I found him sweet but I don't think it was realistic for him to survive the hunger games.

I overall liked the book but I think that I heard too much hype about it before reading it because I felt disappointed by it even though it was a good story. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Fangirl Friday 1

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. White Collar: This week I caught up on White Collar watching all of the episode that have aired since it returned this winter. I love this show I find it delightful and I love all the characters and I'm glad that I finally got myself caught up. My favorite episodes out of this group being Upper West Story, an episode were Peter and Neal investigate some kind of money laundry at a prep school and Neal ends impersonating a subsistute english teacher and later on him and Mozzie try to set up this kid with this girl, I don't I just really loved this episode and found it fun. I also loved Neighborhood Watch, an episode were Elizabeth overhears some of her neighbors on a police scanner thing talking about robbing some place and then she starts investigating it with Mozzie and later on they btring in Neal and Peter, I just find the whole episode hilarious. I also loved the season 3 Finale Judgement Day first off it was entertaining start to finish and then it end on a cliffhanger and honestly I have no idea what season 4 is going be like or even were it's going to be set but I can't wait for it to start.

2. Vampire Diaries: There was a new episode this week which involved torture, murder, Caroline being the sweetest person ever,about half of the originals, Stefan and Elena telling each other they love each other, and some plot twists. So basically it was your average episode of Vampire Diaries, this would have been number one but I hated the promo for the next episode and I hate that they are going on another hiatus, didn't they just come back from one.

3. Psych: I started to get myself caught up on the sixth season of Psych and I've loved all the episodes that I watched this week, they were fun episodes that I could watch over and over again and I love that this show just gets better as it goes on.

4. Sage's beautiful red hair: While I did really like Sage as a character, I didn't have enough time to fall in love with her character but I did have enough time to love her hair and wish that I had red hair. I don't really know why I'm so obessesed with it but I am.

5. Singin' in the Rain: I watched this film in film class this week and I loved it. I liked the songs and dances for the most part and I liked the plot. But the real reason I loved this film was the character of Cosmo Brown, he just great and pretty much everyone in my film class agrees.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: The Murder of One(3.18)

                                     Vampire Diaries: The Murder of One(3.18)Review
  • I loved seeing everyone work together when they were planning to kill the originals and when they ended up killing Finn.
  • I loved that Alaric wanted to turn himself in but I'm glad that Damon and Stefan convinced him not to.
  • I liked seeing Rebekah and Klaus working together in order to bring back to Mystic Falls to get his blood and convince him not to die until they were unlinked. I also liked how Finn called Rebekah someone Klaus fond of. 
  • I liked the relationship between Finn and Sage and it made me start to kind of like Finn.
  • I liked that when Damon hide his stake with firewood that Alaric brought up the time he hide the moonstone in the soap dish.
  • I liked that Rebekah decided exact revenge on Damon for seducing her to get Sage to get into her memories. I also liked that Damon mentioned that he found her torturing him to be kind of kinky, I still totally ship these two.
  • I loved that Caroline was totally forgiving of Alaric for killing her father and how she mentioned that they all of some one's blood on their hands, it was just such a Caroline lie thing to do.
  • I loved that Bonnie unlinked the originals but I felt bad that she was forced into doing it by Klaus.
  • I liked that we saw video footage of Jeremy playing with his dog and I loved that the video footage came from Kol even though we didn't see him in this episode.
  • I liked that during one of the torture scenes when Rebekah told Damon that he hurt her and how he says it couldn't have been too bad because she couldn't have honestly thought he was really into her. And then she gave him a look that prove his last statement wrong and I liked that he then said he got why she would be so desperate for affection after living in Klaus's shadow for forever, I also liked that she staked him for that.
  • I find it interesting that the originals bodies burn up after they are staked by white oak.
  • I found it really interesting that every vampire that comes from the originals bloodline that is killed will die shortly after. I personally believe that the bloodline Rose, Katherine, Stefan, Damon and Caroline comes from is either Elijah's and Klaus's based on the season 2 flashbacks.
  • I liked that Caroline suggested that Sage may have died because she loved Finn so much and then died of sadness over his death. That was just so sweet in a sad way, I love Caroline and I find her to be perfect.
  • I really respected Bonnie a lot for considering to rescue Damon even after he had hurt her rather personally recently but I complete understood why she didn't do it herself and I'm glad that she called Elena and told her about Damon being tortured. I also thought Katrina Graham did a great job in that scene were she broke down crying.
  • I loved that Stefan was the one who rescued Damon and I liked that he decided to give up pretty much all the weapons even before Klaus compelled Damon to tell him the correct number.
  • I loved that Rebekah released Damon before they had all the stakes because she knew that Stefan wouldn't break the deal when Damon's life was at stake.
  • I hated that Klaus said he wouldn't care if Rebekah died because that's a total lie and all it did was hurt Rebekah who I love.
  • I'm so glad that Stefan finally decided to put a stop to his vendetta against Klaus but I hated that him and Elena didn't just say I love you to each other and get back together because even if she does have feelings for Damon she doesn't love him anywhere near as much as she loves Stefan.
  • I'm very worried about Alaric's psycho vampire hating personality being the only one who knows where the last white oak stake is.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 10 books that have distracted me from school work

1. The Lying Game series: Since I first started reading the first book and it hasn't stopped entertaining me yet and I'm always dying to figure out each of the mysterious. Also I read each of the books in a week or less.
2. Heist Society series: I just love all the characters, the heists and cons that go on in this series. I love the world that has been created for this series and so I have trouble pulling myself away from these books.
3. Perks of Being a Wallflower: I love the way that Charlie thinks and I could read his thoughts forever.
4. The Secret Circle series: I'm not exactly sure why I'm so addicted to these books but I enjoyed the characters, plot and I found myself unable to put the book down until I finished The Power.
5. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: I love Percy as a narrator and I found the plot to be always interesting, so I've always had trouble putting these books down.
6. Perfect: I love the way Ellen Hopkins write and I love three out of the four narrators and I always felt the need to know what happens next.
7. Tricks: Once again I love Ellen Hopkins writing style. I was invested in all of the characters story lines and I felt sympathy for all of the main characters.
8.Thirteen Reasons Why: This book has an extremely interesting concept and by the end of the book you're just far too emotionally invested to even think of stopping for even a second.
9. The Book Thief: This book tells a good story but it's the way it's told that really makes it impossible for me to put down.
10. The Summoning: Unlike the other books on my list this one started out rather slow, so slow in fact I considered quitting this book but I'm glad I didn't. The last hundred pages or so make it impossible to put this book down or to wait patiently to read the next book, let's just say there's plenty of plot twist towards the end of this book.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Break on Through(3.17)

                                  Vampire Diaries: Break on Through(3.17)Review
  • I found the explanation for why Alaric's ring made him have black outs and go crazy to make sense, basically he's infected by dark magic because he's came back from the dead so many times. I'm also glad that there was a way to fix that.
  • I actually really liked Meredith in this episode because it was clear that she really cared about Alaric and that she wasn't a psycho. I loved that she decided that it wasn't her place to judge vampires since she uses their blood to help people.
  • I liked how Alaric explained his past assault charges because his reasoning was kind of humorful.
  • I was very creeped out by all the pictures, the hit list and the note to Jeremy that was found in Alaric's apartment.
  • I thought Alaric was extremely creepy when he was taken over by the dark magic and tried to kill Meredith, I feel that Matt Davis plays creepy really well since he did it well in this episode and last season when he was possessed by Klaus.
  • I thought it was really creepy to learn that the killing will continue even when the person stops wearing the ring and I thought it was creepy and sad that Samantha Gilbert ended up killing herself while trying to give herself a lobotomy with a knitting needle.
  • I loved Damon's line about Alaric being "an accidental psycho killer," and I liked how Meredith mentioned that he has no tact.
  • I'm glad that Damon told Elena that he was the one who made Stefan and that Stefan need to learn self control. I also liked that Elena pointed out that Damon may not be the best person to treat him self control but at this point no one else was exactly offering to help so she still doesn't have a right to judge.
  • I loved that Damon told Stefan to stop being ashamed of himself.
  • I loved that Stefan helped Elena out with the Alaric being crazy thing by giving her information, knocking Alaric out when he was all crazy and feeding Meredith his blood to save her life. I also loved that he was able to control himself since Elena was there, I really hope these two get back together soon.
  • I hated that we didn't get to see Bonnie perform the spell that cured Alaric's craziness.
  • I loved that we saw Jeremy again even if it was only during a phone call but I'm mad that Elena didn't tell Jeremy that his ring could make him go crazy.
  • I liked the relationship that Damon and Sage had because I could tell why they were friends of a sort because they both seem to take what they want, sleep around a lot but will love someone for a really long time even though they haven't seen the person in a long time.
  • I found Sage's explanation of hearing that Finn was alive again and in Mystic Falls to  be a believable reason for why she showed up in this episode. I'm really curious about the relationship between Sage and Finn because from what we know about Finn he doesn't seem like someone who would be a good match for Sage.
  • I found the plan for Damon to make Rebekah vulnerable so that Sage could get in her head was well thought out.
  •  I liked that it was described that Rebekah craved loved and hated being ignored because when it was being explained it reminded me of Damon which just kind of made me ship Damon and Rebekah more.
  • I loved seeing Damon seduce Rebekah and I especially loved when they shared the piano player, I'm not really sure why.
  • I thought that Sage invading Rebekah's mind to figure out what she was up to was a good use of that vampire ability because up til this point it's only been used to mess with peoples dreams.
  • I liked how Sage showed Damon what she found out by kissing him in the shower, I kind of ship Sage and Damon as well but she's of course spoken for but I like to believe that Damon still belongs to Katherine so that doesn't really matter to me because I don't expect love from this pairing.
  • I found it very odd that Damon burned the documents only wearing a towel because even though he heals fast fire can still hurt him if an ember came up and hit him also there's no logical reason why he couldn't have gotten dressed not that have any problem with seeing Damon shirtless it just didn't make sense to me.
  • I was sightly surprised that Rebekah and Sage burned up Wikery Bridge which is made out of white oak and I completely bought Damon's anger in that scene. Now looking back at the rest of the episode knowing that some white oak still exist I wonder if Damon knew that Sage would go into his mind see the originals were link and betray him and he allowed this because he knew about the sign made of white oak but thought it would be better if he let the girls thought they won so they would drop their guard or did he just get lucky with the remembering the sign was still around after he found out he was betrayed.
  • I liked learning that witches feel connected to every living thing and it also explains why Abby might of a harder time than the average person to adapting to becoming a vampire.
  • I loved when Caroline told Jaime that he should be there for Abby because she needs to connected right now.
  • I also liked that we see that Bonnie is much more accepting of someone becoming a vampire now then she was back in season 2 when Caroline became one, I'm sure this has to do with Caroline still being the amazing person after becoming a vampire(actually she became more amazing).
  • I liked the interaction between Bonnie and Jamie.
  • I loved Caroline's speech to Abby about not abandoning Bonnie again and I hated that Abby left anyways.
  • I liked the ending of the episode when it's revealed that they have a weapon to kill the originals but I hope they don't succeed because I'm not ready to say goodbye to Elijah, Rebekah, Kol or Klaus yet.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle:Lucky(1.16)

                                                  Secret Circle:Lucky(1.16)Review
  • I'm still not sure whether or not I consider Cassie's father to be trustworthy but he at least seems to want to do the right thing when it comes to Cassie.
  • I liked that this episode showed that Cassie is being affected by the dark magic and I liked that it was explained that the more she uses the more the dark magic takes over her.
  • I'm glad it was explained that one of the witch hunters stole a witch's power but I'm sad that Ethan was the one that betrayed the circle 16 years ago but it does explain why he became an alcoholic.
  • I'm glad that Blackwell isn't telling Cassie or the rest of the circle the truth about who betrayed the circle because he doesn't want to cause them anymore problems.
  • I really liked the scene  were Cassie told Adam that she thought his father was the one who betrayed their parents circle, I really liked this scene because of how protective he was over his father even though she was right about his father, I still enjoy seeing the family bond being shown.
  • I liked that Blackwell revealed at the end of the episode that the relationship that's destined between Adam and Cassie is a curse because I've never been a big fan of that relationship in either the show or the books.
  • I liked the scene between Dawn and Blackwell.
  • I loved that Lee chose Faye over Eva after she came back and I loved the scenes they shared together in this episode.
  • I hate Eva for killing Lee towards the end of the episode and I'm in denial about Lee dying since I really liked his character and his relationship with Faye.
  • I liked how Melissa gave relationship advice to everyone in this episode.
  • I liked the subplot of Diana and Grant flirting but I fear that we'll never see him again and this plot will amount to nothing just like it did when she flirted with Melissa's cousin.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top 10 books I want to read this Spring

1. The Secret Circle: The Divide: I first read the Secret Circle books last spring and I loved them and I've been enjoying the tv series as well so I was both surprised and delighted to see that a new book is being released this spring and I will read it as soon as I get my hands on a copy.
2. Two Truths and a Lie: I've loved the first two books of The Lying Games series and I'm sure I'll love this one as well and maybe in this book we'll get closer to solving who Sutton's killer is. Also judging by the end of the we'll learn a lot more about Thayer in this book.
3. The Awakening: I loved the first book of the Darkest Powers series and I really want to read this book because the book ended on a few big cliffhangers.
4.The Selection: This book sounds really interesting and I heard that the CW is making this book into a tv series so I want to read the books first.
5. Only the Good Spy Young: I've loved the first three books of the Gallagher Girls books and the last book ended on a cliffhanger so I really want to read this book.
6. Anna and the French Kiss: I've heard this book is great and I now own a copy of it so I plan on reading it soon.
7. Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin: This book sounds super interesting but I worry that it may not be the book it sounds like it is.
8.The Thorne of Fire: I loved the first book in The Kane Chronicles series and I'm sure I'll love this one as well.
9. Lost Gate: This book sounds interesting and I own it so I'm planning on reading it soon.
10. The Lost Hero: I love Rick Riordan book's Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The red Pyramid so I'm sure I'll love this book as well.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

TV Review: Revenge:Scandal(1.16)

  • This episode deals with the aftermath of Tyler's shooting and Daniel remains the prime suspect which causes Emily and the Graysons to form a shaky alliance.
  • I feel bad that Daniel is going to be going to jail for basically defending himself then getting knocked out but it's probably what's best for Emily's revenge scheme.
  • I liked that Declan was able to figure out that Jack was on the beach but also that Jack is trying to cover up someone else's crime. I also liked that Declan told Jack not to take the fall this time because the stakes are too high.
  • I liked that Nolan told Jack to forget about Amanda and he suggested that Jack leaves town as soon as he can.
  • I really like Daniel's lawyer because seems like he's not going to let the Graysons play their games with him unlike almost everyone else on this show.
  • I was surprised to learn that Nolan was working for Takada and has been for quite sometime now.
  • I liked the scene between Emily and Charlotte on the porch and I'm worried about how Charlotte is going to handle all this because so far it doesn't seem like she's handling it well with all the pills she keeps taking.
  • I liked that Ashley is using the scandal to get famous and I loved that Nolan discovered that she was the one who sent the photos to the press.
  • I was surprised that Takada was the one behind the shooting because I just assumed it was Amanda and I'm now confused with how she ended up dragging the body on the beach when Jack arrived.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: True North(1.09)

                                       Once Upon a Time: True North(1.09)Review
  • I liked the version of Hansel and Gretal's story we got in this episode with them getting separated from the father and using a compass to find their way back instead of breadcrumbs like in the traditional story. I also liked how it all connected with the Evil Queen's storyline.
  • I thought Emma Caulfield(who I know and love for playing Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) did an excellent job playing the delightfully wicked Blind Witch.
  • I liked that Hansel and Gretal were able to escape the witch and I loved that they rejected the Evil Queen's offer because they'd rather be with their father.
  • I felt bad for Henry when he realized that Ava was only talking to him in order to distract him while Nicholas put the items they needed to shoplift into his bag because I get the feeling that Henry doesn't really have any friends.
  • I liked the characters of Ava and Nicholas and I'm glad that they were able to stay together in the end and live with their birth father.
  • I liked that Emma's ability to tell whenever someone tells lie she can tell they're was used in this episode again.
  • I liked that both Emma and Henry related to wanting to know more about their birth parents because of Ava's and Nicholas's situation.
  • I think it was probably for the best that Emma lied to Henry about his birth father but I'm pretty sure it's going to come back to haunt her if he ever shows up.
  • I liked the relationship between Emma and Mary Margret, I also liked that Emma told her about Henry's theory that Snow White is Emma's birth mother.
  • I'm very curious about the guy that arrived in town at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Desperate Souls(1.08)

                                         Once Upon a Time: Desperate Souls(1.08)Review
  • In the fairytale world we see Rumpelstiltskin's start of darkness which is far superior to the Evil Queen's start of darkness which we saw in episode 2. I liked seeing that Rumpelstiltskin started out as a cowardly peasant who only wished to save his son from going to war on his 14th birthday. Knowing Rumpelstiltskin's backstory has made him a much more human character.
  • I liked that we saw how fast the magic turned Rumpelstilskin to the darkside and I liked how it seemed to also make him insane which explains his behavior in other epsiodes. I'm also worried about what ended up happening to his son.
  • I was sad that at the beginning of the episode when Henry said that him and Emma should give up on operation cobra after Graham's death because he knows that Regina was the one to kill him and he worries that good can never beat evil because good has to play by the rules.
  • I liked that Mr.Gold ended up helping Emma win the election for Sheriff by both setting her up as a hero and then having her reveal him as the villain who started the fire. I also liked how it's made clear that Mr. Gold and Regina aren't on the same side.
  • I liked that Emma spent the epsiode trying to proof to Henry that good can beat evil and I'm glad that she was able to restore Henry's faith in operation cobra by the end of the episode.
  • I liked that Emma became Sheriff at the end of the episode.
  • I liked the repeated use of the line "I know how to recongise a desperate soul." I also liked the paralle between Emma's and Rumpelstiskin's storyline through out the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, March 16, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: 1912(3.16)

                                                Vampire Diaries: 1912(3.16)Review
  • I liked how the 1912 flashbacks related to the modern day council member killings and I also liked that it wasn't in the predictable way that I thought it was going to be portrayed when I saw the promo.
  • I liked seeing Stefan and Damon in flashbacks meet for the first time in nearly fifty years and I found it interesting that though Damon didn't want to be around Stefan he didn't want to make his life miserable either. I also found it interesting that though Stefan was similar to how he was at the start of the series but Damon was still closer to the 1864 version of himself with how he finds no joy in being a vampire and is still pretty formal.
  • I loved that when Sage told Damon that women are also for pleasure that Damon told her he was spoken for, I loved this because this implies that Damon didn't have sex for 48 years because he was saving himself for Katherine. This is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard and it proves to me that I am right to have Damon and Katherine as my one true pairing.
  • I'm glad that Sage was able to teach Damon that he could find pleasure in his vampire life because I feel at that point he really needed to.
  • I loved how after Stefan and Damon add a drink together that Stefan tried to convince Damon to drink animal instead of human and how later on in the episode once Damon has found that life is still worth living that he convinces Stefan to drink human blood again, I love this two scenes because it shows how after they both found a better way to live that they both tried to convince the other to one to join them in order to share that life together.
  • I was very creeped out when Stefan was draining that woman of her blood in 1912 and how he snapped her head off and I felt so bad for him as soon as he noticed this because he started saying he was sorry over again as he tried to put her back together again(I was really impressed by Paul Wesley's acting in this scene as well). I also liked that this scene gave a reason of why Stefan would hate Damon because have something that happened in  the past. I also liked that Damon wasn't actually trying to hurt Stefan but he just hadn't realized how bad Stefan's bloodlust was yet and I loved that he offered to help Stefan but I totally understand why Stefan rejected his offer.
  • I'm not really sure how I feel about Sage yet but she seems interesting so I look forward to meeting her in modern day.
  • I liked that Damon thought it was insane for the sheriff Forbes to imprison Alaric and I liked that this led him into recounting the other time when council members were being murdered.
  • I loved Damon and Stefan spending pretty much the whole episode together. I also loved that through out the episode Stefan was struggling with his quiting human blood and Damon was trying to convince him to instead try moderation which would prevent Stefan from becoming a ripper again.
  • I liked that Damon mocked Stefan's diary again and I loved when Damon and Rebekah read mockingly from it later on.
  • I liked that Damon described Finn as the creepy suicidal guy and I found it interesting that Finn had a past with Sage.
  • I liked that Rebekah after finding out that the Salvtores were the ones who might know about the white ash tree, she decides to spend the day with them while searching for information that they don't really end up giving her. I really liked the dynamic between the three of them.
  • I liked that Damon and Rebekah flirted a whole bunch in this episode and I now ship the two of them.
  • I liked that Damon compelled a girl then bit her and then told Stefan that if he didn't drink from her Rebekah would kill the girl and while that might seem a little cruel I think it was good for Stefan to drink from the girl because he needs to be able to control his bloodlust and moderation is the way to do that. Also the girl didn't die so I think the experiment was a success which Damon agrees with.
  • I loved that Damon tells Stefan that he's going to be there for Stefan every step of the way with helping him overcome his bloodlust and I love that he admits Stefan's the only one he's got because that has pretty much been true for the two of them since the beginning of the series. I also liked that Damon admits he feels guilty for not helping Stefan when he could have in the past.
  • I liked that after Damon admits to care about Stefan that Stefan decides to be helpful in the investigating the 1912 council member murders and I liked that it was discovered that Samantha Gilbert confessed to the crimes a decade later and that she went crazy.
  • I liked that Elena and Matt worked together to clear Alaric's name and I liked seeing more of Matt in this episode in general. I also ship Matt and Elena even more.
  • I liked that Matt was able to sneak the journal because he's the only normal one in town so no one pays attention to him which is also kind of sad.
  • I liked that Damon completely mocked Elena's attempts to making him feel guilty about turning Abby into a vampire because I don't think he has any reason to feel guilty because it's not like he knew or cared about Abby and no one died premantly. I'm also glad that Elena wasn't able to suck the personality out of Damon this episode.
  • I'm kind of disappointed that we don't get to see Bonnie and her mom dealing with her becoming a vampire.
  • I hated that Elena walked down the ally after Stefan had feed on the girl and then looked at him all judgemental and shocked. I hated Elena in that moment because I feel she has no right to judge because A) their vampires and they drink blood and no one died so get over it and B) she has no idea what's really going on so she shouldn't judge. I loved that Damon told her to leave and not make a big deal about it.
  • I liked that Matt asked Elena about her relationship with the Salvtores because it must really confuse him. I interpreted Elena saying that she felt like Stefan could give her eternal love and that Damon is like an annoying rash that won't go away, I don't get why anyone still ships Damon and Elena.
  • I liked that Elena mentions that crazy seems to run in her family, I also hope that this means Elena will go crazy one day because that would make her character actually interesting.
  • I liked that after Alaric is released from jail that he and Elena agrees to look out for each other.
  • I liked that Meredith was actually trying to protect Alaric by having him arrested and I liked that she isn't actually a psycho murder.
  • I found it really surprising and interesting that Alaric is a killer because his ring is either driving him crazy or Samantha Gilbert is possessing him because he cheated death so many times.
  • This may have been my favorite episode of the season so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

TV Review: Grimm: Tarantella(1.11)

                                                   Grimm: Tarantella(1.11)Review
  • In this episode Nick investigates a series of murders that are done by a spinatard(who's played by Amy Acker who I know and love from Dollhouse and Angel) which is a creature that sucks the life out of young men in order to keep from aging rapidly.
  • I thought that Amy Acker did a great job in this with playing vulnerable and conflict to playing seductive and vicious to playing the part of an ordinary soccer mom.
  • I found it really sad that spinatards would rapidly age if they don't kill three people every five years.
  • I liked Amy Acker's character(even though I didn't catch her name) and I like her husband and the relationship between those two I found to be really sweet.
  • I agree with all the men who kept saying that Amy Acker was beautiful and I loved seeing her in something again.
  • I like that Nick told the people who were coming to his house to stay away and that he has no plans to kill them.
  • I continue to like the friendship between Nick and Monroe.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Top 7 Book Covers of 2012

1. Enchanted: I'm not sure if I'm going to read this book but it does seem like an interesting take on a fairytale but I love it's cover with the sleeping girl in a beautiful dress.
2. Everneath: I'm not planning on reading this book but I love the cover.
3. The Treachery of Beautiful Things: This book sounds interesting and I'll probably read it once it's out in paper back but for now I'll just enjoy it's pretty cover.
4. The Selection: I'm going to read this book because it sounds really interesting and I'm pretty sure that the CW is making it into a TV series so I want to read the book(s) before I watch the series which I hope gets picked up because it sounds like one of their better pilots. I also think the cover is lovely.
5. Sweet Evil: This book sounds interesting so I'm planning on reading it when it comes out in paperback and I love the cover because of the girl's dress.

6. Dreaming Awake: I don't want to read this book but I love this cover.

7. Something Strange and Deadly: I have no idea if I'm going to read this book or not since there's no plot description yet but I love the cover and the title.

Book Review: Tricks

                                                              Tricks: Review
Tricks is a book by Ellen Hopkins who also wrote Impulse, Identical and Perfect, and it's about five teenagers and how they end up selling their bodies in order to get by in life. I found it interesting that none of the characters were in the business at the beginning of the book and that it took a couple hundred pages before any of them got involved in it. I loved that there were five different narrators and I loved that it was in easy to understand poems just like all of Ellen Hopkins other wonderful books I read. My favorite characters were Seth and Ginger because I just felt for them the most and understood why they made the decisions they did.

I found that while I had a lot of sympathy for Eden but that I didn't really care for her much as a character. Eden started out as a girl from a small town who has a minster father and her whole family is very religious. So religious that when they find out that Eden is dating this boy named Andrew (who is very nice and loves Eden as much as she loves him) her family believes she possessed by some evil demon and then her mother drugs her and drags her to compound in the middle of nowhere. In the compound the extremely religious people who run it decides to starved Eden and put her in isolation in order to flush out the supposed demon. These are the reasons I feel a lot of sympathy for Eden, she does nothing wrong and then she gets punished by a lot of crazy people.

I like that Eden was willing to do whatever it took to escape that evil crazy compound but I hated the things she had to due to earn her freedom which was to sleep with this pervert and even pretend to love him. I'm glad that by the end of the book she's done selling herself and isn't going back to her family who treated her horribly but I don't think she could be with Andrew again after everything that has happened to her. I didn't like her personality for some reason it felt a little too religious but also kind of fake but I'm not exactly sure why that is.

I loved Seth he is my favorite and I kept wanting to know more about him as the story went on. Seth is a gay boy from a small town in Indiana where no one is gay and at the beginning he is very much in the closet. I liked his relationship with Lorne at the beginning because he seemed to treat him well but I hated how Lorne left without saying goodbye and how he sent a letter to Seth's house when he knew Seth was still in the closet. I hated that Seth's father couldn't accept him for who is and that he had to be Carl's kept man and how lonely and empty that was for him.I hated how Carl treat him like property. By the end I still love him and I'm still worried about him but I'm glad that he has a job on the side because at least now if his new rich guy kicks him out he has a chance of being able to make it on his own.

Whitney makes the worst decisions and has the worst taste in guys which leads to her being a complete wreck. I had a sort of love hate relationship with Whitney because she had this kind of bitchy, bratty attitude but I think it's because she's deeply insecure and is overcompensating so I can understand and forgive her for that. She seems to think her mother and sister don't care about her and her dad lives a couple hundred miles away which makes her feel unloved and lonely which is why she makes most of the bad decisions she does. Her first boyfriend was a total high school jerk who only wanted to be with her because he never to did a virgin before and he made her do cocaine. I think she really shouldn't have done the coke because if he really cared about her he wouldn't have made her do something she didn't want and I don't think should have had sex with him because he made her wait for 2 hours after she told him she was ready(he said he would by over in just a few minutes) and he made her do coke first.

With Bryn I don't blame her as much for falling for him because played her well and even though I was sure the first time she met him at the mall that he was a pimp I started to second guess myself after she started dating him. When Whitney first started dating Bryn he was the prefect gentleman and that photo shoot on the beach was very sweet and romantic. While I think Bryan is total scum and I hate him I have to admit he's very smart with how he slowly progressed into making Whitney a hooker with at first taking nude pictures of her which sound like they were for his eyes only but in hindsight I think he was selling them to someone. Then he started having Whitney and him have sex on camera and this time Whitney knew he was selling those tapes but she was too in love with him to care. I think she should have left when he demand she take heroin (but at least she only smoked it at first) but I understand that by that point she was too in love with him and didn't have anywhere else to go so she didn't feel like she had any other options. I think by the point he brought other guys around for her to sleep with she had lost all power to refuse but I still wish she would have left then but understood why she couldn't.

As the rest of the book goes on Whitney admits to herself that Bryn's a pimp and is only using her to be whore for him but she can't leave because of her addiction and part of her still loves him. It was extremely interesting and depressing to see her continue to sink further into her addiction and how she started shooting up making her both look and feel more like a zombie as time went by. I'm glad that by the end she's in recovering and I was surprised in a good way to find out that her mom really loved her and I hope that Whitney can recover.

Ginger my second favorite she's the daughter of a prostitute named Iris who acts more like a selfish teenager than a mother which is why Ginger grew up acting as a mother for her siblings. I hated Iris and how she didn't care about her kids and how she sold Ginger in order to get more money. I totally understood why Ginger left but I understood why she felt guilty about it since she was leaving her siblings but at least she knew her grandmother would take care of them. I liked that Ginger refused to do more than strip for money and I felt bad for her when her sort of girlfriend Alex becoming more and more intertwined in the world of prostitution and ginger was pretty much helpless to stop her. I'm glad that Ginger was able to go home to grandmother and that with Iris having HIV it seems like she won't be able to  a prostitute anymore so I hope Ginger stays safe.

Cody I feel brought quite a bit of the money problems he had on himself because of all the gambling he did but on the other hand the other part of debt came from his step father's death which was really no ones fault. I was interested in his story and I always worried about how he, his mother and brother were going to get by. I felt bad for him when he had to start selling himself but I was mad at him every time he thought gambling would be a good idea because it only adds more problems to his life since he never knows when to stop. I'm sad that we don't know if he's ever going to wake up from his coma or if he's dead, I think this is why people say this book ends really opened ended.

I loved this book but I wish that more of the main characters would have interacted with each other like they have in her other multiple narrator books. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

                                                  Thirteen Reasons Why: Review
Thirteen Reasons why is a book by Jay Asher, and it's about a boy named Clay who listens to these tapes that were sent to him from a girl named Hannah Baker who killed herself a few weeks earlier and the tapes explains why. This book is very good at making you want to read it all the way through without stopping and I liked how we had two different narrators through out the book.

While I was always interested in Hannah's story I found that there were times I was anger at her for blaming certain people for her sucide because for the most part the people on her list were only making dumb mistakes like most teenagers do and while I agree they need to know that they're actions have consequences for the most part they don't deserve to be basically accused of murder. I was also angry at Hannah for not trying to ask for help or open up to someone earlier and even when she did open up to someone her mind was pretty much made up already. I didn't feel that Hannah's life was horrible enough to commit because it seemed like it was pretty much only her life at school that suck and she'd only be in high school for like two more years and her home life seemed okay I guess I just felt like she gave up too fast and I saw a lot of exits to escape her horrible life other than suicide unlike let's say Conner's life in Impulse were I could perfectly understand why he gave up on life.

 So I found that most of my sympathy in this book went to the living in this book even though most of them screwed Hannah up in some way I still felt more for them because they're still living with what they did and they still have to get up and face the world each morning with the knowledge they basically killed someone without even trying to.

I kind of love this book and it made me feel a lot of different emotions and it had me crying when Hannah told us goodbye even though I knew she would from the begining. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.