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TV Review: Revenge: Renaissance(4.01)

                                               Revenge: Renaissance(4.01)Review
  • I find it a bit odd that Emily decided to move into Grayson Manor but I'm kind of guessing that she did it because it's some form of revenge for her to live in the house that Victoria values so much.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan seem to be planning and throwing parties together and quite possibly have been living together for the past couple of months, I just really love seeing their closeness.
  • I liked how Nolan questioned Emily about whether or not she was planning any takedowns at her party and when she answered no he was so happy because he thought that Emily has finally been able give up revenge and find a happy ending for herself.
  • I liked that Daniel had backed out of Marguex magazine and I like that she now thinks of him as a lazy loser on the downside Marguex new haircut is really awful who on earth would think that was a good idea.
  • It felt completely and totally random that Jack's working as a cop now especially since he was being arrested last time we saw him but on the upside his partner seems cool.
  • I liked how Nolan didn't really want to let Emily drive his car but after arguing for a minute he gave in and let her drive it which she then proceed to back into the car behind her and I liked how she told Nolan she'd buy him a new one.
  • I liked how proud Nolan was of Emily for resolving conflict without revenge being involved but I'm curious about why he wasn't more suspicious of Emily crashing his car and the person being right there because that is kind of similar to how Emily's revenge schemes have started out in the past.
  • I thought it was so creepy how Charlotte took Jack's son from daycare so that he would terrified although I get her being mad at him because she thinks he's her sole kidnapper but he real isn't so I don't like her punishing him especially if it involves his kid.
  • I liked how Victoria used friendships she formed with the fellow patients in order to help her escape.
  • I liked how when Victoria called and yelled at Emily about how she treated her so unfairly that Emily pointed out that Pascal's death was Conrad's fault not her's and that she would do the rest all again because Victoria stole her childhood from her.
  • I liked how Emily mentioned that Nolan told her that Jack looked like a stripper in his cop uniform and that she disagreed with that statement.
  • While I think this whole Jack's randomly a cop storyline is ridicules I liked how Jack wanted to be a cop because he knew that he could never be bought like the cops had when dealing with Amanda's and Declan's deaths.
  • I like that Daniel was willing to pay for Charlotte's rent even though he was broke and therefore couldn't afford it but I did like that he sold his car for her and that he was ripped off a bit while selling it.
  • I liked how Nolan called Emily the new queen of the Hamptons and I liked that he kissed her on the cheek afterwards and I have to believe that at least half the people at the party thinks their together.
  • I liked that Marguex told Emily that she was wrong to let Daniel color her earlier opinion of her and I hope those two can be friends in the future since I love them both.
  • I liked how Jack's partner was very impressed by Jack's connections that got him invited to Emily's party.
  • I was very sad to see Charlotte doing coke but I liked how Jack saved her from getting arrested and got rid of her coke and told her to get her act together. I was also disappointed that she was dating Gideon.
  • I really love the whole scene where Victoria escaped it was really great to watch.
  • I liked how Nolan and Jack talked about what happened with Charlotte and after Jack mentioned wanting to look out for her and her being involved with Gideon that Nolan mentioned that he almost did business with Gideon and then went to Marguex and told her about Gideon's dealings with both Charlotte and Daniel.
  • I liked how Emily got revenge for someone else in this episode because she thought that it would help them from being like her and I liked how mad Nolan was once he realized what was going on and not just because she went through with a takedown but because she kept it from him that she did it behind his back when he had been there for her since the beginning.
  • I liked how Nolan tried to convince Emily to come out as Amanda Clarke and how she told him that she couldn't do that because everyone that girl loves and has ever loved her is gone so there's nothing to go back. I also love that the thing Nolan was most upset about was that Emily shut him out.
  • I liked that Marguex found out about Gideon's scheming because I don't want her to trust the wrong people.
  • I liked how when Emily called Nolan asked if they were breaking up or making up, I'm also really curious about how it is that we're not suppose to ship them with lines like these. I liked how Emily admitted that she doesn't think that she can give up on revenge and I loved how Nolan called her a unique bloodthirsty snowflake.
  • I liked how when Victoria came to the door telling Emily that she was coming after her that Emily pretty much welcomed it because it's clear that Emily can't give up on revenge and she's glad that Victoria is giving her an excuse not to.
  • I like that David kidnapped Victoria because I don't want him to forgive her right away because she played a huge part in framing him and she destroyed his daughters life to save her own skin.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: Shadows(2.01)

                                           Agents of Shield: Shadows(2.01)Review
  • I liked how this episode started back in the 1940s with Peggy Carter taking away the 084 that seemed to turn people into stone or something if they touched and would be seen later in the episode.
  • I'm really sad that Skye seems so cold, empty and blindly loyal to Coulson's orders basically I'm sad that she became everything she was against last season and I really miss her even though she technically had quite a bit of screen time in this episode.
  • I liked Isabelle's team mainly because they brought a lighter aspect to this episode that on a whole was dark and sad.
  • I liked that Lance disliked the whole being left in the dark thing because someone needs to be pointing out that the way Shield operates is a problem.
  • I dislike that Coulson seems to haven't been around in weeks and has been neglecting his team and I really hated how he complained about having to fly coach seems like a pretty petty problem to have to me.
  • I liked that Fitz was up walking around, talking and even attempting to do his job overall I like that damage doesn't seem as severe as I thought it would be. I feel bad for Fitz with how it's clear that he still seems to have his  same generally knowledge base but doesn't seem to able to communicate his thoughts and ideas like he use to.
  • I like how Trip has come up with theories about the Koegnies because there are so many of them which makes me believe that they might not be human at all.
  • I like the friendship that Trip and Skye seem to have developed because it's one of the very few times throughout this episode that Skye showed positive emotions.
  • I'm glad that Coulson is having someone look into the alien writing although I'm not sure Skye is a great choice for that since the writing is somehow related to the drug that was used on both him and Skye to keep them alive so it might be harmful for her to spend so much time staring at those writings. I was sad that Skye seemed so excited to see Coulson because it's clear from that she misses him very much.
  • So the conditions that Shield is imprisoning Ward in are completely inhumane with having no access to sunlight and such things that are consider basic human rights so I really started to root for Shield to be arrested at this point in the episode because what they are doing is illegal and cruel.
  • I'm not really surprised that Ward tried to kill himself but I am surprised and appalled that no one seems to be concerned at all about this, I'm really upset that Ward tried to kill himself three times and there was no mention of him ever seeing a therapist probably because Shield loves treating him like he's less than human which just makes me hate Shield.
  • I'm actually quite proud of Ward that he found a way to keep himself from committing suicide even if wanting to help Skye seems like an unhealthy coping mechanism I think we should keep in mind that Ward as no real way to live for himself so it kind of had to be about someone else.
  • I liked how Ward told Skye that he doesn't expect forgiveness from her which I already kind of figured during last season when all he asked for was understanding but it's still nice to see I was right about Ward not believing he deserves forgiveness and I liked that he was perfectly willing to give information that she need and that all he wanted was to help her.
  • I think that Skye thinking that Ward enjoys killing people just shows how she doesn't understand him at all anymore.
  • I liked how Ward promised Skye that he will tell her the truth for the rest of his life. I also like that what he wants to tell her most his what he knows about her father which I'm confused about what that is since I didn't think he knew much more than that one story Raina told him.
  • I really hate how Coulson said that he doesn't care what is wrong with Ward as long as he gives them intel, this right here is why I will not call Coulson a good guy or a hero until he starts treating all people like human beings not things that give him what he wants or needs, also any good person would care about what was wrong with someone who was clearly suicidal.
  • I'm so happy that Talbot call Coulson out for his whole acting like a criminal with how he kidnapped Talbot and that Talbot refused to work with Coulson because isn't the good guy he paints himself to be.
  • I felt bad for Fitz when he talked about how he felt that he was being replaced and how he feels that everyone is looking at him like he's broken and how that is so not what he needs right now to get better he just needs to be treated like a regular person not like he's going to break at any second.
  • I liked that when Isabelle was dying from touching the 084 that Skye clearly wanted her orders to be to not go on with the mission and instead save Isabelle and I was both sad that Skye decided to follow Coulson's order rather than her own compassion but I also liked it because she is on her way to understanding who she said she never would because she's acting just like he did last season.
  • I loved that Lance didn't listen to Coulson's orders and instead got Isabelle the hell out of there and did all he could to save her life sadly though that wasn't enough.
  • I really hated how Coulson was willing to let Isabelle die over a plane and put even more of his team at risk to get it, I'm just saying that there's nothing good or heroic about valuing an object over people's lives or stealing from the military in order to hide from them because you don't like following their laws.
  • I was surprised when it was revealed that Simmons wasn't actually there but only in Fitz's head but I'm not really surprised that Simmons left because she's been loosing faith in Shield for quite a long time and if she feels that she wasn't helping Fitz by being there I can't see why she would want to stay.
  • I thought it was pretty crappy of Coulson to say that Fitz is useless to him now because he couldn't finish the cloaking device quick enough and I think it's wrong and down right inhumane to not have Fitz seeing a doctor regularly for his injuries basically I hate how Coulson values his organization over basic human rights, I really can't wait until Coulson realizes how far he has fallen.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top 10 Books on my Fall 2014 to be read list

1. Sinner: This book is the sort of fourth book of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and it deals with wrapping up Cole and Isabel's story and since I love that series and both of these characters I'm very excited to read this book.
2. Crank: I love Ellen Hopkins books and this is her most well known one so I think that it would be for the best if I read it.
3. The Mark of Athena: I loved the first two books of the Heroes of Olympus series and I'm sure I'll love this one as well and I've been meaning to read it for awhile anyways.
4. Paper Towns: I've read three books I've read by John Green so far and I have no reason to believe that I wouldn't love this one as well.
5. Dime Store Magic: I love Kelly Armstrong's The Darkest Powers series and this book sounds interesting as well and I hope that I love it just as much.
6. Also Known As: I hear that this book is sort of similar to the Gallagher Girls series which I love and I will be finished with fairly soon so I think this will help fill the void.
7. Triangles: Another Ellen Hopkins novel and this one is related to the book Tilt which I loved.
8. Splintered: This book sounds like an interesting retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story and since I already own this book I think that this is a good book to read soon.
9. The Scorch Trails: I liked the first book of the Maze Runner series and I think that I'll like this one as well.
10. The Sound and the Fury: So on a blog that I visited someone said that a character whom I love life is like a fanfiction of The Sound and the Fury, my first thought was that's bond to be a depressing book and my second thought was I have no idea what that is so I have to look that up and I did. Anyways the reference sort of makes sense to me now and I really really want to read this book because it sounds super interesting as well as very challenging so this book is on this list but I also know that I won't actually read this book this fall.

TV Review: Gotham: Pilot(1.01)

                                                        Gotham: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • The little girl pickpocket that I assume to be Selina Kyle I thought was quite clever with how she stole the milk but was a bit sloppy with stealing the wallet but I hardly think that matters since she's quick and clever enough to get away with the theft even after the guy noticed.
  • I thought that the killing of Bruce Wayne's parents was very sad and traumatizing for him to have to wittiness.
  • I think that police department looks like it's in complete chaos but I liked the way that we're introduced to James Gordon by him getting a gun a way from a suspect without having to fire a gun although Harvey didn't seem to think this was a good thing but I disagree with him.
  • I liked how James went over to talk to Bruce when he saw him off by himself at the crime scene and how relayed his story about how he was in the car with his dad when he was killed by a drunk driver so he understands what Bruce is feeling. I also liked that he promised to catch the guy that did this.
  • I liked how James knew right away that the conversation that Harvey was having with the captain was about wanting to be partners with someone other than James and how James refused to ask for a transfer and told Harvey that he'll get use to him eventually.
  • I found Mooney's mob stuff to be pretty interesting even though I didn't fully understand it.
  • I felt bad about the Mario Pepper getting framed for killing the Waynes just because the police department wanted to look efficient and that he also died for that.
  • I'm curious about what Barbra could possibly be hiding from James that the major crimes lady knows.
  • I liked that when James had a reason to suspect that Mario Pepper might have been framed that he started looking into and he was willing to look for the truth even if it could cost him everything because he wants to make sure that the right person pays for the crime.
  • I found Oswald to be fairly odd and that his relationship with Mooney was a bit strange but I also liked that his plans to pull one over on her didn't end up working out for him.
  • I liked that even though Harvey for most of the episode acts like he hates James that he still comes to try to save him from being killed by Mooney's men, although this almost gets him killed but I'm glad that in the end they are saved by some other corrupt police men.
  • I felt bad for James when he was put in a position where he had to kill Oswald in cold blood or be killed and risk Barbara also being killed and I liked that James tricked Harvey into thinking that he did when he just pushed Oswald into the water.
  • I liked how Bruce was trying to train himself out of feeling fear and how James told him that feeling fear is a good thing because it shows you where the edge is.
  • I liked that James went to Bruce and told him the truth about his parents killer and I liked how Bruce was glad that he was still alive because it showed that he had a vengeful side in which he wanted to make the person that hurt him suffer.
  • On a side note through out the whole episode I mental referred to James as Ryan because he's played by Ben Mckenzie who I know and love from playing Ryan Atwood on The OC, so I'm curious about how long it will take me to break myself of this habit.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode

Saturday, September 20, 2014

TV Review: Reign: Toy Soldiers(1.19)

                                                    Reign: Toy Soldiers(1.19)Review
  • I think it's sick that Duke Deguise is willing to forcibly take boys as young as fourteen from their homes in order to fight for him.
  • I liked the fun little snowball fight between Mary, Lola, Kenna and Greer and I liked how Greer pointed out that no long ago they were talking about first kisses and now all but her are married.
  • I liked that Mary helpful told us that it's been a month since last episode but while I expected that things between her and Francis are still tense it also makes me sad.
  • I liked that when Mary and Francis talked about how her mother is under siege that Francis came up with the idea that they go to Catherine for money so that they could buy an army's loyalty.
  • I hate how after Henry heard that Elizabeth and not Mary will be the one that was to rule England that he called Mary useless and a burden because she hasn't given him what he wanted. I liked that Francis yelled at his father for this and demand that she be treated with respect although Henry didn't listen.
  • I was very uncertain about Mary writing to her uncle Duke Deguise for help because he is someone who has a large army and has tried to grasp for power many times before which is why he is no longer welcome at French court.
  • I felt bad for Greer with the way that her father talked down to her because she fell in love with a servant because one he was just plain mean and two she already was practically engaged to Castleroy so there was no reason to be rude.
  • I liked how Bash and Kenna spent the episode pleasuring each other and I liked how Bash's goal was to make her to forget every other man but him. I also liked that Kenna later on adopted the same idea with making him forget every other woman but her.
  • I liked how Catherine referring to Duke Deguise as the devil is something that Mary takes as recommendation coming from her.
  • I liked how Francis brought up to Deguise that the reason he was exile from court was because he went behind the king's back countless times and that this is the reason he dislikes and mistrusts him.
  • I liked how Castleroy was very nice to Greer's sister's with how he wanted to show the girls around the castle because he's heard they've never been to one before. I also liked that Castleroy told Greer's father that he didn't want a dowry for Greer's hand just to marry her.
  • I really felt bad for Francis when he saw that his father had made plans to start a war that he can't possibly win and he can't seem to talk him out of going to war. I was very glad to find out that his worry was in vein at this point when he went to Catherine and found out that she already put a stop to Henry's plans.
  • I liked how Francis despite wanting not to say yes to Deguise's deal to give him his army if Deguise will become his right hand man once he is king because he loves Mary and they need his army to save Scotland. I also liked that Deguise mentioned that the reason Mary wasn't at the meeting is because she wouldn't let Francis sacrifice himself for her country.
  • I liked how Catherine offered Penelope the chance to work as one of her ladies.
  • I liked how when Greer's father was trying to convince Castleroy to invest in empty mines that Greer tried to say he wouldn't want to because he does so well in the spice industry. I also liked how Castleroy told Greer's father that he shouldn't talk down to Greer the way that he does.
  • I liked that Castleroy set up dowry's for Greer's sisters and he made sure that Greer would be the one to oversee their wedding contract so the girls would be sure to marry for love.
  • I was very worried when it was revealed that Henry was able to make real plans to make war with England and Francis was forced into a position where he had to use Deguise's army for France rather than Scotland even though he didn't want to.
  • I liked that Castleroy gave Greer the right to sign her own wedding contract and I'm sad that no matter how much I love Castleroy and think he's a great person I just can't seem to ship him and Greer together.
  • I felt so bad for Mary and Francis when he had to tell her he was forced to break his promise to her and while I understand why Mary is mad that her country is being hurt I think it's terribly unfair of her to accuse him of not caring about anything but France because he clearly cares for both he just can't seem to defend both of them.
  • I thought it was so heartbreaking that Mary said she regretted marrying Francis because she loves him and refuses to risk him even though at times it may be what is best for her country.
  • I'm really worried about what Mary will do next to try to defend Scotland because while Francis cares about both their countries sometimes I think that Mary would gladly burn France to the ground to ensure Scotland's safety.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead(4.11)

                                    Teen Wolf: A Promise to the Dead(4.11)Review
  • I liked how Deaton rescued a girl from a Wendigo who stays on a special floor at Eichen House that houses dangerous supernatural creatures.
  • I found the guy with the third eye that can show people the answers to their questions to be pretty freaky since he usually ends up putting people in comas when they go to him looking for answers. I liked that Deaton was willing to go to him find out about what's happening to Derek and I'm interested in what promised Deaton made and to who.
  • I liked how Melissa found the bag full of money under Scott's bed and confronted him about it and she told him that he had to return it to Derek. I really liked how she told him that he could save people's lives but not save them from life.
  • I liked how we saw Liam and Mason playing video games together and I liked how it was still clear that Liam was struggling with his fear of the berserkers and I liked that Mason noticed but I'm sad that Liam refuses to open up to him at all.
  • I liked that Derek and Braeden were able to arm and prepare themselves for an attack fairly quickly but I'm confused why Lydia showed up in Derek's loft to scream.
  • I liked how Malia woke Stiles up in the morning I liked how she mentioned that if she's going to watch a whole lacrosse game he better not suck and how he need to wake up to drive her to school because she had tutoring in the morning, I also just really enjoyed Stiles half asleep mumbling. I loved how touched Malia was when she saw that Stiles was looking into finding her birth mom and how she kissed him awake.
  • I liked how when Scott tried to return the money to Derek that he asked why Derek wasn't wondering why it took him so long and I liked that Derek completely understood why Scott would be tempted to keep it because anyone would be. I also liked how Derek mentioned that it was Peter's money and that he owned his building which makes me wonder because I always assumed his loft was in an abandoned warehouse but maybe it's not.
  • I loved seeing how happy and proud Malia was when she saw that she got a C- on a test and I liked how she showed it off to Lydia and Kira. I also liked that when Malia saw that she had failed a different test that Lydia told her she'd give her more notes on the subject.
  • I'm confused about why Lydia saw writing about death on the board but I liked that Kira noticed that Lydia was freaked out and tried to assure Lydia that no one was dying because the deadpoool was over.
  • I understand why Liam is trying to push Mason away but I really wish he wouldn't and I liked that Scott tells Liam while it's okay if he doesn't want to be part of the pack he shouldn't push his friends away.
  • I was impressed about how Chris tracked Kate's bersekers down to the sewer but I really hated how Peter stuck a pipe through his side than twisted it so he was stuck to the wall.
  • I really liked Scott and Kira's first real date with how there was whole bunch of pretty lights hanging all around Derek's loft, I also liked that Kira got the movie which was Star Wars from Stiles who is still so disappointed that Scott hasn't seen it yet.
  • I liked how it was pointed out that Derek doesn't actually have a TV so the have to watch the movie on a laptop. I also liked that Scott was confused about the order of the Star Wars movies because the first one is the fourth one and the fourth one is the first one.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Scott and Kira make out but I really didn't like it when Kate and her berskers broke in.
  • I liked how Eichen House decided to forgive the Stilinskis debt as a way of saying sorry that Stiles almost got murder there and I liked that Stiles said "he was never so happy to almost get murdered." such a strange but funny sentence.
  • I liked how the Sheriff wanted to take Stiles and Malia out to dinner and that Malia said her favorite food was deer and Stiles told his dad that she likes pizza.
  • I liked how Mason basically told Liam that he's going to be there for him even if he isn't going to tell him what's really going on.
  • I find it interesting that Kate blames Scott for her family going to Hell and I liked how Scott told her to take him just him in hopes that if she takes him she'll leave Kira alone but I don't think that his sacrifice really ended up working out.
  • I liked that when Liam heard from Stiles that Scott would be slightly late that he started freaking out with worry about it.
  • I liked how later when Scott was very late that Stiles told Liam that he really wasn't worried but when he texted Scott he said that he was very worried.
  • I liked how when Parrish found Chris in the sewers he refused to leave him to die and made him angry enough to help him get himself free.
  • I liked how Stiles decided to leave the game in order to go looking for Scott and that his dad with him and that Malia stayed behind in case Scott showed up.
  • I liked that Lydia was able to find out that Deaton was in a coma and that she was able to wake him up from it.
  • I liked how when Brett saw and felt that Liam was freaking out that pushed him down and told him that he was alive and fine and that was his way of helping Liam through his fear.
  • I liked that when Peter showed up that Malia basically told him that she doesn't want him there and doesn't trust him at all.
  • I liked how Brett told Liam about Scott being a true alpha and what that means and how lucky Liam is to have someone like Scott as his alpha.
  • I'm glad that the pack knows because of Deaton that Scott and Kira were taken to Mexico by Kate.
  • I found it rather horrifying that Kate's plan is to turn Scott into a berserker so that his own pack will end up killing him without even realizing it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: No Exit(1.18)

                                                  Reign: No Exit(1.18)Review
  • I liked that Bash gave Kenna a ring that belonged to his grandmother and I found it funny that Kenna wonder why it wasn't bigger but did want it all the same. I'm glad that Bash and Kenna agreed to at least try to be married because they are stuck together.
  • I liked that Kenna was a bit bitter about how fancy Lola's wedding is going to be compared to her's.
  • I liked how Greer pointed out that Bash was young and handsome and that she looked quite thoughtful of that point when she agreed.
  • I liked how Catherine brought Mary and Francis over to deal with the Cardinal because Henry can't and I liked how well Mary took over role of dealing with him.
  • I liked how when Catherine found that Henry had allowed for Penelope to tie him up that she tells him that relationship has to stop because he's allowing himself to be made a fool of and therefore France is being made a fool of.
  • I found Mary's brother James come to France to ask her to return to Scotland right away to settle the unrest that came about because of having so much French influence in their government.
  • I liked that Mary wanted to so badly return to Scotland in order to make sure their remains peace there but I also understood Francis point that it was a really bad idea to leave France at the moment with them being in a middle of a deal that Mary is in charge of and his father being mad at the moment.
  • I find it very suspicious that Julian won't talk about his parents and is far too interested in Lola's dowry considering he should be rich.
  • I liked the brief glimpse we got of Nostrodamus and Olivia being happy together although I was sad that he saw a vision of the plague coming back and killing her if she stayed.
  • I felt so bad for Kenna with how she had to deal with Henry coming onto her multiple times even though she clearly wasn't interested.
  • I thought it was petty and cruel that Penelope decided that Kenna should have to give her wedding ring but I liked that Bash stepped in to stand up to his father and mentioned how it isn't right for him to treat her that way. I was glad that the situation was resolved before Henry could do anything too awful.
  • I liked how Bash told Kenna that she shouldn't have to live like that and I liked how Kenna told Bash that she'd rather deal with Henry than have him get himself killed standing up for her.
  • I liked how Catherine came to Kenna for her plan of how to get rid of Penelope and I liked that she promised Kenna and Bash an estate far away from court that would keep them both safe from Henry's wrath.
  • I liked how Francis told Bash about how he wants to help Mary but he also needs make sure that he is doing what is best for France as well. I also liked how to Bash it was simple choice in his opinion to choose your wife over your country which Francis points out is something he could have offered Mary that Francis can't because his country has to come first regardless of how much he loves Mary.
  • I liked that Lola brought up to Greer her suspicions about Julian's strange behavior and I liked that Greer tried to reassured her but I also liked that it didn't stop her suspicions.
  • I liked that Nostradamus went to tell Catherine that he will be leaving with Olivia and I liked that Catherine refuses to let him go.
  • I like that Francis makes arrangements to go to Scotland together  as soon as possible because he loves Mary and wants her to be happy.
  • I found it really suspicious that James was so upset that Francis was coming with Mary to Scotland.
  • I liked how Kenna's talk with Penelope about how she needs to keep Henry occupy and tricks her to putting Henry in a compromising position so that Catherine and a Bishop could find him there and convince him that it is best for his kingship to get rid of her.
  • I liked that Francis found out about James's footman being paid with English money and how his unwillingness to talk just makes him more suspicious of James and whether or not it's safe for Mary to return to Scotland with James.
  • I found it a bit odd that Mary refused to belief that her brother would hurt her even though she has plenty of reasons to doubt him.
  • I found it sad that Nostradamus and Olivia had to part ways because Catherine refuses to let him go.
  • I liked how Lola checked with her banker about her dowry and refused to move the money into Julian's name and showed her annoyance at not being able to have the money into her own name.
  • I liked how Kenna and Bash celebrated getting their own estate together and I liked how Kenna got back the ring Bash gave her and when he asked if she wanted him to buy a better one that she didn't because he gave it to her and it made her feel certain each time she looked at it that someone will always look out for her, I also liked that they kissed.
  • I liked that Francis after finding out that James footman was hired to kill Mary at sea that he refused to let her go to Scotland because he couldn't risk loosing her.
  • While I think that it wasn't right for Francis to lock Mary in a tower I understand why he did it because when it comes to Scotland's well being she'll take every risk to her own life no matter how certain the danger to her own life is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Monsterous(4.10)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Monstrous(4.10)Review
  • I liked how Brett was willing to die for Clarke, I'm not sure what their relationship is other than pack but it's clearly a close one. I liked how Kira saved Brett and Clarke from the hunters.
  • I liked how Scott as soon as her heard from Kira that she found Satomi's pack that he was ready to jump into action to go protect them and I liked how it took him a moment to get why Liam wasn't just following him.
  • I liked how Liam told Scott that he doesn't thinking that he can be like him and his friends because he's too afraid of dying and I liked that Scott didn't shame him in anyway for being afraid but instead told Liam that not all of them are still alive and that he should at least let him drive him home.
  • I liked how Stiles didn't want to stay at the hospital and get a CT scan since they still hadn't paid for the last one and I liked that Melissa made sure that he stayed because that is what is best for his health.
  • I liked how Lydia questioned whether or not Meredith was even competent enough to be charged and I liked how the Sheriff pointed out that if she really is the Benefactor than she is competent enough to do a lot of things.
  • I liked how when Scott first saw Kira that his first two questions were about whether her mom was okay and if she was okay.
  • I liked how Satomi and her pack knew who Scott McCall is and that they showed him a great deal of respect.
  • I'm curious about the strange strain of wolfsbane that Chris seems to keeping in one of his vaults.
  • I liked how Lydia refused to leave the station until Meredith started talking and gave them some real answers.
  • I liked how Malia actually went to Stiles after she heard that he almost died and I liked how odd it is that they had a conversation about how they heard each other almost got killed shows how dangerous their lives are.
  • I liked how Melissa locked Stiles and Malia in the room so that they could sort out their relationship problems. I also liked how Stiles and Malia used the whole door locking thing as a way to talk about their problems without directly talking about their problems and I liked that they kiss and made up.
  • I liked how Scott brought Satomi's pack to a warehouse that is owned by Chris and I found it interesting that Satomi and Chris knew each other before Satomi was peaceful and before Chris started protecting werewolves rather than killing them.
  • I liked how Stiles and Malia listen to the tape of Lydia's grandmother over and over again in order to figure out something about the deadpool and I liked how Malia figured out that the answer had to do with the record player at the lake house.
  • I liked how Lydia tried to get Meredith to talk and I was surprised to find out that she would only talk to Peter.
  • I liked how Scott called Derek to teach Satomi's pack how to defend themselves and that Derek called Braeden for that same reason.
  • I liked how Derek laid out a plan about how they call out anyone who thinks that they can kill them for money and put them on their own deadpool.
  • I liked how Lydia told Peter that Meredith is more dangerous than she looks because she is a banshee.
  • I liked how during the interrogation that Parrish and the Sheriff were still pretty protective over Meredith when it came to dealing with Peter even though she is the one whose the suspect.
  • I felt really bad for Meredith when we find out that the reason she made the deadpool is because Peter had the idea for it as a plan of revenge that he came up with while he was in coma after the fire and his thoughts were in her head for weeks when she was in the hospital.
  • I liked how Lydia, the Sheriff and Parrish did put the blame for the deadpool on Peter after hearing that explanation even though they knew that they couldn't charge him for it.
  • I liked how Malia and Stiles figured out that the deadpool was coming from behind the walls of the lake house and was made from computers from the 1970s.
  • I liked how Stiles, Lydia and Malia all worked together to find a way to shut down the deadpool and that they were able to do so successfully.
  • I liked that Scott was able to stop himself from killing that one guy because I like that Scott is able to keep himself from becoming a killer despite the constant life and death circumstances of his life.
  • I liked how Meredith explained that she made the deadpool because she feels that too many people die because of the monsters and she feels that even she herself is one.
  • I liked how Lydia said that "Not all monsters do monstrous things." and I liked how she cited Scott as an example and I liked how Meredith than said Lydia was also an example.
  • I don't like that Peter is trying to kill Scott but I'm really not surprise that is his big evil plan.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 7 Underrated Contemporary and 3 Underrated Fantasy

1. It's Kind of a Funny Story: This book I don't really hear people talk about but I really love because of how the main character is struggling in his life with what seems to be depression mixed with anxiety. I really loved the first half of this book and it was shown that it was something as simple of not doing as well as he expected to do in school that caused him to start to spiral downward and I like that it was some over dramatic thing that happened to him that caused this but rather that he didn't feel like he had a real reason to feel the way that he did so he had no clue how to fix himself. I also enjoy the second half of the book were he stays at the hospital and starts to sort himself out and recover as well, I just love the whole book because I felt like it dealt with the topic in a realistic way rather than in the super dramatic way that it's usually dealt.
2. Perfect: I really love this book because it's a story told through four viewpoints and I love when there's multiple viewpoints in a book because I love getting inside as many different characters heads as I can. I love how this book dealt with the concept of perfection by having characters strive for it and either show how destructive it is or come to the realization that perfection isn't possible so they should strive for being happy instead. I love how this book had the characters stories loosely connected with each other and I loved three out of four the viewpoint characters which is pretty good although I hated one of them but he was a very hateable character so I doubt that's uncommon but other than his storyline I loved the book, on a side note I'd really love for Jenna to have a book with her point of view since she's a self-destructive enigma who I'm still super curious about.
3. White Oleander: This book is one that takes place over a large period of time and the character lives many different sorts of lives because she has to keep moving around due to being in the foster care system and she also becomes many different people so it was really interesting to see how much she changed through out the course of the novel. I also really loved the complicated mother daughter relationship that was front and center through out the book, overall this is just a great book and if you only saw the movie you should know they probably cut out about half of it and so you need to read the book because it's so much better.
4. Tricks: This book is another multiple viewpoint book by Ellen Hopkins which I loved this one I believe had five different points of view and the theme that linked the stories together was that having to sell your body. I really found all the stories interesting in this one and I actually enjoyed most of the characters despite them being in such situations that usually make you look down upon people but you see how they got to the point in which they are desperate enough to do so which while not the most cheerful of stories is certainly interesting. The thing is while had my favorite characters while reading the book the one I actually remember the most years later is Whitney who frustrated me to no end because she just kept making the most horrible life decisions so I just wanted to yell at her to value herself a bit more but now looking back I enjoy her storyline a lot more because I realize how her bad decisions just made me more invested in her characters, anyways I just really love this book.
5. Identical: This book is really interesting with how it deals with this really messed up family and it has two sisters who are both a totally mess but one is really open about it and is just very publicly showing all her damage and the other is just as messed up but is quiet about it and doesn't want anyone to see her as less than perfect. I also found how the sisters saw there parents to be interesting in that one hated and loved one parent and the other vice versa which lead to level of understanding of the parents that I wasn't exactly comfortable with but it was really interesting experience and really well written. I also loved how this book made use of the poetry with how sometimes the poems would be in shapes such as a razor blade or a wine bottle I just think that's a really great use of the style.
6. Tilt: This book is told in three points of view and is the last Ellen Hopkins book on this list although this book has three narrators the reason this book makes the list is because of one story which is Shane's. I really was surprised by Shane's story because I thought I had him and his storyline figured out right away in that I thought it would deal with his sexuality or drugs but then it really didn't instead it dealt with him having a crisis of faith and struggling with grief and I really hadn't read anything else like it and I loved it for how raw the emotions felt in his story. His story is one that isn't told very often and I really loved it because he spent so much of the later half of the book spiraling and he half wanted his mom to notice and half didn't want her to notice because he didn't want to burden her so I spent so much of the book just wishing that they could lean on each other rather than suffer in silence. Anyways great book overall and I really would love if you read the book to tell me how you felt about Shane's storyline.
7. Manic Pixie Dreamgirl: This book is one that I loved for it's honesty with how it didn't shy away from the fact that the main character is an asshole for having a girlfriend and being in love with the idea of another girl and not only is the book aware of it but characters through out the book call him out on his behavior and that his pinning isn't something that is seen as romantic when it usually would've been. I also kind often refer to this book as a more honest version of Anna and the French Kiss because of how the main Tyler's behavior is actually pretty similar to St.Clair's only the difference is that this book doesn't romanticize and excuse his behavior like Anna and the French Kiss did with St.Clair in regards to his dealings with Anna and Ellie(St.Clair's girlfriend for 90% of the book) so I recommend this book to Anna and the French Kiss fans because I think it would make you think about the book differently.

1. The Darkest Powers Series: This series has a bit of slow start but once it gets moving in the last half of the first book it gets really exciting and from then on the plot doesn't really ever stop moving which makes for a very exciting read. I also really love the main character Chloe because she's smarter than most heroine's in this genre which is refreshing and I also just like her a lot and her powers are interesting as well. I like that the romance is very much in the background of these books to the point that I would think that calling these books paranormal romances would be a lie because really it's more like paranormal action/adventure.
2. The Looking Glass Wars: This book series is by far the most interesting retelling of Alice and Wonderland that I have ever read. The world of wonderland being a really place that is full of strange magical things that are quite frightening and Aylss being thrown into our world and being seen as insane before she convinces herself after years of living here that her home world is a lie only to have to go back to it and become a bit of a warrior queen is an excellent twist on the classic tale. I also absolutely adore the relationship between Alyss and Dodge which is important in the story but by no means the main focus and I really wished there were more relationships like this one in YA in general.
3. Linger(Wolves of Mercy Falls): While the Wolves of Mercy Falls series is quite popular I don't think anyone seems to appericate Linger as much as I do since most people see this book as a filler book that contains mostly fluff. To me Linger is the character book which deals with the inter workings of the characters minds. This is the book that with Sam's storyline I like to call it what happens after happily ever after with how his curse has been broken but he can't quite believe that he gets to stay in his human skin like he always wished for but never dared to hope for. I liked how Sam still had plenty of flashbacks to the times when he was young and newly became a wolf and how messed up he was and how even though his curse his broken the damage that it caused is still there and I especially loved the moment when he admits to Cole how much of a mess he still is but that he's trying to improve. For Cole this book is when he's at his lowest point with how the whole reason that he's a wolf in the first place is because he can't stand being in his own head because he hate himself so very much. Also I love Cole because he's a deconstruction of a bad boy in that he's that asshole guy who sleeps around, does drugs and drags people down with him and he absolutely hates being that guy but he doesn't know how to stop being that guy so he decides that it's best that he stays out of his own head as much as possible. I love how we see Cole who's half charming confidence and half self loathing and self destruction and I also love this book because it's the one that got Cole to the point of figuring out that he can't runaway from himself forever and he might not actually want to. I also love this book for Isabel who is struggle with the guilt that she killed her brother when she was trying to save him and I really loved how the relationship between her and Cole developed with her seeing him as a means of self destruction and I especially love the moment when she sees that he's starting to heal and she resents him for that because she doesn't want him to get better before she does and I love that because it's so completely toxic and interesting. Anyways I love this book to the point that it's probably one of my favorites of all time and I would really wished people would look at the book more as a character study than a fluffy romance because the book is so much better when you do. Also I made a list a while back of my favorite moments in books and like half of the list was from Linger.

TV Review: The 100: Desolation of Earth(1.11)

                                          The 100: Desolation of Earth(1.11)Review
  • I liked how Clarke and Bellamy talked about the upcoming war with the grounders in that they both knew it was coming but Clarke is really disappointed by the whole situation but knows that they have to fight this war and without any help from the Ark.
  • I thought that the guy that kept making the fire bigger simply to piss off Octavia was jerk especially since this led to the group loosing almost all their food.
  • I like how Raven was trying her best to be cool with her and Finn being over but in the scene when Finn kept trying to get her forgiveness it's obvious that she's still upset by the break up.
  • I liked how Raven told Finn that her making bullets is to help them stay alive not too keep busy that he admits that was a stupid comment to make.
  • I liked seeing that there were survivors on the Ark and I liked how Kane went around looking for all of them and just generally spent his time making sure that no one else dies because of him. I also just really love how much his character has grown over the season so far.
  • I liked  the guy that had his arm stuck in the door that Kane found who when he found out about why the Ark was almost dead was because of Diane that his reply was "What a bitch my mom voted for her."
  • I kind of liked that kid that was so excited about getting to go hunting with Clarke and Finn it was a shame that he was stabbed.
  • I liked how Bellamy convinced Raven not leave camp because one he knows she won't survive out there on her own and two he needs her to come up with another great idea to save them all. I just really liked how Bellamy notices and values Raven's intelligence.
  • I liked how Raven came up with the idea of walkie-talkies so that they could fight all together against the grounders and therefore would have a chance of winning against them.
  • I liked how Clarke and Finn were brought to the grounders in order to save a girl who was badly injured by the bomb on the bridge because they no longer have a healer of their own.
  • I liked that while we see that Clarke feels guilt about the role she played in the girl's injury she is also outraged that the grounders would be teaching someone who is still a child to fight because this kind of behavior just leads to endless war.
  • I liked how Clarke had to get pretty creative with what kind of supplies she can use to save the girl because the grounders don't really have any real medicine or at least not the kind that she's use to.
  • I liked that Monty was helping out with making the walkie-talkies and I find that weird radio single that he keeps finding to be very suspicious.
  • I felt bad for Monty when Raven tells him that the Ark is most likely dead therefore his family is most likely dead as well.
  • I liked how when Raven went to Bellamy's tent and they hooked up that he told her he wasn't the guy that would talk her out of making a mistake but him telling her he wasn't that guy in a way did give her chance to stop  and think about what she was doing but she really didn't want to do anything but try to forget Finn at the time.
  • I liked that when the girl died that Clarke was sadden by not being able to save the girl and not just because of the threat to Finn's life and I liked that Anya who is almost always cold showed some saddens as well.
  • I'm pretty worried about Finn since he was led off to be killed but since we didn't see him killed I'm sure he's still alive.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Raven if it helped after they slept together and I was sad for her when she said it didn't.
  • I liked how Kane went to rescue the Chancellor and everyone that was stuck in the room with him after he told him not. I was also really glad to find out that Abby is still alive and on the Ark.
  • I liked how Clarke escaped from the grounders by getting the grounder guarding her to give him as much information as she could get from him and having him lower his guard enough so that she could kill him and run.
  • I liked how when Raven voiced that she felt in some way that things would be better if Finn was gone this morning and now he might be dead that Octavia told her that she didn't wish this into existence.
  • I'm worried about Monty who just disappeared after picking up the strange radio signal once again.
  • I'm worried about Clarke who was trapped by another grounder trap at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Reasons why I think that fans of paranormal YA would enjoy Teen Wolf Part 1

If you frequent my blog in the summer time you may have noticed that I'm a pretty big fan of the show Teen Wolf and since I know that most of my followers are book bloggers I'm guessing that most of you have ignored those posts but I'm writing this post to tell you why I think that's a mistake. This post is about the reasons in which I believe someone who is a fan of paranormal YA books would specifically would enjoy the series, I've based a lot of the reasons on this list on things I've seen book bloggers complain are lacking or not done well in paranormal YA books or in YA in general therefore I will be referencing common trends in Paranormal YA and comparing them to the show. I also want to note that there's a lot of reasons that I love this series and not all them will be on the list because I'm trying to keep the reasons somewhat related to paranormal YA.

This show was one that I didn't expect anything from which is probably one of the reasons I ended up enjoying it so much but I feel the need to warn you that this show didn't start off great although I still felt it was enjoyable it took a few episode for me to really get into. The show can be pretty cheesy at times although nowhere near as bad as the movie and in the first couple episodes they put too much attention on lacrosse but soon they realized no one cares about lacrosse and show started to get good by that point. I actually rewatched the first season recently and I enjoyed it but I just feel the need to warn you it might take you awhile to get into the show but I think it's well worth the effort.

                       My  Reasons why fans of paranormal YA should watch Teen Wolf Part 1
1. Alison Argent: One of the main reasons that I decided to write this post is because of how many fans of  paranormal YA seem to be really frustrated by the heroines in every paranormal YA series and when I was reading about what people wanted out of heroine I was reminded of who Alison actually is so I found myself wanting to recommend this series to them but I didn't because people tend to be dismissive of this series. The complaints I was hearing about heroines were well a bunch of things but mostly they were damsel in distress who's life revolved around her love interest but Alison isn't like that. The type of character that most of these people wanted was someone who could defend themselves and had life outside of  her life interest which I feel that both these things are true for Alison's character.
I want to point out to people who haven't seen or even really know anything about the show that Alison isn't actually the main character and is in fact the main love interest for the main character but I assure you that there's a lot more to her character than being a love interest. The first few episodes we really don't see much of Alison so it takes a couple episodes to really get to know her although I have always really liked her but my love for has definitely grown a lot over the seasons.
Alison is from a family of hunters(of pretty much all supernatural creatures not just werewolves like the first season implies) which is something that she doesn't know at the start of the series and her family keep this big secret from her does contribute quite a bit to her storyline in season 1. Although she has no knowledge of her family's hunting ways it's something that it's implied that her parents were both hiding it from her and trying to prepare her for this role with how they had her get into archery when she was younger and considering that she said she sucks at all her other past hobbies I'm willing to bet that they discouraged those, I also think that this makes her weapons skills that she develops to be more believable since she was already good at archery pre-series and it makes sense why she did with her background. I like that a big part of Alison's conflict comes from her knowing her family is keeping something from her and that she doesn't really know who she can trust in her life and that of course ends up influencing a lot of her choices in this series in a way in which the audience can always understand her reasoning even if they don't agree with it.
Another big thing I think that fans of paranormal YA will enjoy about Alison is that she hates the idea of ever being the damsel in distress and that she actually seeks out ways to make herself stronger and really their are very few times in which she needs be rescued and as of season 3 she's probably the most badass character on the show. One of the things have I always loved about Alison is that she seems to have this self hatred when it comes to feeling weak which is something that has led to some pretty great scenes and makes her character very interesting to me. One of my favorites is after she had been in a situation for the first time when she thought she was going to die and she still had no clue about the existence of the supernatural she had this lovely quote "That night in the school, I felt utterly weak like I needed someone to come and rescue me. I hate that feeling. I wan to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful." I just love how Alison being faced with mortal peril made her go out and find away to empower herself rather than just make her want to run away or just accepting the danger like most YA heroines and I love that over the course of the series Alison continues improve herself and that she is more than capable of taking care of herself.
Something that I really enjoyed about Alison is that the reason she's involved in the supernatural world isn't because of her boyfriend (although he happens to be a werewolf) but because of her family. I like this because you know how dangerous being involved with the supernatural is usually dangerous in this type of series even if the guy your dating would never hurt that doesn't mean that someone else from that world wouldn't so knowing that Alison would've become part of that world regardless of who she dates makes it easier to understand why she would choose to be with someone who's part of that world. I also liked the conflict it created with her having a family of hunters who do have a code about who they do and don't kill that's supernatural but only her dad really follows it and that leaves the rest of her family killing or at least trying to kill a whole lot of innocent people who happen to be shape shifters so although her family calls themselves protectors they're really just killers. On the other hand at the same time Alison starts her hunters training she's also working with Scott trying to keep everyone safe, I really love that because of her relationship with Scott she was able to view werewolves as people rather than just animals or monsters like most other members of her family did and I think that this empathy that she developed towards the supernatural through that relationship is a very important thing because it keeps her seeing them as people and not targets which is something that keeps her from becoming a psychotic killer like other members of her family did. I also like that Alison was doing more good working with a werewolf than with her family who were suppose to be protecting against the supernatural.
Towards the end of season 2 Alison ended up going to a pretty dark place after loosing someone close to her and being manipulated when she was in an extremely emotionally vulnerable place, while I didn't like Alison's actions when she was in that dark place but I liked that she was able to go to the dark place and able to come back from it. To be clear by dark place I mean villainous place and I'm sure you've noticed that going to a dark place like this is something that's fairly common for the male love interest to do in Paranormal YA but have you've ever noticed that if a female character goes to a dark place like this she is considered to be evil and is never redeemed. Well I really loved that with Alison she was able to go to a dark place but did come back from it and was able to be seen in a heroic light once again.
 I also really loved that at the beginning of season 3 that Alison wanted to basically prove to herself that she was still a good person even though she had done bad things, I liked that her redemption arc(if you can call it that since it isn't really in the traditional sense) was all about proving her worth to herself not to anyone else. I love that Alison refused to stay out of the conflict in season 3 because she saw that her friends where in danger and she knew that she could do something to help them and she did what she could to help save the most people with both of the season 3 plots. Also what I loved most of all was how Alison changed her families code from "We hunt those who hunt us." to that of "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." I really loved her taking charge in general but I especially love the emphasis she puts on protecting others rather than eliminating a threat like the former code did.
While I could probably write more about my love for Alison Argent I feel I already said a lot but basically I think that she's the type of character that most paranormal YA fans are looking for someone who is part of a romance but also a hero in her own right, someone who is strong but still vulnerable.
2. Mythology: I find that in most paranormal YA series that the mythology is either very simple or just never fully explained to reader because it either is something that main character wouldn't need to know so the reader isn't ever told it or it's something that the main character does know and therefore doesn't explain it in great detail. Giving a mythology info dump is something that often slows down the pace of a story and can be rather boring and since novels are only a few hundred pages long it's easy to understand why this would be an area in which the author would want to shorten but it's one that I think is needed. Teen Wolf isn't perfect with giving out mythology stuff always but it has given us quite a bit of information on quite a few supernatural species over the seasons although it was given gradually it was still pretty effective to me at least.
Werewolves: The main supernatural creature of the show is of course werewolves and before I started watching the show I thought that werewolf mythology was simple and boring. I originally thought that the only thing there is to know about werewolves is that they turn into a wolf on the night of the full moon, have heighten senses and maybe something involving packs. This show turned out to expand quite a bit on the werewolf myth while the moon makes a werewolf want to shift it's not usually into a full wolf(which seems to be difficult ability that few have mastered although not a lot has been said about it so far) it's this partial thing where the werewolf face grows hair and there eyes glow a certain color(more on that later) and their nails become claws but after a werewolf learns control they can stay in normal human form even during a full moon. Also werewolves don't only shift on full moons in this series but whenever their heart rate raises which makes the whole being a werewolf thing more interesting and useful(or rather a bigger problem) than I originally thought it was going to be.
In this series an important part of the werewolf mythology have to do with pack structure which means that werewolves are divided into three groups alphas, betas and omegas. The alphas as I'm sure pretty much everyone already knows are the leader of their packs, an alpha's eyes would turn the color red when they shift, their the strongest type of werewolf because they gather the strength of the rest of their pack and to become an alpha one usually has to kill the last alpha to steal their power but this isn't always the case. Alphas are also the only kind of werewolf who's bite can make a new werewolf. It should be mentioned that the bite of a werewolf either kills you or turns you so it's pretty much fifty percent chance you won't survive the bite. Betas are werewolves that are part of packs and omegas are the ones that aren't and are known to be the weakest type. Betas and omegas either have gold or blue eyes those with blue eyes have killed someone while those with gold eyes haven't.
In this series werewolves can have wolfs bane and mountain ash used against them. Wolf's bane is poisonous to werewolves and if it gets into their bloodstream it will kill them but if werewolves inhale or drink it they will only experience hallucinations. Also worth mentioning that it seems like no matter what species you are if you drink wolf's bane you will hallucinate but only werewolves will hallucinate if they just inhale it, I don't know why that it is. Mountain ash at this point has mostly been shown to be used as a barrier to keep werewolves out of or trapped in a certain area.
The abilities that werewolves in this series seems to have are the ability to shift, increased strength, heightened senses, increased speed, extremely increased healing abilities, can take other living beings pain away from them and although not mentioned very often can apparently sense emotions. It should be mentioned that if a werewolf feels that they don't deserve to heal or something that this may cause their healing abilities to stop working.
Hunters: Through out YA paranormal series there are quite a few examples of people who fight against the supernatural and I have to say that there are a lot of different versions of what that means through out the genre. I also noticed that it differ from series to series whether or not the hunter was a type of supernatural or not.  In this series hunters aren't a supernatural species themselves but they have a long history and set of traditions that they follow. There are apparently a whole network of hunter families in the Teen Wolf universe but the only one really see is Alison's family the Argents whose last name means sliver in France and they seem to be primarily known for hunting werewolves but have hunted all different sorts of supernatural creatures. The Argents have a code that they only hunt those who hunt us, but the only person that seems to really follow that code is Alison's dad so it's not all that effective. Another code that it's implied that all hunters have is that if they get bit by an alpha that they will kill themselves rather turn into a werewolf. Hunters in this world seem to use all kinds of weapons whether it be guns, crossbows, knives or tasers everything seems to be used during hunting. Also apparently women are the leaders of hunting families which is why Alison was able to change her family code at the ending of 3A.
Kanima: The kanima is something that I'm pretty sure I've never encountered in any other series that I read especially since it's the word that took me the longest to learn how to spell and my first reaction to it when I saw it was what the hell is that. The kanima turns out to be this wer-lizard that can paralyze people with it's venom and is pretty much impossible to kill seriously it has got shot in the head several times through out the season and just got right back up. The kanima's is a weapon vengeance and is basically a werewolf gone wrong brilliantly the reason they basically said that a person would become a kanima is because their an asshole and this shape reflects who they really are inside although later on they might've changed the reason to identity issues.
Druids: Sadly we haven't gotten a lot of details on what a druid is because all the druids on this show so far have been pretty mysterious therefore we don't know a whole lot about their abilities. What I do know is that druids have magic but it seems to be a pretty limited form of magic so that their magic can't be used as just an easy way to destroy all their enemies in the series. The abilities that the druids seem to have is mostly based on their knowledge of how to use certain herbs to combat the supernatural as well as having a unique effect on them do their abilities as well as a few ceremony type things it seems. Druids also are known to be advisors for the alpha's in werewolf packs and they offer advice on how to proceed in a certain situation and their primary goal seems to be to maintain a certain status quo in the supernatural world.
There is also a dark druid in this series known as a darach who seems to have a lot more magical power mainly due to using blood sacrifice to gain these powers. The type of sacrifice that is used to get this powers is human sacrifice and the darach draws power from virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers and guardians.
Banshees: Another group of supernatural species I don't see often and before this series I kind of thought that a banshee was either dead or a type of fairy neither of these things seem to be true in this series. Banshees are mainly known for screaming when death is near and that part is true in this series but it seems to be a bit more complicated than that with it being sometimes the scream comes as the person is dying and sometimes it happens before and that means that they death is actually able to be prevented and sometimes the scream seems to be for something that isn't death is sort of close and finally it can be used to lure someone back since banshee screams are extremely loud to werewolves like they can hear it from across down and still feel the need to plug their ears. Also it seems that banshees are haven't lured to places by their abilities to find dead bodies or clues that will lead them to a dead person for reasons that the banshee could not explain. Banshees other main part of their ablility seems to be their hearing ability which leads them to able to hear things by coming in contact with certain objects and the accuracy of what they hear seems go up with the closer  the connection they have to the person and it seems that it has to be related to death or near death experiences to work. While it hasn't be touched on clearly it seems that banshees can hear and sometimes even see the dead in some way but since the only banshee we know doesn't really understand her abilities or know how to control them it's a bit unclear of what all of them are since banshees seem to be pretty rare in this world seeing that it took everyone so long to figure out that she is one.
Kitsunes: A kitsune is a benevolent fox spirit who is still a trickster and they seems to occur naturally in this world through family lines. Kitsunes come in seven different types and therefore each type has different abilities. The one that we really learn about kitsunes from is a thunder kitsunes and was able to suck up a bunch of electricity and have a sort of lightening power that can repair a sword. It seems that being a kitsune gives the ability to be good at using a sword as well as having healing abilities that allow them to live an incredible long time and I think increased agility. Kitsunes also have tails and the older the kitsune the more tails they have they can have up to nine tails and by breaking the tails the kitsune can summon oni(demons)to do their bidding which in this series was to find and destroy the nogitsune.
Nogitsunes: A nogitsune is a malicious fox trickster spirit that unlike a kitsune doesn't occur naturally but rather is a spirit that needs to possess a human host in order to be able to survive. The nogitsune feeds off of chaos, pain and strife therefore it will be causing a lot of those things once it takes over it's host completely and while uses those tactics to take over their host as well. The nogitsune seems to be associated with flies for some reason and can also use those to manipulate or even take control over people who it is not possessing at the time. The nogitsune often plays tricks and will use things such as what the relationship it's host body had before it took over it with the people around it and use that in order to get it to protect him or give him either chaos, pain or strife in some way. The nogitsune is for most of the season the only thing that can destroy the oni but still seems to be afraid of them probably because they are getting stronger. The nogitsune seems to be something that can't be fully destroyed even after it leaves it host but rather it has to be trapped.
3. Friendship: One of the things that I find paranormal YA does the worst is friendships especially friendships that existed prior to the beginning of the series this is largely due to two major things. 1. Most paranormal YA series are romance centric which leads to everyone but the main character and the love interest falling out of focus or 2. Said friend isn't supernatural therefore never finds out about the supernatural stuff which causes distance in the friendship and for said best friend to be easily forgettable due to having no importance to the plot and rarely being around or even mentioned by the main character. Teen Wolf on the other hand doesn't do this at all even though there is romance it's not to the point that it takes over the whole series and Stiles found out that Scott was a werewolf before he did and he's been helping with werewolf problems ever since. The friendships are one of my favorite parts of this show because friendships are an aspect that is so often ignored in all teen series so it's nice to see a show that values it.
Scott and Stiles: The friendship between Scott and Stiles is probably the biggest reason I decided to watch the second episode of this show because I just loved every scene they had together and I still love pretty much all their scenes. These two have one of those friendships in which they have been best friends forever and I've always found it believable that they have been which something that I can't say for a lot of other series that try to sell life long friendships. I really love that from the first episode it has always been Scott and Stiles working together to figure stuff out and while this does tend to lead to whole lot of the blind leading the blind type of situations it strangely seems to work for them.
I really love the constant use of we between them because it shows that to an extent that something doesn't just effect Scott or just effect Stiles it effects both of them in a way since they are so close to each other. I like that after Scott had went through his first full moon as a werewolf that Stiles told him "We'll get through this." like it was the most natural thing in the world there was never any question about it because Scott being a werewolf didn't really change the way that Stiles thought of him. I love that Scott and Stiles are almost always together and that it's often assumed by multiple characters  through out the series that if one of them is around the other is close by. I liked that they seem to think that as long as they're working together that they'll be able to solve all their problems even though neither of them are really equipped to handle the things that they have to do and often times have no clue to what the answers to their problems are but working together and being beside each other gives them a certain level of comfort.
I really love how the idea of them hurting each other seems utterly incomprehensible  to them even when the they know the other could be in a state in which they are not really themselves therefore there's a good chance they would do things they would never do otherwise. I love that they just truly believe that the other would never hurt them and that when circumstances make one lash out the other in some way they just seem completely shocked by it. I'm sorry for being so vague with this part but it would be a really long explanation that would be filled with spoilers which I'm trying not to have too much of in this post.
Another thing I love about this wonderful friendship is that they can't imagine their lives without one another and I loved that when Scott was driven to suicide by supernatural forces that Stiles was the one that talked him down from it by telling him that he was going to do this that he would have to take him with him, it was a very moving moment and the fact that Scott was snapped out of it by the power of friendship rather than the power of romantic love just shows how this shows recognizes the importance of friendship. I also love that for most of the second half a season 3 was Scott doing everything he could to find away to save Stiles and I kind of loved his line in the final "The plan is to save you that's the only plan I'm going with." I really love their friendship which is delightfully entertaining, has a lot of depth to it and has also made me cry on multiple occasions, I know I probably said too much about them for a post like this but I love their friendship so much I just couldn't help myself.
Alison and Lydia: The friendship between Alison and Lydia is quite a bit different from that of Scott and Stiles since it is one that's a lot newer with it having only started in the first episode of the series and there's a bit more conflict within the friendship since they obviously haven't known each other as long but it is still a great friendship. One of the reasons I think this friendship is important is because there's nowhere near enough strong female friendships in paranormal YA and I know that this is something that most fans of the genre wish there was more of and this friendship is a good example of how friendships can be done in this genre. Another reason I love this friendship as much as I do is because I believe that this friendship does have quite a bit to do with both characters development with how Alison lets Lydia know that she doesn't have to hide her intelligence get people to like her and how Lydia shows Alison that being girly doesn't mean your weak, I just enjoy that these two help each other at least start to overcome some of there deepest insecurities simply by being friends.
I like that there are plenty of scenes of the two of them confiding in each other and that there are times when they work together to figure things out as well. I love that the team of them are very clearly protective of each other although in different ways considering that they have very different skill sets. I just really love the amount of love that this two girls have for each other and I love that their friendship didn't fall apart like I thought it was doomed to in season 1 but stayed strong until the end.
There will be probably at least two more parts to this recommendation but since this post is something I've been working on for like a year now and it's already pretty long I have decided that it would be best if I posted it in parts so that I could finally give you guys this post I've been promising you for so long. I have several more reasons to watch this show already listed but if you guys think of anymore things you want me to talk about regarding YA and Teen Wolf I'm very open to suggestions on what else to write about, please leave me a comment on your thoughts on the post whether or not you're a fan of the show, just interested in it or haven't  even heard of it before reading this.

TV Review: Reign: Liege Lord(1.17)

                                                    Reign: Liege Lord(1.17)Review
  • I liked how this episode opened with Kenna and Bash both telling each other why they were disappointed with being married to each other. With Kenna saying how Henry promised her someone titled, noble and wealthy and Bash really finds it awkward that Kenna is notorious for sleeping with his father.
  • I liked how both Bash and Kenna agreed to try and keep their distance from Mary and Henry due to their history with each other and that they might not love each other but they should at least find a way to like each other.
  • I liked how Mary and Francis discussed how Henry being mad his going largely unnoticed by the court and how Catherine is secretly running France behind Henry's back and that Penelope is a really good distraction for Henry and therefore a blessing in disguise.
  • I liked hearing that Lola had been courted rather nicely by Julian since last episode and I liked how direct she was with him about what she wanted and that was the same and liked that about her.
  • I was worried about Lola when Julian confessed that he never wanted children but I did like when he proposed to Lola.
  • I liked that it was explained that Catherine has an elite set of ladies in waiting who sleep with noblemen in order to find out political secrets and I liked that this one refused to sleep with a mad king and asked Mary for help getting out of the country and revealed to Mary a secret about her wedding contract.
  • I thought that it was pretty horrible and scary for Mary that the contract said that France got Scotland if she died before having an heir, also I liked that Mary was more concerned about Scotland than her own life and Francis first concern was that they could have Mary killed in order to get Scotland.
  • I liked how Mary went to Kenna to find prove of the document in Henry's chambers and I liked that although Kenna was frightened and didn't want to break her promise to Bash she went to Henry's chambers in order to save Scotland.
  • I was really rather frightened for Kenna when Henry walked in when she was in his chamber and I could tell she was scared too.
  • I found it sad that Mary's own mother betrayed her and Scotland for some money. I also liked how Mary came up with the plan to get word back to the Scottish people because it would cause unrest and it would mean that the contract would have to be burned in order to prevent a war.
  • I liked how Mary invited every Scot within a 100 miles so that Catherine couldn't figure out her real reason for throwing such a party.
  • I found it disgusting how Henry bragged to Bash that he was with Kenna earlier that day.
  • I loved how Mary gave the speech to the nobleman and his men about her marriage contract and what it means for Scotland and how she will die before she lets anyone take Scotland from her and then they all bowed down to her.
  • I liked how overwhelmed Mary was at being bowed down to and being seen as a real queen and I liked how impressed by her Francis was as well.
  • I'm glad that Bash learned that Kenna only went to Henry for Mary and protect her country and he felt like a fool for being upset with her.
  • I liked that Lola told Julian about her being pregnant and I liked that Julian agreed to marry her anyways because she still the girl he started to fall for.
  • I was upset and a little surprised that Catherine had all the Scotsmen killed after she figured out that Mary knew of the contract. I liked that Mary was so angry at Catherine for what she did and that she slapped her.
  • I liked how Catherine made a speech about how many men will lay down their lives for the queen and how it never stops so eventually you just have to stop caring so much about them because it's part of the job.
  • I liked that Francis comforted Mary about her loss of the Scotsmen.
  • I liked how Bash was able to save Kenna from Henry and I liked that he had went looking for her because he was worried about her and that felt that it's his place to protect her because she's his wife.
  • I loved how Mary got Catherine to burn the marriage contract by threatening to tell several nobles that the Kings mad and that would result in a civil war which Catherine wasn't willing to risk happening.
  • I liked how Mary told Francis that she would always choose Scotland over France no matter the consequences and I liked that Francis seems both frightened and impressed by this.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.