Saturday, April 28, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle: Crystal(1.19)

                                              Secret Circle: Crystal(1.19)Review
  • I really liked all the scenes between Grant and Diana but I'm sad that they weren't really able to have their date.
  • I liked Melissa's grandma had a ton of crystals at her house.
  • I really liked that Jake's grandfather had a conspiracy wall and that he was the only one who really hid his crystal well.
  • I like that when the crystals are put together that they turn into a crystal skull because they had a crystal skull in the books.
  • I liked the misdirection that Faye might be Blackwell's other child.
  • I liked Melissa and Adam working together in this episode.
  • I hated Callum in this episode but I'm glad that he was marked by the end of the episode.
  • I liked that Charles and Jane worked together to try to kill Blackwell. I liked that Jane couldn't do it because Blackwell didn't kill Amelia but I liked that Charles was still willing to do it.
  • I was glad that Blackwell didn't die but I was sad that Jane did.
  • I shocked to learn that Diana was Blackwell's other child but this does give another reason why Charles hates him so much.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: The Island of Merrow(1.03)

                           Hakushaku To Yousei: The Island of Merrow(1.03)Review
In this episode Lydia and Edgar head to the island of Merrow were Lydia is to contact some fairies in order to find the blue knight's sword. In this episode a little more of Raven's backstory is revealed with how he was before he met Edgar. I also like that it's revealed that the reason Edgar wants the sword is so he can get away from the people who are chasing him once and for all.

In this episode there were also many moments between Lydia and Edgar, I really liked the way that Edgar would he doesn't believe in fairies in his reality but he does believe that Lydia can see them which is something that makes Lydia a lest a little bit happy. I like the moments when Edgar shamelessly flirts with her as well. I loved that after they were attacked again by the same group as they were last episode and Lydia and Edgar had gotten away but then ran into Lydia's father, I loved that Edgar decides to just ask for Lydia's hand in marriage all out of the blue.

I'm so far really enjoyed this series and I really liked this episode. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fangirl Friday 5

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Cabin in the Woods: I saw Cabin in the Woods this week and it was one of the weirdest films I've ever seen but it's also probably my favorite horror movie I've seen. I overall really liked the film but I don't feel like I should say much about it since I don't want to give away too much about it.

2. Vampire Diaries: I really loved this weeks episode with the 20s dance in which most of the cast dressed in clothes in the style of that era. I also was really emotionally effected by this episode and I felt like a lot happened. I also enjoyed all the sweet Stefan and Elena moments we got.

3. Revenge: This was another exciting episode and I felt a lot happened. I really just enjoy this series and I feel like there's always a good amount of entertainment value and then ever now and then they throw in a  good twist which they did in this episode.
4. The Darkest Powers series: I've finally started reading the second book of this series and I love that the pace at the beginning of this book was still pretty fast like it had been at the end of the first book. I also love that it seems like some questions I had at the end of book one are starting to be answered.
5. Fruits Basket:I've finished my reread of Fruits Basket this week and I still love the ending of the series more then any other series. I also loved seeing the last few couples get together including my favorite couple of all time. I really loved seeing all the characters grow up so much over the course of the series which is one of the reasons why it's my favorite series.

TV Review: Revenge:Justice(1.18)

                                                   Revenge: Justice(1.18)Review
  • I found it interesting that this episode jump right to Daniel's trial but I thought it was a good choice since this was another exciting episode.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan were both so concerned about making sure that Jack wouldn't be hurt by the Graysons.
  • I liked what we saw with the relationship between Victoria and the artist guy but I think it's in his own best interest that keeps far away from Victoria.
  • I hated that Victoria better much suggested that Charlotte should try to convince Declan to change his story by seducing him.
  • I liked that Nolan told Declan that he should lie to protect Jack because he knows the Graysons would stop at nothing to destroy him if they had the chance.
  • I liked that Declan choose to protect Jack rather than try to mend his relationship with Charlotte.
  • I hated that Victoria hired Lee to threaten a jury member by threatening her trial.
  • I loved that Emily ended up framing Lee for Tyler's murder there by making sure that both Daniel and Jack wouldn't be going to jail.
  • I felt bad for Daniel through out the episode because he sees his life falling part with how sure he is that the jury will convict him and how he thinks he's loosing Emily. I was so glad that he was cleared of the murder charges by the end of the episode.
  • I was somewhat surprised that the Graysons had David Clark killed but I feel like both the audience and Emily should have seen this coming.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Movie Review: The Cabin in the Woods

                                                The Cabin in the Woods Review
Cabin in the Woods is about a group of college students who go away to party at cabin in the woods for the weekend but then they are all killed off one by one. Although this plot line sounds just like a lot of other slasher films it's not for several reasons first off you actually care about the characters, my favorites were Marty and Dana. The second reason is because the movie explains why characters in horror movies make such dumb choices.

Spoilers will appear for next couple paragraphs. I really liked seeing everything that happened to the college students was engineered by this weird underground facility that was full of people who made sure that at least five of them will die and how they were all okay with the roles they played in their deaths.I found the workers to be pretty enjoyable to watch even though they were clearly fine with doing immoral things. I found it both interesting and sick that in a way the young people would choose which way they would die.

I like the whole idea of each group that is sent out is divide into six roles and that the workers insure that they'll fight their stereotypes. The characters and their categories are the whore: Julie who we actually doesn't seem like a whore because the only guy she ever got close to having sex with was her boyfriend. Then there's the athlete: Curt and the Scholar: Holden. Then there's the fool: Marty who ironically was the only one that wasn't completely fooled about what was happening to them and he actually was able to survive despite the workers plan and for a quite a while without their knowledge. Then last there is the virgin: Dana who isn't actually a virgin but they work with what their given.

I loved that Dana and Marty were able to find out what was going on in the end and although I found the ending really quite odd and I didn't completely understand it was still satisfying that there were at least some answers given. I also loved that all the monsters were released on the workers because it felt like karma for them all to die horribly, I was also shocked at how much blood there was towards the end but I loved that they were willing to make it so gory.

No more spoilers. I overall really enjoyed the film and I liked that it's different from everything else I have seen so far. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries:Do Not Go Gentle(3.20)

                                        Vampire Diaries:Do Not Go Gentle(3.20)Review
  • I hated the way Ester used Rebekah's desire for doing normal high school things to lure Klaus into a trap and I hated that she daggered Rebekah again. I also hated that Rebekah still hasn't been able to go to a high school dance even though she's over a thousand years old.
  • I love that Caroline supports Stefan and Elena because it just gives me another reason to ship them.
  • I like that Matt and Jeremy rekindled their friendship in this episode.
  • I liked that Damon actually figured out that Alaric wasn't himself but sadly that didn't really do anyone any good.
  • I don't like that the white oak stake can't be destroyed anymore.
  • I love all the Stefan and Elena scenes in this episode they are just so sweet and cute together. I want them to get back together really soon.
  • I liked the Caroline and Tyler scenes as well they are also very sweet together.
  • I hated that Ester ended up turning Alaric into a special type of vampire in order to use him as a weapon. But I loved that Elena told Ester that what she was doing now is just as evil as creating vampires because she's totally right about this.
  • I kind of liked that most of our main characters were trapped on the school grounds for most of the episode because for some reason I just love it when a bunch of different characters are stuck somewhere together.
  • I loved that when Klaus was talking about Stefan about how they were like brothers in the 20s that Damon comes up and mentions that Stefan already has a brother.
  • I really liked it when Matt and Jeremy showed up at the tomb place with weapons and aimed them at Ester.
  • I loved that when Alaric woke up and was in transition that he was himself and that he killed Ester there by saving Matt and Jeremy.
  • I really liked all the scenes with people saying their goodbyes to Alaric they were very moving and it made me feel really sad about his death.
  • I loved the scene were Stefan tells Elena that it's okay to let herself feel and break down because it was a really sweet scene and it reminded me of a few scenes between my otp of all time, so basically I'm shipping Stefan and Elena more than ever.
  • I really liked Bonnie's relationship with Jaimie in this episode because she doesn't usually have anyone and he was just there for her. I also like how she keeps helping even though she doesn't really want to.
  • I love that Klaus undaggered Rebekah and I hope she's in the next episode.
  • I hated that Ester made Bonnie insure that Alaric completed his transition because while I loved Alaric regular Alaric is now dead and only evil Alaric remains which just feels more painful than just having him die for good.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Book Review: The Lost Gate

                                                             The Lost Gate Review
The Lost Gate is by Orson Scott Card who is most famous for writing Ender's Game. The Lost Gate is set in a world in which there are mages who live on earth now but are originally from a world known as Westil but they can no longer go there because there are no more gates. There are several families of mages around the world and they hold an uneasy truce with each other part of this truce is the agreement that if a gatemage was born they would kill the gatemage. The main character of the book is a boy named Danny who discovers when he's about eight years old that he is a gatemage and he is able to mostly hide this from his family until he is thirteen. After the family discovers that he's a gatemage he runs away.

Through out the book we follow Danny's journey were he tries to stay alive, learn how his gatemagery works as well as just grow up.The book is divided into several periods of time it starts with the parts were Danny is still living on the family compound then goes to the part were he starts off on his own and meets up with this guy Eric and then they burglarize a few houses. The next period would be when Danny starts living with the Slivermans and the final one is the one after the three year time skip.

Also through out the book there's a subplot of about a gatemage who lives in Westil. I find the parts that are set in Westil to be less entertaining and it's hard to tell for most of the book why this plot has anything to due with the main storyline but it does make sense by the end of the book.

I overall liked the book it had an interesting plot and mythology. I also liked most of the major characters in this book. I'm pretty sure this book is going to have a sequel and I'm planning on reading it. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Top 10 Book Characters

1. Charlie(Perks of Being a Wallflower): He just has this way of thinking that comes off as sweet, innocent and yet wise. I just love that he truly wants everyone to be happy and that he doesn't like to place blame on someone when something bad happens. I also like that he also struggles with some form of depression at times because it gives him more depth and the thoughts that come out when he's in this condition are some of my favorites. I also like that he's a bit of an outcast and that he has a tendency to over think things. I love Charlie mainly for the way he thinks which is why he's also my favorite narrator.
2. Percy Jackson(The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series): I love Percy for basically having all of the qualities of a good hero, being brave, his family and friends safety are the most important thing to him and he's generally a nice person. I also like that while he has the qualities of the hero he also very much a teenager as well with how he makes mistakes and doesn't always think things through. I also love that he has this sarcastic sense of humor that really comes across while reading his thoughts through the narration.
3. Nico Di Angelo(The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series): Nico is pretty much tied with Percy but Percy got ranked higher because he's the main character. I've loved Nico since I first met him in The Titan's Curse as an adorable boy who is obsessed with this card game but is personality changes quite a bit in through out the series. I loved him in the The Battle of the Labyrinth when he was trying to bring his sister back from the dead and hanging out with this ghost guy. I loved him of course in the final book as well and I like that in the last two books that Percy mentions that even though Nico is younger than him he kind of scares him probably due to him being the son of Hades.
4. Laura Wingfield(The Glass Menagerie): I love Laura for being one of the few fictional characters that I can actually say that I relate to. I love her for being this painfully shy girl that rather play with her menagerie and create her own imaginary world than face the really one.
5. Luna Lovegood(The Harry Potter series): I love her for being delightfully crazy and I just get really excited anytime she shows up. I also like that she's a Ravenclaw.
6. Alice(Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass): I love Alice because she sees the world differently the most people and I love the way she takes everything that happens in Wonderland like well it's a little bit odd but I guess that's just how things are here.
7. Tony(Impulse): I love him because he had quite a bit of depth and I loved the way he narrated things. I also like that he thought things could get better and I like that he seemed to be very friendly.
8. Connor(Impulse): I loved the way he narrated and I thought his story was interesting. I also liked that it kind of seemed like there was not really any hope for him that things would get better once he goes home. I don't really know how to explain why I love him at the moment.
9. Ginger(Tricks): I love Ginger because she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and I love that she knows were to draw the line. I also like how she loves and takes care of her younger siblings and I love that even though she's had a hard life she doesn't turn to drugs or alcohol for comfort.
10. Faye Chamberlin(The Secret Circle series): I love her being the most entertaining kind of bitch there is and I also love that she's a witch on top of it. I love the way it's described that she looks and how she has this rebellious nature. I also love the way she's introduced by reading a poem and than lighting it on fire in the middle of class. I love her in both the books and the TV show although she's quite different in the show.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

TV Review: Grimm:Plumed Serpent(1.14)

                                            Grimm:Plumed Serpent(1.14)Review
  • In this episode a Demon Fear which is a fire breathing creature burns up several people while stealing copper from an abandon warehouse.
  • The daughter of the Demon Fear Aerial I found to be a really interesting character with her being a fire dancer, her flirty nature and how she's pretty much psychotic.
  • I was really worried about Juliet when she was kidnapped and I'm so glad that she was rescued by the end of the episode.
  • I really liked Nick and Monroe working together to rescue Juliet, I especially liked how Monroe mentions that the Demon Fear who are basically dragons kidnapped Nick's princess, I just loved the mention of the classic fairytale story.
  • I loved when Monroe mentioned when the train cart was invented for no other reason other than he thought it was something Nick should know.
  • I loved Monroe mentioning how bad of an idea it is for them to go after the Demon Fear with no plan at all.
  • I also loved that Monroe was kind of upset that Nick never introduced him to Juliet before and I liked that he introduced himself to Juliet before he unbounded her hands.
  • I loved when Juliet punched Aerial when Aerial told her to scream.
  • I realized that I must really like Nick and Juliet as a couple because I got really sad when I thought they might break up.
  • I was surprised that Aerial was still alive at the end of the episode and I kind of would like for her to come back at some point.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Grimm:Three Coins in a Fuchsbau(1.13)

                                   Grimm:Three Coins in a Fuchsbau(1.13)Review
  • In this episode a group of three Schakale work together to steal rare coins that have a strong influence over anyone who touches them and later two of them kill each other after a Steinadler arrives.
  • I found it very interesting and scary how the coins effected those who touched it whether it caused them to be paranoid, possessive, aggressive or have delusions of grandeur, it was especially frightening how fast a person could change after touching them.
  • I loved Monroe being a bit of film geek when he saw the old fashion cameras.
  • I found it really interesting the Farrel the Steinadler not only knew Nick's aunt but that he was actually engaged to her and I also found it interesting that he was possibly involved in Nick's parents deaths along with Solo the Schakale. I really liked these connections to Nick's past.
  • I also liked that in the second part of the episode that Nick and Hank has to work together in order to get the coins back from the captain.
  • I found it interesting that the old film footage showed that Hitler possessed the coins and was a fairytale creature.
  • This was probably my favorite episode so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: My Fairy(1.02)

                                 Hakushaku To Yousei: My Fairy(1.02)Review
In this episode Lydia decides that she will help Edgar locate the marrow sword after he shows her proof that he can read the fairy language. Soon after Lydia agrees to work for Edgar some police men come abored the ship looking for a criminal who is suspect of mass murder and thievery which leads to Lydia being suspicious of Edgar once again. Before Lydia has much time to dwell on Edgar's possible criminal past after they left the ship and travelled by train while waiting for a carriage they are attacked by some people from Edgar's past who clearly wish him harm.

In this episode we also learn about Edgar's servant Raven who has Fae blood and is completely devote to Edgar because he accepts him despite his blood. Raven also seems to be a really good fighter with how fastly he's able to take down so many men, I find his character to be quite interesting. In this episode we also learn more about Edgar's past like how his family is dead and he gave away his title long ago but then had to work as a slave and he now feels that finding the marrow sword is his only hope.

I also liked how the relationship is developing between Lydia and Edgar with how Lydia didn't leave him when she had the chance to and how Edgar told her of his past and protected her at expense to himself, also he continued to flirt with her through out. I'm overall enjoying the series. Please tell me your thoughts about the series.

Anime Review: Hakushaku To Yousei: He's a Refined Villain(1.01)

                              Hakushaku To Yousei: He's a Refined Villain(1.01)Review
Hakushaku To Yousei also known as Earl&Fairy is about a girl named Lydia who is a fairy doctor(which means she can see and hear fairies  but other people can't) and on the way to going to meet her father in London she is convinced to help a man to escape from the crew of the ship. Soon after they escape Lydia learns that she is on a different ship and that the man that she helped escape is Earl Edgar Ashenbert who is a descendant of the Earl of the Blue Knights who is said to own land in both the England and the fairy world. Lydia soon learns Edgar made sure to take her with him for her to find the sword of marrow which would allow him to go to the fairy land  but  he can't find since he isn't able to see fairies so he needs Lydia to do it for him.

I like the character Lydia so far because she seems cheerful for the most part and I love that she seems to always try to convince other people that fairies are real even though she knows they can never see them and therefore she can never prove they're real. I also like Edgar but I think that Lydia is right to be weary of him since at the beginning of the episode we see him kill a man after he forces information out of him but I feel like this makes his character more interesting since for most of this episode he was doing his best to charm Lydia but he can just as easily be threatening.

I also find it interesting that it's set in 19th century England.So far I love this series and I really look forward to continuing it. Please tell me your thoughts about the series.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Manga Review: Clover V.1

                                                            Clover V.1 Review

Clover is a manga by Clamp the art is lovely as always but it's different from their usual style with how there's a lot of blank space and the mood just feels different. The story is about a man named Kazuhiko who is given the task to take a girl named Su to the place she wants to go. Su is a young girl who has lived alone for almost all of her life in a greenhouse that is owned by some branch of the miltary because she is a four leaf clover, it's not really explained in this volume what that means. Since Su is a four leaf clover lots of people want to take her so she needs Kazuhiko to protect her from them on their journey.

The story and the characters are very interesting but they're not fully explained and there's a lot of hints to things that have happened in the past so it can seem a bit confusing at times. The world in which the story is set is futuristic and there seems to be a lot of talk about the underground which is all very interesting but also mysterious. I liked that there were hints at past realtionships between the characters and lots of mysterys so far. Overall I really enjoy the series and I think this volume is a good start to the series. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fangirl Friday 4

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Revenge: Revenge returned this week after a ridiculously long hiatus and I found this week's episode to be one of my favorites so far. I felt that a lot was going on in this episode and I felt that pretty much all of the characters had something to do this week.

2. Vampire Diaries: Vampire Diaries returned from hiatus this week. I found that I liked this episode much more than I expected to and I liked seeing that Jeremy, Kol and Tyler were back in this episode. I liked most of the plots in this weeks episode and I'm really excited about next week's episode.

3. Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23: I watched the first two episodes of this show and I find it to be really funny and I like the characters(even though not all of them are particularly likable) and the plots so far even though the ones in the second one were a little weird, it was weird in a good way.

4. Fruits Basket: I continued rereading Fruits Basket this week and got through volumes 12-19. I found the series to be just as enjoyable as the first time around and I liked that in these volumes there were more backstories and romantic relationship developments. I also loved rereading the student council storylines.

5. Sherlock: I started watching the BBC Sherlock series this week and so far I'm enjoying it the plots and characters are interesting. I also love how smart Sherlock is because I just love intelligent characters.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TV Review: Revenge: Doubt(1.17)

                                                       Revenge: Doubt(1.17)Review    
  • I liked seeing that Emily was still willing to take her revenge on the Graysons  even while she was working with them in order to free Daniel from prison.
  • I liked the part were Emily visited Daniel in prison they were really sweet together.
  • I hate that Victoria is willing to have Daniel assaulted in order to get him back home but I wasn't surprised by this course of action and I'm glad that Daniel is now under house arrest.
  • I liked that Emily had Nolan convince Mason Treadwell to write reports about Daniel's trial.
  • I really liked that Mason in this episode because we saw him doing really journalism and because he's decided that he'd rather tell what he believes the truth in than help the Graysons frame another Innocent man.
  • I liked that Nolan tried to convince Jack to forget about Amanda again but in helped out after Emily tells him that it would be a safer course of action for Jack if he left town.
  • I loved that Declan decided to protect Jack by telling Mason about how Charlotte was on pain killers and drinking on the night of the party, while I feel bad for Charlotte I think in the long run it might help her out if people now that she has a problem.
  • I liked the artist guy that Victoria is currently having an affair with but I agree with Conrad that now is not the time to be doing such things.
  • I loved that Daniel would rather confess to crime he didn't commit and go to prison than to turn on Emily.
  • I really liked that Emily disguised herself and seduced the thug for information about the Grayson's as she recorded it and I loved how she beat the crap out of him afterwards because of how he's harmed Jack and Daniel.                                           
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Heart of Darkness(3.19)

                                         Vampire Diaries: Heart of Darkness(3.19)Review
  • I liked that Alaric was locked in the Salvatore dungeon because I like that is the place were they keep people locked up when they go on random killing sprees.
  • I like that Jeremy is back on the show and that he's returning to Mystic Falls.
  • I liked that Kol was pretending to be Jeremy's friend while he was in Denver because I just assumed that they were randomly friends.
  • I loved that Kol was in this episode and I liked that he's pissed off at Damon because he has every right to be and it would be weird if he wasn't.
  • It was nice to see Rose again but I was kind of sad she couldn't tell us from which blood line she came from.
  • I loved Damon's line about how when people see good they expect it and how he doesn't want to live up to anyones expectations, I think this line says a lot about his character and gives me yet another reason why I can never ship Damon and Elena because no one expects Damon to live up to expectations more than Elena.
  • I hated that Elena kissed Damon and played with his feelings and that even by the end of the episode she still wasn't sure if she has any for him, I think if it's taking her this long to figure them out their not very strong and there not love.
  • I loved that Damon was mad at Elena for playing with his feelings and that by the end of the episode he was still mad at her.
  • I loved the storyline with Alaric and Stefan with how they talked about how their dark alter egos weren't some foregin evil being but the darkest part of themselves, I thought that was a pretty interesting concept and it gave good insight to both of their characters.
  • I like the scenes were Klaus stop by the Salvatore mansion because I just seem to like scenes between Klaus and Stefan.
  • I love the scene were Caroline and Rebekah were fighting about which decade the next decade dance should be(I'm so glad that it's going to be the 20's) and how they used Matt as a buffer.
  • I liked that Caroline and Matt planned the fight about decade dances in order to insure that Rebekah wouldn't find out about Caroline going to see Tyler.
  • I really liked the scenes between Caroline and Tyler they were really sweet and I'm glad that Caroline told him about what will happen if Klaus dies.
  • I liked the scene were Matt drives Rebekah home it totally made me ship them again.
  • I felt so bad for Rebekah when she says that even though she's been alive for a thousand years she hasn't lived at all.
  • I hate that Ester possessed Rebekah and I hope that Rebekah gets her body back soon.
  • I'm very worried about the alliance evil Alaric and Ester made at the end of the episode in order to kill off all vampires.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep(1.12)

                                          Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep(1.12)Review
  • I liked how in this version Belle is an actual princess and Rumpelstiltskin is the beast.
  • I loved that Belle was the one who decided that she would go with Rumpelstiltskin and that she was doing it in order to assure the safety of her friends and family.
  • I loved the relationship that ended up developing between Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, I especially like that they opened up to each other a bit.
  • I was sad when Rumpelstiltskin rejected Belle because he couldn't believe that anyone could ever love him but I loved that Belle called him out on that and told him that he'll always regret letting her go.
  • I was very sad to learn Belle's faith and I hope that the Evil Queen is actually lying about what happened to her.
  • I like seeing Mr.Gold be able to control Regina by just saying the word please.
  • I liked seeing that the thing Mr.Gold cared most about was the chip tea cup that from the fairytale world and I liked how the story of Rumpelstiltskin's relationship with Belle tied in with his storyline in this episode.
  • I liked seeing Mary Margaret and David whispering to each other in the diner but I don't think their relationship can really work until David leaves Katherine.
  • I liked seeing Ashley again and I liked that her and Shawn got engaged this episode.
  • I'm curious about the version of Belle that's in the Storybrooke mental hospital and I hope that this means we'll see more of her.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time:Fruit of the Poisonous Tree(1.11)

                                Once Upon a Time:Fruit of the Poisonous Tree(1.11)Review
  • I hated that Regina had the old playground thrown down.
  • I liked seeing Emma and Sydney work together as allies but I hated that by the end of the episode it was clear that he was on Regina's side.
  • I liked seeing Mary Margaret and David being together.
  • I hated that Regina was able to keep Emma from seeing Henry and I found the scene were Emma tells Henry this over the radio to be sad.
  • I'm curious about the writer guy especially now that he's the one who has Henry's book.
  • I liked learning about the Genie who was freed by Snow White's father and then fell in love with the Evil Queen and murdered the king for her. I also found it to be a really interesting how he became the Evil Queen's mirror.
  • While this episode made me understood why the Evil Queen was unhappy with her life with the king, I still have no idea why she hates Snow White so much.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Top 7 tips for new bloggers

I don't really think I'm the best person to give tips on blogging since I haven't been doing it for a long time and also my blog isn't just a book blog so I'm not sure how good my advice will be.

1. Memes: Memes are the best way to get comments on a blog, at least in my experience and they're fun and easy to do. I personally do two memes Top Ten Tuesday hosted by the broke and the bookish and Fangirl Friday hosted by Nancy Drew is my Homegirl. There's a lot of other memes out there as well.
2. Comment: Try to comment on other people's bogs because chances are if you comment on their blog they'll be curious and check your blog out. Also don't tell other people check out your blog in your comment because this really upsets some people not me personally so if you want to give me a link to your blog in the comment section I'd like that but most other people won't.
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6. Be honest but not mean: If you don't like a book you should say that in your review but be sure to explain why you didn't like the book because if you just say you hated it but give no explanation of why that is no one will listen to your opinion.
7. Blog about things other than books: If you only review books you probably won't be able to blog as often because books take a while to read and also it's nice to know what a blogger likes other than books and it makes your blog more interesting.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manga Review: Xxxholic V.1

                                                          Xxxholic V.1Review
Xxxholic is a series by Clamp that is about a high school boy named Watanuki who can see spirits which trouble him and one day he accidentally wonders into Yuko's shop. Yuko is a witch that will grant any wish for the right price and she decides that she will grant Watanuki's wish to not see spirits anymore but he'll have to work for her in order to pay for that wish.

The rest of the volume deals with her clients and a bit of explaining how the spirit world works. Yuko's other two climates in this volume are a woman who can't stop lying which is so much of a bad habit that it starts to effect her physically and the second client is a woman who can't seem to stop going on her computer. My favorite parts of the volume is whenever Yuko explains how the spirit world or human nature works.

I also really liked all the references to other clamp series like seeing a replica of the sealing rod from Cardcaptor Sakura and Yuko's reference to an au version of Subaru or the cameo of two characters from Legal Drug. I also liked how this volume ends when Tsubasa's Syaoran came to Yuko to ask her to save Sakura.

 I overall really liked this series it has interesting plots, mythology and likable characters. Please tell me your thoughts on the series in the comment section below.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle:Sacrifice(1.18)

                                          Secret Circle:Sacrifice(1.18)Review
  • I really liked the random storyline of Adam helping Melissa and Faye flirt with the hockey player guy and I loved that Adam was mad at the guy for leading the girls on all night.
  • I like that the demons are being tied into the storyline again and I found it interesting that Blackwell was the one who released them the first time.
  • I was sad that Samuel had to die but I'm glad that demon was stopped.
  • I was not surprised to find out that Blackwell still has magic but I'm glad that it seems like he wants to use his powers to protect the circle rather than harm it.
  • I'm worried about Evan having all those demons inside him especially with the knowledge that he's now more powerful than the whole circle.
  • I like that the crystals are being used in the main plot now.
  • I really like the relationship between Diana and Grant, I found them to be really sweet and cute through out the episode.
  • I really like the scene were Diana tells Cassie how she can't have five minutes to herself.
  • I was scared that Diana wouldn't forgive Grant for lying but I'm super happy that she decided to give him a second chance.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fangirl Friday 3

1.Doctor Who: This week I finished season 2 finally(although I've watched the series in a weird order so I've already finished season 5 and most of series 6) and I loved the second half of the season my favorite episodes being The Idiots Lantern,The Impossible Planet/The Satan's Pit, Love and Monsters and Doomsday.

2. Merlin: This week I started getting myself caught up with the BBC Merlin series and i found the show to be just as delightfully entertaining as I have in the past.

3. Fruits Basket: I've reread volumes 1 through 11 this week and I've loved this series just as much as I did the first time I've read it and I find it really interesting to read this series again because the second time around you know the characters from the start and therefore you have a better understanding of them. I also liked seeing how well foreshadowed everything is.

4. Game of Thornes:I've started watching this show this week and although I've only watched the first two episodes so far I really love this series. I find the plot, the characters (my favorite being Daenerys) and the world in which the story is set to be very interesting.

5. The Lost Gate: Is the book that I am currently reading, I am about halfway through the book and so far I love it. This book has a lot of magic, there's also some mention of conning which I love and there's also a whole other magical world.

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 8 books that Deceived me

1. Fruits Basket: The covers are very simple which made me as well as many other people right this series off as boring because of it's forgettable cover but the story that lays under those covers is beautiful and unforgettable.
2 and 3. X and Xxxholic:I get why both of the series are titled the way they are but almost everyone who sees either of these series on my Christmas list right way assumes that it's erotic or a prono which they are not at all they haven't even had anyone kiss on the lips as of yet.
4. Uglies: I find the model on the cover of this book to look prettier then the ones on the second and third books of the series but this is probably just a personal preference thing.
5. Tricks: The description on the back of the book makes it seem like the stories are all going to interconnect at some point but sadly they don't really which makes me sad but the book was still great. Also the back cover says there would be only one gay character but I felt like there were two them being Seth and Ginger but that's a minor thing so it doesn't really bother me much.
6. Anna and the French Kiss: This title makes it seem like this book is going to be dirty but it's a totally sweet innocent love story.
7. The Summoning: While I personally love the cover I also find it to be deceiving because it makes it seem like the jewel will be really important to the story but it isn't that important and it's not described in as looking like the one on the cover.
8. Evermore: I found the description to be deceiving because it made it sound like this book would be about Ever learning how to control her new supernatural abilities with a little romance on the side instead the book was about Ever ignoring her abilities, high school drama and a ton of romance that ranged from creepy to boring, I'm not a fan of this book so I'm sorry if you find my description to be too mean.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

TV Review: Merlin:Lamia(4.08)

  • I liked that when Gaius suggests that Merlin has enough medical knowledge to go in his place that Merlin was unsure about being a suitable replacement and I was also mildly surprised that it seemed like Merlin knew what he was doing.
  • I found Lamia's ability to make men act differently around her and that she used their life force to survive to be very interesting.
  • I hated how the knights acted under Lamia's influence they were just so mean to Merlin and Gwen but especially Merlin.
  • I liked that Gwen and Merlin had to work things out together and try to make sure everyone survives because they were the only two who weren't affected by Lamia.
  • I liked that when the knights, Merlin and Gwen didn't return in two days that Arthur got worried and kept looking for them until he found them.
  • I liked that Merlin and Gwen looked out for each other when through out the episode and especially loved when attacked Lamia in order to save Merlin.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Merlin:The Secret Sharer(4.07)

                                              Merlin:The Secret Sharer(4.07)Review
  • I loved the scene were Merlin is getting Arthur up in the morning because it was funny and it shows how close these two have grown since there's no way Arthur would have been okay with being woken up this way in season 1.
  • I hated Agravaine's whole plot of making Gaius look like traitor and I hated that Arthur believed him even though Gaius has been in his life a lot longer than Agravaine has been.
  • I found the place were Morgana found the warrior priest to be quite interesting and I find it interesting that Morgana is a high priestess.
  • I felt very bad for both Gauis and Merlin after Gaius was kidnapped, Gaius for obvious reasons and Merlin because Arthur believed Agravaine's lies over Merlin's word, also felt that Colin Morgan's acting was especially good in that scene in the council chambers but I found his acting be excellent through out the whole episode as usual.
  • I liked that even though  Gaius's mind was being  manipulated by magic he still  tried so hard to prevent himself from revealing that Merlin is Emrys even though it harmed him not to tell.
  • I liked that Gwaine helped Merlin find out were Gaius was taken and that he went with Merlin to rescue Gaius.
  • I liked that when Gwaine found Agravaine over Gaius's body that he correctly assumes that Agravaine is the traitor and I liked that he didn't believe Agravaine's excuses right away but I hated that Agravaine was able to answer all Gwaine's questions in a way that makes his action and his presence seem make sense without him being the villain. But I did like that Agravaine's lies prevented him from killing Gaius or having Gaius branded as a traitor.
  • I thought that Morgana did a very good job at being a villain in this episode and while I don't like her as much as I did in the first two seasons, I do still like her as a villain even though I in no way want her to ever succeed in harming Merlin or taking over Camelot.
  • I liked that the warrior priest refused to tell Morgana, Emrys's true identity and that he revealed that he's on the same side as Merlin.
  • I liked the scene at the end with Merlin and Gaius, it just showed that how much these two care for each other.
  • I liked the scene at the end with Gaius and Arthur, I especially love that Gaius revealed that the sorcerer who Arthur believes killed his father didn't actually kill him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Merlin: A Severant to Two Masters(4.06)

                                      Merlin: A Servant of Two Masters(4.06)Review
  • I love that towards the beginning of the episode that after Merlin was injured that Arthur made sure to keep him safe and admitted that he thinks that Merlin is very loyal and very brave.
  • I liked that Merlin blocked Arthur from getting to him in order to insure Arthur's safety but I think that Merlin needs better self preservation instincts.
  • I liked the scenes between Merlin and Morgana because those two haven't had scenes together in awhile but I hated that she used her snake plant to try and get Merlin to kill Arthur.
  • I loved that Arthur kept looking for Merlin even after Agravaine gave him evidence that Merlin may be dead and I liked that when he went out looking for Merlin Gwaine came with him.
  • I loved that Arthur hugged Merlin when he found him but I hate that Merlin won't be able to remember it.
  • I found Merlin to be the worst assassin ever with him accidentally running into a wall and knocking himself out with one of his attempts on Arthur's life and I found all of his behavior to be very funny in that state.
  • I liked seeing Gwen and Gauis work together to try and get Merlin back to normal.
  • I'm glad that it's common knowledge now that there is a traitor in Camelot and I was happy when Arthur suspected Agravaine but I was very sad and kind of angry when Agravaine was able to make him suspect Gauis.
  • I liked that Morgana was scared of old Merlin because that's the only way she has seen Emrys to look and I'm glad that she suspects that this is not how he always looks.
  • I liked the character George the hyper competent servant who likes to make brass jokes.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Fangirl Friday (2)

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Cardcaptor Sakura: For some reason this week I've been rereading the manga and rewatching theanime(Japanese with English subtitles version) of Cardcaptor Sakura and I just fell in love with
theseries and all it's characters all over again.

2. The Hunger Games movie: I saw this movie this week and it was excellent and I found that it was pretty faithful to the book. I also found the movie to be very visually pleasing as well.

3. Psych: I'm one episode away from being caught up with Psych and the episodes I did watch this week were great and this show just continues to make me ridiculously happy while watching it.

4. Great Expectations 2011: I've watched the first episode of this bbc miniseries last night and I find it to be most interesting and I like the sets and costumes as well. I always love crazy cold hearted Miss Havisham.