Sunday, June 30, 2013

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: The Walking Dead(4.22)

                                Vampire Diaries: The Walking Dead(4.22)Review
  • I was pretty annoyed with Elena through out the episode because she was just so focused on killing Katherine even though everyone told her that it was a bad idea and there was very little chance she could win in a fight against Katherine.
  • I liked how Bonnie linked herself to Katherine in  order to make sure that Katherine stuck with her and gave her the tombstone.
  • I thought Elena was really pretty mean to everyone in this episode especially since everyone was just trying to help I mean I'm not surprised at all that she told Rebekah they weren't friends but I think that it was pretty awful that she flat out refused to apologize to Caroline for both trying kill her and her mom and insulting her multiple times, also the excuse that she gave Caroline about why she couldn't say sorry makes no sense at all she could have at least said the words.
  • I was really impressed by all of the magic that Bonnie did through out the episode because there was a lot of it and it was all pretty impressive.
  • I really hated how Elena refused to put her obsession with murdering Katherine aside even when everything was going to hell and there clearly were more important things to be worrying about she just came across as being really selfish.
  • I liked that Damon didn't say that he wanted Katherine dead because I honestly believe that he doesn't want her dead and I loved that he was sure that Katherine would win in a fight with Elena.
  • I liked seeing all the dead characters come back for this episode because there's a lot of characters that I love that have died on this show.
  • I was pretty surprised to find out that Bonnie can't actually see Silas's true face and that he can still get into her head and I liked the scene where he was in his head once again because I always find Silas most frightening in those moments.
  • I think that it made no sense for Elena to assume Stefan saved Katherine because he had feelings for her considering Elena knows their history and Stefan had already told her that Katherine and Bonnie were linked also Elena just looked like a horrible best friend because she didn't seem to care that she almost killed Bonnie.
  • I think it was weird that Elena's mad at Stefan because he always tries to help her considering that helping someone is a nice thing to do but I liked that Stefan told her that she'll have to deal with her grief eventually and that it never stops hurting when you loose someone.
  • I liked that Kol was upset with Rebekah for barely caring that he died because that's something that's been brothering me as well.
  • I liked that through out the episode Rebekah and Matt seemed to become closer, I'm enjoying their relationship at the moment.
  • I like that Kol almost killed Elena and I'm somewhat sad that he didn't succeed because I feel like Elena deserves to die because of what she did to him because she had him and several thousand other vampires killed and she has shown zero remorse for her actions. Also I just like Kol a lot more than I like Elena.
  • I liked that Jeremy defend his sister even though I dislike Elena because it was a nice brother sister moment.
  • I loved the scene were Bonnie turned Silas to stone because I just love all seeing her at her most powerful.
  • I liked that Jeremy thanked Bonnie for dropping the veil because he was the only one that ever really thanks her and I just love the Jeremy/Bonnie relationship.
  • I like that it seems like Jeremy and Elena are going to be able to say their goodbyes because that should give them some sort of closer.
  • I enjoyed the looks between Stefan and Elena towards the end of the episode because it makes it seem like they both still have feelings for each other.
  • I find it weird that Alaric now supports Damon and Elena's relationship because back in season 3 he was really against it for obvious reasons.
  • I liked the scenes between Stefan and Lexi since I love their relationship and I liked that it seems like Lexi may ship Stefan and Caroline a bit since I've always liked the idea of them.
  • I liked that Bonnie was confident enough in her abilities that she thought she could bring Jeremy back to life for good and I like to think she did this because she loves him and not for Elena because it makes more sense this way.
  • I'm worried about Rebekah and Matt being surrounded by the hunters.
  • I'm sad that Bonnie died because she has become one of my favorite characters this season and I find that her storylines are one of the few reasons I still watch the show.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Tattoo(3.01)

                                                Teen Wolf: Tattoo(3.01)Review
  • I was worried for Isaac at the beginning of the episode when he was injured and not healing but I'm glad that that girl was their for him and was trying to keep him save. I'm really curious about why the alphas needed to make Isaac to forget something and if we'll ever find out what he forgot.
  • I'm really creeped out by the twin alphas that seem to morph into one big giant alpha when they attack someone.
  • I liked how excited Scott was to get a tattoo and I felt bad for him when he discovered that his tattoo had healed on it's own. I also liked how Stiles passed out at the sight of Scott getting a tattoo.
  • I enjoyed the conversation between Alison and Lydia about what they did over the summer with Alison going to France to get away from everything and Lydia explained how Jackson left for England.
  • I liked how when Scott saw Alison it was super obvious that he was still really into even though they haven't seen or talked to each other in months.
  • I liked how embarrassed Scott and Alison got about seeing each other for the first time in months and how they wanted Stiles and Lydia to run a red light but neither of them were willing to do that, I just really love that scene because it was so awkward and entertaining. I also really like that when they were on a straight road Scott wanted Stiles not to follow the girls even though they didn't really have any other options of going another way so Stiles just kind of stops in the middle of the road.
  • I found the thing where the dear ran straight into Lydia's car to be pretty freaky since that's not really something that happens often or really ever.
  • I liked how Mrs.Mcall when she saw Isaac come into the hospital she went right to him because she knows about werewolves heal and I liked how worried about the girl Isaac was.
  • I'm very happy that Scott has found a way to better time manage over the summer and that he seems to have gotten himself caught up in school, this makes me strangely proud of him because all of last season I was worried about him getting held back so I'm glad that he's doing well with finding time for school work.
  • I like how Alison seemed somewhat reluctant about going back to school since she had been away for so long and has been through a lot and I liked how Mr. Argent was willing to let her stay home if she didn't feel ready to go back yet.
  • I liked how Stiles was looking up similar accidents to the one with the deer from night before and I liked how his dad wasn't really able to convince him to go to school and instead basically had to drag him away from the computer.
  • I find it interesting that since Jackson departure Lydia seems to be having casual sex with guys but is in no way looking for a relationship.
  • I liked the conversation in the hallway between Alison and Lydia where Lydia assures Alison that she loves her and if she needs to talk she there for her.
  • I liked that when Mrs.Mcall couldn't get a hold of Derek that Isaac said that Scott was his other emergency contact.
  • I liked how awkward but sweet Scott was when Alison asked if the seat in front of him was open and I liked that she smiled at Scott's answer and I liked how Stiles gave Scott a thumbs up for his failed attempt at seeming casual.
  • I liked how when Alison passed Scott the note about if they can talk that Scott got all smiley and I'm sure that his answer would have been yes so I'm a bit sad that these two weren't able to talk in this episode.
  • I liked how Stiles noticed the dog bite on Lydia's ankle and I liked that he started putting together that all the animals behaving strangely might be a sign that something bad is coming.
  • I found the scene with all the birds crashing into the windows of the classroom to be pretty frightening and I liked that during that scene Stiles tried to make sure that Lydia didn't get hurt, I just like that this shows he cares about her.
  • I liked how Scott told his mom that he's going to make sure that this year will be different than last year with him trying to be a better version of himself and not letting the werewolf stuff get in the way of school like he did before.
  • I'm pretty much creeped out by all the members of the alpha pack that we saw in this episode and I was quite worried about what they wanted to do to Isaac.
  • I liked that Scott was able to try to protect Isaac and I liked that Derek finally showed up in time in order to save Isaac and keep Scott from getting hurt but I wonder why it took so long for him to show up.
  • I liked that Officer Stilinski is trying to figure out all the strange things going on in Beacon Hills lately and I really think it's a bit odd that the show thinks it's not a good idea for him to know things considering he's the one who has to investigates all of these strange things.
  • I found the bruises that the girl left on Alison's and Lydia's arms to be interesting since it's clear it's meant to be a clue of some sort.
  • I liked that Mr. Argent told Alison that the werewolf stuff is something that is no longer her problem.
  • I liked how Scott explained the reason him having a tattoo was so important to him since it's a sort of reward for not calling Alison all summer even though he wanted to so badly all summer. So I'm glad that Derek was able to help him make the tattoo permanent.
  • I liked how throughout the episode that Scott was finding ways to use his word of the day ephemeral.
  • I find it interesting that Scott is seen as a potential threat to the alpha pack but Derek is seen as a means to destroy Scott.
  • I'm really sad that the girl was killed off since she seemed like an interesting character and I really wished that we got to know more about her.
  • I like that it seems like Boyd and Erica are still alive since I really liked both of their characters.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 8 Books I read so far this year

1. Looking for Alaska: It was close call between this one and The Fault in Our Stars because both of the books were written with so many memorable lines and also both made me experience a lot of emotions. But I choose Looking for Alaska as my favorite book of the year so far because I just connected to it more. I really loved reading the story and I felt a pretty good connection to Pudge especially with how before the story started he never done much of anything but stay at home and read but he's also in search of more of something more exciting in live in what he refers to as the great perhaps. I also really loved how this book had it's characters value intelligence and I like the thing about the school sports team being so awful it's funny. I liked all of Pudge's new friends and how they were all different and how they all had their own stories to tell. I love how in the end it seems to me that we were suppose to be somewhat conflicted about our feelings for Alaska and I loved that she was a mystery that couldn't quite be solved in the end and that it doesn't really matter all that much that she can't be solved as long as she will be remembered. I also loved how the book was divided into a Before and After section and how the tone and theme of the story is different in the section but both sections are equally enjoyable.
2. The Fault in Our Stars: The Fault in Our Stars was a book that I heard a lot about before I read it and therefore I was a bit nervous it wouldn't live up to the hype so I was extremely happy when I discovered how much I loved this book. This surprised me with it's great dark sense of humor where Hazel, Augustus and Issac would frequently joke about their cancer or really just death in general. I love that kind of dark sense of humor and it seemed to fit the characters because they are teenagers even though they have cancer which was nice to see in my opinion. I really loved the relationship between Hazel and Augustus, I loved seeing it developed from friendship to love and I really just thought the two of them were extremely cute together and I loved that they both gave each other books in order to get more insight into what the other likes. I loved that this book broke my heart and made me cry as much as it did because for some reason I love it when a book can really make me cry as much The Fault in Our Stars did.
3. Tilt: This is a book that I thought about putting higher on the list until I realized that even the whole thing is written in the beautiful poetry of all Ellen Hopkins books I read I only actually loved Shane's storyline and was just interested and sympathetic to Mikayla and Harley. I loved this book because of Shane's storyline I loved that though his character was gay that his whole storyline didn't revolve around that although I did really love his relationship with Alex because they were really sweet and I loved how they both went into the relationship looking for something causal but ended up falling in love. I really loved how Shane did love his sister Shelby but didn't think that she really had much of a life but despite that her death still hit him really hard. I loved Shane trying to come to terms with death and I loved seeing him have a crises of faith partially because I loved that he still believed in god at the beginning of the book. I loved how Shane desperately needed his mom but at the same time didn't want her to worry about him at all because he knew that she was going through a hard time as well. I was all that invested in Mikayla and Harley's storylines but there were still moments I enjoyed them a whole lot but I didn't love them like I loved Shane.
4. Only the Good Spy Young: The fourth book of Gallagher Girls series is my favorite in the series so far. I loved that there was a big plot twist right at the start of this book and I loved the way the characters reacted to the plot twist because my thoughts were pretty similar to theirs and I just loved the way all the twists played out in this book. I really loved all the action in this book and I loved how the stakes were so much higher in this book the early ones. I also continue to love all the characters and their relationships.
5. Perfect Scoundrels: The third book of the Heist Society series may just be my favorite. I loved how this book dealt with Kat and Hale's relationship with having the whole thing about how Hale is part of Kat's world but Kat doesn't have a place in Hale's world and she isn't sure that she can ever have a place in his world. I also loved that Kat saw that Hale coming to her world was somewhat similar to how at the beginning of the first book Kat ran away to boarding school and how she wonders if Hale is doing the same thing with her and it's just a matter of time until Hale goes back to his own world. I just loved that Kat and Hale's relationship dealt with all kind of really problems instead of some contrived love triangle like most YA books seem to have because it made more sense for their characters and in the end it said a lot about both characters. I loved learning more about Hale and the world which he came from in this book as well. I also loved the con artist parts of the story as well and I loved seeing all the characters that I fell in love with from the first two books again.
6. Magic Knight Rayearth II: I really love how the second half of this series is dealing with how the end of the first half of the series is effecting the girls. I loved that when the girls returned to Cefiro and see that the world is falling apart they decided they need to do everything in their power to save it.  I love that almost all the characters from the first half of the series are back and I love that there are many new characters from other worlds entering the series. I also love that it seems that this series is pointing out Cefiro's flaw of having one person support an entire world and not value anyone over anyone else. I continue to love the girls and their lovely friendship with each other and I continue to love artwork that is some of the most beautiful that I have ever seen.
7. Hide and Seek: The fourth book of The Lying Games series is very exciting in my opinion and I continue to love the mystery and I love all the twists and turns the series makes. I also adore the relationship between Emma and Ethan as well.
8. Gate-7: I've just start this series by Clamp and so far I'm really liking it. The artwork is beautiful and the characters seem interesting and it seems like there's going to be a lot of interesting mythology so right now I'm at a bit of a loss when it comes to explaining the series but I do know I really like it so far.

TV Review: Revenge: Identity(2.19)

                                                 Revenge: Identity(2.19)Review
  • I really enjoyed how adorably excited Daniel was to be back together with Emily through out the episode.
  • I loved how Emily wanted to be there Nolan after he got released from questioning and that she actually followed through with the whole being there for him and that she helped him through it in the best way she could think of with having him go after the Falcon who is who Emily deemed was at fault for what happened to her father and Padma.
  • I really loved that Emily was so sure of Nolan's ability to take down the Falcon especially since Nolan thought it was impossible, I just liked seeing that Emily has so much faith in Nolan's abilities.
  • I really enjoyed Ashley and Jack working together to try and find the information that they need in order to get the information to destroy Conrad.
  • I quite enjoy the fights that Victoria and Conrad were having through out the episode about Conrad's campaign and how Victoria wanted no part of it, I just generally tend to enjoy the arguments these two have because I find them entertaining.
  • I kind of enjoyed Charlotte's plot with becoming friends with this bad girl Regina and her partying and letting loose a bit but I felt bad for Declan since she ditched him at the last minute and lied to him about what she was doing.
  • I liked that Daniel called Takeda to research about Aidan's past because in all honesty Aidan comes off as the least trustworthy person on the show so I'm glad that even Daniel is suspicious of who he really is.
  • I loved that Takeda tried to make Aidan come back Japan because he rightly points out that Aidan is just screwing up Emily's mission and he's also still too emotional, I agree with pretty much everything Takeda said here and I really wanted Aidan to be off the show because I don't like his character at all and I see him as basically a distraction for Emily in her revenge schemes. I did like that Aidan mentioned that revenge didn't give him peace though.
  • I really loved that the Falcon was actually a girl and I overall just really loved all of the exchanges between Nolan and the Falcon. I especially loved the part where Nolan told her that caring about people doesn't make you weak it makes you stronger, I really loved this line because it's just something that fits Nolan's character perfectly.
  • I really enjoyed how the news of Victoria's first child Patrick was revealed on live tv which seems to be where most Grayson family secrets are revealed.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan's plan to reveal the Falcon actually worked since most of the takedowns this season haven't really worked. I also loved the moment with the crossing off of the Falcon's picture where Emily said it was for Padma and Nolan said it was for David, I just really enjoyed that moment.
  • I like that Jack doesn't want Emily to be part of his life anymore because I think he has a pretty good reason to feel that way and I really don't think those two fit in each other lives.
  • I really loved the scene where Ashley confronts Conrad and gets her old job back, I especially loved the moment where Ashley said she would have advised against live television because that really never ends well for the Graysons.
  • I'm interested to see what will happen once Victoria finds her son Patrick and if he'd want anything to do with her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Review: Looking for Alaska

                                                    Looking for Alaska Review
Looking for Alaska by John Green(the author of The Fault in Our Stars another book which I love) is about a high school boy named Miles 'Pudge' Halter who has decided to go to Culver Creek boarding school in search of the "Great Perhaps". Pudge is a boy that never really had any real friends and he spends most of his time reading biographies and memorizing last words. While at Culver Creek he starts to make actual friends with the Colonel, Alaska and Takumi and they introduce him to a new way of life which involved drinking, smoking and pulling pranks although Pudge notes at one point early on that although his parents would say he fell in with the wrong group of kids they are all very smart which is something I find interesting and enjoyable about the group. Pudge also has major crush on Alaska throughout the book, Alaska is a girl that at one moment she's very friendly, bubbly and caring but the next time you see her she could have withdrawn into herself and considering that everyone else's problems no matter what they are to not be real problem. The first half of the book I would say is mostly coming of age story for Pudge with him meeting new people, doing new things and overall just discovering a new way of life.

The second of the book deals with Pudge and the Colonel trying to figure out the mystery of Alaska Young but because of how little of herself that Alaska is willing to relieve they find themselves at somewhat of a loss to explain why Alaska did the things she did and overall they just couldn't fully know her or understand the way she thought of things. The second book also deals a great deal with death and what is it that happens to a person after they die.

Overall I loved this book it has great characters, a pretty good plot line that just feels very real which is something I can consider a good thing. There were a lot of great quotes through out this book, I loved so many quotes in this book that I'm thinking of making a list of all the quotes I loved from this book. Overall I loved this book in fact I loved even more than The Fault in Our Stars the other John Green book that I read and loved.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 10 Books I want to Read this summer

1. Looking for Alaska: I'm actually reading this book right now and I absolutely love it there's so many good quotes and I love the characters as well. This is only my second John Green book but I think this one may be my favorite but I'm not quite sure yet since I haven't finished it yet.
2. Cinder: This book sounds like a book that I would love and so many people recommend it and love it so it's been high on my to be read list for a long time so I want to actually read it this summer.
3. The Reckoning: I loved the first two books of The Darkest Powers series so I'm sure I'll love the exciting ending of the series and since I just bought the book that means I'm able to read it soon.
4. It's Kind of a Funny Story: I've actually read the first couple of pages of this book months ago and I loved it but I was reading a couple other books at the time so I haven't got back to reading it yet. I also watched the movie years ago and I loved it and since the book is usually better the movie that means I'll love the book even more.
5. The Mark of Athena: I loved the first two books in the Heroes of Olympus series and I see no reason why I wouldn't love this book as well so I'm looking forward to reading this book.
6. Manic Pixie Dreamgirl: I've just bought this book after reading what it was about in the book store it sounded exactly like the kind of book I would love so I'm really excited to read this one. I haven't heard anyone else mention anything about this book so I'll be going into it pretty much blind so that's something I find really cool as well.
7. Forever: I loved the first two books of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and I love all of the many characters so I'm excited and a little nervous about seeing how their stories are going to end. I own this book already which is good because that means I can start it at anytime I want to. I really hope that the last book is as good as Linger which is my favorite book in the series so far which I hear isn't exactly a popular opinion but I really enjoyed the way the characters were handled in it so I hope that continues in the last book.
8. If I Stay: I hear great things about this book and it's been on my to be read list for awhile now and I hear it's sad and sometimes I really enjoy crying about books or fiction in general. I own this book already but I'm not exactly excited about reading it but I have a feeling that I'll end up enjoying it.
9. Demonglass: I loved Hex Hall so much and the end had a good number of twists to it so I'm really looking forward to the next book of the series. The only reason this book is so far down on the list is because I don't actually own the book yet.
10. Catching Fire: I feel that I need to read the book before I see the movie and since Jena Malone is in the movie I'm actually looking forward to movie since she's one of my favorite actresses but I'm not exactly look forward to the book because while I liked the Hunger Games I didn't love it and I don't feel the need to go back to that world and spend more time with the characters.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 10 Beach Reads

Since this was also a Top 10 Tuesday list last year that I did I decided to make sure that I didn't put any of the books I put on the list last year so most of this books won't really be what I think of as beach reads(especially since when I go to the beach I spend the day swimming not reading so I'm not really sure what a beach book is)
1. Hex Hall: I think this book would be a good beach read because the story of the first book at least has an overall humorous tone and while thinks do get dark at times through out the book it never gets too dark. Plus there's witchcraft and the amazingly cute friendship between Sophie and Jenna(the witch who knows nothing of the supernatural and the vampire who love all things pink) which is my favorite thing in the book.
2. Heroes of Olympus: I think this series fits because it's an action adventure series that has quite a lot of comic moments also there's great characters and mythology through out the books. There are times when things don't look like they aren't going to work out but so far things haven't become too dark or sad yet.
3. Cardcaptor Sakura: This is the series that makes me happiest because the story is by far the sweetest one I've ever read and I love everything about the series the characters, the relationships, the plot and the themes. This series is adorable and I never get tried of it and the artwork is gorgeous as well, also I've been in a bit of a Clamp mood the last couple of days so I'm putting a lot of Clamp on this list but I feel this series best fits my idea of a beach read.
4. Beauty Pop: This is a series that I think fits being a beach read because it's one that makes me laugh and I don't take it too seriously but I still love the series. This series is about people who are over the top serious about hair cutting and most of these people are boys which makes it even more hilarious.
5. Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass: This book is one of my favorites because it's about a world of nonsense and I think that it'd be a good book to loose yourself in while your down at the beach.
6. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: I'm honestly putting this on the list mostly because I'm in a Tsubasa mood at the moment and I really want to reread the series but I do actually believe the first half of the series would be a good beach read. The first half of the series is relatively light hearted and there's plenty of adventures and general silliness as well as the start of our group of travelers eventually becoming like a family which is one of my favorite things about the series. Then of course my favorite thing in the series is probably that in the first half of the series we get plenty of sweet/cute moments between Syaoran and Sakura which I always adore. I'm going to spam a few pictures of these two because I love them, they're cute and I need more pictures of them on my blog.

7. Shugo Chara: This is a lovely magical girl series that deals with self discovering and is super cute and I love the characters and the plot as well and I think it's a nice light read that would be good for the beach.
8. Magic Knight Rayearth: This is a series that I think would be a great beach read because it's full of action and adventure as well as a great three girl friendship that is incredibly sweet. Also it's another magical girl series and I'm a big fan of those. The end of the first half the series is pretty sad though so be sure to read the second half of the series if you want a happy ending.
9. Kobato: This another series by Clamp which means it has gorgeous artwork also I love the kindhearted but somewhat clueless heroine and I love seeing her try her best to do good deeds. It's a sweet fun series that I think would be a good beach read.
10. Wolves of Mercy Falls series: This series I think would be a good beach read due to it's description of the temperatures because it always manages to make me feel a bit of a chill. Although I wouldn't exactly call the series light because of Sam's past and well Cole in general and Isabel is pretty messed up in Linger as well and the whole being a wolf thing doesn't sound all that great either so it has quite a few darker elements in my opinion which makes me love the series even more but if your goal is to read a happy book it wouldn't be my first choice.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book Review: The Lying Game: Hide and Seek

                                                       Hide and Seek Review
The fourth book of The lying Game series starts off with Emma suspecting that Laurel is the one that killed Sutton due to the fact that Laurel's alibi of being at Nisha's sleepover all night no longer holds up and because it's pretty clear that Laurel is extremely jealous of Sutton's secret relationship with Thayer. For the first half of the book everything leads Emma to believe that Laurel is Sutton's killer but halfway through the book after over hearing a conversation Emma begins to suspect that Mr.Mercer may have killed Sutton.

I really enjoyed the second half of the book where Emma believed that Mr.Mercer was the killer because he is by far the scariest of all the suspects that Emma has have so far in the books because of his position in her's/Sutton's life and because he is a lot stronger than her. I also really loved the plot twists that came at the end of this book involving Mr. Mercer because I didn't even suspect that could happen.

Also the subplot with the Lying Game group throwing a dance and get a bit of revenge on a group of girls who caused the dance to get canceled and blamed it on the group was a fun subplot. I continue to love the romance between Emma and Ethan with him helping her out with her investigations and being the one person she can be herself around, I especially loved their date at the planetarium where they discussed their love for Star Trek it was a very cute scene. On the other hand I disliked how Thayer kept trying to come on to Emma  but I'm glad nothing happened between them.

I overall loved this book and I can't wait to read the nest book in the series and see what other twists and turns the series may take. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Manga Review: Gakuen Alice Vol. 1

                                                  Gakuen Alice Vol. 1 Review
The story of Gakeun Alice starts off with Mikan Sakura learning that her best friend Hotaru is leaving to go to Alice Academy a boarding school for gift students. After months of not hearing from Hotaru Mikan receives a very impersonal letter from Hotaru, Mikan decides that she needs to see Hotaru again so she goes to Alice Academy. Mikan is brought into Alice Academy by a teacher named Narumi who saw Mikan as a potential Alice candidate at first Mikan is very happy about getting a chance to see Hotaru but she is somewhat worried by what kind of place Alice Academy is when she see Narumi stop a student by the name of Natsume from escaping the academy.

After entering the academy Mikan is told about what kind of place Alice Academy is which is a school for children who have a supernatural ability that is known as an Alice and Narumi thinks that Alice is one of those people. Mikan as a rather frightening encounter with Natsume after he wakes up where he tries to set her hair on fire but for some reason his Alice doesn't work so he instead is somehow able to steal her underwear although he doesn't keep them. Mikan is of course very upset by this but is cheered up when Narumi tells her she will be staying at Alice Academy for at least a week in a trial period, she'll be able to stay if she can get her classmates to accept her. Mikan is led to class by two of her new classmates one of them is Hotaru who Mikan is very excited to see but Hotaru thinks Mikan is an idiot for coming to place like this and the other is the class president Yuu.

Soon after arriving in class Mikan starts to notice how strange Alice abilities are with seeing that one kid is floating and that another can read minds. Mikan isn't very good at make the class like her either because she says she doesn't think Alices are so great and when she see Natsume is in the class she calls him a pervert which because Natsume is quite popular in the class leads to people disliking her even worse. Eventually since it's pretty clear to everyone that people aren't really going to accept Mikan into the class so Natsume challenges her to go through the northern woods since that area is dangerous enough that someone without an Alice probably wouldn't make it through.

So Mikan along with Hotaru and Yuu goes through the woods. On their journey through the woods they encounter a violent bear which one of Hotaru's inventions is able to defeat and Mikan learns that Hotaru has an invention Alice and later on when the path is blocked by a giant baby chick Yuu uses her Alice which is an illusion Alice to get Luca to come who has an animal pheromone Alice and is Natsume's best friend. In the scenes where Luca interacts with animals he's really adorable and happy which makes Mikan question why he's friend with a jerk like Natsume. Luca tells her not to judge Natsume when she doesn't know anything about him, it's also shown to the reads that Luca and Natsume have a very close friendship with how Luca vowed to not smile until Natsume did.  After Natsume finds out that Mikan used Luca he gets really ticked off and heads to where the group is in the northern woods and starts using his Alice which is fire in order to trap her friends until she revealed her Alice in the end it's discovered that Mikan has a nullification Alice which means she can stop others Alice abilities and Narumi who had been watching all of Mikan's journey in the Northern woods tells her she can stay.

I overall really enjoyed this volume and I think it was a great introduction to the series with both the mystery of what kind of school Alice Academy really is while still keeping the story overall fairly light. I also think it was a god introduction for the characters and the relationships they have. I enjoy the art in this series as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

TV Review: Grimm: Kiss of the Muse(2.20)

                                      Grimm: Kiss of the Muse(2.20)Review
  • In this episode Nick encounters a Wesson that is a muse-like creature that causes anyone who she kisses to become madly in love with her, Nick unfortunately falls under her spell.
  • I really liked how everyone noticed pretty much right away that he wasn't acting like himself and that everyone pretty much worked together behind Nick's back in order to make sure he gets back to normal and doesn't do anything that he regrets.
  • I really loved how fascinated Rosalee was by all the stuff in the trailer because of all of it's historical significance.
  • I loved that Juliette finally got back all her memories and that because of her experiences over the course of this season she actually believes what Nick told her about Wesson in last season's finale.
  • I love that Juliette was able to break the spell that Nick was under and I love that it seems like these two are finally back together because I've always liked them together.
  • I kind of love how Renard let the muse like girl go with the warning of if she ever returns to Portland he will kill her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top 10 Books that Involve travel

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: The Percy Jackson series is my favorite book series and since due to the quests there's lots of travel around the United States I would say that it counts as a travel book as well and I just really really love the series.
2. The Heroes of Olympus series: The Sequel series to the Percy Jackson series also includes a lot of travel also due to the quests but this time the quests takes the characters out of the country as well. I also just really love this series in general as well.
3. Heist Society series: I love the Heist Society series it's just such a fun series to read and due to having to run various cons all over the world the characters travel all over the world in style.
4. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This series is about a group of travelers who have to travel to other dimensions in order to achieve their goals, I really love this series and it's characters in general but the whole concept of dimension hopping makes the series even better in my eyes.
5.Uglies: The first book of this series has Tally travel to the smoke and while I didn't really find her travels all that interesting I overall loved the book while she wasn't on her way to the smoke.
6. Magic Knight Rayearth: This is a great series that has the three main characters setting off on a quest of sorts to save the world they were recently transported to.
7. A Song of Ice and Fire series: Now while this book isn't about traveling in each book at least one character is travel from one place to another so it does fit with the theme of having traveling in books. I really love the series in general as well.
8. The Fault in our Stars: I really overall loved this book and at one point in the book Hazel and Augustus travel to Amsterdam so it counts as a travel book as well.
9. The Awakening: The second book of The Darkest Powers series is technically a book that involves travel but really it seems a lot more like being on the lamb with the whole having to make sure no one recognizes you and the whole reason for the journey is to get away from some people but being on the lamb is a form of travel so it counts.
10. The Kane Chronicles: This series is much like Rick Riordan's other books where their a certain quest the characters go on and therefore they need to travel all over the place, I've only read the first book so far but I loved it.