Friday, July 24, 2020

Book Review: The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky

                                       The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky Review
The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky is a novella that is set right after The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue and this book is about Monty trying to have sex with Percy for the first time because even though they have declared their love for each other several weeks ago they still haven't got to that part of their relationship yet. Percy has never had sex before so he didn't want to start doing right when they got together and Monty has never actually had sex with someone he was in love with so it's a new experience for him as well although he claims it's not at first. When Monty and Percy attempt to have sex everything seems to go wrong with them feeling awkward about what to do after they plan out a whole evening around it and Monty let's some of his insecurities get the better of him and ruin their evening because he won't admit to their existence.

This book goes on to deal with Monty and Percy having a heart to heart about where their relationship is going in the future in more than the physical sense and talk about what is really getting in the way of the two of them connecting the next day. The two of them try to hook up again and things do feel a lot more natural and fun between the two but things don't go to plan then as well but it ends on much happier note anyways.

This book is great and it reminds me of a really well written fanfiction in the best possible way since it's all about the characters relationship and getting to the part where they have sex with each other but it also deals with other emotional problems in a way that perfectly connects to this other part of their relationship. The relationship and the characters where as great as I remembered them and I'm so happy that there is going to be another book in this series that comes out this summer. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or the series as a whole in the comment section below.

TV Review: Nancy Drew: Pilot(1.01)

                                               Nancy Drew: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • There is a story of some girl in the past who died the night that she won the Sea Queen crown and after winning Sea Queen Nancy sees what looks like her ghost and although she doesn't believe in them I have a feeling that this will come into play later on.
  • Nancy became interested in solving mysteries after she saw her parents unbury a chest in their backyard in the middle of the night and tried to convince her that she was dreaming. Nancy became even more obsessed with solving mysteries after she found a missing girl but she stopped being interested in solving mysteries after her mom died of cancer.
  • It's established that Nancy is working at a diner where an old classmate that hates her, George  is her boss because she tanked her grades for the last half of her senior year. We also learn that she hooking up with a guy named Nick, she works with a guy named Ace who's not very smart and a girl named Bess who is rich and not from around her town and is taking a gap year.
  • Things start to get a bit weird when a wealthy man named Ryan Hudson and several of his friends insist that they eat at the diner after it's closed while he tells them to bring a plate of food to his wife who for some reason is staying outside by the car rather than coming in.
  • After a power outage Nancy goes outside to check on Mrs. Hudson only discover that she has been killed.
  • I disliked how Ace pretty much throw all of his coworkers under the bus when he was questioned by the police.
  • The police chief seems like a dick with how he's accusing Nancy, George, Bess and Nick of being murders simply because they found the body. Also him revealing things he knows about them in the most dickish way possible also makes me hate him.
  • I like that George pretty much says that the reason the police chief hates Nancy is because she does his job for him.
  • I find it funny how Bess thinks that the police chief was calling her an ex con when he also listed rich girl as a description which clearly would be her.
  • I'm curious about what crime Nick committed in his past but I still feel like he's a good person regardless of what he might've done in the past.
  • I really hate how the police chief just blindly believes that Nancy is the one that killed Tiffany Hudson when he has no proof and it just feels like he has a personal vendetta against this nineteen year old girl which just makes him look pathetic.
  • I'm sad to learn that Nancy and her dad haven't been communicating well since her mom died since he has been spending so much time at work.
  • I find it interesting that Nancy caught Tiffany's death on camera and that it appears that it was a ghost that killed her.
  • I like that Bess after seeing the video completely believes that Tiffany was murdered by a ghost and I like that Ace tells a little more about the ghost who is called dead Lucy.
  • We learn that George dislikes Nancy because she was friends with people that spread rumors about her sex life in high school.
  • I like that Nick stopped by the diner and I like that Nancy told the others that they are dating since Nick has been wanting her to tell people about them for awhile now.
  • I like that when Nick asks Nancy how she would go about proving that Ryan Hudson was behind his wife murder that she started listing off all the things that they should be looking for in order to solve the case before saying that maybe they should just let the police handle it.
  • I felt so anxious when Nancy broke into Ryan's house and the security alarm went off which led to the company coming to the house while she was there. I felt even more anxious when Nick went in after her to make sure that she wouldn't get caught.
  • I like that Nick decided to follow Nancy because he thought that she might do something dangerous and I like that he told her that she was worth the risk of possibly being caught breaking the law.
  • I like that Nick is trying to get Nancy to open up to him but he is also making it clear that he's willing to wait until she is ready to do so but since Nancy doesn't think she'll ever be ready she pushes him away.
  • I like that Nancy ends up asking George for help figuring out the meaning a fishermen themed necklace that she found at the Hudson's house because she comes from a family of sailors.
  • I like that both George and Bess decide that they are now going to be helping Nancy with her investigation whether she likes it or not.
  • I like that after they find an address for a medium in the necklace that when Nancy says that she does this types of things alone George points out that she wouldn't have found the address without her and Bess points out that a medium would be able to tell she doesn't believe in ghosts so she needs her as well.
  • I like that Nancy, Bess and George all have different reactions to the medium with Nancy just trying to ask questions right away, Bess really believing that she can communicate with the dead and wanting to see her do that and George wanting Nancy to wait until after the medium does her thing to ask questions because this session was expensive.
  • I find it interesting that the medium accidently communicating with dead Lucy is something that frightened her.
  • I felt bad for Nancy when she saw her dad and her family friend Karen kissing because she believed that her dad was still mourning her mom.
  • I liked that Nancy went to Nick and that she opened up to him and that she tells him about how she doesn't like her current life and how he's the only thing that makes it a little bit better.
  • I like that Nancy tells Nick that he doesn't have to tell her about his past until he's ready since she can tell he's not there yet.
  • I found it interesting that Nancy's father was Nick's lawyer and the fact that Nick was charged with manslaughter and that Tiffany Hudson was the witness that's statement got him convicted does make him a suspect but since we literally have footage of a ghost killing her I don't think he did it.
  • It turns about that Bess isn't rich but is living in a van and that she somehow stole Tiffany's ring, that George is having an affair with Ryan Hudson, Ace is spying for the police chief and Nick is hiding something in one of the cars at the shop.
  • I find it very suspicious that Nancy's parents were hiding the dress that Lucy died in but I have no idea what this means.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.