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TV Review: Star-Crossed: Pilot(1.01)

                                                     Star-Crossed: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I liked that the race of aliens called the Atrians came because their planet was dying and they came in peace and hoped that earth would be their new home sadly the humans decided that they were evil before they even had a chance to speak so the Atrians of course defended themselves and everyone generally thinks their trying to invade the planet.
  • I loved that when little Emery found Roman hiding in her shed even though she knew he must be an alien she decides to help hide him gives a blanket, some food and taught him how to play with yarn.
  • I liked how this show is set ten years in the future and that things are higher tech but not too outlandishly high tech for the most part.
  • I liked how it was explained that the Atrians are kept in a base that is highly guarded and seven Atrians are going to go to school with humans for the first time which has got a lot of people really upset.
  • I really loved the friendship between Emery and Julia, I liked knowing that they used to be hospital buddies before Emery got better recently.
  • I liked that it was Emery first day at the school because she had been out in the hospital for the past 4 years and I liked how Lucas explained the way the school works to her.
  • I liked that Roman recognized Emery right away when he saw her.
  • I liked the scene where Grayson tells Emery how to open her locker it was a pretty cute scene.
  • I really love how sarcastic Roman is when ever he's confront by those human guys that just seem to really hate all Atrians Roman always has some sarcastic response that I find I really funny.
  • I liked Roman's sister actually had an interest in making friends with humans which seems to be different from all the other Atrians.
  • I find it interesting that Emery has believed for ten years that Roman was killed the day that he was taken away.
  • I liked how when Emery is invited to a party by the popular girl she makes sure to get her friend Lucas invited as well.
  • I liked how Roman went up to talk to Emery about her club where people can go visit people in the hospital and paint or scrapbook with them because he clearly likes her and wants an excuse to talk to her and he didn't care that people were watching them.
  • I liked that when that one jerk tried to provoke Roman after he talked to Emery that Roman just basically respond to all of his comments with sarcastic responses instead of getting into a fight like that guy clearly wanted.
  • I was sad when Julia said that she was stopping her treatment not because she was getting better but because she couldn't stand seeing her parents keep getting their hopes up only for them to be dashed.
  • I liked that Emery snuck herself and Julia into the Atrians base in order to find cypher a plant that is suppose to be able to cure illness in order to cure Julia.
  • I liked that when there was a lockdown at the base during Emery and Julia's visit that Roman found them and snuck them up to the garden.
  • It sad to learn that cypher by itself isn't able to cure illnesses.
  • I liked that Emery learned Roman is the little boy she kept save when they were little and I liked that Roman thanked her for being kind when everyone else was cruel.
  • I disliked how when Roman defended his sister after she was being harassed by like three or four guys that Roman was the one that was called an animal just because he got into a bit of a fight.
  • I liked how Roman's father who is in charge of the program for integration truly has faith that Atrians and humans can live in peace.
  • I liked that Roman went after his friends to stop them from getting in trouble by beating up their jerk classmates and being caught off the base.
  • I liked that when the cops came Emery went with Roman and I liked the moment they shared when held their palms together and almost kissed.
  • I was worried that Julia was going to die towards the end of the episode but I'm glad that Roman was able to save her by combining his blood with cypher.
  • I was sad that Roman's father looks to have been killed.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: American Hustle

                                                       American Hustle Review
American Hustle is about how two con-artists Irving Rosenfeld(Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser(Amy Adams) who are also in a complicated romantic relationship with each other are caught and in order to avoid jail time they are forced to work with FBI agent Richard DiMaso in solving cases through going undercover and committing cons themselves. Richard ends up being incredibly ambitious when he decides to go after beloved Mayor Carmine Polito(Jeremy Renner) who is willing to do anything to rebuild his city's economy even if it involves doing something illegal. Carmine dislikes Richard which almost destroys the whole plan but Irving is forced to convince Carmine to give the plan some more thought and eventually agrees to it and befriends Irving which causes Irving a lot of guilt through out the film since he really does like Carmine.

A few of the subplots in the film revolve around Irving and Sydney's relationship conflicts such as Irving being married to Rosalyn(Jennifer Lawrence) who seems to be a bit of a shut in, bit mentally unstable and has a young son that Irving loves enough that he adopted as his own and is the main reason why Irving won't divorce her. Sydney through out the film has a flirtatious relationship with Richard that gets somewhat physical at times but it ends almost as quickly as it begins.

Overall I thought this film was well acted, directed and written. I overall liked the film although I did at times felt that it went on a little bit too long. Please tell me your thoughts on the film.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Divine Move(3.24)

                                           Teen Wolf: The Divine Move(3.24)Review
  • I liked that the episode started off with Lydia, Scott and Isaac all looking traumatized by Alison's death.
  • I liked the flashback with Chris going over with Scott what story their telling the police and I liked how Scott couldn't really focus on it since all he could think about was loosing Alison and he asked how Chris could be doing this he said because this is what they do, I liked this moment because it showed a glimpse of his pain but also tells how fighting these demons have the price of loosing their loved ones and not having the time to mourn them.
  • I liked that Isaac almost broke down several times during this episode because it's a natural reaction to have.
  • I liked how Stiles was over at the Yukimura house and how they went over what had to be done to win this fight was a divine move.
  • I find it so sad that Stiles thinks that him dying is good news compared to Alison's death I consider both of these things terrible news.
  • I liked how Stiles realized that the one who knows the most about the nematon is Deaton and that he got that information to Scott and Lydia about how they need to find a way to trap the Nogitsune inside the nematon.
  • I liked Derek's whole speech to the twins about how if they really want to be worthy to be in Scott's pack they have to fight for his cause which is to protect his friends no matter how many odds are against them. I love how much this speech shows that Derek admires Scott.
  • I liked how Isaac went home with Chris and how Chris told him he'll be okay because he knows how to compartmentalize his feelings because he had dealt with this type of situation before and I love that Isaac says he doesn't know how to do that and when he started to breakdown Chris pulled him into a hug and for a brief moment allowed himself to mourn Alison with Isaac.
  • I liked how the container that held Derek's mom's claws actually played an important role with it being the container that trapped the Nogitsune.
  • I kind of liked seeing the mass chaos the Nogitsune caused because it's what really made him a terrifying villain was the fact that his only goal was to cause chaos and that he would never be satisfied.
  • I liked how Melissa told Agent McCall he was being an idiot for calling things quits with trying to make up with Scott after one little fight because what he needs to do prepare his relationship with Scott is try harder to be a better father in the future not to just say sorry about something that happened years ago.
  • I liked how Isaac figured out that Alison had figured out that Onis can be killed with sliver and I loved that Isaac and Chris decided to use Alison's remaining sliver arrow heads to finish what she started, I just loved that Alison was able to help in final battle even though she was dead.
  • I really loved how Lydia had to hold Stiles upright for most of the episode because I loved seeing them touching each other so much and I loved how close they were especially since a lot of the time she had her arms wrapped all around him.
  • I liked how Stiles told Scott that he wanted to defeat the Oni even it kills him and that Scott told him that the plan was to save him and that's the only plan that he's sticking to.
  • I liked that inside the school there was a wintertime garden as an illusion because that looked really cool.
  • I liked how when a part of the illusion told the group that the way to win the game was for Scott to behead Stiles that it was clear that Scott would never do this no matter how many lives it would supposedly save.
  • I liked how Scott and Kira fought the Oni in the illusion back to back and I liked how Kira brought up that a month a go she didn't even know how to use a sword and now she's a pro.
  • I liked how Lydia mentioned that the illusion place can't possibly be real and that Stiles said that they think it is which turned out to be pretty important.
  • I liked how when Stiles tried to sacrifice himself by stabbing himself with Kira's sword that he saw in the reflection that this whole think was an illusion and that he ends up coming up with a divine move of his own and tells everyone that it isn't real and to just walk through it to escape it.
  • I liked how Stiles, Lydia, Scott and Kira worked together to get the Nogitsune where they want him then have Scott bite him and Kira stab which turned him back into a fly and then  Isaac trapped the fly and the Nogitsune was destroyed at last and Stiles didn't die because of this.
  • I'm glad that Aiden was the one that died because I also hated him and I don't think he could ever redeem himself but felt sad for Ethan and Lydia because despite their relationship's complete lack of depth seeing him dead had to hurt especially since she just lost her best friend a few hours earlier.
  • I liked that when Lydia saw Aiden was dead she hugged Stiles for comfort.
  • I liked that Isaac and Chris seem to be developing a bond with each other.
  • I liked the scene where Scott broke down about Alison's death and his mother comforted him.
  • I liked that Kira was talking to Lydia at the end of the episode because it seems they are developing a friendship which I would like.
  • I'm a little confused that Malia can actually go to high school consider she was coyote for eight years but I guess she really must be a fast learner. I also liked the brief look exchange between Lydia and Malia.
  • I liked that when Ethan and Danny broke up that Danny mentions that he knows that Ethan is a werewolf and that he has a pretty good idea about just how strange Beacon Hills really is.
  • I liked that Stiles was shown taking town his wall of evidence because it was sign of him finally being better.
  • I liked the scene where Scott taught Malia how to bring out her claws it was very nice and playful.
  • I liked how Deaton told Scott that things always regress to the mean and I liked how Scott took it mean that things will always get better but Deaton meant that things will always balance out.
  • I found it strange that Derek would talk to Stiles about the hunters looking for the she-wolf but it made sense once he wanted to know whether or not he was dreaming.
  • I loved that the She-wolf turned out to be Kate rather than Cora like Derek assumed it would be and I'm really interested to see what her role will be next season and I like that she's back because I've began to appreciate Kate a lot more after rewatching the show a couple of times.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Addiction(3.17)

                                                   Revenge: Addiction(3.17)Review

  • I liked how Victoria was offend when Pascal tried to buy her affections by buying her, her favorite painting and I liked that Conrad called Pascal an idiot for trying to win Victoria over with one grand gesture.
  • I liked how Nolan was looking into who the TWM looked into for Emily and I liked how Emily planned to get closer to Pascal to find out what he knows that she doesn't about the Grayson's.
  • I disliked how Daniel wants to go after Emily's friends in order to get her out of town and that he's involving Charlotte in them but I'm glad she seemed wary of the idea and told Daniel to leave Jack out of it.
  • I liked how when Emily be charming towards Pascal didn't work to get information because of the scandalous way her marriage to Daniel ended last episode that she came up with a new plan to get close to him right away.
  • I liked how Conrad tried to convince Victoria get with Pascal by telling her that he doesn't like the idea which of course lead Victoria to consider giving him a chance.
  • I liked how when Margaux was offered a job as an editor for a magazine in Rome that Jack encouraged her to take the job because he cared about her happiness more than he cared about his own.
  • I liked how Nolan introduced Emily and Javier by calling Javier his wannabe bestie and Emily his actual bestie.
  • I hated how Daniel convinced Margaux to stay by making her think that she has a reason to distrust Jack when it comes to his relationship with Emily because she doesn't at least not at this point although I'm glad she could tell he was manipulating her sadly that didn't keep her from being mildly jealous.
  • I liked how Emily's plan to get close to Pascal involved her hosting a party that involved gambling and all the benefits went to his favorite charity, I also like how she summed it up as his favorite virtue and vice.
  • I think it's nice that Jack cares enough about Emily that he's willing to encourage her to get back together with someone he hates because he can tell Emily really cared for Aiden but I really think that Emily's better off without Aiden.
  • I liked the scene between Victoria and Daniel where she tells him about her past relationship with Pascal.
  • I continue to hate Aiden with how much of an ass he was to Emily when she flew along way to come see him which obviously meant that she cares about him and he's just all bitter that she broke up with him while she was going through something traumatic. I also hate that Emily had to basically beg for him to forgive her even though he has done way worse things to her in the past and it was completely understandable why she broke things off with him.
  • I like Aiden's line "I'm not Nolan you can't give me the cold shoulder than expect me to save you the next day." because it shows why Nolan is so much better for Emily than Aiden could ever hope to be since Emily has a lot of issues being open emotionally so she's going to end up giving her loved ones the cold shoulder every once in awhile but Aiden doesn't seem to understand this about her while Nolan does.
  • I liked how Margaux won control of her magazine from her father by making him risk a scandal and being the one that could offer the solution to his problem and I liked that this led her father to seeing how capable she truly is.
  • I feel bad for Stevie with Conrad coming and confronting her about Jack and all the things that went wrong in their marriage because it's something that's clearly very stressful for her to deal with and Conrad only truly cared about getting back the deed to Grayson manor to give to Pascal to give to Victoria so those two could do business together.
  • I liked how when Daniel tried to make Emily look bad by asking her how she was paying for the party she pulled out his credit card and revealed she had been using it.
  • I find it odd that Charlotte found Javier's flirting with her charming rather creepy like I found it.
  • I liked how Nolan got Javier to leave the party by saying that he was considering letting him help him with his new project.
  • I liked that Jack was happy for Margaux when he found out she won control of her magazine but was wary of it once he found out that Daniel was involved.
  • I liked how even though Emily officially won the poker game against Victoria she knows that Victoria could have beat her so she knew to be careful about what she said to Pascal.
  • I liked that Emily was able to figure that Pascal had a camera in his office and pretty much refused to say anything else after that.
  • I liked how Victoria told Pascal that she wasn't just tracking Emily but hunting her.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan where going over how neither of them were able to find out who TWM by the end of the episode together.
  • I like that Aiden provide the information that TWM was his father and that he didn't come back for Emily since I hate their relationship but I dislike that he's such a jerk about it to Emily.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Disgrace(3.16)

                                                      Revenge: Disgrace(3.16)Review
  • I kind of loved how Daniel and Victoria bonded over Daniel being able to use his photos of Emily and Aiden to get a divorce from Emily and how Victoria wanted to have a front row seat to see him dump her.
  • I liked how Emily and Nolan were working together to look into Stevie's past to see what her connection to the David Clarke case was.
  • I liked how Emily wanted to keep Jack out of things as long as she could because she doesn't want to ruin his life anymore than she already has.
  • I understand Margaux's frustration with her father Pascal who she just asked for help getting rid of Conrad but he seems to be sticking around and making nice with Conrad far too long for her taste.
  • I liked how Emily's plan was to basically just find out as much information as she could from Stevie but had no plans to destroy her in anyway.
  • I liked that Jack asked Emily to leave his mom out of her plans and that she ended respecting Jack's request for the rest of the episode. I also liked that both Jack and Emily acknowledge that they are now in a good place with each other in their friendship and they really haven't been in one for quite sometime before this.
  • I like how Conrad wanted to meet with Pascal because he wants to merge their companies and that Pascal is completely uninterested in this idea.
  • I like the flirtation between Victoria and Pascal with Pascal being super interested in her and Victoria barely giving him the time of day expect when he gave her a designer gown for the opera.
  • I liked how Magaux and Jack are very honest in their relationship and that they both discuss their parental issues with each other and that Jack was able to relate with Margaux frustrations when it comes to her dad not letting her run her magazine.
  • I liked that when Daniel threatened to divorce Emily that she gave a preview of what she would say on the stand which had an impress display of emotions from her and how she would tell the world how Daniel shot her.
  • I liked how Emily told Nolan that while she does want to eventually divorce Daniel she wants to make sure that it is on her own terms.
  • I liked how Stevie was able to figure out that Emily was more than she claims to be while still not figuring out who she really is and I liked that Emily told her just that she was a friend to Amanda and believed in David Clarke's innocence.
  • I liked how Stevie ended up telling Emily pretty much all she knew about the David Clarke case because Emily has shown that she cared for Amanda.
  • I liked how Nolan found Javier a hacker that he met in prison that he offered to let stay with him if he had nowhere else to go, in his kitchen. Javier made me laugh quite a bit and I liked how Nolan was very frustrated to find him in his house but still let him stay.
  • I liked how Stevie convinced Jack that clear David Clarke's name is worth the risk and that she stated that cases like David Clarke's is why she became a lawyer in the first place.
  • I liked how Victoria pointed out to Daniel that Emily can't be bought so that means she is trying to destroy their family and isn't after their money.
  • I liked how Jack and Nolan worked together to break into the archives of this law firm to retrieve evidence on the David Clarke case and I liked how Jack was so nervous about things not working out.
  • I liked how in Nolan's meeting with the lawyers about patents that he refused to be shamed by how they kept bring up his legal troubles from last season and I liked how he didn't think he needed to make a comeback because his been around for years.
  • I liked how when the lawyers told Nolan that time was money he told them that he could afford it.
  • I liked how when the files weren't marked by dates that Javier had to end up helping Jack figure out which files were the ones that he had to grab.
  • I liked how Jack gave Emily the evidence that he had gathered and basically he wanted in on clearing her dad's name.
  • I liked how Nolan told Emily that he was sorry for helping Jack out without getting her approval about it first. I also like that when Nolan was talking about how he felt the need to prove himself that Emily told him he didn't have to prove anything to her.
  • I liked how Margaux demanded that her father leave and I was sad to find out that Pascal had been making her earnings look better than they actually where.
  • I liked how Margaux asked Daniel if he was ready to show their father's what they were made of.
  • I liked how Emily leaked the information of her faking her pregnancy in order to get Daniel to marry because she wanted to have a public break from the Graysons and make them think that they had won.
  • I liked how Emily finally allows for Jack to help her with her revenge plans a bit by the end of the episode and that Jack actually wants in on them. I'm also interested in Pascal's involvement with the whole David Clarke scandal.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Bates Motel: Caleb(2.03)

                                                    Bates Motel: Caleb(2.03)Review
  • I liked how when Caleb first showed up at the motel looking for Norma that Dylan was suspicious of him and I understood why he wanted to get to know his uncle because he never heard about him before or really much of anything about Norma's past so it's natural for him to be curious.
  • I liked that as soon as Norma saw Caleb she kicked him out of the house and that he did actually stay away from her the rest of the episode and I liked that Dylan was clearly concerned about her after seeing her reaction to him.
  • I liked the friendship that developed between Norma and the old play director Christine because I really enjoyed their interactions.
  • I liked how Norman showed he was worried about Norma after she told him her brother came to town because he knows what he did to her.
  • I liked how Norman quit the play because Norma didn't get in and I liked how Cody a girl around his age convinced him to join tech because it would be fun even though it's clear that the two of them have two very different definitions of what fun is.
  • I liked how Dylan told Zane that he wouldn't kill anymore of the other drug family's men after two of their guys were found dead because that would just led to an unless cycle of killing sadly Zane doesn't take his advice.
  • I liked how since Emma and the rest of the town thinks Bradley is dead she held memorial for her because she feels guilty that even though Bradley is dead she still doesn't like her.
  • I liked that Dylan tried to ask Norma about what happened between her and her brother before he decides to get know Caleb a bit better although Norma refuses to acknowledge how bad her reaction was to him at all.
  • I liked the interaction between Norma and Christine's brother George he seemed like a nice guy and I'm pretty sure that means that him and Norma won't develop into anything or he'll be revealed not to be nice.
  • I liked the interactions Emma has with that one guy that gave her a pot cupcake last season they were entertaining and I kind of like the idea of them strangely enough.
  • I understand why it's easier for Dylan to believe Caleb than Norma at the end of the episode because Caleb told him more about Norma and his childhood in one day than Norma had his entire life and he's actually nice to him.
  • I really hated how Dylan claimed Norma was lying about Caleb raping her because even though she does a lot of messed up things this is just something that I don't think she would ever even consider lying about because it's too horrible to say if it isn't true.
  • I was somewhat surprised to learn that Caleb is actually Dylan's father which would explain why Norma has such a difficult time with caring about him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Insatiable(3.23)

                                                Teen Wolf: Insatiable(3.23)Review
  • I liked that it was confirmed that Stiles that came out of the Nogitsune last episode is actually really although quite weak and that Stiles isn't possessed although the Nogitsune is still going around looking like him.
  • I found it interesting that the Nogitsune took Lydia because she was a Banshee therefore he wanted to use her powers in order to know when the Oni were close and also to feed off her fear a bit.
  • I find it interesting that Deputy Parrish said that he doesn't really know why he decided to move to Beacon Hills that he just felt drawn their which makes me think he may be supernatural since supernatural were said to be drawn there now.
  • I love how Kira is so concerned with keeping all of her friends save even though she just met them a couple of weeks ago and I like how much she wants to do anything in her power to stop the Nogitsune.
  • I like how Noshiko insisted on teaching Kira the game of Go because it would help her learn the strategy of the Nogitsune and that when Kira pointed out that it isn't game and Noshiko pointed out that it is to the Nogitsune.
  • I really love the moment where Stiles goes to see his dad for the firs time since he's been himself in awhile and they hug and his dad who clearly relieved to see Stiles as himself asks if it's over  sadly Scott tells him it isn't yet.
  • I liked how Derek and Chris acknowledge that they are no longer enemies anymore before they go on to point out that the Nogitsune is more powerful than ever so they don't need to come looking for them since he plans to hurt them eventually.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Meredith the girl from Eichen House who talked to a phone that was turned off is a Banshee and can help them figure out where the Nogitsune is took Lydia.
  • I'm really glad that some people started coming after the twins and shot them because they clearly earned this since they killed a ton a people in the past, also for a second there I thought Aiden was dead and was revealed because I thought that may have been the death of the episode sadly he wasn't and he wasn't the death of the episode.
  • I like how when Alison and Isaac found Lydia's car and Isaac told her he could sense that Lydia was angry before she was taken that Alison said that sounded like her, I like that the message that said not to come find her was written in the same way Alison and Scott's secret messages were in season 2.
  • I liked how Alison awkwardly asked Isaac if he was himself the night that they were together and I like that he said that he was himself and that they both enjoyed that night.
  • I liked that Meredith had wondered into Coach's class because she knew she had to pass on the information she heard and that Coach asked her what Insane Asylum then when Danny told him there not called that anymore what Nut House she escaped from, I found this moments funny.
  • I find it sad that Stiles was completely terrified when he woke up because he seems to still be afraid that him going to sleep can lead to something bad.
  • I find it very worrisome that when Scott touched Stiles he took his pain without even meaning to which I take to mean that Stiles is in a lot of pain which is pretty obvious since he's admitting that he's in any pain at all at moment and that he can't seem to get warm seems to be worrisome as well, also I really love how concern Scott is for Stiles well being.
  • I'm confused as to why Derek would go and save the twins I mean it was nice of him but I kind of assumed that he hate them like the rest of the pack which is probably true actually so still confused by his saving them.
  • I love how Kira told Coach that he needs to make sure that the orderlies don't take Meredith because people lives could be put in danger and than Coach asks who she is and she says her name and how she's new all cutely.
  • So I hate that one orderly guy from Eichen House even more which I didn't think was possible after he spent sometime unnecessarily insulting Coach for being a teacher.
  • I liked how Chris told Alison that he thought that it was time she graduated from their family's hunter's program by making her own bullet out of sliver which is family tradition and I love how Alison insisted that she make an arrowhead instead since the bow is her weapon it was a really nice moment between them.
  • I really hated how that Orderly guy took such pleasure in the chance to tase Meredith but I loved that Coach saved the day and attacked him.
  • I liked that as soon as Scott and Stiles got Meredith into the car Stiles asked her where Lydia was sadly she didn't know who they were talking about.
  • I both loved and found it sad in the scene where Alison feels the need to tell her dad in case she doesn't get another chance to tell him that she loves him and is proud of who they have became and then he kisses her on the forehead, lovely heartbreaking scene.
  • I liked the scenes where Stiles and Isaac worked together on getting Meredith to tell them where Lydia is, I liked how Isaac had suggested to torture her for information and then when Stiles rejected that idea as ridiculous he suggested to psychology torture and Stiles rejected that idea as well.
  • I liked how Stiles and Isaac kept telling her to listen and focus on the silence clearly a bit irritated and competitive with each other. I also loved how Stiles said he has more experience with Banshee's because of his relationship with Lydia but also enjoyed how Isaac shot back with and mental patients.
  • I liked how after Agent McCall told Scott that he left because he accidently knocked Scott down the stairs when he was little that Scott listed all the accidents that had happened around the house and said that there really no bog deal but his dad leaving and not contacting him for years is a big deal and still wants nothing to do with him.
  • I liked how Stiles and Isaac played along with Meredith's saying that the phone was ringing and that lead Scott to figured out where Lydia was.
  • I liked how after a conversation with her dad Kira learned that the aggressive style was her mother's not the Nogitsune.
  • I find it sad that Alison was in a rush so she cut her dad off from their phone conversation especially since he told her to wait.
  • I liked how Isaac untactful brought up that Stiles looks like he's dying and wonders if the Nogitsune is getting better as he gets worse.
  • I love how Scott showed concern for if hurting the Nogitsune would mean hurting Stiles and that Stiles said that he doesn't care if killing the Nogitsune would mean killing him because he can't stand the thought of anyone else getting hurt because of him. I also like that it was brought up that Stiles remembers everything that Nogitsune did which means he must be feeling a ton of guilt at the moment.
  • I liked that when Stiles makes Scott and Isaac promise not to let anyone else to get hurt because of him that Scott has to look away because he can't make a promise that would involve possibly having to kill Stiles.
  • I like how Alison said that she's here to save her best friend and that Scott says that he's here to save his and Isaac says he just didn't feel like doing any homework.
  • I liked how Kira and Alison had a standoff with Noshiko and her Oni.
  • I find it interesting that breaking Noshiko's last tail the Nogitsune was able to have the Oni become under his control.
  • I liked how panicked Lydia was once she saw that Scott and Stiles came to rescue her because she knows everyone else is there too and that one of them is going to die.
  • I liked how when Stiles started to pass out that he called for Lydia and that she stayed with him after he did pass out.
  • I loved how Alison destroyed an Oni and saved Isaac's life with her last arrow it was a super heroic moment and they type of thing that her character should be remembered for.
  • I loved how much pain it filled Lydia with when she felt that Alison had been stabbed and was going to die and how even though she wasn't watching it happen she could feel her best friend dying and she just completely broke down.
  • I liked how once Alison was in Scott's arm she asked if Lydia was okay even though she was dying.
  • I liked how Scott tried to take Alison's pain away and when she told him that it didn't hurt you could tell that it was then when Scott realized that Alison wasn't going to make it and he started to break down and then Alison kept telling him that it was okay even though she was anything but.
  • I loved and was extremely sadden by Alison saying that it was perfect because she got to die in the arms of the first boy she ever loved who she will always love and then Scott started begging her not to go because he knew there was nothing he could do to save her but he can't stand the idea of loosing her either. Then Alison starts telling Scott she has to tell her dad I'm not sure once since she doesn't get to finish her sentence but I'm pretty sure it's something like she loved him.
  • Alison's death was completely heartbreaking and cried all the way through it and when I was writing this review I cried multiple times and whenever I think of it's struggle not to tear up. This scene was brilliantly acted by Crystal Reed and Tyler Posey and I think it's pretty well written even though I hate Alison being dead I think this was a good send off even though I wish she didn't have to have one.
  • I liked how it showed Scott, Lydia, Isaac, Kira and her mom all breakdown after Alison had died of course with various degrees of emotion with Scott and Lydia expressing the most.
  • I thought it was sad that Chris showed up just seconds after Alison died because he just missed his chance at a goodbye.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Stories We Tell Our Young(3.06)

                                        Grimm: Stories We Tell Our Young(3.06)Review
  • I'm interested in why Renard has went to Vienna to meet with his family which many members of it still seem to want him dead and that he doesn't want anyone to know where he's gone.
  • I find the story of how the boy Daniel was believed to be possessed by a demon since there isn't any known method to deal with his condition to be frightening because it's not something anyone can explain or are willing to fight.
  • I liked how Nick tried to find a Wesson explanation about what is going on with the boy and that the one that he got was basically it's a Wesson spirit that posses non-Wesson children and are always dealt with by killing the child.
  • I liked the idea of the council with Wesson's having their own laws that they have to follow and I liked how Rosalee felt it was her duty to inform them of the child while Monroe was okay with just letting Nick handle things which would be very bad for him if the council ever found out about him keeping this type of thing from them.
  • I liked how Nick with the help of Juliette were able to figure out that Daniel was not in fact possessed but rather infected with a parasite and that killing the parasite would cure Daniel of his condition and I like that they were able to cure him.
  • I liked how Nick let the Council guy go in order to spread the word that cases like this can be cured by means other killing.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: El Cucuy(3.05)

                                                Grimm: El Eucuy(3.05)Review
  • I liked how Nick told Juliette about how is mom is still alive and that she found that information hard to believe and that he mentioned it was a lot to take in, in a short amount of time for him to when he found out.
  • I found the idea of Wesson that was vigilante to be pretty interesting because while killing the people who are clearly horrible is hard to consider a bad thing the horrific ways it rips out it's victims throats makes it impossible to seem like a good thing either.
  • I liked the scene where Nick and Hank got advice about what kind of animal or Wesson maybe the killer from Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee.
  • I found the idea that the Wesson was El Cucuy a type of Spanish boogyman that comes when many women pray for it to come and protect their area to be very interesting.
  • I liked how when Nick and Juliette where going through all his family's information about Wesson that Juliette brought up the idea that el cucuy might not even be Wesson.
  • I liked how when Nick and Hank found out that this seemingly nice harmless old lady was the killer that they were clearly shocked by this and that the lady brought up the fact that no one was going to believe she was capable of the crimes they wish to charge her with so there's nothing they can do about her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Struggle(3.15)

                                               Revenge: Struggle(3.15)Review
  • I was really sad that Emily destroyed the carving of the double infinity sign during her black out state.
  • I thought it was weird that Patrick was feeling so much guilt for killing Jimmy because this isn't the first time he accidently killed someone and Jimmy was actually an awful person so it seems weird that it's effecting him so much now.
  • I like that Stevie although probably hiding a lot more than she revealed to Jack in this episode really does care for him even though she wasn't able to be there for him.
  • I like how Emily went to Nolan once she realized what she did when she was blacked out and I liked how Nolan told her that at least she hadn't hurt someone and he tried to get her to put down the knife she was still holding although she didn't listen to him.
  • I liked how after Emily angrily told Nolan that she wasn't going to see a doctor that Nolan said that he would help her and that the two of them could leave town together.
  • I liked how when Emily said that she was going to kill everyone that Nolan told her to not to because it's something he knows that she would regret doing later and I liked how he called after her although that didn't stop her from leaving.
  • I like how Nolan went to Aiden to help with Emily basically because he knows that Aiden is the only person that can help her not because he trust or like Aiden and I liked that Nolan said that if Takeda was still alive he would have went to him over Aiden.
  • I really hated how Aiden was mad at Emily for things she did when she wasn't in her right mind and that he thinks that he doesn't have to help Emily yet the show still claims he loves her. I loved that Nolan pointed out that Aiden owes Emily since she rescued Aiden from himself many of times.
  • I like how Charlotte is working as a spy on Conrad and that he doesn't expect a thing because he just completely adores spending time with her.
  • I liked how Stevie helped made sure that Jack got the house he wanted but I also liked how Jack told her that she either needed to give him some answers about why she was never part of his life or stay out of his life.
  • I really disliked how Victoria blamed Nolan for Patrick being mentally unstable after killing Jimmy because he had no idea that him giving Patrick a little bit of information could lead to anything too bad.
  • I really disliked how Aiden's plans to help Emily just involved drowning her over and over again I know it ended up working out okay but it seems like something that should've made things worse not better.
  • I really enjoyed seeing the flashbacks with Emily and her dad from their last night and day together although they didn't add much new information I missed seeing them. I also liked that Emily always knew that Victoria hated her.
  • I really thought it was stupid for Emily and Aiden to make out where they did because I was sure that they would be caught and while I had this thought many times about this relationship I was finally right about it this time.
  • I liked how Nolan pointed out that Patrick has killed quite a few people since coming to town and pretty much said that Victoria was a bad influence on him. I also liked how Victoria pretended to want to kill Stevie in order to make Patrick believe that as long as he's near her she's going to have him kill people for her.
  • I liked how Jack confided in Emily about Stevie being his birth mother and that he revealed that the woman who raised him was who he thought was both his and Declan's mother and that he asked Emily for advice on how to deal with this situation and that she told him to be open to her, it was a very sweet moment between these two and I really love them as friends.
  • I liked how Nolan and Victoria were actually working together in order to get Patrick to leave town and I liked that although they working together on this task that Nolan did imply he took some small amount of pleasure in being able to break Victoria's heart.
  • I'm curious to find out why Conrad wants to see Margaux's father Pascal so much.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Stevie stayed away from Jack because she was a recovering alcoholic and that Conrad and Victoria where a trigger for her.
  • I love how Nolan gave Emily a new high tech infinity box that only opened to her touch.
  • I'm curious as to why Stevie thought about representing Emily's father at one point.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: De-Void(3.22)

                                             Teen Wolf: De-Void(3.22)Review
  • I liked how the Sheriff tried to see if Stiles was really Stiles by having him put on handcuffs although it soon became clear he was the Nogitsune
  • I liked the part when Chris threatened to shoot the Nogitsune but since the Nogitsune is in Stiles's body the Sheriff threatened to shoot Chris if he did that, this scene was very tense so enjoyed it. I liked how Alison noticed that this was causing Strife which is exactly what he Nogitsune wanted.
  • I liked how the Nogitsune manipulated everyone into protecting him against the Oni.
  • I'm curious as to why Noshiko called off the Oni considering it was clear that she still intended to defeat the Nogitsune somehow.
  • I'm really confused why the Nogitsune was able to produce a lot of flies that could be used to manipulate people by stabbing Stiles's body with Noshiko's last tail.
  • While the fly going into Isaac's blood stream really messed with his mind I'm glad that it ended up healing his body.
  • I liked how Scott let Kira stay at his place since she didn't feel comfortable going home after learning everything she did about her family during the last episode. I also like that Scott gave Kira his bed but she insisted that they share it and that they shared a kiss.
  • I liked how Alison asked her dad if he really would have shot Stiles and that he answered he honestly didn't know. I liked that it was revealed that Alison took the firing pin out of his gun before hand and I liked that he sort of complimented her on her leadership skills and that we could see she felt a lot of pressure for having to live up to that expectation.
  • I liked that when Alison saw Isaac in her room and healed that while she was happy to see him she also pointed out that he shouldn't just walk out of a hospital.
  • I actually enjoyed Ethan and Danny's scene because it reminded me that I don't really hate Ethan it's just Aiden I hate. I also liked how even though it was because of a fly he did express resentment towards his brother and how it's always about him.
  • I liked how Isaac said that some people are dangerous and that he doesn't feel like the twins deserve to have a second chance and then he goes off to kill them, I'm kind of sad he didn't succeed.
  • I liked how when Peter saw Derek trying to set up a chess bored and after Derek told him why he was doing so that Peter told him that the Nogitsune isn't playing by any rules and that chess is Stiles's game not the Nogitsune's.
  • I liked how Lydia was hearing what she thought was GPS but it was actually something to do with banshee abilities/connection with Stiles that led her to his injured body.
  • I liked how Deaton was able to keep the Nogitsune from hurting anyone by using kanima venom on it.
  • I liked how the Nogitsune only warned Aiden that Ethan might be in trouble after he already knew a fly was in his system and therefore would be more likely to kill his brother than save him.
  • I liked how they put duct tape over the Nogitsune's mouth because words are a powerful weapon for the Nogitsune.
  • I liked how Deaton brought up that he was unsure of the translation that said to change Stiles body and that Scott brought up that Stiles might not even want it considering he has never brought up wanting to be a werewolf before and that Deaton mentions it could just as easily save him as it can kill him. I just really glad that they all considered all the reasons they shouldn't just bit him.
  • I think that the Nogitsune is a pretty good actor and it was shown several times in this episode like when he cried and Melissa thought that he was Stiles so she took the tap off his mouth. I'm really curious about the secret about Agent McCall considering what the Nogitsune said about if Scott knew he'd hate Melissa which I don't think is true but it makes me really curious.
  • I liked how they brought Peter in for some advice on how to get Stiles back and that he told them it was more about the mind than the body so that put an end to the idea of turning him into a werewolf.
  • I find it interesting that Peter only helped because Lydia agreed to tell him the name of his child and that Lydia didn't want Scott finding out about this deal.
  • I liked the whole concept of Scott and Lydia having to go inside Stiles's head in order to lure him back out of it.
  • I liked how when Scott and Lydia were at first strapped down that Lydia reminded Scott that he was a werewolf and has supernatural strength and can break them free of their restraints.
  • I liked how Scott and Lydia got separated for a bit and were brought to places that would distract them.
  • I loved that when Lydia was back in her dress from Formality(1.11) that the song that played was Not Just a Girl because that's the song Stiles and Lydia danced to and since it's in his head that means that he remembers the song and also exactly what she was wearing which makes me very happy.
  • I liked the scene with Scott and Alison making out in her closet and giggling and her telling him to be quiet since their hiding, it was a very cute scene and made me realize how much I miss this two together.
  • I found the scenes where Derek goes over to Chris's place and ties him and threatens to burn him in a fire just like his sister burnt his entire family alive were very frightening to see Derek go just completely psychotic.
  • I liked how Ethan and Aiden fought and Ethan brought up that Aiden is a psycho and kills anything in his path and I liked that they completely turned on each other and tried to kill each other.
  • I liked how Isaac knocked out Ethan and Aiden in order to kill them and that he remarked that if he was witty he should say something at that moment but he's not witty.
  • I liked how Peter yelled Lydia's name in a way that was similar to how Stiles yelled for her at the end of Formality and I wonder if that brought back the memory to Lydia that Stiles was the one that saved her, I really hoped it did because I want her to know about that so badly. I also liked that it helped her to find Stiles and not be distracted by the Nogitsune's hallucinations.
  • I liked how Scott figured out that his mind was being manipulated when he remembered that him and Alison weren't together anymore and that him and Lydia met up and found where Stiles was.
  • I liked how Isaac was intent on burning Ethan and Aiden in order to punish them for Erica and Boyd's deaths I just love that he holds them accountable for both of those deaths.
  • I liked how Alison and Kira worked together to make sure that Isaac, Ethan and Aiden didn't kill each other. I really loved the way that at one point the two of them traded weapons even.
  • I liked how Agent McCall actually saved the Sheriff's job and that he admitted that Beacon Hills is just a place where really weird stuff happens and no one could probably solve many of those cases. I also liked that he admitted to wanting to talk to Scott and this scene also made me curious about his secret.
  • I liked how Chris had Derek at gun point but told him he didn't want to have to shot him and I'm glad he didn't have to in the end.
  • I liked how Lydia reminded Scott that even though Stiles isn't a werewolf he's still pack so he could call him and I liked that it actually did get Scott's attention.
  • I found it super weird that Stiles/Nogitsune threw up a bunch of wraps and that it turned out to be Stiles and not the Nogitsune in them, I don't understand how that makes sense.
  • I'm pretty worried about Lydia since it seems the Nogitsune took her with him and she might not know he's the Nogitsune.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: Manic Pixie Dreamgirl

                                              Manic Pixie Dreamgirl Review
Manic Pixie Dreamgirl is about how a boy named Tyler Darcy falls in love with the idea of a girl named Becky Webb and ends up writing a story about her and this and his overall obsession with her leads to conflict in has other relationships especially the one with his girlfriend Sydney. This story shows how Tyler has a crush on Becky starting during his freshmen year of high school which he spends admiring her from afar and making up an entire personality for her that has little to nothing to do with who she really is.

This book does a really great job of showing that for all Tyler claims to love Becky he has no idea who she is since even once they start spending time together he chooses to rewrite any personality trait of hers that doesn't fit with his idealize image of her. I also love how this book shows that Tyler's girlfriend Sydney is actually pretty awesome and that it's always clear that she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she is by Tyler and that he's an asshole for dating her when he's so obsessed with Becky.

Although Tyler through out the book tries to ignore all the aspects of Becky that he doesn't like it's quite clear that she's not the sweet smart innocent girl that Tyler writes about in his stories by any means but she is still plenty likable. Becky is really very messed up and isn't really equipped to be in a romantic relationship since she was never really loved and doesn't see sex as a romantic thing but more of a robotic thing so a relationship for those two could never work and she really needs Tyler to be there for her as a friend.

I overall loved this book even though I spent most of it thinking that Tyler was an asshole but I loved the book for showing that what Tyler was doing is wrong and cruel because there are books(such as Anna and the French Kiss) that thinks it's romantic and good for a guy to be in love with a girl other than his girlfriend when he's in a relationship. I just love that this book wasn't afraid to call Tyler an asshole for his behavior and that the book never villianize Sydney or Becky like most other books would have. I liked how the story was told as well, please tell me your thoughts on this book.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men(1.15)

                                     Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Yes Men(1.15)Review
  • I liked how Lorelei dumped the first guy she used as soon as she found the leader of the motorcycle gang and she used him and his gang as his army.
  • I liked how Skye was trying to sneak out of bed but Simmons wouldn't let her since she was worried that she wasn't well enough yet. I also liked that Skye told Simmons how grateful she was that she saved her life.
  • I liked how Ward awkwardly tried to compliment Skye by telling her she looked better but since he's bad at compliments it didn't even really sound like one.
  • I like how Simmons really wanted to know what was in the stuff the gave Skye to save her but she was frustrated that Coulson wouldn't let her use more of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s resources.
  • I liked how when Simmons asked Fitz if anything seemed strange in the place they got Skye's medicine from he said that everything down there was strange.
  • I like Coulson is trying to figure out where Fury is and is asking everyone he can think of for his whereabouts.
  • I liked how when they detected that  Asgardians came to earth that Fitz seemed somewhat revealed since he knows they have a good relationship with earth.
  • I liked how Lady Sif just appeared in the middle of the road where the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had tracked the Asgardian energy to.
  • I like how it was explained that Lorelei's voice and touch has the power to bend men to her will and that she was overthrown empires in the past using this ability.
  • I liked how when Ward defeated the former leader of Lorelei's men she decided that he should be her next warrior and I liked how Ward kind of tried to arrest her even though he knows her abilities needless to say Ward fell under her control.
  • I liked how the thing that took Lorelei's power away was a collar that took away her voice.
  • I liked how when Skye found out Ward was missing she demand that Coulson let her help in someway and that he told her that she was their best shot at tracking him down.
  • I liked how Ward took Lorelei to Cesar's Palace in Vegas after she told him that she wanted a castle for some reason this made me laugh.
  • I liked how Lady Sif let May use her sword for a bit and that she was impressed that May was trained in sword and she found it admirable that May chooses to fight with her hands but she warns her that would be dangerous against Lorelei.
  • I like that May said that Ward may try to kill her but he wouldn't be able to not because of their relationship but because May can beat him in a fight.
  • I did feel a bit bad for Lorelei when she spoke of the dark cell she was trapped in while she was unable to speak but her actions through out the rest of the episode shows that she really earned that punishment.
  • I felt bad for May when Lorelei tells her that the person that Ward has feelings for on the team isn't her but I did like that implication since it meant that Ward still felt something for Skye which is something I ship on this show.
  • I like how Ward apologized to May after he was out of Lorelei's control but May still made it clear that things were over between them but also that she wasn't anger at him.
  • I liked how when Coulson told Skye that medicine that healed them is alien and he didn't know much of anything about it that Skye's response was so what because she's been in the dark about who she is her whole life so this isn't anything new to her.
  • I like how Coulson is going to everything he can no matter what S.H.I.E.L.D. protocols say in order to find out the truth.
  • I was really surprised to learn that May knows what S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't want Coulson to know and that she informed them that he knows what they don't want him to know.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Bates Motel: Shadow of a Doubt(2.02)

                                      Bates Motel: Shadow of  a Doubt(2.02)Review
  • I found it a little strange that Bradley spent the whole night in Norman's basement before she told him that she killed Gil but I can understand why she want to tell him.
  • Even though I found it odd how Norma asked her doctor about blackouts I'm glad that she's taking Norman's blackouts seriously enough now to at least ask someone about them.
  • I find the whole thing with Gil's death setting off a potential war between the two drug families to be interesting and frightening.
  • I liked that Norma went to the library to check out books on mental health but I find it strange that what she seemed to take a way from her visit was that she and Norman should audition for community theater musical in order to bond more.
  • I find it interesting that Miss Watson's father is the head of the other drug family and I find all the stuff we have learned about Miss Watson's lifestyle after her death to be very interesting as well.
  • I liked that Dylan kind of guessed that Norman might know what's going on with Bradley and that you could tell he suspected that Bradley might've been the one to kill Gil.
  • I think it's worrisome and dangerous that Zane the new guy in charge of the drug operation is pretty much reckless idiot.
  • I like that Norman was helping Bradley get out of town and start over and didn't seem to try to be anything more than her friend.
  • I think that for someone who claims to never sing that Norman is quite good at singing.
  • I find it interesting that this drug dealer Kyle who dealt bad drugs, killed his ex-girlfriend and had had sex with Miss Watson shortly before her death who Romero is charging with her murder is someone that Romero clearly wants to take down but I also think Romero knows he didn't kill Miss Watson.
  • I liked how Norma confronted Norman about the pearls she found in his room that they both know are Miss Watson and while Norman is still thinking up other possibilities of what could have happened that night Norma knows that he killed her and she's so scared she's loosing Norman because of this.
  • I liked that Norman agreed to go through with the musical auditions for his mom after she broke down instead of driving Bradley to the bus station because Norma being happy was more important to him.
  • I liked that Norman called Dylan and had him drive Bradley to the bus station and that Dylan went through with it and had Bradley write a suicide note so that if anyone found out that she's Gil's killer no one would try to hurt her for it.
  • I found Norma's brother showing up looking for her to be frightening since I believe she mentioned last season that he use to rape her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top 10 Contemporary Books

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is my favorite book of all time so it's no surprise that it tops this list as well. I love that this is book where we just follow the main character Charlie through his freshmen year of high school because the plot is simple but this allows for a bunch of great character stories through out the book. I also just really love the way that Charlie thinks because it's so lovely and not like any other character that I've ever read.
2. Impulse: I really Ellen Hopkins books in general and this is my favorite book of her's that I have read so far. I love that this story starts with our three main characters recovering from attempting suicide and I love how we slowly learn what led them to the point of wanting to kill themselves. I really love that the three characters each have distinct voices and I really love the poetry form the story is told through.
3. Looking For Alaska: I really love how this story starts off as a going off to boarding school and just general teenage issues but half way through the book the story becomes darker and deeper. I also just really love the characters who had so much life to them and I love the way that the book was written as well.
4. Perfect: This book is a companion novel to Impulse and I like that it gave more depth to one of the characters stories in that book and also introduced us to the stories of 4 new characters. I love that this book dealt with the idea of trying to achieve perfection and how since perfection is impossible it's a very damaging thing to do and some of the characters learned this and other didn't.
5. Heist Society: I really love this fun light story about teenage con-artist that has lots of travel, heists, great characters and a nice dose of romance that at no point overtakes the plot which is a nice change compared to most YA novels.
6. Gallagher Girls: This is a nice fun story about girls spy school that has plenty of great friendship moments and mixes teenage girl and spy pretty much perfectly. As the series goes on the story gets more complicated and darker which I'm really enjoying. There's also a bit of romance that I enjoy quite a bit as well.
7. Tricks: This is a story about five teens who somehow end up having to sell themselves for various reasons and I really enjoyed how different each of their stories were and how they were told as well. I feel like this is a book that sounds a bit strange to say that I loved it but I thought it had a really good story to it although it was by no means a happy one.
8. The Fault in Our Stars: This is a book that is known for it's sweet romance and it's sad ending and while I agree that both those things are great parts of the book I also think that it's wicked sense of humor is also one of the major things that makes me love the book.
9. Tilt: While I always love the beautiful poetic writing of Ellen Hopkins I admit that the reason this book makes the list is only because of Shane's story(I didn't care much for Hardly's and Mikayla's stories). His story went in a way I never expected it to and I really loved him having a crisis of faith and just basically slowly falling apart wanting someone to notice and not wanting to bother anyone with his problems at the same time, it was a complicated story and one that I completely adored.
10. It's Kind of a Funny Story: This is the story about how the pressures of achieving became too much for a boy named Craig and how when he couldn't meet the especially high standards that he set for himself he became depressed to the point of being suicidal so he checked himself into the mental health wing of the hospital and slowly began the process of recovery.

TV Review: Revenge: Payback(3.14)

                                                      Revenge: Payback(3.14)Review
  • I liked how Emily went to see a doctor about her blackouts right away at the beginning of this episode to see if she had any brain damage because that's the smart thing to do when something like this happens.
  • I find it kind of funny that Victoria and Conrad are just causally discussing their second divorce to each other like it's totally normal to go through more than one with the same person.
  • I find it interesting that Patrick burnt down the gallery in order to get close to Jimmy but I'm unsure if his motive was to kill him or get to know him better either way I dislike that he doesn't listen to Victoria when she asks him to fire him since she's clearly still frightened by Jimmy.
  • I like that Margaux clearly told Jack about her deal with Conrad between the episodes and that it showed that him being involved with the magazine had caused quite a few people to quit on her.
  • I liked how Charolette asked Daniel to give her an internship at the magazine for her birthday and I liked that she ended up getting one despite the fact that he couldn't give one to her, I also liked that Daniel through her a big birthday party.
  • I liked that Emily went and told Nolan about her blackouts at the beginning of this episode and she had him hack into the security footage of the South Fork Inn and it was confirmed that nothing happened between Emily and Conrad. I also liked that Nolan had told Aiden to leave before Emily came over since he didn't want her to be uncomfortable.
  • I find it interesting that Conrad's first wife Stevie is now a very successful divorce lawyer and that Emily as part of some plan she made while blacked out with Conrad asked her to come to the Hamptons.
  • I found it very disorienting that when Emily would keep blacking out and that we in general didn't get to see her during the times she was blacking out so we would loose huge chucks of time with her which made it hard to connect with things through out the episode especially for me since Emily is my favorite character and I'm always the most attached to her story so not getting much of one for her this week really bothered me.
  • I loved that Niko had figured out that Aiden was the one that killed her father and that she drugged him stuffed him in a trunk the tied him up. While I think that Niko laid out a ton of great reasons as to why Aiden deserves to die but I didn't like that Niko planned to kill Emily to punish Aiden because none of the awful things Aiden has done are Emily's fault.
  • I really hated how Aiden tried to make it seem like he didn't to anything wrong with Niko because he may have told her the truth someday and he said that her father's death was by his own code but I'm glad that Niko didn't buy into anything he said because he was wrong about just about everything.
  • I liked how when Conrad gave Stevie a deed to Grayson Manor which is something that she had wanted during their divorce that she want it because she's happy now.
  • I liked how Margaux calmly ended a meeting that Conrad started at the magazine that he started without her being there and she told him that he isn't to do those type of things and that it's her magazine and she's the one that's in charge there.
  • I liked the exchange between Victoria and Stevie it was very entertaining and pretty bitchy which I always enjoy.
  • I liked how Nolan noticed when Emily went off the radar and spent what seems like all night looking for her when he thought she had blacked out.
  • I dislike that Emily blacked out so quickly after recovering from her first black out of the episode.
  • I liked that when Emily came out of her black out her first thought was to call Nolan to see what was going on.
  • I liked that Conrad seemed to be sincerely worried about Emily's well being when it came to Daniel.
  • I really felt Victoria's horror when she saw Jimmy talking to Charolette and thinking back to what he did to her and think he might do it to Charolette as well.
  • I like that Margaux noticed that Conrad's moving in on her magazine has something to do with getting her father's attention and she's determined to find out why he wants it.
  • I liked that it was explained that the reason Emily was separated from Nolan after she was blacked out was because she threatened to harm him if he followed her because while I don't like what her black out state self said to him it's the only reason that makes sense that he would leave her like this.
  • I like that Emily felt horrible for how she treated Nolan when she wasn't herself and said sorry for that and I liked that Nolan didn't seem to care about that but rather for her mental state and how he wished there was a way he could keep her safe from herself.
  • I liked that when Aiden left a ton of stuff at Nolan's place he was annoyed rather than concerned about him.
  • I liked that black out Emily made sure that Niko found evidence to link Aiden to her father's murder and would then kill him.
  • I really hated how Jimmy went to attack Victoria after he realized who she was and I liked that Patrick defended her and that Victoria told him the same thing he said to her when he raped her while he was dying on the floor.
  • I enjoyed the fight scene between Emily and Niko and I liked that Emily won it by herself but I still dislike Niko trying to punish Emily for Aiden's crimes.
  • While I'm glad that Aiden convinced Emily not to kill Niko I hated how he tried to make Niko seem like she was in the wrong for wanting vengeance for her father's death despite the fact that everyone in that room has devoted their lives to vengeance.
  • I really hated how Aiden got mad at Emily for trying to kill him right after she told him that she had been blacking out and had no idea that she did it or why she did it or what she might do next. I hate how Aiden made it all about himself again even though she's clearly going through something really scary and traumatic that she can't control and could really use some help but he's still just mad at her for breaking up with him.
  • I liked how when Daniel tried to tell Charolette that he thinks that Emily's planning something with Conrad that Charolette points out that makes no sense because as far as she knows Lydia shot Emily, so I like that Charolette now seems a bit suspicious of Daniel.
  • I liked how Nolan brought up that Emily maybe should see someone about her black outs because she may be coming down with the same mental illness that her mother had which I think it's implied that she when she was on medication she handled her illness pretty well it's just she was off it most of her time on the show.
  • I liked that Emily broke down a bit to Nolan about how she's going after the wrong people and she's afraid she might have what a mother has and I liked that he comforted her with a hug and that she let him.
  • I was very surprised to find out that Stevie is Jack's mother.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, March 7, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Fox and the Wolf(3.21)

                                      Teen Wolf: The Fox and the Wolf(3.21)Review
  • I found it a bit strange that the show decided to open with a flashback to 1943 considering that this show isn't one that does flashbacks very often and there was no narration to tell us why we were shown this.
  • I found it pretty creepy how the Nogitsune seems to be able to use flies to manipulate people and the whole thing where it did something to Mr.Yukimura was frightening.
  • I find it interesting that the photo that was found in Eichen House last episode was a picture of a girl that looked very similar to Kira from 1943.
  • I liked how Scott told Kira that she needs to talk with her mom about what's going on since it clearly all leads back to her family in some way.
  • I liked how Kira demanded answers as to what is going on with who are mom is and who she is and basically wanting answers for everything that's going on.
  • I was surprised to learn that Kira's mom was the one from the photo from 1943 and that she is actually 900 years old. I also liked how Kira asked her dad how old he was after finding this out and he answered 43 but some people say he still looks like he's in his thirties.
  • I liked that Mr. Yukimura didn't tell Alison about Oak creek because he knew of her family's history and wasn't sure that they could trust her.
  • I liked how the Deputy didn't want to give Chris back his taser because it was too powerful to be safe.
  • I'm glad that by the Sheriff revealing that Stiles and his mother's brain scan where the exact same which is medically impossible which means that the scans are definitely the work of the Nogitsune.
  • I like how the Sheriff figured out that the Nogitsune isn't just fighting to take control of Stiles body but also his mind and that the Nogitsune is probably trying to make Stiles give up hope.
  • I liked how Kira was uncomfortable about hearing about her mother's love affair back during WWII times although I did actually enjoy the story quite a bit.
  • I liked how the Sheriff told Alison that he was amazed that all of them were able to do everything that they do and still go on with their daily lives.
  • I liked that Alison had a moment when she broke down and talked about how she's terrified all of the time, she has no idea if Isaac's dying or not or if she made a mistake by ending things with Scott and she's actually failing econ. I also liked that the Sheriff comforted her and told her she sounded like a cop.
  • I liked how the chaos in Kira's mom story that first occurred was because of something quite human people dying of an illness finding out that someone was stealing and selling medical supplies on the black market rather than as a product of a Nogitsune.
  • I find it interesting that Kira's mom seems to be quite distrustful of werewolves because she saw one reacted badly once to a highly stressful situation but then later on helps her defeat the Nogitsune.
  • I find it sad that Kira's mom is the one that called upon the Nogitsune to punish everyone for what had happened but then the Nogitsune ended up possessing her lover and she had to kill him.
  • I like how Kira told her mom that since she just found out that she's really 900 years old she doesn't know if she can ever trust her again.
  • I liked that Kira's mom told her that she's a thunder kitsune and that she can make a bolt of lightening.
  • I liked how when Kira's mom said the way to save Stiles was to kill him you could tell that Scott found that answer completely unacceptable.
  • I liked how the Sheriff pointed out that while the Nogitsune was getting people killed he's more of a trickster than a killer so that had to think of him in that way in order to catch him
  • I find it kind of hypocritical that Kira's mom seems to be blaming Scott, Stiles and Alison for awakening the Nogitsune when they had no idea they would be doing that, they really were only thinking about saving their parents lives which is in no way evil or deserving of punishment and there would be no Nogitsune to awaken if she hadn't of summoned it in the first place.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I(1.14)

                                  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I(1.14)Review
  • I liked that the team got Skye to a real a medical center in order to treat her wounds.
  • I liked how when Fitz started to blame himself for happened to Skye that Simmons and Ward reassured him that it wasn't his fault. I also liked that when it sounded like Ward was going to start blaming himself that May pointed out that the only person that the should be blaming is the guy that shot her Ian Quinn.
  • I found it extremely sad when the doctor told Coulson and the team that Skye probably wasn't going to make it through and it was even more sad when the doctor said that they should call her family since Skye doesn't really have any but it was heartwarming when Coulson said that the team is her family.
  • I loved how after hearing that Skye was probably going to die that May went to beat Quinn to death, I really liked seeing May so upset about this because she's not usually very emotional and she probably has the least close relationship with Skye so it was great to see how much she truly cares about Skye in this scene.
  • I loved that Coulson was willing to do anything to save Skye's life including going to the people who saved him.
  • I liked that Coulson told the rest of his team about how he died for days and then was brought back to life in order to let the rest of the team know what he was trying to do help save Skye.
  • I liked how Coulson had Fitz and Simmons look through his file to try to figure out how he was saved and how it could be used to save Skye and that Coulson mentioned he understood less than half of what was in there.
  • I liked how May told Ward that it's important for people like them to have people like Coulson because he doesn't give up hope when all seems lost.
  • I liked the character Garrett who seemed to be an old friend of Coulson's and was Ward's S.O. which gave nice little bits of backstory for all of these characters.
  • I liked how Coulson was able to convince Garrett to let him keep Quinn on the plane for questioning because he understood that if Skye died Coulson wanted to make sure that Quinn did to.
  • I liked how Ward was clearly a favorite of Garrett's and that the guy Triplett who was currently working with Garrett was clearly jealous about this.
  • I loved how rough Garrett was with Quinn because he had lost his own guys to Quinn in the past and even though he doesn't know Skye he still thinks he's scum for shooting her.
  • I find it interesting that the clairvoyant wanted Quinn to shoot Skye in order to find out how Coulson was healed.
  • I find it interesting that even in the file that Coulson got about his death is still filled with secrets and even Fitz and Simmons could only understand 70% of it.
  • I liked how Simmons mentions that she wasn't sure if they should use the methods that saved Coulson on Skye because of ethical reasons.
  • I liked that while May wasn't against Coulson trying to save Skye she was still worried that he was doing exactly what the clairvoyant wanted him to do and I liked that Coulson was fine with that as long as it saved Skye.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons were able to find out where to get the stuff to save Skye from finding a paper trial in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s records and I liked that when they came to an encrypted file that there first thought was that Skye could have cracked it and that they solved it by thinking of what Skye would do in that situation.
  • I liked that Coulson, Ward, Fitz and Garrett broke into the place to get the medicine to save Skye and I liked how Fitz helped with getting into the place by hacking into the electrical system.
  • I liked how Simmons described Skye as someone she couldn't be more different from but also someone she couldn't imagine living without.
  • I'm glad that Skye was saved in the end even though the stuff that saved her came from this alien guy who may have still been alive but was being used to heal people.
  • I'm curious about the lady Lorelei from the end of the episode who stole this sweet guy from his new bride.

TV Review: Bates Motel: Gone, But Not Forgotten(2.01)

                                   Bates Motel: Gone, But Not Forgotten(2.01)Review
  • I liked how after Norma heard about Miss Watson's death that she became slightly suspicious that Norman may have been the one that killed her since she knows he was with her the night before.
  • I liked that Norman was really upset by Miss Watson's death even though he was the one that killed her he clearly didn't know this.
  • I liked how Norma pointed out that Norman only knew one side of Miss Watson and I liked how you could tell that Norma was just holding out some hope that Miss Watson wasn't as nice as she appeared to be since she so badly didn't want Norman to be looked at as a person of interest in her murder.
  • I was surprised by Bradley's suicide attempted early on in the episode but I was glad to learn that she survived it and then spent several months in a mental hospital.
  • I liked that there was a 4 month time skip early on in the episode because that passage of time I think really helped the story.
  • I liked that the motel was actually having pretty good business and that this put Norma in a better mood than normal.
  • I liked how when Norman was working on taxidermy and said just let me finish this that Norma pointed out she had no idea how long that would take, I also liked that she was concerned with how much time he spent working on taxidermy.
  • I don't really like how Norman sent letters to Bradley everyday when she was in the hospital because after awhile it just comes off as creepy rather than thoughtful.
  • I liked that Dylan wanted to start paying rent to Norma and while I think Dylan did have a point about how the entire town is run on drug money I can understand why she doesn't want to take money that comes from that business.
  • I liked that Norma was really concerned about Norman not being able to get over Miss Watson's death and his whole thing with spending more time with the dead than the living because this is something that should worry a parent so I'm glad that these were her concerns for Norman this episode.
  • While the whole thing with the building a new main road is crappy deal for Norma and I understand why she's so upset I think it's completely unrealistic that she can do something to stop it.
  • I liked that Bradley seems to be distant and a lot more screwed up than she was before since returning from the hospital. I find Gill being willing to give Bradley some information about her father (that Bradley is clearly desperate to get) only if she's willing to do sexual things with him to be majorly creepy.
  • I liked that when Norman came over to Bradley's that he told her that he would always be there for her as a friend, I'm glad that he said as a friend because his crush on her creeps me out a bit at this point.
  • I liked that Dylan warned Bradley to stay out of drug business stuff because he was afraid that she would get hurt if she kept looking for answers.
  • I like that Dylan didn't contact Bradley because he knows Norman likes her and he didn't want to cross that line with him but I understand why Bradley would be upset with him because she really needed to talk to someone while she was in the hospital and he was really the only one she felt she could trust.
  • I think that Norman going to Romero about Miss Watson just ended up making himself seem suspicious.
  • I liked how Norman tearful told Norma what he remembered about the night that Miss Watson died and that even though Norma convinced Norman he didn't do anything wrong you can tell she's pretty sure that Norman killed Miss Watson during one of his blackouts.
  • I found the scene where Bradley seduced and killed Gill to be pretty disturbing but I really do think that Gill deserved what he got for being such a creep.
  • I like how Bradley went to Norman after she killed Gill and I'm really looking forward to where this storyline could go in the future which surprises me quite a bit.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: One Night Stand(3.04)

                                               Grimm: One Night Stand(3.04)Review
  • I liked how this episode dealt with a family of naiads who are mermaid like creatures because well I like anything that deals with things that are similar to mermaids.
  • I find it interesting that the two older sisters Sarah and Anna were willing to let their future husbands drowned two guys because of tradition but Ellie the younger sister claimed that she loved one of the guys Jake so she saved him.
  • I liked how Monroe worried a bit about where to put all of Rosalee's stuff in house considering how much stuff he already has and how when he tried to get rid of something of his he ended up telling the whole history about it and Rosalee told him that he didn't have to get rid of anything and that they'd find a place for everything.
  • I liked how they had to deal with the pressure of time restraint with the naiads only being able to stay out of the water for 24 hours so they had worry about that as well as trying to figure out who were the really killers.
  • I'm glad that the future husbands were arrested since their whole worshipping of the old ways seem to have gotten a lot of people killed or hurt.
  • I'm glad that Renard is finally considering that Adelind might be the one carrying royal blood.
  • I wonder if the email that Nick got that Juliette read about the royals was from his mom, I think it probably is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top 10 Popular Authors I Haven't Read

1. Cassandra Clare(The Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices): Okay technically I have read something written by her it just wasn't a book it was a defense piece on Sansa Stark which I loved because well I usually love those type of things and I'm fond of anyone who loves Sansa Stark. But I haven't read any books by her since while the overall plotlines of her series sound interesting I hear there's a lot about love triangles as well which I hate and there's some incest as well which while not a deal breaker for me makes me a bit uncomfortable.
2. Libba Bray(The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, The Diviners, Going Bovine): I've actually have really wanted to read The Gemma Doyle trilogy for years now and there's no real reason as to why I haven't already but I haven't and I also think that The Diviners sound pretty interesting as well. Although I have no real interest in Going Bovine I hear a lot of good things about it.
3. Veronica Roth(Divergent): I have heard a lot about Divergent and in all honesty I'm not all that interested in reading the actual books but I do like seeing the whole sorting characters from other fandoms into the different fractions. So I may try out the movie and see if I have any interest after seeing it in the rest of the series.
4. Lauren Oliver(Delirium): I hear a lot about Delirium in the book blogging community and while it sounds exactly like the type of dystopian I'm not interested in reading I think I'll check it out someday since people's opinions I trust seemed to think this is a great book.
5. Neil Gaiman(Stardust, The Graveyard Book): I haven't read anything by him but I did watch the episode of Doctor Who he wrote which was great so I'm definitely interested in reading some of his work since it sounds interesting and I already know he's a good writer.
6. Lauren DeStefano(The Chemical Garden Trilogy): Wither sounds like it would be interesting but I'm not sure if I'll like it and in all honesty 90% of the reason that I want to read her books is because I read on her blog that she's a fan of Cardcaptor Sakura which is one of my favorite series of all time.
7. Richelle Mead(Vampire Academy): I've heard mixed things about the Vampire Academy books over the years but the trailer for the movie looked funny and my favorite tumblr blogger is a big fan of the series so I might try out the books someday.
8. J.R.R. Tolkein(The Lord of the Rings): I watched all three of The Lord of Rings movies and I hated them therefore I will never read these books which I hear has random songs through out them as well.
9. James Patterson: I think he writes crime novels and I'm not too interested in that or anything I heard about his books so I probably won't be reading them.
10. Sarah Dessen:  I've read a lot of the back covers of her books it just seemed like they wouldn't be my thing for one reason or another.