Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 10 books I want to read this winter

1. Perfect: This book is by Ellen Hopkins who wrote Impulse and Identical two books which I loved but I  still haven't got a chance to buy this book so I still really want to read it.
2. Never Have I Ever:I loved the Lying Game and I really want to read this book but I haven't had the chance to yet.
3. Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover: This is the third book in the Gallagher Girls series and I really want to read since I loved the first two books as well as Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals which I'm currently reading which are also by Ally Carter.
4. The Awakening: I loved the summoning and I really want to read this book to see what happens next but I haven't been able to read it yet.
5. The Lost Hero: I loved the Percy Jackson series and since this is set in the same universe I really want to read this book as well.
6. Anna Dressed in Blood: I want to read this book because it looks and sounds interesting but sadly I haven't been able to buy it yet.
7. Tricks: Another Ellen Hopkins book I've been wanting to read for awhile now.
8. Thirteen Reasons Why: I've wanted to read this book for years now but I'm still not able to sadly.
9.Paranormalcy: This book sounds really good but I haven't been able to read it yet.
10.Linger:I loved Shiver and I would really like to read the next book in the series.

I'm  sorry that most of the books were on my to be read in fall list but I haven't been able to buy a lot of books lately.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

TV Review: The Fades(1.05)

                                                             The Fades(1.05)Review
  • In this episode the fades are everywhere and can't be told apart from living people. I really liked the horror movie like atmosphere this episode had.
  • I really liked the relationship between John and Natalie in this episode and Natalie's character in general I'm sad that she's gone for good.
  • I'm not surprised that turning Sarah into a fade isn't going to turn out well.
  • I liked that in this episode pretty much everyone now knows something weird is going on and I'm glad they were told to leave town.
  • I liked the scene were Paul talks to his old therapist and I liked how he talked about his fear changing.
  • In liked the scene towards the end of the episode between Mac and Anna.
  • I find it interesting that Paul is the only that can kill the fades but I like that he doesn't want to just kill everyone but instead find a way to reopen accession.
  • I'm worried about Mac being kidnapped by Neil.
  • I really like John as a villain because he's very calm, creepy and intelligent and I like that he has a clear motive. I also like how John compared himself with Paul.
  • This episode or the one before it is my favorite so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review: Wings

                                                                  Wings Review
Wings is about a girl named Laural who discovers she's a fairy after moving to a new town. The story mostly deals with Laural coming to terms with her true nature but in the last part of the book it deals with her having to make sure her parents don't sell their old home because the land is very important to fairies which is the reason why she was sent to live with humans.

I found the character of Laural to be rather boring other than being a fairy there's not really anything interesting about her. I really liked the character David who is Laural's human love interest he's really sweet and into science, I just love him. Tamini Laural's fairy love interest I kind of liked him but he was pretty much a jerk to David just because he knew about Laural being a fairy and I thought he act really immature in the parts where they interact which is especially noticeable since David was perfectly nice to him. I also really liked the character Charlotte she's a human friend of Laural's and she's really nice and bubbly.

I overall really enjoyed the book but I'm not sure I'll read the rest of the series since Laural seems to favor Tamini over David and since I feel the opposite way I'm guessing the next book would just frustrate me. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

TV Review:Grimm:Lonelyhearts(1.04)

  • In this episode there's a bluebeard who draws women to him and he has been raping and kinapping them for some time now.
  • I thought that the bluebeard was very creepy and made a good bad guy but I also think he ran a really nice bed and breakfast.
  • I enjoyed that in this episode we saw alot of Nick's and Hank's relationship in this episode.
  • I liked the scene between Nick and his girlfriend Juliet they're very sweet.
  • I found it funny that Monroe was sort of enchanted by the bluebeard in the bar.
  • I found it interesting that a ripper who was somehow related to the one that appeared in the first episode came into town seeking revenge and I wonder what Nick's boss really is and if there's a reason he hasn't tried to kill Nick yet.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 8 books I haven't read that are on my bookshelf

1.Fargile Eternity: I hear that this book focuses more on the relationship between Asilin, Keenan and Seth which I would be fine with as long as they don't make it a love triangle which from what I hear it did become a love triangle which disapoints me because I loved the relationship between Keenan and donia.
2.Here After: I got this book as a gift a long time ago and I have no idea what's it's about.
3.Girl, Interrupted: I've been meaning to read this book for the longest time but I've been putting it off because I fear it will be dense and I'm not really in the mood for dense.
4.The Phantom of the Opera: I here great things about this but I'm not sure if people are talking about the play, the movie or the book. I tried to read this three years ago but I found it really boring. 
5. Starcrossed: This was a gift but I'll probably read it because I've heard good things about it.
6.Criss Cross: I've got this book as a gift a really long time ago and I don't know what it's about.
7.Chassing Windmills:I got it as a gift.
8. Gone With the Wind: I want to read this book since I liked the movie but it scares me a bit since it's almost 1,000 pages long.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

TV Review:The Fades(1.04)

                                                            The Fades(1.04)Review
  • I thought it was really sad how Paul had to just watch everyone and I was mad when Neil refused to tell Mac that Paul said it wasn't his fault.
  • I was really intrigued by John and find him to be very scary with the whole eating human flesh even when he's in human form and that he's immortal.
  • I was angry when I found out that the angelics refused to help rebuild the acsenion ladder even though the fades begged them to.
  • I feel bad for the fades not only not being able to touch the rest of the world but also having to age as well.
  • I understood why Paul would lead John to the angelics but it didn't surprise me that things end really badly.
  • I really liked the friendship between mac and Paul in this episode because it was easy to tell how much the two of them really cared for each other.
  • I'm glad that in the end Paul didn't die and I liked that Anna was willing to take part in the spell even though that's not what ended up saving him in the end.
  • I felt that all the acting was really good in this episode.
  • I felt that this is the best episode so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Revenge:Charade(1.07)

  • This episode deals with the Grayson's strained marriage and by the end of the episode it seems like the relationship may be permantly damaged.
  • In this episode Frank discovers that Emily Thorne and Amanda Clarke switch identies when he finds the real Emily working as a stripper.
  • It's revealed that Tyler is a former rich boy who's now working a con in order to regain his wealth by using the Graysons. I was only slightly surprised when Tyler and Nolan started kissing, also I enjoyed Nolan having his own scheme.
  • I was happy that Emily confirmed that Daneil isn't a target especially because he continues to be a sweet decent guy.
  • I was kind of surprised by Ashley saying that she is only looking out for herself but that does make her Tyler more suit for each other.
  • I'm happy that Frank is out of the picture and I liked the real Emily for killing.
  • I'm curious about what's going to happen now that Lydia has woken up.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

TV Review: Secret Circle:Balcoin(1.09)

                                                 Secret Circle:Balcoin(1.09)Review
  • I enjoyed Faye and Adam working together and I liked that the circle found out about Jake being a witch hunter.
  • I liked Melissa's cousin Holden and his relationships with both Melissa and Diana.
  • I thought that it was nice that Cassie went to Diana for help on researching her family line since I miss the friendship those two had in the book.
  • I liked seeing scenes between Melissa and Diana.
  • For some reason I still ship Cassie and Jake and I'm glad that he really cared about her but I still don't like him.
  • I was surprised to learn that Cassie's ancestors became literal monsters due to their dark magic.
  • I'm worried about Jane and I'm curious about what the spell Charles put on her is actually doing.
  • I wonder who the second child of Blackwell in the circle is.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Revenge:Intrigue(1.06)

  • In this episode Emily sets out to have the Graysons destroy Frank using the tape Nolan got last week.
  • Through out the whole episode I found Frank to be extremely creepy and I'm worried about him learning Emily's secret.
  • In this episode I really liked Jack and Emily, I'm sad that Emily turned him down but I understood her reasoning.
  • I continue to dislike Tyler and I think he may not be who he says is and I hope that Emily takes care of him soon.
  • I liked that Charolette and Declan got together in this episode.
  • I'm sad that it seems like Emily and Nolan won't be working together anymore since I really like it when the two of them ineract.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, November 11, 2011

TV Review: Grimm:Beeware(1.03)

  • In this episode there is a bee creature that are attacking lawyers who are also known as hexon beast using flash mobs.
  • I liked that Nick investigates the case first  and through that learns that it's related to the fairytale creatures rather then assume it is. I also like that Nick does research to help solve the case.
  • In the scenes in Melissa's house I agreed with Monroe's comments that it felt like a horror movie.
  • I was glad to learn that the blonde women who tried to kill Marie in the first episode is a hexon beast named Adline Shade. I also just realized that she's working with Nick's boss.
  • It came as a surprise to me that the bee creatures were trying to protect Nick by killing the hexon beasts and I'm really curious about who will be coming after Nick now.
  • I enjoyed seeing Nick feel conflicted about doing his job and doing his duty as a Grimm, I'm guessing this will be a theme through out the season.
  • I think that this episode is my favorite so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Top 8 Books outside of my comfort zone

1.Catch 22: I dislike war movies so I figure I would dislike this book but I'm happy to report that I was wrong and I loved this book I found it extremely funny and the characters were interesting.
2.Reading in the Dark: I don't usually read historical fiction and this was surely historical fiction and I loved the story of this dsyfunctional family.
3.The Glass Castle: I don't usally read non-fiction but I kind of loved this book.
4.Vampire Knight: This book was the first manga I've ever read and I loved and I now own over 100 volumes of manga but I've stopped reading Vampire Knight because I only care about one plotline.
5.Impulse: I'm not really a fan of poetry but I loved this book and I also love Identical which is written by the same author.
6.Slaughter House Five: Another war book I enjoyed it but not as much as Catch 22.
7.Heart of Darkness: I'm not interested in the topic of this book and I hated how it ended up being more about the setting then the plot or characters.
8.Brave New World:I don't usually read books that involve a lot of sex but I loved this book probably because it didn't really describe the act and it was dsystopian.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

TV Review: Vampire Diaries:Homecoming(3.09)

                                              Vampire Diaries:Homecoming(3.09)Review

  • I really enjoyed seeing Stefan, Damon and Elena working together, I didn't realize I missed their dynmic until this episode.
  • I loved Rebecca in this episode, I liked how she told her father that he's the one that ruined their family and I felt bad for when she admitted she never been to a school dance before, I'm sad that she's dead now and hopes she comes back soon.
  • I liked that Damon saying Elena is like Katherine is considered a compliment to him, to me it proves he still loves Katherine.
  • I'm so happy that Katherine's still alive and She was great in this episode as usual, I knew it was her and not Elena since her first conversation with Klaus.
  • I'm kind of sad that Caroline and Tyler broke up but I understand why they did.
  • I thought that the plan they had with Micheal was actually really good and I'm a little dissapointed that it didn't work since a I'm pretty much sick of Klaus.
  • The scene with Klaus and his father made me feel sympathy for him.
  • I was surprised that Klaus somehow made it so that Damon would die if he did and I was even more surprised that Katherine cared for him enough to convince Stefan to interfer with the plan to kill Klaus. This made me so happy because Damon and Katherine is my favorite couple and it proved she kind of loves him and Stefan and Damon is my favorite realationship of the show.
  • I'm glad that Stefan has his humanity turned back on and I'm curious about what he's going to do with the originals in the coffins, I hope he brings Elijah back.
  • I was sad not see Jeremy or Alaric in this episode.

Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TV Review: The Fades(1.03)

                                                             The Fades(1.03)Review
  • I thought it was really weird that Paul grew wings when he was mastrubating.
  • I was sad that everyone forgot Mac's birthday but I'm glad Paul tried to make up for it the next day.
  • I felt bad for Paul when his sister was insulting him and I was weirded out that he was able to zip her mouth shut some how, I thought it was weird that his sister only reaction was to call him a freak.
  • I found it interesting that there's alot more angelics then we orignally thought there were and it's interesting that their all gathering together now.
  • It was interesting to see that Paul is now able to get vision while he's awake and they give him seizures.
  • I'm a little worry that Paul may die and I really hope doesn't.
  • I'm interested in the man from Paul's vision who awoke from that sack thing at the end of the episode. Also I was happy to see Joe Dempise in something again I know him from playing Chris on Skins and Will from that one episode of Merlin.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Secret Circle:Beneath(1.08)

                                                Secret Circle:Beneath(1.08)Review
  • I was glad to learn that Dawn and Charles are back to trying to get their magic back and I'm glad they have a crystal again.
  • I found it interesting that Faye's Grandfather's magic was able to lead them to his body.
  • I'm glad that the circle is taking the threat of the witch hunters seriously. I also loved that Adam doesn't trust Jake because it's true that he's untrstworthy.
  • For some reason I kind of like the idea of Cassie and Jake even though I hate Jake.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Charles being all badass again and I like his reasons for disliking Jane. I'm also curious how controling Jane's memory is going to work out.
  • I still really like Adam and Diana and I hope they get back together someday.
  • I thought that Phoebe Tonkin did a great job in the scenes when Faye was out in the rain and when she told her Mom that her Grandfather died.
  • I was sad that Melissa wasn't in this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Book Review: Wicked Lovely

                                                       Wicked Lovely Review

The book Wicked Lovely is about a girl named Aislinn who can see fairies and most of the fairies she sees are pretty violent so she does her best to stay away from them. But a fairy named Keenan believes that Aislinn is the one who’s destined to rule by his side as the summer queen. Aislinn has no interest in him and would rather be with Seth an older guy with a lot of piercing and Keenan is still love with Donia who became the winter girl after failing the test to become the summer queen.

I really liked the characters of Keenan and Donia, theior two characters I think that were put in tough positions but are doing the best they can to cope with it, also I love them as a couple. I’m okay with Aislinn in this book but she didn’t strike me as anything special. I think Seth is just there to be a perfect boyfriend to Aislinn which bothers me a bit and I think those two make a boring couple. I overall enjoyed the book and I found learning about fairy royalty to be very interesting. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

TV Review:Grimm:Bears Will be Bears(1.02)

                                              Grimm:Bears Will be Bears(1.02)Review      
  • In this episode the case is based off of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears, I thought that the show did a good job of updating the story.
  • I liked that the story with the people who we're trying to kill Marie last episode is on going and I believe it was confirmed that they were called reapers.
  • I continue to love Nick as a character and I'm glad that he used his profiling skills again. I also found his relationship between him and Juliet to be sweet.
  • I think it's interesting that Nick seems to have dreams that can tell him more about the case.
  • I liked that Monroe complains about helping Nick but he does it none the less.
  • I liked that Nick's goal isn't to kill the fairytale creatures but to stop them from hurting anyone.
  • I was sad that Marie died but she was badass til the end.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, November 4, 2011

TV Review: Vampire Diaries:Ordinary People(3.08)

                                 Vampire Diaries:Ordinary People(3.08)Review                        
·         I enjoyed learning about the originals and how they came to be. It was interesting to learn that the original witch was part of the original family but she didn’t turn because one can’t be a vampire and a witch at the same time.
·         I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Rebecca and Klaus, also I kind of love human Klaus and this episode helped me understand his character more.
·         I loved seeing Elijah again and I hope we see him in present day again soon and I liked the scene were Klaus, Rebecca and Elijah joined together.
·         I loved Rebecca in this episode and I felt like this episode gave her a lot more depth.
·         I loved that Damon and Stefan were together for basically the whole episode because before this episode I was really disappointed with the lack of scenes between those two. Also for  some reason their scenes kind of reminded me of History Repeating.
·         I find Michal to be really creepy and I’m not sure they made the right choice in waking him up. But I loved that he was able to make Stefan show some emotion.
·         I loved the scene were Damon and Stefan tell each other their humanity is showing and I loved that Damon seemed to be more upset by this then Stefan.
·         I also loved that at the end of the episode Elena told Damon that Stefan loves him more then he loves her. I really hope that by the end of the series it’s proven that Damon and Stefan love each other more then anyone else.
·         I was disappointed that Caroline and Jeremy weren’t in this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Review:1984

                                                                 1984 Review
The book 1984 is about a dystopian society were everyone is equal but this means that most of the citizens are poor. In this society the leader known as Big Brother makes sure that the citizens not even have a thought of disloyalty and if a person does they are erased. The main character of the book Winston is sure that the history has been altered but there’s no proof of this and through out the book Winston begins to dislike Big Brother more and more which leads him to try to join a rebellion known as the Brotherhood.

In the end Winston is taken by the thought police and he is tortured and re-educated to love Big Brother and forget the errors in logic that concern the past. I overall enjoyed this book, especially the last part that involved the torture and the thought police. I also thought it was really different that the book ended up with Big Brother winning. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Top 10 Books I Had Strong Feelings About

1. Perks of being a Wallflower: I absolutely loved this book and I couldn’t help but feel for Charlie and adore the way he sees the world.

2. The Iliad: I completely hated this book and all of the characters. The characters were horrible people and the plot didn’t really make much sense.

3. The Odyssey: I hated this book and the characters even more then I did with The Iliad.

4. Heart of Darkness: I hated this book because it focused far to much on the setting and had horrible format. I also hated that everything was a metaphor, seriously this book made me question whether or not the word the meant the.

5. The Book Thief: this book first made me love all the major characters and then breaks my heart when kills almost all of them off towards the end.

6. The Lying Game: I felt intrigued through out the whole book and it was nearly impossible to put down.

7. Hunger Games: Honestly this book disappointed me while I enjoyed it, I never felt it went far enough and it just ended up seeming like a less interesting version of Battle Royale.

8.Catch 22: This book made me feel conflicted because on one hand it’s really funny but on the other hand very serious things are happening and people are dying but I laughed so much while I reading this book.

9.Gallagher Girls: This series overall just makes me happy, I mean there are of course moments of sadness and other feelings but overall it makes me happy.

10. Heist Society: This book makes me feel pretty much the same as the Gallagher Girls series but I think I may enjoy this book even more.