Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Book Review: Sharp Objects

                                                      Sharp Objects Review
Sharp Objects is about Camille Preaker who is a reporter in Chicago who has to go back to Wind Gap Missouri to cover a story about to elementary school girls who were murdered in a similar way within the last year. Camille hasn't been back to Wind Gap since she graduated high school since she and her mother have also had a cold and distant relationship and everyone around town loves her mother which makes it an uncomfortable place to be. Going back to her home town and staying with her mother is the last thing Camille wants to do but she doesn't have a choice because of her job.

Coming back to Wind Gap brings up a lot of old bad memories for Camille considering that very little in town has changed since she was a teenager. Camille ends up finding out that the police don't seem to have any really clue who is behind the murders but she does learn that the killer took all the teeth out of the girls mouth after they were killed. The girls that were killed were girls that had a bit of a dark side to them and who rebelled against the conformity that Wind Gap puts its girls into which makes Camille like them but also makes her wonder if that was the reason that they were killed in the first place. Camille also gets to know her younger sister Amma who was born while Camille was in College and Camille sees that Amma is very popular and seems to be pretty good at controlling people.

Overall I really loved this book which has complicated characters in a dark situation that doesn't seem to have any solution that ends up with the characters being truly happy. This book has good writing and intriguing mystery that I feel is more about the why than the who is behind the killing which are intriguing reasons. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

Movie Review: Knives Out

                                                         Knives Out Review
Knives Out is about how a wealthy crime novelist named Harlan Thrombey  is found one morning with his throat slashed by his personal nurse and his remaining family gathers together after his death because a detective named Benoit Blanc believes that his death may have been a murder. The family that consist of Harlan's grown children, their spouses and his grand children all seemed to have a motive to kill Harlan since he got in some kind of argument with them that involved money on the night of his death. Harlan's nurse Marta is also called in to be questioned and it turns out that she has a disorder that every time she lies or even thinks about lying she throws up which makes Blanc want her help on his investigation.

This movie was a pretty fun one and with how it's revealed quite early what events led up to Harlan's death it makes the story take quite a different turn as to how a typical murder mystery story would go which adds something to this movie. There is of course a few twists in this movie even after we see Harlan's death that I didn't really see coming but made a lot of sense. This movie had a good story, interesting characters with good acting and directing as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this movie in the comment section below.