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TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: No More Blood(3.08)

                       How to Get Away with Murder: No More Blood(3.08)Review
  • I liked that in the flash forward that Annalise told Bonnie that she can't do this anymore because she can't see any end to the problems that she has to deal with.
  • I like that Laurel was mad at Frank for not being there for her when she needed him when he wants her to be there for him and I like that she told Frank that it's his fault that he has no one to turn to.
  • I'm glad that Bonnie went to tell Annalise that Frank is back and I liked that Annalise called Laurel and had her tell Frank that she would kill him if he came near her house.
  • I liked that when Connor was saying that his hooking up with Oliver doesn't mean anything that Michaela points out that he isn't good at separating sex and feelings when it comes to his relationship with Oliver.
  • I'm worried about Wes since he's been called in to give his testimony about seeing Charles Mahoney on the night his biological father was killed.
  • I like that Annalise cares about protecting Wes enough that she would be willing to use Frank to help protect him.
  • I really can't blame Wes for being worried after he hears that Frank spent the night at Laurel's place or not wanting to trust him at all to help him out.
  • I like that the president is asking Annalise to look over her divorce case because she wants to know if she has any chance to win her case.
  • I like that pretty much as soon as Oliver expresses interest in having sex with Connor again that Connor is more than willing to do so and I like that Michaela points out that he's failing at not having feelings.
  • I like how the one guy from the clinic points out to Oliver that he never seems to be able to get in the inner circle no matter how close he is to Connor.
  • I like how Connor and Michaela refuses to stall the hearing in order to help Wes out because they don't want to be involved with these kind of things anymore and for once it doesn't involve them so they don't have.
  • I like that Asher seems to be more shocked that Frank doesn't have a beard anymore than the fact that he has returned after killing Wes's biological father.
  • I like that Wes comes up with the idea of telling the court about his stay in the psych ward in order to get the hearing stall because he knows that they would want to do a psych eval after hearing about it.
  • I was surprised to find out that the woman who paid off Frank to go against Annalise all those years ago at the other trial that involved that family.
  • I liked how Laurel told Wes that Connor and Michaela were wrong to leave and I like that Wes told her that he only cares what she thinks of him.
  • I liked how Bonnie told Asher that Connor and Michaela weren't wrong to leave and that in this house something terrible is always about to happen.
  • I liked that Wes's lawyer was mad at Annalise for interfering in his case and that he truly seems to want to protect Wes.
  • I like that when Oliver was trying to figure out what is going on that Connor told him that he didn't want to talk about Annalise while they were in shower together because really who would. I also like that Connor was as honest as he could be with Oliver about what went on.
  • I like that Asher has a hard time understanding why Michaela doesn't care about what's happening with Wes and I like that Michaela tells Asher that she is just putting herself first.
  • I like that Asher asked Michaela about why her mom called her and I liked that he seemed to at least convince her that maybe she should listen to her mom's voice mail the next time she calls.
  • I liked that Annalise told Frank that he shouldn't hurt the woman or her child when he was in her house.
  • I dislike how Charles Mahoney's lawyer keeps accusing Wes of making things up based off of her very little evidence even though she's right because most eye witness testimonies are wrong because their unreliable memories not because they are lying.
  • I like that Charles Mahoney alibi was taken away from Annalise having a burner phone and phone called made from the alibi's home phone in order to make sure everyone believes he's guilty.
  • I understand why Oliver wants to know about the things that Connor is hiding from him and I think that he's right that love is about completely knowing someone and I also think he's right that Connor fears that he wouldn't want to be with him if he knew the truth but on the other hand I think Connor is also right when he tells Oliver that it's not his place to tell Oliver the truth because the truth involves a lot of people not just himself and while Oliver can argue that isn't true he doesn't no how bad what Connor is hiding from him really is.
  • I can understand why Oliver thinks that Connor doesn't really love him and instead uses him as an escape from all the trauma that he went through with things with Annalise but I also think it was wrong of him to call Connor damaged and that clearly really hurt Connor.
  • I liked that Wes told Laurel that he would look out for her like she has always looked out for him.
  • I don't think that Asher should have answered the call from Michaela's mom because she won't be happy about that.
  • I really don't think that Frank killing himself will make things any better for Annalise but I can't blame her for not admitting that to him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Bad Blood(1.08)

                                            Shadowhunters: Bad Blood(1.08)Review
  • I liked how Izzy used her whip to get the cup away from Clary and Jace when they were talking to each other when staring super intensely at each other, I just thought that was a good way to bring those two back to reality.
  • I like that it was explained that the Institute has wards that prevents anyone with demon blood from entering without an invitation but I also like that Alec points out that Valentine their true enemy is a shadowhunter so the wards won't keep him out of the institute so they cup isn't safe there.
  • I like that Izzy agreed with Alec that the cup should be given back to the Clave and I wonder if they had given the cup to the Clave at this point if it would've gotten back to Idris before Valentine had a chance to steal it or if Valentine would've found a way to get the cup regardless of what they did.
  • I understand why Clary wants to keep the cup with her because it really is the only thing she has to bargain with Valentine for her mom's life but I really don't understand where her confidence comes from with her believing that she won't give up the plot to Valentine but since she never end up doing that I guess her confidence was well founded.
  • I like that Alec allows Clary to keep the cup in the institute rather than give to the Clave but I also like that he makes her keep it in the safe that only his stele can open because he doesn't trust her not to loose it but he's willing to give her the option to use it in the future.
  • I like that Clary tries to thank Alec for helping her out with finding the cup and I like that Alec then points out that they're still not friends, I just kind of like that Alec doesn't really like Clary but he also wants to make sure that she stays safe because he's a protector by nature.
  • I liked that when there was an alert of someone approaching the institute that Jace told Alec not to tell him he told him so.
  • I like that Raphael mentioned that he raised to be a good Catholic before he became a vampire and I like that it's implied that he still keeps connected to his faith despite being a vampire.
  • I like that Raphael made it very clear that Camille acted alone when she choose to kill Simon and I like that Raphael brought Simon to the shadowhunters to show that he doesn't support Camille's actions.
  • I really can't blame Clary for blaming Raphael for Simon being dead because even though Raphael never intended for this happen it wouldn't have been possible if he never kidnapped Simon under Camille's orders.
  • I like that Raphael told Clary after she broke down crying that there was a way that she could bring Simon back by turning him into a vampire and I find it interesting that Clary has decided whether she wants to have Simon become a vampire or remain dead by the sunset that day and that if she decides to leave him dead she'd have to stake him so that his soul won't remained trapped forever.
  • I really don't understand why Jace and Izzy are so against Simon being turned because while it's surely not the ideal to be a vampire I think that Simon living as a vampire is much less tragic than him dying so young.
  • I liked how Raphael said that he slept in a golden casket rather than a wooden coffin because he's a classy vampire.
  • I liked that Robert was frustrated with the Clave for not willing to do anything about Valentine's return because the Clave is really very frustrating with how long it takes them to take action when things are very serious.
  • I'm a bit confused about what kind of interference with downworlder affairs has caused problems for the Lightwoods considering the only instances I can think of where they interfered was saving Simon from being kidnapped(which the Clave should support since the vampires broke the law first), the helped fight off the circle members when they attacked the warlocks that Magnus was keeping save(which happened during a Clave approved mission) and they helped save Luke's life(which not only isn't a bad thing but I'm like 99 percent sure that the Clave wouldn't have a clue that even happened) because all three of these things don't seem all that bad and really isn't effecting shadowhunter-downworlder relationships on any grand scale.
  • I find it sad how Clary listens to the messages that Simon left her the say before and then she tells his body how sorry she is she wasn't there for him when he needed her most and that she blames herself for what happened to him.
  • I liked that Raphael just answered Clary's questions about what would happen depending on which choice she made with what to do with Simon and I like that Clary really has no idea what would be best thing that she could do for Simon because neither choice is a good one.
  • I liked that when Lydia entered using the shape shifter rune to appear as Valentine that Alec instantly pushed Max behind him and shot his arrow at who he thought was Valentine and I liked that Lydia basically said that everyone in the institute's reaction time was terrible expect for Alec.
  • It annoys me how Maryse is perfectly willing to defend Jace against anyone that doubts him when we know that she wouldn't do the same for Alec and Izzy.
  • I like that after Clary tries to tell Simon's mother that he died that Clary realizes that she can't bare to loose Simon anymore than his mother could so she can't just let him stay dead regardless of whether or not that's the smartest thing to do because she can't imagine never getting to see or talk to him again.
  • I liked that Luke texted Alec the pictures of the forsaken attack after it attack the Jade wolf, I like that despite the fact that they barely know each other Luke thinks of Alec as someone he can trust.
  • I like that Lydia invited Alec to come along on the mission to investigate the Jade wolf after she took over the mission because he had already earned her respect by being the only prepared shadowhunter in the room when she arrived.
  • The story Jace tells about how his father gave him a falcon to train and then killed it right in front of him after he trained to teach him to not love anything since having emotions is a weakness is a sign that Jace's father was abusive and the fact that Jace doesn't realize how screwed up that lesson was tells us a lot about Jace but I did like that Clary founded the whole story disturbing because it is.
  • I like that Clary tells Jace that if being a shadowhunter means you have to be dead inside she doesn't want to be one because really that is a very unhealthy way to live so I'm glad that she refuses to live that way.
  • I like that we learned that Lydia married for love and was going to be able to run the institute with him before he was killed and that lead her believing that the only thing that in their line of work that is worth falling in love with is the work itself, I'm thinking that this way of thinking may come back into play in future episodes of the series.
  • I like the way that Luke explains to Lydia and Alec what happened with the Forsaken and I kind of think that the way he went about explaining what happened reflected a bit on his past of a shadowhunter so they know what kind of report their looking for.
  • I like that both Alec and Jace point out that Izzy is an expert at forensics, I jus like that they seem so proud of their sisters skills.
  • I felt so bad for Alec when he had to find out from Lydia that his parents where circle members because well it must hurt to be lied to for your whole lie by people you should be able to trust and also because they were always so hard on him, always told him his best wasn't good enough and blamed their family's bad standing with the Clave on him and his siblings while knowing full well that they were the ones that destroyed the Lightwood name before he was even born.
  • I liked that when Lydia tried to defend Alec's parents not telling him the truth about the circle and their choice to join it that Alec refused to give them that benefit and even said that them being circle members is unforgivable.
  • I liked that when Lydia said that Magnus would be coming to the institute that Alec felt awkward about it and started talking about how magical Magnus was and then clarified that he's very good at magic which made him seem more suspicious rather than less suspicious like he intended to make himself appear.
  • I like that Lydia is excited by the idea of meeting Magnus because Magnus and her ancestor Henry invented the portal together.
  • I liked that Clary was very concerned about Luke when she saw the Jade wolf was destroyed when she came to see him and I like that he reassured him that he was okay.
  • I like that Clary told Luke that Simon was dead and that she let herself breakdown again and be comforted by him.
  • I find it a bit funny that Magnus asks Izzy whether or not Alec is interested in him as the examine a forsaken body, I also like that Izzy was so excited to cut into the body while Magnus was more than happy to get away from it.
  • I like that Luke told Clary how hard it was to become a werewolf after being a shadowhunter and how he lost so many things his home, his friends and his family and that the only things that kept him going back then was Jocelyn and Clary who loved and needed him and I like that Clary tells him that she will always need him.
  • I like that Luke tells Clary that he loves Simon like a son but also warns her that she should think of what's best for Simon not what's best for her when she makes her decision.
  • I liked that when Magnus saw Alec training shirtless that he shameless checked Alec out and told him that he liked what he saw.
  • I liked that Alec vented to Magnus about how he has just had his entire world turned upside down by what he learned about his parents and how he feels like he has given up so much and it was all for nothing and I like that Magnus told him that maybe he should start living for himself and follow his heart and I like that Alec tells Magnus that he's right although Alec's version of following his heart is a lot different from most people's.
  • I like that Raphael had already turned the clan against Camille by the time she showed up to get rid of Simon's body so that she was unable to get rid of Simon and instead was captured by her own people.
  • I like that after hearing that the Clave is forcing his family out of the Institute that Alec defiantly gives his mother the report that Magnus gave him that is for the head of the institute instead of Lydia.
  • I wasn't surprised at all that Clary choose to turn Simon rather than let him stay dead because it was clear from the start that she couldn't live without him but I did like how much conflict she had while making the choice.
  • I like that despite not agreeing with Clary's choice that Jace just supported Clary throughout the whole episode and did his best to comfort her by being there for her and even trying to lighten the mood with a few jokes meant to reassure that Simon would pull through.
  • I liked how Clary told Jace that love makes you stronger because love makes you fight hard for the things you want which is a philosophy that I support a whole hell of a lot more than the toxic love is weakness one.
  • I find it so interesting that Alec's version of following his heart means to give up any chance of falling in love by marrying Lydia in order to keep the Institute in order to restore his family's name because most people think of romantic love when someone says follow your heart but Alec thinks of the love he has for his family and how he will do anything to protect his family regardless of how unhappy it makes him in the long run.
  • I like that Raphael stuck around to make sure that Simon was okay when he emerge and that he brought blood bags for him to drink because he knew he'd be hungry when he came to.
  • I like that Izzy was so concerned about Alec when she saw that he was injured by the forsaken that attacked Hodge in the Institute.
  • I found the scene where Simon realizes that he has become a vampire and now thinks of himself as a monster to be heartbreaking and I like that Clary keeps trying to tell him that he's same person that he's always been and is still her best friend but he can't agree with her. I also thought the acting in that scene was just great.
  • I liked that after Simon ran off that Raphael promised that he'd look after Simon before he went after Simon.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review:The Lunar Chronicles: Winter

                                        The Lunar Chronicles: Winter Review
This book is the final book of The Lunar Chronicles series and it deals with Cinder finally making a direct move against Levana by moving the fight away from Earth and onto Luna. Cinder plans to convince the people in Luna's outer sectors to help her stage an upraising against Levana which while that part of her plan actually goes fairly well not a whole lot else in her plan goes well with her ending up captured at times and her allies ending up captured as well and the whole upraising taking a few days longer than originally planned.

In this book I feel that all of the main characters have a role to play and different section in the novel where they are allowed to play that role. In this book Kai is finally fully aware of who Cinder is so he actually gets to be involved with her planning and for his part he is basically still having to marry Levana but at least now he's doing that to distract Levana from Cinder's real plan rather than resigning himself to a marriage that is basically a death sentence. In this book we get to see more of Cress and Thorne's relationship develop with them both admitting how they feel about each other while also playing key roles in helping Cinder succeed. With Wolf we get to actually meet his mother and learn a bit more about his life before he was one of Levana's genetically engineer soldiers. Scarlet spends her time working with Princess Winter in escaping from Levana and later recruiting an army.

This book also of course has a major focus on Princess Winter the step daughter of Levana who is a Lunar who refuses to use her gift to manipulate people and has been driven insane because of it but because she is so kind and beautiful the people adore which of course makes Levana think of her as a threat to her throne. Winter is a characters that I found myself loving since she was first introduced last book so I wasn't surprised that I just ended up loving her more as I got to know her more but what did surprise me was that this book made me like Jacin the Lunar guard that we met last book that is in love with Winter. Jacin is given more depth in this book and since he is given point of view we can understand his actions which makes them easier to support and his relationship with Winter is a really sweet one.

Overall I loved this book, it was a great end to a great series. There was so many things that happened in this book and so many characters and relationships that were explored in this book and I feel like I got a good amount of all of them which is something that couldn't have been easy to write but was really great to read so the authors hard work paid off in the end. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Nevermore(3.11)

                                              The 100: Nevermore(3.11)Review
  • I actually like that Jasper is mad at Clarke still about what she did at Mount Weather because no one else seems to actually hold a grudge against her for that and since Jasper is still very hurt from loosing Maya I'm glad that he isn't willing forgive Clarke for what she did yet.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't want Octavia to leave and go off on her own into a situation that could be dangerous and while I can understand why Octavia is still mad at Bellamy I still don't see why she puts Lincoln's death on Bellamy when he tried to help the rest of them prevent it but she didn't allow him to help her and her whole lecture for lashing out at people when your hurt is so hypocritical since beat Bellamy to a blood pulp last episode because she was upset.
  • I liked that when Jasper arrived and said that they needed to get Raven inside right away that Bellamy was the one that carried her into the cave.
  • I liked that Jasper managed to bring everyone else up to date on the City of Light plot within just a few minutes and I like that the Commander's flame that Clarke stole actually has relevance for this plot.
  • I liked that Clarke knows that she can find a wrist band that Raven needed to get ALIE out of her head from the girl that she hooked up with in the first episode of the season.
  • I liked that Bellamy jumped right back into working together with Clarke with how the lead the others together, I like that despite the fact that so much time has passed since they last truly worked together that their able to fall into old patterns right away.
  • I feel bad for Raven when ALIE is taking over her body and fighting against all the others but I also feel a bit frightened of her since ALIE is in control of her body.
  • I liked that Clarke asked Bellamy if he was okay after she was done talking to the grounder girl who is understandably angry about her father being killed because he was part of the army that was sent to protect the people of the ark.
  • I liked that Sinclair figured out what Raven's plan involving the wrist band was and I like that him and Monty figured out what they would need to make her plan work.
  • I'm kind of glad that Octavia is going with Monty to the drop ship because honestly all she seems to do when she's around Bellamy is let him know in some way that she hates him.
  • I find it somewhat terrifying that Raven dislocated her shoulder and reopened the wounds on wrist because ALIE told her that she could escape if she does that and I'm glad that Jasper saw this and called in Clarke and Bellamy so that they could help ensure that Raven didn't die.
  • I liked that Jasper actually addressed ALIE and I find it a bit freaky that she spoke through Raven to him, I liked that when ALIE demanded that Clarke hand over the flame that Jasper was willing to give it to her to save Raven but I also like that Clarke instead said that if she lets Raven dies she will never get and I like that ALIE could tell that Clarke meant what she said so she let Raven be saved.
  • I like how ALIE tells Clarke how it seems that Jasper hasn't forgiven her for murdering his girlfriend. I also like that at this point Bellamy tells Jasper to rest and that Jasper actually listens to him.
  • I liked that Bellamy tries to talk to Jasper and I like that Jasper voices how he's angry that Clarke just comes back and takes everything over like nothing ever happened. I like that Bellamy told Jasper that he needs to get himself together and not let his angry blind him and I can't blame Jasper for pointing out that people died when Bellamy couldn't control his angry but I feel like Bellamy may have been speaking from experience when he was giving advice to Jasper.
  • I liked that ALIE/Raven got to Clarke by bring up the fact that Clarke was killed many people and that she gotten many of her loved ones killed, I like that she mentions Wells, Finn, Lexa and her father and I liked that mentioning her father is what truly broke Clarke.
  • I was very worried when it turned out that ALIE's plan was to get Clarke angry enough to reveal their plan and how their planning to stop her and I'm sad that ALIE was able to figure it out so quickly.
  • I liked that Monty tried to talk Octavia out of leaving by pointing out that Octavia is one of their people and I was unsurprised when Octavia declared that she was neither a member of the ark or part of the 100 because she just always seems to love to reject her own people, I would also like to point out that Octavia actually did reject Lincoln earlier in the season because he wasn't acting enough like a grounder for her so her saying Lincoln was her people doesn't hold a lot of weight for me.
  • I liked that Bellamy treated Clarke's injury and I like that Clarke admitted that she let ALIE get to her and that was a mistake on her part and I like that Bellamy tells her to take a break and that he'll let ALIE take a shot at him instead.
  • I like that Clarke told Jasper that she was sorry that she killed Maya but I'm not surprised that Jasper is still unwilling to accept her apology.
  • I like that Monty was able to figure out that his mom was chipped fairly quickly and that he refused the chip when she tried to force it on him.
  • I find it so sad that Monty had to kill his mom in order to save Octavia's life especially since he knows that his mom loved him despite her flawed beliefs and that Octavia doesn't even consider him one of her people so it just seems like an unfair trade off for him.
  • I like how Sinclair tells Clarke about how Raven is all he has left and he's afraid that the EMP he's building might destroy her mind rather than save it and I like that Clarke convince him that they have to do this because ALIE has already taken Raven away from them and if they don't get her out of her they'll never get her back.
  • I felt so bad for Monty when he kept telling himself and Octavia that it wasn't really his mom that he killed that it was ALIE as he tries to keep from crying and I like that Octavia tries to comfort him.
  • I like that ALIE/Raven asks why Jasper gives Bellamy a free pass when he doesn't for Clarke because I wonder too and I think it might be because Bellamy stayed and was willing to accept Jasper's angry in the direct aftermath and he actually shows clear concern for his well being which Clarke didn't because she was too caught up in her own guilt.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Jasper that he didn't have to listen to what ALIE/Raven says, I just like how protective Bellamy is of him.
  • I thought it was so cruel of ALIE/Raven to mock Jasper for the way he coped with Maya's death because he wasn't as functional as everyone else well dealing with his grief and that she called him useless and told him that he should basically just kill himself and I was glad that after this Bellamy made sure that Jasper left the room because hearing these things are no good for Jasper's already fragile mental health.
  • I liked that Bellamy just took everything that ALIE/Raven threw at him even though it clearly hurt him to say all those things to him, I like that Bellamy refused to respond to her taunts because he knew that was what she wanted.
  • I find it a bit sad that people seem to think that Bellamy is more of a follower than a leader because I do think he's a good leader I just think that he's most confident in his ability to lead when he has Clarke by his side and I don't think there's anything wrong with working as co-leaders but the fact that everyone thinks of him as lesser makes me sad for him.
  • I can't blame the grounder girl for punching Bellamy one time after she found out that he was apart of the people who killed her father's army but I did like that Bellamy did ended up telling her that he was sorry and I liked that her response was people like you always are because she didn't forgive him but she also didn't pile on anymore hate because she knows that won't change anything.
  • I find it disturbing how ALIE was going to have Raven commit suicide because she didn't she could stop them from getting rid of her.
  • I can't help but think that maybe Jasper's right that destroying the flame might be a good idea since letting ALIE have is clearly a bad idea.
  • I like that Clarke figured out the way to fully get the chip out of raven was to cut it out of her neck like the way the flame was removed form Lexa when she died.
  • I felt bad for Monty when he realized that he could have saved his mom but I did like that Jasper reached out to comfort Monty after months of not wanting anything to do with him although it was only for Monty to reject him.
  • I like that Clarke tells the grounder girl she has to run because she knows that ALIE's people are coming and she won't be safe if she stays there.
  • I liked that Clarke treated Bellamy's self inflicted injury and I liked that he then asked her what happens when you realize that you aren't the good guy and I like that Clarke tells him maybe they're are no good guys which is something she came to terms with last season.
  • I liked that Raven told Jasper that she was sorry for all the awful things that she said to him.
  • I like that Raven revealed that the flame is the only thing that can stop ALIE.
  • I find it frightening that ALIE is willing to kill them all just to prevent from being destroyed.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Major Arcana(1.07)

                                      Shadowhunters: Major Arcana(1.07)Review
  • I find it interesting that the cup is hidden in a tarot card and I was happy that Luke was able to tell Clary that he had the cards in his desk at work.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Simon hooking up with Maureen but I did feel bad for her when Simon called her Clary because he hallucinated that he was talking to Clary rather than Maureen.
  • I liked that when Luke told Clary and Jace to wait outside while he grabbed cup that Jace says he didn't want to go anyways while sounding like that was the exact opposite of the way he feels about not being able to go with.
  • I find the idea that Valentine might have circle members working in the NYPD to be interesting and the does make getting the cup a bit harder.
  • I find it a bit frustrating that internal affairs officers come to question Luke right before he gets the cup from his desk.
  • I find it a bit sad how Izzy packed up her more revealing clothing and a picture of Meliron because she's trying to be the type of person the clave expects her to be in order to save Alec from having to get married.
  • I liked that Izzy told her dad that she would do the reports instead of Alec when he was looking for Alec when he still wasn't back from Magnus's.
  • I liked how Clary and Jace snuck into the place where Luke was being questioned to find out what is going on and I like that Clary is worried when Luke tells her about him becoming a prime suspect in a murder investigation.
  • I like how Izzy gets excited when Alec says that he didn't do much sleeping when he was at Magnus's but her clarifies that he was just helping treat Luke's wounds and then admits to Magnus making cocktails.
  • I like that Izzy is upset that Alec never talks to her about his personal life when she tells him about hers all the time.
  • I liked that after Alec hears that Izzy broke up with Meliron because he wasn't a shadowhunter that he told her that while he appreciates that she's trying to make things easier for him that he thinks that she shouldn't be someone she's not and I like that Izzy points out to Alec that he does the same thing but he denies that.
  • I liked how Clary and Jace can't use the glamour rune so they have to figure out a different way to get to Luke's desk and I loved that Clary decided that the best way to do this was to make a scene where she accuses Jace of cheating on her after she slaps him, I found this whole scene hilarious.
  • I find it frustrating that the cup was moved just right out of reach right before Clary was able to get it out of Luke's desk.
  • I like that Simon is making a pro and con list about whether or not he is becoming a vampire.
  • I found it creepy when Simon hallucinated that his coffee has become blood and that it was bubbling up.
  • I like how Jace is so upset that Clary slapped him, I just find it a bit funny how offended he is that she slapped him.
  • I felt bad for Simon when Clary didn't take him seriously since she was busy figuring out how to get the cup.
  • I was sad that Luke's boss was killed but I'm glad that her death is a least clearing Luke's name in the murder investigation.
  • I liked how awkward the scene with Simon's mom and sister having a bit of a drug intervention for him and I liked how it got a bit more awkward when Simon told them he thinks he's sick and his mom thought it was an std and then started talking about her college days, things took a bit of a darker turn when Simon broke his desk which scared everyone.
  • I liked that when Clary said to not worry about Alaric since he's on their side that Jace mentions that he kidnapped her using that line on her the day before.
  • I liked how Jace help Clary draw the night vision rune on her back and I like the sexual tension in that scene.
  • I liked how when Izzy told Alec that he had to be distraction this time that he pointed out that while she does this kind of thing often he never does and I liked that Izzy unbutton Alec's shirt and that Alec then buttoned it right back up. I also like that Izzy pretty much told Alec that he needed to practice flirting so he could ask Magnus out.
  • I liked that Alec completely failed at flirting right from the start and that he distracted the guard instead by awkwardly knocking over a water bottle, trying to clean it up and taking far too many information pamphlets.
  • I liked that when Clary finally found the cup that she wasn't able to figure out how to pull it out of the card and I like that Clary and Alec have a brief argument about how she theoretically has the cup.
  • I like that they have to deal with demons while surrounded by mundanes who can't know about the existence of demons.
  • I liked that Clary has a hard time telling when a shape shifter demon is a demon since she is still very new to the whole shadowhunter thing.
  • I like that when Alec stays behind to hold off the demons that Jace is very oddly worried about Alec's safety even though he knows Alec knows what he's doing  and he is fine with splitting up with Clary later on in the episode, how ever odd it was it's nice to see Jace care.
  • I felt so bad for Simon when he left Clary a message about how he was afraid that he was becoming a vampire and then he hallucinated Camille taunting him and telling him that blood is stronger than everything.
  • I liked how Clary told sorry for everything that she's put him through and I liked that Jace told her that she doesn't have to and she tells him that he can't stop him from doing that.
  • I like that Clary was able to pull the cup out of the card when she was backed against the wall by demons and that she used it to get them away from her.
  • I liked that Clary was able to tell when the shape shifter demon was impersonating Jace and that she killed rather than give it the cup.
  • I liked that Luke and Alec went to make sure that Clary was okay and that when they saw that she killed the demon that Alec seemed a bit proud of her for being able to handle herself.
  • I liked that Jace was really worried about Clary when she didn't come out of the tunnels at the same time that he and Izzy did, I also like that he told her that he cares about her not the cup.
  • I liked that Clary kissed Jace after she told him about how she killed a demon and I liked that it showed Alec was hurt by seeing this.
  • I felt so bad for Simon when he was relieved after Camille told him that he would've been fine if he hadn't returned right before she kills him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How To Get Away with Murder: Call It Mother's Intuition(3.07)

               How To Get Away with Murder: Call It Mother's Intuition(3.07)Review
  • I find it interesting that in the flash forward that Annalise was arrested for arson because of information that was sent to them from some anonymous source.
  • I liked how Wes claimed that he saw his biological father's other son the night that he was shot in order to provide more evidence that frames him for the crime.
  • I think the case of the week that deals with three siblings that are accused of poisoning their mother who is still alive for now and is clearly a difficult woman for her children to deal with to say the least.
  • I like that when it becomes clear that the woman's children hate their mother and can't lie about loving her even to save themselves from going to jail and then decides that the way to win the case is by finding another suspect instead.
  • I find it a bit funny that when Wes and Laurel sneak off to have sex that Connor assumed that they're sneaking off to murder Frank and I like that Michaela is fine with it as long as they don't include them with it.
  • I like that Annalise actually went to the AA meeting and that she told the Dean that her telling everyone about her personal problems was brave and not something that she can see herself doing.
  • I liked how Michaela and Asher teased Oliver about the guy that he was dating.
  • I liked that Connor is trying to act like he doesn't mind that Oliver is dating but by doing so he actually is just making himself appear more jealous.
  • I kind of like that the suspect that they found that could clear their clients was actually an email that was sent to one of their clients.
  • I liked that Nate told Wes that he should take care of himself because it shows that he still cares about him despite that being involved with Annalise anymore.
  • The mother is emotional abusive so it's really not any surprised that one of the clients cracked and admitted he wanted her dead because who wouldn't want someone like that out of their life for good.
  • I liked that Wes told Laurel that he had a crush on her since the first day of class where she answered the question Annalise asked him that he didn't know the answer to.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that the son had an alibi and since Wes lied about seeing him there that makes him look guilty.
  • I really don't blame everyone for being mad at Annalise for constantly keeping them in the dark about things that effect them but I did like that Annalise admitted that she doesn't know what to do in this situation.
  • I don't think it's a good idea for everyone to tell Annalise all the problems that they have with her because she's likely to use those things against them at a later date.
  • I liked how Michaela and Connor were the ones that came across as the most angry when telling Annalise their problems and that Laurel and Asher are more sympathetic to how Annalise's life is but still angry at her treatment of them and I liked that Wes didn't say anything to Annalise at all because she already knows how he feels about her.
  • I felt bad for Oliver when his new boyfriend told him he didn't know if he could be in a relationship with him after finding out that Oliver is HIV positive but I can't really blame the guy for not wanting to risk getting the illness.
  • I liked that Annalise had Laurel pretend to not know what she was doing in order to get the mother to admit that she actually poisoned herself in order to teach her children a lesson.
  • I felt bad for Wes when he told Annalise that he feels like he is the one that causes problems for everyone else and I like that Annalise tells him that he shouldn't feel guilty because his mother would want him to live a good life.
  • I liked that Oliver went to Connor and told him that he misses him and that he feels that it's unfair of him to come here and tell him that when he broke up with him and I like that Connor tells him it's okay because he misses him too and that they hooked up each other.
  • I like that Bonnie is mad at Frank for leaving without telling her where he was going and what he was planning on doing and that this led to her kicking him out when he came to see her.
  • I was surprised that in the flash forward that Wes was the one that had informed the police about Annalise.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Fallen(3.10)

                                                  The 100: Fallen(3.10)Review
  • I hated how Octavia beat Bellamy to a bloody pulp while he was chained up because she failed to rescue Lincoln, a would say that her hitting him once or twice would have been an understandable in her time of grief but to beat him to a bloody pulp was completely uncalled for and says more about Octavia's unhealthy relationship with violence than anything about how Bellamy is to blame(which he isn't since he wasn't allowed to help with the rescue mission). I did like that both Kane and Miller tried to stop Octavia since he shows that they think that she was going too far but it sadden me that Bellamy them not to interfere because he believes he deserves Octavia's punishment which he doesn't.
  • I like that Murphy questions Ontari's leadership skills since she's so afraid that people will find out that she's a fraud and she really shouldn't be this paranoid and fearful if she's going to be the commander.
  • I liked that Murphy told Ontari that it's better to lie her way out of a problem than kill her way out of a problem after she reached for her sword when she thought her ambassadors were going to catch her in a lie, I also like that Murphy promised to help Ontari she chained him.
  • I like that Raven is trying to get ALI out her head over loading her senses but sadly she's not able to do so for long enough periods of time to truly remove her from her mind.
  • I like that Jasper is now fully on the side of being against the city of light now that he knows it removes the good memories along with the bad ones and I like that him and Abby are working together with Raven to get ALIE out of her head.
  • I like that even though Monty's mom clearly doesn't agree with his decision to go against Pike she also doesn't want him to get killed for that decision so she tells him to escape so that he could be safe.
  • I'm glad that Bellamy told the group that Monty was actually talking in code to him over the radio even though they were basically ignoring him and treating him like a prisoner despite the fact that Bellamy switched sides before Bryan did and Bryan is being treated like he is one of them and they're all fine with Monty as well he switched sides at about the same time as Bellamy did.
  • I like that Bellamy comments that Octavia wants it to be a trap because it's clear that she does because she wants a chance to kill some of Pike's men and of course Pike himself.
  • I was disappointed that Kane called Bellamy the enemy but I was glad that Miller at least doesn't agree.
  • I don't mind too much that their using Bellamy as a hostage to trade for Monty just in case it's a trap because this is a plan that I could see Bellamy agreeing to even if he was allowed a choice so it doesn't make me too angry about the plan but the fact that they don't see that Bellamy has already switched over to their side drives me crazy.
  • I think it's so creepy how Jaha talks about how it's okay for ALIE to override a person's freewill because they let her in one time and the fact that he wants to use pain to manipulate Raven into giving consent again is also disturbing.
  • I like that Raven figured out a way to get ALIE out of her head by using the wrist bands that were given to the 100 in season one in reverse.
  • I like that Raven doesn't allow Abby to say the location of the wrist bands when she can hear because she knows that ALI can hear and see what she hears and sees.
  • I thought it was cruel how ALI used Raven's worse memories to torture her so that she would submit to ALI"s will fully and I find it very disturbing that Raven submitting allowed ALI to posses her body.
  • I liked that when Ontari said that she'd have to kill all her ambassadors because she doesn't know how to sell her lie that Murphy tells her that's a bit excessive. I liked that after Ontari threatens to kill Murphy that he tells her that he can help her sell the lie which makes him someone of use to her so she won't kill him since she clearly doesn't know what to do when backed into a corner when killing isn't an option.
  • I dislike that Jaha and his followers got the wrist bands from Jasper and destroyed them.
  • I'm not surprised that Pike ended up following Monty out of camp and that he used Monty's life in order to get information about where Kane and the others are hiding out.
  • I like that Kane refuses to take the shot at Pike because there's a chance that he would hit Monty.
  • I like that Bellamy only turned on Octavia when he heard Pike order to shoot her in the leg and because he can't bare to see Octavia hurt he over powered her so that Pike wouldn't do so in a more lethal way.
  • I like that it's clear that the only reason that Bellamy gives Pike the information about where the others are is because Octavia, Kane and Monty are clearly at Pike's mercy right now so he uses the last bit of trust Pike has in him to make sure that their lives are spared for at least a little while longer.
  • I find it interesting that Monty's mother made a deal with Pike to save Monty and I like that he gives Bellamy that same deal for Octavia but the fact that Pike states that they have to not commit anymore crimes in the future probably takes away any doubts Bellamy had about whether he can still side with Pike because he knows that Octavia isn't going to behave so he knows that he can't side with Pike if he wants his sister to live which he does.
  • I like that Abby refuses to be convinced by ALIE, Jaha and Jackson convince her that the city of light is a good thing because she can see that the happiness it brings is a lie and she wants no part of that.
  • I like that the only reason that Abby agrees to taking the key to the city of light is because ALIE nearly killed Raven's body in order to force Abby into making that choice.
  • I liked that Bellamy instead of leading Pike to the cave hide out that he instead lead him to the grounders so that they could turn Pike over to the grounders and put an end to the blockade.
  • I'm worried about Kane going to the meet the new commander because as Monty points out they know nothing about her and from what we know about her I don't think that Kane will be much better off than Pike.
  • I really don't get why the show is trying to act like the reason Bellamy is going against Pike now is because he wants to protect Octavia not because he see Pike was wrong although that's not true considering that Bellamy switched sides two episodes a go when Octavia wasn't in danger and the thing that broke Bellamy's trust in Pike is that he was willing to execute Kane, so it makes me mad that the show is trying to act like Bellamy just changed sides at the end of the episode and that it was all about Octavia when neither of those things are true.
  • I liked how when Monty told Bellamy about how his mother turned him into Pike that Bellamy tells him that they're family so they'll find away to work through it which is what he hopes that he and Octavia can do but I'm not so sure that Bellamy's relationship with Octavia is worth salvaging considering how little care, faith and understanding she has for him.
  • I dislike that Ontari locked Murphy up again even after he helped her so much this episode and I hated that she used her position to take sexual advantage over him.
  • I like that Jasper clearly sees the city of light as something to afraid of now and I'm glad that he took Raven's body and that he escaped from the camp.
  • I liked that Jasper met up with Clarke at the gate and I like how clear it's made that Clarke is completely disconnected to everyone else's storylines with the way that she has no idea what is happening and Jasper sees no importance in what she is talking about either because really it only vaguely involves their people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Of Men and Angels(1.06)

                                       Shadowhunters: Of Men and Angels(1.06)Review
  • I liked that Luke and Jocelyn had a conversation in dream land where Luke tells her how much he misses her and tries to get her to tell him how he can save her and I like that Jocelyn tells him that he has to tell Clary everything so that she can defeat Valentine.
  • I liked that Magnus was pretty much willing to help as soon as Clary and Simon dragged a bloody Luke through the door.
  • I like that Clary is feeling a bit guilty about doubting Luke since he's the only father she has ever known so thinking that he meant to hurt her is something that she now feels foolish for thinking.
  • I found it a bit funny that Jace accidently wrapped Luke's car around a tree when he was getting rid of it and that he then says he doesn't do mundane driving.
  • I find it a bit funny how both Jace and Simon are so determined to be the one that gets the ingredients that Magnus needs to heal Luke it's such a dumb thing for them to be competitive about.
  • I liked that Magnus said that he needed Alec to be there and I liked that Jace doesn't really like the idea that Magnus needs Alec there for something which I think is Jace being a bit protective Alec which is nice to see especially after how he treated Alec last episode.
  • I find it interesting that Alec saw that there is something different about the way Maryse is acting although Izzy can't see it.
  • I like that Alec and Izzy are just so purely happy when they get to see Max when he first comes back to the institute, it's just so sweet how much they adore him.
  • I liked that Robert actually does give Izzy a hug and shows that he actually missed her but I dislike how he's cold with Alec and blames him for Clary being out of the institute.
  • I dislike how Jace seems to use the fact that their parabatai as a way to get Alec to do things that Alec doesn't think that they should be doing and I feel like Alec is trying to tell Jace that he has been ignoring what Alec has been trying to tell him since Clary has came into their lives.
  • I like that Magnus refers to Jace and Simon as Clary's boy toys because they are acting like that is what they are.
  • I liked that when Clary was worrying about what would happen if they can't get the ingredients in time to make the potion to save Luke that Magnus tells her that she can't let herself think like that. I like that when Clary is doubting herself that Magnus tells her that he's seen what she can do first hand and that she should believe in herself a bit more.
  • I liked that Luke communicates to Magnus that he needs to tell Clary about what happened during Valentine's uprising.
  • I like that Simon calls Jace out for not treating Alec well because he really hasn't been taking what Alec thinks or says into account much since the series began and I think that one of the reasons that Jace gets so bad at Simon for talking about Alec is because he knows that Simon isn't entirely wrong.
  • I don't get why Jace tells Simon that he's like a lapdog for Clary when that has never been the case in my opinion because while Simon does have feelings for Clary he has always treated her like a best friend and she does the same for him and their relationship is really great and healthy so I think that Jace is just deflecting.
  • I dislike how Jace kept tearing Simon down probably for no other reason than the fact that Simon hit a nerve when he brought up Alec.
  • I think that Jace seemed a little bit too into it when Simon threaten him with a knife.
  • I like that Jace notices that something is up with Simon and actually asks if something happened to him when he was with the vampires.
  • I find it a bit troubling how Maryse was proud of how Alec would just take his punishment when he was younger.
  • I like that Magnus gives Clary a sketch pad because he knows that her art has been her is her bliss and she's going to need some of that now.
  • I like that when Magnus was telling Clary about how Valentine was killing downworlders for having demon blood because he was a threat to peace that Clary pointed out that Valentine was a threat to peace and that Magnus said that madmen rarely make sense.
  • I like that Magnus points out that one of the reasons that Valentine hates the downworlders so much is because he envies the gifts that they have that he doesn't.
  • I find it a bit odd that the honor of the Lightwood name is ruins because of a few unapproved missions because that shouldn't be enough to ruin someone's honor and considering what is revealed later I'm guessing that the Lightwood name is in ruins because of Maryse and Robert not Alec and Izzy.
  • I like that Magnus tells Clary that her mother cared about the duties of being a shadowhunter very much but that she gave it all up to keep Clary save because she loved her even more.
  • I like that Izzy tells Alec that he needs to say no to his parents when they ask him to marry to restore their family name because Alec's happiness means so much more to than the honor of their family could ever mean.
  • I understand Alec frustration with the fact that he has given up so much just to make everyone else happy and that he feels like being asked to marry someone he can never love is just one step too far for him.
  • I liked that Alec came in just when Magnus was running out of strength to power his magic and I like that Alec was so willing to lend Magnus his own strength and that they had to hold hands to do so.
  • I'm glad that the potion was given to Luke in just enough time so that he will live.
  • I liked how Alec asked Magnus if he was okay after he was done with the spell and looked like he was going to pass out.
  • I liked that Alec told Clary that he didn't come for Jace and I liked that she then told him that she's happy that he came for himself.
  • I like that Clary thanked Jace for having her back and I liked that Jace told her that he would always have her back while caressing her face.
  • I like that Izzy can't believe that Maryse was someone who once broke the rules but the fact that breaking the rules back fired on her might be the reason why she so harsh about people following them now.
  • I like that Maryse actually doesn't think that passion makes you weak but that it makes you dangerous because that's different than the typical shadowhunter way of thinking that emotions make you weak.
  • I think the fact that Valentine experimented with demon blood on himself shows how hypocritical he is when it comes to killing all downworlders.
  • I think it's sad how Luke blames himself for Valentine's becoming evil and that he talks fondly of how Valentine used to be when Valentine had betrayed him so completely and has become so cruel and heartless.
  • I find it sad how Izzy broke off her relationship with Melrion and then started dressing in more conservative clothes in hopes that it would help prevent Alec from having to marry someone he couldn't love.
  • I liked that Alec was cleaning Magnus's apartment and that when Magnus told him that he has magic for that Alec tells him he thinks that he has worn himself out enough for one day.
  • I find it funny that Alec asks if warlocks are always so cryptic when Magnus has been pretty upfront with the fact that he likes Alec since the moment they met.
  • I find it a bit sad that when Magnus tells Alec that he wanted to see him again that Alec asks him why because he can't think of reason why Magnus would want that.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec that he's the first person that he has felt open his heart up in a very long time and I feel like this puts him in a very vulnerable position with him laying all his feelings out there for Alec to see and I think that's quite brave of him to do.
  • I like that when Alec tries to tell Magnus that he might want but he can't that Magnus understands what Alec is trying to say without Alec being able to finish a sentence and the smile that brings to Alec's face is so beautifully happy.
  • It is so messed up that Clary had a brother that Valentine killed in a fire when he was a baby.
  • I find it interesting that Clary is able to make objects into drawings and take objects out of those drawings and I'm glad that this leads to her figuring out where the cup is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Monday, August 7, 2017

TV Review: Descendants of the Sun

                                               Descendants of the Sun Review
Descendants of the Sun is a military and medical drama about how while on leave Yoo Si-jin a solider ends up encountering doctor named Kang Mo-yeon and he falls for her right away and the two soon began to date but have trouble getting through their dates since he gets called out of the country to go on a mission. After Si-jin returns from a mission Mo-yeon decides that she doesn't want to date a solider because of the kind of things that his job requires him to do. Mo-yeon and Si-jin spend quite sometime apart until they are brought back together when Si-jin is working a peace keeping mission in a middle eastern country called Urk and Mo-yeon ends working as volunteer doctor there as well and the two end up spending a lot of time together and Si-jin ends up saving Mo-yeon quite a few times and she starts to give into her feelings for him after awhile.

One of the subplots in this drama revolves around the relationship between Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myung-ju who both work in the military and while they are in love with each other they are unable to be with each others since Myung-ju's father who is an army commander doesn't approve of their relationship uses his position to keep the two of them apart. The relationship between Dae-young and Myung-ju is one that I think worked better than the main couple and I think that their storyline was better place and I feel like these two had a more understandable reason as to why they weren't together at the moment and since they were kept apart more often then not every moment they were together was made even sweeter.

Overall I thought this drama was better okay, I thought the characters were good overall and I thought that the relationships between the characters were quite fun.  I felt like the series didn't have a real over arching plot so it often times felt like things just kind of happened and then were resolved and then there was some filler and then something else that was only important for a couple minutes happened before repeating this pattern again which made it a bit hard to get invested in much of anything since I wasn't given enough time to actually worry about what would happen next. I also thought that this drama looked really nice as well when it came to it's directions and setting. Please tell me your thoughts on this drama in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Stealing Fire(3.09)

                                              The 100: Stealing Fire(3.09)Review
  • I liked that when Clarke showed that she was still very upset about Lexa dying that Murphy told her that he was sorry for her loss because he knows how much Lexa meant to her.
  • I liked that once the door to the room they were being held in was open that Murphy was ready to leave and that he told Clarke to do the same.
  • I liked that Murphy pointed out that all the members of the nightbloods that could be the next Commander were children because that is something most people would find unnerving.
  • I'm not surprised that right after it was revealed that all the nightbloods promised Lexa that they would protect Clarke's people that a woman from the ice nation came and vowed that when she won that she would make sure to destroy Clarke's people because we can never have our characters be too safe on this show.
  • I liked that Lincoln was doing his best to comfort and reassure the other grounders that were locked up and told them not to give up hope.
  • I liked that when Pike told them that everyone in the jail would be killed that Lincoln agued that the other grounders were just trying to escape and that they shouldn't be punished for his crimes and I like that Bellamy backed up Lincoln's line of thinking which ended up saving everyone other than Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair from execution.
  • I really can't blame Miller and Harper for being skeptical about trusting Bellamy and Monty but considering that Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair will die if their next plan fail I think that they should take the risk and use people that they have on the inside if they're willing to help because I don't think that they'll be able to succeed without some help.
  • I liked that Bellamy decided to go to the drop ship to wait for Octavia because he knows that she will want to save Lincoln's life and believes that she would give him the benefit of the doubt sadly he was wrong about the second thing since she drugged him.
  • I liked that when Titus asked what Clarke and Murphy were still doing in Polis that Murphy said that he doesn't understand why he's still there either.
  • I don't get how Clarke thinks that she can effect the results of the fights that will take place considering that she's not involved with them in any way what so ever.
  • I dislike that Ontari ended up cheating by slaughtering all the nightbloods before the competition for the next commander even began and I agree with Murphy when he tells Clarke that they have to get out there if they want to survive.
  • I agree with Bellamy when he tells Octavia that he would never put her in danger and I think that he has a right to be offend when she assumes that he would do something like that since most of his life has been devoted to protecting her.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't want Octavia to go into camp herself because he knows that Pike's men will be expecting that and he knows that Octavia won't be able to fight all of them off herself and that not only won't save Lincoln but is likely to get her killed as well.
  • I agree with Bellamy when he tells Octavia and Indra that they have to work together in order to save Lincoln and I also like that he admits that he might be to blame for how things got this way but what is important now is to prevent more deaths from happening now.
  • I disagree with Octavia so much when she tells Bellamy that she doesn't need his help because there's no way Octavia is going to be able to sneak into camp, break Lincoln out and sneak out of camp with him all without being detected by Pike's men which means that she won't be able to save Lincoln without help from the inside which is what Bellamy is offering her.
  • I don't blame Miller for being mad at Bryan for planting a bug on him or for telling him that he can either be with him or be loyal to Pike.
  • I liked that Abby arranged to meet with Kane before he was executed and I liked how she told him that she was going to find a way to save him although Kane told her that he didn't want her to try and save him because she could be killed if she is caught going against Pike.
  • I feel bad for Murphy because he just wants to get out of Polis and whenever he gets the chance to escape Clarke keeps deciding that they have stay for some reason.
  • I'm not sure how taking the flame is going to help Clarke that much considering that the grounders already now that Ontari should be the one that has so will it even matter that Clarke has it with her instead.
  • I like that Bellamy plead with Indra to let him go because he knows that Octavia is in danger because of how Pike has upped his security and I like that Bellamy tried to use Indra's affection for Octavia in order to get her to see sense in his plan.
  • I dislike that Titus told Clarke that she was the one that killed Lexa when he was the one that killed her because he was trying to kill Clarke.
  • I liked that Clarke told Titus that letting the nightbloods kill each other since they are so rare is the stupidest plan for choosing a leader that she ever heard of.
  • I felt bad for Murphy when he ended up having to stay in Polis in order to ensure that Clarke would escape with the flame safely.
  • I'm interested to see who Luna is since she's a nightblood who knows Lincoln some how that Clarke wants to find so that she can convince her to become the commander instead of Ontari.
  • I liked that Monty ended up giving a false report over the intercom in order to allow his friends the chance to escape.
  • I liked that Abby told Kane that she would be staying behind because their people need someone around to lead their people into the light and I liked that the two kissed before Kane left.
  • I liked that when Pike said that he would execute the other grounder prisoners if they didn't catch any of the ones who have escape that Lincoln decided to turn himself in because he can't allow his people to die for something that he did.
  • I liked that when Ontari noticed that Murphy wasn't scared of her that he told her that he doesn't scare easily and I like that Murphy told Ontari that he thinks what she did by slaughtering the other nightbloods was smart and I liked that when Ontari told him that she plans to kill all his people that he says that sucks for them, I kind like that Murphy doesn't really feel that much attachment to his people because he's never really been accepted by them.
  • I liked that when Roan wanted to kill Titus that Murphy mentioned that they can't since he's the only one that knows how to do the flame ritual and I like that Titus killed himself because he never wanted to do that for Ontari.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Ontari wants to make everyone believe that she has the flame because as long as they think she does she's the commander in their eyes so it really doesn't matter for the truth is if everyone believes the lie. I also like that Murphy tells them that he won't tell anyone the truth because he likes having a head.
  • I'm glad that Indra told Bellamy that there is a new commander now before she left because that way the characters other than Clarke and Murphy can now what's going on with the grounders.
  • I'm sad that Lincoln died he was such a good person and he didn't deserve to die but I'm glad that he at least faced his death with dignity.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.