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TV Review: The Bates Motel: Midnight(1.10)

                                          The Bates Motel: Midnight(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Norma went to Sheriff Romero the next morning after she was threatened by Jake and I also liked that she didn't feel safe with just Romero giving her his word because she doesn't really trust anyone in this town because she doesn't have a real reason to.
  • I enjoyed the scene were Norman asks Emma to the dance it was a sweet yet fun scene that I really enjoyed.
  • While I got why Norma felt like she needed a gun and I agree with her not thinking that Romero is trustworthy I also agree with Dylan thinking that Norma and a gun is a bad idea.
  • I found the scene with Miss. Watson on the phone with someone yelling at them to be pretty surprising while compared to her normal tone. I also thought it was a bit weird how touchy feely she was to Norman when she asked him to keep the phone call a secret.
  • I liked that Norma went to the therapist's office even though she mostly just lied because I think that's at least a small step forward for her.
  • I think it's suspicious that Sheriff Romero knew exactly where to find the money that Shelby had.
  • I liked the scene where Dylan taught Norma how to shoot a gun and I really loved that he called her mom once and I liked that seemed to make her happy as well even though she knows it was just a slip from Dylan.
  • I get why Norman would dislike how Bradley came over to see Dylan I wish that he would have believed Dylan when he said there wasn't anything going on between them.
  • I found it really sad and disturbing that Norma was raped by her older brother while she was growing up and while I think it's a bit strange that she told this to Norman I think that her reasoning of wanting the person closest to her to know the truth made sense.
  • I liked how both Emma and Norman admitted that they've never been to a school dance before.
  • I felt bad for Emma because Norman kept looking over Bradley while they were dancing and I agree with Emma's statement that Norman does like her but is too stupid to realize it.
  • I was surprised that Bradley's boyfriend was in this episode because he's been gone for so long but I do think that Norman deserved that punch in the face.
  • I find it odd how Miss. Watson decided to bring Norman back to her place and get change with the door open and I kind do thing Norman's hallucination was probably right about the seduction thing although I'm sad that she dead but I'm glad that Norman doesn't know it yet.
  • I think that it's really suspicious that Sheriff Romero is willing to let Jake continue doing business in his town and I think that's a good enough reason for Norma not to trust him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top Book Endings

1. Tokyo Babylon Vol. 7: This is the last volume of the whole series and it's very emotional and every part of it was memorable and while it certainly wasn't a happy ending I think it's the best ending the series could have, it was satisfying but it was also miserable and that's what made it kind of perfect. The last chapter had some particularly memorable lines for instance the exchange between Subaru and the ghost girl where he asks if she's seen he's twin sister she replies I've never seen anyone with eyes as lonely as yours. Also the last actual line of the series Maybe everyone who does bad things are just lonely, this line just really works perfect for the ending and it makes me very emotional and I don't think I'm explaining anything properly at this point I just know that it made me cry more which was a good thing for the ending of this series.
2. Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 12: The ending of this series was a very happy and I just of love how happy this ending was and the artwork was really beautiful and one of my favorite couples of all time were together. This ending was just really happy and I think it went with the series perfectly and I was satisfied with the ending and I'm rarely happy with the end of series so it's kind of special that way.
3. Fruits Basket Vol. 23: Another ending to a series I love although it's different from first two because it's not one extreme emotion but an overall happy ending with some bittersweet moments. I think that this volume was a really good ending to the series because it showed how far the characters have come and while they all had changed for the better overall that didn't mean that everything was suddenly perfect there were still some problems within the Sohma family and their were still things that some characters needed to work on. I really loved how the ending of the series didn't really feel like the end of everything but rather a new beginning in the characters life and since the curse was broken it made sure that cursed members of Sohma family were actually able to have a future of their own choosing and I just really loved that feeling that while the characters grew so much over the course of the series there lives aren't done there just beginning and them having that kind of future made me extremely happy for them this volume was the first time I've ever cried happy tears before reading this I thought happy tears were a myth.
4. Impulse: The whole ending line of Perfect paper airplane, is just something that stuck with me for so long because I knew that it was made from the letter that Connor's parents wrote to him saying that they'll accept nothing less than perfection from him and how his attempted suicide has changed nothing about those impossibly high expectations they have for him. This line just is good end to the story to me because it's simple yet powerful and it has so much meaning behind it because Connor's suicide towards the end was something he choose because he couldn't stand having to go back home and pretend that nothing's wrong and try live up to perfection and then end up hating himself when he fails which he will, I'm not saying that Connor's choose was right but I get why he did it.
5. The Summoning: There were a lot of plot twists towards the end of this book and I think the book ended on quite a nice one with Chloe getting ready to reveal to Liz that she's dead.
6. The Lightening Thief: This isn't exactly the very end I love but the first half the last chapter where it's revealed that Luke's the friend that will betray Percy which surprised me quite a bit when I first read the book. I really liked this ending because it was quite awhile after the quest was done and Percy was safe at camp and so any thought of him being in real danger kind of left my head because I assumed he was safe but then he figures out that Luke's working for Kronos and Percy ends up almost dying at a time where I least expected it which made the ending of this book stand out to me and also it sets up things for the rest of the series as well.
7.  The Titan's Curse: This is an ending that I found really memorable with Percy finding out that Nico is a son of Hades right after he has decided that he hates Percy for not being able to keep Bianca safe. Also as soon as Nico is gone and Percy had figured out his parentage Percy decides that the prophecy will be his because he couldn't let it be about Nico and I also loved the whole Percy saying that Nico is his responsibility this is just a moment that shows for Percy's heroism and loyalty which are some of my favorite traits of his and it was also a pretty interesting way to find out that Nico is a son of Hades with the whole sending monsters to the underworld.
8. Thirteen Reasons Why: It wasn't exactly the ending of the book that I love it's more the ending of Hannah's tapes and Clay reflecting about he just heard the last words he'll ever hear Hannah speak that is the part of the ending that I love. Even knowing that Hannah is already dead it doesn't make listening to her give up all hope and say her goodbye it just a very emotional moment to read because it feels like both to the reader and Clay that your hearing her die all over again. This part also makes me very emotional because the listening of the tapes was something that Clay while it's not exactly something it's something that helped him feel connected to Hannah and he liked hearing her voice again even though he didn't enjoy listening to all the things that happen to her so the ending of the tapes was the ending of the last connection he has to Hannah.
9. Tokyo Babylon Vol. 5: The whole Seishiro loosing his eye honestly scared me so much not because I was worried about Seishiro he was in a hospital when he lost his eye and he seemed disturbingly calm about the whole thing, I was freaking out because I had read spoilers for the whole series before I started so it was Subaru I was worried for because he's never going to be happy again.  The ending was pretty upsetting in itself but what really made it so much worse is knowing what's to come.
10. Fruits Basket Vol. 4: I think part of the reason that I love the end of this volume so much is because the anime got rid of it and it made me really mad that the anime did that so it makes me appreciate this ending a lot more than I normally would although I love it for other reasons as well. I love the foreshadowing with Yuki finding the hat in Tohru's room and the moment where Kyo apologizes to a sleeping Tohru (for reasons that don't become apparent to much later in the series) and he also ends up watching her sleep. I just really love the ending of this volume it's really just a few simple scenes but I think there really important considering their the reasons that Yuki and Kyo are in a weird mood at the beginning of the next volume.

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Fangirl Friday 38

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Orphan Black: I watched the first four episodes of this show this week and I really love it so far with the whole concept of there being clones from all over the world and that there someone's experiment and that for some reason there being hunted down and killed. I find the whole concept really intriguing and each episode is exciting and I think that Tatiana Maslany's acting is incredible with how she was able to play all of the clones and how she was able to make them seem like completely different people especially since they were from a number of different countries as well which meant that there quite a few accents that she had to master. So far my favorite clones are Sarah and Cosima, I really love Sarah because I just find her interesting in that she's the kind of person that would take over a another person's life after she sees them commit suicide and be able to pass at them convincingly but she's also cares very much for her daughter and is willing to track down a person that she's pretty sure will kill her. With Cosima since I haven't seen a whole lot of her yet it's just really because I like her attitude which is sort of laid back, more optimistic then the others and she seems to be interested in finding out more about the clones through science. My favorite non-clone character is Felix Sarah's foster brother who is the only non-clone to know about the whole clone thing as of yet that we know about.

2. Chihayafuru: I watched the first episode of this anime awhile ago but I didn't really ended up really getting into the series until I started watching it this week. I'm really loving the series so far, I love that the game of karuta is being used in a way that it represents a connection and ambition for the main character and that it also was made to seem a lot more exciting then you'd think it could be because it's just a card game but this anime makes it seem like so much more than a card game. I really loved how when Chihaya, Taichi and Arata were children that they came together through playing karuta and I really loved that it was thing that was meant to connect them once again once they were older since they were all going their separate ways when gradated elementary school. I love seeing Chihaya passion for the game of karuta and I love seeing how much she sincerely loves the game and how much joy it gives her when she sees that someone else shares her love for karuta. I love Taichi because even though he seems to be good at everything he isn't really passionate about anything and I just find that I really love his character with how he pretends to not care about things such as karuta or Chihaya but his actions always seem to show that he cares especially about Chihaya who I'm pretty sure he has a crush on her. I also really love the character Kana who loves karuta for a very different reason she loves the poems and the history behind them and I really love that show showed that there were many ways to love karuta and there was no right way to do so. Also the animation in this series is really beautiful so that makes the show even more fun to watch.
3. The Chronicles of Narnia: This week I read The Magicians Nephew which is the first book in my set of the books and I really enjoyed it. Reading about the beginning of Narnia was a delight and I really loved the main characters Digory and Polly they were great characters who were easy to like and I loved the friendship that the two of them shared in the book. I also really enjoyed seeing how the rings could take them to all sorts of different worlds and I liked that each world was different and I liked how there was backstory given to the White Witch as well in this book. Overall the first book of the series was great and I plan to continue my reading of the series.

Book Review: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew

                                              The Magician's Nephew Review
This book is about a boy named Digory who has recently moved in with his Aunt and Uncle in the city from his home in the country because of his mother's illness, Digory makes friends with his neighbor Polly. Digory and Polly like to go on adventures such as traveling through the attics of the row houses from rafter to rafter and one day they accidently find themselves in Digory's Uncle Andrew's private study. Uncle Andrew is a cowardly magician who tricks Digory and Polly into trying out his rings that will bring them to other worlds.

The first world that the children visit is the dying world of Charn which was a rather frightening world and in that world they meet the witch Jadis who in later books as the White Witch. It turns out that the witch Jadis spoke a spell during a war that killed ever living creature in her world expect herself because she didn't want to loose the throne to her sister. Jadis ends up following Digory and Polly back to their world where she causes an awful lot of trouble so the children try to send her back to her own world but accidently end up sending the witch, themselves, Uncle Andrew, the Caddy and his horse all to the new world of Narnia instead.

The creation of Narnia was a fascinating thing to read about with Aslan singing everything into existence and giving certain animals the ability to speak also the earth would grow anything in the first few days of Narnia's existence such as lamp post and toffee trees. The Cabby and his wife end up becoming the first King and Queen of the land because they are kind and just people. Digory is sent on a quest to get an apple from a far off garden so that it can guard Narnia from the witch and so that Digory can atone for bringing the witch to Narnia, he's also given a fruit from the tree to heal his mother.

I overall loved this book it had a fantastical plot and I though it was really magical to see the beginning of Narnia. I really loved most of the major characters with Polly, Digory and the cabby being my favorite. I really loved the way in which the book was written as well in a way that was clearly meant for children but doesn't talk down to them which made the book very enjoyable for me to read. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

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Anime Review: Chihayafuru: But for Autumn's Coming(1.07)

                              Chihayafuru: But for Autumn's Coming(1.07)Review
This episode starts off with Chihaya and Taichi playing a karuta match in their club and Taichi realizes that he simply can't beat Chihaya especially when it comes to first words so he tries to think of different method with going over which poems had been eliminated already and the longer phrases and while that helped him find the card first it still didn't keep Chihaya from getting the card because of her natural skill. Taichi claims that he doesn't really mind loosing but he worries about whether it would be better for Chihaya to be practicing with Arata rather than himself.

Chihaya continues her search for new karuta club members so she decides that Tsutomu the second smartest person in the school would be a good fit. Tsutomu doesn't really like school because of the judgmental people but he does like studying but he hates that he's second best especially to someone like Taichi. Chihaya ends up dragging Tsutomu to the club room after he refuses her and then she starts to tell him how karuta is a mental game and that the players of to memorize all the cards but when Tsutomu learns that the cards are face up he almost leaves but then Chihaya accepts that as a challenge to play karuta with the cards face down.

While playing karuta with the cards face down Taichi notices that Chihaya doesn't have her normal edge because she still hasn't got the greatest memory skills so Taichi realizes that he actually has a chance of winning against her now. During this round Taichi realizes or rather admits to himself that he does hate to loose and that he does want to win and that during this round he actually feels like he's worthy of playing against Chihaya. In the end Taichi wins the game and it made him very happy but it also made Tsutomu leave the club room.

When Taichi goes after Tsutomu about joining karuta if he as even a bit of interest, Tsutomu goes off about how he hates people like Taichi because he has so much talent and other things in his life. Then Taichi tells him that he doesn't have a talent for karuta and that even though he looses almost every match he plays he keeps playing because of how happy it makes him when he wins this somewhat convinces Tsutomu to give karuta a chance.

I loved this episode I think it gave a pretty good look at both how Taichi sees himself and how other people see him and how those two things are pretty different. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace(1.06)

                       Chihayafuru: Now Bloom Inside the Ninefold Palace(1.06)Review
In this episode Chihaya and Taichi start up the karuta club at first it's just the two of them playing because not that many people are interested in karuta. A girl named Kana who loves the time period in which the karuta poems were written and loves traditional clothing ends up wanting to join the karuta club but after seeing how intensely Chihaya and Taichi are playing she changes her mind.

Chihaya tries to do everything she can to get Kana to join the club because she saw how much Kana loves karuta and even though it's different then the way she loves karuta she still feels a connection to her because of their shared love of karuta. After Kana explains to Chihaya the meaning of her favorite karuta poem this gets Chihaya another way in which to love karuta that she never thought of before so she asks Kana to tell her the meaning behind all one hundred poems and Kana is happy to share her love of history with someone so she does.

In the end Kana's love for the history of the poems helped Chihaya improve hoe well she plays karuata and she's able to convince Kana to join the club if Chihaya agrees to be the model for her family's traditional Japanese clothing shop and that they agree to wear hakamas when they compete.

I overall really enjoyed this episode and I liked how it showed that there are many to different ways in which one can love karuta. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafurru: The Sight of a Midnight Moon(1.05)

                          Chihayafurru: The Sight of a Midnight Moon(1.05)Review
This episode starts off with Chihaya and Taichi getting on a train so that they can go see Arata, Chihaya wants to make sure that Arata is okay because after hearing that he quit karuta she figures something bad must have happened to him for him to do that and Taichi is pretending that he's just there because Chihaya dragged him there but I think it's pretty clear that he still cares.

Once they get to Arata's house they're both to nervous to even go to the door and then they start arguing and Arata's neighbor notices them and tells them that Arata is at work at a bookstore down by the station so they rush off to find him because Chihaya decided that it was necessary that they run there but she slows down once she realizes she might not really want to see Arata and she just generally starts to have second thoughts. At this time Chihaya and Taichi are walking really close together and Taichi almost reaches out to hold her hand but then Arata rides his bike between and once Chihaya notices him she runs after yanks him off his bike and she ends falling down the hill and getting herself dirty.

Arata tells Chihaya and Taichi to leave as soon as she's finished getting cleaned up but Arata wants to get the letter she wrote Arata but then sees her karuta deck so she suggest that the three of them play karuta together but Arata ends up kicking her cards which saddens Chihaya and angers Taichi who insists that they leave and Arata isn't the Arata that they knew and then Taichi drags Chihaya out of the house.

Chihiya learns from Arata's neighbor that Arata quit karuta because his grandfather who was a karuta master and taught him the game died while he was at a karuta tournament for advancing to Class A and since then he hasn't played. Arata reads Chihaya's letter after she left and remembers how it was when they were friends and realizes how much he misses them so he chases after their train on his bike and they see him which cheers up Chihaya a lot and the episode ends with Taichi saying that he'll help Chihaya start a karuta club at their school.

I really enjoyed this episode it was good to see what happen with Arata and to just generally see all the characters interact again. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafurru: A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends(1.04)

                  Chihayafurru: A Whirlwind of Flower Petals Descends(1.04)Review
This episode goes back to the time period the show started out in when Chihaya is a teenager in fact this episode begins during that same day when she and Taichi were on the train together. Chihaya after seeing that Taichi got himself a girlfriend gets pretty mad about that and then tells him that if she advances to Class A in this weekends karuta tournament he has to promise her that he'll help her start a karuta club at their school.

Taichi ends up going to Chihaya's karuta tournament although it looks like he was hoping that no one would recognize him there but Dr. Harada recognizes him right away and is very happy to see him again and assume mostly correctly that Taichi came to cheer Chihaya on. Dr. Harada is disappointed to find out that Taichi stopped playing karuta especially since the reason used was that he didn't think he could ever get as good as Arata. Through out the episode Taichi and Dr. Harada watch Chihaya compete and Dr. Harada tells Taichi of Chihaya's dedication for the game of karuta and Taichi ends up admiring Chihaya's improved abilities and seeing her having fun playing karuta remains him of how he use to have fun playing karuta with her and Arata.

Chihaya's final match is against a player who had been stuck in Class B for three now and is known for being a very passionate player so when Chihaya starts the match slow it looks like she starts to briefly doubt herself especially when he almost steals the chihaya card from her this leads her to give him that card after she steals a card from him and through out the match they ended up passing the card between each other. Chihaya starts to have fun with the match once she sees that her opponent is someone who genuinely loves to play karuta.

In end Chihaya wins the match and advances to Class A then she runs up to Taichi and hugs him and then calls Arata for the first time in what it seems to be years and she excitedly tells him the news but to her shock and disappointment he tells her not call him and that he has stopped playing karuta.

I really loved this episode it was the first episode that took place almost entirely in modern time and it gave a really good feel for who Chihaya and Taichi are now, I also liked seeing the way that Chihaya and Taichi interacted in the episode and I liked how Taichi through watching Chihaya play remembers how fun it could be. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: From the Crystal White Snow(1.03)

                          Chihayafuru: From the Crystal White Snow(1.03)Review
Chihaya, Taichi and Arata have all seemed to become friends sometime around the end of the last episode and they go to a place where members of the karuta society gather to play competitive karuta. The man who runs the center who goes by doctor is extremely happy to have three new members all at once because it's so rare to have anyone new but some other members doubt their abilities and they are challenged to a match. The three of them play as a team at first while Chihaya was very enthusiastic about playing she was also very stressed about having to memorize so many cards and Taichi just simply thought there was no way that they could win so he asks why Arata had them play as a team when they would only hinder him and he says he wanted to play as a team. Although Arata has a bit of a problem being a team player since he knows the game of karuta so much better then the other two and this leads Chihaya to start pretty much competing with Arata and Taichi is confused as to why Chihaya is going so upset about loosing to Arata when he's so much better then her but something about Chihaya's competitiveness inspires Taichi to try. When Taichi actually succeeds in getting a cared Arata tells him good job and he seems pretty touched by this.

After the initially meeting at the karuta society place the three of them decided to try to compete in a tournament as a team and it seems like this episode takes place over several months so the three of them becoming really close. Chihaya tells her family that she has her own dream now rather than just wanting her sister to be a famous model her mother is happy for her but her sister is selfishly wishes she'd just go back to adoring her.

A little bit before the tournament Chihaya learns that Taichi got accepted into a school that is pretty hard to get into and is pretty far away and that Arata is moving away because he's grandfather is sick this upsets Chihaya because she wanted the three of them to play karuta together forever. In the end they play in the tournament but don't win and before Arata leaves he tearful tells Chihaya and Taichi that he doesn't think that he'll ever see either of them again and Chihaya said that as long as they have karuta they'll always find each other.

I overall really loved this episode it developed the relationships between the characters really well and I also felt like it was a really emotional episode, I cried a bit towards the end even. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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Anime Review: Hakushaku to Yousei: Tell me the Secret of your Tears(1.08)

                      Hakushaku to Yousei: Tell me the Secret of your Tears(1.08)Review
In this episode Lydia is still in doubt about her engagement with Edgar meaning anything more than an arrangement between the two of them which will allow her to stay in the human world but Edgar clearly wishes for it to be a real engagement. A fairy ends up putting the ring on Lydia's finger and she is told that only Edgar can remove it for most of the episode Edgar leaves it on Lydia's finger. There's a nice moment between Edgar and Lydia were Edgar hugs her and Lydia seems to enjoy it.

Also in this episode Paul encounters a banshee that is from one hundred years ago and it's believed that she may need to be protected. The banshee is crying tears of amber which means that there will soon be a death in her clan. Lydia ends up figuring out the reason behind her tears so Lydia tells Edgar to focus on keeping everyone safe but Edgar points out that Lydia isn't sure that she wants to stay by his side so he feels he must learn to figure out these things himself and since he sees that Lydia is unsure he takes the ring out for her.

I overall really enjoyed this episode and I think that it may have brought Edgar and Lydia a bit closer and I'm interested in the mystery of the banshee as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Another: Glass Eye(1.10)

                                               Another: Glass Eye(1.10)Review
In this episode class three decides to go on  a trip to the mountains in hopes that praying to the gods at the shrine will end the calamity. Koichi, Mei, Yuya and Naoya finish listening to the tap that explains how to stop the calamity once it has started and learn that the way to do it is to kill the student that is already dead. That night during dinner Akazawa blames Mei for the calamity happening and forces her to say she's sorry and Koichi tries to defend her and tells her she has nothing to apologize for.

That night Mei tells Koichi about how her cousin Misaki is actually her twin sister that she was separated from when she was a year old so that her mother could have a child after hers was a stillborn. Mei tells Koichi that she believes that her sister Misaki was the first death of the calamity meaning that the calamity started in April before Koichi transferred to the school. Mei also tells Koichi that her doll eye can see a color that tells her that some is dead or close to death and it's implied that she knows who the extra student is. She doesn't tell Koichi who it is because Naoya bursts into the room and says he's done something bad which probably means he killed someone because the image of a dead body is shown.

This episode was really good and came closer than ever to telling us who is the dead student and introduced new conflict as well with the whole kill the dead person is the solution to ending the calamity but no one knows whose dead. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru: The Red That Is(1.02)

                                      Chihayafuru: The Red That Is(1.02)Review
This episode starts off the day after the first one ends and when Chihaya returns to school the next day she discovers that the whole class has started to ignore her like they ignore Wataya and when Taichi says that the class will stop ignoring her if she ignores Wataya and Chihaya calls Taichi out for being mean and the two began to argue. Wataya tries to tell Chihaya that it's okay that she doesn't need to defend him but once Chihaya brings up that Wataya is going to be a karuta master someday Taichi challenges Wataya who says that he won't let anyone take a card from him.

Later on there is a karuta tournament that both Taichi and Wayata are competing in and both of them do well in their first round but everyone was surprised and amazed by Wayata's skills. Do to how good Wataya is and how Taichi will have to play him in the final round Taichi ends up stealing Wataya's glasses because he doesn't want to disappoint his mother by loosing and doesn't think he can beat Wataya fairly. Wataya ends up playing the first half of the round pretty well since he memorized were the cards were but once Taichi notice this he moves the cards around and Wataya doesn't do well anymore. Eventually Chihaya comes over and takes over for Wataya because he can't see and she wants to win for Wataya and she thinks she might be able to do this for him because earlier in the episode Wataya said that Chihaya has a natural talent for karuta.

Chihaya has a rather unusual style to playing karuta since she moves her whole body while playing and often falls over the cards and causes them to move all over but this method seems to work fairly well for her. Taichi eventually starts to use a similar method as Chihaya once he realizes why she's so serious about the game in the end Chihaya wins the match which excites her greatly and at first Taichi tries to play it off as it doesn't matter who wins because karuta is a stupid game but when Chihaya says that it was a fun match Taichi seems a bit embarrassed and that he might agree with her.

Chihaya calls home to tell her family that she won the karuta tournament but their all excited about her sisters model contract to care and her sister calls karuta lame and boring which saddens Chihaya. Taichi's mother is very disappointed him because he lost and says that he will no longer be allowed to compete in karuta tournament because he should only compete in events that he can win. Taichi ends up giving Wataya back his glasses and begging him not to tell Chihaya that he stole them because he doesn't want her to hate him and Wataya calls him a coward but agrees to not tell Chihaya because he understands his feelings. Overall I really enjoyed the episode, please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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Top 10 Things that makes me Not pick up a book

1. Love Triangles: I know that love triangles have been around forever and unfortunately aren't going anywhere but I don't like them and they are everywhere so I choose to avoid them when I can. I also think that love triangles are usually lazy writing because they usually occur to cause conflict in a relationship but a better way to cause conflict is having the couple have different values, goals or plans and then have the characters try to sort those things out because that leads to not only great character development(which you won't get in a love triangle) and strengths the relationship not weaken the relationship like a love triangle does. I know that people say that love triangles are only bad if there not written well but almost all love triangles are written badly that I've read or seen the only okay ones I can think of are Liberta/Felicita/Nova(Arcana Famiglia),Summer/Seth/Anna(The OC) and that time when Sakura and Syaoran both had a crush on Yukito in Cardcaptor Sakura but then they ended up with each other and Yukito ended up with Sakura's brother, pretty sure the last one doesn't count as a love triangle but it's still my favorite.
2. Graphic Sex: No... Just, no. Also gross and yuck and I don't ever need or want to read anything like that ever.
3. Superfluous Descriptions: I'm not a huge fan of descriptions so when I feel like it's unnecessarily long I tend to hold that against the entire book and the author in general. I know that descriptions are needed up if you say describe a forest and you neglect plot development and naming characters to instead ramble on about the forest for the 15th time I'm going to ended up hating the book.
4. Love Dystopia: I love Dystopias and I love romance but I don't want the dystopian society to be about how your not meant to fall in love or choose who you love because it makes it too easy for the series to become a love triangle set in a futuristic world instead of a dystopian novel so I prefer that dystopian not involve romance but I have zero problems with a romantic sub plot in fact I hope for one, I just don't want it to be the main plot in this sort of book.
5. Bad Boy love interest: My definition of what a bad boy here maybe a bit different then most because I'm not talking about a trouble but cute boy which translates to me as some who's made mistakes and feels bad about that or has a dark past and is trying to move past it.I'm talking about the guy who's an asshole for no real reason, the guy that feels he's entitled to the girl even after she rejects him or is just a bad person. I dislike this type of guy as a love interest because I don't want to read about the main character falling in love with someone who treats her like crap because that's sad not romantic like the book is trying to tell me it is.
6. Dumb Mean Girls: I don't really mind the mean girl character in fact I tend to enjoy them because they usually have good bitchy one liners that make me laugh and have a level of confidence that I admire a bit and usually always look great. But if the mean girl is dumb then she's no fun and is she annoying also it seems weird that the main character can be bothered by her.
7. Sports: I don't like sports at all there not my thing and I'm not interest in them expect for womens gymnastics and womens figure skating but the sports books are never about those sports so I'm not interested in reading about sports because I find them boring.
8. Medical Drama: I'm just not really interested in the medical stuff unless it's mental health or bio-tech in a sci-fi or dystopian series.
9. Westerns: I've seen westerns before and I didn't enjoy them and I'm guessing that's not going to change in book form although it did with war(I loved Catch-22 and liked Slaughter House Five) but I doubt it would happen with westerns.
10. Zombies: I just don't think I'd like them because I always think of zombies as gross although I did love both Zombieland and Warm Bodies so maybe I should give them a try.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Manga Review: Gate-7 Vol. 1

                                                          Gate-7 Vol. 1Review
Gate-7 is a new manga by Clamp and it's about a high school boy named Chikahito Takamoto who is fascinated by old things such as history, arts, temples and shrines so he was very happy when he was finally able to visit Kyoto a city filled with history. While visiting Kyoto he accidently stumbles into a supernatural realm that no normal human should be able to enter and he meets three beings Hana, Tachibana and Sakura who fight against supernatural enemies. After the group is unable to erase Chikahito's memories and after Chikahito is mysteriously transferred to a school in Kyoto Chikahito moves in with the group and learns more about them.

In the first volume there's quite a bit of talk about mythology and it's a lot of information to take in all at once and in all honesty while I know that I really enjoyed this volume, I think until I read a few more and actually get the hang of all the history the series is based off it will be a bit hard for me to fully understand. But I do know that Chikahito knows quite a bit about history which makes me like him quite a bit and I know that there's a connection between him and Hana because while there abilities are different they are also the same because they are both not which means they're neither favored or unfortunate which is a rare thing, also Hana kissed Chikahito in the first chapter to bond them, I was very surprised by the kiss since Clamp doesn't have many kisses but it was a really beautiful image. I also know that the one who owns the building is named Hidetsugu and he has a blood contract with a demon named Mikoto because of some family history but they both seem to be very happy with the arrangement which is nice.

Overall I really did enjoy the first volume even if there was a lot of information to take in and I'm really enjoying the characters so far. I think that the art is gorgeous in this series and I just love the way that just about everything looks. Please tell me what your thoughts about this series are.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fangirl Friday 37

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf: I've been trying to get myself caught up with season 3 of Teen Wolf this week and I almost got myself caught up with only one more new episode to watch before I'm all caught up. I'm really loving this series I'm interested in the alpha pack and the human sacrifices. I really like how this season seems to be leading towards Scott becoming an alpha because I think that Scott would make a good leader because he always wants to do the right thing and he tends to inspire loyalty. I like seeing how this season Alison seems to be involving herself in the werewolf things because she feels that she should protect her friends or just innocent people in general rather than being forced into the middle of it by her family. I'm enjoying that even though Scott and Alison are broken up still it's also clear that they still care about each other and I'm looking forward to them getting back together. I'm also really enjoy that Lydia is now in the know about the supernatural stuff because it's clear she has some special abilities and I'm looking forward to finding out what they are. I'm also really enjoying that Lydia and Stiles seem to be working together quite a bit this season and I think the two of them work really well together. There's a lot of other things I'm loving about this season as well but I can't seem to think about them at the moment.

2. Nikita: I watched episodes 12-17 of the first season this week and I'm loving this show more and more. I liked episodes 15-17 the best so far. I really loved getting more Alex's backstory and seeing how she use to live before Nikita found her and I also loved seeing that she could be very vengeful and could become a very cold person one day if she's not careful. I also really loved the episode Alex's hallucinated state were it was shown that what Alex fears the most is herself or rather the type of person she could become. I also really enjoyed seeing how scary Amanda could be with how she just wanted to get answers from Alex when she was in her hallucinated state and didn't care at all really about her health and how she recommended Alex for cancellation. The last episode I watched this week dealt a lot with Nikita and Michael's relationship and was a pretty big turning point with him discovering that Alex was working with Nikita and that the guy that killed his family was working for Division and it also seems like they might have started working together at the end of this episode as well as being together.
3. Psych: I watched two new episodes of Psych this week the first one was my favorite and it was about how Gus and Shawn screwed up a crime scene of Gus's boss's murder and I just found it really funny how badly they kept messing up this case and incriminating themselves. The second one was about their favorite radio personality dying and them investigating that it was also pretty funny but nowhere near as good as the first one.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Motel California(3.06)

                                              Teen Wolf: Motel California(3.06)Review
  • I found the motel that they stayed into to be very creepy because what kind of hotel keeps tract of the number suicides that occur there.
  • I liked how as soon as Lydia arrived at the motel she could just tell that something wasn't right with it.
  • I liked the scene were Stiles told Scott his list of suspects that could be committing the human sacrifices and I liked how that scene was pretty lighthearted compared to the rest of the episode. I also liked that while Stiles hasn't ruled out Lydia as a suspect it's clear that he really doesn't want it to be her.
  • I found it interesting that there seem to be two phases which the werewolves went through in this episode when they were hallucinating the first is one were they were in a trance like state and seem completely unaware of their actions and the second was about making them see or hear something to make them want to kill themselves.
  • I find it interesting that Lydia could hear people from the past committing their suicides which was really creepy but it also has me interested in why she has these kind of abilities. I also loved that Alison believed right away that what Lydia was hearing was real.
  • I found it really sad that Boyd's memories of his little sister's death and how he feels like it was his fault were brought up to convince him to commit suicide.
  • I found it really frightening for Isaac when he started to hear his dad's voice and remember that night and I found it interesting that Isaac began speaking both of their parts and how different his voice was when he spoke his dad's part(angry) and then when he spoke his part(frighten). I also felt bad for him because he was also made to relive his memories of being trapped in the freezer.
  • I found it sad that Scott was made to think that Deucalion had murdered his mother right before his eyes and was led to believe that it was all his fault and that eventually everyone he cared about will be dead because of him.
  • I really enjoyed the scene between Danny and Ethan were they were making out, Ethan was teasing Danny a bit and Danny also opened up a bit about a mark on his body that was from him having a bar in his chest when he was younger. I find it interesting that Ethan said he really hoped that Danny was really a survivor because I feel like there was a lot of meaning to that line.
  • I found it creepy how Ethan started to think that someone was going to come out of him or something and led him to try to rip open his stomach.
  • I liked how Stiles literally tried to wrestle the saw away from Ethan and then also stopped him from clawing himself open.
  • I liked how Lydia noticed how Stiles was looking at her in a way that she knew he had something to tell her because this was the second time that has happened between these two this season. I also liked how Stiles remembered when this sort of thing happened last season with the wolf's bane at Lydia's party.
  • I liked how Lydia was able to tell when Boyd was drowning himself even though she didn't know who was drowning she just able to tell where someone was drowning somehow and I also liked that Stiles believed her when said she someone was drowning.
  • I liked how Stiles figured out that heat was what brought the werewolves out of their trance and how Lydia knew how to get underwater was to use the emergency flares from the bus.
  • I find it interesting that Isaac was the only werewolf effected by the wolfs bane that didn't try to kill himself.
  • I found it really sad that Scott that he should die because it would be better for other people if he was gone and that everyone would be safer without him. I also found it sad that Scott thought that he was no one before he got the bit.
  • I loved how Stiles talked Scott down by telling him that he was never no one to him that he has and will always be his best friend and his brother and that if Scott is going to kill himself he has to take Stiles with him. I also loved that after Stiles joined Scott that Scott through the flare out of harms way, this scene just gave me so many Scott and Stiles friendship feelings I have also loved their friendship so I really loved this scene.
  • I loved how when Lydia saw the flare roll back into the puddle of gasoline she literally yelled a warning and pushed Stiles and Scott out of harms way. I also find it interesting that Lydia saw the Darach.
  • I find it a bit strange that Jenifer would suggest that Derek should let everyone think that he's really dead.
  • I think it interesting that during Derek and Jenifer's sex scene that all his wounds were healed which makes me curious as to why was it a psychological thing for Derek needing to feel wanted to let himself or was it something to with Jenifer.
  • I found it really weird and kind of wrong that Derek and Jenifer's sex scene was intercut with Scott's suicide attempt.
  • I liked that the next day that Ethan thanked Scott for saving his life even though it wasn't actually Scott who did that and he told Scott that Derek was alive and what the alphas planned to do with him.
  • I liked how Lydia figured out that the Coach's whistle was filled with wolf's bane and I liked how Stiles through the whistle out the window.
  • I find it interesting that Deucalion had bitten when of the Argent hunters in the past.
  • I'm really mad that Gerard is alive because he's the worst and I'm really worried that he's planning something evil.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Book Review: Lunar Chronicles: Cinder

                                                                  Cinder Review
Cinder is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles and it's about a young mechanic named Cinder who is also a cyborg and it's set in the futuristic world of New Beijing were cyborgs are treated more like property than actual people so even though Cinder is the only one in her family that has a job  her stepmother accuses her of stealing if she spends anything. Cinder actually has a good relationship with her stepsister Peony who sadly comes down with letumosis an incurable plague that had already killed a large percentage of the population. After being forcibly volunteered for letumosis Cinder discovers that she's immune to the illness as well as a few more things that are even more unbelievable things about herself from Dr. Erland. Cinder through out the book has two main goals to try to get her sister Peony a cure and to escape from her stepmother.

Throughout the book Cinder has quite a few encounters with Prince Kai who she first met when he gave her an android to fix and they just kept running into each other through out the book. The two develop an obvious attraction to each other and while Cinder doesn't want to admit and Kai knows more or less that nothing can come from their relationship they share quite a few intimate moments with each other through out the book.

Prince Kai looses his father fairly early in the book due to letumosis and soon after his death the lunar Queen Levana does her best to try force Kai into marriage with her. The Lunars are a race of people from the moon who are known to be very violent and have the ability to manipulate how people see and think about basically everything. Kai is stuck in a very tough position because he knows that earth can't possibly win a war against the Lunars but he also can't let Levana be the ruler of his people either plus he obviously doesn't want to marry Levana. Kai for some time as been looking for the lost lunar Princess Selene in hopes that she would be different than Levana and that would mean that his people could be safe and it turns out that he was a lot closer to finding her than he could ever guess.

I overall loved Cinder it was a great book with an intriguing plot, great characters and relationships, good world building and mythology. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of the series so that I could see what happens next and be introduced to new characters as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Frayed(3.05)

                                                    Teen Wolf: Frayed(3.05)Review
  • This episode had a kind of different type of format with how there were quite a few flashbacks to something that happened a few days ago.
  • I really enjoyed how Scott and Stiles were studying words that I assume will be on the PSAT I believe and I liked how Stiles tried to slip Drach in there because they need to talk about it.
  • I was a bit concerned by Scott's injury that just wasn't healing but I mostly enjoyed seeing how Stiles, Alison, Isaac and Boyd worried about his health.
  • I was a bit surprised to hear that Derek was dead but I didn't actually believe that he was really dead but having the characters believed that he was dead worked pretty well for me.
  • I liked the scene from earlier in the week were Scott confronts Alison about being there that night were they lead Boyd and Cora into the school, I just really enjoyed that scene it was overall pretty cute and quite flirty until the last part of the scene which was bit more serious.
  • I liked how Scott told Alison that while he thinks that she could beat him in a fight if she really wanted the reason he wants her to stay out of the alpha pack stuff is because they scare him and he thinks that they should scare her too and also he just basically wants her safe.
  • I liked that Alison decided to take Lydia and follow the cross-country teams bus because she wanted to make sure that Scott was okay.
  • I disliked that Lydia hooked up with Aiden but I'm going to assume it was just a one time thing because that seems to be her thing with guys this season.
  • I really enjoyed how the Coach kept yelling some kid named Jared on the bus because he was car sick and really enjoyed when the Coach was saying that he what vomit back on Jared if he vomited.
  • I liked Boyd was so upset about Derek's death that he wanted to hurt Ethan but I'm glad that Scott was able to stop him before he did anything, I also liked that when Boyd noticed that Scott's injury wasn't healing that his expression turned from one of anger to one of concern.
  • I liked how when Stiles saw that Ethan was checking his phone a lot he text Danny who was sitting with Ethan to find out why and I loved that when Danny refused to answer the question that Stiles wouldn't stop texting them until he got an answer.
  • I actually kind of like the idea of Danny and Ethan they had a few nice little moments in this episode although I do feel a bit weird about liking them.
  • I kind of liked that in Scott's scene with Deucalion in the elevator that he was really surprised to find out that he lived in Alison's apartment building.
  • I loved that when Scott heard Derek's plan to kill Deucalion that he asked why is the default plan always to kill someone, I just really love that Scott is still so against killing anyone because it's actually a pretty rare thing in supernatural shows.
  • I find it a bit odd that it seemed like Scott and Peter was on the same page not killing Deucalion although I think it's probably for very different reasons, Peter with the whole you don't know what will happen if you kill the head of an alpha pack and not believing they stand a chance and Scott not wanting anyone to get hurt.
  • I liked how Cora and Peter went on to investigate things after they discover that Derek's and Ennis's bodies have moved, I also like that they don't seem to fully trust each other.
  • I liked how Stiles knew that Alison and Lydia had been following the bus for hours and I liked that he called them in order to make plan so they could help Scott out.
  • I liked how after the Coach refused to listen to any kind of reason to pull over the bus that Stiles used Jared's carsickness in order to get the Coach to pullover at the next rest stop.
  • I liked how on the night of the fight that Scott tried to keep Isaac out of it but he refused to let him go alone.
  • I liked that everyone predicted the whole Scott wanting to have a peace talk with Deucalion thing.
  • I find it interesting that Deaton doesn't seem to be frighten by the alpha packs threats. I also found it interesting that while Ms. Morrell is clearly working for the alpha pack it doesn't look like it's by choice.
  • I liked that Deaton would only help the alpha pack because he believed that not helping them could endanger Scott.
  • I liked how when scared for Scott Alison, Stiles and Lydia looked when they saw Scott's wound at the rest stop.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that the reason that Scott wasn't healing was all in his head since he felt guilty about Derek dying he wouldn't let himself heal so if he were stitched up he could be tricked into thinking he's healing and then heal.
  • I felt bad for Alison when she was so worried about Scott that she couldn't even thread a needle because she couldn't keep her hands from shaking. I liked how Alison thought of her mom and what she would tell her about how to handle this situation and how that advice was enough for her to calm down and save Scott's life.
  • I liked that the night of the fight Alison pretty much saved Derek from having to choose between killing Boyd or letting his sister die.
  • I liked how when Peter brought Cora to Deaton's office and he talked about not knowing how to get in there that Cora said they could just use the front door.
  • I find it interesting and rather disturbing that after Deucalion hears that Ennis would make a full recovery that Deucalion kills Ennis.
  • I liked how when Isaac heard about Scott nearly dying from an injury from the alpha fight that Isaac started beating the crap out Ethan and only stop when Scott told him to stop and he just looked so relieved that Scott was alright.
  • I liked how when Alison heard that the bus was leaving and that they didn't have time to stop for gas that she decided that her and Lydia would just go on the bus.
  • I really loved that Alison and Scott were sitting together and that Scott told Alison thank you for saving his life and thank you for not listening to him with staying out of the whole alpha pack thing.
  • I also loved that Stiles and Lydia sat by each other on the bus and I liked how they talked about the Drach and Lydia brought up that some ancient clans would sacrifice people while preparing for battle.
  • I wasn't surprised to discover that Derek was alive but I'm a bit confused about why he would go to Jennifer the new teacher for help.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm(2.22)

                                    Grimm: Goodnight, Sweet Grimm(2.22)Review
  • I really enjoyed that how sweet Nick and Juliette were in this episode with each other and liked seeing them adjust to both being back together and Juliette now knowing about Wesson things.
  • I found the scene at the beginning of the episode with Monroe and Rosalee to be very sweet.
  • I found the people in the zombielike state being released to be very frightening do to how violent they were and because there were so many of them.
  • I was really happy that there is a cure for the whole zombielike state think even though it's a bit unfortunate that it can only be given to a person when they are in the fourth stage.
  • I find it interesting that Renard's brother told him that the family wants him to return for some mysterious reason.
  • I was quite worried about Adalind for most of the episode when Frau Pech used a potion to switch their looks but I was surprised to learn that Adalind and Stefania had predicted this course of action and actually used that to kill Frau Pech and get her heart which is needed for Adalind to get her powers back.
  • I liked that Juliette wanted to go along with Nick when it comes to the Wesson stuff because she feels like she needs to learn more about that world.
  • I liked that Nick gave the key to Rosalee to hide so that Renard's brother won't be able to find it.
  • I was really worried about everyone when they went to the ship yard which was filled with the zombielike people and an obvious trap.
  • I'm really worried about Nick because he's both in the death like state and is captured by Renard's brother so nothing good can come from that.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode or the season as a whole.

TV Review: The Bates Motel: Underwater(1.09)

                                        The Bates Motel: Underwater(1.09)Review
  • I liked how at the beginning of the episode Norma questioned why it is that she always seem to attract crazy people in her life.
  • I found it really odd that the thing that made Norma decide that they have to move is that a lot of people smoke pot openly that just seems like a pretty minor thing compared to all the murders from earlier in the season.
  • I found the dream that Norman had about drowning Bradley to be very disturbing.
  • I thought that the way Norma reported about the flowers she thought were from Jake to be very odd considering she didn't mention to the woman on the phone that she has good reason to believe that it's a threat.
  • I liked how this episode showed that Norman is happy with living in town and I liked that it was mentioned that he wrote a short story that was very good and I found the idea of a man being on fire inside to be a pretty interesting one.
  • I liked the scene were Emma told the stoner guy Gunner that he couldn't smoke at the hotel, I just really liked the way those two interacted.
  • I liked how when Norman told Dylan about his dream of drowning Bradley that they both tried to play it off that it was a dream and didn't mean anything but it obvious that the dream had them both freaked out.
  • I wasn't surprised to find out that Jake isn't a real name and that he didn't give out any real information because that guy has always seemed rather suspicious.
  • I liked how when Bradley explained that she just wanted to go to her dad's office because she wants to feel close to him again that Dylan decide that he would sneak her in there so she can have her moment.
  • I liked that Norman stood up for himself and told Norma that he didn't want to move because he likes this town and that he said that trouble always follows them because Norma does stuff that doesn't make any sense.
  • I felt bad for Bradley when she discovers that her dad had been having an affair but I liked how Dylan told her that it doesn't change that her dad loved her which was the important thing at that time.
  • I found the whole Norman and Norma sharing a bed thing to be very weird and I found it even weirder that the two of them use to have sleepovers.
  • I was very frightened by Jake showing up in Norma's back seat and putting his hand over her mouth and a gun to her throat and threatening to kill her and her boys if she doesn't give him 150,000 dollars tomorrow night.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Authors that Deserve more Recognition

1. Natsuki Takaya: She wrote my favorite series of all time which is Fruits Basket, I think that the writing in that series is perfect. The characters are developed so well and they grow up so much over the course of the series and even though the character change a lot of the course of the series it never feels sudden and it always feels earned. I loved that even though there was so many characters they all had backstories and they all had depth to them. I loved the way that the relationships develop over the course of the series in fact something I really love about the series is that while people who haven't read it assumes that it's a love triangle series a little over half way through the series it's revealed that one of the boys couldn't never see the main character in a romantic way and trying to force those feelings would just feel empty. I also really loved that she never rushed any of the romantic relationships in the series and instead made sure that the characters were emotionally prepared to be in a relationship rather than having them assume that being with someone would fix them, I overall really like that characters had to fix themselves in the series. I always really love the foreshadowing through out the series which something you can't really appreciate until at least your second reading of the series and I really love the intention to detail that she has since she once talked about how she worried about getting something as insignificant as finger nail length right.
2. Sara Shepard: I think that she's really good at creating suspense and mystery in her series The Lying Game because there are so many twist and turns in that series and she always does a good job of making me suspect someone as Sutton's killer but then is able to prove that it couldn't have been them and there's quite a few other mysteries in the series that I wasn't expecting as well. I feel like Sara Shepard probably doesn't get the credit she deserves for this series because she's writing about teenage girls and teenage girls and murder mysteries rarely mix but I think she does a really good job of combining the two.
3. Ellen Hopkins: I think Ellen Hopkins is fairly well known do to her unique style of writing her novels in verse and while I think that her writing style does make her writing beautiful I don't think that's the only thing that she should be recognized for. Her characters are always so well developed and even when you don't like the characters you understand who the characters are and I feel like all of her characters always have depth which isn't true for most novels unfortunately. I also think she handles the controversial issues in a very emotional honest way which is something that I appreciate a lot.
4. Frank Beddor: I really love his series The Looking Glass Wars because it's an extremely creative retelling of Alice in Wonderland not to mention my favorite. I really love how he changed the original Alice in Wonderland characters to fit his version of wonderland and loved the new characters he created as well and I also loved the world of Wonderland because it's just such a magical place but also a dangerous place as well. I never really hear about Frank Beddor and since I think he did such a great job with The Looking Glass Wars I wish more people recognized his talent.
5. Ally Carter: I think that Ally Carter does get a pretty good amount of recognition but I think she still does deserve more because she writes really entertaining series about teen girls being spies and con artists, she also has written great female friendships which are rarer than they should be and she also writes sweet romances that never over take the plot. I love both her series Gallagher Girls and Heist Society and look forward to any other books she may write.
6. Clamp: Clamp is extremely well known in the manga/anime community because they have created so many series but sadly it seems like the majority of the community doesn't actually respect their writing. Clamp has written 150 volumes of manga and are still creating new volumes now while I haven't read all of their series and I'll admit that there are some series I love a lot more than others I still think it's impress that they have written so many volumes. Their series that I think are completely brilliant are Tokyo Babylon and Cardcaptor Sakura they are two very different series. In that Tokyo Babylon is a series that is mostly about the issues facing the people of Tokyo in the 1990s being told through a supernatural perspective and the main theme of the series is that no can judge someone else's pain because they haven't felt it which I think is a brilliant theme, also the ending of Tokyo Babylon is downright depressing. Cardcaptor Sakura on the other hand is a far happier series about a magical girl who must collect Clow cards and it's also a series about how love comes in all different forms and explores all different kinds of love not just the romantic kinds although that is included in several different ways as well, the end of this series is also one of my favorite but it's a very happy ending.
7. Tachibana Higuchi: I really loved both Gakuen Alice and M&N and I don't hear the name mentioned too often even though both of those series are great. I think the characters are well written and the world of Gakuen Alice is pretty creative as well.

3 Writers who don't write books:
1. Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen: These two have written some of the best episodes of Dollhouse which is a series that absolutely love but it's over all a pretty underrated series therefore their writing is over all pretty underrated as well. These two wrote my favorite episode Belonging(2.04) which is one of my favorite episodes of all time and is something that I think everyone should watch even if you don't usually watch tv. Belonging is an episode that does so much is such a short amount of time, it gives the backstory of one character well also developing another and it also does quite a bit for the show's main romance and it also advances the overall plot of the series a bit in a subplot. The episode also as main ethical dilemmas present in it as well and the episode is actually quite disturbing too. Other episodes they wrote that I love are Epitaph One and The Attic.
2. Marina and the Diamonds: I think that Marina is a brilliant songwriter because she has so much meaning behind all of her songs and the lyrics are so memorable as well. I especially loved her concept behind her second album Electra Heart in which she takes on the personas of primadonna, Su-Barbie-A, the teen idle and the homewrecker, I also like how the album was the dark side of the whole American dream concept and I really loved how she had such a well thought out concept for her album because it's not something that see often.
Buy the Stars- I really love this song because to me at least it seems to be about the whole concept that I see in fiction a lot about how some guy with a dark past is saved when falls in love with a good girl but the relationship can't actually work because he just sees her as the light in his life the solution to his problems rather than her own person and someone who can't be owned. Therefore the relationship between the two can never work since he doesn't even really know her.You bought a star in the sky tonight/Because your life is dark and it needs some light/You named it after me, but I’m not yours to keep/Because you’ll never see, that the stars are free.
Teen Idle- This song is actually my favorite song of hers I've heard that it's both about how someone is looking back on her teen years and regretting not being more apart of the whole teenage experience because they were too busy being cynical and I've also heard that it's about how teen idols are kind of trapped in this phase were they are expected to be innocent but at the same time they are growing up and becoming teenagers and are likely to rebel. Either way the song is really brilliant in my opinion and the lyrics paints a story. I also really like that at points the song can be pretty contradicting with this part I wanna be a virgin pure/A 21st century whore and I also really love how self the destructive the lyrics can sound at points I wanna drink until I ache/I wanna make a big mistake/I want blood, guts and angel cake/I’m gonna puke it anyway. I also really enjoyed the part in this song in which the girl is a bit narcissistic but hates herself for it with I wish I wasn’t such a narcissist/I wish I didn’t really kiss the mirror when I’m on my own. Another part of the song that I see a lot on tumblr is The wasted years, the wasted youth/The pretty lies, the ugly truth.Starring Role- This song is about a girl who's in a relationship with a guy that really isn't putting her first and she resents that but stays with the guy because she cares for him too much to let him go and is a bit obsessed with him I believe at least that's what I heard it took me quite a while to pick up on that part. You're hard to hug, tough to talk to/And I never fall asleep, when you're in my bed/All you give me is a heartbeat/I've turned into a statue/And it makes me feel depressed/Cause the only time you open up is when we get undressed. The next part I really love of the song makes me think that she really does desire to the relationship at times You know I'd rather walk alone, than play a supporting role/If I can't get the starring role.How To Be A Heartbreaker- This song is probably her best known song and it's in the persona of the homewrecker and I do really love the song as well although I think I may love Homewrecker a bit more that song also deals with the whole girls who don't let themselves get attach don't get themselves hurt theme of the homewrecker persona.
Oh No!- Is a song from her first episode that I love because it just really speaks to me for some reason. Some of my favorite lyrics from the song are: Don't do love, don't do friends/I'm only after success/Don't need a relationship. Also this part: One track mind, one track heart/If I fail, I'll fall apart/Maybe it is all a test/Cause I feel like I'm the worst/So I always act like I'm the best
/If you are not very careful/Your possessions will possess you/TV taught me how to feel/Now real life has no appeal/It has no appeal.
I love pretty much all of her song but since this section is already really long I'm just going to list them rather than explain why I love them, Are You Satisfied?, I'm Not a Robot, Hermit the Frog, Seventeen, Bubblegum Bitch, Power and Control, Fear and Loathing, and Scab and Plaster.
3. Hideaki Anno: He created the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion which is one of the most well known animes around. The reason why I think he should get more recognition is because he created a series in which the characters were all deep and well developed but that didn't necessarily mean that the characters where all strong or brave because realistically they usually wouldn't be. I really loved the way he wrote the main character Shinji as someone who didn't jump right into the hero but rather as a boy who had been abandon by his father for years and when his father finally acknowledges his existence again it's for him to fight against a creature that very well may kill him and I liked that Shinji always had to tell himself he mustn't run away. I over all just really enjoyed how deep this series could get.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Unleashed(3.04)

                                                     Teen Wolf: Unleashed(3.04)Review
  • I liked how the episode started with Scott at work since we haven't seen him actually doing his job for awhile now.
  • I enjoyed the moment between Derek and the new teacher Jenifer they seem to kind of cute together and I would like it if a relationship developed between those two.
  • I liked how when Stiles was asking about whether the guy that went missing was a virgin or not that Scott joked about it by telling him that Deaton has a new policy in which he has to sleep with all the clients now, it just really made me laugh.
  • I also found the moment were Danny jokingly said that he would sleep with Stiles to be pretty funny.
  • I find it interesting that Isaac just recognizing the twins was enough to make him anger enough to want to kill them because he knows that they had something to do that girl that saved him death and he suspects that they are behind all of the other killings as well.
  • I liked how even though Stiles was sure that the recent killings had something to do with human sacrifice and he's sure that the alpha pack isn't the ones committing the murders he doesn't rule out that the two things are connected.
  • I liked how when Scott didn't find the whole human sacrifice thing believable that Stiles pointed out all of Scott's werewolf traits which are way more unbelievable than human sacrifice which sadly does happen in real life, I also liked that Scott admitted that Stiles had a point.
  • I liked that Alison questioned why Ms. Morrell would be at the bank that night after Ms. Morrell questioned her because Alison has good reason to question her motives because Ms. Morrell has been mysterious thus far.
  • I liked that Isaac had a really confused expression on his face when one of the alpha twins started beating up the other because that was just a really strange scene until you realized that they were trying to get Isaac in trouble.
  • I kind of liked that the dead guys girlfriend slapped Stiles for asking if her boyfriend was a virgin because it was really insensitive but I understood why Stiles had to ask. I also liked that Stiles dad was confused by what Stiles was trying to do which was to find a pattern.
  • I felt bad for Boyd when he said that he only has one friend and that she's dead.
  • I liked that we learned that Cora came back because she heard a Hale was an alpha of a pack and that she also didn't know that Derek was still alive, overall I'm liking what we've seen of Cora so far.
  • I found the head alpha Deucalion to be pretty creepy with how calmly he spoke as he had Derek torture by another member of his pack and told Derek he wanted him to kill a member of his pack because he was interested in new talent. I also found it interesting that Deucalion explains that an alpha gains the power of the betas they kill.
  • I liked how Isaac mentioned that he wasn't a fan of small places when he first came into the supply closet. I also like that Isaac mentioned that he doesn't particularly like Alison because she stabbed like twenty times although I'm unsure if an apology is really what he's looking for because considering his past he probably knows that they don't mean much but Alison being her normal self will probably be enough for him to forgive her.
  • I felt really bad for Isaac when he got locked in the supply closet and couldn't get out so he started freaking out and having flashbacks from when his dad use to lock him in the freezer. I also liked how he apologized to Scott and Alison once he got out for freaking out and accidently hurting Alison and I liked that they were both really understanding with knowing that he really didn't mean to. I also thought that Daniel Sharman had really good acting in this scene.
  • I liked that once Scott could tell that the alpha twins weren't just trying to get them anger but instead trying to get hurt that he was willing to mess with the twins as well.
  • I liked that when Stiles was theorizing to Lydia about the human sacrifices that he brought out would probably be done in groups of threes Lydia pointed out that since the murders were obviously committed by humans that he should probably let his dad do his job and solve the case.
  • I liked that Stiles informed even if unintentionally that the Ethan an Aiden the alpha twins were well part of the alpha pack since this is information that she clearly needed to know.
  • I liked that Scott, Isaac and Alison worked together to piss off the alpha twins by messing with Aiden's bike and getting him suspended.
  • I liked that when Stiles felt that he needed more information to figure out the human sacrifices that he goes to Deaton because he knows that Deaton seems to always know about everything that is going on. I find it interesting that the human sacrifices are based off of a druid tradition and that each sacrifice is in a group of three such as virgins in the last episode and warriors or soldiers in this episode.
  • I liked that when Lydia found evidence that someone else was killed she called Stiles and I liked the way Lydia, Stiles and Deaton worked together to figure out the connection in the deaths and who is next.
  • I'm curious about why the science teacher wrote out Drach the word for a dark druid and I'm curious about who he really was since he mentioned that he did all that the human sacrifice people asked of him with him dead I don't know if we'll ever get any answers about him.
  • I felt bad for Isaac when Derek kicked him out without any real explanation and threw things at him but I liked that he went to Scott and I'm sure that Scott will let him stay.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.