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TV Review: Scream: Do You Wanna Play a Game?(1.03)

                              Scream: Do You Wanna Play a Game?(1.03)Review
  • I liked that this episode with started showing the deaths of Brandon James first two victims.
  • I liked that Noah said that regardless of whether or not the person behind the mask was inspired by Brandon James the most important question is who's next because no one dresses up in a mask and kills someone just once.
  • I liked that Emma overheard her mom and the Sheriff talking and found out that her mom is keeping quite a lot from her such as a heart being sent their house and that for some reason the Sheriff is looking for her dad. I find it a bit scary that the killer sent her a taunting text about whether or not she had a heart to heart with her mom right after she overheard that conversation.
  • Even though I don't like Brooke's relationship with Mr.Branson I did have to agree with her that having cybersex really isn't what she was asking him to do last episode and is just really not how these kind of relationship works if you're going to do something wrong you should at least go all the way.
  • I liked that Emma went to tell Audrey that Rachel hadn't killed herself but was instead murder because she wanted Audrey to hear it from her first.
  • I think that scheme that Will and Jake were involved along with Tyler probably had something to do with selling videos or access to certain girls web cams based on what we know so far which makes them gross rather then scary but I also think it's still possible for either one of them to the killer as well.
  • I liked that Audrey figured out that Emma knew more about Rachel's death then she was letting on and I liked that Emma told Audrey everything about the guy that was calling her. I liked that Audrey convinced Emma to ask the killer why he had killed Rachel by texting him back.
  • I thought that the moment between Emma and Will in the hallway about a fun day that at the beach awhile ago it was cute and it shows that there was a time when they were really happy together.
  • I thought it was kind of funny how Mr. Branson spent his class looking for Brooke's naughty picture while trying to look causal about the whole thing.
  • I liked that after Emma tells Kieran that she wanted to go over the old Brandon James files that he offers to bring them over to her house so that she could go over them although I did find it a bit strange that Kieran told her that she couldn't come over to his house.
  • I liked that Noah wanted to do The Exorcist for the scene reenactment project with Riley and then she tells him that she thinks that they should do something more romantic. I also liked that Noah tells Riley that he meant to call after the other night but he hadn't but if he had he would have told her that he would like to hang out with her in a romantic way.
  • I liked that Emma found out that her mom was the girl that Brandon James was obsessed with because that's something that I think she would need to know so I'm glad that this plot isn't being dragged out.
  • I liked how Jake pointed out to Brooke that while she may think that she is the one that's in control of her relationship with her older boyfriend that may not be true, I liked this because I think that Brooke should be more careful in her relationship Mr. Banson and this statement may make her think differently about their relationship than she has so far.
  • I liked how Noah surprised Riley with a date at the store he worked at that had three screens set up with video games and I liked how Riley responded with telling Noah he gets her and kissing him, these two are just so cute together.
  • I found it interesting that the Killer told Emma that the reason that he's harassing her is because he wants her to trust him and I liked that Emma pointed out that she has no reason to trust although the killer did make a good point by pointing out that he's the only one telling her the truth. I'm glad that in the end she told the killer that she didn't want to play games with him anymore.
  • Although I didn't like the text interrupting Noah and Riley's date I liked that as soon as Riley got a text from Tyler asking for her to help that she drops everything to help him because she believes he's innocent and all she wants to do is help out her friend.
  • I liked how Brooke mentioned that Tyler texted her too and that she told him to turn himself in.
  • I liked that when Emma heard that Tyler had texted all of her friends that she suspected that it was killer actually doing the texting and that she told them all about the killer calling and texting her.
  • I'm glad that in the end the group convinced Riley to go to the cops and have them help her help Tyler although considering what happened with the Brandon James case I can understand why Riley is wary of having the police help her contact her friend who's a possible killer.
  • I liked that the police didn't actually use Riley as bait to draw out Tyler but instead used an officer that looked similar to her.
  • I wasn't surprised to find out that killer didn't actually show up and that the whole thing was an elaborate scheme to get pretty much all the cops away from the police station.
  • I liked how Riley told Emma that she was a bit worried about how she left things with Noah since she just kind of left after she got the text from Tyler.
  • I'm thinking that the hook up she was suppose to have with Mr. Branson in hotel room with all the kinky stuff was probably something that was set up by the killer especially since he never actually showed up.
  • I liked that after Emma realized that Brooke had left the station that she and her mom went looking for her since she was so worried that something might have happened to her.
  • I liked that when the killer asked Emma to choose between her two friends that she told him that she wouldn't do that. Although she accidently sort of did because she believed that as long as Riley was at the police station she would be safe so she told the killer not to hurt Brooke and he took that as her choosing between the two but either way the whole thing wasn't her fault.
  • I think it's so sad that the killer was able to lure Riley outside by making her think that she was helping her friend and then he took that opportunity when all she was trying to do was help her friend and she got killed for that.
  • I thought it was really sad when as she was dying Riley got a Skype call from Noah which she answered and how she ends up dying while on the phone with him and dies telling him about how she can see their stars.
  • I found Emma discovering Riley's body and the fact that she did accidently choose to be really sad.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Condition Terminal(5.04)

                                      Teen Wolf: Condition Terminal(5.04)Review
  • I think it's interesting that Parrish has been having dreams about bringing people to the nemeton and then burning them, I'm thinking that it looks like he is sacrificing them to the nemeton to bring back it's power but I'm still pretty unsure about what's going on there.
  • I was worried for Donovan when he was taken by the doctors because for however bad he is the doctors are a hell of lot worse and I wouldn't wish anyone to be subjected to that kind of treatment.
  • I liked that Stiles was so worried about Lydia when he saw that she had been stabbed and is bleeding out that he can't move and can't turn away from her because the thought that she may die is something that makes him feel like his whole world is ending. I like that Stiles can't make himself leave Lydia's side until she tells him that she'll be okay and that he should go.
  • I didn't like that Theo saw how much that Stiles cares for Lydia because he is the type of person that will use this kind of information to hurt them later on.
  • I felt so bad for Malia when she was so desperately trying to explain to everyone that she wasn't the one that killed Tracy but that there were these guys in mask that came and killed her and that she was powerless to stop them. I thought that Shelly's acting in this scene was especially good. I'm glad that for the most part it seemed like everyone believed her even though they seemed a bit skeptical about the doctors.
  • I liked how the Sheriff didn't want to disrupt Tracy's murder scene because he wanted to handle things the proper way but Deaton pointed out that they couldn't explain why Tracy had part of a tail so handling things the official way was out of the question.
  • I liked that Scott tried to find a compromise with him and Deaton finding a way to turn Tracy make to her human form and then let things be handle the proper way, I like that Scott's always willing to look for a solution that works for everyone involved even though the Sheriff didn't like that idea any better than Deaton's. I like that in the end Deaton told the Sheriff that he didn't really have a choice unless he wanted to reveal the existence of the supernatural to the entirety of Beacon Hills.
  • I felt really bad for Donovan when the doctors started plucking out his teeth and it seems that the new teeth that grew in were those of a wendigo so I'm guessing he's at least part wendigo now which doesn't look good this development will be good for anyone.
  • I like that even when Lydia is going to surgery she is telling her mom not to say anything about what she saw because she wants to protect the others even when she's the one most at risk.
  • I'm glad that Liam told Scott about people being buried in the ground as part of the process they go through.
  • I liked how Melissa asks the pack if there are any important supernatural details she has to know about how Lydia was hurt before she goes into surgery.
  • I'm curious about why Lydia saw the doctors when she was being put under for surgery.
  • I liked that Stiles put the doctors and Tracy on his board of things that need to be investigated and I liked how Malia choose to erase her mother from the board because she believes finding and stopping the people who killed Tracy is more important and she doesn't want to split their focus on someone that Malia is now unsure if she wants to find.
  • I liked that when it was clear that Kira was worrying about Lydia that Scott gave her comforting kisses.
  • I find it interesting that Deaton revealed that Tracy and the guy with eagle talons were made up of parts of two different supernatural creatures and that this combined with the fact that Tracy could go through the mountain ash has led him to believe that they were made and therefore are more science than supernatural which means that the rules of how the supernatural world works are now changing.
  • I like that Lydia wants to learn how to fight because that's something that I think someone in her position would think of doing and I'm glad that Parrish is willing to teach her but I also don't like it because it will lead to a lot of ship teasing between these two which I'm really uncomfortable with.
  • I like that in AP Biology Scott learns about a creature called a chimera which is made up of the parts of several different animals.
  • I felt bad for Scott when the AP Biology implied that since he missed one night's worth of reading that means that he should drop the class and I'm sad that Scott is considering dropping the class because it's not that he can't handle the work or that he isn't smart enough that is keeping from doing well in the class it's the fact that he has more important things to deal with like trying to save people's lives.
  • I think that Theo being in with the doctors isn't surprising at this point but I do think it makes it perfectly clear to the audience that he's a villain also the speech he made to Donovan about going after something someone loves is the best way to hurt them was very creepy.
  • I'm starting to think that Donovan and Stiles are sort of meant to be foils because they seem to have quite a bit in common with both of them wanting to be cops despite having flexible morals and pretty bad tempers and that both of there father's were/are cops while Donovan's behavior is obviously a lot worse then Stiles I think that there are similarities between these two that the audience is meant to notice and worry a bit about whether Stiles could end up like him someday and this is something I find interesting and it makes me strangely excited for the confrontation they're bound to have in the next episode.
  • I like that Stiles tried to see Lydia while she was in the hospital because it shows how worried he is for her.
  • I like that Mason is bringing Liam to a club to be his wingman and I like that when they get to the door and Hayden asks why Liam's there that he tells her he's Mason's flight attendant I just found that moment funny. I also like that Mason was willing to pay Hayden fifty dollars in order to get Liam into the club.
  • I like that show is either showing or implying that Brett is bi because I don't feel like there's enough bi characters on tv.
  • I feel bad for Malia that she is experiencing flashbacks about how Tracy died because it just shows how guilty she feels about the whole situation.
  • I like how before leaving that Malia tries to wake Stiles up and she tells him that he should go home and that she'll meet him there later.
  • I'm curious about why Hayden needs to earn a certain amount of money for something and I feel bad for her when some dancer guy takes the drinks she's serving knowing that she'll have to pay for them if he takes them.
  • I liked that we saw a small scene where it looked like Mason and Brett were hitting things off with each other.
  • I liked how Melissa called Scott when she had a patient come in that was in a huge amount of pain do to a mystery bite because nothing that they were doing was helping with the pain. I liked that Scott ended up taking on an extreme amount of pain to help the guy and that it did help him a lot.
  • I liked that after Liam thought that he sensed a supernatural person that didn't feel right that he asked Brett about it and I like how Brett didn't seemed either surprised  or alarmed that another supernatural was in the club because there are just so many supernaturals in Beacon Hills.
  • I liked that when Liam accidently knocked over Hayden's tray that he felt really bad about it and tried to pay her back for but he only had twelve dollars on him so he couldn't.
  • I liked that Kira was able to use her belt buckle to stop an alarm from going off and I liked that Scott told Kira he loved her without even thinking about it. I also liked that Kira pointed out that he did something really big without even noticing again like he did last season when he kissed her.
  • I'm glad that Brett stopped Lucas from attacking Mason even though Brett had no clue what he was dealing with and I liked that Liam later came into the fight to help Brett out. Then even later on Scott and Kira come in and join the fight.
  • I liked that when Brett was down that Mason went over to him to check up on him.
  • I was worried about Kira when it seemed like her foxfire powers took her over and she nearly killed Lucas after the were able to stop him without killing him but luckily Scott stopped her before she killed him and she seems to be herself again.
  • I was sad that Lucas was killed by the doctors before Scott had a chance to try and save him but I'm glad that Scott and the rest of them that were there now know what the doctors look like.
  • I think it's interesting that Malia found a book about the doctors that was called The Dread Doctors and I wonder if it will end up being useful later on.
  • I liked that when Scott was telling his mom about how he should have been able to find away save Lucas that she pretty much told him that spending your time going over what you should have done is a waste of time and that you can only control the things that are. I also like how she tells Scott that she knows that he'll find away to make things better because he has both the power and the drive to do so.
  • I was surprised that Parrish brought Lucas's dead body to the nemeton I figured that he'd eventually bring people there I just thought it wouldn't happen in the same episode his dreams were mentioned.
  • I'm really worried about Stiles since Donovan who is know some sort of supernatural being is attacking him with the intent to kill him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Book Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door

                                          Lola and the Boy Next Door Review
Lola is a seventeen year old with a special sense of style in that she wears a different costume every day and she designs and makes her own clothes. She starts off the story just wanting her dads to accept her twenty-two year old boyfriend but her life becomes much more complicated when Calliope and Cricket Bell move back in next door after being gone for two years. Calliope is a girl that Lola was friends with when she was little but soon decided that she was too good for and was much too busy practice and competing in figure skating championships to be friends with her. Cricket on the other hand was the first boy Lola loved and while they never got the chance to date there's still a lot of things that were left unresolved since they last seen each other.

At first Lola thinks that she hates Cricket now but as soon as she sees him again for the first time the two of them can't help but fall into a friendly routine with each other that's a bit awkward do to the distance and the longing that has separated them these last two years. Cricket seems to be the same yet different version of the boy she fell for an aspiring inventor who now doubts himself but encourages everyone else's talents, whose kind and filled with endless energy that makes his awkward charm almost impossible to resist. Lola and Cricket end up reconnecting and clearly up their past issues and growing closer and closer as the book goes on.

But Cricket is far from Lola's only problem when her birth mother who is a former alcoholic comes to live with her and her dads after being evicted from her apartment throws her whole life for a loop due to the complicated and painful relationship the two of them share with each other. Then to make matters worse Lola's starting to see that her boyfriend and her don't seem to fit together as well as she thought they did.

I overall really loved this book I thought that this book was so much better than Anna and the French Kiss which is a book that at first I felt just kind of let down by but then over time I've come to really really dislike it this was in large part because St. Clair just didn't work for me as a romantic lead so I was very happy and somewhat surprised to find that I loved this book and it's characters. I thought that both Lola and Cricket and all of the other characters that filled this story were all very engaging and were able to suck me into their world. I found Lola to be wonderfully eccentric but I also felt that she felt very real in a strange way as well and I found Cricket to be a complete sweetheart who's appearances I always looked forward to. I also found that I enjoyed St. Clair a lot more as a character when he wasn't seen through Anna's overly romanticized point of view which is something that I had expected to be true for awhile but it still shocked me how much point of view can change how I feel about a character. I felt that this book was as well written as Anna and the French Kiss but this time I found the characters and it's plot much more enjoyable. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Dreamcatchers(5.03)

                                             Teen Wolf: Dreamcatchers(5.03)Review
  • I liked that Stiles was supportive of his dad going on a date because it seems that Sheriff hadn't been on a date since his wife died so I was worried that Stiles might have a problem with it but I'm glad to see he doesn't.
  • I found Donovan's threat to the Sheriff to be very specific which makes it scarier because people usually don't put that much detail into idle threats. I think that Stiles making fun of Donovan is something that's going to come back to haunt him because that made Donovan anger enough to try and lunge at Stiles.
  • I find it interesting that Donovan wanted to be deputy before he became a criminal but he couldn't because of his anger issues.
  • I was surprised to see that Tracy became a kanima and that the first person she killed was her father who was also Donovan's lawyer which lead to him escaping. I felt bad that Tracy was being forced to kill her father of all people her life really does seem to just keep getting worse.
  • Even though Donovan will clearly cause trouble later on I felt bad for him when the guys with mask shoved a needle into his neck which probably gave him supernatural abilities this development can only end horribly for everyone involved.
  • I understand why Stiles is annoyed that the pack is monitoring his moods but I'm also glad that Scott is because Stiles seems close to a breaking point so I'm glad that he has someone who is looking out for him even if he wishes they wouldn't.
  • I liked that Stiles pretty much said that it's Malia's choice not his about whether or not they keep looking for the desert wolf since she is Malia's mother.
  • I liked that we saw that one of the reasons Malia seems to have trouble driving is because she thinks back to the car crash in which she killed her mother and sister, I just enjoyed that bit of insight.
  • I like that Kira and Lydia are teaching Malia to drive and I really love that whole scene because all three girls seemed like they were really friends which is something that I hadn't felt in the past so I'm glad to see it now.
  • I liked that both Kira and Malia seemed to understand that Lydia telling them go somewhere other than they originally planned has to do with her banshee powers and they accept that without question.
  • I liked that the Sheriff sent Scott to look for Donovan secretly because he suspected that Donovan might be supernatural and he figured that Scott would be the best person for that job.
  • I'm glad that Scott found Donovan and that he seemed more scared and confused when he was brought in rather than dangerous like he was earlier and I was glad that he mention Tracy because that meant that now everyone else is informed on what really happen.
  • I liked how Mason was at the pack meeting and he was just amazed by everything that was going on around him.
  • I liked how Malia after taking into account how dangerous Tracy is just wanted to killer because that is the simplest solution to the problem so I'm glad that someone suggested it.
  • I liked that Sheriff tried to get more information out of Donovan but I wasn't surprised that Donovan was unwilling to say anything to him.
  • I liked that when Parrish asked Sheriff if they should put the pack on the payroll because of all the cases they work on that the Sheriff kind of questions whether they should or not.
  • I'm glad that Stiles showed Malia what the desert wolf and I liked that in a way they both tried to justify the people's death because they were bad people although Stiles also said that he doesn't think anyone deserves what they got in the end. I also liked that Malia pointed out that they know one thing now and that is that her mom is good at her job.
  • I was happy to see that Scott got an 86 percent on his AP biology test, I was very proud of him.
  • I liked that Liam went to Scott and told him about how Tracy was at school right then.
  • I liked that Hayden noticed that something was wrong with Tracy and that she tried to help her even though she had no idea what was going on and was scared when Tracy wouldn't let go of her arm.
  • I felt really bad for Tracy as it became clear that she now seems to having night terrors all the time and she is now killing anyone who tries to help her.
  • I liked how when Scott, Stiles and Malia rushed Tracy out of the school that Hayden asked Liam where they were taking her because that was a good question to ask.
  • I'm curious about why Hayden was able to wash off the blood on her risk without their being any trace that she was ever bleeding.
  • I liked how Lydia came up with the idea that Tracy should have an alpha to take care of her since at this point they believed she was a werewolf that was a good idea.
  • I liked how when Malia suggested that Deaton give Tracy a shot to kill her and then pointed out that she could very well end up killing them that Stiles said that she brought up a very good point, I just love that the two of them share questionable morals.
  • I liked that Kira asked Lydia if they were breaking into a crime scene and Lydia said not really but then they open the door and it is a crime scene and Lydia's just like it's fine.
  • I liked that Malia tested out the mountain ash barrier and found it be kind of freaky.
  • I liked that Brett mentioned that Satomi stopped recruiting new people into her pack after the deadpool happened last season.
  • I liked that Liam remembered finding Tracy necklace in the last episode and that he takes Mason and Brett to go look for it.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that Tracy wasn't in control of her own actions and therefore needed to helped rather than stopped like they had been thinking before.
  • I find it interesting that the mountain ash doesn't seem able to contain Tracy and that Deaton doesn't seem to be able to explain why that is.
  • I found the revolutions that someone most likely the guys in mask are burying people in holes for some reason.
  • I liked that Malia was able to over come the Kanima venom first and that Scott told her to save Tracy before she left to go find her.
  • I liked that once Lydia realized that her mom was in danger that she went to where she knew she would be in order to save her from Tracy.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the Sheriff dating Lydia's mom but I did enjoy their brief scene together.
  • I was really worried about Lydia when she was stabbed by Tracy's tail especially since she seems to be bleeding out pretty bad.
  • I liked how Kira was able to surround herself with a fire fox spirit thing and chop off Tracy's tail it was a really cool moment but I'm also a bit worried about Kira since she seemed a bit in a trance while she was using that power.
  • I liked that Theo was willing to help Scott without actually being in his pack but I know that trusting him would be the wrong move in the long run so I feel conflicted about Scott accepting his help since it's probably a good thing for right now but will be bad later on.
  • I liked how even when Lydia was laying half dead on the floor she n tells Malia to go and save Tracy from herself because she doesn't know what she's doing and just needs to wake up and understand what is happening. I just love how much Lydia cares for Tracy because she understands what Tracy is going through and wants to help her.
  • I loved that Malia does almost kill Tracy but in the end she ends up saving Tracy by waking her up and making her see what is actually happening. Although sadly that doesn't end up mattering because the guys in masks come and kill Tracy right after and Malia is helpless to save her from them and instead she has to watch helpless and watch the person she just saved die.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: Rebel Belle

                                                             Rebel Belle Review
Rebel Belle is about a southern belle named Harper Price who is very involved in all areas of it school whether it be as a leader of an academic club, class president or as head cheerleader Harper's the go to girl and one of the top students in her class. Harper believes that her life is practically perfect until the night of homecoming when after witnessing a janitor dying she receives mysterious powers that make her a paladin a sort of knight that is bound to protect a certain person or place and the story goes from there with Harper discover and accepting her new abilities and finding out what she is destined to protect.

It turns out that Harper is destined to protect her long time rival David Stark a snarky boy who runs the school newspaper and is her only real competition for the spot of top student. The two of them are forced to work together through out the book do to supernatural forces and over the course of the book their banter with each other becomes a lot less hostile but no less entraining for the reader. Harper and David face several near death experiences with each other which leads to them developing a certain respect for each other and trust in each other and along the way they become friends and then start to developing feelings for each other that are more than friendly.

The characters Harper and David and their relationship with each other is what really makes this book for me with how driven and witty the two of them are about their goals and the fact that they are so similar when it comes to the core of who they are but are so different in the way that they present themselves is something that makes their dynamic really fun to read. The mythology and plot of this book is different from any I read before but still really easy to follow which is something that I always consider a good thing. Overall I thought that this book was really fun and had two great lead characters. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Scream: Hello Emma(1.02)

                                               Scream: Hello Emma(1.02)Review
  • I felt really bad for Rachel when at the beginning of the episodes the comments on the video made her so upset that she cut herself.
  • I thought that it was especially awful of the killer to trick Rachel into thinking she was talking to Audrey on the phone only to lure her outside to a noose and then killer by putting her in the noose. I also felt that the making it look a suicide thing was pretty awful because it allowed for the possibility that no one may ever know that there is someone that needs to be brought to justice for her death.
  • I liked how when Emma brought up the phone call she got at the end of last episode and mentioned that the guy said that they pretend to have perfect lives on instagram and facebook that Brooke said that who ever called her must be old because no one uses facebook anymore which is very true.
  • I liked that Brooke told Emma that she was sorry about putting her on the spot about Will and Nina and I liked that Emma told her that she should've told when she first found out about and I liked that Brooke agreed with her but also pointed out that she only didn't because she was afraid to get on Nina's bad side. I like that it appears that Brooke truly cares about Emma and that she didn't just bring up Will and Nina's thing last episode to cause drama but because she actually cares about her and thinks she has a right to know about it and I'm glad that the two girls made up.
  • I liked how Noah corrected Sheriff Hudson when he called Brandon James a serial killer when he was in fact a mass murder since all his crimes were committed on the same night.
  • I like that Noah says that he draws the line at victim stalking even though Sheriff Hudson mentions that Emma's doesn't live in town anymore I really do believe that he means it when he says that he wouldn't victim stalk because the scene clearly states that Noah's been obsessed with Brandon James for years and last episode made it seem like Emma's dad hadn't moved away that long ago more like a year rather or so rather many years ago.
  • I liked how Noah thanked Kieran for saving his life last episode as he was leaving Sheriff Hudson's office.
  • I liked that Will came to the conclusion that he should give Emma a heartfelt apology because she really does deserve one from him.
  • I like how the crime podcast by Piper Shaw is something that is heard and talked about throughout the episode and I liked that both Noah and Riley mention that they are big fans of it.
  • I liked that when Audrey told Piper that "Nina was a stone cold bitch and got exactly what she deserved" that Noah made sure that Piper wouldn't quote her on that statement because he knew that would just end up getting her in trouble.
  • I liked that it was revealed that Noah got his revenge on Jake for stranding him in middle of the lake last episode by misspelling douche on his car in red paint.
  • I was a bit worried about Noah when Jake threatened him by pushing up against a pillar and saying that if he did anything to mess with him again he'll kill him.
  • I disliked that Will decided to just tell Emma how the whole thing was all Nina's fault rather than just tell her he's sorry for cheating on her but I did like that Kieran was able to get Will to leave Emma alone.
  • I thought it was creepy how the killer sent a picture of himself with Nina's dead body out to everyone.
  • I liked how Noah and Riley kind of flirted with each other and I liked that Riley pretty much asked Noah out and at first he didn't realize what she was suggesting to him but then he did and awkwardly and excitedly agreed to the date. I also like that Noah says to himself after the exchange that he has no game and he really doesn't but that just makes him all the more lovable.
  • I liked how Noah explained why the killer would feel the need to take a murder selfie and that would be because he wants an audience for his work just like everyone else does now a days for everything they do.
  • I felt really bad for Audrey when she was told that Rachel had killed herself and while I liked that Emma tried to comfort her and I also liked that Audrey blamed her for Rachel's death because if it was suicide she would be right to blame her.
  • I liked that after class that Noah went to Audrey to comfort her and give her bag before she went home for the day.
  • I was worried about Emma when she stuck in the ally with some creepy guy and I'm glad that she eventually ran out of the ally and away from the guy I think she should have left earlier than she did.
  • I'm glad that Emma finds Will getting a text from her that she didn't send to him to be suspicious.
  • I'm glad that Will finally said that he was sorry to Emma but it didn't feel all that heartfelt to me but I'm unsure if that's an acting probably or if it's on propose.
  • I like that while Emma mostly forgives Will she's still unsure about whether or not she can trust him and I like that she mentions that she kissed Kieran last episode so that it can't cause problems for her later on.
  • I like that Emma is shown feeling really guilty about Rachel's death and the part that she may have played in it and I liked that she told her mom about it because that shows that it's not just because she wants Audrey to forgive her but because she really does feel guilty about the whole thing.
  • I'm glad that the police suspect that Rachel's death was in fact murder because I want justice to be served for her.
  • I like that when Emma and Brooke are watching the basketball game that Brooke makes it clear that she finds the whole thing stupid and boring.
  • I like that Noah asks Audrey if she wants him to film the game highlights for her but that she says that she wants to do it because she needs the distraction. I also liked that when Noah gets a text from Riley that Audrey tells him to go ahead and met her and she will be fine without him.
  • I was a bit worried about Noah when he came onto the empty football field and so I was happy and relieved to find out that Riley was actually the one who sent him the text.
  • The way that Kieran talks about Will makes me suspicious of both Will and Kieran because while what he says about Will could very well be true how detailed his ideas was makes me think that this is something that he himself may have done before.
  • I like that Noah and Riley talk about whether or not people watch genre movies or tv shows for the romance and I like how Riley mentions that she does even though Noah clearly thinks no one does that. I really like their scenes together because their just so cute and sweet.
  • I liked how when Riley asks Noah if he's a virgin that he awkwardly tells her he's a man slut in a way that you can totally tell that he's lying and I like that Riley cuts him off by kissing him.
  • I liked how Emma told Audrey that she takes full responsibility for Rachel's death because she should have stopped the video from being released.
  • I liked how the killer started off his conversation with Emma as if he was a guy from the home security agency just trying to comfort her but at the same time he was messing with her and waiting for just the right moment to reveal that he's the killer.
  • The fact that the killer seems so fixated on Emma and that he calls her mother a whore is something that makes me think that the killer must have some connection to the Brandon James case since there's so much focus from the killers point of view how Emma remains him of her mother at his age and that he's only shown really taunting the two of them which really changes who my suspects would be for who the killer is.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Review: Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena

                                   Heroes of Olympus: The Mark of Athena Review
The Mark of Athena starts off pretty much where the last book ended with Annabeth, Jason, Piper and Leo arriving at Camp Jupiter in their warship with the Romans being ready to attack it. The group from Camp Half Blood are met with suspicion but it looks like an alliance could be formed between the two groups. It's agreed that Annabeth, Percy, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Leo and Frank will be the seven who go on the quest to Rome in order to defeat the giants and keep Gaea from raising. Leo ends up becoming possessed and then fires on Camp Jupiter which leads to Camp Jupiter declaring war on the seven and Camp Half Blood.

The book mainly deals with the journey to Rome with there being a whole of monsters to defeat along the way and there is a team being formed along the way since not everyone knows each other all that well at this point. It is revealed fairly early on that Nico Di Angelo who is Hazel's brother has been captured by twin giants and only has a few days left to live which is something that gives an even bigger sense of urgency when it comes to getting to Rome quickly.

 It's revealed that Annabeth will have to go on a quest of her own to save the mark of Athena once she gets to Rome and that her succeeding will lead to the Romans and the Greeks being able to work together but her failing will lead to her death. It's also made clear from pretty early on that Annabeth must go through with this quest alone.

Also in the book there is a subplot about how Leo looks just like his grandfather Sammy who Hazel was very close to in her first life and this leads to the two of them bonding a bit and a bit of tension between Leo and Frank. There's also plenty of romantic moments between Piper and Jason as well as Percy and Annabeth throughout the book that still fit with the overall plot rather than taking away from it.

Overall I loved this book I found it just as fun and action packed as the other books in this series. I found the characters to be enjoyable as always and I found many parts of the book to be funny as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or the series as a whole in the comment section below.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Parasomnia(5.02)

                                                   Teen Wolf: Parasomnia(5.02)Review
  • I felt really bad for Tracy with how she was experiencing night terrors especially since she's suffering from more than just bad dreams but she doesn't know how to explain what's going on with her so everyone believes it's all just in her head.
  • I find it interesting that Tracy spit up a feather of a raven since the guy from the last episode had ravens fly out of his chest when he died so I'm thinking ravens of something to do with metal men since they also seem to bothering Tracy.
  • I liked how the little girl thanked Scott for helping her dog and called him Dr. McCall and how he said not yet, I liked that Scott shows this episode that he wants to be vet someday.
  • I find it interesting that Deaton said that the guys claws from last episode are actually talons and that Deaton points out that the guy shouldn't have been able to take even a little of Scott's power which leads Deaton to believing that maybe something is changing in the supernatural world and rules aren't as ridged as they once were.
  • I liked how when Stiles stated that his reason for wanting a background check done on Theo was that he's a werewolf that his dad pointed out that his best friend is a werewolf and his girlfriend is a werecoyote so that's not a good enough reason.
  • I liked that when Stiles noticed that something was different about his dad he looked him over and invaded his personal space and his dad basically just told him to stop and go to school, I just found the whole exchange funny.
  • I liked that Parrish ended up getting roped into doing a background check on Theo and his family because he's the only cop other than the Sheriff that knows about the supernatural.
  • I liked that Stiles tried to say that Theo's dad is evil because he had a speed ticket eight years ago and then Malia asked him how many speeding tickets he would have had if his dad hadn't of got him out of them and that would be seventeen.
  • I found Malia telling Stiles that she understands why he's threatened by Theo since he's good looking was funny especially when afterwards she asked Stiles if he wanted her to torture him because she can take him.
  • I liked that Mason seems to have spent the entire summer researching supernatural creatures since his encounter with the beserker in the finale and Liam is just trying to pretend that he doesn't know anything.
  • I found the scene where Liam encounters a girl he used to know that he knows doesn't like him in history class to be funny especially when Liam tried to say he'd stand for the entire term in that class because he was afraid to sit next to her. Also the faces that Mason made in the background were really funny.
  • I was so happy and proud of Scott when we found out that he was in the same AP class as Lydia and Kira because he's came so far since season one and two when he was almost failing and now he's in an AP class.
  • I liked how Liam distracted Mason from the supernatural mysteries by convincing him to watch the soccer team practice.
  • I liked that when Lydia saw Tracy freaking out in the hallway that she went over to her and helped her because she knows what's it like to be seeing things that no one else can see because she went through that in the past and she did it alone and she knows how scary it is and she wants Tracy to at least not be alone.
  • I'm glad that Scott and Stiles asked Theo how he became a werewolf since it's a good question to ask and I find it interesting that his alpha was killed by the twins.
  • I liked the story Theo told about how when he was little and had an asthma attack and had to go the ER that Scott went over and comforted him by walking him through what the treatment he would be getting would be like, I really love that story because it's something I can so clearly see Scott doing and things like that simple act of kindness is both why I love him so much and why Scott is a true alpha because he cares for help and does what he can to help them.
  • I liked that Scott told Stiles that he needs to give people the benefit of the doubt after Theo proved to them he was indeed Theo.
  • I liked that Stiles pointed out that Lydia's a banshee not a psychic and that those are two different things.
  • I liked that Lydia brought Parrish over to Tracy's house in order to look for signs of an intrusion in order to check if everything is safe and to make her feel safer.
  • I like that Malia is learning to drive even though she's not doing a great job at it so far I like that she's trying.
  • I found it impressive that Stiles knows what a forged signature looks like because that's something that's pretty hard to spot.
  • I liked that Scott and Kira were both concerned that Stiles broke into the administrative office but really that shouldn't come as a shock to them at this point.
  • I liked that when Stiles said that Theo can't be trust because his parents could be criminals so they shouldn't trust him that Malia pointed out that her parents are Peter and the desert wolf so that reason doesn't really work yet again.
  • I liked that Liam tagged along with Stiles to stalk Theo and I liked that Liam pointed out that they just watched the guy play video games for three hours.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Scott and Stiles told Liam months ago it was okay to tell Mason about the supernatural stuff because in their experience it's always better when they know. I'm so glad that they have learned throughout the course of the show that you can't keep people safe by keeping them in the dark.
  • I found it funny when Liam fell into a whole and then Stiles told him to stop fooling around.
  • I found it funny that when Stiles asked Liam about Theo's scent that Liam said that his soap smells nice.
  • I liked that when Stiles realized that Theo was setting down a flower for his dead sister that he felt embarrassed as well as at least a little bit guilty about stalking Theo.
  • I liked how Theo told Stiles that he didn't come back just for Scott but also for someone like Stiles because he can see how much Stiles does for those he cares about although I'm not sure that I can trust that Theo means what he says.
  • I liked that Scott was waiting for Stiles by his jeep because he knew that Stiles would follow Theo and wanted to be there when Stiles finished to encourage Stiles to give Theo a chance.
  • I liked that Liam told Scott how he fell in a whole I'm not sure why he felt the need to share that but it was funny.
  • I liked that Stiles said that him being a stalker, crazy and paranoid isn't really anything new because that's true but that doesn't mean it's not a bit worrying for a number of reasons one because it seems to be hyper drive right now and two because that's not really a health way to live.
  • I liked that Scott brought up that there was a time when Stiles thought that Derek, Kira and Liam were bad just like he's saying Theo is now because they all turned out to be friends.
  • I like that Scott says that he thinks that there might be something worth saving in Peter because that just shows how good of a person Scott is because no matter how bad someone has been in the past he thinks that there could still be some good in them and that is what makes Scott the hero he is and that's why I love and look up to him so much because he can see good in everyone and he doesn't give up on people.
  • I liked how Stiles worked himself up so much and he admits that part of the reason he can't trust everyone is because he believes that Scott trust everyone which leads me to believe that a big part of his distrust in people have to do with not wanting Scott to be hurt because Scott trusted the wrong person and he let him.
  • I loved the way that Scott takes Stiles hand after he hits hard against his jeep and takes a way the physical pain but he also clams Stiles down and brings him back to a place of emotional stability which is what Stiles needed the most at that moment.
  • I liked that Mason found out that Liam is a werewolf and that Mason seems more excited than freaked out by the fact.
  • I find it odd that Theo can turn into a full wolf and that he went to attack Liam that points to him being up to no good.
  • I liked that the reason that Scott didn't tell Kira about wanting to be a vet is because he worries he's not smart enough to be one although I think that he is.
  • I'm wondering if I should be a bit worried about Kira accidently breaking the light bulb or not because it looks like her powers are going out of control later in the season.
  • I'm very worried about Tracy because the metal suit guys put some kind of shot into her and she seems to some kind of werecreature who's just coming into her powers.
  • I liked that the Sheriff told Stiles that proof always has to be more important than instinct because I feel that's something that Stiles needs hear because thinking your right doesn't mean you are.
  • I think that Theo is definitely not to be trusted since it seems like he kidnapped and terrorized two people to pretend to be his parents and the way he acted in that scene was just scary.
Please tell me your thoughts about the episode.

TV Review: Scream: Pilot(1.01)

                                                       Scream: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I felt bad for Audrey when the show opened with a video of her making out with another girl going viral on youtube.
  • I think that it was pretty awful of Nina to be the one that put the video of Audrey and the girl online pretty much just to hurt Audrey for no other reason than she can.
  • Once Nina started getting texts of videos of herself doing things inside her house I didn't understand why she decided to just go into the hot tub rather than try to call the cops or something. I guess it could be because she thought Tyler was the one behind the stalking text so she was more annoyed than scared but still.
  • I liked that joke about how when Nina tried to call the cops she accidently called Pottery Barn because voiced activated things are just completely unreliable and in cases like this down right dangerous.
  • While I didn't care for Nina since we aren't suppose to I still felt bad for her when her boyfriend's head was thrown into her hot tub and then she murdered.
  • I actually found the scene between Emma and Will kind of cute when they were having an early morning study session together before school.
  • I liked how Emma was supportive of the idea of her mom moving on from her dad although her mom doesn't seem to be interested in moving on anytime soon.
  • I liked the way that the show introduced us to Noah and Noah and Audrey's friendship I really enjoyed both the character and the dynamic right away with how it the scene started off as fun and then became heartfelt by the end of it.
  • I liked that Emma felt bad that the video that she and her friends all had a hand in recording outed Audrey before she was ready but I kind of dislike the whole group a bit because they were part of the video being recorded.
  • I liked how the show poked a bit of fun at itself by having Noah say that you can't make a tv show a slasher because tv needs to dragging things out and once someone dies in a slasher film a whole lot of other people follow rather quickly.
  • I liked that Noah said that he didn't feel grief about Nina's death just shock and mild interest.
  • I find it interesting that Emma's father was stabbed by Brandon James a serial killer from 20 years ago who killed a bunch of high schoolers.
  • I like how Noah admits that he's obsessed with serial killers even though that's something that should make him at least a bit creepy and that his favorite his Brandon James who was deformed and therefore rejected by all of society except his older brother and then fell in love with a girl and snapped after she reject him and went on a killing spree that ended in his death.
  • I like that Emma invites Audrey to the party even though it's just because she feels guilty I still like that she did it because it shows that she at least feels bad about the video unlike all of her other friends.
  • While I think the conversation between Will and Jake sound really suspicious I think that they're probably not the killers because they seem to believe that Tyler killed Nina and they just don't want to have any connection to Nina that could make it look like they were in on it with him well Will doesn't Jake doesn't seem too concerned.
  • I really don't like that Brooke is dating or at least sleeping with her English teacher but at least it didn't get much screen time.
  • I find it interesting that Emma's mom is the girl that Brandon James was obsessed with and I find it frightening that someone is sending her a package with a heart in it even if the heart wasn't human.
  • I like that it was brought up that Emma and Audrey use to be friends and I really would like them to be friends again because I really like their scene by the pool together they seemed to get along very nicely.
  • I liked how Noah and Riley started bonding over them both being interested in a space program.
  • I wasn't really all that surprised to learn that Will cheated on Emma with Nina but I did feel bad for Emma.
  • I liked how Noah kept talking about how things would work if they were in a slasher movie and I liked that Riley was totally into it.
  • I find it very suspicious and creepy how Will showed up to threaten Brooke to not interfere with his relationship with Emma again right after the lights didn't work in the garage and the one car was on and Brooke was really scared by the whole thing.
  • I enjoyed the scene between Emma and Kieran but I don't really have a whole lot to say about other than they seemed to connect in that scene.
  • I felt bad for Noah when he was stranded on a dock in the middle of the lake and that he had swim through the lake(which Brandon James apparently died in) to get back to shore. I was scared for him when it looked like someone was trying to pull him under luckily he was okay.
  • I liked that Audrey was concerned for Noah when she saw him come out of the lake and I liked that she sarcastically said that Emma had nice friends because they really aren't.
  • I thought the scene between Audrey and her girlfriend was pretty sweet.
  • I liked how Noah pointed out that everyone's a suspect now that the police suspect that Tyler isn't the one that killed Nina and that since he's smart and obsessed with serial killers that puts him at the top of the suspects list although him being on the top of the list makes me think that he probably isn't the killer since someone like him being the killer would be obvious and cliché.
  • I liked how Noah tells Riley the most important part of slasher movie is that you care about the characters before they die and I think this show is doing alright since  I care about quite a few of the characters already although not for the reasons that Noah suggested that I should care.
  • While I'm glad that Emma was honest with Audrey about the video I was also glad that Audrey pretty much hates her for it because her allowing something like that to get posted was a pretty crappy thing to do.
  • I find it interesting that the killer seems to want to revel all the flaws in Emma's life that seems perfect I'm also scared for Emma that the killer seems fixated on her.
  • That last shot with Noah wiping what looks like blood on his forehead looks really suspicious but it's also really obvious so I don't think it's a hint that he's the killer.
Please tell me your thoughts in this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Creatures of the Night(5.01)

                                          Teen Wolf: Creatures of the Night(5.01)Review
  • The episodes opens with a flash forward of Lydia being held at Eichen House which worries me a lot since nothing good ever happens there.
  • I'm curious as to how Lydia learned to fight and what exactly are the powers she seems to have developed are since they're clearly something we haven't seen before.
  • I wonder if Lydia is just seeing Aiden right before she is stopped from leaving Eichen House or if he's actually there either way he's clearly someone not to be trusted since he's helping to keep her there.
  • I'm really worried about everyone since Lydia says that all her friends are going to die and she needs to warn them.
  • In the present day of the show it opens with Stiles going over the plan he has to keep everyone together after they graduate with Scott. I liked that Stiles was so focused on what will happen after graduation while Scott is more concerned with just getting through senior year.
  • I liked how Scott told Stiles that he was worried that things were going to change pretty soon either for the better or the worse since things have been pretty much normal for so long. I also really like that Scott was the one that said really good and Stiles was the one that said really bad since Scott is an optimist and Stiles is a pessimist so I think there lines suited them very well.
  • I liked how when Stiles told Liam not to easy drop on their adult conversation that Liam pointed out that Stiles and Scott are only two years older than him.
  • I liked that Liam was chained to a tree because Stiles didn't trust him and Scott was worried about his ability to stay in control during the full moon since during the last one Liam run around naked and there were six calls made to the Sheriff's office about him.
  • I was worried for Parrish when he was attacked by a creature that had glowing claws and was covered in goo. Also I'm glad that when the creature asked where Scott was that Parrish refused to tell him.
  • I liked that Liam wanted to know what Scott and Stiles were going to be up to after they dropped him off and I liked that Stiles didn't want to tell him anything.
  • I liked that when Stiles had to pull over his jeep to fix it and Scott saw all of the duct tape in the hood that he kind of made run of Stiles for it but agreed that they would fix it.
  • I liked how Malia causal picked up a tree in front of her dad and neighbors and claimed it was just because she has strong legs.
  • I liked that we got to see a scene between Malia and her dad and I liked that it looked like the two of them have a pretty good relationship and that he's protective of her when it comes to boys.
  • I liked that it was addressed that Malia had to go to summer school and she was worried about whether or not she was able to pass and be able to become a senior this year.
  • I liked how Melissa went home and yelled at Scott about where he could find his dinner only for her to realize that he wasn't home because he would be a at school for senior scribe which is a tradition in Beacon Hills.
  • I liked that Kira was trying to find cell service by standing on top of a car while stuck in a traffic jam with her parents.
  • I liked that Kira both told her parents about senior scribe and that she couldn't tell them anything about because they aren't suppose to know about it, I just really like this family moment between the three of them.
  • I liked that when Liam told Scott that he was still struggle with control that Scott reassured him that he was still learning and that he is very strong.
  • I find it funny that both Stiles and Malia think that a boyfriend telling his girlfriend not to worry and have fun translates to it's okay to have sex with her guys, I think there minds work a little strangely with that one and it shows that they think alike which makes them a good match.
  • I'm curious about who that guy is that has a lot of prior runs with the law that the Sheriff said will now serve jail time because he seems like he'll be important later since he threatened to kill the Sheriff.
  • I think it's creepy that Parrish hallucinated Lydia almost kissing him since she's a teenager and he's an adult.
  • I liked that it was revealed that the Sheriff was keeping Parrish behind the desk because he didn't want to risk anything happening to him since he's something that no one understands.
  • I really loved Scott and Kira reuniting and kissing in the rain the two of them were completely adorable and so happy together.
  • I liked that Parrish warned the Sheriff and Melissa that Scott was in trouble and that Liam overheard and went right over to the school to warn the others about it.
  • I liked that Malia wasn't sure she wanted to take part in senior scribe unless she was really a senior.
  • I liked how Stiles told Malia about how he's worried that he and Scott and the rest of the pack may be friends now but might not be friends forever which is why senior scribe is so important to him and why he's so desperate to keep everyone together next year.
  • I liked that Malia told Stiles that she was all for the plan especially if it meant the two of them sticking together.
  • I liked that Kira's belt turns into a sword and liked seeing her and Scott fight the guy with glowing claws together.
  • I'm glad that the glowing claw guy was unable to steal Scott's power and Scott was able to take that guy down by breaking his claws and that he told the guy to run and he did.
  • I liked that Theo who is a werewolf who was friends with Scott and Stiles when they were in fourth grade helped Scott with glowing claw guy but I don't know how I feel about that guy yet but I do know that Stiles doesn't trust him.
  • I was happy that Malia found out that she would be a senior this year and I liked the little side hug her and Kira shared.
  • I liked that the pack minus Liam all gathered together to sign their initials on a library shelf for senior scribe.
  • I liked that Malia put down MT as her initials because it shows who she thinks of as her true father.
  • I liked that Scott put down both his initials and Alison's and I liked that when Stiles said she would be with them that Lydia said she still is.
  • I actually felt a bit bad for glowing claw guy when he was begging for his life from the guys in metal masks who are clearly up to no good and I found it freaky that ravens flew out of his chest after he died.
  • The episode ends in the flash forward and it's made clear that Aiden isn't alive but only in Lydia's mind.
  • The doctor guy keeps asking Lydia what happened to her friends and she claims she doesn't remember but we see flashes of things to come and none of them look good with what looks like Scott and Liam fighting, the Sheriff and Melissa fighting, Kira and Parrish both loosing control of their powers, Malia being in trouble when she finds the desert wolf and Stiles in a burning car crash.
  • I find it interesting that the doctor insisted that he knows Lydia remembers what happened to Stiles is this because she was there or because they have a stronger connection somehow.
  • I'm still very worried for Lydia since the doctor seems to plan to drill into her head and everyone else because those glimpses don't look good.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Book Review: After Dark

                                                          After Dark Review
After Dark is about what happens in Tokyo one night. The character that we follow the most closely is Mari Asai an intelligent young woman who doesn't want to go home or go to sleep due to reasons that remain a mystery for most of the novel throughout the night she reencounters Takashashi who is the same age as her older sister and had an interest in her. Mari is later asked to help out a manger of a love hotel after a Chinese prostitute is beaten and robbed since Mari is the only person they could find that speaks the language.

Another plot thread of this novel is about Mari's sister Eri who has been sleeping for a very long time and isn't showing any signs of waking up anytime soon. Throughout the book it's implied that something very odd is happening in Eri's room as she sleeps with how it seems she taken elsewhere in a her sleep with no escape but also seems to end up right back where she started with no signs that anything had changed throughout the life.

The characters and their interactions with each other were what really made this book so interesting to read since this was novel that focused on it's character rather than a plot. This book showed a different side of things with having it be set in the middle of the night the time when most people are sleeping which made things interesting. This book was written in a way that it almost felt like reading a screenplay at times since the scenes were described as being seen through a camera and there was very little insight into what a character was thinking if they hadn't said anything out loud.

Overall I found this book to be good but also very different from most of the books that I usually read. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Movie Review: Parked

                                                               Parked Review
Parked is about a man named Fred(Colin Meaney) who has to live in his car due to being unable to afford somewhere else to live as well as being unable to qualify for assistance. Fred lives a quiet isolated life while living in the car park until he meets Cathal(Colin Morgan) a younger man who also lives out of his car and is  addicted to heroin. Fred and Cathal end up forming an unlikely friendship due to their similar living situation and through that friendship Cathal is able to show Fred a new way to look at his life which leads to Fred having a more optimistic outlook on life and Fred becomes someone who cares for and tries to look out for Cathal.

Fred ends up meeting a woman named Jules by chance at the local health club and the two clearly show an interest in each other but Fred is unwilling to pursue a relationship with her because he doesn't want her to find out that he lives out of his car. Eventually Fred decides to take a chance with Jules after quite a bit of encouragement from Cathal but things don't go exactly as plan. In the later part of the film Fred finds a way to get the assistance he needs but will have to give up his pride in order to get it and Cathal's problems with drugs and drug dealers worsen despite the fact that he has promised to quit several times during the film it seems that he just isn't able to.

This film was mostly focused on the characters of Fred and Cathal and that worked very well for this film since both characters are interesting as are their circumstances which made for a good plot for this film. The acting was overall great but when it comes to Colin Morgan I kind of expect that his performance will be great in whatever he's in. Overall I thought that this was a good film that focused on it's characters very well. Please tell me your thoughts on the film.

TV Review: The 100: Long Into an Abyss(2.07)

                                               The 100: Long Into an Abyss(2.07)Review
  • I think it's awful that the Mount Weather people are testing how well the treatment using the 47 blood works by putting their people outside and testing how long they can survive out there. I liked that Cage at least consider letting the girl in because she was suffering and is one of their own but I disliked that he values secrets more than that girls life.
  • I liked that despite Jaha coming back and saying that the only way to save their people is to abandon camp that Abby still wanted to consider all their options both because she was unsure if their people could find somewhere new to live and because she didn't want to abandon the 47 trap at Mount Weather.
  • I liked that how when Jaha and Abby were telling the people that they might have to leave because of the grounders threat to attack that Clarke spoke up and mentioned how they had to save their people from Mount Weather.
  • I'm glad that Finn seems to have figured out that what he did at the grounder village is something that is causing everyone problems although I think he should have figured that out sooner.
  • I liked that Bellamy went to Clarke for help in how to find away to cure Lincoln of what the Mount Weather people had done to him and I liked that Clarke's realization that the Mountain Men were creating reapers made her even more worried about what could be happening to her own people.
  • I felt bad for Octavia who was clearly worn out both physically and emotionally from having to watch Lincoln suffer under the effects of the reaper drug withdrawal.
  • I liked that Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper banded together to figure out what the real truth was about what really happen to their people and to try and figure out how they could possibly escape the place.
  • I liked that Miller's father a guard told Abby that him and the rest of the parents who had kids trapped in Mount Weather would rather take their chances with grounders rather than leave their children to die.
  • I really don't like that the Mount Weather scientist lady has figured out that the only way that the Mount Weather people can survive outside is by using the 47 bone marrow which considering how many people would need the treatment will leave all of the 47 dead.
  • I liked how Bellamy tried to reassure Octavia that Lincoln would be fine but I also liked that Octavia told him that he can't protect her from this.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Clarke that her mom would be proud of her for trying to save Lincoln but I also liked that Clarke told him her mom would find away to save him.
  • I liked how Clarke came up with the idea that if they can find away to save someone from being reaper that they can use to prevent a war with the grounders.
  • I like that Clarke believes that both Lincoln and Finn can be saved and can came back from the things they've done even though I'm not a fan of Finn I like that Clarke believes in saving people in all ways.
  • I'm glad that Monty discovered that people from the Ark survived and are now on the ground and that he found the map of Mount Weather so he can figure out if there's a way that they can escape.
  • I liked that Abby took Clarke's side and agreed to take a chance and find a way to save Lincoln in order to make peace with the grounders.
  • I liked that the guards decided to listen to Abby over Jaha when it came to who would be arrested.
  • I liked that Clarke met with Lexa alone and was able to make a deal with her despite the fact that most everyone at the camp was looking to spill her blood. I just enjoyed seeing Clarke hold her own so well against Lexa and all the other grounders.
  • I liked that President Wallace refused to go through with using the 47 bone marrow so that his people could live on the outside.
  • I was relieved that Abby was able to save Lincoln just in time in order to prevent a war from breaking out with the grounders.
  • I find it sad that Miller believes that his dad is ashamed to have a thief as a son when in actuality he still loves Miller and is willing to fight and die for a chance to see him again.
  • I felt so bad for Harper when it was revealed that Cage and the Science lady were going through with the plans to use the 47's bone marrow despite the fact that President Wallace rejected the idea.
  • I think it's perfectly fair of Lexa to demand that Finn dies in order to pay for his crimes of slaughtering a village of her people especially since he wasn't punished at all by his own people and blood for blood is the way that the grounders deal with punishing people for their crimes.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Manga Review: Gakuen Alice Vol. 2

                                                    Gakuen Alice Vol. 2 Review
This volume starts off where the last one ends with Mikan being accepted into Alice Academy while she is happy about it at first she soon begins to learn that things aren't as nice as she thought they where at the academy with her being told she isn't allowed to contact anyone outside the academy for a while and she finds that there are still quite a few classmates that aren't willing to welcome her into the class. Mikan than goes on to earn the no star class ranking which is the lowest possible ranking which is something that is unheard of for students who are not babies to earn which makes her life at the academy difficult but after a brief time of feeling sorry for herself Mikan becomes determine to make the best out her situation and not complain.

Later on Mikan learns that once each week the students of Alice Academy meet in ability type classes that mix the elementary school and the older students together in one according to the type of alice that they posses the types include latent, technical, somatic, special and dangerous, the first three are the most common types. Mikan is the special type class which is the class assigned to those with alices that don't fit into any of the other categories which makes Mikan as well as a lot of the other students at the academy think of the class as the rejects of the school. On her way to her special ability class Mikan runs into Natsume who seems to be running from someone therefore he holds her against a wall with his hand clamped over her mouth this encounter both angers Mikan and makes her a bit curious about who Natsume is hiding from. A group of older students end up taunting the two and Natsume leaves Mikan to be bullied by them but she is soon saved by an older student named Tsubasa Andou who is also a member of the special ability type class so he walks her to the class and it turns out that while the class may be seen as weirdos by the rest of the Academy they see each other as family and this leads to Mikan feeling like she belongs for the first time since she's arrived at the academy.

After talking with Tsubasa about how her class is out of control and he suggests finding away to channel the class's frustration at the academy into something less destructive than bullying Mikan organizes at dodge ball game where alices can't be used. Most everyone wants to be on the same team as Natsume which means pretty much everyone is against Mikan which makes the match difficult for her but in the end the match ends in a tie and the class is in much better spirits. Expect for Natsume who was forced into doing a job that no one else knows about shortly after the game.

Throughout the volume Mikan is told that the teachers at the academy can't be trusted and that she is being watched by the school in much the same way that Natsume is being watched but Mikan refuses to give up trusts in the academy until she learns that Narumi isn't sending her letters to her grandfather but rather burning them instead. Mikan briefly becomes distrustful of Narumi and tries to break free of the academy in order to tell her grandfather that she's alright but she is almost kidnapped outside of the Academy but she is saved by Narumi who is hurt in the confrontation. Mikan ends the volume deciding not to give up on trusting people quite yet despite the academy showing it less to be quite untrustworthy.

This volume did a good job of introducing new aspects of the academy both light and dark ones but not too dark so far and it did a good job of showing us how Mikan adjusts to the sudden changes in her life. The artwork is good throughout and overall I just really enjoyed this volume. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.