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TV Review: Vampire Diaries: A View to a Kill(4.12)

                                  Vampire Diaries: A View to a Kill(4.12)Review
  • I kind of liked how Klaus caught Stefan trying to sneak out of Rebekah's room in the morning and I liked that it seemed like Klaus liked the possibility of a relationship between Stefan and Rebekah.
  • I liked how Klaus was willing to help Stefan out by babysitting Damon all day and I liked that Klaus once again seemed to have made clear that he prefers Stefan to Damon.
  • I like how Bonnie's dad is actually doing something to help keep the citizens of Mystic Falls safe such as cancelling all social functions which seem to result in at least one death. I'm glad that he also mentioned how many people die in just the last year because Mystic Falls has a truly ridicules amount of deaths.
  • I liked that in the scene were Kol threatens Bonnie she was more than able to defend herself against him.
  • I really hated Elena's plan to kill Kol because it's just cruel and shortsighted. I hated how Elena didn't think twice about killing thousands a vampires who a lot of them were probably good people and I think that it was a really bad idea because Kol could have easily killed Jeremy and it doesn't seem like she considered that idea at all.
  • I liked that when Elena told Stefan her plan to kill Kol that he pointed out that Kol's siblings would be out to kill anyone involved in his death. I hated that Elena is arrogant enough to think not only can her brother who's been a vampire hunter for under a year can kill an original vampire but that they can also put down both Klaus and Rebekah.
  • I also really hated that Elena said that Rebekah deserved to be daggered again but I liked that the expression on Stefan's face made it look like he didn't share her opinion. I also don't understand why Elena thinks she's better than Rebekah considering how many times she has screwed Rebekah over in the past.
  • I liked that after telling Rebekah that the 80s Dance was cancelled that Stefan told Rebekah they could go to the dance anyway.
  • I love that Kol can be so charming even when he's threatening to kill the person he's talking to and I like how he uses the word proper.
  • I believe that Kol would have agreed to a truce if he thought for one second that Elena actually intended to keep her end of the bargain.
  • I loved how Kol mentioned that he has a great respect for witches and said that he spent hundreds of years with them and that explained why he knew so much about Silas.
  • I really hated how Elena was able to talk to Kol and even get to know him a bit without feeling any remorse for planning his death especially since there were many other ways to keep herself and Jeremy safe from Kol.
  • I really loved the scenes with Rebekah and Stefan were Stefan told her what the 80s were like and how he thought she'd have liked the 80s. I also just loved seeing Rebekah have fun at the her and Stefan's private dance.
  • I loved the moment were Rebekah as she's showing Stefan the dagger she says she'll protect him if Kol comes after them.
  • I liked how Klaus tells Damon that he doesn't understand why Elena forgave him for everything even before the sire bond because it honestly makes no sense that Elena has forgiven him and I liked that Damon didn't come up with a real answer.
  • I also liked how Klaus pointed out to Damon that most likely the only reason Elena is with Damon at the moment is because of the sire bond and that once she's cured she'll just choose Stefan. Although I don't think I want Stefan to be stuck with Elena after her behavior in this episode.
  • I liked how Bonnie's parents both teamed up to try to help her with her dark magic but I can understand why Bonnie didn't want their help since she feels in control right now and because they really often been there for her in the past.
  • I loved that Klaus was super pissed when he heard that Elena and Jeremy were trying to kill Kol and that he left straight away to go after them.
  • I loved the scene were Rebekah tells Stefan that she can't not care and she hands over her dagger fully expecting him to use it on her but than Stefan seeing her do this and spending the whole night with her has proven to him that Rebekah doesn't deserve to be daggered at all especially not by him.
  • I don't think it's logical that Elena and Jeremy would be able to kill Kol and I think that Kol would have killed Elena when he had her against the wall so I'm really pissed off about the writing for that part of the episode.
  • I hated that Elena's plan to kill Kol worked because Kol was a great character who had a lot of things to be explored and story lines he could have had and he was the most charming guy to ever grace the show and because this was clearly lazy writting to complete the hunters mark.
  •  I also hate Elena now because she still thinks of herself as a good person even after she had Kol and his entire bloodline murder and she gets upset whenever things don't go her way and doesn't ever expect to suffer consquences for what she just did. I've tried to give Elena the benfit of the doubt through out the show but I can't anymore and I hope she has a miserable life because she doesn't seem to care about anyone else's.
  • I loved that Klaus was furious about Kol's death and that he will hunt Elena and Jeremy to the ends of the earth to get his revenge on them and that Elena being the doppelganger isn't going to keep her safe from his vengeance.
  • I find Bonnie's magic to be both impressive and terrifying and I'm really looking forward to seeing her storyline in future episodes.
  • I liked that Rebekah cried about Kol's death and agree with her that it was pretty bad that Stefan could have done something to prevent it but didn't, I honestly believe that if Rebekah knew about the plot she would have stopped it. I liked that Stefan did at least seem remorseful and I like that those two still seemed to be together.
  •  When Stefan revealed that he didn't dagger Rebekah and Elena asked why I wished Stefan would have told her it was because she didn't deserve to be daggered.
  • I disliked that Damon punched Stefan and I feel like that moment was meant to make it seem like Damon won a victory but he just came off as an ass to me.
  • I'm glad that Jeremy's hunter's mark is complete but I don't think it was worth Kol's life to advance that plot this fast.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can(4.11)

                               Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can(4.11) Review
  • I loved how against killing Innocent people Jeremy was because it shows that he's a good person.
  • I loved how both Matt and Jeremy blamed Damon for the situation where Klaus compelled all the new vampires to come after them because Damon did make the deal with Klaus and everyone knows what kind of person Klaus is.
  • I liked that Elena disliked the situation that Damon put Jeremy and Matt in but I'm sad that she left Jeremy with Damon and I agree with Matt that if Elena wasn't sired to Damon she'd wouldn't trust him with Jeremy any longer.
  • I really loved how Kol worked his hardest through out this episode to prevent the cure from being found because he doesn't want Silas to rise. Also I think that Kol is probably the character that's being the smartest about this situation since Silas has been said to bring the end of time and no one else seems to care which I find weird.
  • I loved how when Kol had Jeremy and Damon in the freezer room one of the first things he did was try to convince Jeremy that rising Silas is a bad idea for everyone and that he called Jeremy smart I especially like this because most people on the show seem to talk down to Jeremy on the show but Kol who is one of the oldest people on the show decided not to which I think says a lot about both characters.
  • I really enjoyed how Kol compelled and tortured Damon because Kol really seems to dislike Damon which makes sense considering the times they have interacted in the past and I liked that Kol pretty much said what I think is true about Damon really wanting Elena to stay a vampire.
  • I liked how Bonnie found out this episode about Professor Shane being  behind Pastor Young killing himself and eleven other people. I also liked how Bonnie didn't allow Professor Shane to talk her into believing that his way of thinking is for the best.
  • I liked how Stefan and Rebekah were working together this episode and I really loved all the talk about their past relationship as well. I also just really like Stefan and Rebekah as a couple even if it's not suppose to be an emotional relationship.
  • I found it strange that Jeremy didn't just kill Damon when he had the chance especially since Damon was compelled to kill him at that point and since Jeremy knows that Damon could care less about his life.
  • I loved how Elena wasn't able to get Damon try to break his compulsion with the power of love because it just gives me another reason not to buy the Damon and Elena romance.
  • I loved the scene were Rebekah tries to dagger Kol and he tells her that the cure has destroyed their family before it's even been found.
  • I loved that Stefan snapped Damon's neck, drained him of blood and locked him in the basement and that due to Damon's compulsion and Elena's sire bond now those two can't have scenes together.
  • I really loved how Stefan pretty much told Elena she's not aloud to judge who he spends time with considering that Damon has tried to kill her brother multiple times already.
  • I'm really interested in the whole storyline with Bonnie's magic potentially making her a ticking time bomb if she can't control it.
  • I really hope that Jeremy or anyone else for that matter doesn't kill Kol next episode because he is fast becoming one of my favorite characters.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: The Doctor(2.05)

                                    Once Upon a Time: The Doctor(2.05)Review
  • I liked how this episode showed that Regina was trying to quit using magic to solve her problems and that she was seeing Archie in order to sort out her issues. I also like that by the end of this episode she has started to at least try to put the past behind her.
  • I liked that when Regina first started to learn magic she didn't do it to gain power but rather as a way to try and get Daniel back and that she only started to become evil after she looses all hope of ever getting Daniel back.
  • I found it interesting and cruel that Rumpelstiltskin, Jefferson and Victor had a deal to give Regina hope of getting Daniel back only to trick her in order to get her to turn to darkness when things don't work out in the end.
  • I found it interesting how Dr.Whale still hasn't gave up hope on bringing the dead back to life even though it hasn't worked out well the two times it has been able to bring the dead back to life.
  • I thought it was sad that Regina had to kill Daniel once he came back to life but I do believe that being forced to loose him in this way may make it so that she can finally move on from his death.
  • I loved how Emma was able to tell that Killian was lying and that she was able to make him confess what his and Cora's plans are.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, January 25, 2013

TV Review: Nashville: You Win Again(1.11)

                                             Nashville: You Win Again(1.11)Review
  • I felt bad for Juliette with how she was seeing everyone giving Rayna all the credit for Wrong Song even though they wrote the song together.
  • I liked how Juliette had trouble speaking for her mother's character in court because Juliette seems to always have a hard time believing in her mom and also the comment she made afterwards of not really feeling she has a lot in her heart made me sad.
  • I liked that when Juliette and Deacon were talking in this episode about Wrong Song that he told her he knew that Juliette had just as much to do with the songs success as Rayna did.
  • I also liked that during the scene where Juliette comes over Deacon's house and shows him concern he tells her that she should be showing some of that concern towards her mother especially since right then her mom was doing better than he was. I also like how Juliette invited him to be part of her band because she believes that he should be out there doing what he loves. Also this episode made me realize how much I missed the relationship between these two.
  • I loved the scene towards the end of the episode between Juliette and her mom were Juliette told her mom that she's proud of the progress she's making in rehab and then Juliette's mom told Juliette how she saw Juliette as Rayna's equal and how she so proud of Juliette and she knows how hard Juliette had to work to get their and how both these things meant a lot to both of them.
  • I felt bad for Deacon when an article was published that said he quit that guys band because he was off the wagon when that was so far from the truth.
  • I also felt bad for Deacon in the scene where Rayna came over to his house because it was clear that he just really didn't want to deal with her talking about their relationship because he always seems to be the one who gets left.
  • I felt bad for Rayna when she learned that Liam wanted her to sign with another record label because he'd get paid for it and I'm glad that she fired him for that.
  • I like how Teddy seems intent on making his marriage with Rayna work again and I'm glad that by the end of the episode she seems to be on the same page as him.
  • I liked how Scarlett and JT after they met up seeing Avery play somewhere that they decided that the band along with Scarlett and Gunnar should play together so that the people who are actually good people can find some success someday.
  • I continue to dislike Avery since he seems to be becoming more entitled and more of a jerk so I enjoyed him seeing his old band playing with Scarlett and Gunnar.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: The Crocodile(2.04)

                                     Once Upon a Time: The Crocodile(2.04)Review
  • I loved the moment at the beginning of the episode where Rumpelstiltskin gives Belle a necklace it was very sweet.
  • I liked how this episode focused on how Rumpelstiltskin need for power and how the need for this power is driving Belle away.
  • I liked how Belle left Rumpelstiltskin in order to gain some independence and I like that she is going to be working in the library.,
  • I really disliked how Belle's father tried to force her across the border in order to make her forget about Rumpelstiltskin once she told her father that she had fallen in love with Rumpelstiltskin.
  • I liked how Belle told both Rumpelstiltskin and her father towards the end of the episode that she makes her own choices and that she wished the two of them would listen to her.
  • I liked that by the end of the episode Rumpelstiltskin does tell Belle the truth about his magic and I'm curious about how he'll be able to break this new curse.
  • I liked how the flashbacks in this episode showed how Rumpelstiltskin lost his wife to a pirate named Killian Jones and how at first he thought Killian had took his wife but years later after he started using magic he finds out that she went with Killian willingly.
  • I found it frightening that Rumpelstiltskin killed his first life and I can understand Killian's desire for revenge. I also find the whole Rumpelstiltskin cutting off Killian's hand was an interesting way for him to become known as Captain Hook.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

TV Review: Revenge Collusion(2.12)

                                                   Revenge Collusion(2.12)Review
  • I liked how Emily did her best to make sure that Daniel got the stonehaven deal and at the same time she both gave him hope for their relationship without really being intimate with Daniel.
  • I liked how Victoria tried to make sure that Jason would win the stonehaven deal even after it was told to him that it would be bad business for him, for some reason I just kind of liked the relationship between the two of them.
  • I liked how Amanda was more than willing to give out Matt Duncan's name in order to make sure her family's safe even while knowing that Jack doesn't approve of turning on an old friend.
  • I felt bad for Aiden's sister who was shown to be held by the initiative and forced to do drugs, so I can understand why Aiden would be willing to do whatever the initiative says in order to get her back but I knew he'd never succeed at killing Victoria.
  • I kind of like that Nolan is so weirdly picky about what house he's going to buy and that's the reason why it's taking him so long to buy a new place.
  • I liked that while Jack wasn't willing to turn Matt Duncan he was able to convince him to confess and that led to Conrad being able to convince Kenny to sale his share of the bar although his brother doesn't seem to agree with letting things go.
  • I liked how when Daniel called Nolan for help with getting information on Jason that Nolan wasn't going to help him until he heard that Emily wanted him and than Nolan was all for it.
  • I felt sad that it seemed Charlotte's family cancelled her birthday but I was glad that at the end of the episode they had just decided to celebrated it the day after instead.
  • I liked how Emily convinced Aiden not go through with killing Victoria because that would it so that initiative owns him, I just like that Emily seems to at the moment at least to be against murdering anyone although not for very moral reasons.
  • I'm that Nolan knows that Padma is the one who is trying to find Carrion and I like that him and Emily has put together that the initiative are the ones that are behind Padma looking for Carrion as well.
  • I'm curious about the program Nolan let Padma find at the end of the episode because it's obviously isn't the real Carrion.
  • I'm a bit surprised that Charlotte wants to change her last name to Clarke considering the negative things attached to that name.
  • I liked that Daniel had an idea that Victoria had some part in him and Emily getting back together.
  • I'm sad that it seems Aiden's sister died but I think it's wrong of him to blame Emily because they probably would have killed her as soon as they ran out of reasons to use him. Although I'm glad that is relationship with Emily is over, I'm a bit worried he'll come back as an enemy.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Lady of the Lake(2.03)

                                   Once Upon a Time: Lady of the Lake(2.03)Review
  • I liked the flashbacks of this episode that showed how Snow and Charming had to guy to war in order to get control of the kingdom.
  • I thought that it was cruel of King George to try and curse Snow to never have a child but by the end of the flashback section of the episode the curse had been lifted with the help of Lancelot and Charming's mother.
  • I thought that Charming's mother's death was very sad but I thought it was very kind of her to give her life in order for Snow and Charming to be able to have children in the future.
  • I loved the wedding between Snow and Charming even though it was quite short it was also sweet.
  • I liked how it seemed like Snow and Lancelot became good friends after their first meeting.
  • I liked how through out the episode both Emma and Snow kept trying to protect each other and I loved the seen towards the end of the episode were Emma tells Snow she isn't use to people putting her first and Snow told her to get to use to it.
  • I liked how this episode showed how Emma is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to things in the fairytale world since she doesn't know the things that everyone else does because she hasn't lived there before.
  • I liked how even though Mulan and Aurora both care deeply about Philip they dealt with Snow and Emma differently because of the different types of personalities they have with Mulan being more logical and calmer and Aurora being more emotional and therefore desires revenge.
  • I liked that by the end of the episode Snow, Emma, Mulan and Aurora were all on the same side due to having a common enemy in Cora who has killed Lancelot awhile ago and has been impersonating him since then.
  • I'm curious about what Cora's planning to do with the ashes of the wardrobe although I'm sure it's nothing good.
  • I like how Henry really wants to work with Charming to help get Emma and Snow back and while I understand why Charming wouldn't want his help since it can be dangerous, I'm glad that he's agreed to let him help.
  • I liked how Henry was able to convince Jefferson to reach out to his daughter and I loved that those two reunited by the end of this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Manga Review: Pretty Guardain Sailor Moon Vol.3

                                       Pretty Guardain Sailor Moon Vol.3 Review
In this volume Usagi as Sailor Moon has to face a brainwashed Mamoru as Tuxedo Mask in battle since he is under Queen Beryl's control. Usagi ends up fully remembering her past life as Princess Serenity only to seem to repeat how her last life ended in her battle with Mamoru but in the end they are both saved by the legendary sliver crystal. Sailor Venus was able to defeat Queen Beryl in the end but Queen Metalia wasn't defeat along with her and she ended up absorbing the power of the legendary sliver crystal for sometime and even when Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus combined their powers they were unable to defeat her. In the end Sailor Moon is able to defeat Queen Metalia from drawing power of the legendary sliver crystal and she was also able to remake the Moon Castle due to her new found power. In the end everyone was able to live and their lives were peaceful for a time.

Shortly after the defeat of Queen Metalia, Usagi and Mamoru meet a young girl who we call Chibi-Usa who demands that Usagi gives her the legendary sliver crystal and ends up staying with Usagi's family after she hypnotises them into thinking she was meant to be there. Due to Chibi-Usa mysterious origians and actions Usagi doesn't trust or particularly like Chibi-Usa.

Shortly after Chibi-Usa's arrival two of the Spectre sisters arrive and challenge Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury both of the sisters are able to be defeated but both Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury are taken kidnapped after the sisters defeat. The Spectre sisters were working for someone who is called the Wise Man and both of the sisters had similar powers to Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury with Crimson Rubeus having the powers of fire and Berthier having powers having to do with water, also the sisters stragities were similar to the sailor scout they fought.

I continue to enjoy this series I still love the characters and I found the conclusion to the first arc of the series to be very enjoyable and I love how the second arc is starting off as well. I'm also continuing to really enjoy the artwork as well. Please tell me your thoughts about this volume.

Top 10 Settings I'd like to see more of

1. Castles: I really love the idea of setting a story in a castle not only because castle are beautiful but also because there are a lot of stories that can be told in them. I would prefer the stories to be set back in time royalty ruled over all the lands and when being King or Queen was a huge deal and I would love stories have people either trying to raise as far as they can in the ranks or escape life at court entirely. I would just love to have more stories that are set in castles were it's not just about falling in love with a member of the royal family but instead is about the power the royal family holds.
2. Multiple Dimensions: I read this manga called Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle were the characters traveled to different dimensions every few chapters and since then I've been looking for more stories that spanned multiple dimensions. I love the idea of multiple dimensions because it gives a new and exciting setting and culture to explore every few chapters of the story.
3. Underground Illegal Organizations: I really like the idea of these types of settings for a story because the series I've watched that were set in these types of places were very interesting one. I also think it lends to interesting characters because they are part of a group that isn't seen often because either they're not suppose to be known in real life or they don't exist depending on the genre the story is set in.
4. Space: Space is a place that is a pretty big mystery to humans and I think it would interesting if more stories would be set in spaces because there are very few rules about what the setting has to be like because it can be in space ships or it could be other planets were the story is set.
5. Asylums:I'm extremely fascinated by mental illness so setting a story in a location were everyone hopefully including the main character is suffering from a mental illness is a very interesting idea for me. I also just find characters who are mentally ill or emotionally damaged to just be more interesting in general.
6. Small rooms: I really love the idea of putting a bunch of characters in a room and making them have to deal with each other without too many distractions which is why I like the idea of a small empty room because it would just have to be about the characters and the relationships between the characters.
7. Libraries: I just really love libraries and I would love to have more stories set in them because there are very few stories that I know of that are set in them.
8. Places with Snow: I live in the Midwest so I've seen snow every winter of my life which is why I find it odd that most books that are set in the Midwest for some reason that I can't understand, in the middle of winter in the book there's no snow on the ground and the characters can walk around outside and be perfectly comfortable without wearing a jacket. I want snow to be in books because it's realistic for it to be in books as well as other forms of media.
9. Schools: This one may seem strange since quite a lot of stories are set in school but what I'm thinking of are stories that are actually about school not just set there. I would love to read a story that is about the main character trying to pass their classes or even just complaining about how they have to learn trig or a story about being too nervous to give a speech in front of the class because these are the experiences that seem more realistic to high school life than the romances that often occur in YA books.
10. Futuristic Kingdoms: I really love the idea of royalty in stories but I also love the idea of sci-fi in stories so I would love to have a story were the two are combined in some way.

Monday, January 21, 2013

TV Review: Nashville: I'm Sorry for You, My Friend(1.10)

                                Nashville: I'm Sorry for You, My Friend(1.10)Review
  • I'd liked how this episode skipped two weeks and the tour has already started by the time the episode began.
  • I felt bad for Juliette with everyone asking her about her marriage and that in the end even when she did say sorry to Shawn and even ended up admitting that the reason that she ran out on him was because she didn't think she'd be good enough for him, that Shawn didn't forgive her and even went as far as to say that since he got to know her better he doesn't like her.
  • I liked how Rayna had to adjust to have a different guitar player on tour since Deacon isn't there this time and that it was pretty hard for her.
  • I liked that Rayna ended up coming home to support Teddy on the night of the election because I like to think they may still have a chance.
  • I'm glad that Teddy ended up winning the election on merit and not by buying people's votes and I'm glad that he wouldn't allow vote buying to happen.
  • I liked how Deacon invited Scarlett down to the show he was playing but I hated that the front man of that band tried to take advantage of Scarlett but I liked that Scarlett was able to get him off her and that when Deacon saw what was happening he punched the guy and quit the band.
  • I was surprised to learn that Gunnar had an older brother that has been in prison for 8 years for armed robbery. I was also sad to see that his brother didn't seem to be trying to obey the law and I felt for Gunnar when he realized his brother probably won't ever be a part of his life again.
  • I liked that towards the end of the episode that after Scarlett realized earlier in the episode that she doesn't know much about Gunnar's family so she ask him about it and he does end up sharing with her.
  • I really enjoyed all of the music that was played in this episode and I'm glad that the show was able to work pretty well with all the characters being in different places.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: We are Both(2.02)

                                      Once Upon a Time: We are Both(2.02)Review
  • I liked how the dwarfs took it upon themselves to see what the crossing the border to out of time does now that the curse is broken.
  • I liked seeing how everyone was doing with the curse being broken with having the town be in chaos and I liked that quite a bit of the episode was devoted to trying to keep order in the town.
  • I found that crossing the border would cause the person to cross to only remember their Storybrooke lives was an interesting way to insure that everyone would stay in town.
  • In the flashbacks to Regina's life in the fairytale world I felt really bad for her because her mother Cora is horrible and because she never wanted to become like her but with her use of magic she ended becoming just like her now in the current timeline.
  • I disliked that Regina got back her magic in order to take Henry back by force but I liked that Henry agreed to go with her to insure everyone else's safety.
  • I liked how Regina realized by the end of the episode that she was doing to Henry the same thing her mother did to her and how she let Henry go to live with Charming because she knows now that she shouldn't keep him there by force.
  • I like that Charming and Rumpelstiltskin have agreed to make peace with each other.
  • I liked that the dwarfs are going to mine for fairy dust in order to get Snooty's memory back since it's been erase from crossing the border.
  • I'm interested to see what's going to happen to Emma and Snow now that they are prisoners of Mulan and Aurora and that they will meet Cora.
Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Sabotage(2.11)

                                                Revenge: Sabotage(2.11)Review
  • I liked that Aiden told Emily at the beginning of this episode about his meeting with Helen Crowly.
  • I actually ended up really enjoying all the scenes between Emily and Daniel because even though I know that the relationship is fake on Emily's side they're still cute together.
  • I liked that Emily is spying for Victoria with Emily informing Victoria of what the initiative wants Daniel to invest in. I also just really like Victoria and Emily not fully being at odds at the moment.
  • I'm kind of surprised that Conrad was serious about going into politics when he mentioned it last week due to all the skeletons in his closet.
  • I like that Victoria is going around trying to sabotage the initiatives plans any way she can by convincing one of Grayson Globes competitors to invest in the company the initiative wanted Daniel to invest in it first.
  • I'm curious about what that computer program or something that Nolan's company developed years ago but he doesn't seem to want anyone to know about it.
  • I really liked the scenes between Nolan and Padma in this episode because I find them to be cute together.
  • I really loved how Ashley showed back up at the Graysons home and pretty much demanded to have a better version of her job back because she knows far too much about the Graysons for them not to want her on their side and because she didn't want the time she spent with them to go to waste. I'm also just really happy that she was in this episode because I worried she might have left the show.
  • I liked how Amanda wanted to take matters into her own hands with how she wanted to deal with the Ryan brothers and I also kind of liked that one of her first options was to kill them because I just like that her first instinct is to deal with her problems violently.
  • I like that Charolette wanted to go to her dad for help with the whole Jack being framed thing because despite everything that has happened between the two of them she still seems to trust her dad more than she trust her mom.
  • I liked that when Emily and Nolan where first discussing things at the party that Nolan has his arm linked with Emily's. I also liked that they had more scenes together in this week's episode than they did in last week's.
  • I'm glad that it seems like Aiden isn't going to end up screw Emily over to save his sister but I still don't think that it's out of the question for him to do something like that.
  • I liked that Conrad ended up helping to get Jack out of jail just because Ashley told him that it could help his image for his political campaign.
  • I'm glad that it seems like Emily's and Aiden's relationship is in danger of ending.
  • I was very sad to learn that Padma was working with the initiative because I've always liked her character and her relationship with Nolan and now I find out she isn't who I thought she was and also I don't want Nolan to get hurt. Also now that I know Padma is working for initiative I feel kind of bad for Marco since she got him fired but he has been shown to be untrustworthy in the past.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fantastic Five Friday: Top 5 Recently Discovered Actors

Fantastic Friday is a weekly meme that's hosted by The Weekly Enthusiast
1. Eddie Redmayne(Like Minds):I really loved his performance in this movie which I first saw earlier this year I think he did a great job at portraying his character who was rather complicated. I just felt like his performance was the best in the film and that he did really good at portraying his character's emotions.
2. Natalie Dormer(Game of Thrones/The Tudors): First off I just really like the characters she's portraying and I feel like she has this ability to own every scene she's in whether or not she has any lines. I'm just really impressed by the impression she leaves on me because I really haven't seen a lot of either of her characters yet but those characters are some of my favorites.
3. Jonny Lee Miller(Elementary): I've enjoyed his performance through out the show so far but I was most impressed by his performance in the newest episode M(1.11) because his character went to a dark place and his performance was never over the top or anything and there's these parts were he plays conflicted so well.
4. Emily VanCamp(Revenge): I have loved Emily Vancamp's portrayal of Emily Thorne since the beginning of the show because she does such a good job changing from her characters sweet facade to her characters more stoic and ruthless side with just a look. I'm sad that people don't seem to be as impressed as I am with her performance.
5. Sophie Turner(Game of Thrones): I really love her performance as Sansa because as of season 2 Sansa is rarely able to say the things she feels but Sophie Turner as always done such a great job of showing how Sansa feels and due to her character's situation she does it in a more subtle way.

TV Review: Nashville: Be Careful of Stones That You'd Throw(1.09)

                    Nashville: Be Careful of Stones That You'd Throw(1.09)Review
  • I was shocked to learn that Shawn actually said yes to Juliette's proposal at the end of last episode and I was shocked to learn that the two of them eloped.
  • I was pretty much waiting for Juliette to realize that she rushed into marriage with Shawn for all the wrong reasons through out the episode.
  • I really disliked how Shawn's mom continued to make it clear that she doesn't accept Juliette into her family or really Shawn's life in general, I just think it's really mean of her since it became quite clear to her in this episode that Juliette doesn't really have anyone.
  • I liked the scene between Juliette and her mom were her mom tells Juliette that she gets why Juliette got married and she told her that this wasn't really going to make her happy in the long run although I do understand why Juliette didn't like hearing this from her mom.
  • I liked how this episode made it perfectly clear that Rayna is going on the tour to get away from home and I also liked that it was made clear that her and Teddy have been having problems for quite sometime now.
  • I really love that Teddy actually knows one of his daughter's isn't actually his but he loves her as his own all the same but I hate Rayna's dad for threatening to reveal this to the daughter.
  • I like how Rayna and Teddy both want to keep their girls out of the conflict between the two of them.
  • It was interesting to see how Deacon was doing adjusting to life on tour with a band.
  • I was sad to see that Scarlett and Gunnar were still having problems writing together in this episode but I was glad that by the end of the episode after they spent some time apart they were able to write together again.
  • I disliked that Scarlett slept with Avery again but I'm glad that she was able to remember why she broke up with him soon after they finish up and that she dumped him again before they even really got back together.
  • I disliked that Avery was willing to dump his band which he has been with forever to get a record deal but I'm glad that he at least told them this in person.
  • I like that Scarlett seemed to be friends with the members of Avery's old band and that she sang with them this episode but I'm glad that she doesn't really want to join their band.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: After School Special(4.10)

                                   Vampire Diaries: After School Special(4.10)Review
  • I felt really bad for Tyler when he has to hear about people talking about his mom's death as if it's an accident while he knows it wasn't and I just feel really bad for him in general because he just lost his mom the only family he had left.
  • I really liked that April decided to remain loyal to Rebekah because Rebekah was the one who told her the truth while everyone else lied to her and I liked that April actually went a long willingly with Rebekah's plans.
  • I really loved Caroline's phone call to Stefan were she asks Stefan to be there for her while she was trying to get Tyler through his mother's death even though Tyler for obvious reasons wanted some alone time, I just really loved this moment of Caroline and Stefan's friendship.
  • I liked how when Rebekah called Stefan to come to the school saying she was keeping someone hostage that she didn't even need to say who the hostage was for Stefan to show up.
  • I liked how Rebekah decided to catch up with how plans to find the cure were going by gathering up Stefan, Caroline and Elena in the library and compelling them to give her honest answers.
  • I liked that Bonnie's father took the job as mayor because he wants to protect her but I can understand why this would annoy Bonnie because she has mentioned that her dad is never around and doesn't accept her magic. I also liked that Bonnie was able to complain to Professor Shane about this because we don't get to see her vent her feelings very often.
  • I really liked that moment when Bonnie and Kol checked each other out in the hallway before kidnapped Professor Shane, those two had nice chemistry and I just love that Kol's back.
  • I think that Damon has done a pretty bad job at training Jeremy at vampire hunting because Damon seems much more interested in Elena longing than he does in helping Jeremy. I really liked that Matt has come up to help Jeremy train.
  • I really hated the moment that Damon held Jeremy by the neck because I'm sure that brought up painful memories for Jeremy.
  • I felt really bad for Stefan when he had to listen to Elena talk about how in love with Damon she is and how she doesn't feel anything for Stefan anymore, I'm pretty sure that's the sire bond talking but I still hated that Stefan had to hear her say those things.
  • I really loved how Caroline wanted Elena to stop saying those things about Damon and Stefan because she hates that Stefan has to listen to those hurtful things.
  • I liked that when Rebekah called Tyler to come to school to rescue Caroline that he came even though he had to know it was some kind of a trap because he couldn't loose anyone else especially Caroline.
  • I liked that Tyler tried to fight his compulsion to turn after Rebekah compelled him.
  • I'm a bit frightened by the threat of Silas now that Kol tried to kill Professor Shane because he doesn't want to have to deal with the threat of Silas and he said that Silas would make it hell on earth if he rose.
  • I liked seeing Bonnie using magic because she wanted to protect Professor Shane but I didn't like that since she was using expression magic that it ended up almost killing April. I do like that since Bonnie did this she now knows the consequences of using expression and how it isn't governed by the rules of nature.
  • I really liked that when Elena and Stefan found Bonnie in the room with April near death that Stefan was the one who tried to give April blood to save her and was the one to try to comfort her when she woke up because it just shows what kind of person he is but it also shows what kind of person Elena is right now and she really doesn't look good.
  • I was really annoyed that Elena felt the need to try to talk to Stefan about their relationship after she made it perfectly clear were she stands with her feelings at the moment and I think Stefan's response about how many ways she can find to rip out his heart was a good response to what she was asking.
  • I kind of like that Rebekah revenge to Stefan was that he'll have to forever live with his broken heart after she finds out that Stefan would rather live without his memories of Elena.
  • I really loved the scene towards the end of the episode were Tyler breaks down in Caroline's arms and talks about how he should have been able to protect his mom, I cried during this scene.
  • I really love the idea of Rebekah and Stefan working together because I've always been interested in their relationship.
  • I really feel bad Jeremy being put in a situation were he is going to be forced to kill a bunch of vampires who haven't even hurt anyone yet.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Fangirl Friday 26

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.
1. Revenge: Revenge came back with a new episode this week and I really loved this episode. I overall found all the plots interesting to watch in this episode even though one of them isn't exactly making sense. I really enjoyed the that Emily was able to get someone to reveal the truth in this episode and I'm also really happy that it seems like Emily and Aiden will most likely be ending their relationship soon which is good news for me because I never really liked Aiden especially not with Emily.
2. Arcana Famiglia: I watched the final episode of this anime this week and I found it to be a good ending to a series I loved. I wish the series had been longer but I feel like there was quite a bit of character and relationship development considering that the series was only twelve episodes long.
3. The Fault in our Stars: I started reading this book this week and so far it's actually as good as everyone says it is. I found the book to be quite funny and I love the characters Augustus and Hazel and the relationship they are developing with each other.

TV Review: Revenge: Power(2.10)

                                                     Revenge: Power(2.10)Review
  • I really love how Victoria is playing nice with Emily in order to convince Emily to convince Daniel to more of the person he was last season so that he'll step down from being the head of the company.
  • I found Judge Barnes to be a very awful person because not only did he allow jury tampery but he also abuses his wife.
  • I thought it was a bit strange for Helen the lady with the initiative to ask Daniel to look into anything Conrad may have been hiding in the company because the things he would hide would likely be for the initiative but it all made sense in the end with how Helen mentioned something about since Nolan hacked into Grayson Globes system they may now be able to hack inti Nolan's system(although I really hope that doesn't happen).
  • I liked that Emily fake broke up with Aiden because that means I won't see them together as often which I'm happy about because I don't really like Aiden.
  •  I also really loved that Nolan was happy when he thought Emily broke up with Aiden and that he saw Emily pretending to be in love with Daniel again as a good thing because he's hoping that will lead to the end of Emily's relationship with Aiden. I just really like that Nolan continues to dislike Aiden because he has no real reason to like or trust him.
  • I actually really enjoyed all the scenes between Emily and Daniel they're just kind of sweet together and it has always been obvious that Daniel's in love with Emily.
  • I'm curious about how Aiden secret meetings with the initiative is going to affect everything and if he'll end up betraying Emily in order to get his sister back.
  • I'm glad that Nolan continues to not want anything to do with Marco and how he points out that Marco was the one that ruined their relationship when he made Nolan out to be the bad guy even though he knew what kind of person Nolan is and I like that Nolan is overall suspicious of what he's trying to do.
  • I'm not really getting why drugs are suddenly involved in Ryan brothers plot to hurt the Porters or take over the Stoway it's still at bit unclear what their goal is. Although I enjoyed Charlotte distracting the brothers during the episode and that Jack actually tried to do something about the situation even though things didn't end working out for them in the end.
  • I'm wondering how Jack being arrested is going to do for his story line during the rest of the season because he logically should be in jail for at least a couple months.
  • I loved how Emily was able to convince Judge Barnes's wife to tell the truth about the David Clarke trial because the letter she wrote helped save Amanda Clarke's life and I loved that the wife told the truth not only about the David Clarke trial but also showed the bruise her husband left on her to the press.
  • I liked how Conrad and Victoria were able to use the reveal of Judge Barnes bad behavior to their advantage.
  • While I kind of liked that Emily and Daniel kissed at the end of this episode I'm a little worried that Aiden is going to do something to hurt Emily because of it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Female Characters of 2012


1. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries): Caroline continued to be my favorite character on the show this year and I continued to love of her for her optimistic personality and being a good friend. Although Caroline is an overall cheerful character she had to deal with some hard ships this year such as facing the fact that she's never going to actually grow up and loosing her father both of these things made me sad for her but I also think she handled these things pretty well. Caroline also dealt with Klaus becoming attracted to her and I love how she dealt with this situation by using their moments together to tell him he has to become a halfway decent person before she even considers him a romantic option and she of course distracts Klaus often for the good of the team because she's also been about helping out her friends. I really loved seeing more of Caroline's control freak nature in "My Brother's Keeper" at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant because sadly we don't see that side of her personality often since she became a vampire and I also loved how against Elena getting together with Damon she is because Dam treated her horrible when they were a couple and Caroline is trying to protect Elena from getting in a situation like that. I also love that the show brought back Caroline's friendship with Stefan this season and I continue to love her and Tyler as a couple.
2. Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke(Revenge): I love Emily for being someone who is very driven by vengeance but is also smart about how she goes about seeking it, I love that she plans and I love that seeks to destroy peoples lives rather than to kill them. I love that Emily hides from the world behind
this sweet facade as the girl next door and that she pulls off this role flawlessly even though she's really plotting the destruction of almost everyone around her. I love that she's damaged by her past and that she has trust issues because of it. I really enjoy how she's able to fight pretty well but that isn't the skill set she uses in revenge schemes.I also love that despite being pretty closed off emotionally she still does care for some people although she isn't always great at showing it. I always enjoy watching her take downs and I'm always hoping that things turn out the best for her which I think is a good thing to feel about the main character of the show.
3. Rebekah Mikaelson(Vampire Diaries): I personally believe that Rebekah was one of the best things about season 3 and I love her for her desire to live the life of a normal high school girl despite being over a thousand years old because even though she's been alive so long she never really got a chance to live her life. I love that Rebekah can be very vengeful to the people who wronged her such as her goal of killing Elena after she woke up from the time Elena literally stabbed her in the back or she drained all the vervain out of Damon through torture after she found out he used her and invaded her mind therefore she decided to invade his. I also love that even though she can be bitchy and vengeful she can also be vulnerable and she's forever looking for true love. I really love her crush and Matt because he's one of the nicest and most normal guy on the show and I think that Rebekah wanting to be with someone like that says a lot about her. I also loved how she walked out on Klaus this year for not appreciating her despite the fact she's the one whose been with him through everything. I like the friendship she seemed to have with April and I'm looking forward to seeing how that and her character develops in the second half of the season.
4. Sansa Stark(Game of Thrones): I spent this season of Game of Thrones both admiring and feeling bad for Sansa. I felt bad for Sansa because she was in an awful situation one in which she could have been killed for saying the wrong thing, one in which Joffrey would punish her for her brother Rob's victor on the battlefield and one in which she's basically the Lannister's prisoner but she isn't aloud to act like it and she isn't even aloud to express her desire to see her family again. I admire Sansa greatly for being able to say just the right thing so she won't get punished and for being able keep herself from breaking down in front of anyone even though it's clear that there are times she wants to. I also admire her for being able to use her position in order to trick Joffrey into certain things such as in the first episode of the season when she convince Joffrey not to kill the knight but to keep him as a fool or to get Joffrey fight in a position in battle that is more dangerous, I love that she was able to do both of these things with just a few well placed words and that she has an effect on things despite being a position were she should be powerless I like that she isn't completely. I also love that despite the horrible situation she is going through and despite knowing not to trust in people to be good people that she still believes in human decency which is something many people would have given up on in her position. I love Sansa for being able to survive her situation in more ways than one in both the literal survival and spiritual survival with how she hasn't given up on humanity as a whole.
5. Faye Chamberlin(Secret Circle): I really love Faye for being this bitchy girl who just really wanted to have her own magic just so she could use it for whatever she wanted whenever she could. I also love that despite not being the nicest person around she still really cares for certain people such as Melissa and I personally really loved the friendship between Faye and Melissa. I also really ended up liking her relationships with Lee and Jake which caught me a bit by surprise. I just overall love Faye and I'm sad that I won't be able to see her on screen anymore.

6. Daenerys Targaryen(Game of Thrones): I love Daenerys for remaining the strong Khaleesi she became through out last season and I love that she became very protective of her dragons and her people. I love that she has became determined to make it to Westroes and to claim the Iron Throne for herself and I love that she doesn't want to have to marry someone else in order to get to that position. While I find her story less exciting than her story last season due to the lack of progress she made in getting closer to reach her goal, I still always loved watching her scenes because I really love her character.
7. River Song(Doctor Who): It may seem a bit strange to have River on my list this year since she only actually appeared in one episode of series 7 but I just end up loving her character more and more each time she appears on the show. I love River because she has this fun and flirty personality and I just find her really charming. I also love her because she has this emotional strength to her that I really admire which is something I really notice in this years episode with how she says that she never lets the doctor sees the damage because she knows how it upsets him and how she kept herself together so well while having her parents disappear from her life forever.

8. Cersei Lannister(Game of Thrones): I really love Cersei as a character and I know that may seem a bit strange because she has done some awful things but I just kind of always loved her since I started watching the series. I really loved watching her character this season with how she trying to control Joffrey and rule the kingdom in way in which she won't have to loose everything she has and how these things seem impossible with how she can't control Joffrey at all since he has become king. I really enjoyed seeing the more vulnerable side of Cersei this season because it just helped me understand her character a bit more clearly. I also really enjoyed Cersei's relationship with Sansa because there are moments were see Cersei can empathizes with Sansa's situation but most of the time it seems like she has a certain twisted pleasure in seeing Sansa suffer much in the way that she had suffered in the past. I overall find Cersei to be a very interesting character and I'm looking forward to learning more about her.
9. Juliette Barnes(Nashville): Juliette is a character that surprised me, when  I first watched the pilot episode I never would have thought that she'd end up being my favorite part of the show. I really love how her bitchy side is just mostly there to cover up her vulnerable side. I love how she wants to be taken seriously as singer and song writer and that her career isn't all about making money or going to parties like some people don't know her may think. I felt really bad for her with how she grew up with a mother who was a drug addict and she's never really had any real friends so the concept that someone would like her for who she is, is entirely foreign to her. I also really love her music as well.
10. Lydia Martin(Teen Wolf): I loved Lydia this season as well as last for being that mean popular girl who is actually really smart and I also love to see her on screen. I felt really bad for her because she seemed to be slowly loosing her sanity all season and no one would tell her the truth about any of the supernatural stuff. I'm really glad that she is now in the know and hope that this will allow for her to have more screen time and character develop next season.