Sunday, January 24, 2021

Book Review: The Lying Game: Seven Minutes in Heaven

                                                   Seven Minutes in Heaven Review
Seven Minutes in Heaven is the final book in The Lying Game series and this book starts off with Emma being sure that Sutton's ex-boyfriend Garrett is responsible for Sutton's murder. At the start of the book everything seems to point to Garrett being the one that killed Sutton but as time goes on it becomes clear that it was someone else that was behinds Sutton's demise. Things become much more complicated for Emma when Sutton's body is discovered and everyone now knows that Sutton had an identical twin and since Emma was tricked into giving a DNA sample everyone finds out that Emma isn't Sutton but that she has been pretending to be her for months which makes everyone believe that she is the one that killed Sutton.

In the second half of the book Emma feels more pressure than ever before to solve Sutton's murder because if she doesn't she'll be the one that goes down for it and with no one but Ethan believing that she's innocent it makes it even harder for her to investigate. Emma ends up finding out that the killer is someone close to her that she thought she could trust and finds herself in dangerous position with the killer.

Overall I liked the book, the plot was interesting and I was still invested in the characters even though it had been years since I read the last book. I feel like this book and the first book did a fairly good job at setting up who the killer was but I feel like the four middle books in the series didn't really leave any hints of the killer's true identity which makes me not entirely happy with the reveal. Please tell me your thoughts on this book or series as a whole in the comment section below.

Anime Review: Orange: Letter 01(1.01)

                                                         Orange: Letter 01 Review
This episode starts with a twenty-six year old Naho Takamiya and her friends which leads Naho to thinking about all the things she wishes she would have done differently in high school if she knew what she does now back then. The episode then transition to being about Naho when she was sixteen and she ends up finding a letter from her future self. The letter Naho gets mentions specific details about this particular day and correctly predicts that there would be a new student transferred into their class that day. The new transfer student is a boy named Kakeru Naruse and the letter that Naho got from her future self says that she shouldn't invite him to hanging out with her and her friends after school, Naho's friend end up inviting him to hang out with them anyways and they all end up having a good time.

The days following Kakeru is absent from school which worries Naho and she wonders if it has something to do with the letter. On the day Kakeru returns to school Naho's letter mentions how she regrets not batting in a softball game which leads her to doing so even though she felt really uncomfortable doing so. Naho ends up scoring a winning run for her team which her feeling happy and assures her that listening to the letter was a good thing. Naho and Kakeru ends up sharing a moment and Naho who now believes the letter is real reads that Kakeru is dead in the future and that her future self fell in love with him.

Overall this was a pretty good episode it introduced us to the main characters and the world and people that she surrounds herself with. I enjoy the small moments between Naho and Kakeru with Kakeru noticing when something is bothering her even though she refuses to speak up because she doesn't want to make anyone else's life more difficult. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode in the comment sections below.