Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top 10 Ideas for Future Top 10 Tuesday lists

I've been participating in the Top 10 Tuesday meme for about 3 and a half years now so I pretty much have done all the topics that I wanted to do that they have had already so I thought I'd use this week's list in order to get out a few topics I think would be fun for future lists especially since I've noticed within the last year the topics have gotten quite repetitive such as that time last year when we basically had three weeks of  to be read list in a row.
1. Top 10 Characters Written by a single Author: I'm actually surprised that this one hasn't been a topic before because there's been quite a few lists about favorite authors and it would make sense that one of the reason your favorite author is your favorite is because of the characters they created. I think that having a top 10 list like this would allow us to be able to talk about characters that we love a lot but not enough to make an overall favorites list and I think that being able to write about the characters that we don't get chance to usually would be more fun than talking about her absolute favorites for the tenth time.
2. Top 10 vampires/werewolves/fairies/witches/Etc.: Although I've noticed that a lot of us(myself included) are sick and tired of series about the same old paranormal creatures(vampires and werewolves mostly) but for some reason we've never had a list in which we actually got to talk about those creatures which we actually loved despite how annoyingly popular they've become in recent years, I think it would be fun to focus on those of that species that we loved rather than how sick if it we are for a change. I know that there are some people who aren't into fantasy series but I feel like there's a lot of list topics in the past that haven't been suit to everyone such a debut books which I never know anything about and since I have to buy all my books I don't usually read them until a few years after they come out so I don't see a problem with talking about paranormal creatures especially since I'm pretty sure I could make a list for both vampires and werewolves which pleases me more than it should.
3. Top 10 Ships in Paranormal Teen Series: Paranormal YA as we all know has been a very popular genre for the past couple of years and since most of those stories are basically romance with a fantasy element I think it would make sense to have a list of which of these romances or potential romances which you loved or at least liked a whole lot. I also think it would be kind of funny to see how many combinations of different species dating that have happened through out the genre I know I have quite a few combs such as the standard ones of vampire-human, werewolf-human, vampire-vampire, and fairies but then I also have a few less common ones that come to mind as well such as vampire-werewolf, banshee-human and werewolf-kitsune. So I think this list would be fun for all of us to share with each other also we get to talk about romance which we all seem to like doing as far as I can tell.
4. Top 10 Sidekicks: I'm surprised that this hasn't happened before because it just feels like it should have been by this point. Anyways since sidekicks are pretty common in fiction I think this would be a list that all of us could make and I think it would be fun to see the differences of what we all think makes a good sidekick like is it there competency or if there funny or if they make you swoon. Also I would love to have this list because than I could write about how the sidekick has to be suited for the main character and I would love to talk about how their partnership works throughout the series and how much importance the series puts on this relationship.
5. Top 10 Songs that remind you of a character/ship: It seems like it's a fairly common thing to associate a song with your favorite character or favorite fictional couple so I think that it would be fun to have a list where we share all the songs we associate with these fictional worlds and explain why we think that song suites them and it would be a fun way to be introduced to new music.
6. Top 10 Cliches you Love/Hate: People call almost everything cliché which causes me to think that maybe everything is a cliché or that everyone in a certain part of a certain fandom are reducing everyone done to a stereotype because there's no way after three seasons of development that they are still the same cliché that they claim they are. My point is that most stories are built on clichés but eventually develop past them if they are well written and this list would be about the ones that you like and the ones you hate.
7. Top 10 Quotes that Summarizes Love For You: I've been thinking about this idea for awhile now and I think it would be perfect for Top 10 Tuesday since books have so many quotes that we find romantic but this list isn't just ones that make us swoon it's about those quotes that don't just sound pretty but you just read or hear them and think that's what love means or what love should mean. I think it would be interesting to see the different quotes that speak to us and maybe even a little bit about the why it does although I know quite a few people like quotes to speak to themselves I think this list is a good place to tell us why it means so much to you.
8. Top 10 Songs that You Wish a Book Could be Written About: There are some songs that when you listen to the lyrics you can tell that there's a story to the song and you can't help but imagine a story to go along with it and this is what this list would be about.
9. Top 10 Scripted TV Shows or Top 10 Reasons Lovers of Fiction shouldn't dismiss TV: I know that this topic will never be a topic for Top 10 Tuesday but I love television and I hate how dismissive of TV that quite a few book bloggers are since a TV show can be just as well written or even better than a book so I think that saying that all TV is garbage is just really snobby since scripted TV is just another form of fiction told in another way and there's really great stories and characters to be found there as well as great acting. I really just wished that more people understood that it is possible to intellectually watch TV I know it is because I do it all the time.
10. Top 10 Series with 3 Main Characters:  Since Twilight a lot of YA series have started to have love triangles which has lead to a lot of series having three major characters in which the story revolves around and while most of them are love triangles not all of them are such as Harry Potter(which came out before the trend). I think that it would be fun to have a list about the different series with three main characters and how each story uses the relationship between the main three, I just kind of have a thing about trios I want to discuss them and would love if this meme could give me an excuse to although I'll probably end up talking about it anyways.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina(3.19)

                                         Teen Wolf: Letharia Vulpina(3.19)Review
  • I liked Deaton paralyzed a member of the Yakuza's wolf in order to get access to the letharia vulpina which is a poison that can harm the nogitsune.
  • I liked how after seeing how the electricity and the water was mixing that Kira went to the power line and stopped the flow of electricity in order to save everyone, it was a really great moment.
  • I was sad that Isaac was one the people electrocuted but I'm glad that he's still alive even though he's not healing or even awake at the moment.
  • I'm curious as to why Kira's mom is still doing her best to keep her in the dark about everything even though she already knows that Kira has developed powers.
  • I liked that Derek told Scott that he needs to tell Stiles's dad what's really wrong with him both because his dad really should know and because that implies that the nogitsune is responsible for the way his brain scans turned out last week.
  • I found it sad that Alison couldn't see Isaac in the hospital because she wasn't family but I liked that Scott's mom let her and Scott in to visit him. I also liked that Scott and Alison held hands briefly before approaching Isaac.
  • I liked that Scott took in what looked like a lot of pain to help Isaac even though he knew it wouldn't heal him.
  • I liked how Lydia was freaked out by Peter showing up at school and talking with her mom. I also liked how her mom got his phone number and called it a card and Lydia pointed that out, I just found that exchange funny.
  • I liked how Kira told Scott about the kitsune being a trickster spirit and that for nogitsune to something really bad it usually someone has offended it.
  • I liked how Stiles used one of Argent's emitters in order to be able to get Scott to come talk to him before he let anyone else know where he is.
  • I liked that after the  twins attacked Stiles that Scott literally threw them off of him and used his alphaness to get them to stop, I really love seeing how protective Scott is over Stiles and I feel like this scene confirms that no matter what happens in the future the twins will never be allowed in Scott's pack.
  • I liked how Stiles and Scott worked together to try to figure out what Stiles was up to when he was taken over by the nogitsune and that they worked on how to prevent the bad things from happening.
  • I really love the scene where Scott catches up with Kira in the woods and he twirls her around and she's all excited about how fast she was running and he tells her about how the woods aren't save.
  • I was pretty worried about Coach when he was shot but I think that he's going to be okay since he received medical attention pretty quickly.
  • I liked how after awhile of holding Coach's wounds that Stiles hands was covered in blood and that he was really freaking out about the possibility that he set up something that could've killed someone and I love that Scott does his best to calm him down and focuses on how Coach is going to be alright.
  • I liked how Lydia brought Alison with her when she went to ask Peter for help with her banshee powers and I liked how Alison thought that it was a bad idea and warned Lydia to be careful about being manipulated by Peter.
  • I liked how Alison brought up all the terrible things that Peter did to Lydia and pretty much pointed out that he's still the bad guy and they still know it.
  • I liked that Peter revealed that he knew attacking Lydia would awaken her banshee powers because I've been suspecting that he knew how things would turn out with her for awhile now so it's nice to get it confirmed and I liked that Lydia told him she didn't want those powers.
  • I liked that Jared the kid that pukes on the bus was back briefly in this episode although I feel bad for him since he thought he was holding a bomb for a while there and I really like that new deputy that use to work for bomb squad or something he seems like a good guy.
  • I liked how after Derek and Chris were framed for the murder of Sliverfinger that they sort of ended up working together and that Derek even ended up shielding Chris from the blast of the bomb.
  • I find it interesting and a bit worrisome that Kira's mom has to sacrifice one of her tails each time she summons an oni especially since her husband seemed worried about how many she has sacrificed.
  • I liked seeing that Stiles was clearly freaked out by anyone dying from the bomb's blast and I like that he kept asking Scott to do something help this one guy that was dying and that Scott did take that guy's pain away.
  • I was pretty shocked to find out that Malia is actually Peter's daughter and well this at least explains a reason for her character to return because before this episode I couldn't think of a good reason for that.
  • I liked how Scott planned to take Stiles to the animal clinic to protect him from the oni and I liked that Kira actually told Scott about what her mom was planning.
  • I liked how Scott and Kira both ended up fighting the Oni and it looks like they even defeated them.
  • I was very freaked out when the nogitsune took over Stiles and was moving that sword around that was stuck in Scott at the time and that it apparently fed off of all the pain Scott had stolen earlier that day also just the way you could tell that the nogitsune was totally just playing with Scott in that scene.
  • I liked how Deaton came in at the last minute to save Scott and knock out the nogitsune Stiles and that he tells Scott that he's weakened the nogitsune and that he has a plan to kill it without killing Stiles I assume because he knows Scott would never go along with a plan that involves killing him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader

1. I can share my opinions: I started my blog mostly because I wanted to be able to share my thoughts about TV shows and while at first I think that I didn't do that great of job at conveying those feelings at first but I eventually found a style that allowed me to do so. I really love that I have a place to talk about all of the works of fiction that I love because I don't really have anyone to talk to this stuff about so I'm glad that my blog is a place where I can share these things. Although I'd really love to have more discussions on my blog I understand that since I mostly post about TV shows and most my followers are book bloggers that a big reason I don't ever have discussions on my blog is because I don't talk about the things their interested in.
2. Comments: I know that a lot of bloggers like to pretend that they don't care about comments but I'm not going to do that because I get excited whenever I get a new comment and I actually frequently go back and read through all of the comments that I have gotten on my blog. I just really love it when someone shares their thoughts on the things that I write because I'm usually pretty interested in what I write about on here so I'm really happy anytime someone tells my their feelings on what I wrote about and I always welcome comments.
3. I can talk extensively about my favorite ships: I like a lot of bloggers or anyone invested in fandom have quite a few ships(romantic relationships) that I fangirl over frequently and I'm glad that this blog gives me a place where I can go on about my ships without annoying anyone too much which something that's impossible to do in real life and I don't do it one Tumblr because the way their tagging system works it shares it with people who don't follow you and sometimes those people just like to start arguments about ships for little to no reason, so this blog is where I like to talk about ships. I also just really love that in my reviews I can just go on about a little tiny moment about ship for a paragraph or two even if it isn't that big of a moment in the overall story I love that on my blog I can talk about this things. Although there are times in which I don't realize how great a moment is until later or I don't write about because my review is getting too long but I still love being able to share my love for my ships even if only very people end up reading those posts.
4. I can post things when I want to: Since I run this blog by myself and I'm not really all that important to my followers I have the freedom to post things whenever I want to post them and I like not having a schedule I have to follow or deadlines I have to meet. This is especially a good thing when I'm taking way too long to write a post such as my favorite characters of 2013 list I still plan on publishing them even though logic tells me it's too late I still feel like I can since not many people care about when I publish stuff there's also the case of that Teen Wolf paranormal YA post that I have been writing for the past couple of months although I'm mad that I didn't finish it before season 3B came out since I now have to decide if I can mention anything from it on that post.
5. I really like coming up with labels/tags for my posts: While it took me quite some time to figure out that labels is bloggers version of tags I really do enjoy tagging all my posts because I like to be able to go back and look at my old post and I like to give people who read this blog an easy way to navigate around my blog. I also really like some of the labels I have such as my Sansa Stark quote tag "All she wanted were for things to be nice and pretty the way they were in songs." one because it's the quote that made me fall in love with her character and two I really wished that I could have a quote tag for all of my favorite characters although I don't really have that many other ones though and I would love to someday come with more and maybe even make a post asking for some help with coming up with some quotes. I also have two OTP(one true pairing) quote tags which are OTP: Let me chase you forever and OTP: Together or not all, I really love both of them and I feel like I need to come up with a lot more OTP tags and use those tags more often because I love them and I would like some help coming up with those kind of tags as well.
6. I could write meta if I wanted to and not anger anyone: I really like the idea of being able to write basically essays about my favorite works of fiction and my analysis of certain characters, ships, scenes or parallels. Although I have yet to write any of these sorts of essays I have a lot of ideas for them though such as one about how much I admire Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket), comparing Sansa and Arya Stark showing that they both have different skills so they're playing the game in very different ways and neither is better than the other for it(Game of Thrones), one about how the big bad of the BBC Merlin series was really the dragon, and a comparison between blowing double date and Ice skating almost double date(Teen Wolf). I have a lot more ideas and I would really like to write them and I'm glad that I can put them up here if I choose to really the biggest problem with posting them will be how to title them.
7. I can put any picture from an episode on my review: This have to do with my TV show reviews again but I really do enjoy this freedom about blogging now at first I didn't like having to find pictures for each episode which explains why my first season of Teen Wolf reviews has the season promo picture for most episodes but I now really love choosing a picture for my reviews. I like being able to show the things either I really liked(such as a ship which explains why for my Revenge reviews I always try to get Emily and Nolan pictures if I can) or what I thought summarized the episode best.
8. I being able to see what my initial opinion on something was: You know how the first time you read or watch something you react differently than you do the next couple of times well I really like seeing what my original thoughts on things were. I like being able to go back and look at my reviews to see if I guessed plot twists right or how my opinion on a character or ship has changed, sometimes I go back and realize how much I didn't get a character and I becoming pretty embarrassed or look back and see I spelt things wrong or that I didn't notice some pretty important stuff but it's still fun to read even if I do end up embarrassing myself.

1. I can meet many different characters: My favorite thing about reading is being able to meet new characters because I just love getting to know them and hopeful love them. To me the most important part of any story is character because they're what makes you care about the story whether you like or dislike the characters is one of the biggest factors in determining whether or  not you like a big while a book can still be good without you having to love the main characters I don't think it could be great nor could it be enough for you to continue a book series if you haven't liked the characters. Anyways my favorite part of reading is meeting new characters whether I just plain love them or find them interesting even though I can't tell if I like them yet.
2. I can loose myself in a story: I love that reading can take me away to another world and I love completely loosing myself inside a book especially when I don't really feeling like thinking about the real world. I think loosing yourself in a book is something that a lot of readers love about reading.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.R.A.C.K.S.(1.13)

                                 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.R.A.C.K.S.(1.13)Review
  • In this episode the team tracks down a package that Ian Quinn purchased and would be being transported on a train therefore the them would have to go undercover.
  • I liked how Simmons had prepared a whole big backstory for her and Coulson's relationship because she knows she isn't good at improving therefore she over prepared for her part.
  • I found it pretty funny when Skye pretended that she and Fitz where a couple when she snuck the keys from the one guy on the train.
  • I liked how Ward noted that Skye seemed unusually driven as of recently and that it worries him a bit that she and Coulson seem to be taking this mission so personally.
  • I kind of liked how Ward felt awkward about May having told Coulson about their relationship.
  • I liked how this episode was unusually structured with how it dealt with three different stories of what happened when they were made by Cybernet and their communes went down.
  • I liked how the first story that we started with was Ward and Coulson because their story just made sense to go first and was the one with the least amount of drama.
  • I liked how when Ward and Coulson had to try and use Fitzsimmons hologram table they both had no idea how to work it and instead just ended up sending the stuff in to be analyzed.
  • I liked how Coulson pointed out that Ward couldn't even say the word sex when he talked about his relationship with May, I just find how uncomfortable Ward is with using the actual word to be quite funny.
  • I liked that in May's storyline it shows that Ward and Coulson were actually knocked out for quite a while and that she was the one that hotwired a car so that they would have a way to escape.
  • I liked how May after being stabbed was able to use the knife that was stuck in her to not only escape but to also take out all but one of the guys that were trying to torture her. I also liked that we found out that the Italian officials had betrayed the team.
  • I liked how Skye questioned Fitz about 0-8-4s because she found out last episode that she technically is one.
  • I liked that when Simmons was knocked out that Fitz yelled out her first name and that when he and Skye had to leave her he made sure to shut her eyes for her and left one of the night-night guns with her so that she could protect herself.
  • I liked how Skye was so determined to complete the mission even though she and Fitz would be on their own and neither of them have much of any experience in the field and I liked how Fitz was more than willing to go along with her.
  • I liked how after Skye and Fitz had followed the purchase to Ian Quinn that Skye insisted that she went in and retrieve the item and she had Fitz disable the cars so that Quinn and his guys couldn't leave before the rest of the team got there.
  • I liked how before Skye went in Fitz told her to be careful and gave her his night-night gun.
  • I thought that Skye did a pretty good job sneaking into Quinn's place and getting to the item but sadly Quinn had been expecting her and Skye was caught off guard by finding out that Mike Peterson was alive and I loved how relieved she was that he was alive.
  • I liked how when Quinn tried to get Mike to shoot Skye you could tell that when he was worrying that he might be order to that he really didn't want to and I like that Skye kept trying to get him to leave with her.
  • I hated that Quinn shot Skye not once but twice and then he just leaves her for dead.
  • I'm of course extremely worried about Skye especially since her skin turned so unbelievably white and there was so much blood but I loved that she kept trying to get herself out of there and call for help until she had no more strength left.
  • I liked how Coulson was so rough with Quinn when he was trying to find out what he did to Skye, I just really love how much it shows he cares.
  • I liked how the entire team was really worried about Skye and especially like how Simmons said that she would do everything she could to keep Skye alive.
  • I liked how when Simmons had started breaking down in private that Fitz had followed her probably because he knew she was going to start breaking down and that he hugged her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Riddled(3.18)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Riddled(3.18)Review
  • I really loved that when Scott got the phone call from Stiles and could tell right away that Stiles was in trouble that it was so clear that the thought of Stiles not being okay clearly terrified him and I liked that it seemed like Scott was on practically on the verge of having a panic attack with his worry for Stiles. On a side note very good acting from Tyler Posey in this scene.
  • I really loved and it also kind of broke my heart that Stiles begged Scott not to tell his Dad that he was missing because he feels like his dad worries about him too much already, I also kind of love that Scott reluctantly agrees to this promise simply because Stiles begged him to.
  • On a side note Dylan O'Brien's acting in this episode was phenomenal with how much emotion is was able to portray just through his voice and then also throughout the episode in general he just had so many great scenes acting wise.
  • I liked how Scott frantically called out for Isaac in order to get him to help him find Stiles and that before Scott even said anything he could tell that something really must've been happening by Scott's behavior.
  • I really didn't get why Lydia would ask Aiden to model for her because last time she talked him she told him basically that she was done for him.
  • I really loved that Lydia was able to hear Stiles voice telling her to come find him and she went looking for him right away.
  • I liked how it was shown that Stiles wall of unsolved cases has been becoming alot bigger and that Isaac noted after Aiden made some rude remark about Stiles sanity that Stiles may consider himself an unsolved case.
  • I liked that Lydia pointed out that if was in Stiles best interest to tell the police that Stiles was missing and that Scott ended up agreeing to tell them.
  • I find it interesting that Kira's mom seems like she is also a kitsune and is probably pretty deeply involved in the supernatural world.
  • I really hated how Aiden was mocking Stiles rather obvious love for Lydia while it was completely possible that Stiles could die, I honestly don't understand how anyone could possibly like Aiden.
  • I liked how Lydia could hear things when she plucked the strings and that she was actually able to find the place in which Stiles thought that he was in.
  • I really found the scenes where Stiles was talking to the dark spirit to be very creepy and I loved how Stiles kept fighting him on the whole them being one. Also liked the whole dark spirit giving him riddles and trying to make him see what was really happening it was interesting and scary dynamic.
  • I liked how Derek sort of mentored Scott again with using his sense of smell to sense the emotions Stiles was feeling on the roof.
  • I liked that Agent Mccall was actually able to figure out where Stiles really was and him and Melissa found him and got him to the hospital safely.
  • I liked how Lydia was still hearing alot of things even after Stiles was found and that Scott could tell that she was and ask if anything was wrong.
  • I find it very suspicious that Alison's phone was turned off and she had no memory of doing that and that she got messages in Japanese.
  • I liked how Scott asked Lydia if she want to go with him to the hospital to visit Stiles after school although I'm a bit sad that Lydia decided not to go.
  • I liked how Derek figured out that the dark spirit used Kira's kitsune powers in order to make itself powerful enough to take over Stiles.
  • I like that Scott offered to give Stiles the bite if Stiles has the same incurable illness his mother had and I really loved the hug they shared where they both tried their best not to cry.
  • I really hope that the only reason that Stiles test results turned out the way they did is because of the dark spirit possessing him and that he isn't actually sick.
  • I liked how Derek told Scott that he found out that his family use to protect Beacon Hills and that Beacon Hills need someone to protect it and he believes that Scott was that someone and that he'll help Scott with that.
  • I liked that Stiles fight hard against the dark spirit controlling him but sadly in the end the dark spirit was just stronger than him and he just kind of broke.
  • I liked how Scott and Derek figured out that Stiles was fighting against doing what the dark spirit was trying to do on the roof.
  • I find it interesting that Kira's mom and the dark spirit seem to know each other, I'm also just really worried about Stiles because Kira's mom is more than willing to kill the dark spirit's host.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: I Can Look Up and See the Snowy Cap of Mt. Fuji(2.25)

      Chihayafuru 2: I Can Look Up and See the Snowy Cap of Mt. Fuji(2.25)Review
This episode starts off where the last one ended with some people being surprised by how Arata being able to beat the Queen and others making note of how skilled a player that he is. Arata ends up coming up to Taichi after the match who Arata was very happy to see while Taichi seems to once again be surprised by Arata's friendliness despite the fact that they're clearly friends but their interaction is cut short when Chihaya drags Arata to the ground to ask him how he could possibly be so calm during such an intense match. Arata is called away before he has time to answer Chihaya's question.

It turns out that Tsutomu and Tsukuba ended up winning for Class C and D and since Taichi also won for Class B many people were very impressed with the karuta team just like Chihaya hoped they would be. Before leaving the tournament Fujisaki's coach offered to send Chihaya the DVD of Arata and Shinobu's match which Chihaya excitedly accepted the offer. When Chihaya arrives back home she discovers that her finger injury is more serious than she thought and she has to get surgery for if she wants to continue playing karuta.

Chihaya ends calling Arata while in the hospital and asks him for advice on how to improve on karuta and he tells her how he always visualize them playing in his room when they were in elementary school because that was the time when karuta was the most fun for him. Chihaya realizes two things that she'll always love karuta and Arata(although I think at least at this point it's only in a friend way). When Taichi and Kana go to visit Chihaya in the hospital Kana realizes that Chihaya is thinking about Arata and she tells Taichi that he has to work harder and that he can't expect Chihaya to be oblivious forever.

The episode ends with Chihaya and Taichi going to a training camp with Fujisaki's school to help improve their karuta game. I overall enjoyed this episode, please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: When I Must Hide..(2.24)

                               Chihayafuru: When I Must Hide..(2.24)Review
In this episode Chihaya expresses some doubts about watching Shinobu and Arata's match and did at first consider watching Tsutomu's match instead since he made it to the Class C finals(Tsukuba had made it to the Class D finals although no one noticed this until the match started) but in the end she was encouraged by the rest of the team to watch Shinobu and Arata's match. Chihaya notes right away when she walks into the room that the atmosphere in the room is much different than it usually is when these two are playing matches and is surprised at how close the match is and that Shinobu was loosing.

It's noted that Arata's game seems to relay more on techniques than speed like Shinobu's does although he is capable of matching her on speed as well. It's also said that one of the skills that really unnerves most of spectators that Arata has is that he's able to keep so eerily calm during matches. I really like that despite how ridiculously good at karuta Arata is now that there was a time when he wasn't great and that he actually had to work really hard to get to the place he is today that just makes him more likable than him just being naturally talented.

Shinobu notes that she isn't doing as good today as she feels she should be and she realizes this is because she chose the cards in which she could save and this leads her to realizing that she has to save all the cards if she wants to win. Shinobu is able to almost get rid of Arata's lead over her by using her speed and accuracy but in the end Arata wins the match. Arata notes at the end of the match that Shinobu has a fever and that he's impressed that she was able to make it through the whole match and Shinobu replies of course she could but she does note that she's happy that she was able to play a match where her opponent wouldn't give up and she had to play to the best of her abilities.

I overall loved this episode I really enjoyed seeing Arata and Shinobu play against each other because they're both such great players. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Silverfinger(3.17)

                                            Teen Wolf: Silverfinger(3.17)Review
  • I liked how Mr. Argent explained his first encounter with the shadow creatures back when he was 18 and was making a deal in Japan, I liked how he mentioned that he knew a man with a sliverfinger that survived who might know what the creatures are.
  • I'm glad to know that the shadow creatures are only marking those who are supernatural in order to find out which one of them has a dark spirit in them.
  • I liked how Kira had Scott show her his werewolf face and that she didn't really seem freaked out by the whole werewolf thing but comforted by the fact that he was also supernatural.
  • I liked that the alpha twins were trying to protect Scott all day but I liked it even more that Scott didn't want them to follow him around all the time.
  • I liked that Scott insisted on talking to Stiles about everything that happened the night before alone and I liked that he didn't tell Stiles about the shadow creatures because he could see that Stiles was already freaking out and didn't want to have him worry about anything else.
  • I like that Scott said while he believed Stiles he also doesn't believe that Stiles is going around trying to kill people and that he was worried about Stiles's health, I just really love his concern for him.
  • I liked how both Alison and Isaac insisted on going with Mr. Argent to meet Silverfinger and I liked that he seemed wary of the two of them coming. I also liked how Isaac mentioned that he really didn't like the way the shadow creatures were looking at Scott.
  • I liked how Scott was worried that Kira might be the one that the shadow creatures where after but he kept this to himself.
  • I felt so bad for Stiles when Melissa asked him if he was okay and all he could answer was that he didn't know, I also really liked Dylan O'Brien's acting in this scene he just came off so vulnerable.
  • I liked how during the scene when Melissa ask Stiles about his symptoms and she finds out that he really hasn't been sleeping much at all lately that she comes to the pretty logical conclusion that he needs sleep and she gives him something to make him sleep.
  • I liked how Isaac wonder why Mr. Argent seemed so disappointed by a guy he calls a paranoid recluse isn't showing up to do the sale face to face.
  • I liked how Isaac had to dress up in a nice sweet and pretend to be a business man for the sale and he was super nervous about being sure that they would be able to tell he was just some teenager.
  • I liked how Alison reassured Isaac that he would be okay and then she gives him a kiss which really ended up boasting his confidence.
  • I liked how Scott with the help of Kira ditched the twins at school that was a fun scene and I'm happy about anything that means the twins have less screen time.
  • I liked how Scott explained that Deaton helped him install a security system against the supernatural that only his mom could set off and I liked how when Kira asked if Scott worked for a security company but he's like no a vet and she is obviously confused by this.
  • I liked how Kira has figured out that she must by a kitsune and that she chose to share this information with Scott, I also liked that this two kissed.
  • I liked how Scott told his dad that he really is just a gene donor rather than a real father and I like that in spite of this he was still pretty worried about his dad when he was stabbed by a shadow creature.
  • I liked how Derek had actually been following Scott around all day in order to make sure he was safe.
  • I liked how Alison and her dad both took down all of the Silverfinger man's security team together and I loved how Alison stole the man's gun with this chain thing, it was just really cool.
  • I'm glad that we got that the name of the shadow creatures are Oni which is a Japanese demon that is looking for a person who is possessed by a dark spirit.
  • I liked how Scott believed even when Kira didn't herself that she wasn't the one  that the Onis were looking for and I liked that he turned out to be right.
  • I liked that Derek basically asked the twins whether they were willing to die for Scott or not which I'm pretty sure that Derek is willing to which I think is nice.
  • I liked that as soon as Scott arrived at the hospital that he decides to go look for Stiles.
  • I don't like that Stiles is the one possessed by the dark spirit but I kind of figured that he was last week so I'm not surprised but I am really worried about him and I'm a little worried that he wasn't himself in the last scene of the episode although he could of just blacked out and then snapped out of it just before Scott came in it's hard to tell.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Top 10 Books that Made Me Cry

1. Game of Thrones(A Song of Ice and Fire): The last part of the book with Ned Stark's demise is pretty heartbreaking even if you weren't a fan of his character because the end of him was heartbreaking for his whole family who chances are you love at least one of them so seeing their mourning will end up making you cry at some point and his end is also the beginning of the war which I think everyone could tell wouldn't end well. There's also Daenery's POV chapters that were pretty heartbreaking as well as exciting which also ended up making me cry. Although what got me the most was Sansa's last POV chapter where she had just discovered that pretty much every belief that she ever had is wrong and she has to live in a truly awful situation and I just sobbed through the entire chapter.
2. The Book Thief: This book had a very heartbreaking ending that the narrator of the book Death had been warning us about through out the whole book but that didn't make the events less heartbreaking and it didn't stop the tears following down my cheeks which just proves that when something is written well being spoiled won't ruin the emotional pay out for you.
3. The Fault in Our Stars: This book is one that had made me laugh with it's dark sense of humor, made me fall in love with it's characters as well as Hazel and Augustus's relationship and then the book ended up breaking my heart and making me cry with it's ending. This book made me feel a ton of emotions and I'm glad it did and I loved how beautifully written it was and I was glad that I had the privilege to get my heart broken by this book.
4. Thirteen Reasons Why: This book dealt with a very sad subject matter and it's ending while clear from the start still ended up making me cry. I love how this book made you think that Hannah could have been saved but since the tapes came out after her death the people that might've listen didn't hear until it was too late.
5. Tokyo Babylon Vol. 7: This volume is just depressing from start finish it's something that in the back of your mind you know the story had to end this way and this was the only way this story could have ended but you wish it would've ended anyway than this one. It's a brilliantly written completely heartbreaking end to this series that leaves a big impression and this ending is enough for me to recommend this series to anyone because this is how you end a story sadly without making the readers feel like it was a bad ending for the series because it was a great ending it was just a depressing one.
6. The Lovely Bones: This book had a dark subject matter dealing with murder, death and mourning and it was a really sad read and it's sadness ended up sticking with me a lot longer than it's characters did and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.
7. Impulse: This book dealt with three teenagers after attempting suicide so it's not surprise that this story is a rather sad one but it was nice that for two of them things seemed to be moving in the right direction that things will get better in the future. But it was so terrible sad to see that for the last one that nothing was going to change that all his problems will still be there once he gets back home and they will be swept under the rug like they always had been and that's what made me cried.
8. Looking for Alaska: The second part of this book that dealt with the mourning process in a way that felt painful and real and showed that sometimes your not going to get the answers that you desire and that the only form of closure you can get is to move on from it and accept that it's in the past now.
9. Fruits Basket: This is my favorite series of all time and it has made me cry many times I know that I've cried during volumes 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15,16, 22 and 23 for sure and probably a few others as well. I love this series because of it's great characters that you end up loving so much and I think my love for the characters is why I have cried so many times during this series.
10. Linger(Wolves of Mercy Falls): This book is a bit different than the other ones on the list because it's not some big tragedy that effects the whole story or even something that most fans thing of for longer than the second their reading it but there are so many little moments that make me feel for the characters that made me cry a bit although a lot less than the other books. It was just things like Sam remembering the good things about his parents and how part of him still misses them or how he remembers how his parents tried to kill him when he was little, and then there's the stuff with how Cole wants to do anything to get out of his own head because he can't stand himself anymore because being the bad boy is anything but good but he doesn't know how to do anything other than self destruct. There's the whole thing with Isabel wanting to self destruct as well and dealing with the guilt about her brother's death. I just love this book and I wish people would ignore it's deeper character moments and write it off as a fluffy romance because it's so much more than that.

Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

                                              An Abundance of Katherines Review
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green is about a recent high school graduate named Colin Singleton who has dated and been dumped by 19 girls with the first name of Katherine all spelt exactly the same way and all going by their full names. After being dumped by Katherine-19 Colin is very upset and can't think of anything but winning her back some how even though it's pretty clear that she's just not interested in being Colin's girlfriend anymore. Colin is also a former child prodigy and is very distressed by the fact that he may in fact grow up to be someone average rather than the genius him and his parents always hoped that he would be. Colin decides that the way to get Katherine-19 back and prove to himself that he's a genius is to come up with a math formula that can predict who and when will end any relationship between any two people.

Colin ends up being convinced by his best and only friend Hassan to go on a road trip with him in order to get his mind off of Katherine-19 and to have some fun but soon after their trip begins they end up staying in Gutshot, Tennessee where after visiting the grave of Archduke Franz Ferdinand they end up meeting a girl named Lindsey who's mother ends up offering Colin and Hassan a job and a place to stay for the summer.

Colin and Hassan end up interviewing the residents of Gutshot about why they love their town as their job and they end up spending quite a bit of time with Lindsey. Lindsey is a girl who is now fairly popular but was once very unpopular with a weird sense of style but she changed that in high school and is now dating the quarterback who turned out to be a jerk but she ends up realizing that since she's pretty fake now a days their relationship didn't mean as much as it should've.

This book had a really fun writing style like all of the John Green books I have read and I really enjoyed the footnotes in the book they gave a lot of interesting information without stopping the flow of the story to fact drop. I really enjoyed the characters Colin was clearly a difficult person to be around but I still enjoyed him because he had obvious insecurities and was really very smart, I liked Hassan because he was just a very likable guy and I liked Lindsey quite a bit as well even though I felt a bit less connected with her. I overall love this book please tell me what you thought about this book as well.