Friday, September 11, 2020

Book Review: People Kill People

                                                      People Kill People Review
People Kill People is about the ways in which gun violence affects the lives of six teens in Tuscan, Arizona. The characters we follow are Rand and Cami two nineteen year old parents that have a three year old son, money is something that is a problem for the two of them even with Rand working all the hours he can at his construction job and Cami secretly working as a drug dealer(this is something that does end up causing problems later for her). These two both feel like it's a good idea to have a gun for protection. Daniel a teen that lives on the streets since he escaped from his step mother's place is another character that feels like a gun would be good for protection, Daniel is dating Grace and he loves her a lot but he seems to be a bit too focused on spending every moment with her and it seems he's not as stable as he first appears to be. The next two characters Silas and Ashlyn are both part of an alt right white power movement which is very power guns. Silas is part of the movement because he believes in the cause and it's racist sentiments while Ashlyn on the other hand is only part of the group because she is looking for a group to belong to since she's never been accept by anyone in her life. The final character we follow is Noelle who is very anti-gun since she was involved in a car accident in which someone shot the driver of the car she was in and said crash almost killed her and left her with pretty severe epilepsy which has made it hard for her to function normal, it makes it difficult to exercise or look at screens for a long period of time. Noelle ends up feeling pretty hopeless about her life.

Overall this book was really good it did I good job at making me interested in the characters even if I didn't end up liking them. This book had a writing style that is a bit different than Ellen Hopkins other books which were written in verse while this one was written in verse and prose. Overall I think that this book was pretty good it did a good job at fleshing out it characters and it had interesting things to say about the issues it discussed. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section down below.

TV Review: Legacies: This Year Will Be Different(2.02)

                                  Legacies: This Year Will Be Different(2.02)Review
  • I'm not surprised that Hope decided to track the monster from the end of the last episode and I think having it go to Mystic Falls high school is a good way to get her to attend school there at least for part of this season.
  • I'm surprised that Alaric was able to find a job as the principle at Mystic Falls considering the timing of him loosing his job and this school needing a new principle worked out so well for him.
  • I like that Lizzie wants to keep herself open to new possibilities this year and that she wants to focus on the present rather than worry about the future. I like that when Kaleb overhears Lizzie saying this year is year of yes that he sees as MG's chance to get her to go out with him.
  • I'm pretty sure that I don't like the new headmaster but I'm sure that I'm not suppose to so that's okay.
  • I like that Landon is popular now since he's credit with destroying malivore and I find it funny how one guy asks for him to autograph a picture of a phoenix and a girl uses magic to say hey to him.
  • I like that Josie and Landon are going on their first date and that there happy to go on it since they are sweet together although I think that Josie getting sad with Landon making one of jokes he makes when he's uncomfortable and taking what he says seriously is another thing that makes me think their relationship won't last long since they don't seem to really get each other.
  • Josie being thrown off by Landon having his schedule printed out is something that clearly brothers her because she wants him to need her. There is also a bit of awkwardness between the two when they Landon tries to kiss her and Josie tries to hug him before they separate as well.
  • I like that when MG was hesitating about actually asking Lizzie out that Kaleb told him that now was his time and he should do it.
  • I find it worrying how the headmaster is proclaiming that they are better than humans and need to work harder this year to prove that because this line of thinking is generally ones that villains have in these stories.
  • I think that it makes the most sense for Hope to start school at Mystic Falls and I like that Alaric offered to talk to her if she's having any problems Hope of course isn't going to open to him right now though.
  • I like that Hope is befriend by a girl named Maya after she sees Hope crying in the bathroom over what she thinks is boy problems and right away offers to help with a makeover to make the guy jealous.
  • I'm a little surprised at how quickly Hope reveals herself to be not what she says she is to Alaric by attacking him when he finds in the boy's locker room when she's looking for the monster.
  • I like that Hope tells Alaric that she's a vampire hunter and that she's tracking a monster that she thinks is a troll and has been for week as a way to explain how she attacked him and what she was doing in the locker room.
  • I like that Alaric doesn't want to involve any more kids in monster hunting because he doesn't want to put anymore in danger but there's no way that Hope is going to back off this but since he doesn't remember her there's no way for him to know that.
  • I like that MG asked Lizzie out and that she said yes but she doesn't seem to happy about it so it doesn't look like this relationship is really going to get started anytime soon.
  • I think it's concerning that Josie gave a nose bleed to the girl that was flirting with Landon in class because go right to violence even minor violence when you're jealous is never a good sign.
  • I think that both Josie and Landon are pretty awkward and insecure which I think is going to cause them problems when communicating with each other because neither of them seem comfortable with taking the lead in their relationship.
  • I liked that Hope and Alaric unintentional ended up working together to take down the troll and I like that Alaric found out that Hope is also a witch.
  • I was excited that Maya found out about the troll but I wasn't that surprised that she was just compelled to forget after Alaric called MG over to do so.
  • I liked that MG told Alaric that he is always going to be his headmaster even though he isn't working at his school anymore.
  • I liked that after finding out what Hope really is that Alaric suggest that he goes to his old school since it's school for the supernatural and that after that she rejects that offer he asks for her help with killing any future monster that might come now that it seems like the attacks her staring again, Hope rejects this as well.
  • I like that Lizzie is upset when MG is late for their study date although I think it's more because she thinks it would be embarrassing to be stood up by him rather than she actually likes him.
  • I think that Sebastian is very mysterious with the whole showing up out of nowhere, seeming like he's from another time and him having no idea where he is or how he got there, I'm interested in learning more about him.
  • I think it's cute how Lizzie is smitten with Sebastian right away and I'm wondering if the feeling is mutual between them or if he's up to something.
  • I like that Alaric figures that him and Hope must have fought together in the past and I like that he figures out that Hope was erased by malivore. I'm sad that Hope doesn't want to tell him the truth because it would make leaving harder but I like that Alaric is asking her not to leave.
  • I'm not surprised that the troll that might not be a troll isn't dead yet because it was killed far too early in the episode.
  • I thought that MG's first two attempts at speeches to get Lizzie to date him were laughable bad but I thought the last one about how he wants to date because he knows all of her and likes all of her and believes that she deserves to be with someone who fully sees her.
  • I'm kind of wondering if the things the monsters are going to be drawn to this time is going to be Hope since malivore wants her destroyed.
  • I think that Josie not telling Landon what is wrong even though she knows it's hurting their relationship is a bad sign for both there relationship or any relationship that Josie will have since you have to be willing to tell your partner when something is wrong.
  • I find it interesting that Sebastian tells Lizzie that they are both drawn too each other but he feels it would be bad for her if they were to start a relationship for some reason which just makes me more intrigued about who and what he is. Also the sexual tension between the two them is a lot and I'm really into it.
  • It's kind of ridiculous how Landon doesn't notice Hope and Alaric killing the Cyclopes behind him since he's listening to music.
  • I really liked how romantic the shot of Hope and Landon meeting each other's eyes across the park was as the ash of the monster drifts away.
  • I felt bad for MG when Lizzie was telling him about Sebastian and how a big part of the appeal is that he has no idea who she is and she likes that she can just be herself rather than have him know all her baggage already which is basically the exact opposite of what MG's speech about why they should date would've been, I like that MG is a good enough guy to tell her that he was just happy to see her happy today.
  • I like that Alaric after seeing that he can't convince Hope to stay gives her his cross bow and I like that Hope tells him that he's good at helping kids.
  • I like that Landon and Hope were able to talk to each other as well as they did even though to Landon she's a stranger and the whole situation is very awkward to Hope, this is something that just made them work together as a couple in past and hopeful again in the future.
  • I like that Hope tells Landon that sometimes being a relationship means allowing yourself to be imperfect which is something that she learned from her relationship with him when she ends up giving him relationship advice.
  • I like that Landon's subconscious remembered Hope's milk shake order and that he order one for her after seeing her without knowing why which just proves that he still loves her but he doesn't know that since he can't remember her.
  • I feel bad for Josie that she can't feel like her relationship is working out if she isn't in someway fixing problems for the other person and that she's mad at herself for being ridiculous and codependent in all of her relationship.
  • I like that Landon tells Josie that she shouldn't be so hard on herself because maybe the reason she is the way she is, is because she's never been in a relationship where her feelings actually mattered before.
  • I like that Landon tells Josie that he also feels like a fraud because everyone keeps saying that he destroyed malivore while he knows that's not true even if he doesn't know what really happened and that he wanted Josie to be impressed by him like everyone else is.
  • I'm glad that Hope told Alaric who she really is and that he's the closest thing she has to a father and that she has no idea what to do now that the world has forgotten her. I like that Alaric hugs her and tells her that they'll figure it out together.
  • I find it worrying that the new headmaster approves of Josie using magic to hurt her classmate and that he offers her a spot in an advanced magic class as reward for doing so.
  • I'm not sure what is up with the cloak figure with the knife but probably something to do with malivore.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy

                                                    The Dark Prophecy Review
The Dark Prophecy is the second book in The Trials of Apollo series and this one starts with Apollo along with Leo and Calypso arriving in Indianapolis in hopes of finding the next oracle before Nero or one of the other emperors do. Soon after arriving the group realize that an emperor named Commodus has already taken over the city and since Commodus is someone that Apollo has a history with he's even more unwilling to have to face him without his godly strength considering that he killed him.

Towards the beginning of the book the group is rescued by Hermithea who lives in a near by magical waystation with her lover Josephine who were both once hunters of Artemis but left the hunt after they fell in love with each other. The two women end up helping Apollo, Leo and Calypso but they also want them to help rescue their daughter Georgina and their griffins from Commodus's control. While rescuing the griffins Apollo reunites with Meg McCaffrey who has escaped from Nero's control and had decided to help Apollo out after seeing him at risk of being killed.

The last act of the book has Apollo and Meg getting ready to find the dark oracle and to get the next prophecy while the rest of the main characters of this book get ready to fight to protect the waystation from the attack that will certainly be coming from Commodus the next morning. Both of the missions the characters are taking are of course highly dangerous ones that don't quite go the way that the characters hoped they would.

Overall this was a good book, I think it had a good story to it and I continue to love the characters and I love that I get to learn more about them each book and to explore the world's mythology even more with each book I read in this world. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.