Thursday, March 28, 2019

Top 10 Songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in February 2019

1. Miss Me More- Kelsea Ballerini: This song is about how after a break up the singer realize that she misses the person she was before the relationship a lot more than the guy she was dating who sounds like a total dick(he made her give up her red lipstick, her high heels since she couldn't be taller than him, her friends and her music). The song being country I think worked really well since it had great production and the edge in her voice worked really well for this song.
2. Bad Idea- Ariana Grande: This song is about hooking up with someone to forget someone else while knowing it's a bad idea and going through with it anyway The production on this song works really well for the song it's a bit dark and tension filled which fits the mood of the song. The thing I don't like about the song is that it has a minute long outro which feels far too long to me and is probably the reason this song didn't last longer than it did on the hot 100 since I'm sure most people ended skipping past the outro.
3. Bury a Friend- Billie Eilish: This song is one that I'm not exactly sure what it's about but I think it as something to do with mental illness and it has some kind of metaphors about monsters in it as well it's a song that I find fascinating to think about since there are so many things this song can be about. This song and the music video for it has a clear horror vibe to it which I love, the production gives a creepy unsettling vibe through out the song with sound affects that sound like they belong in a horror movie not a pop song placed through out the song and there is also the lyrics that have violent imagery to them such as Step on the glass /Staple your tongue and her repeatedly saying I want to end me. This song is very different from any pop song I've ever heard before and I love it.
4. Make Up-Ariana Grande: This song which seems to be about a relationship that isn't entirely healthy since Ariana seems to delight in fucking with her partner's head just because she likes making up with him after. The production of this song might be the best on the entire album it as a playful and dreamy vibe to it that I really enjoyed.
5. Please M- Cardi B and Bruno Mars: This song is about Cardi B making Bruno Mars beg her to please him because while she may be very comfortable with her sexuality she does like it when guys work for it. I love Cardi B being so assertive about her sexuality and I was surprised at how good she sang on the song and Bruno sound amazing as he always done and he was giving the song is best, also the two seem to have great chemistry while working to together.
6. Fake Smile- Ariana Grande: This song is about how Ariana doesn't want to have to fake smiles for the press anymore since she's been through a lot recently and she isn't always going to be happy and doesn't want that to be expected of her anymore. While I really love the idea behind this song I feel like the production for this song really lets it down since I think this song is suppose to feel more angry rather than sad and irritated based of the lyrics but I feel like the production is too soft and quiet to really support that emotion. This song also reminds a lot of Fake Happy by Paramore which had the same basic idea behind it but had much better instrumentation that support the emotions behind the lyrics which makes it the better song.
7. Ghostin-Ariana Grande: This song is probably the most personal song on the album and if you know anything about Ariana's personal life you know exactly what this song is about and that makes this song all the more heartbreaking. This song is very honest and sad which can makes it a song that you aren't going to always want to listen to even though it's really good. Ariana sounds amazing and vulnerable on this song and the soft melancholy production works perfectly for this song.
8. Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored- Ariana Grande: This song about Ariana wanting some guy she doesn't even really know to break up with his girlfriend since she's bored and decide that she wants him now shows a more haughty side to her and makes for a fun song about being an uglier version of yourself. I think that the production works great for this song as well.
9. I'm So Tired...-Lauv and Troye Sivan: This song is one where I think that singers sound really good on it but it really doesn't engage me as much I wish it did but it still sounds really nice but it can feel a bit boring and repetitive to listen to at times.
10. Rainbow-Kacey Musgraves: This song is a really beautiful sounding piano ballad that just sounds really nice.

Friday, March 1, 2019

Top 10 Songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019

1.Breathin-Ariana Grande: This song is one of my favorites because I feel like I can sense some of the anxiety that this song seems to be about and I like how during the chorus when she sings about how she has to keep on breathing it sounds like it gets a little harder as time goes on. This song also just sounds really pretty and it really shows off what a beautiful voice that Ariana Grande has.
2.Thank u, Next- Ariana Grande: This songs seems to be one of Ariana's most personal songs where she directly sings about her past relationships and how she sees all her failed relationships as something she has learned from and she's thankful that she had those relationships. Ariana's sounds great on this song and I like that you can hear quite a bit of emotion in her voice.
3. High Hopes-Panic! at the Disco: While this isn't my favorite Panic! at the Disco song in fact it's not even my favorite off of Pray for the Wicked, even so this song is still a really good one that I enjoy listening to. This song is a little generic with how it's just about having high hopes and succeeding on fulfilling your dreams which is less interesting than most Panic songs which are lyrically a lot more interesting. The song is a happy sounding one that has great instrumentation and vocal performances throughout and the song is filled with energy that makes you want to sing along to it whenever you hear it.
4.Without Me-Halsey: This song is about how after a relationship ends Halsey feels like her lover shouldn't be able to live without her so easily since she met him at his lowest and built him up only for the relationship to end after he turns his life around. I really like Halsey as a singer and like her more alternative pop style which she uses on most of her songs including this one.
5.Trip-Ella Mai: This is a really sweet R&B love song that just sounds really pretty it has good production and Ella Mai has a beautiful voice. This song it one that feels both romantic and relaxing which makes for an enjoyable listening experience.
6.Close to Me-Ellie Goulding and Diplo feat. Swae lee: This song is a love song about wanting be close to just one person and I enjoy that we get to hear a bit from both sides of the relationship. I really love Ellie Goulding's voice it sounds really beautiful and I think that production compliments it and I like the contrast that Swae Lee's voice provides on his verse which is something that took me awhile to warm up to.

7.Sweet but Psycho-Ava Max: This song is about a girl who is sweet but a psycho and it describes how she's a bit dangerous but that's kind of the appeal, for some reasons songs like this are ones that I just always end up catching my interest. I like how the songs sounds upbeat while describing a relationship with a girl that clearly isn't a lot of fun.
8.Love Lies-Khalid and Normani: This is a song about two lovers who are trying to figure out where they stand with each other and this song as a really great romantic atmosphere that really makes the song for me. One of my favorite things about this song is that it's a duet which really makes the song work for me.

9.Ruin My Life-Zara Larsson: This song is one that I find to be really catchy even if I do thing that it can be a repetitive which keeps me from completely loving this song. I kind of like how this song is about how she wants the object of her affection to ruin her life because she's just so into him.
10. Speechless-Dan + Shay: While I'm usually not that big of a fan of country music this was a song that just grew on me the more that I heard it because it was just so sweet. The song is about how this guy finds himself speechless while looking at the woman he's been in relationship with for years now and that concept combined with how love-struck the singer sounds really makes the song for me.

Book Review: The List

                                                            The List Review
The List is about how at a high school each year during homecoming week a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in each grade is posted and this book is about the eight girls who are on the list and how they deal with it for the first week of list being out. The characters we follow are Abby a ninth grader who is named prettiest who is very happy to be named the prettiest girl in her grade since she takes great pride in her appearance and makes her feel less bad about how she isn't very book smart unlike the rest of her family. The ninth grade who was named the ugliest girl in the grade is named Danielle who is on the swim team and has a boyfriend who she had a pretty good relationship until the list came out called her a boy, she tries to ignore the list the best she can but it's hard when everyone around her won't stop talking about it and her boyfriend won't stand up for her. The sophomore girl who was named the prettiest is Lauren a girl who was homeschooled all her life before this year and she is happy that being on the list has led to girls approaching her and becoming friends with her since they previously ignored her. Candace the tenth grade girl that was named the ugliest in her grade was named the ugliest because she has an ugly personality rather than appearance which leads to her friends pulling away from her.

The eleventh grader that was named the prettiest is Bridget who developed an eating disorder over the summer and is trying to get rid of it before she saw the list now she feels the need to keep loosing wait to live up to her new title. The junior who was named the ugliest is Sarah a girl who doesn't want to fit in with what other people at her school and wants to make a statement with her position that she was given in order to make the student body uncomfortable. The senior girl who was named the prettiest is Margo who was named the prettiest girl during her freshmen year as well and her two best friends and sister have also been on the list in years past. The senior girl that was named ugliest is Jennifer who has been named the ugliest girl in her grade every single year of high school which leads to Margo's friends taking pity on her and being friendly towards her which makes things awkward for Margo since she and Jennifer were best friends in middle school. As the week goes on Margo thinks back on the reasons why she ended her friendship with Jennifer in the first place and is made to feel like a bad guy when she doesn't welcome Jennifer into her new friend girl meanwhile Jennifer hopes that she can prove that she does belong in Margo's new friend group.

Overall I liked the book it had an interesting idea and did a good job of developing all the main characters despite the story taking place over a very short amount of time. The one thing that I didn't like about the book was that I felt like many of the characters story was left unfinished which makes me want to know what happens next and I know that I will never find out since the story is only meant to be about this one week in the characters lives. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.