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TV Review: Nightmare Teacher

                                                    Nightmare Teacher Review
Nightmare Teacher is about how when a new teacher comes in to teach a high school class and starts convincing students that clearly desperately want something to come down to the counseling office to have private sessions with him. The teacher ends up using supernatural means to give the students exactly what they want whether it be to get back old friends, have as many chances as they need to win a fight, everything they write to become reality, the ability to absorb more knowledge better and more quickly or be even more pretty, and then tells the students that they can keep getting what they want as long s they sign a contract with him. The students end up violating the contract somehow or want out of the contract and then they end up trapped in their own nightmares.

The class president Kang Ye rim along with her maybe boyfriend Seo Sang woo start to notice that something is happening in there class once they start noticing odd things happening with their classmates and that there are empty desks in their classrooms. Over the course of the series Ye rim becomes more and more sure that something is making her classmates disappear and it has something to do with the new teacher and the counseling office, since everyone's memories are erased each time someone fails to complete their contract it takes most of the series for her to figure out what is happening to her classmates.

Overall I really liked this series, I enjoyed how each two episodes were centered on one character that we get to know really well pretty quickly and I liked seeing how things ended up unraveling very quickly in the second half of their stories. I enjoyed the concept of the series that dealt with characters getting exactly what they want and then once they get it they figure out that they didn't actually want it and that something else was really more important. Please tell me your thoughts on this series as well.

TV Review: The 100: God Complex(4.08)

                                              The 100: God Complex(4.08)Review
  • I liked that while Raven, Abby and Jackson were all shown to not feel right about testing the nightblood while Clarke knows that they have to do it in order to find out if they can survive with it and I like that Emori and Murphy don't feel the need to questions the morals behind this decision at all since if it lets them survive that's all that matters in the end.
  • I was sad that it looks like the nightblood solution isn't going to work but since there's still ten days before the death wave comes I'm not surprised that they haven't found the solution yet.
  • I like that Jaha was shown giving a funeral for those who died from the black rain the day before.
  • I liked that when Bellamy saw that Jasper was leaving camp on his own without a med tent that he went with him because he knows how dangerous it is out there and is worried about Jasper dying even if Jasper doesn't share those concerns.
  • I like that it looks like there might be a different bunker that the doomsday cult had that Jaha is intent on finding that could save them all.
  • I like that since the mission to find the flame keeper in order to find the bunker requires thinkers rather than fighters that Kane and Jaha chose Monty to go on the mission.
  • I felt sad for Harper when she came to see that Monty was leaving for a mission and it was clear that she didn't see a way for either of them to survive the death wave so it's clear she doesn't like the idea of them spending anymore time apart.
  • I like that it looks like Abby might be able to find a way to use nightblood as a solution still but I dislike that they're going to have to find a new person to test it on.
  • I was really worried when it was revealed to everyone else that Emori lied about who the guy that they tested the nightblood was and I hate that they're thinking about testing it on her but I liked that Murphy tries to stop them from doing it to her but sadly all that does is getting him locked up along with her.
  • I like how Jasper tells Bellamy that it's pointless to feel guilty about every bad thin you've done in the past when in a couple of days their all going to be dead and that he thinks that they should spend their last days doing whatever the hell they want.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't really get Jasper's point of view of nothing mattering because everyone's going to die because Bellamy is trying so desperately to make sure as many people as possible will survive while Jasper is welcoming death which I think is something that Bellamy now sees is the reason behind Jasper's behavior.
  • I like that Raven is against the idea of them testing nightblood again because she sees what happens when they fail to basically just be murder that is ultimately pointless.
  • I like that Luna is flat out refusing to let them use her blood to do anymore testing with nightblood because she doesn't want to be the cause of anyone's death again.
  • I liked that Raven points out that taking bone marrow from an unwilling Luna is similar to what Mount Weather used to do.
  • I liked that Kane pointed out to Indra that the radiation doesn't care which side your on so keep up the war now doesn't make much sense.
  • I like that Indra's daughter is able to lead them to the temple which is where they believe the bunker is.
  • I dislike how Indra kills all those guys when they could have gotten through without killing anyone but I understand the logic behind killing them since if there is a bunker there they wouldn't give it up if they were still alive. I like that Monty points out to Kane that their going to think the sky people were behind the killing since Indra used Monty's gun.
  • I like that Roan told Clarke that she was born to lead because she doesn't back away from things when it gets hard and I like that Clarke tells him that it's always hard, I like that Roan tells Clarke how they have to do this so that they'll know that they did everything they could to ensure that their people live.
  • I like that Jasper is able to convince Bellamy to join the party for a little bit and let someone else worry about saving the world for once.
  • I liked that when Emori told Murphy that he should pretend to be okay with what their doing to her so that he doesn't give them a reason to make him the next test subject, that Murphy tells her that he will kill Clarke if she lays a hand on Emori.
  • I like that Murphy begs everyone he comes in the room to take Emori away not to go through with the testing and I like that when he was begging Clarke that he told her that he loves Emori and then threatened to kill Clarke if Emori died.
  • I liked that Clarke ended up putting the nightblood in herself and then told everyone that they will be testing her.
  • I can't blame Abby for breaking the radiation machine because she had a vision that showed her that the nighblood wouldn't work so she couldn't let Clarke get inside it.
  • I like that Monty figured out that you had to burn the seal in order to turn it into a key so that they can open the bunker which is one that can save them all this time and I like that Indra order her army to hold the temple.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Dust and Shadows(2.05)

                              Shadowhunters: Dust and Shadows(2.05)Review
  • I find it very concerning that Alec is dealing with the guilt his feeling for killing Jocelyn while possessed is by shooting his bow until his hands are covered in blood, this is something that seems like an indirect version of self harm to me.
  • I'm glad that Jace told Alec not to keep punishing himself for something that isn't his fault and no one blames him for what happened with Jocelyn which is something that is good for Alec to hear even if he doesn't believe that at the moment.
  • I find it interesting that Alec is also blaming himself for not being able to save Jace from Valentine or the City of Bones as well as for what happened with Jocelyn.
  • I like that Simon is doing his best to be there for Clary as she is dealing with the fact that her mother is dead and I liked that when Clary first suggested that she bring her mother back from the dead that he tells her that there are some things that you should just accept rather than try to fix.
  • I liked that when Magnus told Clary that he wouldn't bring Jocelyn back since it would involve dark magic which is very dangerous and unpredictable that he was still very sorry for her loss and told her that what she need to do was mourn her mother and accept the pain that comes with that and that one day it will get easier even though it will never be easy.
  • I felt bad for Magnus when he told Clary about how his mother killed himself when he was nine because she couldn't accept the fake that her child's father was a demon.
  • I liked that Clary told Simon that he should go back home to see his mom and to tell her that he loves her while he still has the chance to do so.
  • I'm glad that Jace was cleared of all the charges that were held against him but I'm sad that it looks like many shadowhunters in the institute still seems to see him as a traitor.
  • I like the way that Jace and Izzy tease each other while checking in with how their both doing since they both can come off as overly confident in themselves.
  • I like that Izzy apologized to Jace about selling him out to the Clave and I like that Jace wasn't made at her for that since in the end that deal ended up saving both Alec and his life, I honestly think that neither Jace nor Izzy would think any deal that keeps Alec alive could ever be a bad deal because he means the world to both of them.
  • I find it sad that Clary seems to be blaming herself a bit for her mother's death because she thinks that she would still be alive if she had agreed to go to Idris with her.
  • I like how when Clary tells Jace that she doesn't feel much of anything at the moment that Jace admits that he thinks that the whole emotions cloud judgment mentality may be unhealthy considering where it landed him.
  • I liked that when Clary asked Jace how he was feeling about Jocelyn's death since they think she's his mother too that Jace tells her he wishes that he had more time with her so that she could get to know him as something more than an experiment gone wrong.
  • I think it's a bad idea for Clary to go to Iris to bring her mother back from the dead since Magnus said he won't do it, it seems like that kind of magic is something that shouldn't be done at all.
  • I get why Clary thinks that Iris's idea of her owing her a favor at a later date doesn't sound like such a bad idea because Iris phrase it in a way where it sounds like she would ask for something completely reasonable and legal.
  • I liked that when Simon went back home and talked to his mom that he made sure to tell her that he appreciates her and that he wants to move back home.
  • I hate that Aldertree is punishing Jace for not letting him die instead of getting back the mortal sword.
  • I like that Magnus can tell right away that Alec isn't okay when he shows up even though Alec insists otherwise.
  • I like that Alec asks Magnus how he is doing after sending Camille to the Clave and I liked that when Magnus tells him that it was really hard for him that Alec told him it wasn't weird to hear him talk about it.
  • I liked that Magnus tells Alec that it wasn't his fault that a demon possessed him and that he will find a way to make things right with Clary even though it feels impossible right now.
  • I like that Jace tells Clary that her idea to bring Jocelyn back is a bad one since people who are brought back from the dead are usually not brought back right.
  • I really can't blame Simon's sister for thinking something is seriously wrong with him since he seems to be afraid of sunlight now and has real blood in his room.
  • I liked that during the scene where Jace and Izzy were training that there asking each other how Alec and Clary were doing and that they also asked each other how they were going.
  • I liked that when Jace notices that Izzy's wound isn't entirely healed that he tells her that she should go to medical to get it checked out so that it heals right.
  • I find it interesting that Izzy used to want to be an iron sister when she was younger until she found out that she would have to swore off boys which is why she wants to go on the mission to meet them so badly.
  • I really hate how Aldertree gives Izzy yin fen without explaining to her what it is and giving it to her at all since it's clear an addictive drug that could cause her serious harm in the future.
  • I'm glad that Alec told Clary how sorry he is for what happened with Jocelyn and that he would do anything to take it back.
  • I think that if Alec wasn't feeling so guilty about his role in Jocelyn's death he never would've agreed with Clary's plan to bring back her mom but it seems like feeling guilty completely destroys his judgment.
  • I like that Alec seems to be confused by the idea that Iris would assume that he's Clary's boyfriend because I guess he thinks it should be obvious that he's gay now that he's out.
  • I like that once they get to Iris's that Alec starts to notice that something is not right about the way that Iris's place but sadly he still feels like he owes it Clary to go along with her plan.
  • I think it makes sense that when Simon tells his mom that he's a vampire that she thinks that he's crazy because he really didn't offer her any proof that what he was saying was the truth.
  • I like that Alec ends up befriending the little warlock girl named Madize who he compliments on her gills.
  • I like that Clary decides to back out of the deal with Iris to bring her mom back when she notices the bird Iris brought back earlier came back wrong.
  • I think it's horrible that Iris expected that Clary would allow a demon to rape and give birth to a warlock.
  • I like that Alec tried to find and save Clary once he realized what was happening there even though he didn't end up being much help.
  • I like that Clary was somehow shown a new rune that allowed her to shoot sunlight out of her hand and for her to save herself and kill the demon.
  • I understand why Simon's mom is super freaked out when she finds out that Simon was telling the truth about being a vampire.
  • I felt bad for Clary when she finally realized that her mom was dead when she had to say her mom's name during rite of mourning and I liked that when she couldn't finish saying the name that Jace did it for her and that he held her as she cried.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: Timeless: The Darlington 500(2.02)

                                        Timeless: The Darlington 500(2.02)Review
  • I don't understand why Ritten house would want to kill a future Nascar driver in 1955 but I think it's especially cruel that they're willing to kill his pregnant wife as well as him.
  • I feel bad for Jiya that she is still having visions and that she seems to sometimes have to tell herself that something isn't real.
  • I like that when Lucy was reading over Nicolas Kean's manifesto and Wyatt called all that stuff crazy that Lucy pointed out that this is kind of crazy that her mother believes in.
  • I like that Wyatt asked Lucy what she went through when she was taken by Ritten house because he's worried about her and I liked that he told that they're all worried about her.
  • I liked that when Lucy didn't know anything of important significance happening on the date in the location that Ritten house traveled to she came up with the idea that they should ask Flynn for help because he know more about Ritten house than anyone else they know and he is willing to talk to Lucy.
  • I like that Flynn tried to use them needing his help as a way to get himself out of jail but I also understand why Agent Christopher is completely unwilling to make that deal.
  • I like that both Flynn and Lucy seem to know each other well enough to know what will hurt the most for them to hear because it's kind of interesting and surprising how well they know each other at this point. I also like that Lucy was able to get Flynn to tell her about the address he found on a Ritten house agent he killed for back than.
  • I found it a bit funny how Wyatt was the only one who knew who the guy that Ritten house was after was because he seems to be a big Nascar fan.
  • While I definitely don't like Nicolas I like that his desire to have things that he is used to by his side is making him too distracted to really give Ritten house the guidance that they thought they would get from him.
  • I like that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus pretend to be reporters so that they can find out where Ryan Millerson will be so that they can stop the Ritten house agents from killing him.
  • I liked that Wyatt was so excited to see all the classic cars that are in great condition considering there only a few years old at this time in history and I like that Rufus and Lucy call him a nerd for acting that way.
  • I like that when they meet Wendell Scott who is an African American mechanic/racer that Wyatt is a big fan of that Wyatt gets so distracted by fanboying over him and asking questions about things he know he did instead of asking him the questions they need answered in order to protect Miller from Ritten house.
  • I find it sad how Wendall Scott does indeed end up winning a major nascar race in 1963 but they place him in third and while he does argue long enough to get the prize money he never gets the trophy or the glory of the win.
  • I was a bit surprised to learn that Wyatt used to run certain illegal substances across the border when he was a teenager as a way to make money and I like that Lucy and Rufus are also surprised by this fact.
  • I was sad to find out that Millerson turns out to be a Ritten house sleeper agent and that Ritten house plan actually seemed to account for Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus coming there to try and stop them and they use this knowledge to try and kill them.
  • I like that Wendell ended up saving Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus by throwing a fire extinguisher grenade in the tent and being their get away driver.
  • I like that Lucy comes up with the cover that Millerson and the other Ritten house agents are communist and that they work for the government tracking down people like, I like that excuse is both believable and pretty close to the truth.
  • I like that when they figure out Millerson must've been a sleeper agent that Wyatt has a hard time believing it since he grew up being a fan of his and I like that after realizing this they all feel very concerned about what else may have changed in history without them being aware.
  • I like that they figure that Ritten house's main plan is to blow up all the CEO's of the car companies who are all attending the Darlington 500 which could cripple economy at this point in time.
  • I agree with Agent Christopher that Mason going to be a speaker somewhere is a very bad idea but I understand why Mason wants to try and rebuild his reputation.
  • I like that Millerson seems to have some doubts about going through with his suicide mission because he likes the life that he created for himself in this time period.
  • I really can't blame Wendell for not being willing to get Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus back into the race because it could him ban from racing and he's not quite sure if he buys their story.
  • I like that Rufus tries to help Wendell fix up his car to convince him to help them since he's an engineer but it seems like cars and time machines are very different so he's not of much help.
  • I like that Wyatt actually ends up helping Wendell fix his car and I like that we learn that the reason Wyatt knows how to do this is because he father made him figure out how to fix it after his father broke his car while throwing Wyatt in the back of it and whipping around dangerously with it just to scare him.
  • I like how Wyatt and Wendell end up bonding over how their father's disappointed them in different ways with Wendell's father leaving the family and gambling while Wyatt's was abusive and he wished he would leave and when he didn't Wyatt decided to leave instead and stole his father's prized car with him when he did.
  • I like that when Wendell asked Rufus what kind of engineer he was since he doesn't seem to know much about cars that Rufus tells him that he works with different machines that involve time. I like that Rufus and Wendell bond about how for black people everything they want to accomplish is even harder for them.
  • I like that when Lucy and Wyatt were in the trunk that Lucy asked him if what he said about his father was true and I liked that she then started to open up a bit to him about how she's dealing with her mother turning out to be a terrible person. I like that Wyatt tells Lucy that there was a point when he did admired his father since he was his father and that he was angry for a long time with him but he did let go of those feelings eventually and I like that he tells Lucy that maybe it's for the best that she found out the truth about her mother so that she can face it head on.
  • I like that Lucy and Wyatt almost ended up kissing each other when they were stuck in the trunk together but sadly they were interrupted at the last second.
  • I liked that when Wyatt and Wendell were discussing the plan about how to get out with the car that neither Rufus or Lucy had any idea what they were talking about since they were using racer terms.
  • I was a little sad when Millerson died because he did at least clearly love his wife but not too sad because he was willing to sign up for a mission to kill so many people in the first place.
  • I liked that during the getaway chase from the cops that Rufus was very concerned about them hitting any bumps since the bomb had been armed while Wyatt on the other hand seemed to be having fun with the chase that is incredible dangerous.
  • I like that when Wendell asks Wyatt to race against him some time that Wyatt is very happy to be asked that but knows that he won't be able to do so.
  • I liked that when Rufus asks Wendell if he thinks they will ever give the prize to a black man that Wendell tells them that he knows they won't but he still wants to keep racing because he wants to prove to himself that he is the best.
  • I think that Agent Christopher stopping Mason from speaking at the conference was for the best but considering she had him fake arrested in order to stop him I understand why he's angry at her even though he really should have expected this to happen if he disobeyed her orders.
  • I think it's interesting that Jiya seems to be psychic since she saw Rufus having a burn on his arm before his arm got burnt.
  • I don't like that Nicolas made a painting about the new plans for Ritten house to get rid of the parts of humanity that he considers bad because no doubt his idea of bad doesn't match most people and would probably end up destroying humanity not saving it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Love, Simon

                                                       Love, Simon Review
Love, Simon is about Simon Spier who is a high school senior who lives a fairly normal life with a normal family and friends and he has a pretty good life but he also has a secret which is that he is gay. While Simon doesn't think that the people in his life would react badly to him being gay he still doesn't feel like he is ready to come out yet. One day Simon starts talking to another guy that goes to his school who is also in the closet online  who goes by the name of Blue and the two of them end up developing feelings for each other which makes Simon considers coming out.

One day after Simon was emailing Blue when he was in the school library another student named Martin ends up seeing the emails and then decides to threatened to out Simon if he isn't able to get his friend Abby to like him. Through out the second half of the film Simon ends up having his friendships put at risks because he has to mess things up with them because he is being blackmailed by Martin. In the end Simon ends up being outed by Martin because Abby just doesn't like him and while no one really reacts badly to him being gay, Simon is still upset that he didn't get to decide when he came out.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie it had good characters and I enjoyed watching their stories unfold and the relationships they had together. I thought that the writing for the movie was good as well as the acting and the directing. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Gimme Shelter(4.07)

                                               The 100: Gimme Shelter(4.07)Review
  • I don't understand why Illian would want to help make sure Octavia survives since she tried to kill him last episode. I liked that when the black rain started coming down that Octavia decided to help Illian get out of the rain.
  • I liked how it was shown how dangerous the black rain could be when all the people by the ark all rushed inside to avoid it and then doused themselves with water to protect themselves.
  • I liked that Bellamy and Kane went out to go get the guy who had fallen during the mad the rush to get inside.
  • I like that Bellamy is worried about whether or not Octavia is okay since she's far away from camp but I'm glad that Kane stopped Bellamy from going out and finding her since it's far too dangerous to go out into the black rain.
  • I like that Clarke seems to be worried about Raven and her mom because she knows that both of them are working themselves too hard and she knows that there's something wrong with Raven's brain at them moment and suspects that her mom might not be okay as well.
  • I find it interesting that Abby and Jackson came up with the idea to use Luna's bone marrow to make night blood but they took that option off the table because the only way to test it was to expose the person that they injected the bone marrow into enough radiation to kill a person.
  • I find it sad how the guy that Harper feels guilty about not helping the guy that fell into the mud since he reached for her and she didn't help and now the only thing she can do to help him is make his death a peaceful one.
  • I like that Bellamy wants to go out into the rain to save a man and his son and I like that part of the reason he is so determined to do so is because the son was part of the original 100 but I also like that Kane is trying to talk him out of going because the mission is basically an unnecessary suicide mission.
  • I like that after Bellamy finds out that the suit he used to go out into the rain was useless that he made it to the rover and I like that he was still determined to complete his mission. I liked that Kane tried to talk Bellamy out of his mission and when that didn't work told him not to take an unnecessary risks.
  • I liked how Emori told Clarke that her people were lucky to have her since she would do anything to save her people and I liked how Clarke told her that she not just trying to save her own people but everyone.
  • I get why Emori would assume that the would use her as the one to test nightblood out on since she's an outsider and not someone they need but I really don't think that is what they would decide to do to test it.
  • I like that Murphy after Emori tells him what she heard about testing out nightblood that he decided to talk to Clarke about it to ensure that Emori wouldn't be the person they used.
  • I like that Clarke noticed that someone had broken into the house and that her and Murphy were able to get to Emori before the guy killed her.
  • I was sad to learn that Emori was sold to Basil the man that broke in to kill her when she was young and that he use to hurt her and her brother when she was young.
  • I really can't blame Emori for wanting to have her revenge by killing Basil for everything he did to her and her brother and everything he forced her to do in order to survive. Although I do understand why Clarke wants to prevent Emori from killing in revenge I also don't think this decision isn't one she should really have a say in.
  • I liked that when Emori just came in and started beating up Basil who Murphy had tied up earlier that he just took a step back and watched over her. I liked that when it looked like Clarke was going to step in that Murphy asked Clarke if she could just let Emori have this kill.
  • I liked that Clarke came up with the idea of using Basil to test out the nightblood with since no one really cares for him to live and his death could save them all.
  • I was sad that Bellamy couldn't make it to rescue the man and his son since the rover got stuck in the mud and I felt especially bad for him since he pretty much had to hear them die over the radio and you can just see he's blaming himself for their deaths even though it's not his fault at all.
  • I actually believe Octavia when she tells Illian that she doesn't feel anything after she kills people because that's what we've been shown in the past about her and I believe that the reason she didn't kill Illian had more to do with her feeling sad about Lincoln dying rather than not being able to commit cold blood murder.
  • I thought it was good of Illian to save Octavia from committing suicide by walking out into the rain but I really dislike how she pretty blackmailed him into have sex with her since she needed him to make her feel something else.
  • I like how Abby is worried about being a murderer for killing someone so that everyone else will have the chance to survive.
  • I like that Kane tells Abby that sometimes in order to survive they have to do things that are bad so that they can live long enough to find there humanity again.
  • I liked that when Bellamy was saying he was failure for not being able to save the man and his son as well as Octavia that Kane told him that neither of those things are his fault and that he tried his best therefore he has no reason to feel guilty.
  • I liked that Kane told Bellamy that maybe the reason that he can't save Octavia is because she doesn't want to be saved and I liked that he told Bellamy that his mother would be proud of the man he's become and that he is proud of him, I also think it's understandable that Bellamy's only reply was to say that Kane floated his mother.
  • I like that Illian is going back to his village, I like that Octavia threw away some of her daggers but I'm not thrilled about her going with Illian to his village.
  • I liked that when Bellamy came back and Kane told him that there still isn't any word from Octavia that Bellamy repeated back Kane's words about not being able to save someone who doesn't want to be saved.
  • I liked that when Emori revealed that the guy that broke in wasn't the guy that hurt her in the past but rather just someone other than her that they would use to test nightblood that Murphy was impressed and told her that's a survivor's move right there.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: Solomon's Perjury

                                                  Solomon's Perjury Review
Solomon's Perjury is about how after a student Lee So woo is found dead on school grounds after either falling or being pushed off the roof the school tries to cover up the his death as soon as possible in order to save the school reputation. A fellow classmate being found dead at school shortly after he was unjustly expelled by the school and a rushed investigation leaves the students with many questions that school doesn't just refuse to answer but refuses to ever allow the students even to ask them doesn't sit will with many students. Go Seo yeon who was one of the two students who found So woo's body and one of the many that witness him being beaten up by school bully Choi Woo hyuk which is an incident that led directly to So woo's expulsion, Seo yeon can wants answers to what led to So woo's death and she's one of the few people who was willing to stand up and asks the questions that they all had but no one was willing to truly ask.

Shortly after So woo's death Lee Joo ri, an unpopular girl who acts like a queen bee, writes a letter were she claims that she saw Woo hyuk along with two of his friends push So Woo off the roof on the night of his death. The majority of the school start to question whether So woo really committed suicide or if he was murdered since pretty much everyone believes Woo hyuk to be capable of such a thing. Seo yeon decides that the best way for them all to get the answers about what really happened to So woo would be hold a trial and she works hard to pull off the trial along with her friends and Han Ji hoon a mysterious boy from another school who decided to join their school trial as Woo hyuk defense counsel.

The trial has Seo yeon working as the prosecutor and Ji hoon as the defense attorney and it leads to many things that Seo yeon would never even guess being revealed as time goes on. Seo yeon has to deal with surprise after surprise during the trial and on top of that she not even confident that Joo ri's statement is even something that can be trusted and that's the only concrete evidence that she has. On the other hand Ji hoon is much more confident about Woo hyuk's innocence because it's clear to the audience that he knows much more about So woo's death than anyone else since they were best friends which is something he is keeping secret from the others, it becomes quite clear early on that Ji hoon as another a agenda for this trial and it's interesting watching it slowly become clear what it is.

I overall loved this series I thought that it had a really good plot and I thought that it's plot had a lot of intrigue to it which made the show very interesting to watch. This series is one that had pretty good characters that you become very interested in figuring out and invested in their emotional journey's as well. I really loved the tone that this series set with both the music and cinematography which were both really great. This series was really good and I would recommend checking this one out because it's a very underrated series. Please tell me your thoughts on this show in the comment section below.

Book Review: Heartless

                                                            Heartless Review
Heartless is a story that is set in Wonderland and is about the future Queen of Hearts who in this story is a young woman named Catherine Pinkerton. Catherine is a lady that has no desire to become queen and instead dreams of opening her own baker with her best friend and maid Mary Ann which is something that her parents especially her mother disapproves of since her mother wants her to become queen because of all the benefits it would have on the family's social standing. On the night of the ball Catherine ends up meeting and falling for Jest the court's new joker and from that day onwards Catherine can't get him out of her head.

As the story goes on Catherine dreams not only of opening her own baker but now she also dreams of being able to have a relationship with Jest but it seems that everyone around her including Jest who despite returning her affections, thinks it would be for the best if she marries the king. It is eventually revealed that Jest is actually from the kingdom of Chess and that he came to steal the Queen of Hearts, heart and he believes that Catherine's heart is the one that he's meant to take but finds that he can't bring himself to steal her heart because he has come to love her. Catherine despite having no interest in the king finds it impossible to say no to him when he asks to marry her so this leads to her and Jest deciding to run away to Chess together but things go terribly wrong before they can get there.

The Wonderland of this story is one that feels like Victorian times with a slight element of fantasy rather than a land of madness and impossibility that original Wonderland that was portrayed in Alice in Wonderland which was something that I found disappointing. Another thing that sadly fell short in this book was the attempts at language humor such as Margaret's always saying the wrong morals which is something that feel like could have been a lot of fun if it was done better although to be fair I find writing things such as this well to be very difficult. I probably would've been able to overlook the thing with the language humor if it wasn't for the fact that the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events came out while I was reading this book and that series is much better at the way it plays with language, this also led to me comparing the series to this book in other ways as well such as how despite having more things limiting their agency the Baudelaires are a lot more proactive in their story than Catherine is in hers which is something that bothers me more the more I think about it.

Overall I thought the book was okay but I felt like it didn't quite capture the magic of Wonderland which is something that really disappointed me since that was a big selling point for this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: The End of the F***ing World Season 1

                                        The End of the F***ing World Season 1 Review
The End of the F***ing World is about two teenagers that end up impulsively running away from home together shortly after they start dating and things soon get out of hand. Alyssa has recently moved to town she has a habit of deliberately pissing people off and she doesn't really fit in and she doesn't trust really trust anyone that does which is why she decides that it would be a good idea to date James who clearly doesn't fit in. James believes that he is a psychopath and has killed plenty of animals already and thinks that he should kill a person soon and he thinks that Alyssa would be interesting to kill so he pretends to fall in love with her. Alyssa and James end up starting a strange and awkward relationship together both because their odd people and because neither of them has any idea what a real relationship looks like. Alyssa after being basically told by her dick of a step father that she should leave decides that since she already doesn't really like her life that she should change that by running away tells James that they should run away and steal his dad's car which James agrees to since he figures that he could always kill her later on.

Once they leave it becomes clear that there are a few problems with Alyssa's plan such as they don't have anywhere in particular that they are going and they have no money and they end up crashing the car very early as well. Early on Alyssa decides that they should break into a guys house in order to lay low after she blackmailed a guy and things end up going very badly when the home owner comes back and this leads to James and Alyssa being on the run from the cops for the rest of the series which makes the series a lot more nerve racking to watch since their really terrible at covering their tracks and the series was really good at make us care about them.

The thing that ended up surprising me the most about this show  was how well the show ended up developing the relationship between Alyssa and James because based off the premise and the trailer for the show I was expecting more of a dark comedy(which it is)than a love story which it is unapologetically a love story. I liked how the show was able to show how James went from thinking of Alyssa as someone he wanted to kill to someone he actually started to care about and that he was able to accept that he was capable of having feelings rather quickly and it surprisingly always felt natural.  I also like how it became clear when Alyssa started to see James as someone she did care about rather than some she could care about and I liked that the two of them as time went on became more honest with each other and more vulnerable with each other in a way that you never would've guessed they'd be capable of when you watched the first episode which makes their relationship feel more genuine.          

Overall I really loved this show the acting was fantastic, the writing was brilliant and the directing was quite beautiful as well. Another thing I really loved about the show was the soundtrack which seems to have been filled love ballads from the seventies which really fit really well with the show. This show is great and if you haven't watched it I really think that you should give it a chance because it will probably end up surprising you with how much you end up caring for the characters since they're the types of characters that are a bit difficult to like but by the end all you want is for things to turn out okay for them. Please tell me your thoughts about the series in the comment section below.                                                

TV Review: The 100: We Will Rise(4.06)

                                            The 100: We Will Rise(4.06)Review
  • I find it interesting that Jaha mentions that the black rain won't actually be black and that the way they'll know it's black rain is from the chaos and death it will cause and I like how Jasper refers to that as the usual for them.
  • I like how Jasper tells Jaha to just except that they're all going to die because he'll be much happier once he realize that and Jaha says they'll find a way some how.
  • I like that Kane won't let his people beat Illyan to death because he knows allowing themselves to devolve into chaos isn't going to make things any better for them.
  • I like that Raven is running simulation on getting to and from space before actually going their but I'm worried about if that mission can be successful since she keeps dying in all the simulations because they don't have enough fuel.
  • I like the comments that Murphy makes as he looks after Raven while she's doing the simulations even if they aren't very helpful.
  • I like that Nilyah is worried about Clarke since she never seems to sleep and tells her that she's doing a good job leading her people. I like that Clarke asks Nilyah stay because she wants to make sure she's there to get the nightblood once it's ready.
  • I liked that when Monty was listing all the bad news about the damage of the ship that Bellamy asked if there was any good news and then Kane said the only good news is that nobody died.
  • I like that Clarke, Bellamy and Roan and some of his guards are all going to the island to give Raven the fuel she needs to get the rocket to space.
  • I liked that Kane wanted to go with to the island because he wanted to see Abby before she went to space because he knows that so many things can go wrong on that mission and he wants to see her one last time. I like that Clarke convinces him that he has to stay behind because he is the chancellor and there has to be someone here to keep the peace for their people.
  • I was a bit confused and angered by how Octavia all of a sudden really, really hates Bellamy again to the point that she flat out tells him that if he wasn't her brother she would have killed him already because since this season started it seemed like things weren't that bad between them and I really hate that she says these things because there awful things to say and Bellamy doesn't deserve this especially since he was just telling her that he was so afraid that he had lost her and that she saved their people so really don't get were this hostility is coming from.
  • I'm not all that surprised that Raven lost it on Murphy but I was a little surprised at the level of intensity that she had with it, I liked that Luna stopped Raven from attacking Murphy and calmed her down.
  • I liked that Clarke noticed that Bellamy's mood had become worse and that she figured it was because Octavia still hasn't forgiven him, I also liked that when Clarke said it would just take time that Bellamy pointed out that they don't have much of that left.
  • I liked that when Clarke got out of the rover to help the wounded even though there on a very risky mission that could go wrong at any second and Roan asked what was going on that Bellamy said Clarke's just being Clarke.
  • I'm worried about how they are going to get the fuel across this river that wasn't there a while ago.
  • I like how Luna tells Murphy that she doesn't think that Raven hates him as much as he hates himself although he disagrees with that. I like that Luna tells him that he can find peace someday because she has and I like how he says peace is overrated because it's the fighters who survive.
  • I wasn't surprised that after Bellamy and Roan separated from Clarke and his guards that something happened to them and the cargo.
  • I liked that when Jasper was handing out moonshine to people in a room with a man who was ranting about how they should kill Illyan, Monty asked if it was a good idea and Jasper said of course it is.
  • I like how Monty was telling Jaha how he should step up and control the situation because he has the power to do so and they need to find a way to keep things from getting chaotic.
  • I like that Murphy and Luna were able to help Raven think outside the box by telling her things don't have to be perfect just survivable and that a controlled crash into water could work.
  • I liked that Roan said that both him and Bellamy are alike in that they only really care about their own people while Clarke is different and is trying to save everyone.
  • I liked that when Roan figured out that it was his own people who took the fuel and Clarke that he told Bellamy right away.
  • I liked that Monty went to Kane and told him about Illyan being unguarded and that they went there to protect him from the mob.
  • I like Kane wants to stop the people from descending into darkness by murdering Illyan but I get why Miller's dad doesn't see the point in ensuring his safety when it seems easier to just give their people what they want.
  • I'm not surprised that Octavia is willing to let the mob beat Illyan as much as they want as long she's the one that gets to kill him.
  • I like that Roan was willing to jump on to the other transport to ensure that they didn't loose a drop of the fuel.
  • I like that Bellamy made sure to drive up ahead so that he could get a killer shot at the guy that was forcing Clarke to drive by holding a knife to her throat.
  • I liked how it turned out Kane and Jaha were working together when Jaha sounded the alarm for black rain which made the mob run back inside rather than kill Illyan.
  • I liked that Monty tried to talk Octavia down but he is really wrong about Octavia not being a murderer because she has murder plenty of people but it's sweet that Monty thinks so well of her still.
  • I liked that Kane pointed out to Octavia that she is doing the exact same thing to Illyan that Pike did to Lincoln which stops her from going through with it but if she was really a better person than Pike would she have had to have it pointed out to her that they are acting the same way.
  • I like that Jaha let Illyan go in order to save their people from themselves by making sure that he isn't around to be killed.
  • I find it sad how Bellamy calls himself Pathetic for keeping going back for Octavia even though she hates him because that sounds a lot like a victim talking about their abuser and that it isn't what Octavia should be for him.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy that he isn't pathetic for still caring about Octavia and I like that she believes that Octavia will see that Bellamy is worth forgiving like Clarke has always, although I disagree with Clarke's view on Octavia I like that she gives Bellamy some hope when he needs it.
  • I'm really worried about the fact that they lost an entire barrel worth of fuel but I'm not surprised that it happened.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.