Sunday, January 29, 2012

TV Review: Merlin:The Wicked Day(4.03)

                                                   Merlin:The Wicked Day(4.03)Review
  • I liked that when Uther was fatally wounded it was because he was defending Arthur because despite all his flaws he always loved his childern so I thought it was fitting that he went down like that.
  • I loved the scene in a sad way when Uther was dying in Arthur's arms and he told him that he loved Arthur and knew he would make him proud and with Arthur yelling for the guards and refusing to accept that Uther was dying, the scene made me cry. I thought that Bradley James did a great job in this scene and throughout the rest of the episode.
  • I liked that Arthur was willing to use magic and accept but I'm both sad and mad that Morgana ensured that the magic would fail in healing Uther.
  • I completely understood where Merlin was coming from with wanting to heal Uther to earn Arthur's acceptance and I find it sad with how close this came to happening.
  • I found when Merlin aged himself and pretended to be Dragoon again to be quite funny in some scenes but I always think that he acts a bit crazy when he pretends to be him.
  • I hated that the turn of events led to Arthur seeing magic as being pure evil.
  • I hated that Merlin may be right when he said that now Arthur can never know him for who he really is.
  • I loved the scene at the end of the episode with Merlin and Arthur with Merlin waiting outside the room the whole night while Arthur mourned his father because he didn't want him to be alone and then Arthur called Merlin a loyal friend.
  • I don't really get why Morgana would want it to seem like magic killed Uther because I remembered that she use to want her people to be free and turning Arthur against magic is not the way to do that. I guess she just wants the thorne now which makes me sad that she lost herself that much.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Secret Circle:Witness(1.12)

                                                 Secret Circle:Witness(1.12)Review
  • I liked that Jake came back and I liked all the scenes between him and Cassie, I've always found their relationship to be more interesting than Cassie and Adam's.
  • I liked the spell that allowed Cassie and Jake to go into Jake's blocked memory.
  • I was surprised by how brutal the witch hunters were with them murdering as many members of the circle as they could but I'm not surprised that Cassie's father survived.
  • I enjoyed the conflict in the relationship between Dawn and Charles.
  • I'm interested in why Ethan lied about being at the boatyard and I wonder if he's trustworthy at all. I'm interested in what's he going to do now that he has the crystal and doesn't seem to be interested in giving it to Dawn.
  • I liked that Lee was protective of Faye and I'm worried about Faye trying the devil's spirit drug thing because it seems like that is a very dangerous drug.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, January 27, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: The Ties That Bind(3.12)

                                  Vampire Diaries:The Ties That Bind(3.12)Review
  • I liked that Bonnie had an actual storyline this episode. I liked learning about how her mom left when she was little and that was the reason we've never even heard about her. I liked that we see Bonnie both being nervous about seeing her mom again but also angry at her because she left.
  • I found it interesting that Bonnie's mom left after she lured Michael away and entombed him and that made her loose her magic.
  • I liked the relationship that seems to be developing between Alaric and Meredith although I'm not sure of how trustworthy she is.
  • I liked that Tyler's trying to find away to break his sire bond to Klaus and I think forcing himself to turn is probably a good way to go about it but it's hard to watch him go through that.
  • I liked that Caroline's dad is protective of her even though she's a vampire, it's seems like he may be starting to accept her.
  • I loved when Elena escaped and was able to knock Jamie out.
  • I liked the conversations Elena and Stefan had and I hope that they get back together soon.
  • I liked that Elena told Stefan about her and Damon's kiss because I agree with her Stefan has a right to know about it. I also I liked that Stefan punched Damon after he found out about because I feel he was wrong to kiss her.
  • I loved that Elijah is out of his coffin and killing hybrids, I can't wait to see more of him.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Top 7 Manga/Anime for people who don't read/watch Manga/Anime

1.Fruits Basket: I think this would be a good manga to start with because it's mostly a slice of life but with just one or two fantasy elements and I think the series is brilliantly written. I believe that the characters in this series are some of the best character development I've ever seen in anything.
2.Anything by Clamp: Clamp has so many wonderful series and all their art is fantastic. They cover a lot of different type of stories such as girlier titles such as the magical girl series Cardcaptor Sakura and Magic Knight Rayearth or a romantic series like Chobits. There's also series about different supernatural elements such as Xxxholic or Tokyo Babylon. There's a series about the end of the world X and I scifi series Clover then there's a series that combinds all their past work Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.
3.Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Is a great series for someone who likes psychological horror but they should be warned that it starts out a little slow but once it gets to the murder mystery/curse killing element of the story it gets really good.
4.Death Note: Is a really good series aimed towards boys and it's a great battle of wits that involves mass murder but be warned that the main character is an anti-hero at best.
5. Melncholy of Haruhi Suzmiya: This is a very odd but very good series about guy who is forced to join a club about looking for the existance of time travlers, aliens, and espers the club is ran by a girl who is a god but doesn't know and the other members are a time travler, an alien and an esper.
6. Neon Genesis Evangelion(Anime): This is probably one of the best known anime series of all time and for good reason it has a lot of good characters that are all emotional damaged and there's action in the form of gaint robots fighting aliens which makes this a mecha anime and this is certainly the best one I've seen of that type. It's  a great sereis and I suggest you watch in Japanese with english subtitles because the voice of the main character in the english dub is kind of annoying and a lot of people dislike the main character anyways although he's personally my favorite character.
7. Clannad:I love this series it's a slice of life/harem series with an element or two of the supernatural but other than that it's just a study of a whole bunch of different characters who are wonderful.

TV Review: Revenge:Duress(1.11)

  • I loved watching Tyler completely unravel in this episode. It was so interesting to watch him when he was threatening Conrad or tearing apart the pool house or the scene were he was both threatening and flirting with Daniel or when he stabbed Nolan and tied him up or when he tried to kill Emily.
  • I loved that Emily and Nolan made up and that in this episode she admits that they are friends.
  • I liked the gifts both Emily and Victoria gave Daniel because they both were really heartfelt.
  • For some reason in this episode I liked both the real Emily and her relationship with Jack.
  • I really loved the scene towards the end of the episode when Tyler came out with the gun and decide to play the game truth or die but I'm glad that he wasn't able to kill anyone.
  • I have mixed feelings about Tyler leaving now because I loved watching him loose it in this episode but I think it's for the best that he's gone now.
  • I also loved that in this episode it seemed like just about everyone was a step ahead of someone else, I like it when people play it smart.
  • I liked the scene towards the end of the episode where Nolan tells Ashley they sure know how to pick them referring to Tyler. I liked it because it was sweet in a screwed up way.
  • This episode is my favorite of the series so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Game Ogre(1.08)

                                                    Grimm: Game Ogre(1.08)Review
  • In this episode an ogre like creature that goes by the name of Stark starts brutal killing the people who sent him to prison.
  •  I'd liked that it turned out that Hank had a personal connection to the case and I liked he would do whatever it took to make sure that guy didn't hurt anyone else.
  • I loved Monroe geeking out about the watch.
  • I liked that there was a little bit of focus how the rest of Nick's life is colliding with the part of his life that being a Grimm is.
  • I liked how brutal and messy the fight scene where because it showed just how strong and merciless Stark was.
  • I liked the scene were Juliet goes back home after Nick was put in the hospital, I don't really know why.
  • I liked that Nick trusted Monroe enough to tell him were he was keeping his aunt's trailer.
  • I'm curious if the police chief and Hank knowing about the bullets will lead anywhere.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

TV Review: Merlin: The Darkest Hour Part2(4.02)

                                            Merlin: The Darkest Hour Part2(4.02)Review

  • Kind of loved that at the beginning of the episode when Merlin was dying and he asked Arthur to take him with him because it's just such a Merlin thing to do worry about Arthur when he's on the verge of death.
  • I really enjoyed Lancelot's and Merlin's friendship in this episode especially for how honest it aloud Merlin to be about his magic.
  • I liked Lancelot a lot in this episode and I thought he was noble to the end and I will miss him.
  • My heart broke a little bit when Merlin said "I'm not completely useless you know." because of the look on his face when he said and because I would hate for him to every consider himself useless.
  • I liked when Elyan told Arthur that he wasn't alone on the quest.
  • I liked that Merlin actually told Arthur that he would sacrifice himself in his place because although Merlin saves Arthur's life and is always willing to sacrifice himself for Arthur's sake he doesn't usually let Arthur know about it.
  • I hate  Agravaine even more this week with him being a total creep to both Morgana and Gwen and then he teamed up with Morgana to try to kill Gwen for no real reason.
  • I loved Gwen in this episode especially when she addressed the council telling them they should let the people in from outside the city.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Monday, January 16, 2012

TV Review: Secret Circle:Fire/Ice(1.11)

                                                Secret Circle:Fire/Ice(1.11)Review
  • I loved that Cassie wouldn't go out with Adam because it would hurt Diana.
  • I liked Cassie researching about her father's past.
  • I hated that Adam guilted Diana into saying it was okay for him to date Cassie.
  • I loved seeing Melissa and Diana's friendship.
  • I enjoyed seeing Adam's dad again and I'm glad that he has quit drinking.
  • I loved the storyline with Faye and Lee and I would love if those two got got together. I think that they have great chemistry together and I loved that he appericates how wicked she is.
  • I loved Faye getting her own magic back and being totally badass with it but I  understand why she had to give it up by the end of the episode.
  • I loved that Faye called Cassie out on her act of being little Miss innocence.
  • I'm glad that Jake has returned because he's bound to make things more interesting.
  • This was my favorite episode of the series.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Vampire Diaries:Our Town(3.11)

                                                 Vampire Diaries:Our Town(3.11)Review
  • I liked seeing Stefan going crazy about getting Klaus's hybrids out of town and I loved seeing him this ruthless. I also enjoyed all the scenes that Stefan and Damon shared.
  • I liked that Elena, Bonnie and Matt all celebrated Caroline's birthday and I liked the focus on Caroline dealing with no longer aging.
  • I loved that Bonnie was upset that Elena had Jeremy compelled.
  • I liked seeing more of Meredith and I wouldn't mind if a relationship developed between her and Alaric.
  • For some reason this episode made me ship Matt and Elena.
  • I liked that Klaus decided to save Caroline and made her see that her life was still worth living.
  • The last scene between Stefan and Elena made me want to see them get back together again I'm not really sure why.
  • I liked that Elena mentions that a relationship between her and Damon is wrong.
  • I'm curious about who murdered Meredith's ex-boyfriend and why.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top 6 Authors I want to write another book

1. Ellen Hopkins: Although I haven't read every book she's written so far I still would love for her to write another book since she has such a great writing style and her characters always have so much depth. I've loved her books Impulse,Identical and Perfect.
2. Ally Carter:I love both the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series and I can't wait to read more books by her because I love the stories she tells the characters from those stories and the way she tells them. I especially want to read the next Heist Society book.
3. Rick Riordan: I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olypmians series as well as the Kane Chronicles series and I can't wait to read the rest of the books he already has out but I would love for him to write a bunch of new books as well because I love the worlds he tells his stories in and I love the characters he tells them through.
4.Stephen Chbosky: He wrote my favorite book Perks of Being a Wallflower and I would love for him to write another book because I thought that book was as close to perfect as a book could get.
5. Clamp: My favorite manga creators I loved everything of their's I've read so far and I really wish they were able to finish their unfinished series such as X/1999 and Clover at last.
6. Natsuki Takaya: She wrote Fruits Basket my favorite series of all time and I would love for her to continue writing things I love.

Monday, January 9, 2012

TV Review: Merlin: The Darkest Hour Part1(4.01)

                                      Merlin: The Darkest Hour Part1(4.01)Review 
  • I liked the energy in Camelot in the begining of the episode it was all very happy which probably helped in making the rest of the epsiode feel so gloomy.
  • I liked that Morgana was scared to open the vail and didn't want to loose Morguse. I'm also happy that Morgana learned about Emrys because it's bound to cause some interesting things to happen in future episodes.
  • I found the whole thing with vail opening and the darkcun creatures to be really creepy and I found the whole they can't be killed and that Merlin's magic doesn't work on them to make them even more frightening.
  • I love that Percival and Elyan saved three childern and it seems like a friendship is developing between those two.
  • I hate Agravaine because he's working with Morgana and has Arthur blindly trusting him.
  • I loved the scene where Arthur talks to his father before he goes off to close the vail and I liked that he's detrmined to do it but you can tell he's still kind of afraid to. I also liked the scene with Gwen that followed it.
  • I also loved the scene where Merlin tells Gauis he's going to scarfice himself, I liked it because of how it was different than Arthur's scene while Merlin is determined to scardice himself as well he isn't afraid or regretting that he has to that.
  • I loved the scene between Merlin and Arthur towards the end of the episode where they're talking about not being friends but totally acting like friends and I like how it's so clear in that scene that they both believe they'll die soon.
  • I'm a bit worried about Merlin since he allowed one of those ghost things to touch him but I know he'll be fine since I saw the perview for next week's episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Secret Circle:Darkness(1.10)

                                                    Secret Circle:Darkness(1.10)Review
  • I found Cassie's dream at the beginning of the episode to be creepy and I was a bit freaked out when her magic choked Adam later in the episode.
  • I'm glad that Faye was able able to convince Melissa to stop being sad all the time and I liked that Faye and Melissa spent a lot of time together in this episode.
  • I liked that Charles wouldn't kill his mother and that he doesn't want anyone else dead. I also liked that he was willing to turn his mother into the elders for what she did to Cassie, he's by far my favorite male character.
  • I liked that Cassie and Diana spent a lot of time together in this episode but I disliked the way Adam apologised to Cassie in front of Diana.
  • I liked the focus on Cassie having dark magic and I liked that Diana's grandmother could sense it on her but I disliked that she tried to kill  her.
  • I like that Faye may be able to find away to be able to do magic by herself again.
  • I like that at the end of the episode that it showed that Jake was back, he adds a certain level of interested to the show.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, January 6, 2012

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: The New Deal(3.10)

                                           Vampire Diaries: The New Deal(3.10)Review
  • I liked that Tyler and Jeremy were hanging out in this episode even though Tyler had an ulterior motive.
  • I liked learning more about the effects of being sired.
  • I loved Jeremy in this episode with his understandable angst, I liked that he suggested they move because he seems to the only who realizes that the chances of dying in Mystic Falls is extermely high and I liked that became badass and killed a hybrid. I'm really sad that he's leaving and I'm hoping he'll return soon.
  • I loved the scenes between Damon and Stefan. I'm happy that they have formed an alliance and I hope that they don't let Elena come between them. Also I just loved Stefan the whole episode.
  • I actually loved Klaus in this episode who just wanted his family back and I loved the scene between him and Rebecca towards the end of the episode but I'm sad that he daggered her again.
  • I'm worried about Alaric's ring not working right anymore and it was nice to get introduced to Meredith since I hear she was a great character in the books.
  • Elena annoyed me in this epsiode she made unintelligent decisions then she has Jeremy compelled again taking away his freewill and making him move to Denver.
  • I hate the Damon and Elena kiss and I hope that this storyline is put to an end quickly.
  • I'm sad that Caroline wasn't in this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

TV Review:Revenge: Loyalty(1.10)

  • I loved learning that Emily knew martial arts.
  • For some reason I liked Ashley trying to gain Victoria's respect by being manipulative and I like the strnage relationship she and Tyler share.
  • I dislike the whole relationship between Jack and real Emily because he's just so clueless about who she is but at don't really dislike real Emily because you can tell she just doing it because it's been along time since someone has done something nice for her.
  • I kind of love Daniel through out the whole episode he kept proving to be the better person and I'm glad that he tried to get his Tyler fried due to thed information he received from Emily.
  • I disliked that Emily turned on Nolan to in order to get Tyler out of the picture which didn't even end up working.
  • I think that Tyler is still going to be a big problem and now that he's not under Nolan's control and we know that he's on anti-psyotics he's probably going to cause far more damage than before.
  • I liked that Declan and Charolette decided not to move in with each other yet. I'm also glad that Charolette's now living with her father.
  • I'm sad that the alliance between Emily and Nolan has ended but I liked that when Nolan left he told Emily that her father never would have wanted her to do the things she has been doing and become the person she is.
  • I'm wondering what Victoria is going to do with the information that Amanda Clarke is back in town.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review:Once Upon a Time: That Still Small Voice(1.05)

                                       Once Upon a Time: That Still Small Voice(1.05)Review
  • In this episode we learn the story of how Jimmeny cricket came to be a cricket. I enjoyed seeing this story of him growing up with con artist parents and wanting to break away from the kind of life but didn't seem able to.
  • I liked getting to know a little bit more about Jimmeny's Storybrooke countorpart Archie who is Henry's therapist.
  • I hated that Regina threatened to destory Archie's life if he didn't convince Henry that he's crazy but I'm glad that by the end of the episode he stood up for himself and decided to be a good person instead of listen to her.
  • I loved that Henry continues to try to prove that the fairytale curse is real and I liked all the time that was spent on his and Archie's relationship in this episode.
  • I loved the moments between Mary Margaret and David.
  • I was glad that crickets returned to Storybrooke at the end of the episode and it looks like Henry was right about the mines hiding something in them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.