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TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Queen of Hearts(2.09)

                                     Once Upon a Time: Queen of Hearts(2.09)Review
  • I liked how this episode showed how Killian and Cora first met each other. I find it interesting that Regina originally made a deal with Killian that involved him killing Cora but Cora was able to change his mind but telling him the full extent of the curse. I also liked how it showed Cora protecting a part of the land from the curse.
  • I liked how Regina didn't really want to help Rumpelstiltskin make the portal kill anyone who came through it even though she knows how dangerous Cora is, but she still didn't want to break her promise to Henry. I liked that even though she did help Rumpelstiltskin she wasn't fully on board with it.
  • I felt bad for Aurora because she felt so guilty for helping Cora even though it wasn't her fault since she was under Cora's control.
  • I thought it was sad how Emma thought that the only reason she could possibly be the savior is because Rumpelstiltskin made her the savior and not because of anything she actually does.
  • I liked how when Aurora insisted that she be tied up and left behind since she can't be trusted as long as Cora has her heart, that Mulan said right away that she'd get her hurt back.
  • I enjoyed the battle that was fought between Emma, Snow and Mulan against Cora and Killian.
  • I liked that Killian still found time to flirt with Emma even while they were fighting each other.
  • I liked how Killian saved Aurora's heart then gave it Mulan when Cora had thrown it towards the portal.
  • I liked how Cora couldn't pull out Emma's heart do to the fact that she's a product of true love.
  • I liked that Henry was able to convince Regina to get rid of the magic that made the person who enters the portal die by asking her to have faith in him.
  • I'm glad that Emma and Snow were able to make it back and that Snow kissed Charming and that ended his sleeping curse.
  • I loved that Mulan was able to give Aurora her heart back and that they will continue to have a storyline since I really love both of them.
  • I'm worried about the trouble Cora and Killian are bound to cause in Storybrooke.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 6 Authors on by Auto-buy list

1. Clamp: I have read about 9 series by Clamp and I've loved all of those series so therefore I always get excited when I hear about something new from them coming out. There's still a lot of their older stuff that want to read as well but that's a lot harder to find in stores.
2. Ally Carter: I love the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series so much and I have every reason to believe that everything she writes should be just as good as these two series.
3. Ellen Hopkins: I love the way Ellen Hopkins write it's so beautiful and different form everything else I read and her stories are filled with so much depth. I haven't read all her books yet but I plan to.
4. Rick Riordan: I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles series so I have every reason to believe that I'll love everything else he writes as well.
5. Tachibana Higuchi: I love Gakuen Alice and M&N series and I would love to read anything else that is written by her.
6. Arina Tanemura: I loved Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, KamiKaze Kaito Jeanne and A Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura so I feel like I would love her other series as well.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Anime Review: Another: Sphere Join(1.07)

                                              Another: Sphere Join(1.07)Review
This episode begins where the last one ended with the homeroom teacher coming into the classroom with a big knife and waving it around, the homeroom teacher then stabs the knife into his own throat and there is blood splatter all over the room and on to many of the students. The students are of course terrified by what they've just seen and react by either screaming and running out of the room or by being to shocked to move or say a word. After the event of the homeroom teacher's death it was confirmed that the calamity was happening and nothing could stop it any longer therefore Koichi and Mei are no longer non-existent to the class.

After the events from earlier in the episode Koichi starts to have nightmares about how he could be the one who's dead and it's even brought up that maybe he was never actually born but that train of thought is dropped quickly. It's known that 15 years ago the calamity stopped mid year and we learn that a man from this year named Katsumi Matsunaga claims to be the one who ended it by setting something somewhere, he was unclear about the details therefore members of class 3 are looking for him for advice. At the end of the episode Mei tells Koichi with certainty that he isn't the one who is dead.

I really enjoyed this episode I thought it was pretty scary and also very interesting as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Warm Bodies

                                                          Warm Bodies Review
Warm Bodies is about a zombie who goes by the name R(Nicholas Hoult who I know from Skins and X-Men: First Class) and he just wishes that he could feel alive again. R has a very entertaining thought process which we hear through out the film that explains his thoughts about life such as how he has almost conversation with his best friend M when they exchange grunts. When out on a feeding one day R finds this girl named Julie(Teresa Palmer) who he decides to save rather than eat than brings her back to his airport home. Julie is part of one of the last human population that has survived the zombie outbreak and her father is in charge of the military part of that base.

R and Julie eventually bond in the few days that they spend together at the airport and they then develop feelings for each other due to said feelings R and other zombies start to become more human again and eventually cure themselves. I overall I really enjoyed this movie I liked the characters and their relationships, I thought the plot was interesting and the film had a good sense of humor as well. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Fangirl Friday 29

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. White Collar:I loved this week's episode of White Collar even more than I usually do and that's saying quite a bit since I really love this show. In this week's episode Peter and Elizabeth are held hostage by this couple that resemble a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, I really enjoyed seeing how these two dealt with the situation and also like the references to the other times they were both held hostage and how the bright side was at least this time they are together. I also enjoyed the young couple quite a bit because it was pretty clear through out the episode they didn't want to really hurt anyone and that they were in over their heads, I also enjoyed the over the time romantic gestures the couple were so fond of. Another thing I enjoyed this episode was a mention of a magazine called Mug Shots Monthly, and how women would write men in prison that they find attractive because of it and how when Neal was in prison he had hundreds of women write him and he had to respond in a form letter. I also really enjoyed seeing Sara again since she hasn't been on the show in awhile and I like that Neal and Sara seem to be together again and I'm not sure when exactly they got back together because before this episode I was sure that weren't together, oh well I adore those two together so it doesn't really matter.

2. Revenge: This was a pretty interesting episode that mostly dealt with what the audience knew was going to be an important character death but even though I knew someone would die this episode I felt very hopeful that it wouldn't actually be anyone I like sadly I was very wrong. In this week's episode Amanda died and this made me extremely sad since she was my third favorite character of the series but I'm glad that she at least got a lot of screen time in her last episode. I found the scene were Amanda died in Emily's arms to be extremely heart breaking not only because Amanda died but also because of Emily's emotional reaction even though this scene made me cry I'm glad Emily was with Amanda in this moment because I've also loved the bond between those two. I also enjoyed seeing how the Graysons dealt with the aftermath of Helen's murder and I must say that they were able to handle it extremely well.

3. Elementary: This week's episode of Elementary was once again very good and it had a case where the plot was quite twisted and dealt with some very interesting genetic concepts such as giving someone a disease that should only be able to be inherited from genetics. I also enjoyed seeing Sherlock's odd ways of teaching Joan how to be a detective and I also liked that Joan's skills from when she was a doctor came in to play again in this episode.
4. Warm Bodies: I saw the movie Warm Bodies this week and I found it to be a funny love story involving zombies. I overall really enjoyed the film it had an interesting concept and a pretty good sense of humor which all made the film good.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 Fantasy Book characters

1. Percy Jackson(Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus): I love Percy because he's very heroic with how he cares about his loved one more than anything and how he always looks out for them. I also love that he's very sarcastic and his internal monologue is very entertaining to read as well. He's just a character that I love to read about and one I always wish well.
2. Daenerys Targaryen(A Song of Ice and Fire): I really love her for her character growth in the first book from being a fragile girl who was used for her brother's advantage to becoming more confident in herself and finding her place as the Khaleesi of the Dothraki. How she was able to overcome great loss at the end of the book and with that loss she devote herself to more than ever to getting the Iron Throne and that she brought dragons to life and walked through fire without being burnt. I just loved her arc in the first book and I love the confidence and strength she has gained from her experiences.
3. Sansa Stark(A Song of Ice and Fire): Sansa was a character that I loved right away because I just understood where she was coming from I love that she wants be everything that a proper lady of her world should be I love that she believes in the songs, enjoys things being pretty, always remembers her courtesies and enjoys life at court when she first gets there. I was of course extremely sad for her when all of her ideals she ever believed in where torn away from her with her father's death. I love how Sansa is able to survive in Kings Landing after her father's death because if she says one wrong thing she could be dead. I love how Sansa is at times able to use position of being close to Joffrey in order to trick him into sparing somone's life. I love Sansa most of all for still believing in basic human kindness despite her situation.
4. Faye Chamberlin(Secret Circle): I love Faye for being this delightfully bitchy character who just seems to love cause trouble, I just really love her character and ever part of the books she's in.
5. Sam Roth(Wolves of Mercy Falls series): First off I want to point off that I haven't read the last book of the series yet. I love that Sam likes to come up with song lyrics in his head,that he can appreciate smaller things and that what he wants most of all is to just stay human. I also find him very interesting because of his past where he was very emotional traumatized and how he still isn't over that trauma and how it still effects some of the things he does. I honestly find his past to be one of the most interesting things about him because there's  mentions of how quiet he was or how he would only eat a certain thing which is an odd form of behavior I find interesting. I just really love Sam because he seems like this sweet yet emotional damaged guy.
6. Nico Di Angelo(Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus): I love Nico because I feel his character changes a lot over the course of the first series with starting off as an excited young boy obsessed with a card game to someone who would do anything to get his sister back and how he was anger blamed Percy even though it wasn't his fault to someone much wiser and confident in his abilities yet he still doesn't fit in anywhere even though he became an allie to Percy and all of his friends he still doesn't quite belong.
7.Cole St.Clair(Wolves of Mercy Falls series): Cole St.Clair is an incredible interesting character to me with how he's this former rock star who has treated pretty much everyone around him like crap in the past, he sleeps with tons of girls and breaks lots of hearts and has experimented with every kind of drug he could get his hands on basically Cole's not a nice guy to be around. Now why I love Cole is that he hates himself for being that guy and he just wants to get out of his mind because all he seems capable of doing is hurting people which is why he choose to be a wolf but the problem is he can't seem to stay a wolf. I love Cole because I find him interesting and I also love that he is actually really smart as well and that his viewpoint is very entertaining to read as well.
8.Alice(Alice in Wonderland): I love Alice for being curious and that she takes in the strange world of Wonderland with such easy and I love that she sees things differently than most people do.
9.Chloe Saunders(The Darkest Powers series): I love that Chloe sees the world in terms of movies and she uses the knowledge of movies to guide her own life. I love that she knows how to handle being locked up somewhere and how to find a way to escape from that kind of situation.
10. Luna Lovegood(Harry Potter): I love Luna for being delightful yet crazy with how she sees the world so differently from everyone else.

Let me know if you'd like me to make a list for favorite fantasy tv or manga/anime characters as well.

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep(2.08)

                                    Once Upon a Time: Into the Deep(2.08)Review
  • I liked how Aurora and Henry were able to communicate with each other and relay the information that was need in order to find a way to defeat Cora.
  • I liked how Aurora wanted so badly to help Snow and Emma to get home because she feels everyday since she's awoken from her sleeping curse is a gift and she wants to do something to repay that favor. I also liked how Mulan was very protective of Aurora.
  •  I liked how Regina and Rumpelstiltskin were able to put their differences aside in order to keep Cora from coming to Storybrooke.
  • I liked that when Aurora was captured by Cora she refused to give out any information and that she was resigned to die and didn't even consider switching sides even when Cora claimed to have a way bring Philip back.
  • I liked how after things went wrong with Henry and Aurora in regards to the communicating between worlds that Snow and Charming got themselves to the dream world and relayed the information need but also had a nice romantic but a bit sad moment.
  • I liked the scenes between Henry and Regina because he can see how she's really trying to be a good person and I liked how he mentioned that at least now she's using her magic for good.
  • I liked that Killian helped Aurora escaped but I'm sad that he only did it to get her heart under Cora's control and therefore had someone on their side on the team. I did enjoy seeing Killian again in general even though he's decided to stick with Cora.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Nashville: I've Been Down That Road Before(1.12)

                         Nashville: I've Been Down That Road Before(1.12)Review
  • I felt bad for Juliette feeling that she wasn't able to change her music even though she has grown as an artist recently and that she was afraid of loosing all of her fans.
  • I really enjoyed the new song that Juliette sang and I'm glad that a lot of the characters recognized that it was a good song.
  • I felt really bad for Juliette when she was reading the tweets about how they disliked her new song and how tweets said she had no talent. But I loved how her assistant told her that she loved Juliette's new song and that she loved that Juliette was brave enough to preform it the way she did, I also loved that her assistant showed her how popular her song was on YouTube as well.
  • I like that Juliette's manger does care about her and is trying to look out for her but I think he also needs to let Juliette take a few risks in order to grow as an artist.
  • I like that Rayna is getting her own label and that she wants to sign Scarlett and Gunnar because of that one guy's recommendation, I also just really think that those two should be signed.
  • I found the relationship between Rayna and Deacon to be pretty tense this episode and I think they're probably going to get together soon due to the kiss and the text Rayna sent, I'm not really sure how I feel about it.
  • I didn't really hate Teddy for sleeping with Peggy and I think the reason was that I just think that Teddy and Peggy just click in a way that Rayna and Teddy don't at least not anymore and because Teddy and Rayna's marriage seems to be something that has been falling apart for years now.
  • I like that Teddy went to Rayna to ask for a divorce from Rayna after he slept with Peggy rather than keep it a secret and start an affair, I do think that it's for the best for Teddy and Rayna to get a divorce since they don't seem happy with each other.
  • I liked that Scarlett and Gunnar have moved in together due to Scarlett not being able to pay the rent she use to split with Avery and Gunnar's roomates keeping him up at night with blow horns and drawing pictures of turtles on him while he sleeps. I like that Scarlett and Gunnar are getting closer even if it is in a non-romantic sense.
  • I thought Avery was a jerk for refusing to pay Scarlett money he actually owed Scarlett due to a loan in the past.
  • I really liked how Gunnar told Avery that he never deserved Scarlett because I too believe that Avery never deserved someone as nice as Scarlett.
  • I like that Avery isn't going to be sleeping with his manger anymore but that doesn't do much to make me hate him less.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Sacrifice(2.14)

                                                      Revenge: Sacrifice(2.14)Review
  • I was a bit surprised that Victoria took an action as risky as dressing in Helen Crowley's clothes and going into her car in order to convince the initiative that Helen didn't die on the Grayson's property.
  • I liked that Daniel found it strange and a bit frightening that his parents just acted like everything was normal even though they had just covered up a murder. I also like that Daniel thought that Amanda has a good reason for hating their family and he disliked the idea of framing her.
  • I like that Nolan agree to help Jack out with the Stoway while Jack was away, I just like the little reference to their friendship which hasn't been shown much this season.
  • I like that Nolan was very against using Padma to get close to the initiative and I'm glad that the only reason he goes along with Aiden's plan to use her was because it could actually help her father be saved. I also like that Emily just plain doesn't trust Padma because it just fits with Emily's character not really trusting anyone.
  • I liked that after Emily hears that Amanda threatened the Grayson's that she is concerned about her rather than angry at her.
  • I liked how Amanda pretty much told Jack that they'll have to kill Nate in order to survive Nate holding them hostage and I just overall love that she pretty much just has Jack follow her lead.
  • I liked how once Emily and Nolan suspected that Amanda and Jack were in danger that the two of them went to find them.
  • I liked how when Nate called Conrad and informed him that Jack was confused about the whole blackmail thing that Conrad told him that Amanda was obviously behind it, I just like how Conrad sort of implied that woman in the relationship is usually the more dangerous one.
  • I liked how Amanda did at least attempted to kill Nate before he could do anything to her and Jack but I was sad that Nate had taken all the bullets out of her gun.
  • I liked how Amanda made up a convincing story in order to save Jack because I just like that she cares for Jack so much even though I'm not all that fond of Jack.
  • I liked how Jack was able to distract Nate by lying about the laptop being on board the boat and pretending to turn on Amanda so that he and Amanda could get the escape boat ready.
  • I was  worried about Amanda when she made Jack go on the life boat by himself after he got shot and sadly it turns out I was right to worry about her.
  • I liked how after Emily and Nolan find Jack's lifeboat and get him into the boat that Emily takes the life boat to get Amanda and I liked that Nolan was worried about leaving her.
  • I liked how Amanda was willing to risk sinking the boat in order to find away to kill Nate.
  • I kind of like that Victoria and Conrad are yet again stuck with each other even though neither seems to love each other.
  • I kind of liked that Victoria and Conrad were able to trick the iniative into thinking that they didn't kill Helen Crowley but I don't really like that they framed Amanda but considering the end of the episode it doesn't really matter.
  • I felt bad for Padma because she received proof of her father being alive by being sent his finger.
  • I really loved Amanda and Emily teaming up against Nate and that they both ended up saving each other from him.
  • I'm glad that Nate died but I didn' like that the explosion he caused ended up fatally injuring Amanda.
  • I was really sad that Amanda died and I felt really bad for Emily watching Amanda die and not being able to do anything to prevent it but I'm also kind of glad tha those two were together and that things ended with those two being on good terms and Amanda calling Emily her family. This whole scene just made me cry a lot because I loved Amanda and loved her relationship with Emily.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Child of the Moon(2.07)

                                   Once Upon a Time: Child of the Moon(2.07)Review
  • I liked how in the past in this episode it showed how Red came to accept and control being a wolf. I found it interesting that there was a big pack of people who changed into a wolves and I was surprised to find out Red's mother was alive.
  • I thought it was cruel for Red's mother to put her into a position were she had to choose between her newly found pack and Snow, I was sad that Red's mother died in the end but I'm glad that she choose to protect Snow.
  • I really loved Red and Snow's friendship in this episode with how Red called Snow her family and how she says Snow was the only one that accepted her as both a wolf and human.
  • I was sad that Red believed for most of the episode that she killed a man and lost control during the full moon especially because she felt that she deserved to die because of what she thought she did.
  • I liked how Charming completely believed in Red's innocence through out the episode and how he brought up that he learned from his mistakes he made last season before the curse was broken.
  • I really enjoy the friendship that seems to be developing between Red ad Belle in this episode.
  • I thought George was extremely cruel in this episode with framing Red for murder in order to undermine Charming's power and when he burnt Jefferson's hat just to bring Charming pain.
  • I'm curious about how Charming is going to be able to get Snow and Emma back now but I'm sure something will come up soon.
  • I found it interesting that Henry could be hurt by the flames in his dreams and that his dreams are in another world. I liked that Rumpelstiltskin gave Henry something that would control his actions in his dream and that Henry was able to talk to Aurora in his dreams.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Fangirl Friday 28

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Vampire Diaries: This week's episode of Vampire Diaries revealed a rather obvious twist about the cure but the episode that it came in was still exciting. My favorite parts of this episode were with Jeremy and Bonnie and how they were helping each other survive while looking for the cure by without the rest of their friends. I really loved Jeremy and Bonnie in this episode both as characters and as a couple, really the whole episode I just wished they would kiss. I'm extremely saddened by the possibility that Jeremy, Bonnie or possible both of them could be dead but I'm not going to mourn for them until I'm sure of their fate. I also loved and cried about Caroline and Tyler's goodbye and I hate to think that it might be final because I love their relationship I have since season 2 and the idea that they might be over forever breaks my heart, also I would hate if anything ever happens between Klaus and Caroline since I believe it would be completely out of character for Caroline to have any really feelings for Klaus after these last two episodes.I also enjoyed that Katherine was back this week and I'm curious about what her plans are for the cure as well.

2. Revenge: Revenge come back from hiatus this week and I enjoyed the episode very much. There was a few emotional moments from Emily this week and I quite enjoyed that because it's pretty rare that she displays emotions. I also enjoyed that there were more Emily and Nolan scenes this week's episode than there have been in a while. I like that there still seems to be some hope for Nolan and Padma's relationship still which makes me happy because there like one of the only canon pairings I ship in this show. I really loved Victoria taking down Helen Crowley in order to protect Daniel and I'm really interested to see how the Graysons are going to cover up Helen's murder.
3. Elementary: This week's episode of Elementary was great as the episodes always are and I really enjoyed that in this episode we learned more about detective Bell and his history. I also really enjoyed how Sherlock and Joan's relationship evolved in this episode from Joan being Sherlock's sober companion to becoming his partner in solving crime.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Union(2.13)

                                                      Revenge: Union(2.13)Review
  • I thought that flashback with young Emily marrying Jack were sweet even though I don't ship them.
  • I like that Emily genuinely does want Jack and Amanda to be happy despite her past with Jack.
  • I liked how right after Emily heard that Conrad bought part of the Stoway that she wrote out a check to give to Amanda to give to Conrad to buy the bar back.
  • I liked how when Aiden showed up in Nolan's office Nolan kept saying that they should call Emily or that Aiden should have told Emily were he has been, I just love that Nolan thinks of Emily even when he is basically being threaten by Aiden in this scene. I also love that Nolan tells Emily everything about Aiden's visit as soon as he leaves.
  • I was a bit surprised to learn that Aiden's sister had died six years ago but I'm not surprised that initiative was tricking Aiden into doing their bidding, also this makes Aiden's anger at Emily make even less sense in this episode since there's nothing she could have done to save his sister.
  • I liked how Nolan thought that Padma could only be involved with the initiative because they are holding someone she cares about captive but I also liked that Emily caution Nolan against trusting her, I liked that moment because it showed that Emily does care about whether or not Nolan gets hurt.
  • While I don't really like the plot involving the Ryan brothers I did like seeing how well organized and knowledgeable Ashley was about this matters especially since she only known about these plans for a few days.
  • I felt bad for Victoria when she heard Daniel over the phone talking to Helen about transferring funds over seas counts while knowing that initiative is planning to use him for something.
  • I was glad that Jack actually accepted the check when Amanda told him about and that he stood up a bit to Conrad when Conrad refused to let him buy the bar back.
  • I liked that Aiden actually seemed to accept that Emily will have to be with Daniel in a way in order for their plans against the initiative to work.
  • I felt bad for Emily when Aiden called her cold and implied that she was unfeeling and then she gave that speech about how she misses her father everyday and that's the whole reason she's doing this. I also hated walked away from Emily when she was asking him not to leave her alone in this, honestly one of the reason I don't like Emily and Aiden's relationship is because he always seems to not be there for her when she needs him.
  • I really loved how Nolan decided to confront Padma about being involved with the initiative because he believes that she isn't spying on him because she wants to but because someone in this case her father is in danger. I liked that Padma admit what is really going on to Nolan and that she said her feelings for him are real, I still really like these two together so I'm hoping things can work out between them.
  • While I didn't like that Amanda stole some of the evidence from Emily, I did love that Amanda blackmailed Conrad into letting Jack buy the Stoway back from him and threatened his life if he ever tries to hurt her family again.
  • I loved how Victoria was able to get reports to show that Daniel shouldn't listen to Helen and that he will be implicated in a terrorist act if he does as she asks. I also liked that Daniel believed her pretty quickly and seemed thankful for her warning.
  • I found it a bit odd that Nolan was the one who married Jack and Amanda but I really liked how he kept looking over to Emily during the ceremony and how he was sad for her that it wasn't her up there because Emily was a bit sad that it wasn't her up there.
  • I also loved when Amanda was saying vows she was saying that everyone deserve and can find happiness, I loved this because I felt this was her way of telling Emily that she can be happy.
  • I liked how Daniel broke up with Emily because he wanted to protect her from the imitative, I thought it was sweet of him even though I know that Emily wants to be close to the imitative.
  • I liked the scene were Helen comes over to the Grayson home and threatens Victoria and going so far as to say she sees Victoria as a sort of worthy rival.
  • I loved how Victoria lured Helen into the pool house in order to kill her after she threatens Daniel's life, I just enjoy seeing that Victoria would do anything to protect her children and I loved how she was dressed all in black and had lipstick on in this scene.
  • I liked how Victoria made it look like Daniel was on the phone to Helen when Victoria called him after she killed Helen.
  • I'm glad that Aiden decided to be there for Emily in the end but I still don't understand why Emily wants him there but as long as he makes her happy I guess.
  • Is it weird that I'm more sad about the possibility of Amanda dying than the possibility of Jack dying because I just love Amanda a lot more.
  • I'm really curious about how the Graysons are going to get away with Helen's murder because I'm sure they'll find a way to get away with it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole(4.14)

                            Vampire Diaries: Down the Rabbit Hole(4.14)Review
  • I enjoyed the scenes with Damon and Vaughn they gave a lot of useful information while still being entertaining.
  • I quite liked the scene were Stefan and Elena talked about Stefan wanting the cure and that those two have agree to be friends, also I think I started shipping Stefan and Elena again despite myself.
  • I liked how in the scene with Caroline and Tyler trying to translate the sword's with just an online dictionary and how it made no sense.
  • I was expecting for a long time that there would only be enough of the cure to cure one person so that didn't really surprise me.
  • I liked how Klaus told Rebekah about there only being enough of the cure to cure one person and I like that he did want Rebekah to get even though I know that Klaus reasons for wanting her to have it are selfish.
  • I really enjoyed how Bonnie and Jeremy were in this episode with Jeremy being concerned about Bonnie and the two of them sharing the goal to stop Silas from rising.
  • I liked how it seemed that Jeremy was trying to take over for Professor Shane with the whole being the one able to diffuse Bonnie if something causes her to go too far.
  • I liked how Bonnie and Jeremy left Professor Shane to get the cure when his leg was broken.
  • I liked how Rebekah told Stefan that there was only enough cure for one person although I wasn't as big of a fan of her snapping his neck because she knew he'd give the cure to Elena but I understand why Rebekah did what she did.
  • I liked that Elena was concerned for Stefan after his neck was snapped because I feel like she really hasn't been for a long time and I liked that Stefan told her about there being only one cure and that they both realized that the best survival plan was to give the cure to Klaus so that he won't kill them.
  • I liked how Jeremy's ghost seeing abilities were mentioned in this episode and now that I know Silas evades peoples minds in order to get them to rise him I feel kind of bad for Professor Shane.
  • I quite enjoyed that while Stefan told Elena to go on ahead of him to get the cure he still stayed long enough in order to free Damon.
  • I also liked how Damon has given up on trying to keep Elena a vampire and under his control, also on a side note I really like both Damon and Elena better when they don't have scenes together.
  • I liked that Caroline pleaded with Klaus to spare Tyler's life but I was sad for Caroline that Klaus gave her the type of answer I expected out of him.
  • I was saddened by Caroline and Tyler's goodbye scene and I really hope that they are able to have things work between them in the end.
  • I think that Klaus's definition of mercy and kindness is very wrapped.
  • I loved how after Vaughn stabbed Bonnie that Jeremy refused to see him as a friend or allie because he hurt Bonnie.
  • I was surprised and happy to have Katherine back in this episode and I'm wondering what her plans are for the cure and who she plans to use it on.
  • I'm very concerned about both Bonnie and Jeremy's life's but I'm not going to be sad about it until I figure if one or both of them have died.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 10 Book Romances

1. Fruits Basket: I honestly believe that Fruits Basket is the best written romance ever because it's a series that develops a large cast of characters and all of the relationships develop in the right amount of time. I love how the romantic relationships take a long time to happen and that the characters know each other very well before getting together and that by the time the characters enter into a romantic relationship the characters have actually worked through their issues enough to be emotional ready for a relationship. I also just love all the characters and the relationships and cute moments as well.
2. Cardcaptor Sakura: This lovely magical girl series is in my mind about all the different forms love comes in and it also doesn't say that one form of love is better than another. I love that while there are romantic relationships in the series that those aren't the only forms of love that are focus on there's also friendships and family love that are treated equally as important. I also just really love how sweet and nice the series and that there's quite a lot of blushing as well, also magical girl series are always some of my favorites.
3. Tokyo Babylon: This series is basically a tragic romance that could only end sadly but I feel like it tricks me into thinking there could have been a happy ending even though I know logical the relationship was doomed to end the way it did. This series last volume completely breaks my heart and I just love that the main theme of the series is that no one can really judge another person's pain.
4. Wolves of Mercy Falls series:I've only actually read the first two books of the series but I love the love stories in this series and I also just love the characters that seem to be mostly messed up in some form. I just adore the romance in the series but I honestly think I actually love the character related stuff more.
5. The Fault in Our Stars: This is sad but beautiful romance between two wonderfully entertaining characters and while I'm sad about the ending of the book I'm glad that those two met since their relationship was so beautiful.
6. Gallagher Girls series: I wouldn't really call this series a romance but rather I would call it a book that has very sweet romances but the plot involves girls in spy school which is so much cooler than romance but both sections of the series are equally good.
7. The Host: I really love this book as a series because I loved how Ian could love Wanda entirely for being who she is on the inside rather than anything to do with her looks.
8. Sailor Moon: This is a love magical girl series that has a reincarnation romance that is wonderful and so very romantic.
9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: I'm not sure if this counts as a romance but I think it does since everything that happened in the series happened because of love and I just kind of love the whole I almost destroyed the universe in order to save my loved one type of stories.
10. Gentlemen's Alliance+: Just a series I love that involves romance that I remembered enjoying.

Friday, February 8, 2013

TV Review: Vampire Diaries: Into the Wild(4.13)

                                        Vampire Diaries: Into the Wild(4.13)Review
  • I'm a bit confused why everyone seems to think that Rebekah is being mean by glaring at Elena when Elena killed her brother the night before. I also hate that Elena tried to stake Rebekah because really hasn't she hurt Rebekah enough already not to mention hasn't she killed enough people within the last day.
  • I liked the brief moment that Jeremy and Bonnie shared were she was taking pictures of his hunter's mark.
  • I find it really odd that Elena and Damon assume that the only reason Stefan would bring Rebekah to search for the cure is because of their relationship because I can think of quite a few other reasons off the top of my head.
  • I loved how Rebekah pointed out that Elena and Damon are the most useless people on this whole search for the cure also I liked that she mentioned this because I've felt that both of these characters haven't really done much this season.
  • While I can completely understand Tyler's need to gloat and watch Klaus suffer I don't think it was very wise because the spell only works for so long.
  • I was sad that Klaus had to spend at least one night and most of a day staring at his brother's burnt curse because that just torture.
  • I liked how Stefan told Rebekah that he wants to take the cure for himself and not just to be with Elena because I've always believed that Stefan wanted to be human and I'm glad that he would to do it for himself rather than someone else.
  • I thought it was really messed up that Professor Shane taught Bonnie the form of magic that ended up killing his wife and I liked that both Bonnie and Damon told him how messed up that is. Although Professor Shane was quite smart to make Bonnie dependent on him because it would be the only reason to keep him alive after the cure is found.
  • I didn't like that Jeremy was kidnapped by some islander witch friend of Professor Shane and that he was able to lure Bonnie away from the rest of the group by her locating Jeremy.
  • I like that Rebekah mentions while she is searching for Jeremy along with Stefan and Elena that Elena is the one that made Rebekah hate her when Elena pretended to be her friend only to dagger her in the back. I also kind of like that Rebekah saved Elena's life simply because it shows that Rebekah is the better person out of the two of them.
  • I also loved how Rebekah later told Stefan that she only killed Elena because her death was the only way to save her family and that Elena has killed two of her brother's which once again proves that Rebekah isn't the bad one in this situation considering Elena has hurt Rebekah more than Rebekah has hurt her.
  • I enjoyed getting Professor Shane's back story because it gave a bit more information about Silas and how he knows about him as well as showing that his belief is strong because he was actually able to see his dead wife.
  • I loved seeing Damon torture Professor Shane and I loved Professor Shane told Damon that he tortures people to feel in control because he's not in control, I loved this because I believed this about Damon since I saw him torture Mason in season 2.
  • I also just really loved how dead on Professor Shane was about Damon with how he explained Damon's reason for torture and that he didn't want Elena to take the cure.
  • I also find it interesting that another sacrifice of twelve needs to happen still and I can understand why Damon would believe that Professor Shane brought all of them to the island in order to make the sacrifice since vampires are the most obvious choice for a sacrifice.
  • I loved that when Damon was going to kill Professor Shane that Elena saved him because she cares about what happens to Bonnie, I liked this because despite being best friends Elena rarely shows that she cares about Bonnie.
  • I loved that when Elena invited Damon to be human with her he told her that he didn't want to be human again and that Stefan's the one who would want that. I also just love this scene because it shows how Damon and Elena don't work as a couple because they want different things and are completely different people.
  • I loved how Caroline told Klaus how awful he is and that nothing he does will ever make up for the things that he has done.
  • I hated how Klaus bite Caroline and had no intention of healing her yet he claims to love her, yeah I decided that I can't ever ship those two.
  • I loved how Tyler swallowed his pride and begged Klaus to save Caroline's life and even agreed to be his slave again if he saved Caroline that just proves how much Tyler loves Caroline. Also it proves how cruel Klaus is because he never intended to heal Caroline even when he asked Tyler to beg.
  • I liked that Rebekah thought right away that Elena was the one who stole the tomb stone and betrayed her because she's right when she says that everyone constantly betrays her and I liked that she strangled Elena for a bit because Elena deserves worse than that.
  • I find it odd that Elena was surprised to hear that Stefan wanted to be cured just as much as she and Rebekah wants to be cured, I mean really Elena do you know either of the Salvatore brothers considering I found both of their response to the cure to be rather obvious.
  • I'm glad that Elena gave Rebekah the white oak stake because I don't trust Elena with the stake since she seems to enjoy killing originals.
  • I like that it seems that Rebekah, Stefan and Elena are going to have to work together.
  • I liked that Caroline was able to manipulate Klaus into curing her.
  • I don't like that Professor Shane is holding Jeremy and Bonnie captive.
  • I wonder way one of the five wouldn't just kill Damon considering that the five's goal is to kill as many vampires as possible.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top 7 Bookish memories

1. Reading Harry Potter: I remember when I was little that my dad use to read the Harry Potter books to me and my brother and I always really love them. Later on after the books became longer I started reading the series by myself and I still love the books.
2. Reading A Series of Unfortunate Events: This is another book series that I had read to me when I was little and it's also one that I have yet to finish so far I'm only part way through the tenth book but I do plan to finish series one day.
3. Reading Fruits Basket: I love this series it's my absolute favorite series and I remember the days not to long ago when I started reading the series and I started to buy the books to volumes at a time and how I'd read both volumes within a day of buying them. I also have extremely fond memories of the second time I read the series and notice all the foreshadowing.
4. Reading, Reading in the Dark: I loved this book even though not too many people have read this book but this book just grabbed me and it's the reason I read this book pretty much once a year. Also I just really love the line about about the narrator's mother turning him on and turning him off, it makes sense in context but the context is filled with spoilers.
5. Reading the line "All she wanted was for things to nice and pretty the way they were in songs.": This line in Game of Thrones is the line that made me decide that Sansa will always be one of my favorite characters and it's the line that pretty much define her character for me and it's also a pretty tragic line considering what happens to her throughout the series.
6. Getting my first comment on this blog: My first comment on my blog was very exciting for me since I had to wait months to get it therefore it was extremely special for me it happened in August of 2011 and it was on a top 10 Tuesday list and it made me happy because it proved to me that someone actually reads my blog.
7. Reading The Glass Menagerie: The Glass Menagerie was a really important read for me because of how much I related to Laura Wingfield and since I almost never fully relate to characters I have a special love for her and the play in general.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Anime Review: Another: Face to Face(1.06)

                                                 Another: Face to Face(1.06)Review
In this episode Mei explains to Koichi that the reason behind ignoring one person in the class because it's viewed as some sort of protective charm to prevent the calamity from falling on class 3 and their families. Mei also tells Koichi that the reason the rest of the class didn't tell Koichi about the rule of ignoring Mei was because Koichi had already spoken to her. Over the curse of this episode now that both Mei and Koichi no longer exist to class 3 the two of them become very close friends.

It is said during this episode that the person who is dead in the class as all memory of their death erased from their mind as does the rest of the class and no one can end up remembering who's dead until the end of the year. It's also mentioned in this episode that Koichi's mother's death may have been part of the class 3 curse because of his aunt being part of  class 3 that year. The episode ends with the homeroom teacher telling the class how he has failed to keep them all safe until graduation and then he pulls out of knife and I'm not sure who he's planning to use it on.

I overall enjoyed the episode and I felt I've learned a bit more about the class 3 curse as well as the characters also I was really surprised by the end of the episode. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

                                                   The Fault in Our Stars Review
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, is about a girl named Hazel who has stage 4 thyroid cancer which cause her lungs to suck at being lungs and she has been living the cancer for three years now. Hazel is what she calls a professional sick person and therefore she doesn't go to regular school and about the only time she gets out of the house is to go to support group meetings for children living with cancer. At one of the support group meetings she meets a guy named Augustus Waters who's a survivor of osteosarcoma although he did loose one leg to disease he's considered cured of the disease by the time Hazel meets him. Augustus is this guy who looks for the metaphor in almost everything  this is shown with the way he likes to metaphorical smoke cigarettes and he also has a fondness for grand gestures.

Hazel and Augustus become good friends over time and it's clear from very early on that the two are falling in  love with each other but Hazel doesn't wish to get close to anyone because she see herself as a grenade just waiting to go off with her death causing everyone she's close to pain once she's gone. Augustus doesn't share Hazel viewpoint on this matter and instead feels that the fact someone could die soon just means they should not waste their time denying what they feel. One of the things that Hazel and Augustus bond over is Hazel's favorite book An Imperial Affliction which was about a teenage girl with cancer and it ends mid-sentence which makes them both curious about what happens to the main characters loved ones after the book ends. Due their curiosity and that Peter Van Houten's the author of An Imperial Affliction, promise to reveal what happens after the end of the book if they came to Amsterdam to see him in person, Augustus uses his wish from the Genies for Hazel and Augustus to go to Amsterdam. Peter Van Houten ends up being a disappointment and doesn't give them the answers they wanted but they still ended up having a good time on their trip and this is actually when they end up getting together.

Towards the end of the book Augustus's cancer comes back worse than ever and well it's pretty obvious what ends up happening which ended up making me cry a whole bunch. The book was overall great it had this dark sense of humor and was very heartfelt at the same time. I loved the characters of Hazel and Augustus and the brief relationship they shared. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

TV Review: Once Upon a Time: Tallahasse(2.06)

                                   Once Upon a Time: Tallahassee(2.06)Review
  • I found Emma's backstory as a criminal to be pretty interesting and that her and her Henry's father Neal, met when she was stealing a car he already stole.
  • I also find it both interesting and sad that August convinced Neal to leave Emma because it apparently was for the best and that Neal was the one who got the post card about the curse being broken at the beginning of the season.
  • I really enjoyed how much Hook seemed to flirt with Emma during this episode but I haven't decided how I feel about those two as of yet.
  • I liked how Emma told Mulan to cut down the bean stoke of she wasn't back in a certain amount of time because she wanted to make sure Snow got back to Storybrooke.
  • I thought that Emma and Hook did work pretty well together and I liked how Hook tried to convince Emma to trust him even though it did work in the end.
  • I liked how the giant was humanized and that after Emma saw him in that way she decided to spare his life when she could have killed him and because of this the giant repaid the favor to Emma.
  • I don't know if it was a good idea for Emma to have the giant hold Hook captive for awhile because he doesn't really seem like he's already choose a side and I'd think it would be bad for them to have him as an enemy but I do understand why Emma doesn't trust him.
  • I liked how Snow told Emma that they were going to go back to Storybrooke together no matter what.
  • I find it interesting that both Aurora and Henry are having the same nightmare.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fangirl Friday 27

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.



1. Vampire Diaries: I watched the two latest episodes of Vampire Diaries this week and I have to say my favorite part of both episodes was Kol. I love Kol as a character because he's so very charming but also very violent. I also think that Kol is being the smartest character on the show right now with how he's the only person who's concerned by Silas rising and making the earth hell. I also love how Kol says stuff like "I gave him a good and proper beating." and I love how he calls people darling. Because of my extremely love for Kol I was very sad about him dying especially since logical he shouldn't have been killed because he would have killed Elena not just pin her against the wall. I am also really enjoying Bonnie's dark magic arc with how she has this potential to be an extremely powerful witch but also the potential to be very destructive. I also like how Bonnie's family is trying to save her from herself but there isn't much progress being made since her parents weren't there for her in the past. I'm also loving the Stefan and Rebekah relationship because I've always loved both characters and I weirdly have always sort of shipped them so it's nice to see their relationship be explored. I loved how last weeks episode Stefan and Rebekah's relationship was more about seduction and not caring but then in this weeks episode it was about how they both have let themselves care because that's just who they are. I also loved that Rebekah finally went to a high school dance like she wanted to even though it was a private dance between her and Stefan.
2. Elementary: Elementary came back this week and it was another great episode and the case had to do with conspiracy theories and dealt with the aftermath of the last episode a bit as well. I also loved the stuff with the turtle Clyde.
3. White Collar: White Collar came back last week and I found this weeks episode and last weeks episode to both be delightful. I also enjoyed seeing Reed Diamond who I know from playing Domenic on Dollhouse and his character on White Collar reminded me a bit of that character.
4. The Fault in Our Stars: I'm pretty much finished with this book and I have to say that it's a great book and I loved Hazel, Augustus and Issac so much and I'm so sad about Augustus having died which is why I'm having a bit of a hard time finishing the book because I'm bit too busy crying.