Friday, January 31, 2020

Top 10 Books I Read in 2019

1. The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue: This book is a historical adventure novel that is also a really good coming of age story in great character introspection and relationships that develop wonderfully as well. This book is the one that surprised me the most and I love it all the more for it.
2. Archenemies: This book is the second book in the Renegades series and it does great job expanding the story and the world of the first book. I continued to love the characters and I loved the main romance as well even if it wasn't the main focus of the story.
3. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: This book is one that focused on the life of a very complicated character that I didn't always liked but was always interested in what she was going to do next which is something that I actually quite enjoy in books.
4. Shadow Kiss: This book is the third book of the Vampire Academy series and everything expect the main romance of the series really worked for me in this book. This book had a bit more of a stronger plot than the previous books in the series and I liked how this book expanded upon the world's mythology as well as developing the characters and their relationships in this book.
5. The Blood of Olympus: The final book in the Heroes of Olympus reminded me once again why I love the world that these stories are told in and assured me that I still love this characters and that I want to follow the next spin off series as well.
6. Fallout: This book is the last book of the Crank series and set almost twenty years after the second book and instead deals with Kristina's children and shows how they turn out after having Kristina for their biological mother and not really being a part of their lives. This book is once again told through poetry like most Ellen Hopkins books are.
7. The Luxe: This book is the first in a series of books that deals with the life of wealthy New Yorkers in the late 1800s and I find that enjoy reading about their scandalous lives more than I expected that I would.
8. P.S. I Like You: This book is a really sweet love story that has to do with secretly sharing love notes with someone they don't know the identity of.
9. If I Stay: This book is one that is really sad but one that also really does a good job at keeping your attention.
10. The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy: This book is the second book of the series that started with The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue but this book focus on Felicity that wants to be a doctor in 1700s and how her attempts to become one ends with her getting involved with pirates.

Book Review: Renegades: Archenemies

                                                          Archenemies Review  
Archenemies is the second book of the Renegades series this book starts a few weeks after the end of the first book which means that most people believe that Nova's supervillain persona Nightmare is dead. Now that Nightmare is dead to the public Nova has to even more careful about helping the anarchists. Nova's primary goal in this book is to find Ace's old helmet because she if Ace wears it again he will be healed from his injuries and become all powerful and start another age of anarchy. At the beginning of this book Adrian's vigilante persona The Sentinel is believed to be killed during a chase with a criminal which leads Adrian thinking that it may be for the best if he retired his persona as well.

The renegades introduce a drug called Agent N which is something that will take away someone's powers if it gets into their bloodstream. Agent N is something that is given to the renegades to use on any criminal that they encounter when they are on patrol. No one other than Nova and Adrian seem to even question how right it is that you can do something like this without giving the criminal a fair trial, while Adrian is only really worrying about the judgement of a few renegades Nova doesn't like the renegades having this kind of power since she thinks they have far too much already. Nova doesn't like the renegades using Agent N she doesn't seem to think to badly about the anarchists using it since she ends up looking for a way to make it into weapon to use against the renegades.

In this book we also get more development with Nova and Adrian's romantic relationship as well with the two of them becoming closer to each other but still keeping their distant because of their other personas. Nova is stuck in a conflicting situation with her feeling like it would be better for her mission if she kept away from Adrian since she suspects that she may be developing real feelings for him but she also needs to get close to him in order to use him for her mission as well. Adrian on the other hand despite knowing that he really likes Nova doesn't feel like he can have a relationship with her without telling her he's The Sentinel and since Nova doesn't like his other persona he can't see that as a real option for him.

Overall I really loved this book, it had an interesting plot, world and characters and relationships that I'm really invested in. Please tell me your thoughts about this book or series as whole in the comment section below.

Top Covers From Books I Read in the Last Few Years

1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

2. The Luxe

3. The Fill In Boyfriend 

4. These Broken Stars

5. Heartless

6. Turtles All the Way Down

7. I Believe in a Thing Called Love

8. School Spirits

9. Etiquette and Espionage

10. Winter

Book Review: Royals: Her Royal Highness

                                                         Her Royal Highness Review
Her Royal Highness is about Millie Quint a high school senior from Texas who ends up going to a fancy Scottish boarding school after finding out that her friend with benefits almost girlfriend making out with someone else. Millie ends up being roommates with Scottish Princess Flora who doesn't want to be stuck at a boarding school out in the countryside and certainly doesn't want a roommate and when Millie ends up insulting her that makes Flora even more unhappy about having to room with her. Millie and Flora start off as enemies but the two of them are stuck together whether they like it or not. Millie makes some friends with some other students during this time and Flora spends this time trying to get kicked out of school which is something her mother the queen isn't going to allow.

After a failed camping trip Millie and Flora start to become very good friends with each other after they come to understand each other better. Now that Millie is getting along with Flora she starts to notice how beautiful she is and now that she understands her better she can tell that Flora has a better heart than she lets on all of which leads to Millie developing feelings for Flora which Flora seems to return despite her mother's disapproval.

Overall this was an okay book which I wish I found more interesting since I thought that the book sounded really good when I first saw the plot description for it. I found Millie to be quite boring which I think made me feel like the story was boring since we saw it all through her eyes despite this I did find Flora to be an interesting character and I wonder if the story would've been better from her point of view. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Book Review: A Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

                                The Lady's Guide to Petticoats and Piracy Review 
The Lady's Guide to  Petticoats and Piracy is the follow up book to A Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue expect this time around we follow Felicity Montague as she tries to become a doctor in the 1700s when all the men believe that woman can't be doctors and won't even let her study medicine let alone practice it. Felicity hears from one member of the hospital that her idol when it comes to practicing medicine Dr. Alexander Platt might be more progressive than most men and might be willing to hire her as an assistant. Felicity finds out that Platt is soon going to marry her childhood friend Joanna Hoffman, so Felicity makes it her mission to get to the wedding of her former friend to beg for a job from Platt. A female pirate named Sim ends up offering to take Felicity to meet with plate since there is something that she believes Joanna's family took from her family and she wants to get it back, Felicity naively believes that Sim won't steal anything after she promises not.

Felicity and Joanna's friendship is one that didn't end on good terms since Felicity felt like Joanna was abandoning her and their mutual love for scientific discovers to be a proper lady which lead to Felicity lashing out at Joanna implying that she was stupid and shallow. Joanna ends up welcoming Felicity warmly despite the bad terms their friendship ended on and the fact that Felicity's father claimed that she and Monty had been kidnapped by pirates while they were on tour which makes anyone who recognizes Felicity's name a bit suspicious about what she's doing there. While Felicity reuniting with Joanna starts off better than expect she doesn't have as much luck at convincing Platt that she would be a good assistant for him and it doesn't help matters that Platt is uninterested in even having an assistant in the first place.

After awhile Felicity and Joanna end up getting into a fight with each other about the different ways they choose to live their lives and it doesn't help matters that soon after that Felicity finds Sim trying to steal some of Joanna's late mother's research and when she tells Joanna about this Joanna no longer wants to see Felicity since she knew Sim was a thief when she brought her there. Felicity ends up deciding to leave the next morning but she ends up discovering that Joanna had ran away on the day of her wedding this leads to Felicity to insisting that she goes with Platt to find her and hopes that she can use this opportunity to convince Platt to hire her. As the story goes on Felicity starts to discover that there is a lot more going on then she is aware of.

Overall this a good book that has Felicity struggling to find her place in the world and through out the story she learns that her way of being a smart woman isn't the only way in which a woman can be smart which is something she learns through reconnecting with Joanna. While I liked this book I feel like the first book in the series was better and I think that was probably because our main characters stuck together through out the book which is not true here since Felicity ends up separated from Joanna and Sim for large parts of this book which makes it a bit harder to invest in her relationships with them. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Book Review: If I Stay

                                                              If I Stay Review
If I Stay is about a seventeen year old named Mia who ends up in a car crash that sends her into a coma but kills the rest of her family. Mia spends the book deciding whether or not she wants to wake up and live in a world without her family while she watches her friends, boyfriend and her grandparents worry about her possibly dying. There are many flashbacks to Mia's life before the coma which shows us how close Mia was to her family and why it's so hard for her to decide to live while knowing that they won't be there. There are also quite a few flashbacks to Mia's relationship with her boyfriend Adam who is a big part of why she's not sure if she wants go despite her grief that is equally important to her decision making process as her family is. This book does a good job at making us feel for Mia and also fleshing out all the characters that are part of Mia's life which is what makes this book as good as it is.

This book is one where not a whole lot happens in this book plot wise but the characters and their emotions are engaging enough that it really doesn't take away from the book but it does leave me with not much to say about the book. This book is good, it had good characters and ended up making me emotional invested in characters that die at the beginning. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Book Review: P.S. I Like You

                                                     P.S. I Like You Review
P.S. I Like You is about how a high school student named Lilly ends up becoming pen pals with someone who writes notes on the desk that they both have in science class when she finds that someone continued writing out the lyrics to a song by her favorite band that she thought no one else in her school listened to expect her. The two become friends through their exchanging of notes and move on from scribbling on the desk to leaving paper notes tucked under the desk. After awhile Lilly starts to develop a crush on her pen pal and the pen pal hints that he feels the same way despite not knowing who she is. Lilly is working up the courage to suggest that the two of them should meet up in real life when she discovers that her pen pal is Cade someone she has known and hated for years and now that she learned that he's her pen pal she doesn't know how to deal with the two different sides that Cade has and doesn't know how to feel about him know that she knows these two sides of him.

This story is mostly a cute love story that is mostly shown through the exchanging of notes and it works better than I expected that it would. The book also has Lilly dealing with being a member of a big family that causes her problems that while aren't hugely dramatic are unique to someone who has a lot of siblings and we also learn a fair bit about Cade's dysfunctional family through him opening up to Lilly in the letters, these two storylines allows us to have a bit more insight into the characters life. There is also an interesting friendship conflict between Lilly and her best friend that also adds to her character as well.

Overall I really liked this book it was a sweet and fluffy read that had likable main characters that were fun to read about. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

Book Review: Asylum

                                                                Asylum Review
Asylum is about how sixteen year old Dan Crawford ends attending college preparatory program over the summer and over the summer he stays in a dorm in a building use to be an insane asylum which was shut down years ago because of the inhumane treatments that were being done there. Shortly after arriving Dan finds a photo of man that looks exactly like him who turns out to have been the warden for the asylum and has the same name as Dan. Dan ends up meeting two friends Abby and Jordan and the three of them break into the old file room which leads Dan to become obsessed with the who the warden was and Abby to become obsessed with a photo of a young girl.

Dan tries to find out more about the asylum and the warden and why things had to be shut down but he doesn't actually end up learning much other than their was a serial killer that was patient there. Abby learns that the girl that she was obsessed with is actually her aunt and she wants to tell her dad about it and figure out where she is now. After awhile someone is killed and another person is attacked in ways that are similar to the serial killer that was a patient there which leads Dan to wanting to know if what is happening now is similar to what is happened in the past.

Overall this book had an okay plot but I found the characters to be a bit dull and one note which made investing the story a little hard for me. The writing in this story seemed to have a lot of scenes that could have allowed for us to get a better understanding of the characters personalities and their relationships told in summary rather than in scene which puts a lot of distance between the characters and the audience which isn't a good thing here. I felt like every scene that was in scene was one that moved the plot but every scene that could've developed the characters was in summary which I think is a problem. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.