Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 10 Characters that own my heart

By own my heart I pretty much mean that there character just spoke to me a lot and am very attached to them and for one reason or another their very important to me so I hate seeing hate about them more than I usually do for characters I love. This list is one that includes characters that are very important to me but might not make on my all time favorite character list although some do so I'm taking the chance to talk about them now.
1. Laura Wingfield(The Glass Menagerie): Laura is very important to me because she's the fictional character that I relate to the most she incredibly shy to the point that it effects her life negatively because interacting is far too nerve wracking for her so she shies away from it and therefore she shies away from just about everyone and everything. I also love how she prefers to make up a fantasy world than deal with the real one which is another thing I relate to her with.
2. Sansa Stark(A Song of Ice and Fire): I love Sansa because she is someone I understand and feel for so much and I never expected to have a character like her in a series like this. I love Sansa because she is actually what a lady of her time is suppose to be and she tries to live up to all the lessons she has been taught and all she wants out of life is for it to be nice and pretty like the way it is in songs she was raised on. But sadly Sansa has to see every ideal that she was raised be destroyed in the cruelest way possible and she has to adapt to an environment where she knows that one wrong word can get her killed and she learns fast and she learns well how to play the game and uses her courtesies the very thing that she is mocked for believing she uses not only to survive but also she saved a man's life with it. I love that Sansa still believes that people are generally good even though she has seen so many terrible things and met so many terrible people she doesn't give up on kindness like almost everyone else would and I can't help but admire her for that.
3. Charlie(Perks of Being a Wallflower): Charlie is a character that I love because I just love the way that he thinks with him always wanting the best for everyone even if they aren't someone he knows or someone who is mean to him and that's something I don't see often enough. I love that he loves to read and he writes the letters the story that make up the novel because he needs to someone to just listen and I love that he's a bit damage as well.
4. Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket): I love Tohru because she is just so incredibly kind she can find good in absolutely everyone and she tells them what she sees about them that makes them good and that's really important in this series because so many characters hate themselves and her acceptance of them helps them start their paths to recovery. I love that she has such a big heart and I love that she has trouble with crying for herself or mentioning when things are wrong with her because she doesn't want trouble anyone. I love that she's a bit of a ditz as well and she's pretty girly as well, I really just love everything about her character and I wish that I was more like her because more people should be as kind and accepting as she is.
5. Sakura Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura): Sakura is another kindhearted heroine I love and I love her for being very friendly and optimistic. Sakura is someone who I think is a pretty good representation of a really likable ten year old and I like that she acts her age it's part of her charm. I also like that Sakura is pretty good improvising and thinking about things in a new way which is what leads her to become the new cardmistress. I always love how she treats everyone as a friend even if they try to become rivals with her she's just like no we're friends and they eventually becomes friends I just think it's nice.
6. Caroline Forbes(Vampire Diaries TV): I love Caroline because she's a bit of a control freak, can be a mean girl, started off the series feeling very insecure because she was always consider second best compared to Elena, she's optimistic, she's a really good friend and she cares so much about everyone. I loved Caroline since episode one and I haven't really stopped although I have stopped watching the show, I loved human Caroline where she came off looking bad more often than not because she was always trying so hard because everyone around her made her feel like she wasn't good enough so she spent her time trying to prove them wrong. Later on Caroline became a vampire and she became physically strong and she started to gain self confidence and the people around her started to notice her positive qualities rather than her negative ones and this made her not have to try quite as hard all the time although she can still be a bit of control freak like when she's planning an event. I love Caroline both for who she started out the series as and the person that she became later on.
7. Stiles(Teen Wolf): I don't think I've ever wrote about why I love him as a character before so I might not explain why I love him in a way that makes a lot of sense but I'm going to try. I'll start off with the reasons that pretty much everyone loves first I love that he's sarcastic and that he's a really loyal friend with how he never once thought of abandoning Scott during all the werewolf stuff because he could never leave Scott even though the supernatural world is really dangerous and he has a choice if he wants to be part of it but really if Scott's part of it Stiles is part of it. I love he's human and that he's still useful in the story I love the way that they handle him being a regular human in that they don't make him someone that has to be saved all the time just that he doesn't have special abilities like most everyone else and that not being able to do those kind of things make him feel defenseless sometimes but doesn't mean that he'll ever back down to a villain or even let them know how scared he is. I love that he does a pretty good job as a detective/investigator type and is able to figure out most things, I like that he's smart even though he may not come off that way at first because he tends to ramble and talk without thinking first. I love that he's pretty awkward in a lot of ways and I love that there's really only a small group of people he's close to and he would do anything for them. I love that he always says he's fine and he never is this trait worries me as well but I'm always interested in characters who no matter how much trauma they go through insist that they're fine or not important and he is one of those characters that is like that, I like he worries all the time about the safety of his love ones but think it's ridicules if they worry about him even when they have good reason to. This is getting a bit long and I could say a bit more but I feel I shouldn't here.
8. Lydia Martin(Teen Wolf): I love Lydia because she was first represent as this mean popular girl but she has grown a lot over the course of the series and there's a lot more layers to her than I originally thought there was. I love that Lydia's a secret genius and I love that as time goes on she realizes she doesn't have to hide her intelligence. I love that she is highly fashionable and highly intelligent because I feel that those traits don't mix often enough in fiction. I love that since she's been introduced to the supernatural world she has been able to figure out ways to help and helped saved people better than anyone could ever expected. I love that Lydia decided that she was going to embrace her abilities that she didn't understand in hopes of being able to something to save people rather than just find their bodies. I love that she is much more compassionate than anyone would have suspected and I like that we get to see her good side now more than her bad side and that she seems to care less about being the person people expect her to be now is just herself.
9. Scott McCall(Teen Wolf): I love Scott because he's just the sweetest guy and he's totally adorable but most of all I love that he's heroic. I love that Scott always wants to save everyone no matter what and that he thinks that killing someone is never an answer to a problem and that he always does everything he can to find another more peaceful solution to the problem. I love that Scott cares about people that other's people's happiness is more important than his own and how he'll do whatever he can to help someone out whether they're a friend or a strange. I love that collateral damage is unacceptable to Scott because it's so rare to see a character to care about the nameless victims but Scott cares and makes me love him more. I love that Scott admits that he almost never knows what's he's doing but he's always trying to do the right thing.
10. Alison Argent(Teen Wolf): I love Alison because she wants so badly to prove to herself that she's strong and she is and she can most definitely take care of herself. I like that while Alison is a very good fighter she still feels very much like a teenage girl and she has moments of vulnerability that she way too hard on herself about. I love that Alison found a way to save her friends and I love that she changed her family code to one that wasn't about killing so much as it was about protecting the innocent which is what being hunter is suppose to stand for and I love that Alison proceed to live by that code.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Only Light in the Darkness(1.19)

                    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Only Light in the Darkness(1.19)Review
  • I liked how the whole team was crowded around Ward as he got medical treatment and told them the story he came up with about what happened at the fridge because even though he's with Hydra now I still like the team worrying about each other and we won't get another scene like this probably.
  • I liked that Coulson had Skye check out who all escaped the fridge and she mentioned that Ian Quinn is the least scary guy on the list and he shot her twice.
  • I like that Coulson still feels it's his and his teams duty to protect the general population and that he intends to do just that even though he doesn't have the resource he once did.
  • I like that Eric the guy in charge of the secret base made everyone go through the most advance lie detector around before they were allowed to leave the base for missions.
  • I really loved seeing everyone go through the lie detector and seeing their answers to different questions. I liked how both Fitz and Simmons response to the question about the difference between a rock and an egg is that's an absurd question since there are so many differences.
  • I liked that Fitz response to what he wanted in a box on an island would be Simmons.
  • I find it interesting that Triplett's grandfather was a famous S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and he has complete faith that S.H.I.E.L.D. will defeat Hydra once again.
  • I like all the different responses about why they are still there even though S.H.I.E.L.D. has fallen with Skye's it's the close to home she's ever had, Fitz's it's best that we stick together, Simmons's being unsure at the moment and May's reason being Coulson.
  • I like that Skye teased Ward about how he'll hate the lie detector because he hates talking about himself.
  • I liked that Eric at one point seriously suspected Ward of lying and pulled a gun on him and that Ward looked really scared and the only true answer Ward could give for why he was here is Skye.
  • I like how Fitz is so clearly annoyed with Triplett because he's so clearly jealous of his connection with Simmons and I like that he's super annoyed with Triplett actually being smart.
  • I found the story about Marcus Daniels a man that has the power to absorb energy and was a obsessed with Cellist named Aubrey to be pretty interesting mission especially since Coulson and Aubrey use to be a thing but she was told he died.
  • I really loved that Aubrey was played by Amy Acker because I love her because of Angel and Dollhouse so it's always nice to see her.
  • I liked how Ward told Fitz to tell Simmons about how he feels because this little moment shows that Ward really cares about Fitz because he didn't need to give him that advice and it almost blew his cover to give it.
  • I liked how Skye figured out that Eric was using the access cards in order to track them.
  • I liked how Skye came up with the idea to hack NASA and that Eric thought that it was insane but he was eventually convinced.
  • I was sad that May left after fixing the fuel line because she knew no matter what she says or does Coulson isn't going to trust her again.
  • I liked how Ward seemed to really open up to Skye a bit more about saying he can't control his feelings for her like he can about most everything else and told her more about his childhood. He also told her that she's good and that he's bad, I like that though he is using her he still clearly cares about her and on some level I think he's trying to tell her the truth.
  • I enjoyed the kiss between Skye and Ward but I'm glad that he didn't go too far because she really needed to learn the truth about him before anything else happened.
  • I liked that Skye used Eric's tracker thing to track down his body and that when she found she knew this meant that Ward was Hydra. I like that Skye first looked for a weapon to use against Ward before realizing the best way to fight against him is con him like he's been conning them and I think she'll be better at it than him. I'm really looking forward to watching them play each other but also have really feelings for each other underneath it all.
  • I like that Fitz pretty much said without saying that he doesn't tell Simmons that feels more than friendship for her because he's too afraid to talk to her.
  • I like that Coulson in a way got to say goodbye to Aubrey even though he didn't feel it was right to tell her he's alive if he can't stay with her.
  • I like that when Simmons asked Fitz what his problem is with Triplett that he almost tells her the truth but then can't and just tells her that he doesn't like change.
  • I like that a woman that appears to be May's mother and who worked for a different agency is helping her track down Maria Hill.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thoughts on Games of Thrones Breaker of Chains(4.03)

I really loved how at the beginning of this episode Sansa finally escapes Kingslanding and from the way that Cersei seemed to be yelling for her head I think it was just in the nick of time. I love that after Littlefinger shoots Ser Dontos and reveals to Sansa that he was only doing his bidding with giving her the necklace and making sure she escape that Sansa is still very upset about his death and it still matters to her that he saved her life even if he had other motives she's still grateful for what he did. I also love how Littlefinger had asked Sansa if she remembers what he told her about Kingslanding and she did which is their all liars, while I don't exactly trust Littlefinger with Sansa since his interest in her has always been a bit creepy I'm looking forward to their interactions because their usually interesting and he teaches her so much without even knowing it and I always love those type of Sansa interactions the most.
I really loved how Margery seemed more upset that she doesn't have a better claim on being queen since Joffrey died rather than him being dead but I also loved how she wonder briefly if she's cursed because her last two husbands have died. I like that Ollena told Margery that while she might not have liked seeing Joffrey died she would have disliked being married to much more and I like that Margery main focus continues to be being the queen.
I liked how Tywin is very quick to take advantage of how Joffrey's death changes things for his family starting with how he starts to coach Tommen about what makes a king a good king right over Joffrey's body and I liked that he basically told Tommen to listen to council but most especially his counsel. I like that Tywin also seems to see this as an opportunity to make peace with the Dornish by offering Oberyn to be the judge for Tyrion's trial and a seat on the council but I'm not sure of how this is going to work out for him because Oberyn seem to have cared more about revenge than power and may just be accepting in order to see how he can use this position to his own advantage.
I really liked the cleverness that Arya showed when talking to the travelers on the road and how she was able to play on their sympathies in order to get a place to stay for the night and a meal for herself and the hound. I really love Arya's cleverness because it seems to be something that is less focused on than her fighting abilities even though it's just as important in her survival as fighting abilities are.
I enjoyed seeing Daenerys arrive at the last of the slave cities and giving a speech about how their masters are their enemy not her and how she freed two cities worth of slaves already and she wishes to free them too. I also liked that she shot the slave collars at them and I believe told them to put them on their masters.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence(1.18)

                                 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Providence(1.18)Review
  • I liked how Raina was first shown making paper flowers in her cell and that she just sat down calmly when she heard all hell breaking loose in the jail because she knew the clairvoyant has come to get her out.
  • I liked how it showed Coulson running things from one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s last remaining headquarters and I liked how he had Skye be in charge of finding out what was going on throughout the agency and that we find out there are 4 bases remaining.
  • I loved how disappointed and almost betrayed Raina felt when she found Garrett was the clairvoyant and he wasn't actually clairvoyant, I feel like while Raina so far has kept helping with his plan that she kind of is doubting most everything about him now and may turn on him in the future.
  • I liked how this episode showed that the military now believes that S.H.I.E.L.D. is a terrorist group because of Hydra so Coulson and his team as well as everyone else has to get off the radar.
  • I liked how Triplett is someone who clearly knew nothing about who Garrett really was but I also liked that Coulson was hesitant to let him come with them and I liked that Simmons spoke up on his behalf and he was allowed to go with them.
  • I liked the scene where just about everyone was giving Coulson bad news about the plane and their supplies and it ended with him being happy with having Internet and noting how much he has lower his expectations.
  • I liked that Skye was hesitant to erase the team identifies because it's implied that it's something she's done before and really doesn't want to do again since she has just found a place she felt she belonged.
  • I liked the phone call between Skye and Ward and I believe despite Ward really being on Garrett's side that he does care for Skye and does want her to be careful like he says he does at the end of the phone call.
  • I like that Ward expressed how angry he is at Garrett for having Quinn shoot her and this really clears up who Ward was blaming back when she was shot and he said he didn't blame himself he blames Garrett.
  • I liked how Raina told Garrett not to call her flowers because that shows she doesn't worship him like she did when she thought he was clairvoyant.
  • I liked how Nick Fury sent coordinates to Coulson to get to a safe house and I liked that Coulson had faith that it was from him but I also liked that others questioned whether it was a trap or not.
  • I liked that May fully told Coulson that she's watching out for him and that she was honest with him when she brought up the fact that he could be hydra because of his surgery.
  • I liked how Raina told Ward that if she wanted to psycho-anayalze him she would ask him about Coulson and his team because she can tell he does care for them even if they started out as a mission.
  • I liked that Ward agreed with Raina when she said he owes a man like Coulson something but Ward tells her that he owes Garrett everything because he rescued him from a hell when he was just a teenager, I like that Ward seems to mostly just be loyal to Garrett because he feels like he owes him and he doesn't seem to care much about hydra and their plans and ideals.
  • I liked how Fitz says that he trusts Coulson because he doesn't know what is trap and what isn't but he believes in Coulson since he hasn't steered them wrong yet.
  • I like that when Simmons tells Fitz that they still have each other that cheers him up and he says he doesn't want things to change but Simmons points out they already have.
  • I like that Skye sees that May being a spy doesn't mean she doesn't care for Coulson but rather she was looking out for him.
  • I like that Coulson had a bit of a breakdown before they discovered where the base was hidden because it was well deserved.
  • I liked Eric Koenig the guy in charge of the secret base he likes to call providence he was pretty entertaining.
  • I'm worried about Ward being invited into the secret base safe house since he's with Garrett and because he's trying to get information from Skye I'm not looking forward to the rest of the team finding out about him but I'm sure it's happening soon.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Monday, April 21, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Allegiance(3.19)

                                                    Revenge: Allegiance(3.19)Review
  • I liked how in Emily's meeting with Pascal she told him that she knew he's playing her and she knows that he's just Victoria's spy.
  • I like that Javier was very hesitant to go with some other than Nolan with his program although I think that he is far too easily seduced by wealth.
  • I really disliked how Daniel and Margaux pretty much spent the episode bribing Javier in order to be the ones that developed his program because they want to make money even though they knew he was already working with someone else and needed bribing to go work with them.
  • I liked how in this episode a man named Luke who was the one who was suppose to be the original fall guy for the terrorist attack appeared and Emily spent the episode trying to find a way to take me down.
  • I think it was sort of odd that Aiden told Emily to make use of her red sharpie again since I don't think he's ever been a part of any of her successful takedowns so it's a bit odd that he knows about her ritual and the fact that I can't remember him being a part of any of her successful takedowns really shows how much Aiden distracts her from her goals.
  • I was sad that when Jack returned from LA after bringing his mom back there at the end of last episode that she didn't seem to realize how long he was gone and didn't really seem to understand what kind of trip he took.
  • While I disliked Margaux seeming too busy to care about Jack I liked that Jack said that it's important for them to make time for each other.
  • I liked how Conrad revealed to Victoria that Pascal was involved in the David Clarke scandal in order to ruin Victoria's happiness with Pascal.
  • I liked how Nolan told Javier that he reminds him a bit of himself when he was younger and that while he sees potential for greatness in Javier he also sees that potential to destroy himself as well if he chooses to set himself up with the wrong people. I also enjoy that Nolan freely admits that David Clarke was a great man and he knows something else about him that most people don't.
  • I liked how Emily asked Jack right away about how things went with his mom and that she was just clearly concerned about him. I also liked how Jack wanted to help Emily out with taking down Luke and that she let him help.
  • I like how it was revealed that the reporter Oscar Chatmen who he knows what really happened with Aiden's father was revealed to be hiding out disguised as a woman.
  • I think it's a bit sad that Victoria believed Pascal's lie about being barely involved in the David Clarke scandal while all the conversations he had with Conrad indicate that he's been involved since the very beginning.
  • I liked how Luke's company that is supposedly econ friendly but really was more damaging to the environment is what Emily used to find away to take him down especially since Luke's company was hurting a lot of people so destroying him helped out a lot of people not just Emily's revenge.
  • I think it was nice for Aiden to learn that his father didn't kill himself and was planning to confess about his part in putting the bomb unknowningly on the plane.
  • I liked how Nolan and Aiden convinced Oscar to come out of hiding to be able to help them out.
  • I liked that while Charlotte was part of the whole convincing Javier to go with Daniel that she was doing this simply because she think it's what's best for him.
  • I find it interesting that Pascal revealed that he has tapes of his and Conrad's conversations about the David Clarke scandal and I have a feeling that these tapes will be used against both of them by the end of the season.
  • I think it's pretty bad of Daniel to only really want to take Javier on because he wants to get to Nolan to get to Emily.
  • I think it was pretty brilliant of Victoria to call Luke to the Hamptons and have a fight with him that she knew Emily would see in order to figure out if her theory about Emily was correct although I'm a bit sad Emily fell for it because that means Victoria is closer to finding her out.
  • I liked how Nolan actually did make a new contract that he thought would be more to Javier's liking which just shows that Nolan is pretty darn nice of him especially considering Javier's recent behavior.
  • I liked that when Nolan found out that Javier decided to sign with Daniel that Nolan told him that both him and his program aren't ready to be part of the same playing field as people like Daniel which just shows how much Nolan was trying to protect Javier.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Emily take down Luke even if it did play right into Victoria's hand because it's been so long since we had a proper takedown.
  • I was sad that Pascal killed Oscar but I don't find it all that surprising and it gives me all the more reason to not trust anything Pascal says especially to Victoria.
  • I liked how Emily was able to get the information that Luke had that showed that Conrad is the one that made the transfers into the terrorists accounts.
  • I liked that Jack broke up with Margaux because of the way that she totally screwed over Nolan.
  • I liked how Nolan told Daniel that he's not going to let him corrupt Javier like he has Charlotte and Margaux.
  • I liked that Conrad seems to be hiring Aiden to get Pascal's tapes for him because this means those tapes will end up in Emily's hands and she'll finally be able to prove without a doubt that Conrad is guilty instead of her father.
  • I kind of liked how Victoria figured out that Emily is getting revenge for David and I wonder if it will change their relationship at all since despite the fact that Victoria screwed him over she did really love him and I think parts of her also wants revenge for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Bates Motel: Plunge(2.06)

                                                   Bates Motel: Plunge(2.06)Review
  • I liked that at the beginning of this episode Norma tried to get out of her business deal with Nick Ford after she suspects he killed Lee Berman.
  • I liked how the girl who's in charge of the pot business brought Dylan back to her house and took care of him and wanted to makes sure no one came after him.
  • I think it's odd how much Christine wanted Norma to take the open seat that was available on the council.
  • I liked how Norma told Cody that she didn't want Norman drinking due to medical reasons which seemed reasonable to me.
  • I liked that Norman told Cody he was sorry about how things were with her dad.
  • I liked how awkward it was for Norman and Emma when they met up on their separate dates with Cody and Gunner and I liked how Cody and Gunner were so causally about the whole thing and friendly towards each other.
  • I liked how George helped Norma prep for her meeting with the Mayor and told her that her personality was the best thing she brought to the table and that he was confident she knew her stuff.
  • I liked how both Norman and Gunner were worried about Emma doing the rope swing but at the same time I liked how Emma encouraged her because she treated her just like she would anyone else which is also nice.
  • I liked how Norman saved Emma when she almost drowned and had very short breaths after doing the rope swing.
  • I didn't like how Norman lost it on Cody because it was something that clearly was an accident and it was clear she felt bad about it afterwards.
  • I liked how the girl who's in charge of the pot business told Dylan that he was to run things secretly because her brother clearly can't handle the job.
  • I liked how Emma thank Norman for saving her and that she was grateful for his concern for her and I liked that they both cared about if the other was okay.
  • I liked how Cody said she was sorry for pushing Emma to do the rope swing and that Emma said it was fine and she wanted to do it anyways.
  • I liked that Cody told Emma about Norman's blackouts because after the day before she was really worried about him and felt she should tell someone.
  • I find it strange and a bit frightening for Norma that it seems she only really got the seat on the council because Nick Ford wanted her to and that she really isn't done working with Nick Ford.
  • I liked how Norma stopped Norman from getting his license after she found out that he was having blackouts still because it's really not save for him to be driving if he has those.
  • While I liked that Norman defended Cody against her father and I didn't like him I don't think him being dead is going to work out well for her either.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: And Left No Friendly Drop(1.04)

                               Star-Crossed: And Left No Friendly Drop(1.04)Review
  • I find it interesting that Atrians aren't allowed any kind of technology even cell phones and I found it odd that Roman's father would have a phone while it's something that is believed that only Trags would have.
  • I liked that Drake seems a bit freaked out about how he saw one of the fellow Trags get killed last episode and I find it a bit odd how Terri is now so fully supportive of the Trags way of life.
  • I liked how Roman went to Julia in order to get help in uncovering what data was on the phone since he's now questioning all he knows about his father.
  • I liked the quick lesson we got in this episode about how Atrians bodies are different from humans because it was very interesting information.
  • I find it odd how flirty Taylor seems to be with Drake considering they barely know each other.
  • I liked how Grayson did his best to prove he wasn't a Red Hawk and that he was sorry about not telling Emery about his parents and I like Emery really want to believe him but I'm glad that she was unsure if she could trust him for about half the episode.
  • I liked how Julia got Lucas to help Roman out with finding out what was on his dad's phone since he's pretty good when it comes to technology.
  • I liked how Emery and Sofia seem to be becoming friends and I liked how after Sofia expressed a desire to swim and join the team that Emery encourages her.
  • I liked that quite a few of the people who sees how great of a swimmer Sofia is are excited about it even though a few like Aaron are against her joining the team since she's an Atrian.
  • I liked how Emery and Grayson worked together to convince the lady in charge of interrogation to allow Sofia to join the swim team and they are successful.
  • I liked that Roman was protective of Sofia and I like that Sofia wanted to join the swim team as a way of honoring their father.
  • I like that Emery and Grayson seem to make up in this episode after he helped convince people that Sofia would be valuable asset for the swim team.
  • I liked that after Julia had to lie quite about why she was talking to Roman that Emery told her she didn't have to tell her why but to just not lie to her.
  • I liked how Sofia asked the other Atrians to endear the harassment that her joining the swim team brought them for her and her father and I liked that Drake pretty quickly supported and encouraged her.
  • I liked that Roman told Emery how he has protected her in earlier episodes and that he wants to protect his sister.
  • I thought it was awful of the girl from the other team to give Sofia caffeine when she knew Atrians are allegoric to it.
  • I'm glad that Emery was able to save Sofia with epinephrine when Roman couldn't save her with cypher since someone else was in the room.
  • I liked that Terri and Drake plus the entire swim team even Aaron defended Sofia and kicked the other teams ass.
  • I liked that the swim team swam together just to do it one time after their team was disqualified.
  • I liked that Emery knows now about cypher and that Julia doesn't have to lie to her anymore and that Julia hated lying to her.
  • I have mixed feelings about Emery and Grayson's kiss since I do like them together but I like her with Roman more.
  • I liked that Roman told Sofia that he's been overprotective of her and that their dad would be proud of her.
  • I was surprised that the interrogation lady was talking to Castor at the end of the episode and that her son is Nox's son as well although not to surprise that she was the one who was communicating with Nox.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose(4.02)

I overall thought that this was a very good episode and I liked how it fulfilled a wish that I had for a long time. The main event of the episode was Joffrey and Margery's wedding and while plenty of Joffrey's actions with how he thought the mocking of horrific murders was hilarious was hard to watch with how uncomfortable it made everyone it also highlighted just how awful Joffrey was. Throughout the episode I really enjoyed that there were quite a few little moments between Sansa and Tyrion like when it was announced that Joffrey and Margery are now married Sansa mentions how they have a new queen and Tyrion replies better her than you and I liked how Sansa picked up the cup and handed it to Tyrion when Joffrey was trying to humiliate Tyrion by having him crawl under the table. I really enjoyed these small moments were they showed they cared about others feelings because it's nice to see small gestures of kindness in this show.
While I hated how Joffrey did his best to find a way to humiliate Tyrion whether it be to try to get him to join his skit of dwarves or become his cup bearer I liked how Tyrion kept one uping Joffrey with his words because I always enjoy Tyrion's wit and I always enjoy Joffrey being made a fool. I loved that Tyrion refused to kneel before Joffrey no matter how angry Joffrey got. I really loved that better much everyone was clearly infuriated by Joffrey and his behavior during the wedding I especially loved how Margery would go from glaring at Joffrey to trying to defuse the tension by having him focus on her and their wedding rather than tormenting people. I have to say I was very happy to see Joffrey be poisoned and I was glad that his death seemed somewhat painful because he has gotten many people killed through out the series and tormented even more people so I was happy to see him go although I'm not happy that Tyrion is probably going to be punished for his death because it's clear to me that he's not the one that killed him.
Also in this episode was our first sighting of Bran this season and I was very happy to see him again. I liked how it showed that Bran had been spending a lot of time as a wrag inside his direwolf and I liked how Jojen and Meera warned him of the negative effects of spending too much time inside of something else like forgetting how you really are and what it means to be human. I also find it very interesting that Bran seemed to get some sort of vision from the tree he touched.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend(1.03)

                            Star-Crossed: Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend(1.03)Review
  • I find it interesting that Terri's tribe has a plant that can give someone dreams and I find it interesting that Terri and Roman use to date.
  • I liked how Julia was so excited to be going to high school for the first time and just seemed to be genuinely excited about everything.
  • I liked that Emery was worried about how Roman had been ignoring her since the carnival and I like that Roman is only avoiding her because he thinks that it will keep him safe.
  • I like how it seems Lucas and Sofia seem to have developed a sort of friendship.
  • I like how Emery wanted to make a video that would show the Atrains side of what happened on arrival day to show at the tenth anniversary of the crash.
  • I like how this episode told us that Drake was so aggressively against humans because he lost about half his tribe on arrival day.
  • I liked how Grayson offered to help Emery with the filming of her video since she knows pretty much nothing about video cameras.
  • I liked how Julia confronted Roman about how he saved her life using cypher and I liked how when Roman explained why he needed her not to tell anyone about what he did she understood and agreed to it.
  • I found the whole thing with Julia's veins turning blue to be quite worrying but I'm glad there was a cure for that side effect and that Roman helped her get that cure.
  • I liked how Roman got information about how to cure Julia's blue vein side effect from Castor without telling him anything and that he pointed out that he still doesn't trust Castor but does know that he can be useful.
  • I liked how Sofia invited Emery to her pod and shared her story of arrival day with her and I liked how she once again showed her eagerness with wanting to befriend humans.
  • I like that Roman kept the star that Emery made for him on arrival day in his room still.
  • I liked how Julia pointed out that Roman had been acting like a jerk to Emery and I like that they also both agreed that might be the only way to protect her at the moment because Emery can be awfully stubborn.
  • I was sad to learn that Drake had wanted to become a member of the Trags for awhile now and that he finally got his chance to join them.
  • I like how when Roman was being threatened by her mom Terri agreed to the lie about them suppose to be meeting for a date in order to save him from being tortured.
  • I like that even though Terri's mother is the leader of Trags Terri seems conflicted about joining their cause.
  • I like how a little Atrain girl went to show Emery a picture of her mother that was drawn on the wall of the missing which is a sacred place for Atrains and asked her to send a message to her mother who she believes is still out there somewhere alive.
  • I liked that Castor's move to figuring out Emery's relationship with Roman was to act friendly towards her and flat out ask her and I also liked that she felt uncomfortable being alone with him.
  • I liked that Terri gave Roman the plant that he needed to cure Julia's side effects from the cypher and that in the end it did cure those side effects.
  • I was sad that Emery's video was destroy and made into red hawks propaganda when it was suppose to move forward the idea of humans and Atrains being able to coexist.
  • I liked Roman's speech where he shared how a human saved his life on arrival day and believes that their are more humans that want peace out there than ones that want war.
  • I was sad that Terri decided to embrace her destiny and join the Trags.
  • I'm glad that Emery found out that Grayson is a Red Hawk and that he's the one that screed up the video and that she's really upset about this.
  • I don't know if I believe Grayson or not when he says he doesn't really want to be part of the Red Hawks because I can't tell if he's just really sneaky with his Red Hawkness or if he is actually what he seems most of the time.
  • I really don't like the Trags being able to make black cypher which seems to eat away at peoples skin.
  • I was surprised to learn that Gloria the woman in charge of integration program as an Atrain child.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Bates Motel: The Escape Artist(2.05)

                                        Bates Motel: The Escape Artist(2.05)Review
  • I liked how Cody waited to drop Norman off until after he woke up and even though his behavior worried her she didn't pry.
  • So I figured out that Zane burnt down Romero's house at the end of last episode and so he now has to stay at the motel. I loved Norma's reaction to finding out Romero's house was burnt down with wanting to know exactly what happened because I think that's fairly normal in that type of situation.
  • I liked that when Norman learned that Dylan moved out he thought that they should try to convince him to move back in although he dropped it as soon as Norma told him to it was nice that he did show some concern.
  • I liked how Norman pointed out to Emma that Gunner sells pot and I like Emma pretty much brought up her point about the rumors about Cody, I just find it interesting that they are both worrying about who each other is hanging out with being a bad influence.
  • I liked how Norman got to see how Cody has a bad relationship with her dad and that her home life isn't pleasant because it made it easier to understand why she doesn't like parents and finds it surprising that he gets along well with his mom.
  • I liked how Emma asked Norma about to expect for her first time having sex because she had no one else she felt comfortable talking to about this sort of thing.
  • I liked how Romero beat the crap out of Zane and threatened to bury him because quite frankly Zane deserved it.
  • I found the Nick Ford guy that Norma was working with on prevent the bypass from getting built to be very suspicious and I'm sure he's bad news based on Romero's warning for Norma to stay away from him.
  • I really like the relationship between Emma and Gunner they're really cute together and he seems to really like her and I like that he was concerned for her safety when she took off her oxygen towards the end of the episode.
  • I liked how Norman told Cody about how he has had a couple of blackouts before even though he tried to downplay it I'm glad he was honest with someone about it. I liked how Cody showed Norman her tree house which is clearly somewhere that is just her own so I enjoyed the two of them opening up to each other.
  • I really liked the scenes between Norma and Romero where she kept trying to help him out and he was getting annoyed by it and she also kind of gave him crap about never smiling when he actually did smile, I just really loved their dynamic in this episode.
  • I liked how Dylan tried to call Norman while he was waiting for Zane.
  • I think it was pretty nice and stupid of Dylan to risk his life to save Zane's considering how much trouble Zane has caused everyone since he came back to town.
  • I liked how Norma was fairly reasonable with how she told Norman she didn't want him hanging out with Cody anymore.
  • I'm curious about Zane's sister and I think it's cool that she's the one actually in charge of the drug business.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Two Swords(4.01)

I felt that this episode was a good start to the season even though not all the main characters appeared most of them did. I felt really bad for Sansa with how she mentioned that she lays awake at night thinking about how her mother and brother died and I found it sad that Sansa doesn't pray any longer since she has nothing left to pray for and now only goes to the godswood because it's the only place where people don't try to talk to her. I loved the scene where the man that Sansa saved from being killed on Joffrey's name day thanked her and gave her a necklace that was his mother because nothing else to give her. I loved how Sansa tried to downplay what she did because while she said that anyone would have done that same that simply isn't true since most people don't know how to play Joffrey the way Sansa does. I also love that Sansa at first felt like she couldn't take the necklace because it was all he had left of his family but once she saw how much it meant to him that he gives her something she agrees to wear it with pride.
I enjoyed the bit we see of Daenerys this episode where we find out that she's heading to another city that holds slaves to defeat them and free their slaves. I like that it's implied that Daenerys will eventually be ruling over those people for a bit rather than just defeating them and leaving like she did with the first two cities. I like how Daenerys wanted to see all the dead slaves because she wanted it to fill her with the hatred she had for their masters so she could remind herself how awful they are. I also like that it was shown briefly that as the dragons could bigger Daenerys has less control over them and they are dangerous even to her.
I enjoyed the brief scenes we got with Margery and Ollena where Ollena demand to get better jewelry for the royal wedding. I also liked Margery joke about how maybe she should let Joffrey pick out her jewels which would mean she end up with a necklace of sparrow heads and I like how Ollena reminded her to be careful of what she says even if it is just the two of them.
I am very interested in the characters Oberyn and Ellaria who are from Dorne and Oberyn is clearly interested in getting revenge against everyone with the last name Lannister for his sister's death. I'm just really interested in these characters and I can't wait to see more of them.I really enjoyed how Jamie spent the episode trying his best to get back to his old life in Kingslanding only for everyone to basically tell him he's worthless now because he lost his hand. I especially enjoyed the Jamie and Cersei scene where she got him fitted with a golden hand which he said was impractical. I find it so strange how everyone especially Cersei are made at Jamie for being held prisoner but it's something that I think fits with all the characters so I'm good with it. I also like the Jamie and Brienne scene where she wants Jamie to live up to his vows of bring Sansa to safety and how Jamie points out that he can't really do that now that her mother is dead.

I really loved Arya's scene which had her confronted with the man that killed Lommy and stole her sword. I really loved how the her killing of the man in the exact same way he did Lommy and how she clear took some joy out of this showed how Arya isn't just some badass character but a very disturbed character which I think the show seems to shy a bit a way from at least compared to the books where it's a lot clearer that she's a bit mentally unstable.
Overall great start to a season which I'm sure will also be great.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn, Turn, Turn(1.17)

                           Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Turn, Turn, Turn(1.17)Review
  • I liked how this episode started off with Garrett being attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. planes and hearing a message over the radio because that just showed how much things have changed since last episode.
  • I liked how episode picks up with it's last scene on the plane where it left off last episode and how it's clear to the audience that May is telling the truth that she's not involved with the Clairvoyant but it still makes sense for Coulson, Skye and Fitz to distrust her.
  • I liked how it was revealed that May was reporting to Director Fury.
  • I liked that Fitz was very upset that May took a shot at him and also very frightened of her as well.
  • I liked how it was revealed to Coulson and Skye that Fitz and Simmons have been working together secretly to figure out what was given to Skye to save her.
  • I'm glad that Tripplett turned out to be someone that Simmons could trust because she revealed what she was up to, to him very quickly.
  • I liked that Coulson had Skye and Fitz working on what they could to find out where the plane was heading and to get control of their weapons.
  • I liked that while all the stuff with May was going down that Ward had just been in his cell and then Coulson just tells him that she's a sleeper.
  • I liked that Garrett ended up joining the team on the plane and that he found the theory of Victoria Hand being the Clairvoyant to not make sense.
  • I liked that it was revealed that the reason all hell was breaking loose was because Hydra has come out of the shadows of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was now taking over every base they could.
  • I liked that Simmons professor she was contacting told her about Hydra's take over so that she and Tripplet could be somewhat prepared.
  • I liked how May said that despite having spied on the team she always had the teams back.
  • I liked how May pointed that Ward let his feelings for Skye compromise his mission when he killed that guy last episode and that would have been okay if he hadn't killed the wrong guy.
  • I liked how when Simmons and Tripplet were held at gunpoint by Victoria Hand and some men working for her that they refused to pledge allegiance to Hydra and we learn that Victoria was testing them to see who she could really trust.
  • I liked how May told Coulson everything about how she was keeping an eye on him for Fury and how she was the one that came up with the idea of his team and how she really does care about him.
  • I liked how the team backed up  on a hard drive then deleted any information that they didn't want to get into Hydra's hands.
  • I liked how Skye gave the hard drive to Ward because she doesn't know how to with stand torture yet and he said that's a fun lesson.
  • I'm curious as to why Victoria was so sure that Coulson was Hydra.
  • I liked how it was clear that Ward felt guilty about killing an innocent man and that he was willing to go on what seemed like a suicide mission because that's what the team needed and if he died it's because he deserved to.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Skye knew about Ward and May's relationship and that part of the reason Ward was with May was because he needed not to feel things and he definitely feels things for Skye.
  • I liked how Ward asked Skye out to have a drink and I liked how he said he knows he's not really a catch because he has a hard time opening up and he thinks he's boring.
  • I loved that Skye kissed Ward just in case he doesn't come back, I'm also super happy that he does come back after getting quite the beating.
  • I liked how Coulson figured out that Garrett was the Clairvoyant because he mention the girl in the flower dress and he's never told that information to him or anyone else. I was also just really surprised that Garrett was the Clairvoyant or at the very least a part of Hydra.
  • I liked how Garrett was still all friendly towards Coulson trying to convince Coulson to join Hydra with him after he was revealed.
  • I liked how after Coulson refused to join Hydra Garrett said that he kill Coulson and then kill May because he knows that she would follow him to the grave.
  • I liked that when Garrett gave Fitz to join him or be tortured until he did work for Hydra that Fitz refused and through his tears he promised Garrett that he will be punished for what he's done and he intends to be part of that.
  • I liked that Skye and Ward set off an explosion that made a distraction which gave the rest of the team a fighting chance between Garrett and the men he had.
  • I liked that Skye and Ward surprised by the first little explosion because they thought it would be bigger.
  • I liked that may somehow was able to get out of her cuffs and kick some ass.
  • I liked that Victoria had over heard everything and her and her people captured Garrett and his men and now knows Coulson isn't Hydra.
  • I loved that Simmons ran to hug Fitz as soon as walked into the room.
  • I liked that Ward seemed to be in complete disbelief that Garrett was the Clairvoyant.
  • I liked that Coulson and Victoria Hand shared a moment where they recognized that they're two highest remaining S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
  • I liked how Ward seems to be mad at himself for not knowing that Garrett was Hydra.
  • I was sad that Coulson told May she was no longer a friend and now just an ally.
  • I like how the goal of the team in now to just survive.
  • I was completely shocked actually I still am that Ward shot and I assumed killed Garrett's two guards as well as Victoria Hand. I know I'm suppose to believe Ward's evil but I just can't I think there has to be a lot more to the story because Ward seemed genuinely surprised and upset by Garrett's reveal so I think he's separating himself from his emotions and did what he did to find the best way to protect the team by getting inside Hydra.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Most Unique Books I've read

1. Ellen Hopkins books: I really love these books because they are told through poetry but this poetry is easy to understand unlike most poetry and her writing has a way of making you completely understand where the character is coming from no matter how much they frustrate you. I also feel that her writing style is great because it allows for a brief glimpse into the characters sub-conscious which is almost impossible to get into in books not written in a style such as this.I also feel like her books are really different because they deal with such heavy subject matter but it just kind of tells the story through the characters point of view and while things usually don't turn out well for the characters there's no preaching or lessons being taught just characters making mistakes and either learning from them or sinking deeper into their issues.
2. Reading in the Dark: I feel like this book is unique because it's a historical fiction book where the time period isn't the focus but rather the story of the family is the focus which makes this story feel more timeless. I also think this book is different because in a lot of ways it's a coming of age story but it's an adult book and I think it's different that the family secrets are never brought to light just that the main character finds out about them and has to deal with the burden of knowing them feeling guilty for not being able to tell him but also his mother not really wanting him around because he knows the secrets.
3. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: I've never read a story even close to similar to this one it uses characters from a bunch of Clamp's previous series but manages to make them all new characters who are the same but different and I love them for that. The story is about having to travel throughout multiple dimensions which is a really cool idea and it has a ton of plot twist although some them towards the end are just confusing. I also love that the story id divide in two very different section the first is more lighthearted and really deals with the group bonding into a sort of make shift family and the second half is darker and is really about them loosing those they have come to relay and also find their way back to each other.
4. Clover: This is a scifi story that it's first two volumes are one continuing story but then the next two volumes take place before the first two volumes which is pretty odd. The idea of what clovers are is very interesting but most of all what stands out in this series is the use of blank space and song lyrics through out the series.
5. Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is a book that is told through letters which is something that I don't see often but it's also Charlie's sincere desire for everyone to be happy that makes this book unique to me.
6. Manic Pixie Dreamgirl: I love how this book is more or less about the main character being wrong about his dream girl and I love that his asshole behavior is something that everyone calls him out on throughout the entire novel. I just love that this book didn't make the main character seem romantic when he wasn't and pointed out that having feelings for someone who isn't your girlfriend makes you an ass for not breaking up with her and that's all on you not the girlfriend. I just really loved how this book handled everything and I loved that it wasn't afraid to make it's main character unlikable.
7. The Darkest Powers series: I really find this series to be unique because it's such an action pack series that deals more with developing powers and plots than romance unlike the majority of paranormal YA series and I think it's better for it.
8. The Book Thief: This book is narrated by death and it's about the regular German citizens of Nazi Germany which is something that isn't shown often or sympathetically like it was in this book.
9. The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy: I just thought that this was a really unique twist on how Wonderland could be a real place how Alice's story could come to be known to the world and how Wonderland could be a dark place but also a place that felt real but fantastical.
10. Slaughter House Five: This book is very strange but also very good and it's odd because it moves around in time so much because the main character can randomly time travel but it isn't something that anyone really notices or real effects his life very much. There was also some aliens that were in the book for awhile and it all connected to the bombing of Dresden, it was just an odd but good mix of things.

TV Review: Revenge: Blood(3.18)

                                                     Revenge: Blood(3.18)Review
  • I thought it was sad that Aiden found his father's body when he was little but I also think this episode spent far too much time on Aiden's family.
  • I think it was pretty rude of Pascal to use Conrad's help to win Victoria over but then completely back out of his business deal with Conrad.
  • I love that Charlotte was mad at Daniel for interfering with Jack and Margaux's relationship and that she doesn't care what's up with Jack and Emily's relationship because Jack has been nothing but nice to her.
  • I'm glad that Emily and Aiden weren't actually engaged again and that they just said they were to give Aiden's mother some happy news while they try to get some new information from her about the events leading up to his father's death.
  • I felt bad for Jack when he tried to give Margaux the keys to the new house but she was to busy with work to notice he even tried to give them to her.
  • I liked how Nolan with his business deal with Javier only gave Javier 30 percent probably because he doesn't really see Javier as reliable and he is living in Nolan's house for free and only because no one else is willing to have him.
  • I feel bad for Margaux with being the one that worked the hardest but she ends up finding out her father is giving the company to her idiot brother once he retires.
  • I like how Victoria went to Mason to get information about Emily and I like how Mason indicated that he knows something but he refuses to give it away for free.
  • I liked how Conrad was able to get a media deal with a South America company and steal it from Pascal because he found out that Pascal's son was taking over in two years.
  • I kind of really Margaux and Daniel's relationship because they have so much history together and he does seem to really believe in her but Daniel's been such an ass these past couple of episodes and I really like Margaux and Jack's relationship so I also kind of dislike it as well.
  • I think it was pretty hypocritical for Margaux to be mad a Jack for being jealous when last week Margaux acted way more jealous about Emily and Jack and had less reason to than Jack did about her and Daniel.
  • I liked how Mason told Emily that he was getting impatient of waiting for her to finish things and I like that Emily was force to find away to get him out of there sooner than she planned.
  • I loved the conference called between Emily and Nolan and Jack probably my favorite scene of the episode I like how it had to be explained to Jack what was going on with Mason since he wasn't in the know the last time he appeared.
  • While I find it weird that Javier and Charlotte are dating already I like that Nolan seems annoyed that it's distract Javier.
  • I dislike Charlotte starting to think badly of Jack because he's helping Emily out with stuff.
  • I liked how Daniel told Pascal that Margaux is incredibly talented and that he's foolish to ignore her.
  • I like how Stevie went in to give Mason the deal that Emily had for him because it's the only way to not have conversations recorded is through a lawyer.
  • I'm glad that the trip to England that seemed to just keep Emily away from the rest of the plot did at least get her another name of a reporter who faked his own death for her to look into.
  • I liked how when Victoria went to Conrad to ask him to get Mason out of jail because she wrongly assumed he framed him Conrad acted all offended that he got arrested at their wedding last season which I just found really funny.
  • I liked that Javier had to ask if anything had every happened between Emily and Nolan since Nolan would clearly do anything for her. I find it odd that the writers keep denying that Emily and Nolan could ever happen but they also have new characters wonder if they have or had a romantic relationship.
  • I like that Pascal in the end decided to give Margaux control of his company when he retires instead of his son.
  • I really dislike that Emily and Aiden are back together and I really dislike how much screen time their making out seems to get it always seems to go on for forever.
  • I feel bad for Stevie since she thought she got Mason killed and I hated how Victoria threw that in her face and then left her with an open bottle of alcohol.
  • I think it's probably in Stevie's best interest to leave town but since I liked her quite a bit I'm a bit sad to see her go.
  • I kind of like that Stevie pointed out to Jack that he loves Emily because even though I don't ship them at all at least like their friendship so I would much prefer them over Emily and Aiden which I hate because I hate Aiden.
  • I liked how Emily gave Mason a face cream that made his body mimic death for 12 hours and that got him out of prison and Emily sent him off to a remote part Europe until her mission is completed.
  • I like that Mason said he was loosing faith in Emily but his faith has now been restored. I also liked how Nolan told him that we have to be assured of his loyalty, I just loved his referring to himself and Emily as a we.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

TV Review: Star-Crossed: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends(1.02)

                  Star-Crossed: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends(1.02)Review
  • I find it interesting that the Atrians have a terrorist group called the Trags who are using Roman's father's death as a way to build any army.
  • I love that Roman is offended by the Trags using his father's death as a reason to start a war especially since their group as against everything his father stood for.
  • I like that Roman is distrustful of his Uncle Caster wanting to help out after his father's death because him and his father would always get into fights when they were together.
  • I like that Emery feels bad that her father killed Roman's even though she knows it was accidently and how she just really wants to be there for Roman to help him through loosing his father.
  • I like that all Julia can remember about her  almost dying and then being cured by her cancer is that a blue angel saved her.
  • I liked that what Emery cared most about was that Roman was hurting and that she thanked him for saving Julia's life even though he denied that he did that.
  • I find it interesting that there's a group of extreme Atrian haters called Red Hawks who thinks all Atrians are evil and wants them gone.
  • I liked how Emery told this group of people that it isn't right for them to judge the Atrians when they didn't even know them and the ones that are attending school are in no way terrorist. I also liked that Lucas videoed this and put it on his blog and this led to the Atrians being allowed to come to the school's carnival.
  • I like how Taylor really doesn't care that the Atrians are coming to the carnival and thinks it's ridicules that people are bringing politics into a carnival.
  • I liked how Emery went over and said sorry to Greyson about ditching at the party last episode and I liked that he accepted it easily and didn't make her feel bad about anything.
  • I find it interesting that Greyson has a brother that died on arrival day but he isn't antagonist towards any of the Atrians.
  • I find it interesting that Atrians still have leaders of all of their majors tribes as a way of governing themselves and that they want peace between themselves and the humans. I think that being a leader to his whole tribe has got to be a lot of pressure to put on Roman but considering his  Uncle's history of being a Trag I can see why he doesn't trust him in that position of power.
  • I like that Roman planned to find out what the Trags were up to by pretending he was interested in joining them.
  • I like how Roman told Emery that he thought it was a nice thought trying to bring humans and Atrians together even though he doesn't think they shouldn't be together.
  • I liked how when Roman found out that the Trags were going after Emery and her family he made sure that he was there to prevent anything from happening to her and that he trusted Caster to deal with the Trags inside the sector.
  • I liked how Julia was excited about having her first job and about seeing the Atrians.
  • I like the moment where Taylor and Drake were randomly flirty with each other.
  • I liked how a little girl gave Terri a bracelet and she accepted it.
  • I liked how Greyson told Taylor he could pull off dark and mysterious this line just made me laugh.
  • I liked how Lucas and Roman's sister who's named I still don't know where flirting with each other.
  • I liked how when Roman told Emery that she was in danger she suggested that the two of them stick by each other and inside a crowd where guards could clearly see them.
  • I liked how Emery told Roman about the tradition of each new student putting their handprint on a rock and then she had them both do that and said that even though they're different in most ways in some ways they're the same. I liked how Emery reminded Roman of his father because they both have faith.
  • I liked how Greyson helped Emery rescue Drake from the Red Hawks who wanted to feed him to an alligator.
  • I was surprised that one of the guards at the school turned out to be an Atrian who has had his markings removed and is a Trag which leads use to believe that the Trags have a much bigger army than originally suspected.
  • I like that Julia may have figured out that it was Roman who saved her life.
  • I liked that Roman decided to trust Caster because he simply isn't ready to be the leader of his tribe yet but he will remove him if he suspects that Caster is disloyal.
  • I'm sad that Roman was right to distrust Caster he just doesn't know this yet.
  • I was surprised and a bit upset to learn that Greyson is a member of the Red Hawks and that the reason he helped saved Drake earlier is because he thought that their plan was stupid and too risky to ever pull off.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Bates Motel: Check Out(2.04)

                                             Bates Motel: Check Out(2.04)Review
  • I liked how Emma was very concerned when she saw that Dylan was passed out drunk in his car and she couldn't wake him up.
  • I think that Dylan drinking so much that it could possibly kill him makes a lot of sense to me considering what he just found out and I understand why his whole outlook on life has changed with finding out who his father really is.
  • I liked how Emma pointed out that she had been through a lot of crazy stuff with the Bates family and that she pointed out that she wasn't exactly an outsider. While I understand why Norman couldn't tell her anything about what is going on I agree with Emma's thing with not lying to her about things he doesn't want to tell her.
  • I think it's really messed up that Caleb doesn't seem to find what he did to Norma as something that she should still be upset about and I'm glad that it seems like everyone else disagrees with him on this point.
  • I liked that Caleb gave Dylan back his money and that he left town by the end of the episode.
  • I liked how Norma wanted to confront Caleb to prove to herself that she wasn't afraid of him anymore but I think it's completely understandable for her to still be afraid of him and to just want to never see him again.
  • I thought the scene where Norman cuddled and comforted Norma to have a lot of incestuous undertones to it.
  • I like how Norman told Cody that his mother is special since she is someone that would do anything for him, I like this because despite their relationship being creepy in a lot of ways that is actually something that is hard to find.
  • I liked how after talking to Norman awhile and seeing how much he was worried about his mom Cody helped him come up with a plan to scare Caleb out of town.
  • I like that Gunner didn't want to take advantage of Emma and that he's into her and that she into him. I just really like both of their characters and find them cute together.
  • I found it a bit odd how George told Norma that Christine was taken by her because that phrase usually implies romantic feelings.
  • While I do feel bad for everything that Norma had to deal with involving her brother I also get Dylan's point that she did use him to get out of her house and I see why it's so easy for him to assume that she never thought of what's best for him.
  • I found it very creepy how well Norman is able to channel Norma through out this episode when he goes to confront Caleb.
  • I like that Romero told Zane that he wasn't going to let this feud between the drug families get too big because someone really has to make Zane see sense.
  • I'm confused by which building was burnt down at the end of the episode I'm assuming Zane was involved in the actual burning though.
  • I liked that for all of Cody's bad girl traits it's obvious that she also has a kinder gentler side as well with how she takes care of Norman.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top 10 Gateway Books

1. Vampire Knight: This series is the first ever manga series that I've ever read and since I'm now a huge fan of manga so I think of this series as a pretty big gateway series for me because while I only read like the first six or so volumes of the series it still had a big impact on my life since it's the series that introduced me to manga.
2. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This is the first series that I read by Clamp and I have read a ton of series by Clamp now and I would saw that my love for this series surely had a role in my choosing to read pretty much every Clamp series I can get my hands on. This series also happens to be my favorite Clamp series despite me being confused and disappointed by it's ending although more confused than disappointed.
3. Harry Potter: This is pretty much the first fantasy series that I read so I would saw that this series had a big influence not just on my life in general like it does for pretty much everyone but also for my love for fantasy stories especially ones involving witches and wizards which I feel there aren't enough of those now a days.
4. Uglies: This is the first dystopian series that I've ever read and I have to say it's the best YA dystopian I read because while romance is part of the story it's not the main point and I feel like the dystopian society is always the main focus of the story. I feel like this series is part of the reason I'm so picky when it comes to dystopians because it was so good that I end up feeling let down by most other ones.
5. Alice in Wonderland: Reading this book made me interested in reading older children's books because the way in which they are written sounds a lot different in a charming way than any of the books that are written more recently. I like that these kind of books are easy to understand but still have formality and wittiness to it that children's books don't now a days but still have a childlike wonder to them that I like a lot.
6. Fruits Basket: This series is my favorite series of all time and I think you should read it if haven't already. This series is one I consider a gateway one because it was a very popular manga series that I only read because so many other people read it so it must be good which has led to me trying out books that are popular even when they don't sound good to me with various results such as I loved The Fault in Our Stars and I kind of hate Anna and the French Kiss and I really need to write about that someday.
7. The Fault in Our Stars: This is the book that made me become a fan of John Green and so far I have read three of his books and I have loved them all.
8. Impulse: This is the book that made me become a fan of Ellen Hopkins books because while I had been interested in her books for years before this not having read them I couldn't be a fan of her's until after reading one of her books and this was my first and still my favorite book of her's. I have now read and loved 5 of her books.
9. A Series of Unfortunate Events: This series is the one that made me realize two things I love in a story are smart characters and dark humor and if you can mix the two together I'll love it even more. While this isn't exactly a genre it is something that helps me to know what to look for while reading plot descriptions and reviews for books I'm considering reading.
10. Rosario +Vampire: This series is the first shonen manga I ever read and while I don't read a whole lot of that I do read some and I thought this series was really good but only the manga the anime was badly written fan service while the manga had plot, characters and relationships all of which I was really invested in.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: End of the Beginning(1.16)

                              Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: End of the Beginning(1.16)Review
  • I liked how Garrett had been looking into who the clairvoyant might be and I like that we saw Mike Peterson again although it looks like he is now more machine than human and is called Deathlok.
  • I liked that Coulson called a meeting with a bunch of different S.H.I.E.L.D. agents on his plane in order to get to a place that the clairvoyant doesn't have easy access to.
  • I like that the plan was to send different field teams to different locations and have the suspect of who the clairvoyant might be revealed to them as they get arrive at the location in hopes to keep the clairvoyant from seeing them coming.
  • I liked how shocked Simmons and Fitz were when in concern to her blood that Skye said that maybe it was for the best if the trusted Coulson on this one.
  • I loved that Skye finally became a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in this episode and I love that the rest of the team congratulated her.
  • I liked how when Skye told Ward she couldn't have done it without him that he told her that she could have.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons clumsily tried to hide that they were sending Skye's blood off to a different S.H.I.E.L.D. lab to get looked at and I like that it seems May is concerned about any side effects Coulson or Skye might suffer due to what they are given which makes me think she's looking out for Coulson.
  • I liked how Garrett was happy to officially meet Skye and I enjoyed their scene together and I liked how Garrett told Skye that Ward was different now because he has learned to care for her and the rest of the team rather than just getting the mission done.
  • I found it funny how Agent Blake seemed to keep trying to hit on May and she was so not interested in him.
  • I find it sad that Mike believes himself to be dead now and seems to be just letting himself be used as weapon for the Clairvoyant now.
  • I liked that Blake was able to shoot Mike with a tracking bullet so that S.H.I.E.L.D. could track him to a location.
  • I liked how Fitz was upset that Simmons would be leaving him for a few days to work at the Hub and I like that they planned for Fitz to contact Simmons on a secure line as soon as he could.
  • I liked that Fitz was clearly jealous of the flirting between Simmons and Triplett that occurred right before those two left.
  • I liked that both Ward and Coulson were concerned about Skye's safety.
  • I liked that Fitz had a device that seemed to send out surveillance feeds all through out the building that Skye could keep track of on her laptop.
  • I liked that as soon as it was clear that Mike was in the building and highly dangerous Coulson sent Fitz to the van that Skye was in.
  • I found the guy Thomas Nash who seemed to be mostly out of it and could only talk through a computer and was assumed to be the clairvoyant to be very creepy.
  • I liked how the Clairvoyant knew how to antagonize each person in the room.
  • I'm very worried about what further plans the Clairvoyant has for Skye.
  • While I liked that Ward killed Thomas Nash because he thought it would keep him from hurting Skye I think it's worrisome that he lost control of himself in that situation and because he could get badly punished for this.
  • I like that Ward was willing to take any punishment that S.H.I.E.L.D. saw fit to give him.
  • I liked how Skye and Coulson found out that pretty much all the information the Clairvoyant knows about everyone comes from their S.H.I.E.L.D files which means the Clairvoyant is someone with a high clearance level.
  • I liked how Fitz found out about May's secret phone line because he was trying to use his own secret phone line to call Simmons.
  • I like that Fitz knew that he had to get himself far away from May after he discovered her secret and that he told Skye about it.
  • I was surprised that May was going to shot Fitz even with a tranquilizer that seemed a bit extreme.
  • I'm glad that even though Coulson and Skye suspect May of being the Clairvoyant that clearly isn't the secret she is keeping from them.
  • I think that Victoria Hand is definitely not up to any good with wanting everyone on Coulson's team expect him dead but I also don't think she's the Clairvoyant.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.