Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Top 10 Book Series I Want to Start Reading

1. Embassy Row: This series is by Ally Carter and since I loved both the Gallagher Girls and Heist Society series I figure that this will be another series that I would enjoy.
2. Vampire Academy: I've recently seen the movie of this series and I liked quite a bit and everyone says the books are better than the movie which means that I'll probably end up loving this series.
3. The Trials of Apollo: This another series by Rick Riordan and this one comes after the Heroes of Olympus series which I am almost finished reading so since I love all the other books I read in this universe this one is bound to be another series I enjoyed.
4. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: Once again I love series written by Rick Riordan and although this series follows different type of gods I'm sure that this series will end having good adventure and characters that I'll end up loving.
5. Study series: This series is one that sounded really interested to me when I first read about it and I still find it interesting so it's on my to be read list still.
6. The Gemma Doyle Trilogy: This series is one that sounds interesting to me and I have heard good things about this series so I would like to check it out for myself some time in the future.
7. Thorne of Glass series: This is a series that sounds like it could be good and a lot of people seemed to like it so I hope that I will enjoy it as well.
8. Touch of Power series: This is another series that I recall sounding interesting to me and it's one that I already own the first book of so this is one that I could start reading fairly soon.
9. His Fair Assassin Trilogy: This is a series with an uncommon set up that I think could be an interesting read.
10. Darkness Rising: This series is set in the same universe as The Darkest Powers series and since I loved that series I'm interested in reading this one as well.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy(1.02)

                          Shadowhunters: The Descent Into Hell Isn't Easy(1.02)Review
  • I like that Clary decided that Simon was coming with her once she decided to let Jace help her and I like that Jace just kind of went with it.
  • I liked that Simon was concerned when he saw Jace putting the rune on himself because to Simon it just seemed like he was burning himself.
  • I liked how when Jace has to hold Simon's hand so that Simon could see the institute that Simon told him that he shouldn't because Simon isn't Jace's type, it was just an odd way to frame that statement.
  • I like how Jace told Simon that he protecting Clary is kind of their thing and I liked that Simon was upset that they already had a thing.
  • I agree with Clary that it seems wrong that shadowhunters aren't allowed to know the history of the circle because it does seem like the clave is purposely hiding that something bad happened in their history.
  • I like that Clary insisted that she and Simon are a package deal when Jace says Simon can't go somewhere with them.
  • I like that Simon clearly has a thing for Izzy from the rest time he sees her and I like that Izzy finds Simon's rambling adorable and then asks him to have breakfast with her.
  • I liked that Jace was teasing Izzy a bit about how bad of a cook she is when he told Simon that eating Izzy's food might be more dangerous for him than runes would be.
  • I liked that Luke saved a warlock from being taken by one of the circle members that met with him last episode.
  • I think that Hodge's punishment of being confide to the institute and having his circle rune burn if he talks about the circle or Valentine is a punishment that makes sense for the crime he committed.
  • I like that Clary feels really bad for Hodge since by making him tell them what he knows about the circle their basically torturing him and I like that Jace doesn't like doing it either but he knows that Hodge is the only one who can give them the information that they need.
  • I liked that Clary and Jace shared a bit of a moment when he tells her about how he never knew his mother and she realizes that she doesn't really know anything about him.
  • I liked that Jace tells Clary that not having any training or even a plan is something that gets shadowhunters killed which calms Clary down enough that she's willing to try and come up with a plan.
  • I liked that Jace was able to figure out that Clary had her memories wipe and that with the few things Clary told him they were able to figure out that Dot was a warlock and that she could be the key to find Clary's mom.
  • I liked that Dot told Luke that she glamoured the house which is the reason why the police aren't looking for Clary and her mom.
  • I find it sad that although Luke and Dot are on the same side and they both want nothing more than to keep Clary save they don't trust each other.
  • I find it a bit scary that if a normal human is marked with a rune they'll loose their mind and start killing people and will need to be put down by shadowhunters.
  • I like how Izzy tells Simon that Jace is the best and that Clary is save with him so he doesn't have to worry about her with him.
  • I liked that when Clary was wondering about Izzy's relationship with Jace that Izzy told her that she grew up with Jace and sees him as her brother.
  • I liked how Izzy gave Clary a pep talk about how she was born to be a shadowhunter and that she had nothing to worry about because this is what she was meant to be doing.
  • I liked that Izzy told Clary that she find Simon to be nerd hot.
  • I liked that Luke knows that were Clary goes Simon will end up being there too.
  • I liked that Izzy just knew that Alec wouldn't approve of their mission.
  • I understand why Clary doesn't really care about the clave since she has no idea what they are but I feel like someone should explain to her that they are the people who make the laws for shadowhunters so what they say actually does matter so someone should let her know that.
  • I like how Clary can know where Dot is because of the necklace that her mom gave her.
  • I liked that Magnus was getting all the warlocks somewhere safe so that they could go into hiding since Valentine is now searching for warlocks.
  • I find it terribly ironic that Magnus is shaming Dot for risking her life to help a shadowhunter when he'll help them out way more often then she has in the future.
  • I liked that as soon as it becomes clear that they're not going to find Dot that Alec says they have to go back to the institute because it's not safe to be out there.
  • I liked that when Jace suggest that Clary goes to the Silent Brothers to recover her memories that both Alec and Izzy tells him it's a bad idea because of how dangerous the process is.
  • I liked that Clary decided to go to the Silent Brothers even though the process to recover her memories is a very dangerous one she thought it was worth the risk if she could save her mom.
  • I liked that when Izzy asks Simon if he's afraid that Simon tells her that he was born afraid.
  • I liked that when Jace was asking what Alec's problem with Clary was since his family welcomed strays in the past that Alec tells him that he was never a stray.
  • I liked that when Clary tells Simon that she's not freaking out because she always felt something was missing in her life and now she doesn't feel that way that he is somewhat concerned since things are pretty bad right now.
  • I'm worried for Dot since she was taken by Valentine and he is shooting her up with something that is no doubt painful.
  • I liked that Jace told Clary about how dangerous the Silent Brothers could be to her before she went to meet them and that he gave her one last chance to back out which she didn't take.
  • I liked that when Clary was hesitating outside of the city of bones that Simon told her that she could do anything to encourage her.
  • I liked that Simon didn't really believe Jace when he told him the city of bones could kill him since he lied about the runes on the training floor earlier but after both Alec and Izzy told him it was true he agreed to wait outside.
  • I liked that when Clary told Jace she was sorry for misjudging him earlier on that Jace told her he didn't have feelings which is such an obvious lie even at this point of the series. I liked that Jace also let it slip that his father was killed by Valentine which of course Clary told him she was sorry about that and that she now gets why Jace wants to help her so much.
  • I find the Silent Brothers to be creepy with their eyes and mouths being sewed shut.
  • I liked that Izzy distracts Simon from worrying about Clary by talking to him about his music.
  • I liked that when Izzy sense a threat near by that she orders Simon to stay in the van because she believes he will be safe in their but unfortunately she was wrong and the threat was in the van.
  • I feel bad for Clary when she finds out that she is in fact Valentine is her father and that of course is something that she doesn't want to be true.
  • I was so sad when I first watched this episode and thought that Valentine really did kill Dot.
  • I can't blame Alec for being suspicious of Clary after he found out that Valentine was her father because it doesn't seem like her showing up out of nowhere right when Valentine comes back is something that can be a coincident.
  • I was worried about Simon when the vampires decided to kidnap him and that they wouldn't give him back unless Clary gives them the mortal cup which she doesn't have.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Pure Heroine(1.10)

                                       Sweet/Vicious: Pure Heroine(1.10)Review
  • I feel really bad for Tyler with him being charged with his brother's murder when we all know he's not guilty and I like that Jules feels guilty about him being there and wants to find a way to get him cleared of the charges.
  • I like that Kennedy and the other girls were waiting for the vigilantes response to her requests to go after Nate so that Jules can get justice.
  • I liked that with the take down of Nate that Jules and Ophelia decided that this one has to be a bit different with having them using scare tactics before the takedown takes places so that he could feel fear before hand.
  • I like that Harris actually looked into what the city does about the sexual assault cases and was upset to learn that they do basically nothing because it wouldn't be good for the university which makes him understand why Ophelia and Jules are doing the vigilante thing.
  • I like that Jules and Ophelia end up framing a pedophilic murderer for Tyler's brother's murder both because I'm glad that neither them or Tyler are going down for the crime but also because that man truly does belong in jail.
  • I dislike how most of Nate's frat brother's decided to side with him and that they protect him from Jules and Ophelia so that they couldn't do their normal takedown.
  • I was a bit surprised to find out that Nate actually raped another girl in high school because I mean I knew he was a bad person but I had no idea that he's been raping girls for that long.
  • I hated how completely unashamed Nate was about being a rapist and how he thinks that he can do whatever he wants just because he's good at football.
  • I liked that Jules and Ophelia publicly showed video of Nate talking about how he can get away with raping girls as their takedown this time since the way that usually do it didn't work this time.
  • I felt bad for Kennedy since she feels bad for missing the person she thought Nate was and feeling guilty about feeling this way since he hurt Jules so badly.
  • I like that Harris wants to help Jules and Ophelia out with the vigilante stuff after he learned how unjust the justice system is about the sexual assault cases.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Hakeldama(3.05)

                                              The 100: Hakeldama(3.05)Review
  • I like how the episode opens with Clarke and Lexa heading back to Clarke's people talking about how they bring them peace while the next shot is showing that Bellamy and the rest of Pike's followers have started a new war with grounders, I just like the contrast between the two scenes.
  • I liked that even though Bellamy is working with Pike that he was against Pike's idea of killing the wounded and that he was the one that convinced Pike to spare Indra.
  • I can't blame Lexa for declaring war on the Ark's people after they killed the army that was sent to protect them.
  • I like that Kane is having Octavia sneak out to meet with Indra in order to figure out why she signal him earlier since his every move is being watched.
  • I liked that when Pike starts talking about expanded their land and Bellamy realizes that it would go into a grounder village and then Pike implies that he thinks that they should wipe it out it's clear that Bellamy isn't on board with that plan.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Pike that he thinks that they went too far but I dislike that Pike seemed to be able to convince Bellamy that what they did was justified because their doing it all to save their people.
  • I liked that Kane tried to get through to Bellamy by telling him that he should know that starting a war isn't the way to keep their people alive.
  • I can't blame Lincoln for being offended when Bellamy mentioned that his people started a war with the hundred before the rest of the Ark's people even came down so there the same as the other clans but I did understand where Bellamy was coming there.
  • I felt bad for Raven after Abby didn't approve her for work and told Raven that she doesn't think she can fix her only reduce her pain.
  • I'm not sure if Jaha coming to ark's people to tell them about the City of Light is a good thing because I don't think the City of Light is a good thing.
  • I like that Murphy and Emori are working together robbing people and I like that it seems that they are together now.
  • I like that Abby and Kane find what Jaha is saying about the City of Light to be odd since what he is saying sounds insane.
  • I like that Pike doesn't buy into what Jaha is saying about the City of Light but I dislike that he's letting Jaha recruit anyone who is interested in going.
  • I like that Octavia tells Clarke that she doesn't know anything about what's going on with their people since she's been gone for so long.
  • I like that Clarke believes if she can get to Bellamy that she'll be able to get him to go against Pike.
  • I'm interested in what happened to Emori's brother and why Murphy thinks that going after him is something that will get them both killed.
  • I like that despite Bellamy siding with Pike it's clear that he doesn't agree with everything he's doing and I like that he still did want to protect Lincoln.
  • I don't like that Jaha and the hologram lady are setting their sights on Raven for recruiting her for the City of Light.
  • I really can't blame Octavia for being mad at Bellamy and I know that she was being sarcastic when she asked if Bellamy wasn't proud of slaughtering an army but I do believe that he's feeling much more ashamed than proud over that action.
  • When Bellamy keeps telling Octavia that he might not be able to protect her if she keeps acting like a grounder and siding with them it feels like he's doing what he's doing partly because he's afraid of what would happened if they stand against Pike.
  • I can't blame Bellamy for being mad at Clarke when she tells him that they need to talk and what they need to when she has been gone for months and after she rejected his attempt to rescue her and let her go back home with her people.
  • I like that Clarke tried to get it through Bellamy's head that what Pike is doing is starting  a war and that he is the one that is the problem here not the grounders but I also get why Bellamy can't see that since grounders have been attacking them from the beginning and they have never really stopped until a few days ago.
  • I liked that when Clarke told Bellamy that she needs him to be the guy that helped her pull the lever in Mount Weather that Bellamy lets her now that she left him and that is something that clearly hurt him.
  • I liked that Bellamy pointed out that when Clarke was in charge she let a bomb drop on a place where his sister was suppose to be and that she is now back with the people that forced them to kill everyone in Mount Weather and I like that Bellamy clearly feels like he failed all the people that helped them their and he does blame the grounders for leaving at the last minute.
  • I like that Clarke told Bellamy that she's sorry that she left him and that she thought their people would be okay because they had him.
  • I dislike that Bellamy handcuffed Clarke but I like that he said sorry before he did it.
  • I really do believe that Bellamy believes that he's trying to help Clarke by turning her into Pike but I'm glad that Octavia did help Clarke escape in the end.
  • I liked that when Murphy was captured that he didn't tell them were Emori was in order to protect her.
  • I like that Clarke convinces Lexa to find a way that is peaceful to settle things rather than starting another war.
  • I understand why Raven gave in and used the thing that gets you to the City of Light but I'm still sad that she did it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: Always Bet Black(3.03)

                      How to Get Away With Murder: Always Bet Black(3.03)Review
  • I like that Nate is worried about Frank doing something to Annalise and I like that he finds it concerning when Annalise tells him that she's got it handled.
  • I dislike how the president of the school keeps acting like she's on Annalise's side when she does nothing but backs the boards decisions and I like that Annalise dislikes her for this as well.
  • The case of the week that involves a man that his infamous for drugging call girls and having led to death of at least one girl which is caught on camera to be somewhat interesting since everyone already knows about the client and they want him to loose the case.
  • I like that Michaela volunteers to work on the case because she wants to work on a high profile case although she soon regrets it since the client is such a scumbag.
  • I liked that Annalise told the client that if he hit on Michaela should would crush his balls.
  • I liked that during the trial Michaela keep quoting what Annalise was saying because she was admiring the way that Annalise works.
  • I felt bad for Connor when after Annalise heard that him and Oliver broke up that she assumed he did something just like everyone else did in the last episode.
  • I like that Annalise won't let Michaela quit the case just because she's disgusted by her client because a big part of being a defense attorney is defending people like their client.
  • I liked that Annalise told Wes that Laurel went to visit her father because she asked her to do so.
  • I was surprised that Laurel's dad knew that she was looking for Frank before she even asked him for his help to find him.
  • I liked that Laurel got mad at her dad when he found out that he was listening to her calls and reading her emails.
  • I liked that Wes tried to look into Laurel's dad because he remembers her telling him that her dad is not a good person.
  • I find it funny that Connor refers to Aiden as both his and Michaela's ex but I'm a bit sad to see that Michaela is sad to see that Aiden is now engaged to another woman who seems more accomplished than her.
  • I liked that Laurel's dad had his conflict manager come in because he want him and Laurel to resolve the conflict that they have between them but it seem like that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
  • I was surprised to learn that Laurel was kidnapped when she was sixteen years old and that her father refused to pay her ransom which is something she understandably holds against him.
  • I think that the prosecution office being unwilling to give a plea deal to Annalise for any of her cases is something that will cause problems for Annalise in the future.
  • I was surprised to learn that Wes hates his birthday and now I want to know the reason behind this.
  • I felt bad for Laurel when it seemed like her dad was actually trying to make things right with her and give her the information that she wanted but instead was just trying to use her name for one of his most likely illegal businesses.
  • I liked that when the client told Annalise that he was being blackmailed by another lawyer and that Annalise told him only a hack would blackmail their own client.
  • I thought it was awful to learn that the client murder another young woman years ago because she called him names and I liked that Annalise pointe out to him that everyone gets called names and not everyone kills the people who do it.
  • I liked that Oliver tried to comfort Michaela about Aiden by telling her how happy him and the girl he's with now is lie because if they were truly happy they wouldn't post so many pictures of them acting happy.
  • I like that although Connor is of course still willing to spend time with Oliver he's not sure if they can actually be friends because Connor still very obviously wants to be more than that.
  • I liked that when Michaela reveals that she stole money from their client and that she's going to gamble with it that Connor, Asher and Oliver all became very nervous until she kept winning.
  • I like that Bonnie relates to the girl that their client win because she was a runaway which Bonnie easily could have been if her father hadn't been taken away and she can't stand the idea of girl's mother still holding out hope that her daughter will someday come home to her when they know she's dead.
  • I liked that Annalise brought up how no one knows what happened to Rebecca when Bonnie tells her she wants to go to the DA about the other girl their client killed.
  • I like that when Asher sees Oliver flirting with another guy that he goes to Connor because he thinks Connor should put a stop to it and Connor points out that their not together anymore and Oliver is very firm in his decision regardless of how much Connor dislikes it.
  • I liked that Wes texted Laurel to check if she was okay in the middle of the night.
  • I liked how when a guy that was flirting with Oliver earlier came over and flirted with Connor and told him that someone like Oliver wasn't his type that Connor told him off but I was sad that Oliver assumed that Connor was sabogating is attempts to move on.
  • I was worried when Michaela lost the client's money but I was glad that she was able to get the money back by pawning off her old engagement ring.
  • I understand why Laurel didn't want to let Frank's call possibly be traced after he told her that Annalise tried to kill him although I don't like that she did that.
  • I liked that Annalise was able to let it be known that there was a dead girl in the freezer and she used the fact that prosecution wouldn't make a plea deal with her as way to reveal the truth and get her client a good plea deal.
  • I liked that Annalise made her client take the plea deal when he didn't want to take one by scaring him.
  • I'm sad that Laurel isn't letting Annalise know about Frank's location even though she agreed to help her find him.
  • I liked that in flash forward that Bonnie got Oliver to where he had to be so that he could drop Annalise's now wiped phone.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Kdramas I've Watched

1. City Hunter:This series is one that is a story of revenge that has a good amount of action and romance to it as well. This series is one that has a really good story behind it and good characters that make you invested in the story. I thought that this drama had good conflict between the characters that kept the story interesting through out it's run.
2. I Hear Your Voice: This series is one that is a bit hard to pin down because there are just so many aspects to it, this series is a noona romance, a legal drama and thriller with a supernatural element all at once and it feels like all the pieces of the story shouldn't fit as well together as they do. The characters are great and they all are able to go through character development through out the series as well as getting plenty of relationship development. Overall this series is one that you can't help but become emotionally invested in and that makes you forgive any of the flaws this series may have.
3. Healer: This series is an action adventure romance that has the male lead acting similarly to a superhero and a female lead working as a truth seeking reporter which are tropes we've seen before but this series makes them feel brand new. This series is one that has a very good emotional core to it with characters that you can't help but love.
4. Pinocchio: This series is another great one that deals with the morals and ethics of broadcast journalism and explores the very nature of what the truth is. This series is one that has great characters that go through emotional journeys as they have their world views challenged and the romance in the series is great as well.
5. W: Two Worlds: This one is a series that has a concept that really stands out with having a comic book character become self aware and having the female lead sucked into the comic book and end up falling in love with him. This series is one that is filled with twists and turns and it gives the audience plenty to talk about as we explore what makes a human, human.
6. Heartless City: This dark crime story that deals with criminals and undercover cops just trying to survive is one that is extremely well made and endlessly intriguing to watch with all the characters being so very flawed. This show is one that stands out both because of it's darker tone and it's darker but still gorgeous look that the series has to it.
7. Queen In Hyun's Man: This series is a really sweet time travel romance that is sure to make you swoon with two leads that are completely lovable and it has the right balance of fluff and angst to it.
8. Dream High: This series is a teen drama about students at a preforming arts school working their hardest to achieve their dreams and make it in the K-pop industry. The characters in this series are all ones that I can't help but to root for and I really loved seeing them grow through out the series and I always found myself caring about them.
9. School 2013: This series is a drama that is simply about the lives of students and teachers of one class at one school and although that premise doesn't sound all that gripping the series itself is because the characters are and you find yourself completely invested in their story as the series goes on.
10. Witch's Romance: This series is about the romance between 39 year old cold hearted ultra successful reporter and a sweet 25 year old who works has a man who does any kind of part time job someone might need done, the romance in this series is unconventional but also completely heartwarming.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TV Review: Shadowhunters: The Mortal Cup(1.01)

                                     Shadowhunters: The Mortal Cup(1.01)Review
  • I really like the opening scene with Alec, Izzy and Jace tracking the shape shifting demon because they show us that something supernatural is going on with normal people not being able to see them, the demon their following shifting it's appearance when it runs into someone and even shows us some runes, I also really like the song that is playing during that scene. I think this scene does a really good job of showing us a little bit about the shows rules and mythology.
  • I liked that since the first scene set up right away that normal people can't see shadowhunters that when Clary could see Jace it was actually surprising to me that she could see him just like it was surprising for her.
  • I liked that the show took us back eight hours and that we got to see what Clary's normal life was with seeing her interview and get into art school, her meeting up with her best friend Simon and her close relationship with her mom, it let us get to know her and showed the contrast to what her life will soon become.
  • I really love the art work that show has for Clary because it is really nice art which makes her getting into art school really believable for me.
  • I loved that when Clary tricked Simon into thinking she didn't get into art school that he said he'd make them pay by writing scathing email to them because it's sweet that he wants to stand up for her but it's also kind of lame that he'd do it by writing an email.
  • I like that Clary and Simon are working on creating a graphic novel together because that's such a nerdy thing to do but it also shows how much time the two spend together which helps establish their friendship fairly quickly.
  • I like how Clary kind of teases Simon for not knowing that Maureen has a crush on him while he makes it clear to the audience but not Clary that he has a crush on her.
  • I was very confused when I first watched this scene about how Clary's biscotti became a drawing of a biscotti, honestly I didn't figure out what happened until I watched episode six.
  • I like that the show hinted at Luke being a werewolf right away but for some reason I remember it taking awhile for me to figure out what he was although it was pretty obvious from the start.
  • I still don't understand why someone who apparently wasn't a vampire were going around draining regular people of their blood because I feel like it was never truly explained but maybe I'm wrong about that.
  • I liked that Luke's boss told him that he should just marry Jocelyn since he already acts like her husband anyway.
  • I liked that Clary and Dot have such a close relationship with each other but I also like that it was clear that Dot was hiding things from her just like her mom is.
  • I liked that both Jocelyn and Dot found out that Clary got into art school from Simon's twitter.
  • I like that Jocelyn tries to tell Clary about being a shadowhunter on her birthday by giving her stele and trying to explain it to her what it does and what their family history actually is. I like that it was made clear that Clary was starting remember she was a shadowhunter on some level because she was drawing runes without even knowing what they were.
  • I thought that the flashback to ten years earlier was really poorly place in the episode but at the same time I can't think of a better place to put it in so I don't feel like it's all that fair to complain about it's placement.
  • I liked that it was explained that the reason Clary couldn't see the supernatural things for so long was because she had her memories taken away.
  • I liked that it was clear that Magnus didn't really agree with Jocelyn's plan to wipe Clary's memories in order to keep her save because one day she would discover what she really is.
  • I liked that it was clear that Jocelyn knew it was important that she tells Clary the truth about what she is but at the same time she was having a hard time doing it which is why she let Clary go off with Simon without telling her the truth.
  • I really like how Simon gave Clary a piggyback ride out of her place, I just really adore the friendship between this two.
  • I find it a bit strange that Clary doesn't find it strange that her mom has no relatives what so ever and I liked that Maureen does find it strange and rightfully suspects that Jocelyn is hiding something from Clary.
  • I like that Izzy decided to dress up with a platinum wig for their mission with a shape shifting demon which leaves Alec confused as to why she would bother and Jace complimenting her on her choice of wig.
  • I like that in hindsight it's clear that from the beginning that Izzy was trying to get Alec to be true to himself and that he didn't want to talk to her about any of that.
  • I honestly don't understand why they couldn't just wait to get approval for the mission like Alec said that they should and considering that the mission wasn't all that successful I'm wondering if it would saved them from some problems in the future.
  • I liked that it was hinted at from the start that Izzy was good at forensics when she said that if they got her a sample of the blood she would be able to tell what was so special about it.
  • I like how Simon and Maureen like to change their band's name at the drop of the hat for no real reason.
  • I liked that when Jace was shocked by Clary being able to see him and asks if she has the sight that she thinks that he's trying to hit on her and she's really unimpressed by him.
  • I like that Simon and Maureen who both can't see Jace are concerned for Clary when she was talking to Jace and with how she kept insisting that she was actually their when neither of them saw anyone.
  • I like that Clary follows Jace into the club because she wants to prove to Simon and Maureen that she's not crazy and I like that Simon reminds her that her fake ID sucks as she does so.
  • I like that Simon and Maureen go off to go get drinks despite Simon being so sure that their fake IDs aren't good enough to get them drinks.
  • I like that when Magnus sees the circle members in his club that he kicks them out right away and I like how when he was threaten them with his magic and one the guys said they've endured worse that Magnus pointed out that they inflicted worse.
  • Even though it screwed up the mission I liked that when Clary thought Jace was going to kill someone that she jumps in and pushes her out of the way because she couldn't let someone get murdered.
  • I quite like the scene where Jace, Izzy and Alec had to kill all the demons in the room which out numbered them by quite a lot while this wasn't the best fight scene in the show it does established from the start that they all know how to fight pretty well together.
  • I liked that Jace actually pushes Clary out of the way of the demon after she saved the demon and I liked that he asked her at least one more time during the fight if she was okay.
  • I like that they had Clary pick up the seraph blade and that it lit up for her which means that she's a shadowhunter and I like that Jace clear sees this.
  • I liked that when Jace was fighting the demons after he lost his seraph blade that he yelled to Alec and then Alec tossed him, his blade without a second thought and that once Jace got his blade back he tossed it back to Alec.
  • I like that it was made clear that the circle members saw Clary at the club and followed her home because it explains why they found them now.
  • I like that Clary is really freaked out about the demon killing she just witness and doesn't understand and that she goes back home and tells her mom all about what she saw.
  • I like that Jocelyn starts to tell Clary the truth about who she really is although there isn't much time and Clary is already freaking out so Clary doesn't really understand much of what her mom is trying to tell her.
  • I like that it's clear that Jocelyn and Dot have prepared for the possibility of the circle finding them and that they had a plan for what to do in this situation.
  • I like that Jocelyn makes sure to tell Clary that she loves her more than anything before she forces Clary to go find Luke who she tells Clary is the only person that she can trust to help them right now.
  • I like that it's made clear to the audience right away that Valentine is alive and that he's someone who everyone else assumed was dead.
  • I like that Jocelyn doesn't take the coma potion until it's clear that she can't escape from the circle members.
  • I feel bad for Clary when she hears Luke telling the circle members that he doesn't care about her and her mom because after hearing that she now believes that she doesn't have anyone that she can trust anymore.
  • I like that Valentine was impressed by Jocelyn's ability hide from him for eighteen years and that he kills one of his followers for insulting her.
  • I felt sad for Clary when she returned home to find the place in ruins and that her mom was nowhere to be found.
  • I like that Clary jabbed the shape shifter demon with her stele when it started to attack her but sadly she wasn't able to fight him off for long but luckily Jace showed up and killed the demon before it killed her.
  • I liked how gentle Jace was with Clary when he was examining the bite that the demon gave her and I like that he answers her questions very directly even his answers make no sense to her I'm glad that someone is actually giving her answers to the many questions she has.
  • I liked that Izzy was just waiting for Clary to wake up and I like how she just expected Clary to understand that they saved her and she should be grateful to them.
  • I like that Alec does find it weird that Clary appeared because new shadowhunters just don't appear while Jace and Izzy are all too happy to ignore the strangeness of the situation and instead want to learn more about Clary.
  • I liked that after Izzy tells Alec that she loves him that Alec stops trying to point how Clary shouldn't be here so that he can tell Izzy that he loves her too.
  • I like that Izzy tries to ask Alec if the reason that he doesn't want Clary here is because Jace likes her and that Alec tells her that he's suspicious of Clary since she appeared out of nowhere and she ruined their mission.
  • I liked that after it becomes clear to Jace that Clary really doesn't know anything that he tries to explain the whole shadow world in the simplest way possible but of course that is still confusing for Clary because how could it not be.
  • I like that Clary makes it clear from the start that what she cares about most is finding and saving her mom.
  • I liked that Simon tracked Clary down and was concerned to find out that she was in what appeared to be an abandoned church and that she was undressed there, I like that he asks her if she has a meth problem that she didn't tell him about.
  • I liked that Jace seemed oddly proud of himself for the drawing a rune on Clary's neck.
  • I like that when Clary questions the clothes that Izzy left for her that Jace tells her that Izzy is very comfortable with her body.
  • I like that when Jace is fighting the circle member and Clary is reacting to it that Simon is very confused as to what she is seeing.
  • I like that when Jace first makes himself visible to Simon that Simon asks Clary if he is her meth dealer.
  • I like that Clary actually was given good reason by both Jace and Simon on why they should trust them with Jace being a shadowhunter like Clary who can help her find her mother and keep her safe and Simon being her best friend who she known forever and she knows that she can trust him but she doesn't know much of anything about Jace since she just met him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

                                                      Wonder Woman Review
Wonder Woman is about Diana Prince(Gal Gadot) a goddess that has been raised by the Amazons who's duty is to protect man kind from the influence of Ares. Diana spends her life training to be the best warrior she can be on the island of Themyscira until one day she rescues a man named Steve Trevor(Chris Pine) from the sea after his plane crashes into the sea just off the coast of the island. After Steve tells the amazons about the Great War(world war I) that has been going on for four years now and has already claimed millions of lives, Diana wants to go and help Steve end the war but the rest of the Amazons think that she should stay out of it but she finds that she can't.

Diana ends up going with Steve to Europe and the two of them plan to do everything they can to put a stop to the war or at the very least minimize the amount of deaths caused in the future from it. The two differ a bit on how to end the war with Diana believing that Ares is responsible for the war and that if she finds and kills him the men's minds will be clear and the war will end while Steve believes that things are more complicated than that and he believes the way t prevent more deaths is to find a way to destroy a new poisonous gas that threatens to wipe out millions more.

Overall I really loved this movie I found that this movie had a good plot that kept me engaged, I thought that the tone of this was really well balanced with there being moments that made me laugh, moments that I found heart warming and moments I found heart breaking. I thought that the characters leading this movie were really good and I liked seeing the developing relationship between Diana and Steve. I thought that this movie was really well directed, written and acted. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Watch the Thrones(3.04)

                                              The 100: Watch the Thrones(3.04)Review
  • I was surprised that Lexa's people were able to find the Ice Queen so quickly but it does seem like the Ice Queen wanted to be caught.
  • I think that the grounders system of government is kind of dumb because the Ice Queen was able to avoid being executing by basically saying that she thinks Lexa is weak and therefore shouldn't be listened to and whole bunch of other people agreed.
  • I liked that when the Ice Queen basically challenged Lexa to a trial by combat that while the Ice Queen is having her son fight for her Lexa is fighting herself.
  • I agree with Kane and Abby's choice to leave Lexa to handling the Ice Nation's attacking on them to be the smart move I do think Pike is right when he saw that the only thing that the grounders respond to is a show of strength since their culture has been shown time and time again to value physical strength above all else.
  • I felt bad for Bellamy when he quit the guard because he feels guilty that 49 of their people died including Gina died because he trusted the wrong person and I liked that Kane told him to not blame himself but to blame the Ice Nation who were behind the attack.
  • I like that Monty continues to worry about Jasper and that he follows Jasper out of camp when the camp is on lock down.
  • I like that Clarke thinks Lexa fighting is not a good idea and that she doesn't really understand Lexa's need to prove her strength.
  • I like that when Lexa shows that her successor is a child that Clarke finds it concerning that a child will be taking her place.
  • I liked that Clarke tells Roan that she wants him to become king of kingdom by killing his mother and I liked that when he says he can't do it he says that he can help Clarke make it so he's king.
  • I liked that we got to see a little bit of the memorial service for the people who died in explosion of Mount Weather.
  • I dislike how Pike made a whole bunch of people think that they were under attack because there was an army a couple of miles outside of camp that was sent by Lexa to keep them safe from the Ice Nation.
  • I was sad that Lincoln who has always been about keeping the peace was hit in the head by a rock because Pike made a whole bunch of people convinced that all grounders are their enemy but I did like that Bellamy rushed to help the other guards keep people from attacking Lincoln.
  • I liked that Jasper led him and Monty to the site of the drop ship and I liked that all the grass had regrown around it which shows how much time has passed.
  • I like that Lincoln refuses to press charges against the person who attacked him because he knows it would just cause more problems.
  • I liked that Clarke almost succeed in killing the Ice Queen and only didn't because one of her guards figured out what she was doing.
  • I find it interesting that all of the commanders are this type of people called night bloods who have black blood and are trained from the time when they are young to be warriors.
  • I like that Pike believes that they are at war with grounders and that Kane doesn't see that and I like that Bellamy also sees things that way because it makes sense that Bellamy would considering that he has been fighting the grounders since he got to earth.
  • I dislike how Pike is playing into how Bellamy feels guilty about letting his people die in order to get Bellamy to supply him with guns so that he could take out the grounder army. I like that Bellamy still seems unsure of where he truly stands but he fears loosing more of his people that he can't help but to be taken in by Pike's words.
  • I thought that the fight scene between Lexa and Roan was pretty cool to watch. I liked that in the end that both Lexa and Roan lived and I like that Lexa killed the Ice Queen instead of Roan but I feel like this attack may cause problems for her in the future.
  • I liked that Lincoln along with Monroe and Harper decided to stop Pike and Bellamy when they went to attack the grounder army because they wish to retain the peace they have with the grounders and I liked how Bellamy pointed out that he has always did what is best for them since the beginning which is what Bellamy believes that he is doing now and I liked that Monroe and Harper left because they do trust that Bellamy has their best interest at heart.
  • I liked that Lincoln refused to leave because he knows what Pike and Bellamy are trying to do will start a war and I like that the guards come and stop them all from leaving and locks them up for stealing guns.
  • I'm worried that Pike is getting through to too many people and that he'll end up winning the election to become chancellor.
  • I liked how Jasper pointed out how what Clarke along with Bellamy and Monty did was mass murder and I liked that when he accused Monty of being fine that Monty tells him he's not fine he just doesn't go around getting drunk constantly unlike Jasper.
  • I found it sad that when Monty told Jasper that he misses his best friend that Jasper tells him he day that day along with Maya and the other people that lived in Mount Weather.
  • I found it sad to see Monty finally give up on getting through to Jasper and to see Jasper breakdown crying once he was alone.
  • I don't like how Clarke has seemed to forgot how Lexa had betrayed her already because it seems way to soon for her to care so much for Lexa's safety and have a scene with romantic undertones.
  • I think that Pike becoming Chancellor is something that is going to be bad for their people because he's starting another war with the grounders.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: There Are Worse Things Than Murder(3.02)

     How to Get Away With Murder: There Are Worse Things Than Murder(3.02)Review
  • I like that in the flash forward that Annalise is being very emotional and irrational which shows that she cares about whoever died.
  • I liked that Nate noticed that something was off with Annalise and tried to get her to talk about it but of course she didn't tell him anything.
  • I think it's really strange and creepy how Frank called Annalise crying about how he had no choice but to kill the guy that she sent to look for him especially since he did have a lot of choices other than murder that he could have chosen to make.
  • I think it was a bit weird how Annalise asked Wes to come live with her and I liked that Wes found it strange as well.
  • I like that Laurel is checking in on the case involving Wes's biological father to make sure the police not suspect him but I don't like that she is still worrying about Frank.
  • I like that things are pretty awkward between Connor and Oliver with them being broken up but still living together and I also like that Oliver strangely doesn't like thinking of them as being broken up entirely even though he is the one that broke up with Connor.
  • I felt so embarrassed for Oliver when he introduced himself to Annalise's class in the most awkward way.
  • I liked that the case of the week deals with a woman who is up for parole after she killed her husband who abused her years ago and I liked that pretty much everyone expect Connor actually tried to appeal to client but in the end the client chose Connor to be the one that represented her.
  • I liked that Wes asked Annalise if the reason that she asked him to move in with her is because she's worried that Frank might try and hurt him and I like that Annalise tells him that she asked him to move in with her because she was lonely.
  • I like that Maggie is concerned about Annalise because she thinks that the person putting up the fliers about her means her serious harm.
  • I kind of feel bad for Connor who seems to be the only one that is taking the case seriously but I do like that he seems to actually care about the client and I like that he's been pretty honest with her about what's going to help and hurt her case and I think she appreciates that.
  • I liked that Connor keeps trying to speak up on his client's behalf when their in front of the hearing board even though Annalise tells him he should just keep quiet. I like that after the first meeting that Connor tells Annalise that she should fire him because he doesn't believe that he's a good enough to win this case and I liked that Annalise pointed out that only the client can fire him and that he hasn't lost the case yet.
  • I felt a bit bad for Asher when Michaela told him that she was pretty much only using him for sex but I'm not really surprised that this all their relationship is to her.
  • I like that Wes tells Laurel to not go looking for problems where there aren't any after he sees her looking at an article about his biological father's death.
  • I liked that Wes admitted to Laurel that he did a background check on Maggie before he started dating her.
  • I was shocked when Connor confessed to his client about being involved with killing someone as a way to connect with her and get her to understand that she has to give a reason to the board for why she killed her husband if she ever wants to go free.
  • I can't blame Annalise for being mad at Connor telling their client about how he was involved in a murder after everything she did to cover it up.
  • I liked that the client actually talked about what life was like when her husband was alive and why she killed him after remaining quiet about everything for so long.
  • I liked that Connor called Oliver to distract him from how nervous he was about how the case would turn out and I like that despite them being broken up Oliver was still there for Connor when he needed him.
  • I liked that Annalise figured out that the husband's sister was abused to and I like that Annalise convinced her not to testify on her brother's behalf.
  • I was happy the client was granted parole in the end despite how pretty much everyone believed that this case couldn't be won.
  • I disliked how the university tried to suspend Annalise because someone was threatening her and I liked that Annalise refused to let them punish her being the victim of harassment.
  • I liked how Connor confessed to Oliver that he loves him and that all he wants is to be able to make Oliver as happy as he has made him.
  • I like that Oliver told Connor that he just can't be in a relationship right now and that if Connor wants to make him happy he has to let him go and then Connor agrees to move out after this because he knows now that their relationship is really over. While I'm very sad that they are breaking up I like that it's still clear that they care about each other a whole lot.
  • I liked that Bonnie told Laurel that she needs to stop thinking about and calling Frank and I liked that she implied that Frank has done something worse than murder that Laurel doesn't know about.
  • I liked that Connor goes to stay with Michaela after he ends up moving out of Oliver's.
  • I like that Wes comes over to have dinner with Annalise and I like that he pretends he didn't come over because he was worried about her.
  • I like that Annalise and Bonnie have Laurel call in order to lure Frank back into town so that they can deal with him head on.
  • In the flash forward I'm curious about Annalise wants Oliver to wipe off the phone she handed him before she was arrested.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, June 9, 2017

TV Review: W: Two Worlds

                                                       W: Two Worlds Review
W: Two Worlds is about how a young doctor named Oh Yeon-joo gets sucked into the world of her father's web comic and ends up saving the main character Kang Chul's life after her father tried to kill him off. Yeon-joo ends up getting pulled back into the comic's world more and more often because Chul becomes curious about her and believes that she is the key to his life. Yeon-joo has to figure out the rules of the comic world while trying to reveal to Chul that he's a fictional character but since Chul has already started to see that things in life don't add up in a way that makes any logical sense so it's only a matter of time before he learns the truth.

 After learning the truth about his existence Chul is able to travel to the real world and there he is able to read the comic series about his life and since the starting off point of the comic series was his family being murder by a mysterious killer and him being wrongfully accused of their murders, he is obviously somewhat disgusted to see that all of the hardships that he has been through were for other people's entertainment. Chul ends up confronting his creator Yeon-joo's dad about how he cruelly played with his life and to get answers about who really killed his family. Yeon-joo's dad is terrified to see Chul because he was feared that he would become self aware and come after him for quite sometime now which is why he's been trying so hard to kill Chul off recently. In the end Yeon-joo's dad reveals that there was never any real culprit for Chul to catch and that he was never suppose to solve the mystery behind his family's death.

After being confronted with being a fictional character and that his attempt to bring his family's killer to justice has all been in vein Chul almost ends his life only to be saved by Yeon-joo once again and once he realized that she did this because she sincerely cares about him as a person he decides to spend his life paying her back for that which involves a lot of romance. Since the beginning there has been feelings developing between Yeon-joo and Chul but once she becomes she convinces him to find a new purpose in life after he looses his old one the romance is taken a new level when they get married for both plot related reasons and because they love each other but this ends up putting Yeon-joo's life in danger when the real culprit makes an appearance. It turns out that the real culprit does exist he just doesn't have a name, face, personality or really anything other than his soul desire to kill Kang Chul's family which Yeon-joo is now considered to be.

The first half of this series deals more with establishing the two worlds of the series and how things work in those two worlds and how someone can travel between them. In the first half there's also a bunch of establishing who everyone is and setting up relationships and revealing certain truths. The second half of the series is more about turning what you thought you knew on it's head and having the rules change because the nature of the story itself has changed. The second half is also one where the antagonists are a much more real threat and they can drive the plot almost as much as our main characters.

Overall I really loved this series it was one with such a cool concept that I haven't seen before and I felt like the show did a good job at making these two worlds and showing how traveling between them works. I really adored out main characters I found myself loving them and being invested in them fairly early on and I loved out lead couple together and I found their unconventional somewhat absurdly intense relationship to really work for me. Overall I think that this was a great series that I could talk about for so much longer but I feel like I have revealed a lot but also barely anything in this review, I think that anyone who thinks this concept sounds interesting should check out this brilliant series. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

TV Review: The 100: Ye Who Enter Here(3.03)

                                          The 100: Ye Who Enter Here(3.03)Review
  • I'm glad that Clarke refused to see Lexa for a week and I dislike how Lexa acted like Clarke should be grateful to her since she captured her before the Ice Nation could.
  • I liked that when Lexa tried to say that Clarke was only hating her because it's easier than hating herself that Clarke told her that she could do both just fine.
  • I liked that Clarke told Lexa that she has no honor because she doesn't have any and I like that Clarke pointed out that what she did at Mount Whether she did because Lexa left her with no other choice but to kill all of the people of Mount Whether.
  • I liked that Clarke figured out that Lexa wasn't trying to help Clarke or return her to her people but that what she really wants is to get Clarke to bow to her because she doesn't want to look weak in the eyes of the Ice Nation and I like that Clarke would rather die than bow to Lexa.
  • I don't think that in the long term it was smart of Lexa to kill the Ice Nation member that wouldn't bow to her because that might be the type of thing they would use as a reason to wage war against her.
  • I like that Kane is worried about how having moved their people into Mount Whether would look to grounders and if it would hurt their chances at achieving peace.
  • I like that Bellamy is upset that he couldn't go to the peace summit but I like that he knows that Kane is trying to teach him a lesson by not letting him go.
  • I can't help but agree with Octavia that the frame station making Mount Whether their home is something that seems to be in poor taste but since they weren't around last season I can understand why they don't see things the same way.
  • I like that Roan is willing to help Clarke get revenge on Lexa by giving her the chance to kill her but I also liked that Clarke questioned whether she should trust him or not since she knows he's only looking for his own like she is her own.
  • I liked that when Octavia told Bellamy that she doesn't feel like she fits with their people that Bellamy told her that if she has to leave he gets that but she'll always fit in with him.
  • I liked that when Echo a girl that Bellamy recognized as a grounder that helped him when they were both trapped in Mount Whether came to warn them that the summit was a trap for the people from the Ark that Bellamy believed her at her word because she saved his life in the past.
  • I like that Raven was sure that she could figure out what the launch codes where for the missiles that Mount Whether has.
  • I liked that Gina told Bellamy that she didn't want him to do anything stupidly heroic and that he promised he'd only be garden variety heroic.
  • I liked that Abby told Kane that she believes that he is better suited for being Chancellor than she is and I liked that he decided that they should let the people decide on who should be chancellor after they get back to their people.
  • I find it interesting that Lexa wants to have the Ark's people under her command and protection while the people from the Ark only want to make sure there is peace between their people.
  • I like that Bellamy and Octavia trust Echo while Pike is constantly distrustful of her because it shows the differences in their interactions with grounders has been in the past.
  • I'm glad that Lexa did tell Clarke sorry even if I do doubt how sincere she was being at the time and I'm glad that Clarke couldn't bring herself to kill Lexa because killing her wouldn't have helped her heal.
  • I liked that Clarke only agreed to join her people under Lexa because that was what would be the best way to keep her people alive if a war with the Ice Nation comes.
  • I liked that when Sinclair saw that Raven was struggling that he told her to let Abby help her and I liked that when Raven admitted that she was afraid that she was too broken to be fixed that he told her to take a chance on herself like he did when he gave her job on the ark.
  • I was sad when Gina was stabbed by the assassin grounder but I liked that she warned Raven about what he was up to but I was sad that this didn't save her or any of the other people inside Mount Whether in the end.
  • I liked that Raven ended up saving Sinclair's life from the assassin but I was sad that they couldn't save anyone else that was in Mount Whether.
  • I felt so bad for Bellamy when he realized that Echo had been lying to them and that the attack wasn't going to be on their people at the summit but on the people living in Mount Whether.
  • I liked that Lexa considers the attack on Mount Whether to be an act of war and had all of the Ice Nation members that arrested.
  • I liked that Bellamy tried to convince Clarke to come home to their people with him by reminding her that Lexa betrayed them at Mount Whether and that she would always choose her people over theirs, sadly Clarke thinks it's best for their people that she stays.
  • I don't trust that Lexa won't betray Clarke again and I'm glad that Clarke doesn't completely trust her either.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

TV Review: Timeless: Public Enemy No. 1(1.15)

                                        Timeless: Public Enemy No. 1(1.15)Review
  • I liked that Flynn had a talk with a priest about how he's dealing with having the power to change things and how at the beginning of his mission he believed he could change things for the better but now he's not so sure because he hasn't accomplished much of anything.
  • I hated how the Ritten house agents order a mission to killing Flynn's mother while she was a teenager and that they are forcing Lucy and Rufus to accompany a hit man back in time and if they don't they will charged as aiding a murder.
  • I dislike how Lucy's father tries to play the good guy when he's ordering her to take on a mission where she helps kill a woman they all know is innocent.
  • I like that Rufus ended up knocking out the hit man with a tranquilizer gun and that Lucy then took his gun and pointed it at the hit man to make sure he doesn't try anything in case he wasn't knocked out. I liked that they then took the time machine to where Wyatt and Agent Christopher were.
  • I liked that Rufus made a virus that disabled all of Mason's computers so that they couldn't be tracked.
  • I dislike how Mason made it look like Jiya had something to do with what happened by revealing that she was in a relationship with Rufus.
  • I liked that Lucy and Rufus were so proud of themselves for pulling off their plan and I liked that Wyatt was proud of them too and that they were all so happy to see each other.
  • I liked that Wyatt suggested that they go back in time and help Lucy get her sister back by making sure that her sister's dad met her mom but sadly they couldn't do that because Flynn jumped right before they left to do that.
  • I think it's a bit ironic that Capone didn't seem to think that the evidence of his tax evasion was a good way in with him for Flynn when that was what he ended up doing time for although Flynn does seem to convince him of their worth with a letter.
  • I liked that Wyatt, Rufus and Agent Christopher argued about whether going after Flynn was the smart thing to do at the moment since while they do agree that they need to stop Flynn from murdering his way through time they also don't want to get caught by Ritten House. I also like that Lucy worries that she might loose her chance to get her sister back since this may be their last trip ever.
  • I liked that Rufus called Jiya and told her he was sorry about having her get involved in all this and then told her to try and slow things down to buy them time and that he promised that he would tell her everything soon.
  • I liked that Lucy points out they stick out because they didn't have time to find clothes from the correct time period.
  • I like that since Flynn is working with Capone that Lucy, Rufus and Wyatt are going to work with Elliot Ness in order to find a new way to Capone and stop Flynn's plans.
  • I loved that Jiya told Mason that she see him for who he really is and that is a coward. I'm really worried about Jiya through out this episode because she's in a lot of danger surrounded by Ritten House.
  • I liked that Rufus asked Ness about how he deals with himself and his loved ones being in so much danger because of Capone and I like that Ness tells him that he couldn't look his wife or himself in the eye if he didn't go after him.
  • I was sad that Ness was killed before he could tell them anything he knew about Capone.
  • I liked that when they were escaping from the scene that Wyatt kept telling them that they have to solve one problems at a time that Lucy got annoyed at him and then he tells Lucy a story about one of his mentors who told them to handle one problem at a time.
  • I like that Lucy thought to go to Al Capone's brother who changed his name for help when going after Capone.
  • I liked that Flynn actually used Capone for his connections to Chicago's Mayor who is Ritten house so that he can get information from him.
  • I liked that when Lucy was asking Capone's brother for help and he asked why they thought he could do it that Rufus tells him that he could at least try to stop him.
  • I liked that when it became clear that Capone's brother may not want to take in his brother that Lucy convinces him to help by telling him that Capone takes out ads in the paper looking for him all across the country and that she thinks he may be able to talk his brother into turning himself in and saving him in a way.
  • I like that Flynn went after the Mayor in order to find out about a meeting where all Ritten house members work together at the same time.
  • I liked that Jiya was able to completely shut down the system after Mason got it back online.
  • It was a little sad to see Capone and his brother reconnect because they care about each other but they're on opposite sides of law so they can never truly reconnect.
  • I like that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus now know about the 1954 Ritten House meeting that Flynn is going to in DC on his next trip.
  • I like that Capone's brother tried to take him in but I dislike that Capone responded by holding them all at gun point and threatening to kill Rufus because Flynn asked him to.
  • I like that Capone was wrong about his brother not being willing to shoot him because he may not have liked doing it, he still knew that his brother needed to be stopped.
  • I liked that Wyatt pushed Rufus out of the way when he was shot at but I was sad and worried when Rufus was shot anyway.
  • I disliked that Mason is making a deal with Ritten house to get NSA data that mixed with his technology will allow them to find out where someone is at anytime.
  • I'm really worried about Rufus and since at the end of the episode him, Lucy and Wyatt were in the middle of a jump and he's the only one that knows how to pilot it, I'm worried about what might happen to Lucy and Wyatt as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: An Innocent Man(1.09)

                                      Sweet/Vicious: An Innocent Man(1.09)Review
  • I liked that Harris brought up that what Ophelia is doing with Jules is something that goes against everything he stands for and he doesn't know what he's going to do now that he knows the truth.
  • I like that Jules actually finally filed charges against Nate and I liked that Kennedy was by her side when she did that.
  • I liked that Kennedy told Nate about how she believes Jules over him and how Jules filed charges against him and I liked that she finally dumped him and that she said he made it so much easier than she thought it would be.
  • I like that Jules feels like if due process actually work that she feels like she could finally go back to living somewhat normal again and I like that although Ophelia clearly has her doubts about the school taking her claims seriously she doesn't bring them up to Jules.
  • I liked that the people that school interviewed about Jules and Nate on the night that she got raped that none of them seemed to say anything that suggested that they believe she was making things up.
  • I'm glad that Jules knows that Tyler has filed a missing person for his brother so that she and Ophelia can do something to make sure that they aren't found out.
  • I liked that when Jules thought that maybe she should reschedule her testifying to cover up the murder more that Ophelia told her to focus on her trial and to let her handle this.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when she had to relive what happened the night she was raped when she was telling the school officials what happened that night and the fact that the school officials kept trying to put words into her mouth that made it her fault rather than Nate's just made it worse.
  • I hated watching Nate lie his way through testifying with the way that he made himself out to be a good guy and Jules out to be a willing participant.
  • I liked that Ophelia got access to the cops computer by telling the cop a story about how her phone was taken and that she needed back right away because she's taken some very sexual photos on it.
  • I liked that when Tyler heard about what happened to Jules that he came over and told her he was sorry that he didn't see it sooner and promised to be there to support her.
  • I liked that when Jules and Kennedy overheard one of Nate's friends and some girls talking about how Jules made up what happened with Nate that Kennedy told them off and told Nate's friend that Nate isn't the person he thinks he is.
  • I was so happy that Jules won her case but I was also surprised since the school hasn't been letting the girls win their rape cases often.
  • I liked that Jules and Ophelia were surprised by the guilty verdict and I like that Ophelia pointed out that the beat up a lot of people based on the theory that school wouldn't do anything when they report it so they were very surprised to learn that theory is wrong.
  • I was so sad when Jules was told that school appealed Nate's expulsion because the president who never met Jules decided that she was lying even though he knows nothing about what happened.
  • I liked that Ophelia almost turned herself in because she didn't want to drag Harris down with her but I liked that Harris and Jules came to stop her before she told the police anything and I like that Harris and Ophelia made up in the end.
  • I like that Jules comes to the decision that she and Ophelia have to take Nate down because the school didn't give her the justice she needed in the end.
  • I liked that Nate's friend realized that Nate really did rape Jules and I like that he doesn't take Nate's side once he realizes the truth.
  • I like that Ophelia tells Evan that she has these dark depressing thoughts and that she can handle it but lately she hasn't felt like she was allowed those feelings recently because of everything that Jules is dealing with.
  • I liked that Kennedy after seeing that the campus vigilante takes rapists that she asks them to get justice for Jules while not knowing Jules is the vigilante.
  • I was shocked when Tyler was arrested for his brother's murder considering we already know who killed him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Wanheda Part 2(3.02)

                                             The 100: Wanheda Part 2(3.02)Review
  • I was surprised that when Bellamy, Monty, Kane and Indra were attacked seemingly by hostile grounders that Monty's mother was among them.
  • I think Jaha's plan to find people to fill the City of Light is a bad idea because that hologram lady is clearly not someone to be trusted and she wants him to do this.
  • I like that while Murphy keeps saying how Emori can't be trusted it's still clear that the two of them are kind of into each other but they show it in a way that isn't really all that nice which suits their characters.
  • I liked seeing Monty being happy to reunite with his mother but I was sad that he learned shortly afterwards that his father has died.
  • The fact that the frame station people from the ark seem to pride themselves on killing grounders is something that I think may cause problems in the future but I can hardly blame them for killing the grounders after the grounders have killed over half of the people they had since they landed.
  • I liked that Bellamy asked Monty if he was doing okay after reuniting with his mom and learning about his dad's death and I liked that Monty said that he had to be.
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she was being dragged by the grounder who captured her off to who ever put the price on her head but I liked that Clarke almost killed her capturer but I was sad when he got the upper hand over her and almost killed her instead.
  • I liked that when Lincoln and Octavia saw one of Lincoln's old friends who was injured coming to their camp in order to get medical treatment that they made sure that he got to Abby safely.
  • I liked that Abby tried to talk to jasper about how he's dealing with his loss of Maya and how he needs to face it head on but I also liked that when Abby brought up how Finn didn't deal with things well and that got him killed that Jasper pointed out that Clarke killed him just like she killed all of the people of Mount Weather.
  • I liked that Jackson suggested to Abby that they use the blood supply from Mount Weather to save Lincoln's friend and I liked that when Abby pointed out that this might not be a good idea political that Jackson told her maybe she should just be a doctor.
  • I liked that Lincoln told Abby to save his friend despite the fact that using Mount Weather like this may put the end to the peace between their people.
  • I think it's a bit cruel of Abby to bring Jasper along to Mount Weather considering that he still has some pretty bad ptsd over what happened there and there's really no need to bring him with.
  • I liked that Bellamy saved the girl that helped Clarke out last episode from an ice nation that was beating her in hopes she'd tell him what she knew about Clarke. I liked that the girl told Bellamy what he needed to know in order to find Clarke because she knew he was one of Clarke's people and that he would want her to be save like she does.
  • I liked that Clarke tried to escape her capturer by alerting the other bounty hunters that they were near so that she'd have the chance to run from him. I was sad that she couldn't escape him but I like that she figured out that he isn't the one that's going to kill her.
  • I liked that when Bellamy so Clarke from a far that he tried to run to her but he was stopped by Monty and Pike who pointed out that the Ice Nation army would kill them if they caught sight of them and I liked that this barely matter to Bellamy when he had Clarke in his sight.
  • I like that Emori revealed that she is working for the hologram lady by stealing tech for her and I like that she's planning to steal some of the tech she stole for someone else so that she could make more money.
  • I found it freaky that the guy that Emori stole the tech from didn't feel any pain at all when Murphy hit him in the head with a big stick or even when Emori ended up stabbing him in the neck and killing him.
  • I liked that Clarke pointed out that her and her capturer have more in common than he would like to admit but I dislike that he's using Clarke as a way to get back to his people but I also understand why he's willing to do so.
  • I liked that Bellamy was anxious to leave and find Clarke even though the army hasn't passed yet.
  • I found it sad how 15 children from the ark's frame station were killed by grounders while they were playing in the snow and I find it sad that Monty's dad died while he was saving children from being killed.
  • I know I'm suppose to think that it's bad that Pike thinks all grounders are the same but the fact is the majority of grounders we've met in the series are blood thirsty and I can't blame Pike for hating them when they have killed so many people from the ark for simply being on their land.
  • I liked that Emori ended up kissing Murphy on the cheek and I liked that they planned to escape with the tech together.
  • I liked that when Jaha and a new follower of the City of Light he recruited held Emori hostage that Murphy threatened to destroy the tech that ran the City of Light until they let Emori go. I also liked that even after they let Emori go that Murphy still tried to destroy the tech although it wasn't destroy.
  • I find it a bit unnerving that there isn't any death in the City of Light since that is something that seems unnatural.
  • I'm glad that Lincoln's friend was okay and I liked that his friend pointed out that places aren't evil but only people are evil.
  • I liked that when Octavia walked in on Jasper right after he clearly had a breakdown and he said that he was fine that she said she knows that and I liked that he then allowed himself to open up to her about Maya just a little bit.
  • I liked that Monty didn't feel comforted when Pike told him he did the right thing at Mount Weather because what they did at Mount Weather was necessary to save their people but something like can never be right.
  • I liked Bellamy stole one of the grounders clothes so that he could sneak out when the ice nation army was around and go and find Clarke.
  • I liked that when Bellamy found Clarke he was so happy and relieved to find her alive and I liked the way that he caressed her face in his hands.
  • I liked that when Clarke's capturer got the upper hand over Bellamy that Clarke plead for Bellamy's life and promised she'd stop fighting if he'd let Bellamy live which he does but he does injury Bellamy so that he can't follow them.
  • I liked that Bellamy still tried to follow Clarke even with an injured leg even though everyone told him that it was of no use now.
  • I'm glad that Monty was able to convince Bellamy that they would find another way to save Clarke one that was less likely to result in their deaths.
  • I'm glad that Clarke wasn't taken to the Ice Nation queen but I don't think Lexa's that much better then her.
  • I hate how Lexa didn't honor her deal with Clarke's capturer Roan because of something his mother is doing and that he has no say in.
  • I loved that Clarke spit in Lexa's face and told her that she was going to kill her because Lexa deserves that after she forced Clarke into having to commit genocide at Mount Weather and she had her capturer and has taken her prisoner.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away With Murder: We're Good People Now(3.01)

                  How to Get Away With Murder: We're Good People Now(3.01)Review
  • I like that Wes told the police that he was just asking his biological directions before he was shot because that makes him look a lot less suspicious.
  • I thought it was messed up that Frank led Wes to where his biological father was under the false pretenses that Annalise had thought it would be a good idea that he meets him and that Frank then kills Wes's biological father in order to try and make things right with Annalise.
  • I like that Annalise told Wes that people like Frank and his biological father aren't people worth loosing themselves over and that she tells him to let go of them right then and there.
  • I find it interesting that once the next school year starts that the study group in the eyes of some other students aren't good enough students to make it in the class if Annalise wasn't teaching it.
  • I find it interesting that the class Annalise is teaching this year is one where the students will get a chance to work on pro-bono cases for the class.
  • I found the flyer that called Annalise a killer to be concerning as did Michaela, Connor, Laurel, Wes and Asher but Annalise didn't seem concerned at all.
  • I liked how Annalise told everyone that nothing bad is going to happen because they are good people now and I like that she tells them to tell themselves that until they believe it.
  • I liked that in May when Laurel was telling Annalise that she was going to Mexico that she told Annalise that when it comes to matter between Annalise and Frank she is on Annalise's side. I'm a bit sad that in the last couple of months her resolve seems to have waivered.
  • I thought that most of the arguments that the students gave for the case with the immigrant father were pretty good although Annalise seemed to find the majority of them impractical except for Wes's and this student named Drake.
  • I think that Annalise is holding a grudge against Laurel for having a relationship with Frank since she didn't even let Laurel fully explain her argument for the case.
  • The fact that the flyers that calls Annalise a killer now has a lot more copies around campus is more worrying.
  • I liked that Annalise promised Connor that she wouldn't hire Oliver because she knows they'd ruin him which is the exact reason that Connor doesn't want him working for her.
  • I liked how Oliver admitted to Annalise that he deleted Connor's acceptance letter to Standford to prove to her that he can be bad too since he knows that what they do here isn't always good.
  • I really liked that Annalise just laughed at Asher when he came to her asking for money because he no longer has his parents paying for school.
  • I like that Asher seems to be working as an RA on his floor as a way to save money.
  • I like that Michaela ended up finding a way to win the case by arguing that the defense before them gave ineffective defense.
  • I like that Annalise was upfront with Connor about the fact that she was hiring Oliver and why she was doing so and I like that she told him that Oliver deleted his acceptance letter to Standford.
  • I liked that during the summer Annalise got Michaela out of trouble with the police and that Michaela told Annalise that she can't just pretend to be normal and I like that Annalise told her that she was never really normal and that she always knew that she was strong enough to handle what they went through.
  • I was sad that they ended up loosing the case in the end but considering that only three percent of cases in the court are won by the defense it's not really a surprise.
  • I like that Oliver thought that it was messed up that Connor wasn't even really mad at him for deleting his Standford acceptance letter and that Connor ended up telling Oliver that he was sorry for he did something to hurt him. I like that Oliver can tell that there is something a bit messed up about their relationship if this doesn't even make Connor angry at him.
  • I'm sad that Oliver broke up with Connor but I can't disagree with him that maybe it might be better for them to break up since Oliver doesn't want to be in a dishonest relationship and Connor never wants to tell him the full truth about how working with Annalise is.
  • I was a bit surprised to see that Annalise is being transition into a researching role because the study group are preforming badly probably do to the fact that they've been under because of having to deal with murders.
  • I find it sad that Wes can't stand being Laurel anymore because he thinks of Frank when he looks at her even though he doesn't want to thinking of him when he looks at her.
  • I like that Wes has a new girlfriend Maggie who seems nice and normal because he deserves someone like that in his life.
  • I wasn't surprised that Annalise had someone track Frank down but I was surprised that Frank got the jump on him before Annalise could even decide what she wanted to happen to Frank.
  • I don't like that the flash forward this time deals with a main character being dead rather than something that they did because I find that kind of plot thread to be so much less interesting then mysteries from the first two seasons and one that a lot of shows end up doing at some point.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Riders on the Storm(6.10)

                                       Teen Wolf: Riders on the Storm(6.10)Review
  • I found it interesting that Liam could see the train station board when he was in the hospital.
  • I liked that Stiles and his dad were able to reunite at the beginning of the episode and I loved the hug they shared with each other because they were so happy that they have found each other again.
  • I liked that when the Sheriff told Stiles that he should go and find his friends when he held off the ghost riders that Stiles didn't want to do it at first because he can't help but worry about his dad's safety.
  • I liked that Stiles was able to hear Lydia's voice and I liked that both Stiles and Lydia were able to see each other through the rift but no one else was able to.
  • I like that Stiles appears back in his jeep when he breaks through the rift because it makes sense that he would go back to the last place he was in this dimension.
  • I liked that Scott told Lydia and Malia to stay were they were in case Stiles was still coming because didn't want to give up hope.
  • I find it very strange that a railroad is appearing in the hospital and the high school among other places.
  • I liked that when we saw Stiles searching around town for the others that the first place that he looks is at Scott's house and that he's specifically looking for Scott.
  • I liked that Malia suggested that she and Lydia go out and look for Stiles because she knew that Stiles wasn't going to come there since he hasn't already.
  • I liked how Malia asked Lydia if she was also right about these kind of things and I like that Lydia admits that she isn't always. I liked that Malia than asks if she's right about it this time and that Lydia says she is.
  • I liked that Malia told Lydia that half of the time Stiles used a screwdriver rather than his keys to start his car.
  • I liked that Stiles first encountered Scott and Liam again after he hit the evil teacher with a bat and I liked that he asked if that was a bad guy.
  • I love that Scott and Stiles hugged when they saw each other again and that the two of them were all smiles. I liked that Liam had to make Stiles and Scott aware that they were still in danger so that they could run away from the evil teacher.
  • I found it odd that the train station appeared in the library but I did like that Malia and Lydia tried to get the people to leave before the train comes although since everyone is pretty much comatose that doesn't really work.
  • I find it strange that Cory is the voice that is telling everyone when the train will arrive.
  • I liked that when Stiles says that if he leaves for a few days and everything falls apart and then Scott tells him that he has been gone for three months and I like that Stiles then said that they better let him graduate.
  • I liked that Stiles had the idea to use nitro oxide to cool Parrish down so that he would be himself again.
  • I liked that when Parrish was surprised to see Stiles that Stiles told him the time for reunions has passed and that Parrish needs to tell them what's going on.
  • I liked that after hearing the teacher is merging worlds that Stiles asks since when is merging worlds something a werewolf can do since he figures that him and Scott would know that if they could because they pretty much wrote the manual and I like that Scott also mentions that werewolves can't even travel between roles.
  • I like that Liam figure out that Cory is the key to the teacher's plan because he can exist in both worlds and I like that Liam then thinks of a plan were he goes into the wild hunt's world in order to save everyone.
  • I like that when Stiles hears Liam's plan that he admits that he understands the logic of Liam's plan but the idea where he goes to the wild hunt rather than away from it seems like a very bad idea.
  • I liked that when Liam runs away in order to try his plans that Stiles asked if they were ever like this that Scott says they were worse.
  • I liked that Theo ended up saving Liam from a ghost rider and I liked that when Liam told him his new plan to steal a horse so that he can go into the wild hunt that Theo tells him he did all he's done so far so that Liam wouldn't get taken.
  • I liked that when Theo asks Liam if he knows how to ride a horse that Liam tells him that he doesn't really.
  • I liked that when Lydia told Malia that she would have to use an emotional connection to wake Peter from his trance that Malia tells her damn, I wish I could help because she doesn't have any real connection to Peter.
  • I liked that Malia was able to wake Peter from his trance after she called him dad.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles comes across the lever that can divert the train that Scott says it can't be that easy and that Stiles says that for once let it be that easy but of course it wasn't that easy and the evil teacher made them disappear to different places.
  • I liked that after Malia tells Peter that she wants him to fight off all the ghost riders that he asks her where she gets her blind optimism from and then she replies obviously not from my father.
  • I like that when Malia is threatened that Peter does actually decide to fight in order to protect her.
  • I like that shortly after Scott and Stiles were separated that they found each other again and I like that Stiles tells Scott that he finally saw the girl's locker room and was disappointed that it looked the same as the boys.
  • I was sad that Scott and Stiles kept getting separated when they try to get back to the lever.
  • I was really worried about Cory since when they found him his body was fused with the radio at the train station.
  • I liked that when Stiles encountered a ghost rider he couldn't fight nor escape that he called out to Scott for help despite him having no idea where Scott is.
  • I liked that Lydia used her banshee powers in order to protect Stiles from the ghost rider and then she told Stiles she didn't say it(I love you) back and then Stiles tells her she didn't have to because he already knew and I liked that they then made out.
  • I liked that Chris protected Melissa from the ghost riders but I was surprised that Melissa ended up kissing Chris.
  • I liked that when the teacher tried to tell Scott that the odds were against him so he should give up and then when Scott refuses to he asks if Scott's suicidal or stupid and then Scott says maybe it's a bit of both.
  • I liked that when the teacher says that Scott's alone that Theo arrives says that Scott has a pack then Malia arrives and says that Theo isn't part of it but she is and I liked that Peter also arrives to help although he does point out that he isn't part of the pack either.
  • I think it's cruel of the wild hunt to show Stiles his mother as a way to stop him and I'm glad that Lydia was there to tell him that she wasn't real.
  • I liked that after wild hunt that looks Stiles's mother attacks Lydia that Stiles steps in to protect Lydia and he tells her she isn't his mother.
  • I liked that Cory was willing to stay fused with the station for a little while longer if it would help buy Scott time to save everyone else.
  • I liked that Malia was able to steal a whip from the ghost rider and that she gave that whip to Scott and that he was able to divert the train tracks using it.
  • I liked that the Sheriff and Lydia were able to save Stiles from his fake mother by working together.
  • I liked that the evil teacher was turned into a ghost rider after he tried to control them because the ghost riders have no leader and bow to no one.
  • I'm glad that Cory is going to be okay and I like that when Melissa asked if Mason knew about the nine herbs that he said that he knew all about them.
  • I liked that Stiles was disappointed by how anti climatic the end of high school was and I like that the others weren't.
  • I liked how when Scott asked Stiles if it felt like almost nothing had changed that Stiles tells him everything has changed as him and Lydia make hear eyes at each other across the hallway which is something that she never would've done four years ago.
  • I liked that Stiles told Liam that most of the time the person that has going to save him would be Mason.
  • I liked that Stiles gave Scott his jeep as well as copies of keys to almost every building in Beacon Hills that Stiles secretly made and I like that Scott looks at Stiles so fondly after Stiles tells him this.
  • I was happy to hear that Scott got into his dream school and that Stiles will be working on a pre-FBI major, I'm glad that their futures are looking bright.
  • I liked that Stiles and Scott tell each other that they need each other and that they will miss each other.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles got into the car they hear on Stiles police scanner that they found a dead body in the woods and they give this look to each other that suggest that they're thinking about going out and looking for it before they drive off.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode and this half of the season.