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TV Review: Reign: Monsters(1.16)

                                                    Reign: Monsters(1.16)Review
  • I felt bad for Olivia when she was having nightmares about her experience in the caves and I found it a bit disturbing that a tooth from the darkness was found in her wounds.
  • I continue to be disturbed and frightened by Henry going mad especially since he started off the episode by pouring wax in a nobleman's ear. I think that Catherine has the right idea of keeping  Henry away from the public and I think he should be thankful that she keeps motivating people to keep quiet about his episodes.
  • I liked how the Queen of the Bean was explained as a contest were one servant girl gets to become queen for the day and that Catherine used to hide it from Francis when he was younger which is why Mary doesn't remember it because Henry often sleeps with the servant if she's pretty.
  • I liked how Francis mentioned that Bash and him used to run off to the woods when they were younger on that day and I liked how Mary told Francis that it's okay to miss him.
  • While Greer's fiancĂ© Lord Julian seemed nice and good looking enough I think it was pretty obvious that Greer still longed to be with Leith instead but knew that marrying Julian was what she should do.
  • I liked how Castleroy could tell that Leith was looking after Greer longingly in much the same way he is and I liked how he asked if he'll miss it here.
  • I completely understand why Lola is so frightened about not having a suitor soon because she really doesn't have much time until she'd be ruined.
  • I liked how Catherine and Nostrodamus came up with the idea to put Henry in a coma so that no one learns that Henry has gone mad.
  • I liked how when Bash return he surrender his weapon right away and tried to tell the guards and Henry about the threat of the darkness but I'm sad that no one listened to him and that everyone thought that he was just their for Mary despite him not mentioning Mary or making any move to find her upon arrival.
  • I'm glad that Bash was eventually able to convince Mary and Francis that he wasn't actually back for her but because he wants the help of the castle's guards to defeat the darkness because he doesn't want anyone else getting killed by it.
  • I liked how Catherine tried to find away in which she could use Penelope to get the vile into the Henry's drink.
  • I liked how Greer admitted to Leith that despite there being nothing wrong with Julian she's still unhappy with him because she loves him and I loved their kiss as well.
  • I liked that Leith tried to take all the blame for the kiss in order to save Greer's engagement with Julian after he walked in on them kissing.
  • I liked that Greer told Julian that it wasn't Leith's fault because she didn't want Leith to be too harshly punished but this changed nothing in Julian's mind so he calmly ends their engagement.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus informed them that the darkness is in fact human and I liked that both Francis and Bash went together to find it even though things were still pretty bad between the two of them.
  • I felt so bad for Greer for feeling ashamed that she loves Leith and that she disappointed her family and because of the way gossip works she knows that pretty much no one will want to marry her now which I think is terribly unfair but that's probably true about how things worked back then.
  • I liked how all the girls comforted Greer when she was crying and I liked how Kenna told her what she did was less shameful than her relationship with the king. I also liked that Lola told the other girls about her being pregnant.
  • I liked that Castleroy had made sure that Leith was freed from jail and was instead able to join the military.
  • I liked how Mary felt so clearly creeped out when Henry tried to get her to come onto Penelope and that she tried to get both of them out of that situation but Penelope ended up staying.
  • I liked how Penelope was able to handle Henry by making him feel like him being the one tied up was a reward for him.
  • I liked how Bash pointed out that it's a bit ridicules of Francis to be so threatened by him an exile bastard and I liked how Francis admitted it was more because Bash was his brother he always looked up to and trusted that he felt so hurt by his relationship with Mary.
  • I liked that when Francis thought that there was a threat near by he gave Bash his sword because he feels that Bash is better at using one.
  • I liked how Mary and Greer arranged for Lola to be Julian's new suitor and I liked that Lola worried about Greer's feelings despite her desperate situation but in the end agreed to the match.
  • I liked how desperate Bash was to save Francis when he fell through the ice and I'm so glad that he was able to save him.
  • I felt bad fro Greer when he said the gossip about her and Leith is the first interesting thing he heard about her but I liked that Kenna said that's horrible thing to say but I disliked that Henry then said she should be grateful because it gets the attention off her although I'm glad that it's clear Kenna certainly doesn't see it that way.
  • I liked how Greer accepted Castleroy's proposal because he's a nice guy who clearly cares about her and doesn't think badly of her for having feelings for a servant, while I wish there was a way for Greer to be with Leith I know it's not practical.
  • I liked how Olivia rejoined society and I liked that she wanted to dance with Nostrodamus but I was sad that he didn't dance with her.
  • I loved that Francis and Bash finally made up and that they now both know that the other doesn't want them dead despite what happened with Mary.
  • I wasn't surprised to learn that Henry was the one that order Bash to be killed but I was disturbed by it.
  • I liked that Francis talked Henry out of killing Bash and I liked that he was completely horrified by his father's actions.
  • I found Nostodamus's backstory about how he was married with small children once but they were all killed when the plague came through to be very sad.
  • I was sad when Greer saw Leith off and she wished he would look back and then he did and it broke my heart to see those two separated.
  • I was surprised that Penelope was able to play Catherine and that she put the vile in Catherine's drink instead of Henry's. I'm glad that Catherine found Mary and told her to get Nostrodamus before she passed out.
  • I liked how Bash described Henry's plan as a sort of horror show and informed Francis and Mary that their invited on pain of death.
  • I thought it was terrible cruel that Henry forced Bash and Kenna to marry each other and I understand why Kenna was so upset because Henry had promised her someone noble and titled not his bastard son but on the other hand I kind of shipped these two since like episode three so I enjoy this development even if the circumstances are really screwed up.
  • I liked that Bash used the nonsense titled that Henry gave him to give the guards orders to hunt for the darkness.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: The Darkness(1.15)

                                                 Reign: The Darkness(1.15)Review
  • I felt bad for Kenna having to deal with Henry becoming creepier and kinkier in there relationship and her feeling like she can't say no to the new things he wants to try while still feeling uncomfortable about it.
  • I like that Mary is trying her best to find Lola a husband but I feel bad for Lola that Mary doesn't seem be putting much of any thought into Lola's happiness with the match.
  • I liked that Greer and Leith are seen to be very happy with each other's presence but I find it terribly sad that they both know that they can't be together. I liked how when Greer asked when will you grow tired of kisses that lead nowhere that Leith answers when you stop wishing they would.
  • I liked that when Bash saw that the door of the villagers home he has been staying at has been marked that by the darkness that he decided to stay because he wants to fight off the darkness.
  • I felt bad for Olivia as she told the story about how the darkness locked her in a cave and fed on her for months and that she was only able to escape because she was nearly starved to death so she could then slip out of her chains.
  • I liked how Kenna told Catherine about how she woke up in bed with a dead girl and how she believed the Henry was the one that killed her.
  • I liked that Francis was concerned about Phillip courting Lola because he knew that he could never truly love her and he as her friend wants her to be happy.
  • I felt so bad for Lola with how she could clearly tell that Phillip only wanted to marry her because he needed it for his inheritance but felt like she wouldn't have the chance to wait for someone better.
  • I liked how when Leith approached Greer with an invitation that she assumed it was from him although it turned out that it was from Castleroy.
  • I find it frightening that Henry seems to be loosing his mind and refuses to admit it because he's afraid of seeming weak.
  • I liked how Greer and Leith kept looking at each other all through out her dinner with Castleroy.
  • I liked how after Leith had saved Castleroy from being set on fire that Greer asked about their health but seemed more concerned with Leith's that Castleroy clearly could tell that Greer had feelings for Leith and although this saddened him he wasn't mad at either of them for it.
  • I liked that Francis ended up admitting to Mary that him and Lola slept together and that he was sorry that it happened.
  • While I understand why it was so upsetting for Mary having to lie to Francis I think it was completely unfair for her to demand that Lola marry Philip right after she learned that he was gay and therefore could never fall in love with her.
  • I liked how Olivia said she too ashamed to come back to court because the last time she had been their she was there to betray people and she left them when she needed them most and now feels that she's evil, I just like that she feels guilty about her past wrongs not that she thinks herself as evil.
  • I liked how Leith told Greer about how he had a new job opportunity in Spain that would bump him up to the merchant class and how she tells him to take it even though she doesn't want him to leave her but knows their relationship had to end someday, I also like that Leith tells her that he loves her.
  • I understood why the villager girl had subdued Bash to sacrificed for darkness but I didn't like that she did it. Also I was glad the darkness didn't kill Bash but I was sad that it took and most likely killed the girl.
  • I liked how Francis filled his Mary's room with candle and reminded her that he doesn't sleep with her just to make a baby but because he loves her.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Greer arranged for Castleroy to give Leith the job in order to help her soften the blow in ending their relationship.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus cleanse Olivia and told her that evil isn't something you are but something you choose and that she only has to be what she chooses to be.
  • I liked that Mary said sorry to Lola about trying to force her into a loveless marriage and I liked that Mary made clear that her fears was that relationship between her, Francis and Lola would turn out to be like the relationship that Catherine, Henry and Diane have and I like that Lola assures her that it wouldn't turn out that way.
  • I was a bit sad to learn that Greer is all but engaged to some guy she's never met before.
  • I'm glad that Catherine saved Kenna from having to go with Henry because I believe that he would have killed her if Catherine hadn't have stepped in.
  • I find it disgusting and disturbing that Henry seems to be killing women because he had been outplayed by them through out the season and now kills them to regain dominance over them.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, August 29, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Perishable(4.09)

                                                 Teen Wolf: Perishable(4.09)Review
  • I felt really worried and sad for Parrish when he woke up tide to his steering wheel and seeing someone dosing his car in gasoline and I felt even worse for him when he noticed that it was a fellow cop that was doing this to him.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia went to the Sherriff and told him about how they believe that Lydia's grandmother Lorraine is still alive and quite possibly the benefactor.
  • I was glad to see that Parrish survived being burned alive and I'm glad he beat the crap out of the guy that tried to kill him.
  • I was worried about the Sherriff when he got shot but since it was only in the shoulder I knew he would survive his injury.
  • I liked how Lydia took Parrish to Derek's loft and along with Scott and Derek they informed Parrish about the supernatural stuff which he was greatly confused by.
  • I liked how Stiles told his dad about how he knew that they were behind by bills and that he was upset that he kept that information from him since Stiles believes that it's his job to protect his dad and I liked that his told him that he's the one that should be taking care of Stiles not the other way around. I just feel like Stiles needed to be told that since season 1 but I can only see that this hasn't kept Stiles from worrying about things.
  • I liked how Parrish mentions that he doesn't even know what he is although I'm sad that no one else seems to either but I liked that Derek pointed out that he doubts whoever made the deadpool cares about that.
  • I find it both a bit scary and bit interesting that the deadpool is now being sent out to just about anyone with their printer plugged in rather than just professional killers.
  • I found Lorraine's backstory to be pretty interesting with how she worked for IBM and she had a female lover Maddy who's death she predicted and how she spent the rest of her life after that trying to figure out why and how she was able to do this.
  • I felt sad when Lydia said that her grandmother drove Meredith insane and she drove to suicide but I'm unsure of how true that statement is overall.
  • I liked how when Scott saw that Derek had a gun despite Scott knowing that Derek doesn't like those he guessed that this had something to do with what happened to his eyes. I liked that Derek told Scott about him loosing his werewolf abilities and I liked how worried Scott was after hearing this and how he told Derek about his name being a cypher key.
  • I liked how it showed that Liam was shown still being very affected by fighting the Berserkers last episode and how he couldn't even focus on his conversation with Mason since he was freaking out so much.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia worked together to solve the code that Lorraine left for her and how Stiles pretty much just said try every important female in her life.
  • I liked how during Coach's speech about the bonfire that Scott's attention was on Liam because he saw that Liam was freaking out but trying to hide it during the whole speech.
  • I liked how Scott followed Liam to check on him and see if he was okay and I fully understand why Liam was freaking out so much with him now that Derek off the list he's now worth 18 million dollars.
  • I liked how Stiles came up with the idea since Lydia was suppose be the only one that could crack the code the key should be something about Lydia and then he asked her what was her and grandmother's thing which then lead Lydia to thinking about The Little Mermaid.
  • I found it funny that Stiles thought that it meant that Lydia would read The Little Mermaid movie and I liked that Lydia pointed out that it was a book first.
  • I liked how Lydia mentioned that she insisted on being called Aerial for like a year and how it drove her parents crazy but her grandmother thought it was adorable and that it was the key to the code.
  • I liked how Parrish described the last code be an already dead pool rather than a deadpool and I wasn't that surprised to learn that all the deaths occurred at Eichen house over the last ten years.
  • I liked how Scott decided to spend his time at the bonfire insuring that no one got hurt.
  • I liked how Mason told Liam that he wished he'd tell him the truth about what's going on not just because he wants know but because he wants to help.
  • I liked how Scott informed Malia that she couldn't actually get drunk and I liked that he tells her about how he thinks that they all need to stick together.
  • I was really worried about Stiles and Lydia as soon as they came up with the plan to bribe Brunski because he's a really creepy guy and well him having cassette tapes in his office just made him all the more suspicious.
  • I found it frightening that as soon as they got in the records room Stiles noticed that Lydia had added his name to the list. I was really worried about Stiles and Lydia when Brunski came and tasered them both.
  • I liked that Braeden impersonated an US Marshall again in order to get information out of Hag.
  • I'm glad that Parrish figured out that Brunski was involved in all of the deaths on Lydia's list and how that led him to believe that Lydia and Stiles were in danger.
  • I liked how when Lydia noticed that she and Stiles were chained to a support beam that she started yelling for someone to help them and Stiles tried to break free from the chains because he knows that there's a lot of people yelling for help in a place like this so her screams will go ignored.
  • I find it disturbing that Brunski sees himself as an angel of mercy with how he believes that he's helping the people by killing them but judging by Lorraine's tape I doubt his victims would agree.
  • I liked that when Scott saw that Malia and Liam were acting like they were drunk and then he started displaying the same symptoms he figured out that it was the music causing this happen so he went on a mission to stop it.
  • I thought it was sick how Brunski made Lydia listen to the tape of grandmother's last words because he just wanted to have a question answered.
  • I liked how Stiles told Lydia not to listen that she could just focus on the sound of his voice and I liked how he yelled at Brunski for trying to make her listen but I disliked how Brunski punched him in the face for trying to protect her.
  • I felt terrible for Lydia being forced to listen to her grandmother's last words especially since it was clear that her grandmother didn't want to die but knew she would. I also find it sad that her grandmother die begging Brunski not to hurt Lydia.
  • I liked that Mason ended up stopping the music because he wanted to help and even though he didn't understand why Scott wanted the music to be turned up he did it anyways.
  • I liked that Scott was able to stop his attacker from lighting himself, Malia and Liam on fire.
  • I liked that Derek and Braeden came in and fought the attackers off and I liked how Scott mentioned that Derek didn't have a gun and that Derek's like you're covered in gasoline and Scott's like oh yeah.
  • I'm glad that Parrish came just in time to save Lydia and Stiles and that he shot and killed Brunski.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia put worth their theory about how Brunski was the benefactor who used Meredith to create the deadpool even though it turns out that Meredith is the benefactor and was using him.
  • I'm curious about what Meredith's reason is for creating the deadpool but I did like that she was good with Brunski's death because she knows that he's a bad person.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: I Am Become Death(1.10)

                                              The 100: I Am Become Death(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Finn was concerned about Clarke being at the crash site because he knew her mom was suppose to be on that ship and the passengers on that ship all seem to be dead. I also liked that Raven pointed out that Clarke would want answers so she needed to be at the site.
  • I liked how Raven discovered some rocket fuel at the site and that this becomes important later in the episode.
  • I liked how it was shown that Jasper become popular around camp after shooting the grounder out of the tree and I also liked how it showed that Octavia was annoyed by his recapping of events and that Monty did his best to be supportive of his friend.
  • I found Murphy coming back after being seemingly tortured by the grounders to be an interesting turn of events that clearly caused tensions rise at an already tense time.
  • I liked how when Bellamy first saw Murphy was back at camp he was suspicious that he had been working with the grounders and thought that the best way to deal with him was to kill him.
  • I liked that Clarke and Finn came to the decision that they should let Murphy recover at camp and then get all the information he has about the grounders out of him and that Clarke says that if he refuses to leave camp after that then they'll kill him.
  • I liked how Monty confronted Jasper about how he no longer has a chance with Octavia since she has a thing for a grounder because this is something that I feel that Jasper needs to accept at this point.
  • I liked that when Jasper tried to tell Monty that he's just jealous that people think he's cool now that Monty pointed out that he has thought Jasper was cool for years now and it didn't take killing someone for him to see it.
  • I'm worried about how Raven doesn't seem to be able to get a signal from the Ark because that means nothing good.
  • I found the illness that the grounders unleashed using Murphy to be rather frightening because it just seemed to make people bleed a lot and that it can kill them. Also I liked how Clarke pointed out that the illness was biological warfare.
  • I liked how when Clarke figured out that the illness came from being in contact with Murphy and went to see him that when Bellamy walked in on this scene that he was concerned that Murphy had hurt her.
  • I liked how Clarke quickly came up with the idea to quarantine the infected that she got Bellamy to start gathering people up with little to no argument.
  • I loved how much terror and concern was on Bellamy's face when he learned that Octavia was the one that brought Murphy in and was therefore in danger.
  • I liked that some people like Octavia were immune to the illness and I liked that Clarke secretly  sent Octavia to go to Lincoln to find a cure.
  • I was sad to learn that there was no cure and worried to learn that the illness was only a way of thinning the battlefield and that there was a plan for the grounders to attack at first light the next day.
  • I liked how Clarke revealed to Bellamy that he sent Octavia for a cure and that he was really anger about it but on some level it was clear that he understood why she did but that doesn't mean that he doesn't hate that she did it.
  • I liked how when chaos broke out when it was clear the quarantine was keeping everyone safe from infection that Clarke shot a gun in the air to get the group's attention and pointed out that they can't turn on each other because it's exactly what the grounders want.
  • I liked how when Finn came up with the idea to stall the grounders by destroying the bridge that Raven came up with an idea of how she could create a bomb.
  • I liked how when Bellamy figured out that he was sick that he first made sure to let Jasper know that he would have to make the shot to set off the bomb since no one else could since all the other gunners were sick.
  • I liked how Murphy started to help in taking care of the sick in order to regain trust from the rest of the 100 so that he could stay.
  • I liked how when Octavia saw that Bellamy was sick that she rushed over to him and promised him that she wouldn't let anything happen to him and he reminds her he told her that the day she was born and she tells him he's told her that a million times, I just really loved seeing their love and care for each other they have even though they haven't been getting along recently.
  • I liked how Raven took it upon herself to plant the bomb in order to make sure that plan was able to work out and that even when she noticed that she was getting sick it didn't stop her from finishing the job.
  • I liked that Jasper did invite Monty along to go to the bridge even though they had been fighting and I liked that at first it looked like he wasn't going to come.
  • I liked that Bellamy questions whether Clarke trusts Murphy and that she says no but she says she does believe in second chances while giving Bellamy a pointed look.
  • I liked that Finn made sure that Raven was out of the way before the grounders attacked and the bomb went off.
  • I liked that Jasper had trouble making the shot at first but then Monty shows up and with an extra gun and tells him he believes in him and in the end Jasper's able to make the shot.
  • I liked that the plan with the bomb ended up working and at least stalling the grounders.
  • I liked that Octavia decided to stay rather than go with Lincoln because she doesn't want to leave her people. Also I'm worried about what kind of threat the mountain men are since it seems they're a different group than the grounders.
  • I'm glad that Raven broke up with Finn because she deserves better than a guy that's in love with another girl but I did like that Finn at least did tell Raven he loves her even though it wasn't enough.
  • I found it super creepy how Murphy killed the guy that put the rope around his neck while Raven was sleeping in the same room but I liked that it was shown by the end of the episode that Murphy isn't someone who can be trusted.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Book Review: Hex Hall: Demonglass

                                                          Demonglass Review
The second book of the Hex Hall series starts off months after the first book but during this time Sophie really hasn't gotten a lot of answers although she has decided that she wants to go through with this dangerous process called the removal in order to remove her demon powers because she fears loosing control and killing someone. Sophie's father who is also head of the council makes her a deal that if she comes to live with him in England for the summer and at the end of that time she still wants to go through with the removal she can, Sophie reluctantly agrees to this deal after assuring that Jenna could come with her.

Throughout the summer Sophie learns more about her father, demons, her family's history and her possible future as well as uncovering a conspiracy that will most likely lead to war with the eye. I really enjoyed Sophie getting to know her father because I liked how she recognized some similarities between the two of them. I liked that over the course of the book Sophie became more comfortable with the idea of being head of the council one day and that even though she tried to make herself like Cal as more than a friend once she found out that they were betrothed she just couldn't do it.

This book also deals with Sophie coming to understand why Archer was part of the eye even though he's a warlock and also coming to terms with the fact that despite what side he's on she still does have feelings for him. I really enjoyed the banter between Sophie and Archer just like I did in the first book and I really liked how their relationship developed in this one.

Overall I loved this book and it makes me excited to read the next one which is always a good sign. I also continue to love Sophie and Jenna's friendship in this book even though I feel like there wasn't as much of it as there was in the last book it was still great. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Time of Death(4.08)

                                            Teen Wolf: Time of Death(4.08)Review
  • I liked Stiles being restless without having Malia in his bed and I thought it was cute that even in his dream he needed to be the little spoon in order to sleep.
  • I liked how Scott listened in on his dad phone conversation and I liked the talk that they had about taking someone's life that they had.
  • I liked that Agent McCall mentioned that he noticed that Scott and his friends don't handle traumatic situations in the way that most teenagers do and he has a feeling their keeping something from him and he'd like to know what that is.
  • I liked that Derek had brought Braeden back to his loft after she was released from the hospital. I liked that Braeden checked on Derek's gunshot wound and said she was just protecting her investment when he asked what she was doing.
  • I liked that Braeden figured out that Derek was loosing his wolf powers and I liked that after learning this she decides that Derek needs to learn how to fight without supernatural powers.
  • I liked how Liam thought that the plan Scott and Stiles come up with didn't sound safe and I liked that Stiles himself described the plan as borderline idiotic and dangerous and that when Liam asked them if they have ever done something like this before Kira said it was probably yes to both those kind of things.
  • Even though I knew that Scott would be okay I really hated the plan because it made it look like Scott was dead and he was so close to death that if the timing was off he easily could have died which really worried me throughout the episode.
  • I thought that Melissa did a really good job of faking her reactions to Scott's death and I liked that it's clear she was really uncomfortable about the whole plan since it put Scott at such a huge risk of dying.
  • I liked that Noshiko helped advise Kira on what to do in order to make it look that Scott was dead but she also pointed out that the plan was terrible and very dangerous which did little to reassure everyone but Scott seemed to have faith in the plan.
  • I liked how when Chris was messaging the benefactor that Scott was dead in order to lure him out that Stiles was upset by his lack of assassin speak.
  • I liked that Braeden bandaged up Derek's bullet wound and then she decided that he needed to learn how to fight like a normal human against supernaturals now that he's loosing his werewolf powers.
  • I liked that when Derek said he could still win a fight that Braeden gave him a look that pretty much are you for real because really Derek has lost almost all his fights throughout the entire series and now he has less strength, I also liked that she showed him that he couldn't by beating him in arm wrestling.
  • I found Scott's dreams to be pretty creepy and I really liked them because they showed how he feared both not being able to protect his pack which was shown with Liam being killed and how he doesn't want to and is afraid of becoming a killer but it also implies that he might have to become a killer in order to protect his pack which is a pretty big conflict for him.
  • I liked that Malia snuck into the Hale vault in order to find information about Peter being her father and I liked that during her confrontation with Peter she showed that she really wasn't buying what he was trying to sell just because they are related.
  • I liked how Melissa asked Noshiko how she can ask their kids to fight the battles that they do and I liked that Noshiko answered that if she didn't do that she'd be asking them to runaway, I just really enjoy seeing parents talked to each other especially about their kids safety in a situation such as this one.
  • I liked that Lydia's mom followed her to the lake house because she knows that something is going on with her and she has no idea what it is and that when Lydia told her that she was trying to figure something out that she offered to help.
  • I liked how in his dream Scott mentioned that he noticed last episode that his werewolf teeth now has more fangs and that he worries that he might becoming more of a monster.
  • I liked how when fighting the bersekers that Kira and Liam both looked out for each other throughout.
  • I liked how Braeden taught Derek how to pull a gun on someone and I liked that there was a lot of sexual tension in this scene and that Derek distracted her by kissing her and then those two really started making out, I really like these two together.
  • I find it interesting that Malia's birth mother is known as the desert wolf which means coyote which would explain why she's a werecoyote.
  • I liked how Scott told Kira that he feels bad that the two of them have never been on a real date and Kira tells him that there really hasn't been time for one but the both would like to go on a real once everyone around them lives aren't in danger anymore.
  • I liked that Chris looked out for Stiles safety in this episode with how he told Stiles to run when Kate entered the room but I also liked that Stiles didn't leave since Scott's body was in the room and Kate was trying to take it which is something they weren't going to let her do.
  • I liked that Kate told Chris that she wasn't the benefactor and that her plans didn't involve Scott being dead.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Lydia's grandmother was in Eichen house when she died and that she also heard things which must mean she was also a banshee.
  • I find it interesting that Lydia's grandmother's urn was filled with mountain ash rather than her actual ashes which suggest that she could still be alive and that she wanted to protect the lake house from supernatural forces.
  • I liked that Chris didn't want to shoot Kate and I liked that Kate knew he wouldn't shoot her and I liked that Kate agree to let Chris go along with his plan to lure out the benefactor.
  • I found Scott's last dream he had to be really creepy because it had the mute helping him kill Liam.
  • I was pretty worried about Noshiko since she seemed pretty badly injured but from what Kira says it sounds like she'll be okay.
  • I'm confused about why it is that Peter wants Scott alive so badly for.
  • I liked how Stiles showed that he was concerned about Malia talking to Peter because he knows how dangerous and manipulative he can be. I'm worried that Malia doesn't seem to care whether or not it's a good idea to trust Peter if he can help her find her birth mother.
  • I feel bad for Malia thinking that being a murder must run in her family since before she lost control on the night of the full moon she told her adaptive mother she wished they were all dead but I agree with Stiles that killing doesn't run in family and what she did is complete different from what Peter has done.
  • I liked how Scott figured out that by the Benefactor not showing up to confirm his death that points to the idea that the Benefactor is a banshee or has one working for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: Dirty Laundry(1.14)

                                              Reign: Dirty Laundry(1.14)Review
  • I'm glad that it appears that Mary and Francis were happy with each other on their honeymoon and are very much in love even though there's still a bit of conflict regarding Bash.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that Henry is actually setting Kenna up with suitors because I assumed that he wasn't living up to that part of the deal. I think it's bound to end badly that Kenna is pretending to be a virgin to an archduke.
  • I liked that Francis was clearly shocked and upset when he heard that Bash didn't make it to France which goes to show that he wasn't the one that order the guards to kill Bash.
  • I'm curious as to where Olivia as been and how she got there although they did mention that this thing called darkness has fed on her.
  • I liked that Bash made sure that Olivia was safe and he brought her to Nostrodamus so that he could take care of her.
  • I liked seeing Kenna pretend to virginal towards the archduke because she was so clearly playing him.
  • While it was sad that the archduke's sister died I'm kind of glad that the Henry's actions actually had the chance of having some negative consequences for himself.
  • I liked that Henry went to Catherine when he needed help covering of the Duchess's death because he knows how good she is at covering things up and coming up with plans.
  • I liked how Kenna figured out that Lola was pregnant and that she thought Lola was going to be Francis's mistress and then Lola told her she didn't want that.
  • I liked that Kenna told Lola about how one of her maids had an abortion and after Lola told her that she didn't want to have the baby.
  • I liked that Mary didn't believe that Francis would try to kill Bash and that she warned Bash about making threats about Francis.
  • I liked how cleaning is complete confusing to Henry and Catherine when they are covering up the duchess's death because it was quite funny.
  • I liked that the maid didn't want to tell Lola about the place to get the abortion because it could kill her and she didn't want to do anything that could cause Lola harm.
  • I liked how Francis told Mary that they need to trust each other because royals can always create evidence but it's more important that they take each other at their word.
  • I liked that when Kenna was certain that Lola was going to have an abortion that she told Mary about it because she didn't want her to risk her life.
  • I liked how when the Archduke mentioned that his sister couldn't write that Catherine came up with the story that she had a priest for a lover that tried to cover up their affair and then the archduke believed their story and asked them to never speak of it.
  • I liked that Mary told Bash to hate her and not Francis because she values their relationship with each other.
  • I'm glad that Mary stopped Lola from going through with the abortion but I'm sad she found about her thing with Francis and that she's mad at her for it. I'm glad that Mary does agree to keep it a secret from Francis for Lola's sake as well as her own.
  • I'm curious about what Olivia means when she talks about the darkness coming.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Weaponized(4.07)

                                              Teen Wolf: Weaponized(4.07)Review
  • I liked how it was shown what information was on the tape by having both the assassin of this episode and Scott and Stiles listening to it and that the information was about wire transfers.
  • I liked how Scott wanted to give the money back to Derek because he knows it's his and I liked how Stiles points out that it's also Peter's and I loved how Stiles pointed out basically that Peter doesn't deserve it and he doesn't want to give it back to him without actually saying it.
  • I liked how Derek rushed Braeden to the hospital and ensured that she would survive her gunshot wound.
  • I liked how Deaton was aware enough of threats to defend himself right away when he sensed that someone might attack him and I liked how once he saw that it was Satomi he greeted her kindly.
  • I liked that Stiles knew that Lydia took the PSAT freshmen year.
  • I liked that Malia really didn't want to take the PSAT this day and that even though she's the one out of them that study the most she's still pretty sure she's not going to do well.
  • I liked how Scott mentioned that they all have to focus on making a future for themselves while they are trying to stay alive and I liked how he mentioned that he wants to be able to get into a good college, I just really love all the character development this shows for him since season 1and 2 when he could never find the balance between those two things.
  • I liked how Kira thought that they could spend three hours avoiding chaos.
  • I liked that Ms. Martin was one of the teachers that was monitoring the PSAT.
  • I liked how we learned that Ms. Martin's name is Natalie and that Coach apparently has a drinking problem.
  • I liked that before things started to become weird that they showed the different students having test anxiety.
  • I liked how Natalie after Sydney pasted out and she noticed a rash on her wrist she figured out that there was some kind of outbreak and she made sure that no one else got into the school and called CDC.
  • I liked how Sydney was more worried about being able to take the PSAT to qualify for a scholarship and I liked that Scott reassured her that she'll be able to retake the test.
  • I liked how Stiles wanted to call his dad to tell him that he was okay and I found the Chemist telling them that cell service and wifi was cut off that was pretty creepy.
  • I liked how Deaton told Satomi that he believes that she should take her beta to the hospital since there's nothing he can do for him and she points out that this isn't really an option for them but it is now because Melissa works there as a nurse.
  • I liked how Derek was shown waiting by Braeden's bedside while she slept.
  • I liked how Melissa woke Braeden up in order to get information about what happened to Satomi's pack and how Braeden told them that the pack was killed by a virus.
  • I was worried about Scott when he started to loose control of the shift but I liked how he isolated himself from the rest.
  • I liked how Lydia took Meredith's things and tried to make contact with her in part to try to figure out away to save her friends and in part to tell Meredith that she was sorry for pushing her too hard before she died.
  • I felt so bad for Lydia when she said her powers has to work some of the time and how it breaks her heart that she can never figure out how to use her powers to save anyone it seems.
  • I liked that when Mr. Yukimura found Scott that Scott told him to find Stiles.
  • I liked how Malia tried to use tact when questioning Kira about whether or not Scott and Stiles were hiding something from her but then dropped it rather quickly and went with the direct approach.
  • I liked how Kira mentioned that she's never been under or in Scott's bed only on it.
  • I liked how both the Sherriff and Scott's dad were both very concerned about their sons safety.
  • I liked how the group came up with the idea to keep away from the rest by hiding in the Hale vault.
  • I liked how Scott and Stiles did this thing where they had to convince Malia to open the vault without telling her that she's Peter's daughter.
  • I liked how when Malia was told that she was on the list and worth 4 million that she was okay because Scott and Kira were worth more than her so they'd be killed before her.
  • I found it sad that Satomi's beta died before they could help him but luckily they were able to find out the cause of the virus and later on how to cure it.
  • I liked how Stiles was gently holding Malia in the vault it was very sweet.
  • I liked how Stiles brought up both how much he resented that Peter just let 117 million dollars gather dust and how he and his dad need the money for medical bills and Scott opens up about how his Mom is close to loosing their house.
  • I liked how when Lydia found out about what was going on in the school her first concern was her mom.
  • I liked how Stiles pointed out that Peter isn't on the deadpool and that Peter has worked his way into all of their heads and how they let him walk around like one of the good guys when he isn't one of them. I also like that Stiles wants to protect Malia from Peter using her.
  • I liked the scene where Stiles tells Malia that he has to go for a bit and I love that when she asks if he's coming back he promises that he'd never leave her behind.
  • I liked that when Braeden asked why Derek was still there that he tried to save face and tell her that he's just protecting his investment even though it's clear that he cares about her.
  • I liked the relationship we see of Derek and Satomi with how she mentioned his mom and how he remembered the tea he brought his mother which ended up being the anti-dote and that it's in the vault.
  • I liked how Stiles figured out how everyone got infected by the virus and that the Chemist was the one behind the attack.
  • I think it's almost cruel of the Chemist to tell Stiles that he'll survive the virus but Scott won't.
  • I loved that Stiles even while having a gun pointed at the back of his head refused to tell the Chemist where Scott, Malia and Kira where hiding.
  • I liked how Stiles turned around to face the Chemist who had a gun pointed at his forehead and told him that he couldn't scare him but it became clear that wasn't the Chemist goal but to kill him and that Stiles tried his best to not show fear but in end that was impossible.
  • I think it was probably pretty traumatizing for Stiles to have someone's blood spray all over him but I'm glad that Agent McCall told him about the antidote and that he gave the message to Scott.
  • I found it sad how Stiles banged against the wall vault and yelled to Scott and wouldn't leave the side of the door.
  • I'm glad that Scott could use his alpha vision to get to the cure so that him, Kira and Malia were all saved.
  • I liked how Lydia ran up to her mom and hugged her as soon as she got in the school.
  • I find it somehow sadder that Malia didn't say anything after she found out that Stiles kept being Peter's daughter from her and instead she just walked away from him with a look of betrayal on her face rather than yell or cry or anything that would allow him a chance to explain himself and it was sad that Stiles was clear mad at himself for screwing up their relationship.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Orphaned(4.06)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Orphaned(4.06)Review
  • I'm curious about who left Kate the mix tape in her car and why they would give one to her as well as Garrett and Violet.
  • I liked seeing how Kate slaughter with the help of her berserkers a whole bunch of assassins and then tried to get the remaining ones to talk but she lost control before she could get much information out of them.
  • I liked how Scott's dad showed up after the game and told Scott that he felt like he should have been at the game since he promised to be around more and I liked that Scott was just grateful that he was there now, while I disliked Scott's dad quite a lot last season I do like that he's making a true effort to reconnect with Scott.
  • I liked that it turns out that Violet and Garrett are well known enough as assassins that FBI has a file on them and that they're nicknamed the orphans.
  • I liked how confident Violet was that she would escape somehow that when she saw Parrish's name it was pretty clear she was planning on killing him luckily for Parrish she doesn't get a chance to try and kill him.
  • I'm a bit suspicious about Peter seeming to have gained werewolf strength while Derek is loosing it and I don't think those two things are a coincidence.
  • I liked how Liam played look out for Scott as Scott looked through Garrett's locker.
  • I get why Scott took the money from Garrett's locker since it's clear that he and his mom really needs it with how they don't have enough money to pay the bills even though she's working a whole bunch of double shifts but I also get why Scott didn't tell his mom about the money in this episode because he knows the money came from killing fellow supernatural creatures so he might not feel like it's right to spend that money.
  • I liked how when Mason and Liam were running together that Mason pointed out how messed up it was that Garrett and Violet used them as part of their cover.
  • I felt really bad for Liam when Garrett went after him in order to make sure that Scott gave him back the money and got Violet away from law enforcement.
  • I liked how when the teacher asked Malia if she had seen Kira, Lydia or Stiles that day she asked if she would like her to try and catch a scent.
  • I liked how when Malia heard Derek calling her from outside the classroom that she just got up and left and clearly didn't understand why the teacher would have a problem with that.
  • I liked how Derek mentioned that Satomi the werewolf that Noshiko knew during WWII is a very powerful alpha who has mastered control and that he wants Malia's help in finding her pack in order to ask for help.
  • I liked that when Malia told Derek she wasn't very good at tracking someone's scent that he promised to teacher her.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia told Parrish about the deadpool and that he was on it. I liked how when Parrish first saw the number amounts he thought it meant that he was only worth five dollars and he seemed somewhat offend and that when Stiles told him that it meant  five million dollars he thought about killing himself for the money.
  • I liked that when Parrish asked why he would be on the list Stiles said that conversation is probably best left for another time.
  • I liked that Parrish reluctantly agrees to let Stiles and Lydia see Meredith in order to get the key for the third part of the deadpool.
  • I liked that Scott and Mason were both out looking for Liam after he disappeared I just liked that those two had a scene together.
  • I liked that when Liam's safety was concerned that Scott was more than willing to give back Garrett's money but was somewhat reluctant to give him back Violet both because he didn't want to break the law or anything and because he knows they're both killers.
  • I felt bad for Scott being out in a position were he would have to put both his dad and the Sheriff in danger in order to safe Liam's life.
  • I really hated that one Orderly at Eichen house especially when he not only tried to forbid Stiles and Lydia from talking to Meredith but also started mocking Stiles about how his dad hasn't been able to pay his medical bills which is just an awful thing to do.
  • I liked how Parrish stepped in and mentioned how the police had helped that Orderly out earlier that month and then they were all let in to talk to Meredith.
  • I felt bad for Scott when he saw the car crashed with his dad and the Sheriff and he was clearly very worried about them when he rushed over to them.
  • I liked how the Sheriff kept warning Scott that the berserkers were still around and to be careful.
  • While I'm not really sad about Garrett's death it felt a little bit sad how he believed that he could kill off the berserkers.
  • I liked that Lydia and Stiles questioned Meredith about the key together and I liked that Parrish kept telling them to go easy on her because he doesn't want a repeat of what happened last time.
  • I was surprised to learn that the Benefactor as apparently been talking to Meredith.
  • I liked how Deaton and Chris seem to have found Scott and were helping save him from Kate when he woke up.
  • I liked how when after Malia and Derek realized that they couldn't find Satomi's pack by scent that Malia suggest they think like Stiles and by that she means like a detective and I liked that they ended up finding the pack by doing just that in the end.
  • I liked how Liam kept trying to save himself by climbing out of the well and I liked how there was a flashback of him talking to Scott after the full moon about how he heals and what happens when he gets angry.
  • I wonder why Lydia's ear started bleeding after Meredith's freak out was it because of their banshee connection or something else.
  • I liked how Scott and Chris worked together track down Kate in order to find Violet in order to figure out where Liam might be.
  • I liked that while Chris and Kate along with her berserkers started fighting that Scott was still trying to avoid a fight.
  • I liked that Kate didn't let her Berserkers kill Chris and I was a bit sad to find that Violet was already dead.
  • I liked how Liam howled and that Scott was then able to find Liam and save him because of that.
  • I liked how Lydia felt guilty for pushing Meredith too far and I liked that Stiles told her it really wasn't her fault.
  • I liked how Lydia with help of Stiles was able to figure out the key of the last third of the list but I'm very concerned about Derek know since it was his name that unlocked the list which means he must be dying.
  • I was sad that Meredith died but I liked that Lydia was sadden by her death and that Stiles was there to comfort her.
  • I loved how Scott told Deaton and Chris that not only can't he watch anymore people die he won't and I love how he tells them he's going to protect everyone on the dead pool. I also liked how Deaton warned Scott that is a heavy burden to carry.
  • I liked how Scott ended up showing Stiles the money at the end and that the two of them then proceed to count it.
  • I liked how it Kate clearly didn't have time for Peter's bullshit and while I'm interested in those two possibly working together I don't think this means anything good for anyone else.
  • I liked that it was confirmed that Kate's goal was to gain enough control to rejoin her family's business and that Peter wanted his money back but more importantly power which we've always really known but it's nice to confirm that Peter has always been a villain and he'll always remain that way.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars(1.09)

                Star-Crossed: Some Consequences Yet Hanging in the Stars(1.09)Review
  • I liked that Roman was able to see the flight recorder and I liked that Emery thought that it was a bad idea to trust Castor or think that any explanation he had could possibly be good enough.
  • I liked that while Grayson is very suspicious of Drake he doesn't go straight to hating him and instead goes looking for answers.
  • I felt bad for Taylor when she was asking Drake to let her in at least a little bit and then he just snaps at her.
  • I liked seeing the tensions between Drake and his mom were they both want to protect each other but she seems to dislike every person that is part of Drake's life which causes problems and Drake while happy that she's back also resents her a bit for never being their to raise him.
  • I liked that Drake's mom was dead set against being involved with the trags even though they could offer her protection and she used to be best friends with Terri's mom.
  • I was disappointed that Roman was so quick to believe Castor's story when he had every reason to lie but I'm glad that he figured out that Drake's mom's story was the true one rather quickly.
  • I liked that Taylor told Grayson that she does trust Drake even though she doesn't know a whole lot about him.
  • I liked that Emery had Sofia help sneak her into the sector so that she could save Roman.
  • I liked that when Emery told Drake that Roman was in danger that he went to save him without question because Roman is family to him.
  • I liked that Terri ended up helping Roman with Castor by showing the flight recorder to her mom.
  • I liked how when Sofia kissed Taylor that she rejected her nicely and tried her best not making her feel bad about it.
  • I'm sad that Grayson figured out that Zoe was killed but not that she was actually the bad guy in his kidnapping situation.
  • I liked that Taylor told Drake that she need their relationship to be about more than just sex and that he told her about his mom coming back and how it's hard for him to trust people.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Roman and Emery's relationship has been exposed to the Atrians and I'm worried about the new weapon that the trags are making.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, August 1, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: I.E.D.(4.05)

                                                  Teen Wolf: I.E.D.(4.05)Review
  • I felt bad for the werewolf girl Carrie Hudson at the beginning of the episode who was chased down by Violet and thought she was saved when Garrett offered her ride only to have him kill her.
  • I liked how Stiles recapped everything that was going on that the knew about the deadpool and had shots of him putting out the information on an investigation board with strings.
  • I liked how Stiles and Scott told the Sherriff everything that they knew about the deadpool and that just about everyone seems to be on the same page about these things in general is nice to see.
  • I liked that it was mentioned that just the town of Beacon Hills is 30,000 people which I think is bigger than your average small town and that it's part of Beacon county which has a population of 500,000 people.
  • I find it sad how when Alison's name was mention you can see how her death still effects the others.
  • I feel bad for Lydia with trying to figure out the next two key words to unlock deadpool because her powers are confusing and she never seems able to figure out things the same way twice.
  • I liked that it was shown that Kira and Malia stayed to look after Lydia after the party at her lake house when she was searching for the next key for the list.
  • I liked how Mason mentioned how he figured out that something isn't right with Garrett because the neighborhood that he said he lives in is still being built and that he also mentions he notices how strange Liam has been acting recently, basically I like that Mason notices strange things with his friends and that he seems to care about them quite a bit.
  • I liked that Scott seem to have called Derek for help when it comes to Liam and I liked that Derek believed that Scott would be good at being an alpha to Liam although Scott disagreed because he hasn't a clue about what he should be doing.
  • I liked how Scott mentioned that this term was suppose to be when he can focus on school again and I liked that Derek told him that since their all on the deadpool it's probably best to focus on that instead.
  • I liked how Kira thought her dad figured out that she was keeping information about the deadpool from them but he was actually talking about her joining the lacrosse team.
  • I liked that Malia had decided that she would stick around Lydia until she unlocked the next part of the deadpool and I liked that Malia kept trying to help Lydia even though she clearly has no clue about how Banshees work.
  • I liked how Malia freely admits without any shame that she wants to know if someone is going to come after her because wanting to know if someone's trying to kill you in my book is normal not selfish like I heard some people thought she was being.
  • I liked how Malia came up with the idea that maybe Lydia should call another banshee for help.
  • I liked how when Stiles was looking at crime scene photos during class that Coach told Stiles that he profoundly disturbs him and that Stiles figures out by looking at Coach's lacrosse stick that Carrie's killer is on the team.
  • I liked that Kira suggested that if the killer is on the team maybe they should try to get the game cancelled but Scott thought it was the best way to catch the killer red-handed. I also liked how Scott and Kira said they weren't scared but Stiles said that he was even though he isn't even on the list.
  • I liked how Liam when he saw his old rival Brett arrived he tried to make peace with him but Brett was a jerk tried his best to anger him which worked even though Liam did his best to stay calm but luckily Scott and Stiles stepped in before he could do anything that he would regret later.
  • I liked how Scott found out more about Liam's anger issues he wasn't anger with Liam just more worried about him. I also liked that Stiles pointed out that Scott gave super powers to a walking time bomb.
  • I liked how Liam had complete faith in Scott in that if Scott was around he knew that Scott wouldn't let him get out of control.
  • I liked that Liam knew that Garrett paid for the keg so that Scott, Stiles and Kira now knew to watch out for Garrett at the game that night.
  • I liked how Garrett refused to go after Scott even though Violet wanted to since he was worth a lot of money since he thinks Scott is far too powerful to risk attacking.
  • I felt bad for Lydia when she was talking about how she can't turn on and off her powers like the were-creatures.
  • I liked how Liam told Mason that he was going to take Brett down in lacrosse and how Mason was distracted by how attracted he was to Brett and that at first that bothered Liam a bit that his friend was into his rival but after Mason asked him to give Brett to him after he beat him Liam just laughed.
  • I liked how Scott asked Kira if she was nervous and she asked if he meant about someone possibly trying to kill one of them or to play in her first game and then he said both because both of those things matter to him.
  • I liked that Scott tried to have Liam not play in the game because he wanted him to be safe.
  • I liked how Meredith had escaped Eichen House in order to come find Lydia because Lydia "Called" her.
  • I liked how when Scott and Kira said they were going to look out for Liam and watch out for Garrett that Stiles said that he was going to just try and play lacrosse.
  • I liked how Scott tried to talk Brett out of going after Liam during this game even though it didn't end up working out.
  • I liked how Derek and Chris talked about Kate and what they would do with her once they found her. I also I was sad to learn that Derek was loosing his powers but hopeful this will only mean his werewolf side and not a way in which kills him slowly.
  • I liked how when Parrish sees that Sherriff called Lydia to the station on Meredith's request that Parrish assumes this means Lydia's psychic.
  • I liked how when Lydia started freaking out at Meredith for not having the answers she was looking for that Parrish stepped in and asked her if there was a number that she calls when she needs help and that Meredith does give them the number.
  • I liked how when the number isn't long enough to be a phone number Malia calmly tells Meredith all phone numbers are at least ten digits long.
  • I disliked how Lydia kept yelling at Meredith that there had to be more numbers because she knows how frustratingly vague banshee powers are and that Meredith is mentally ill.
  • I liked how Stiles was seemingly able to get the ball from the guy on the other team because he distracted him by asking him if he was on steroids.
  • I liked how Kira scored her first goal but was sad when she was benched for the rest of the game but I like that Coach seems to seriously value team work.
  • I liked how when Scott figured out that Brett was the one that was stabbed that he made sure to go after Brett to check if he was okay and I liked that he ended up knocking Violet out when she tried to kill him and told Stiles to call his dad.
  • I liked how Malia figured out that numbers are actually letters and that Lydia then figured out the code for the next part of the list which revealed that Parrish's first name is Jordan and that he is supernatural like we all thought he was.
  • I was disappointed that Chris said the old code rather than Alison's but I have hope that he sees the McCall pack as allies and the other hunter family as enemies considering how his interaction with the pack have been friendly this season and his interactions with the hunters have been antagonistic.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Unity Day(1.09)

                                                  The 100: Unity Day(1.09)Review
  • I liked how this episode explained how the twelve space stations came together to form the ark after the thirteenth one exploded and that they now celebrate this day with a holiday called Unity Day.
  • I liked how there was this conflict between Finn thinking that violence is something that can always be avoided and Clarke realizing that violence is sometimes necessary for peace in the long run.
  • I liked how Jasper had made some moonshine and pretty much the whole camp joined together to drink it and party.
  • I found Diana arranging for the Chancellor to be killed by a bomb during a Unity Day celebration on the ark to be cruel since she knew that innocent people would be killed and injured by the blast and I'm glad that she was unsuccessful in her attempts.
  • I found it sad how when Kane was certain that his mother was going to die that he said the prayer for her that he had earlier claimed he had forgotten.
  • I liked how Abby, Kane and the Chancellor figured out fairly quickly that Diana was the one behind the attack and that they just needed to find a way to prove it was her.
  • I liked how Raven was making sure that the bullets worked for the guns and I liked how when Finn tried to talk to her about peace she brought up how she thinks that the grounders only understand violence and that she actually volunteered for the job of checking that the bullets work.
  • I liked how when Clarke was worrying about if the grounders would attack that Bellamy told her that they had security covered and that she should have a drink and when she says she'd need more than he tells her to have more than one.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Clarke that she deserved to have fun and that she told him that he also deserved to have fun.
  • I liked how Lincoln left a trail of really pretty flowers for Octavia to follow and lead her to his home.
  • I liked how it seems that Lincoln might also be teaching Octavia how to fight as well as those two being involved with each other.
  • I liked that Abby wanted to focus on helping people rather than preparing the launch ship and I liked how Kane told her the injured were being taken care of and there's nothing they can do for the dead.
  • I liked how even when Diana came and told Kane and Abby about the guy that made the bomb turning himself in that they gave looks to each other about how they knew she was involved in it some how but it was still Kane's job to question the man so he went to do so.
  • I liked how when Finn found Octavia and Lincoln together that he told them about he believes what is best is if both their people would talk to each other in order to meet an agreement for peace in order to avoid a war starting when the first drop ship comes down.
  • I liked how even Lincoln knows that Clarke and Bellamy are the co-leaders of the 100.
  • I liked how we saw Clarke actually partying and enjoying herself before Finn came and talked to her.
  • I liked how Finn told Clarke to meet with the grounder leader and to not bring back up and just trust him that she ended up lying to him with saying that she trusted him and instead went to Bellamy told him Finn's plan and how she wanted him and few others to follow after them as back up.
  • I liked how Jasper went in Raven's tent in order to give her a drink and try to convince her to come out celebrate Unity Day with everyone else.
  • I liked how Jasper mentioned that he was good at chemistry and that his dad was someone who could make gunpowder once he got down here and that when he asked Raven about her family and she said she only had Finn Jasper told her that they all have each other now as family.
  • I liked how Bellamy recruited Jasper to come with him and that when Raven asked what was going on and Bellamy told her Finn was being an idiot she knew what he must mean and insisted that she goes with them.
  • I don't really understand Diana's plan with saying she was saving the working class by launching the first ship early even though she didn't fill the ship with anywhere near as many as it could hold and because of how much power she used for the launch she ends risking the lives of everyone left on the ark so no matter what way you look at it she comes off as way worse than the Chancellor who while flawed at least has always tried his best to keep the largest amount of people alive.
  • I liked how when Clarke showed up to the meeting that she noticed right away that the grounders brought weapons and that she wasn't surprised by this but Finn was.
  • I liked how the grounder leader Anya mentioned why the grounders believed that the 100 started a war with them although I can now see the grounder's point it's also pretty clear that the 100's actions were accidently or a reaction to something although it makes perfect sense for the grounders not to see it this way.
  • I liked how when Raven said that the grounder princess looked pissed that Bellamy replied that their princess has that affect.
  • I liked how Anya pointed out that a truce with Clarke was fairly pointless because as soon as more people from the ark comes down they can break it without any consequences.
  • I think that if Jasper hadn't shot the first shot one of the grounders would have because the two groups just plain didn't trust each other and the tensions between them at this time were just high for peace since there's no trust.
  • I liked that while Finn and Octavia were pissed that Clarke had brought back up that Clarke was glad that she did.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.