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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 20: Favorite romance book

Day 20: Favorite romance book: Shiver
This book is my favorite romance because I love how emotionally intimate the relationship between Sam and Grace. I also love that the book switches between the two characters point of view and I love the writing because it's quite beautiful. I also find their relationship believable even though there's fantasy elements in the story and I love the characters as individuals as well as a couple which I think always makes a story more enjoyable.

3o Days of Books Challenge: Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie

Day 19: Favorite book turned into a movie: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
I love the book and I love the movie because it brought the book alive in ways that were better than I could imagine. I also like that the movie was pretty close to the book I know some things were cut but overall it was close to the book so I have no complaints about this movie.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 18: A Book that disappointed you

 Day 18: A Book that disappointed you: Anna and the French Kiss
It's not that the book is bad it's just nowhere near as good as everyone says it is. Before I read this book I heard this book was one of the best books out there, that it had one of the sweetest romances every and that the characters were completely lovable. But when I read this book I discover that the plot wasn't really anything special not that it was bad just it wasn't great. The relationship had sweet moments but my overall feeling about the relationship was that it was wrong since St.Clair had a girlfriend for 95% of the book. The characters were okay but not particularly memorable. Overall the book disappointed me because I heard way to much hype about the book so therefore I was expecting something amazing so I was disappointed that the book was only good.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 17: Favorite quote from your favorite book

 Day 17: Favorite quote from your favorite book:
"I hate you."
My sister said it different than she said it to my dad. She meant it with me. She really did.
"I love you,” was all I could say in return.
"You're a freak, you know that? Everyone says so. They always have."
"I'm trying not to be."-- 
From Perks of Being a Wallflower

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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 16: Favorite Female Character

 Day 16: Favorite Female Character: Laura Wingfield from The Glass Menagerie
I love Laura for being one of the few characters in fiction that I can actually relate to. I love that she shy, dislikes confrontations and is easily embarrassed to the point that she makes things that are nothing seem like a huge deal to her. I like that she would rather create the world of her menagerie and live in that world then to face the really one because she finds the one much too frightening.

Top 10 Bookish Confessions

1. I love Books with more than one narrator: I love having more than one narrator a book because I dislike the idea of always being stuck with one character and I also love to hear the thoughts of as many characters as possible through out the story. I know that quite a few people dislike having more than one narrator and say that it's confusing, well I personally have never experienced that problem in a novel. Some of the books I love with multiple narrators are The Heroes of Olympus series, The Kane Chronicles series, A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Wolves of Mercy series, Impulse, Perfect and Tricks.2. I'm convinced that Anna and the French Kiss is a shoujo mamga in disguise:
I know this may seem a little strange but I notice that there were actually quite few similarities between this book and shoujo manga. The first that came to my mind was that St. Clair was kind of impossibly perfect with the whole being half french and half American with a British accent, this is not to say that his character didn't make any mistakes but it does make him seem too good to be true. Then there's the group of friends who have clear personalities and problems having nothing to do with the main character, I'm not saying that this doesn't happen ever happen in books just that it seems to happen in manga and tv shows more often because in both of those formats the audience doesn't have to stay with the main character at all times, I liked that Anna and the French Kiss at least mentioned other little sub-plots that were going on even though it couldn't really focus on them. Another thing is the whole Anna and St.Clair going on dates without calling it dating basically happens in every shoujo series I read and not all that common in YA novels. There's also the whole Anna and St.Clair didn't get together until the last second which happens in a lot romances so that's not that big of similarity.I would like to write a post someday that would give more specific examples of my theory, tell me if your interested.
3. I only like poetry when it's written by Ellen Hopkins: For some reason the only poetry I enjoy comes from Ellen Hopkins novels most likely because I can actually understand her poetry.
4. There's a few authors I'm sort of fans of even though I haven't read there books: I'm weirdly a fan of Neil Gaiman even though I haven't read any of his books but this is because he wrote the Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Wife" which was fantastic and now I really wanted to read his books. I also like Lauren Destefano because I stumble upon her blog one day and saw that on a list of recommended books she included Cardcaptor Sakura which is one of my favorite series of all time so I decided I really like her, I've been planning to read Wither for awhile now but I still haven't gotten around to buying it.
5. Sometimes minor things really bother me: The minor things I'm talking about really has more to do with manga than it does with novels but I still feel the need to mention it here. I hate when manga doesn't include honorfics because the honorfic attach to someone's name actually says a lot about the relationship between the two characters and the character that is using the honorfic. For instance I was very upset when I was reading part of the third omnibus edition of X and I notice that Subaru and Seishiro didn't use the honorfics they normal do which I know they did in X because I've seen scanslations of this scene before with honorfics included. I think the lack of honorfics takes way quite a bit from the scene.
6. I haven't read most of the YA dystopians because I fear that they're really just romance set in the future: I actually love dystopian books but it seems I haven't read much of the new YA ones that are coming out and I'm pretty sure it's out of fear that most of them would focus on a love triangle instead of a screwed up futuristic society. I hope my fear is unfounded but most of the reviews I've read for the newer YA dystopian series mention more about the romance than the society.
7. I don't use my library anymore: I don't use my public library anymore because my library never have the books I want to read in stock and the last time I put a book on hold it took a year(even though I was third on the waiting list) for me to get it and by that time I wasn't interested in reading it anymore so I now buy all the books I read.
8. I'm more likely to swoon over couples than characters: For some reason I'd rather read about a couple being all sweet together than about a guy chasing after a girl he's better off without.
9.I'm not a huge Hunger Games fan: I like the Hunger Games and all but I haven't read the last two books because I want them in paperback but I can never find paperback books in stores and I'm not obsessed enough with the series to buy them in hardcover although I did promise myself that I would read Catching fire before the movie comes out so I may cave and buy the hard cover book.
10. I only like love triangles when the author knows when to end it: I don't really like love triangles in general because I feel they add unnecessary drama to a relationship. But I don't mind a love triangle were all three characters are well developed and one of the guys(or sometimes it's a girl) bows out of the love triangle because he knows the girl doesn't feel that way about him or that the two main characters are just meant to be. I like it when triangles end this way because it lets you like all the characters. Sadly it seems like most writers don't know when that third character needs to give up on the middle person in order to make the series stay enjoyable.

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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 15: Favorite male character

Day 15: Favorite male character: Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower
I love Charlie because he's insightful even though he's still pretty naive. I love that he truly just wants everyone to be happy and I love that he worries that people aren't as happy as they could be. I love that he prefers to watch people and that he has problems actually participating in life in general. I liked that he's damage but he doesn't blame anyone else for the way he is even though he could. I love the way he thinks because he has some of the most beautiful thoughts I've ever seen written. I pretty much just love everything about him.

Anime Review: Arcana Famiglia: The Board! The Finale Battle(1.06)

                             Arcana Famiglia: The Board! The Finale Battle(1.06)Review
In this episode Nova's father(who is also Papa's brother) was kidnapped by pirates for unknown reasons. After Jolly told the group that nothing should be done about the situation Liberta and Felicita convince Nova that they should all go to rescue his father, it's sort of unclear if he actually needed to be convinced or if he was planning to rescue him by himself. The three go to rescue Nova's father and while there's quite a few pirates abroad the ship they actually due a pretty good job at the rescuing part.

I liked that in this episode it showed Nova use his arcana powers with how he puts pretty much a whole room of men to sleep but it does drain him out a lot. I liked that it's explained that the people he put to sleep will wake up when he falls asleep and the only reason his parents are still asleep is because he lost control of his powers. I also liked that there was quite a bit of sword fighting/general fighting in this episode as well. I liked that Liberta used his arcana power in this episode because he it's pretty rare that he uses it and I thought it made a lot of sense for him to pass out after using that power since it seems like he over does when he uses.

I kind of loved that the pirate kidnapping was actually a test put on by Dante and his crew to test Nova, Liberta and Felicita's arcana powers and to show them that they still need to become a lot stronger if they want to win the Arcana Duello. I also liked that those three characters worked together in this episode because things seemed to have been kind of tense or awkward between the characters the last couple of episodes.

I overall loved this episode and found it to be one of my favorite episodes so far. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode or series as a whole.

Manga Review: Kobato Vol.3

                                                        Kobato Vol.3 Review
This volume begins with Kobato having a conversation on the phone with the loan shark who is trying to close down Yomogi Kindergarten through this conversation Kobato learns that the loan shark has the same last name as Sayaka-sensei(later on in the volume Kobato learns that the loan shark guy is actually Sayaka-sensei's ex-husband). Kobato decides not to tell Sayaka-sensei about the loan shark's threat to tear down the kindergarten because she doesn't want to make Sayaka-sensei sad or break the promise she made to Fujimoto last volume. Also in this volume Kobato is able to heal the heart of her building manger by letting her know that even after she knew about Sayaka-sensei's problems with the loan shark she still wants to help her and doesn't think badly of her friend.

In this volume there's quite a bit revealed about Ioryogi as well, it's revealed that Ioryogi wasn't always in a form of a stuff animal and that he was put in that form because he caused some trouble a while back. It's also shown that Ioryogi isn't the only one who has been put in a weaker form, there is also a rival of sorts named Ginsei(who appears as a fox with an eye patch), a bear that works in a shop and a bird that works for the bear. It's also revealed that Ioryogi is originally from Tenkai, the heavenly world.

Also in this volume Kobato and Fujimoto grow a bit closer with Fujimoto telling her to call him if she's in any kind of trouble and how she actually notices when he's concerned about her but doesn't want to say that he's concerned. My favorite part was probably when Kobato called Fujimoto about a man in the park with a terrible stomach ache and how Fujimoto rushed down there because he thought she was the one who was hurt, I just loved how worried he was about her. I just really liked how the relationship between these two developed this volume and now I officially ship these two.

I overall loved this volume it's my favorite of the series so far and I can't wait to read the next volume. Also on a kind of random note I think I saw Toya from Cardcaptor Sakura on page 50 but I'm not sure since I don't think those two series take place in the same universe. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume or series as a whole.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 14: Favorite book by your favorite author

 Day 14: Favorite book by your favorite author: Impulse
I love this book because of the great writing, characters and the interesting subject matter that was dealt with. I loved all three of the main characters even though they were vastly different from one another and I loved the relationships that developed between the three of them through out the book. I also like that all though all three of the main characters they all did it a different way and of course for different reasons. I liked the beautiful poetic way in which it was written and I love how clearly the characters emotions come through in each passage.

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Fangirl Friday 18

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1.Grimm: I watched the new episode that aired this week and I found it to be even better than last week's episode. I overall really liked the episode and I thought it set up quite a few possible plots for future episodes while still being an entertaining episode on it's own.

2. Magic Knight Rayearth: I finished  the first half of the series earlier this week and I found that this volume had all the things I loved from the first two volumes as well as something I wasn't really expecting. I love the main characters and their friendship with each other and I liked how it was their love for each other that proved the strength of their heart. I also like the people Zagato sent out to destroy them because they had a certain amount of depth and likability despite their goals. The ending of the volume left me crying which for some reason I think that's a good thing and I'm surprised that the ending of the first half of the series was so heartbreaking.

3. Dollhouse: I rewatched the first 8 episodes of the series this week and I found that I still love this series and I have no idea why some people say the show wasn't really worth watching until episode 6. Out the episodes I watched this week my favorites include The Target, Grey Hour, Echoes and Needs. I really liked the story of The Target and the flashbacks mixed throughout the episode were something I really enjoyed and I especially liked the way that the flashbacks were lit. The Grey Hour I love because the story involved a heist and I loved seeing how a doll in doll state would react to a real world environment and I liked that Echo developed through out the episode and I especially love when she tells Boyd at towards the end of the episode that she's not broken. I like Echoes because it gives us a bit of Caroline's backstory and the dollhouse staff getting infected with the drugs was quite funny. I love needs because it gave us a chance to now who the dolls really were and i also loved that it gave me another reason to ship Victor and Sierra who are so sweet together.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura: I rewatched the first three episodes and I loved them just as much as I always do and I can't wait to rewatch more of the series.

TV Review: Grimm: The Kiss(2.02)

                                                      Grimm: The Kiss(2.02)Review
  • I was very worried through out the episode that Nick would get arrested for being at the crime scene of the mauvais dentes even though he didn't really do anything wrong.
  • I love that Hank told Nick that he trusts Nick even though he knows there's a lot that Nick's hiding from him.
  • I liked that Nick's mom was able to somewhat accept that Nick was friends with Monroe and Rosalee even though it doesn't really make sense for them to be friends.
  • I'm glad that the feds ended up dropping the charges on Nick when they realised that there wasn't enough evidence and they know that he didn't kill their agents.
  • I was surprised to learn that Renard is a prince and that his brother is the one who sent the mauvais dentes to kill Nick.
  • I'm kind of sad that Adelind's mom is dead because she was one of the few people around that knew about who Renard really is which is something that is still somewhat of mystery.
  • I'm kind of sad that Nick's mom left in this episode but I feel that it was probably for the best for her to leave now before she killed anymore wesen and was linked to any of the murders.
  • I'm glad that Juliette woke up at the end of the episode but I'm really sad that she can't remember Nick because I love those two as a couple and well doesn't that mean she can't remember quite a few years of her life considering they had been together for years at the beginning of the series.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 13: Your Favorite Writer

Day 13: Your Favorite Writer: Ellen Hopkins
I love Ellen Hopkins because her way of  writing in verse is so beautiful and filled with raw emotion. I love that not a single word in her novels is wasted and I loved that she only writes what the reader needs to know about the characters life in order to understand them  and their emotional state. I love how she takes advantage of her poetry style by having certain words be off to one side of the page and having them form their own sentences which usually has to do with the thoughts in the characters subconscious. I also loved that in Identical she had several of the poems in different shape such as the one that was in the shape of razor blades. I love that she's willing to write stories with more than one narrator and that she's able to make all of them sound different and I love the way she switches narrators. I love that her books are about tough issues but it never feels like she's lecturing the readers but instead shows them just how bad a person's life can get.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 12: A Book you used to love but don't anymore

Day 12: A Book you used to love but don't anymore: The Clique series
I was obsessed with these books when I was in middle school and while I'm not really a fan of them anymore I don't hate them either I just feel like I've grown out of them and that the series became pretty repetitive after awhile. I actually really appreciate the series existence because there seems to be very few books about popular, bitchy, shallow, rich, snobby, materialistic girls as the main characters which makes me sad actually. I also like how these books were kind of campy and bitchy but I feel that the series has gone on far too long, personally I thought it should have ended with book 5 although I have read up to book 9.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 11: A book you hated

Day 11: A book you hated: The Odyssey
I hated this book because I hated pretty much all the characters and I felt the plot was quite dull despite it being a labeled an epic. I hated the main character, Odysseus most of all because was an arrogant, murderous, man whore, jackass and a moron which is why it took him a decade to get home. Honestly though out the whole story was hoping someone would just kill Odysseus but sadly no one did and he got a happy ending despite doing nothing but seducing women and getting his whole crew killed in various ways, I also hated that everyone seemed to praise and admire him for some reason I can't understand.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 10: Favorite Classic Book

 Day 10: Favorite Classic Book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
I love this book because of the strange logic or rather the lack of logic that exists in Wonderland and I love the cast of characters who are all just as strange as world they live in. I also love all the fun word and grammar play through out the book my favorite being how the lessons lessen each day. I also love how Alice takes in all of Wonderland in so coolly with how she seems more upset by it's residents rudeness then frighten by their outlandish behavior. I also love that this book is so quotable.

30 days of Books Challenge: Day 9: A Book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

Day 9: A Book you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving: Catch-22
I hate war movies so I assumed that I would hate war books such as Catch-22 but i was pleasantly surprised by this book. I love this book with it's dark humor and satirical nature with characters that are memorable, lovable and laughable all at the same time. I loved that even though one of the main themes of this book was absurdity that there were still serious moments and quite a few of the characters actually had depth. I love this book because it's hilarious but still has depth to it which is sadly hard to find those two things together.

30 Days of Books Challenge:Day 8: Most Overrated Book

Day 8: Most Overrated Book: Heart of Darkness
I think this book is overrated with people who study literature because most of this book is about the setting, while I think the author did a good job with describing the setting I think he spent far too much time on it. The plot and the characters were ignored for the most book in favor of describing the setting over and over again. I also dislike this book because used so many metaphors, allusions and similes that it caused most ever paragraphed to need to be read at two or three times which is very annoying especially when most of the paragraphs are just telling how dark and forbidding the forest is. I also hated the formatting of the book in edition I had the text was in about ten point font single spaced and with no space between paragraphs not to mention 90% of the book good quotation marks around it. It also annoyed me that only three characters were named through out the whole book.

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Top 10 Books I reviewed and Top 10 Manga I reviewed

1. Game of Thrones: This is one of the best written books I have ever read and it's also one of the most interesting as well. I love this book for it's intriguing plot, great characters, timeless themes and fantastic world building. I also love that it's written in the viewpoints of many different characters.
2. The Lost Hero: Is the first book in the Heroes of Olympus series and it's a great start to the series with a good plot, some great characters and the writing is just as good as Rick Riordan's other series. I also like that builds on the mythology of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and that it's told from three different viewpoints.
3. Perfect:This is my second favorite Ellen Hopkins book which is a companion novel to Impulse my favorite Ellen Hopkins novel. This story is one about four teenagers trying to meet up the expectations of being perfect and they all have different ideas of what perfection is and whether or not it's really worth striving for. This novel is written in verse like all the Ellen Hopkins novels I read so far and that makes the book both beautiful and more in depth than it probably would have been if it was written in prose.
4.Tricks: Another Ellen Hopkins novel and it's written just as beautifully as Perfect but it's subject manner is far from pretty. This book is about five different teenagers get themselves caught up in the business of selling their bodies in one form or another. The characters are vastly different and their actions and reasons for their actions also vary a great deal. The only real problem I have with this book is that it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger but there's never going to be a sequel and the stories of each character didn't really interconnect.
5. Shiver: Shiver is a beautiful love story about a sensible girl named Grace and Sam a sweet boy who turns into a wolf every winter. I love this story because I love the relationship between Sam and Grace as well as the characters themselves. I also like the interesting mythology of the series and I like that even though most people call it a werewolf series it's kind of not because the wolves are just regular wolves not really what people consider werewolves.
6. Heist Society: A fun series about con-artist with a brilliant kickass heroine, a completely swoon worthy romantic lead and a nice crew to help her pull off the job. I love pretty much everything about this book and I don't see that changing any time soon.
7. The Awakening: The second book in The Darkest Powers series doesn't suffer from bad pacing like the first book with having almost non-stop action for about half of the book while the other half develops characters, relationships, plotlines and powers.
8. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy: The second book in the Gallagher series is my favorite book in the series so far(I've only read the first 3) and I have to admit that has a lot to do with the character Zach being introduce. I also love that most of the things I love about the first novel is still in place and I especially love the whole espionage ball they had.
9. Thirteen Reasons Why: This is a heartbreaking book about a girl who took her own life and record a set of tapes telling people why she did and why they are to blame for her death. I found this to be a well written sad but realistic novel.
10 Secret Circle series: I read these three books together so I have a problem separating them but I love them all with it's interesting plot, a number of characters I love and of course witchcraft. I also love that at the beginning at least it was kind of about witches who were also bitches for some reason I real enjoy that.

1. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: I have actually finished this series although I've only reviewed the first 3 volumes so far. I love this series because I like the concept, love the characters and the relationships they share. I also liked that there were quite a few plot twist even though a lot of them made me really upset and the ones at the end of the series were pretty confusing. I also love the art and the seemingly endless crossovers with over other Clamp series.
2. Cardcaptor Sakura: I love this series because everything is just so cute,happy and nice. I really love the characters and all the forms of love that are explored in the sweetest most Innocent way but I do have a soft spot for the romantic relationships. I also love that it's a magical girl series because that's one of my favorite sub genres. I also love the artwork it's super adorable which fits the series perfectly and it has an entirely happy ending which I'm beginning to realize is a far thing in Clampverse.
3. Tokyo Babylon:I love this series which blends the occult and social issues flawlessly and is able to make the reader care about the oneshot characters. I also love all three of the main characters although they are very different from each other. I also love the series for having one of the most depressing ends I ever read and that the theme of the series is that no one can really judge another person's pain.
4. Pandora Hearts:I love this twisted series that has a strange number of parallels to Alice in Wonderland but I can't think of a good way to explain. I like the characters so far and the plot is very intriguing.
5. Magic Knight Rayearth: I love this magical girl series about a group of three girls being transport to another world and becoming as close as sister extremely quickly. I love the characters, the world and the plot. The artwork is also beautiful.
6. Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura: Another magical girl series and it involves swords and demons. I like quite a few of the characters and the plot is interesting and the artwork is beautiful.
7. Xxxholic: Another series that blends the occult with ordinary human issues, it's a very good series and it crossover with Tsubasa. I love the characters and the artwork as well.
8. Sailor Moon: A classic magical girl series with great characters, a good plot and beautiful older shugo style artwork.
9. Kobato:A lovely series about a kindhearted ditz, the characters are likable and the artwork is beautiful.
10. Clover:A very interesting series about people with extra special powers and how they have to live because of it.

I'm now considering doing a list like this for tv episodes, is anyone interested in that?

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Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.3

                                              Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.3 Review
In this volume the Hikaru, Umi and Fuu look for the meshins the magic knights will need to defeat Zagato and free Princess Emeraude. Umi is the first to find her meshin which was found under the sea and in the form of the dragon and was named Ceres. Ceres says that Umi will have to prove the strength of her heart before it will be her's, Umi proves the strength of her heart by protecting her friends from Ascot's monsters and by making Ascot see that if the monsters are really his friends he shouldn't make them fight for Zagato's cause. Ceres then goes into her armor after it transformed again but before that Umi sees that it's true form is a giant robot.

Then Fuu is able to find her mashin on the floating mountain, it's original form is a bird and it's called Windom. Windom tells Fuu that she must also prove the strength of her heart. Fuu proves the strength of her heart with how she is willing to die for her friends if need be and by overcoming Caldina's spell. She's also able to inspire Caldina(who only works for Zagato because he pays well) quite a bit with her speech about friendship. Fuu's armor also transform and Windom goes into her armor after showing it's true form of a  giant robot.

Hikaru is then able to find her mashin in a volcano who's original form seems to be a wolf and is named Rayearth, Rayearth tells her to prove the strength of her hurt. Hikaru is able to prove the strength of her heart by protecting her friends at the expense of her own well being and by being able to free Dal Rafaga from the mind control that Zagato put him under. Then all three of the girls armor transforms again and they are put in the robot form of their meshins and are off to defeat Zagato.

Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are able to combined their powers and defeat Zagato who had built his own mashin, with his last words Zagato wishes for Princess Emeraude's freedom. The girls then goes inside the castle to free Princess Emeraude only to find out that Princess Emeraude looks much older than she had when she originally appeared to them and to their surprise she's extremely upset about Zagato's death. Princess Emeraude then tries to kill Hikaru, Umi and Fuu who are still very confused by these turn of events only to have the younger version of Emeraude appear and explained that the reason for Cefiro troubles is because Princess Emeraude(who as the pillar of Cefiro is only aloud to pray for peace of Cefiro) fell in love with Zagato and she summoned the legendary Magic Knights because only those from another world could kill her. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are forced to kill Princess Emeraude because if they don't she'll destroy all of Cefiro .The volume (and first half of the series)concludes with the three girls being transport back to Tokyo tower and hugging each other and crying.

While I overall loved the volume and the first half of the series as a whole, I find the end to be very sad and it makes me glad that I know there's a second half of the series. I liked that Clamp took the risk of not having the bad guy be who you thought they were but I feel heart broken for what Hikaru, Umi and Fuu had to do. I still love the series characters, plot and artwork. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume or series.

Manga Review: Tokyo Babylon Vol.3

                                                    Tokyo Babylon Vol.3 Review
In this volume a group of three high school girls who believe they are the chosen ones are recklessly using different types of magics to curse people over the phone, who's phone numbers end in 1999 because they believe they will be involved in the battle for the end of the world,Subaru is hired to stop this girls. Subaru soon discovers that the girls are amateurs and therefore do not know the consequences of the spells they are casting which makes Subaru want save the girls from themselves. Subaru is able to help one of the girls but the other  two still believed him to be the enemy so they attack him. After Subaru is knocked out by one of the girls spells Seishiro tells the girls who are continuing with their rants about being special and the chosen ones that he doesn't really care what they think but he isn't going to let them harm another hair on his Subaru's head nor is going to allow himself to to be attack so when the girls attack him he sends it right back to them and it causes some pretty serious mental damage to them. The volume ends with Subaru feeling guilty about not being able to save the girls from themselves but luckily Hokuto is able to cheer him up with making him see that he can use this as a learning experience.

Also in this volume Subaru and Seishiro went on a bit of a date(except Subaru doesn't consider it a date even it pretty much is) and had their compatibility tested by giving there birthday and birth place(which if you read enough Clamp works you know that this is consider information that is dangerous to give out to magic users). Hokuto looks through their compatibility sheet later and remarks how she doesn't quite think Seishiro horoscope sign suites him and that she thinks their compatibility score is wrong because she is of course the number one Subaru/Seishiro shipper. I also continue to love how Hokuto and Seishiro talk about Subaru and Seishiro getting married with Subaru getting all embarrassed by it.

I overall loved this volume even though this story isn't one of my favorites of the series it's still pretty good and I continue to love the characters and their interactions and the artwork. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume or series.

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Manga Review: Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol.1

                                    Alice in the Country of Hearts Vol.1Review
Alice in the Country of Hearts is about a teenage girl named Alice Liddel who is kidnapped by a man with rabbit ears named Peter who forces her to drink something that forces her to stay in Wonderland, he claims he's in love with her. After Peter runs off Alice chases after him because she wants to slug him and ask him what is this place, and how can she get home? Alice ends of stumbling upon the Hatters home were she threatened by the Gatekeepers and Elliot March but there boss Blood saves her just before she runs off and heads back to the clocktower. At the clocktower Alice meets a man named Julius who explains some of the basics of Wonderland to her such as the three terrorties(the Hatters which is the mafia, Heart Castle and the amusement park) are at war with each other. He also tells her that she has to interacted with people in order to return home.

The next day Alice decides to head to Heart Castle because Peter works there and she wants to yell at him and kick him in the crotch. A knight from the castle named Ace offers to lead her there unfortunately Ace has a horrible sense of direction and she ends up back at Hatters place. Elliot March is very pissed that Ace keeps coming there so those to get into a potential deadly fight but Blood then comes by and breaks up the fight and flirts with Alice. Alice reveals that Blood looks like her ex-boyfriend and then Blood tells her that if she was his lady he would never let her go he would cut off her legs if he thought she'd leave him which freaks Alice out a tiny bit. Once at the castle Alice gets introduced to the Queen who uses the term we instead of I but seems to be fond of Alice. Alice also tells Peter she doesn't love him and never would and to leave her alone and he continues to be creepy.

In her dream that night Alice meets a dream demon named Nightmare who tells her this world is somewhat designed through her desire for everyone to love her which makes Alice think she's pathetic if that's what she desires subconsciously.A different night Alice talks a  bit to Nightmare about Afterimages and how she dislikes how inhuman the dead are treat and Nightmare basically tells her that's the way things are in Wonderland.

In the last chapter Alice goes to the amusement park with the gatekeepers and there friend Boris(a cat like punk guy from the amusement park), the amusement park owner hates Blood a lot because he revealed to everyone that his name was Mary Gowland so when Blood shows up he tries to kill him and Blood decides to take Alice and run. At the end of the volume Blood invites Alice to come to tea and she agrees.

I overall loved this volume it was a really good take on Alice in Wonderland and it's set in an interesting world. I really liked Alice as a man character because she didn't really like the idea of wonderland but seems to handle it well. I also love Ace because he always acts all smiley but I have a feeling he can be quite deadly. Blood's another favorite of mine because he seems like a mixture of possible romantic lead and a psycho which is always interesting, I also like that it's hinted that he does things depending on his mood. I like Nightmare's fear of Hospital because it's kind of absurd. I really liked the art because the world was fantasy like and the characters were good looking. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 7: Most Underrated Book

Day 7: Most Underrated Book: The Glass Managerie
This is one of the best written books/plays I have ever read and it seems like no one else has read it which makes me very sad. I like that plot is fairly simple which allows the story to be pretty much complete driven by the characters who are wonderful and well written. I love that the story of the Wingfield family and how each of the characters are very different from each other and I love how it's those differences in personalities, dreams and way of life that causes pretty much all the drama in the play. I especially love the character of Laura who I relate is one of the few characters in fiction that I can actually relate to.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 6: A Book that makes you sad

Day 6: A Book that makes you sad: The Book Thief
This is just a book that breaks your hurt so much because it first made you fall in love with all of the characters only to end almost all of their lives tragically and even the ones who lived became somewhat broken by the end of the book. It also is sad because it's set in Germany during World War II and the Holocaust, both which resulted in many terrible sad deaths and other situations. It also didn't help that Death was the narrator which made it seem like no one would survive to the end of the story and very few did. I loved this book even though it was very sad and I loved most of the characters as well which only made me cry harder in the last few chapters.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 5: A book that makes you happy

Day 5: A book that makes you happy:Catch-22
This may seem like I weird answer to this question considering it's a book about bombing pilots during World War II but it's also the funniest book I've ever read with it satirical sense of humor, black comedy and absurdity. Anyways this book just makes me laugh because it's somewhat riducluas nature with how the system work such as all the men in the hospital being healthy, no one being allowed to see Major Major unless he's not there, the whole Washington Irving thing, the catch-22 about being pilot and of course Milo role of mess officer being absurdely important.

Manga Review: Tsubasa Reservoir chronicle Vol.3

                                          Tsubasa Reservoir chronicle Vol.3Review
This volume starts off with tying up to the loose ends of the last volume with our main characters saying goodbyes and leaving to go off to the next world. The next world they arrive in is the country of Koryo, this world is a sort of feudal Japan world were magic exists but sadly their current Ryanban(leader of the general area) is a cruel many who none of the citizens like who suddenly became extremely powerful the year before. Chu'nyan takes the main group back to her house believing that they are the amen'osa(a group of people with powerful magic that travels throughout the country and restores order when it needs to be) even though they obviously not the amen'osa, Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane still go to the castle to defeat the Ryanban because he has Sakura's feather.

During this volume I felt that story was fairly self contained which I think was good for this volume. I really liked that in this volume that the group(save Sakura who was asleep for most of the first two volumes) seemed to know each other better, I especially enjoyed the banter that seems to exist between Fai and Kurogane as well as seeing them fight side by side for the first time. I also like that it's made clearly in this volume that Fai is unwilling to use his magic and also find it interesting that  he lied at first about not being able to use anymore just for Yuko to flat out say that this wasn't true.

I also enjoyed that Sakura was actually awake in this volume even though she seemed tried all volume, I liked seeing her. Sakura is of course still the same kind wonderful person she was before and I liked that she still seems very fond of Syaoran. I also find it interesting that she apparently naturally has very good luck when it comes to things that are left purely to chance(like a dice game but unlike destiny). I also liked that she and Chu'nyan seem to develop a brief friendship. I also just like Chu'nyan's character because she had a lot of spirit and she is actually able to help out quite a bit in the end even though she doesn't have much power of her own.

I overall really enjoyed this volume it had a good story and I continue to enjoy the characters as well. I also continue to think that the art is absolutely gorgeous. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

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TV Review: Grimm: Bad Teeth(2.01)

                                                   Grimm: Bad Teeth(2.01)Review
  • I find the Mong Dang creature to be quite terrifying with how it kills and it's big teeth. It's also scary that it is quite intelligent.
  • I think the show dealt with the twist of Nick's mother being actually being alive quite well. I think her reason made sense but I could still of course understand why Nick was anger with her at first for faking her death for 18 years.
  • I'm still really worried about Juliette because I don't want her to die and I'm now wondering how much of her memory will be missing.
  • I liked the conflict there was when Monroe and Rosalie came to Nick's house when his mother was there and I liked that Nick made sure to let his mother know that they are his friends and he won't see them harmed. I also liked how Monroe acted to the news with being worried that Nick might have lied to him.
  • I like how the royal families as well as Nick killing the reapers came back into play in this episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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Fangirl Friday 17

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.
1. Fangirl Friday graphic: EvilEva the host of this meme was kind enough to make us this love graphic last week and I love it so much it's so cute. I love that it's basically Hello Kitty as a superhero
although I keep think of her as Sailor Moon when I look at for some reason.

2. Teen Wolf:I finished the last three episodes of season 2 this week and they were all great in fact the whole season was great and I can't wait for season three to premiere. I love this show it has good pacing like the Vampire Diaries but unlike the Vampire Diaries it can keep itself ground(like having the characters go to school regularly) and it doesn't have the love triangle of doom. I also love the interesting mythology it has and how it slowly develops. I also love how much non-romantic relationships take importance in this series. I also find that I love most of the characters as well which is always a good thing. Basically I'm recommending Teen Wolf to anyone who likes supernatural shows with teenagers involved.
3.Grimm: Season 2 of Grimm premiered this week and now while I haven't been able to watch this weeks episode yet I'm planning to watch it as soon as I finish this post because if I watched it before I posted it I think it would be pasted midnight and this meme is called Fangirl Friday so I won't want to post it on Saturday. Anyways I loved the first season of Grimm and I'm going to go watch now.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Master Plan(2.12)

                                          Teen Wolf: Master Plan(2.12)Review
  • I loved seeing how upset Stiles dad was that his son was missing and how protective he was when saw that Stiles was hurt.
  • I liked the group of allies that ended up working together because it was a pretty strange arrangement with Scott, Issac, Derek, Peter, and Mr.Argent all working together.
  • I liked how Scott's mom snuck into the morgue to look at Jackson's body and she called Scott when she saw that things were really weird.
  • I liked that Mr.Argent saw that Grandpa Argent was an enemy and that he broke some of Alison's weapons because he didn't like who she was becoming. I also loved that he let Boyd and Erica go.
  • I loved that Lydia went to Stiles house when she was worried about Jackson and I loved most of their scenes together. I especially like when she saw that some of the extra birthday presents he bought her, I want these two to become a couple so badly and scene like these makes me think that they could become one.
  • I'm glad that Lydia is somewhat aware of the supernatural but I could see why Stiles didn't want her involved with it because he knows how dangerous it is and he couldn't bear to loose her which of course just made me ship them more.
  • I loved the scene with Stiles and his dad about the game  and how thought Stiles was the hero of it, I love pretty much all their scenes because there usually pretty touching.
  • I really love having pretty around still because he's a good snarker character who also has much knowledge.
  • I found Grandpa Argent's plan to be very cruel and it made me hate him even more and I'm glad he died although I'm curious about what happened to his body.
  • I was shocked that Scott actually came up with plan and was able to fool Grandpa Argent and it actually was the reason he was defeated.
  • I liked that Stiles and Lydia arrived at the scene, I also liked that she was able to save Jackson but I don't like that there a couple again this time Jackson better treat her better.
  • I'm glad that Alison realized she was acting like a psycho and she said she was sorry. I also understand why she broke up with Scott but I agree with Scott they'll be together again someday.
  • I'm worried about Boyd and Erica because of the pack they ran into didn't seem too friendly.
  • I find it interesting that there's a pack of just alphas in town now and it's kind of weird that Peter just hanging around now but I love it.
  • I loved the last scene with Scott and Stiles and how Scott said his life is kind of like it was before the series started, I just thought it was a nice way to end the season.
  • I loved every episode this season and I can't wait for the third season and I'm super happy that there's going to be 24 episodes next season instead of twelve.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode and season as a whole.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Battlefield(2.11)

                                               Teen Wolf: Battlefield(2.11)Review
  • I really liked how this episode opened with Stiles talking to the therapist lady about all that has happened since last episode. I liked that it also let us know how Stiles was feeling which isn't to good at the moment because he's basically living in a constant state of fear.
  • I felt bad for both Scott and his mom because of how she couldn't really deal with what Scott was and how he didn't really know how to talk to her about it. But I liked that she was able to accept him pretty much by the end of the episode.
  • I hate Grandpa Argent for the way he's using the Kanuma and how he threatens to kill almost everyone in this episode.
  • I didn't really like the idea of Boyd and Erica leaving Derek's pack but I understood why they wanted to do so.
  • I find it interesting that werewolves can tell by smell how sick a dog is and can take some of their pain a way.
  • I loved that Issac decided to stick around and help out Scott, I really like their relationship they are forming.
  • I loved having Peter around again because even though I know he's kind of a villain and is kind of crazy he's still a great character in my opinion.
  • I found the couch saying the Independence Day speech before each championship game to be pretty funny.
  • I found everyone's surprise that Stiles actually got to play in the game to be pretty funny.
  • I hated that Alison was so cruel with her shooting a ton of arrows into Boyd and being willing to shoot more arrows into Erica even though she can't run and is crying and telling her to stop.
  • I did like that Boyd came to protect Erica after she told him to go on without her.
  • I liked that Mr.Argent stopped Alison from abusing Boyd and Erica anymore and I'm glad that he was upset at her behavior because it did violate his code.
  • I liked the idea that love is the thing that can save Jackson but I don't really like that, that might mean that Jackson and Lydia might be a thing again because he never really treated her all that great.
  • I liked that it seems that Jackson might have tried to kill himself in order to make sure he didn't hurt anymore people.
  • I'm extremely worried about Stiles since he's missing at the end of the episode and I hope that nothing too bad happens to him because I love him and he's my favorite character.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Fury(2.10)

                                                     Teen Wolf: Fury(2.10)Review
  • I liked how in this episode it's explained or rather shown that Kanuma Jackson became linked to Matt better much by accident and how it's explained that Matt didn't have any knowledge beforehand of the supernatural.
  • I liked that Stiles and Scott went to to Stiles's dad once they were sure that Matt was the killer and I liked that they were able to find enough evidence to prove that Matt was the killer.
  • I found it interesting that the vet used to take care of the Hale family and that he helps Derek out due to a promise he made to his mother. I also like the idea that the vet is an advisor of sorts.
  • I found Matt to be pretty threatening and creepy through out the episode especially how he had Jackson kill all the cops in the station quite brutally. I also found it interesting that Matt made sure to separate Stiles's dad and Scott's mom from the supernatural stuff because he knew that they didn't know about it.
  • I liked that Stiles and Derek went over the new information that they received in this episode while paralyzed and were able to figure some things out.
  • I find it really interesting and sad that Matt almost drowned when he was younger because a bunch of drunk teenagers through him in a pool and then he force to keep it a secret. His backstory helped me understand him a bit more but I think he must have gone off the deep end at some point alot earlier.
  • I didn't like how Grandpa Argent basically is trying to make sure that Alison follows the path of vengeance because there's no way a teenage girl who just lost her mother a few hours ago can make unemotional judgement. I did like that Mr.Argent wanted to wait to give Alison the leadership role since he knows she's not in the best emotional state at the moment.
  • I liked that at least Scott's mom knows a bit about the supernatural stuff know and that Scott is a supernatural creature(I'm pretty sure she doesn't know the specifics yet).
  • I was kind of shocked that Scott was working as a spy for Grandpa Argent but I understand why he is since Grandpa Argent has threatened his mother but I don't think Derek will be quite as understanding.
  • I found the scene were Grandpa Argent killed Matt to be very disturbing and while I'm not surprised I still don't like that Grandpa Argent claimed the Kanuma for himself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 4: Favorite book of your favorite series

Day 4: Favorite book of your favorite series:The Battle of the Labyrinth
While I love every book in this series this one has been favorite since I first read it. I love this book because it had almost every major character of the whole series involved in the main plot of this book. I loved that there was more than just the quest being important to the main plot there was also Nico trying to bring Bianca back from the dead and Percy trying to find him and take him back to camp, Grover is still looking for Pan, and of course Luke becoming one with Krones. I also loved this book most because it featured both Nico and Rachel Elizabeth Dare quite a bit and since they're my second and third favorite characters this makes me extremely happy. I also just found the Labyrinth to be very interesting and I liked how much the overall plot of the series moved forward in this book.

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Book Review: The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

                                      The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero Review
The Lost Hero is the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series which is a sequel/spin-off series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians and is written by Rick Riordan. This book has three main characters Jason, Piper and Leo who narrated the book. The basic plot of the book is that Hera was kidnapped  and that Gaea is starting to awaken along with giants that were designed to kill the gods. Jason, Piper and Leo are of course given a quest to save Hera.

Jason is the first character that narrators the book and he starts to book out with having no memories of who he is. Jason was told that he and Piper were dating and he and Leo were best friends while Jason doesn't really have anything against either of these things becoming true someday he has a feeling that it's not true yet which turns out to be right. Jason seems to know things about monsters and demigods and that world even though he has no memories but he speaks about them in Roman terms instead of Greek terms. Jason turns out to be a son of Jupiter(although I first everyone believes he's the son of Zeus) and is a natural leader and a good fighter,he can fight with either a sword or spear, uses lightening and as an ability that allows him to control air current in a way that makes it seem as though he can fly. Jason also turns out to be the younger brother of Thalia Grace(who also appeared in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series) who thought he had been dead for years. I overall really enjoy Jason as a character and I look forward to learning more about him in future books especially now that he's starting to get his memories back.

Piper our second narrator is the daughter of Aphrodite and her father is a movie star who happen to have gotten kidnapped by giant sometime before the first book started. Gaea is using Piper's father as bait so Piper will lead her friends to the giant in order to save her father, through out most of the book Piper worries about whether she should save her father or to avoid Gaea trap and keep her friends safe. Luckily for Piper both Jason and Leo have no problem with helping her save her dad even after Piper told them it was a trap. Piper is also having trouble adjusting to finding out that her relationship she had with Jason was actually just the mist plying with her memories although by the end of the book Piper decides that she's going to go after Jason anyways since she still feels the same way about him. Piper has the power of charmspeak(which basically makes people agree with her depending on how much will power she puts into her voice) and she has a dagger (that was originally owned by Helen of Troy) that allows her to see visions. I overall really like Piper it took me a little while to warm up to her but by the end I loved her, I especially enjoyed the new found confidence she had after her quest.

Leo is our last narrator as well as my favorite, he's the son of Hephaestus and he's mechanically gifted which is why he was able to repair the mechanical dragon Festus which is used as their way to get around of the quest. Leo is also gifted or cursed with the rare ability of fire which is something he doesn't like to use because he fears that he caused his mother's death when he was a lot younger after he first encounter Gaea. Leo is good with machines but admits to not always knowing how to deal with people but that doesn't keep him from being a good friend. I overall love Leo as a character because he has both depth and a certain sarcastic wit that I love.

This book also included many references as well as appearance from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I especially loved seeing Rachel who was one of my favorite characters from the original series and I liked seeing Annabeth as well and I like that those two seem to be friends now. I also liked seeing that the camp had changed quite a bit since the last book in order to included more cabins for the minor gods children. I also found the whole Percy being missing thing worrisome but I'm not quite as worried now that I'm reading The Son of Neptune. I also liked that it was explained towards the end of the book that there's a camp for the Roman's demigods as well and that the gods have two forms.

I overall loved this book and I loved the plot, the new prophecy and the new characters. I also loved the references to the original series. Please tell me your thoughts about the book and the series in general.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 3:Your Favorite series

 Day 3:Your Favorite series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
I love this series because it has a good plot, really interesting characters and really likable characters. I feel that the books do a good job of coming up with a plot for each book while still moving the overall plot of the series forward in some way. I think that the series does a good job of blending the Greek myths with the modern world and I especially like that you don't have to know a lot about Greek mythology in order to understand and enjoy the series. I feel that the characters are all pretty well developed and I like that there are many  characters with different personality types through out the books. I also love Percy as the narrator he's funny, informative and you see clearly how he's feeling at the moment. I overall love the series and I can't find anything major that I dislike about it.

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30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 2: A Book You Read more than 3 times

 Day 2: A Book You Read more than 3 times: Reading in the Dark
This book that chronicles the life of a young Irsh boy growing up and slowly learning his family's many dark secrets is one I read almost once a year for the past four or five years because the story is so well written and layered that I can't help but to read it again.

Top 10 Book Couples that would make it in real life

1. Syaoron and Sakura(Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle):There's just so much these two to go through before they got together that I believe that if they weren't meant for each other they would've given up on their relationship at some point but neither of them ever did they loved each other even when it seemed like it was impossible for them to be together. No matter what happen to separate these two they always found their way back to each other whether it be memory lose, loosing the ability to feel at all or even death nothing was able to keep them from loving each other. So I think in the real world were things would be much easier for them they'd defiantly end up together.
2.Kyo and Tohru(Fruits Basket): I just think these two are perfect for each other and I see no reason why they couldn't work out in the real world. i think that the two of them being friends for quite a while before they got together makes they're relationship realistic and I also liked how they seemed to have a good understanding of each other.Although my favorite thing about them is how they just loved to spend time with each other even if they were doing something as mundane as cooking a meal or running errands together.
3.Suzaku and Euphemia(Code Geass): I think these two would work out in real life because they worked out in the series for a while even though they had so many things against them being together.I think they worked out because they shared similar beliefs and believed that things could be changed for the better peacefully. But then they didn't work out because something very tragic happened but if that hadn't had happened they probably would've ended up together and since the tragic couldn't have happened in the real world they would work out in the real world.
4.Percy and Annabeth(Percy Jackson and the Olympians series/The Heroes of Olympus series): This two were friends for a long time before they got together so they know each other really well before they get together. I also think they would work out in real life because in The Lost Hero Annabeth does everything she can to find him and in The Son of Neptune Percy remembers her even though he can't remember pretty much anything else other than his name.
5.Ron and Hermione(Harry Potter series): I think there relationship would work out in real life because they were friends for so long so they clearly know and love each other for who they are and they do end up together.
6. Sakura and Syaoron(Cardcaptor Sakura): These two are just so sweet and adorable that I don't want to live in a world were they don't end up together. I think they would work out in real life because they started off as friends and were able to maintain a long distance relationship while they were in their last year of elementary school and first year or two of middle school.
7.Touya and Yukito(Cardcaptor Sakura):This is also a relationship which started off as friendship which I think is the best way to start off a relationship. I think these two would work out because they clearly care for each, they compliant each other very well. They always seemed to confide in each other and not keep secrets from each other which I think is a very good thing for any relationship. Also they the spend a lot time together so they clearly enjoy each other's company and there's also a lot of little things that I love about them as well that shows that they love each other.
8.Sam and Grace(Wolves of Mercy Falls series):While I think they way they met isn't exactly realistic and I think the connection they share isn't common I think they would still work out in real life. I think they would work out because the love and accept each other for who they are even though they're very different people but neither of them try to change who the other is. I think they would work out because while they are very important to each other they're not the only they care about, I'm not sure I explained myself well but I do think they could have worked out if they meet each other in the real world without any wolves being involved.
9.Tally and David(Uglies series): I think this relationship could have worked out because it was about how David loved Tally for who she was even she wasn't perfect and this taught Tally to both accept herself and to realize just because someone didn't get the pretty surgery doesn't mean they're not attractive. I think that their relationship had a good message in it and it seemed like the kind of relationship that should work out in real life.
10. Cammie and Josh(Gallagher Girls series): While I prefer Cammie/Zach over Cammie/Josh I feel that Cammie/Josh had a more realistic relationship with how he notice her when no one else did and how they went on actual dates together and did normal date things. I've always thought these two were really sweet together and I believe that if Cammie wasn't a spy or if Josh didn't get his memory wiped they would have been together a lot longer than they were.

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Manga Review: Pandora Hearts Vol.2

                                                      Pandora Hearts Vol.2Review
In this volume Oz, Alice and Raven start to track down illegal contractors and their chains in hopes of finding pieces of Alice's memories. In the first chapter Oz and Alice discovers what happens to the contractor once the incuse(a clock shaped mark that appears on the chest of a contractor who's in an illegal contract)makes a full turn, the person is sucked into the lowest levels of the Abyss. It's also mentioned that people enter into illegal contracts with chains in order to change the past.

In the second story of this volume when Oz, Alice and Raven return to the mansion at which Oz's coming of age ceremony took place there Oz discovers that ten years have past while he was in the Abyss and he discovers that Raven is actually Gil his loyal servant and friend from before he was suck into the Abyss and who he feared he killed at his coming of age ceremony. Gil proves to Oz that his absolute(which is his loyalty to OZ) isn't a lie while he was controlled by the same chain that took over his body at Oz's coming of age ceremony so Oz believes that Gil is basically the same as he always was and he makes sure to let him know that he still expects him to hold up his absolute which Gil agrees to.

Also in this volume the Will of the Abyss tries to convince Alice that she'll always be alone and that she wasn't even meant to be born. The Will of the Abyss also tries to convince Oz to ditch Alice and join it but Oz refuse due to the Will of the Abyss cruel words about Alice that he has heard someone say something similar to him in the past and because he feels that he should stay with Alice. Alice also gains a piece of her memory but it doesn't give a whole lot of information.

In the last chapter Break stops by to tell Oz that he may be the key to controlling the abyss which is why Pandora and the Baskervilles both want to use Oz. Break also explains that the reason he and Sharon haven't age is because there in legal contracts but Break mentions that his body will probably give out within the next year. It's also mentioned in this chapter that the Will of the Abyss is the thing that created the Abyss as it is today. At the end of the volume Oz's incuse moves for the first time which it was shown in this volume what happens when it goes a full rotation but Break also mentioned earlier in this volume that the same might not happen to Oz if he's able to find out the truth about the past.

I find the character of Oz to be my favorite because he always acts so happy and never seems to be too brothered by all the things that happen around him even though he's been given many things to worry about since the series has started. I also like that Oz is actually pretty insightful about most things and I especially like that whenever someone tries to turn him against Alice it doesn't work because he can see that they have some kind of hidden agenda. I find Oz to be very fascinating because he rarely seems to allow himself to appear sad or worried but there are a few moments were you can tell he is.

I overall loved this volume the plot and mythology continues to be intriguing and somewhat dark. I love the characters and the relationships they're forming with each other. I also look forward to finding more about everyone's past because that seems like it's going to be key to the plot. I still love the artwork as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

30 Days of Books Challenge: Day 1: Best Book you read within the last year

I've always been interesting in doing the 30 challenges I see on Tumblr so I've decided to do the 30 Days of Books Challenge.
Day 1: Best Book you read within the last year: A Game of Thrones
A Game Thrones is an extremely well written epic fantasy series which has fantastic world building and character development. There are many point of view characters that all feel essential to the story even though some characters stories don't cross over with any of the other characters. There's a wide variety characters that are important to the story so there will be someone for everyone to love, my personal favorites are Daenerys, Sansa and Tyrion. The plot is intriguing and fast moving for a book of it's length. I also love that there's alot of  interesting back story of what happened twenty or so years ago because it's still revalent to many characters and the story even though it wouldn't have been included in most books. I find the writing style to be the perfect balance between informative, descriptive and emotional which is something I rarely see in books usually the author only hits two of the points well but George R.R. Martin hits all three perfectly.

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Manga Review:Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.1

                                            Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Vol.1Review
Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched it was back when I was in elementary school and had no clue about what anime was but I loved Sailor Moon all the same. More recently I have watched the sub version of Sailor Moon and I found that I still enjoyed the series so when the manga started to be rereleased I was very excited to read the series.

Sailor Moon is about a girl named Usagi Tsukino who can be a bit of a crybaby and her "hobbies included sleeping, eating and taking the easy way out." Usagu one day meets a talking cat named Luna who grants her magical powers in order to stop the servants of Queen Beryl from stealing the energy from good people and to find and protect the legendary silver crystal and the Moon Princess. Usagi's powers grant her the power of the moon so when she transforms she becomes Sailor Moon but Usagi is somewhat reluctant to become a hero because she's easily scared by the villains but she does feel like she has to stand up for justice and to save innocent people.

Through out the volume more Sailor scouts are introduce that help Usagi defeat Queen Beryl's servants. The first one is Ami who is one of the smartest girls at Usagi's school but is a bit of loner because other students believe that's she stuck up(she's not at all) but Usagi ends up becoming friends with her before she finds out she's Sailor Mercury. The next one she meets is Rei who's family owns a shrine and she already has some supernatural powers, she turns out to be Sailor Mars and she uses her fire powers to defeat Queen Beryl's first servant. The last one she meets this volume is Makoto a girl that is unusually tall and strong but is actually pretty girly, she turns out to be Sailor Jupiter. I really loved meeting all these girls through out the volume and I liked how they all became friends.

Also throughout this volume Usagi when she's Sailor Moon continually runs into to a guy that goes by the name Tuxedo Mask and throughout the volume Usagi develops more and more of a crush on him and he seems to feel the same way about her. Usagi shares quite a few romantic moments including a kiss with Tuxedo Mask through out this volume. Usagi also runs into a high school boy named Mamoru several times throughout the volume who she often argues with but looks pretty much exactly like Tuxedo Mask. I really loved the relationship between Usagi/Mamoru, Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask in this volume.

I think that the art in this volume is super pretty older shugo style which I really love and I wish that more of the newer manga was in this type of style because all the artwork is really pretty and girly. I overall loved the plot and characters that were contained in this volume and I liked that this volume moves so much faster the anime ever did. I overall love this volume and I'm looking forward to the next one. Please tell me your thoughts on the series.

Fangirl Friday 16

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. The Olympics: Over the past two weeks I've been really enjoying the Olympics especially the women's gymnastics. I loved the Gymnastics this year with how the US women's team won gold and Gabby Douglas of the American won gold in the individual all around. I'm also loved that Aly Raisman won bronze in the beam and gold in floor. I liked that Mckayla Maroney won the sliver in vault but I'm a little sad she didn't win gold because she did a partically perfect vault in the team final. I also enjoyed watching the uneven bar final even though none of the US gymnasts medal in that event I really enjoyed watching everyone in it and I was happy for the three people who medal. I also watch some men's gymnastics, swimming, diving and running but my favorite sport to watch was by far the women's gymnastics, I'm also going to try and follow the sport better from now on.

2. The Heroes of Olympus series: I'm currently reading The Son of Neptune and it's a really good book with great characters, an interesting plot and mythology. I especially love that Percy is one of the narrators again.

3. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series:I'm currently reading Linger which I think is a really good book with well developed characters and an interesting plot. I especially love the introduction of the character Cole and I still love Sam as much as I did in the first book if not more. I also love that in this book Isabel's character is more developed.