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TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End(1.22)

                             Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beginning of the End(1.22)Review
  • I find it interesting that the centipede soldiers are controllers seem to be only be controlling the soldiers is because their loved ones are being held captive and this is the only way to insure their safety.
  • I find it interesting that Fitz said that he spent quite awhile trying to figure out why they sunk which implies that it's common knowledge that med pods float which would imply that Ward wasn't trying to kill them at all but just get them off the plane which should've been safer for them.
  • I liked how when Simmons first wakes up she is just so happy that both her and Fitz are still alive until Fitz starts to explain that they can't find a way out that would do them any good since they're in the middle of the ocean with no one looking for them although Fitz to did try to make a distress beacon but since it's a S.H.I.E.L.D. frequency nobody's listening. It was also just pretty sad to see Simmons come to the realization that they were going to die and Fitz had already resigned himself to their death's.
  • I liked how Ward mentioned in this episode that him and Garrett were only ever working with Hydra in order to use their resources and that Ward really wants their alliance with them to come to an end.
  • I find it frightening how much more unhinged Garrett has become since taking the serum to the point that Ward is really worried about him and I also find it interesting that Garrett now seems to be able to see the truth of things or something and that Raina asks him what she will become.
  • I liked how Fitz and Simmons talked about what they thought happens after death, I like how Fitz mentions that his mom always said that after death is just like before life and I like how Simmons started talking about the scientific theory were no new energy is created but rather it just changes form and her and Fitz start talking about at the same time, I also liked that Simmons mentions that even though their energy will create new life that their just as terrified to die as ever. I also liked how Simmons mentions how it's fitting that they'll die were all life began.
  • I liked how Simmons figured out that they could burn the seal of the med pod and that they could use something in order to propel themselves to the surface fairly quickly, I loved how they briefly jumped up and down in excitement when they realize they didn't have to die.
  • I really enjoy Coulson and Trip's relationship I think that they would make good friends.
  • I liked how pretty much everyone was completely horrified of Garrett's behavior when he killed that one military guy.
  • I like that Ward can see that Garrett has completely lost his mind but I'm sad that this still isn't enough for him to abandon him no matter how unhappy with him he is.
  • I like how Raina pointed out to Ward that she isn't the one that follows Garrett that's him and that she just happens to agree with him.
  • I'm very curious about what Raina was talking about when she was saying that the world was going to change and something to do with evolution was important and that Skye was going to be a big part of that.
  • I like how Raina mentions that Skye is all Ward ever really wanted but I also like and am sad about how when Raina tells Ward that he could have her that Ward tells her she must really be crazy because Skye hates him and thinks he's a monster, I like it because it shows that ward really doesn't think he stands a chance with Skye and that it's clear this makes him sad.
  • I like how Raina questions Ward if he's really a monster or if he's just what Garrett made him and I'm sadden by how Ward doesn't know because he has no really clue about who he really is.
  • I really don't like how Raina tried to convince Ward that maybe he could have Skye because he really needs to stop trying to not really choose anything and this just encourages that.
  • I like how Skye and May take over the centipede soldiers station.
  • I find it so very sad that how Ward is basically begging Garrett to give him orders because he has no idea what to do without them and I find it sad that even though Ward does want Skye he doesn't do anything about it until Garrett orders him to go get her.
  • I love and was heartbroken by how Fitz insisted that Simmons would be the one that use the breathing device and how he couldn't live with himself if she died and Simmons tried to refuse because she didn't want to have to live in a world without him either. I loved how Simmons broke down crying and hugged Fitz and kissed him all over his cheeks.
  • I loved how Simmons told Fitz how he was her best friend in the world and how Fitz told her that she was more than that but he could never find the courage to tell her so he wants to be able to show her instead and then he pressed the button and the way that she screamed no was so very heartbreaking and I loved how she dragged Fitz's body with her to the surface.
  • I'm so glad that Fury showed up and rescued Simmons and Fitz, I'm really worried about Fitz since we don't see him for the rest of the episode and no one really says how bad he is but he's alive so I'm really thankful for that.
  • I pretty much agree with Skye that it's pretty sad that Ward ended betraying the only people that ever really cared about him and that he is more weak than evil.
  • I find it sad that Ward admits that he hadn't wanted anything for himself in a very long time before Skye because it just doesn't seem healthy to never want anything for yourself ever.
  • The fight between May and Ward was very aggressive and had a pretty different vibe than most fights on the show.
  • I like how Fury showed up to help to help Coulson to take Garrett down and I really enjoyed how Fury and Coulson commented on how crazy Garrett has become.
  • I liked that it was confirmed that Ward was never on top because I always suspected this but it's nice to have confirmation.
  • I like how Skye had hacked into Mike and was able to communicate with him and when she had made sure that his son was safe and that she gave a message him a message and that Mike ended up defeating Garrett after this.
  • I really disliked that Ward was physically unable to speak during the last scene even though I don't feel like he would say anything even if he could speak.
  • I really hate how Coulson tells Ward that he's going to find new ways to ruin his life and that he's going to psychologically and physically torture him because Ward's life has been hell basically he's been abused for his entire life and it seems completely unnecessary to torture him considering that Ward would be miserable enough without it considering not only did he loose the team but also he not only did he loose Garrett but he also has to face that he never cared for him at all. Also Ward has been trained to withstand torture so torturing him for information will be useless.
  • On the other hand I do like that Ward is somehow in Coulson's custody and he brings up that Ward has to figure out who he is without Garrett because I feel like this implies that Ward will get a redemption arc someday and in all honesty that's what I want most out of the show at them moment.
  • I thought it was nice how Fury told Coulson that he thought of him as an avenger and that he wanted Coulson to be the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and to rebuild the whole organization.
  • I'm worried about Coulson creating strange writings at the end of this episode much like Garrett did at the beginning of this episode.
  • I'm curious about what Skye's parents are and I'm worried about how Raina showed one of  Skye's parents a picture of her so that they could have a chance to find her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Twelve Days of Krampus(3.08)

                                          Grimm: Twelve Days of Krampus(3.08)Review
  • I find it interesting and quite scary that there was a Wesson that takes naughty children and plans to eat them on winter solstice each year and was dressed up as Santa in this episode.
  • I thought it was really sweet how Monroe wanted to surprise Rosalee with the Christmas decorations but I was sad to learn that Rosalee doesn't really celebrate Christmas anymore because her favorite aunt and uncle died on Christmas when she was a kid.
  • I'm not really sure what the Resistance is or what their trying to do but I'm still interested in the whole royals Vienna plot despite not really getting it.
  • I thought that it was nice that Renard left a note that told Adalind that she has cameras in her room and I'm interested in what their meeting is going to be about.
  • I found the myth of Krampus the evil version of Santa that eats children to be really interesting and really creepy but I also found it really interesting that the guy apparently blacks out for three weeks each December and has no idea what he's been doing during that time or even that he's Wesson.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Mockingbird(4.07)

In this episode Daenerys makes plans to retake Yunkai sending an army to over take it and she plans to have all the remaining masters killed despite how it became clear last week that her ruthless dealing with the masters was not as just as she originally thought of it as. After receiving some counsel from Jorah about how showing mercy would benefit her more in the long run Daenerys changes her mind and instead of having all the masters killed she will give them the choice to either live in her new world or die in their old world.
Tyrion after demanding a trial by combat at the end of the last episode is starting to see how while it felt good at the time to take that power away from Tywin it may not have been his smartest move considering there's no way he could win in a fight against the Mountain and he's having trouble finding a champion. Jamie would be more than willing to fight for Tyrion but having lost his hand recently knows that he doesn't stand a chance in the fight and Bronn's pretty sure that he is outmatched by the mountain and isn't willing to take that risk for Tyrion which Tyrion can respect because he's also admire Bronn's selfishness. Towards the end of the episode Tyrion ends up finding a surprising champion for himself in the form of Oberyan Martell who wants to be Tyrion's champion because he wants to fight and defeat the Mountain in order to avenge his sister's death and this trial has given him the perfect opportunity to do so.
Sansa ends up building a snow castle that is modeled after Winter Fell the home that she'll probably never see again but can't help but to long for sadly Robin ends up destroying the castle in tantrum and Sansa ends up striking him although it was well deserved she feels terrible about it afterwards. Sansa ends up questioning Littlefinger's true motives for killing Joffrey and ends up confessing to her that he has always loved her mother and felt that he had to protect her and then he kisses Sansa which makes her feel very uncomfortable. Lysa later on nearly throws Sansa down the moon door because she jealous of the kiss that Sansa clearly wanted no part of but Lysa refuses to believe Sansa's honest explanations luckily Littlefinger ends up stepping in and making sure that Lysa lets go of Sansa before he tells Lysa that the truth is he only ever loved her sister and then he pushes Lysa down the moon door.

Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

                                      Captain America: The First Avenger Review
Captain America: The First Avenger takes place in 1942 and is a about a young man named Steve Rogers(Chris Evens) who wants to do his part and the join the army to help defeat the Nazis but he has been unable to join the army because he is extremely thin and has health issues. Steve is eventually allowed to join the army after Dr. Abraham Erskine(Stanley Tucci) a germen scientist who had a serum developed that could make super soldiers but was looking for just the right kind of person to use it on, after hearing Steve's refusal to give up on trying to join the army because he felt it was the right thing to do he decided that Steve was that person. While Dr. Erskine is fully convinced that Steve is the right candidate for the job Colonel Chester Phillips(Tommy Lee Jones) takes some convincing after seeing him at the training camp.

Steve ends up getting the serum and becomes a super solider but Dr.Erskine is killed right after he went through the successful trial by a germen Hydra agent. Steve ends up becoming Captain America after this and instead of being a solider like he thought he would be he ends up becoming a symbol for the American people to help boost morale that is until he is at one of the camps in Europe and learns that his best friend Bucky Barnes(Sebastian Stan) division has been captured and the Colonel doesn't have a rescue plan for them. Steve with the help of Peggy Carter(Hayley Atwell) and Howard Stark(Dominic Cooper) ends up dropping into German territory and invading Hydra's base and freeing all the men of the 107th but he made sure that he found Bucky before he left. After this point Steve starts working as a solider for the army rather than a symbol.

One of the things I love in this movie was the relationship between Steve and Peggy an officer with the Strategic Scientific Reserve who Steve meets early on in the film and through out they work together and develop a bond. In the end their relationship breaks my heart but before that I find the two of them to be very sweet. Another relationship in this movie that I adored was the friendship between Steve and Bucky that was clearly something that had a lot of history to it and also ended up breaking my heart. Overall I loved this movie and most of the characters in it. Please tell me your thoughts on the movie.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Execution(3.22)

                                                   Revenge: Execution(3.22)Review
  • I liked that Aiden encouraged Emily to enjoy her victory about Conrad's imprisonment rather then get her hopes up about her father when that will most likely lead to disappointment.
  • I found it a bit ridiculous that Conrad's lawyer tried to say that Conrad's confession was due to duress since he thought his daughter was in mortal danger when in that confession Conrad threatened to kill Charlotte in that confession so I'm glad that the judge also found this to be a ridiculous request.
  • I liked that Emily toasted to her victory over Conrad with Nolan, Jack and Aiden and that in the first part of the episode she was overall pretty happy which is something we don't get to see often.
  • I really think that Margaux should be less trusting of Daniel because it's pretty clear he's using her especially because he had her put him second in line for the company.
  • I like that Nolan and Javier seem to be a good terms again and that Nolan still intends for them to go ahead with making their app.
  • I like that it was clear that Conrad if he was lucky would get life in prison and that he found that prospect to be completely miserable because he really deserves that for all of the horrible things that he has done.
  • I like that it was confirmed that Victoria and the guy in the cabin were working together having to do with some plan Victoria had to prove Emily's true identity.
  • I liked that Emily was able to win her fight with Victoria's henchman even when he ended up drugging her at one point.
  • I like that Charlotte was working with a detective to figure out who was behind her kidnapping and that she is holding Victoria responsible for the terrorist attack even though Victoria to confess to it.
  • I liked that Michelle Banks the psychologist that had Emily committed on Victoria's request as a child was brought back in this episode and she was presented as someone who is only too willing to do what other's wanted her to do.
  • I found it a bit disturbing how Victoria had Aiden poisoned with a toxin that paralyzed him then she suffocated him, while I'm happy that Aiden is off the show I think it was unfair of Victoria to kill Aiden in revenge for Pascal's death when that death was Conrad's fault not Emily's.
  • I love that Emily finally got to see on the news that people were considering that her father was innocent and I like the moment when Jack told her did it and not only did she avenge her father but also Amanda and Declan.
  • I thought that it was extremely disturbing that Victoria brought Aiden over to Emily's house and she propped him up for Emily to find and listened to Emily's distant cries with a smile on her face in all honest it reminds me of a lesser version of what Angelus did in Passion and it's kind of terrifying that I'm comparing Victoria to Angelus.
  • I felt really bad for Emily having to find Aiden's body the way she did and while I've always hated Aiden I know she loved him so I'm sad to see her have to loose another person in this way.
  • I liked that Nolan was the one that tried to comfort Emily about Aiden's death and assured her that his death wasn't her fault.
  • I like that it was mentioned that Emily told the police that Aiden committed suicide because she wanted to go after Victoria herself and I like that Jack wanted to make sure that she didn't kill Victoria.
  • I liked how Emily confronted Michelle Banks about her part in Aiden's murder and that she also told her that she was the one that destroyed David Clarke's daughter.
  • I liked that Emily led Charlotte to believe that she was planning on digging up David Clarke's grave in order to get Victoria to believe that's what she was doing.
  • I like that Emily was actually digging up Amanda's grave as part of her plan t get Victoria locked away so that even though Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda Clarke no ones going to believe her now.
  • I like that once charlotte believes that Jack is the one that kidnapped her that she goes to police to get him arrested, I like this because from her point of view she is doing the smart thing and keeping herself safe, I also feel bad for Jack because he isn't actually the one that was behind her kidnapping and wanted no part of it yet he's the one being punished for it.
  • I think that Margaux's brother Gideon is a creep and I'm sad that Nolan might be stuck doing business with him. I did like that Nolan was clearly disgusted by Gideon when he saw that he let a girl overdose on coke and that he flat out said this isn't the way he does business.
  • I liked that Conrad escaped from jail only to be killed and I was extremely surprised to see that the one that stabbed him was David Clarke, I also found it rather poetic.
  • I think that David Clarke being alive twist could either be a really good storyline or a real bad one it all depends on how the writers handle it and I'm not sure how much I trust them on this.
  • I love that Emily had Victoria committed to the same mental institution that Victoria forced her mother into and that she even used Michelle Banks in order to accomplish her goal, I also found this to be rather poetic as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode and season as a whole.

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

                                                  The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review
In this movie Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) is doing his best to fulfill his role as Spiderman and is doing a fairly good job of keeping the people of New York safe although the media's opinion of him still isn't all that great. Peter seems to keep pushing his girlfriend Gwen Stacy(Emma Stone) away since he worries that her being in a relationship with him could end in her death so the two of them are broken up for most of the movie but still clear love each other and actually help each other through out the movie with the bigger plot related stuff.

There main villain of this movie is Max Dillon(Jamie Foxx) is a lonely man who t starts off the movie admiring Spiderman and due to a brief encounter with him begins to believe that the two of them are best friends. Max is also an employee at Oscorp and he is in an accident there involving electric eels that results in gain powers over electricity and he becomes Electro after he starts to believe that Spiderman doesn't care about him and just wants all the attention to himself.

Also in this movie Norman Osborn the founder of Oscorp dies from a genetic illness that he has been doing a ton of experimental research in order to find a cure for, his death leaves his son Harry(Dane DeHaan) who is a childhood friend of Peter's in charge of the company. Do to the genetic illness Harry is also dying and through out the movie he becomes more and more desperate to find one and he ends up believing that Spiderman's blood is the answer to his problem.

I overall really liked this movie I thought that it was a good story and that the acting and directing were good as well. I really enjoyed the characters especially Peter and Gwen and I also loved their relationship as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye(1.06)

               Star-Crossed: Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye(1.06)Review
  • I liked how Zoe took out the Red Hawks that were planning on bombing the Atrians market place before they could get their and her involvement actually led to them exposed.
  • I was worried about the report that wanted to run the story that cypher is real but I'm glad that Emery was able to convince him hold off on that and instead offers to find him a better story.
  • I liked how when Roman was talking to Drake he pointed out that not all humans want them dead and that being a trag really means just seeing the world in terms of black and white only.I also like that Roman refuses to let Drake justify killing humans with his father's death.
  • I like how Grayson truly believes his parents when they say that they don't support violence against the Atrians and I like that he does always try to see the best in people.
  • I like that Emery tells Julia about how Cypher might be exposed and I like that Julia suggest that Emery just tell the reporter that Grayson's parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks because their organization is now not just a hate group but a terrorist organization. I also like that Emery didn't want to expose Grayson's parents because she doesn't want to destroy his family.
  • I like that Taylor was starting to get suspicious of Zoe in this episode and even though it's clear that she still likes Drake she feels embarrassed about their hook up.
  • I like that Eric had decided to leave the Red Hawks after seeing how extreme the organization has gotten.
  • I liked how Drake noticed that Roman has a thing for Emery and I like that Roman can't believe that Emery would be with Grayson if she knew about his parents.
  • I like that Roman insisted on going to the party with Drake because he knew that Drake was only going because the trags were planning something and he planned to stop it.
  • I liked how Roman looked at Emery like she was the most beautiful thing in the world when she walked into the party.
  • I'm glad that Emery found a way to erase the video of her and Julia talking about cypher being real.
  • I liked how Julia got Eric to tell her were the trags were meeting that night but making it seem like she thought he was buying drugs so he told her the location were she was actually going.
  • I understood why Roman was angry with Emery with not telling him about who the leaders of the Red Hawks were considering all that they had done to his people but I also understand why Emery felt like she couldn't tell Roman Grayson's family's secrets.
  • I love that Emery called Roman out on pushing her away and making her feel like she doesn't mean anything to him and then he tells her that he's just trying to keep her safe and that he wants to be with her someday more than anything.
  • I liked how Taylor was actually mad at Drake for the way he treated her last episode and that it seems like he's at least a bit attracted to her at this point.
  • I like that Emery convinces Grayson that he has to make a stand against his parents and tell him how he truly feels.
  • I like that when Roman found out that the trags plan was to kidnap Grayson and hold him for ransom that he prevented that plan from being successful because he knows how much that would ended up hurting their race in the long run.
  • I like that Drake willing helped put a stop to plan in order to save Roman's life and that since the trags will now want to kill both of them for ruining their plan Drake tells Roman he might as well get together with Emery.
  • I find it a bit sad that while Emery did everything she could to prevent revealing Grayson's family secret in the end his mother was still exposed as the Red Hawks leader but I'm glad that Grayson was able to finally see his parents for who they truly are.
  • I loved how Emery told Julia that she would rather have someday with Roman than right now with Grayson or anyone else.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Cold Blooded(3.07)

                                               Grimm: Cold Blooded(3.07)Review
  • I was really excited to see that the new Prince Victor is played by Alexis Denisof, who I know and love for playing Wesley Wyndam-Pryce on BTVS and Angel.
  • I think it's probably not a good thing that Prince Victor wants to look into Renard, Nick and everything else that happened in Portland due to him wanting to know what led to Eric's death.
  • I found the Wesson that can rip off the limbs of their victims with easy and have a habit of stealing a large amount of goods before hibernating.
  • I liked how Nick and Hank kind of got Monroe to invite them to dinner and help with the research by pretending they didn't even know what letter the new species of Wesson their dealing with this week name starts with.
  • I liked that when Hank was taken by the brother of the guy that he and Nick had arrested earlier that Nick followed the demands in order to get Hank back but also made it clear that if any harm comes to Hank that he will kill the guy.
  • I find it a bit concerning that Nick said at the end of the episode that he kind of liked the sound of the word for Grimm that means the decapitator.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 10 Series about Friendship

1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Percy Jackson series is one that I feel is filled with a ton of different friendships that all add something different to the series. There's the friendship between Percy and Grover which is the one that I think is closest to the typical best friend relationship with how it's the first one we see and is one of Percy's closest friendships that spans through the whole series. There's the friends to lovers one between Percy and Annabeth and there's the one that starts off pretty rough between Percy and Nico that eventually turns out okay. There's a ton of other ones as well and their all pretty well developed even the ones that we are just shown little bits of in the background of the story. I also feel like friendship was also important for the characters being able to be successful in their quests and that without friendship a lot more people would of died.
2. Heroes of Olympus: Being the sequel series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians it comes as no surprise that friendship is once again and important and necessary part in being able to complete and survive the quest in this series. I love the friendships in this series as well just as I did in the first series.
3. Harry Potter: It's been awhile since I've read Harry Potter but I know that the most important relationship in the series has always been the friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione. Their friendship is the relationship the entire series is built on and since they all have different abilities they are all able to contribute something in how to defeat whatever evil is afoot this year at Hogwarts.
4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: Been awhile since I read this series but I remember the four girls having an extremely close life long friendship that I was always jealous of. I also loved that all four of the girls had such different personalities but ended up getting along and understanding each other as well as they did.
5. Magic Knight Rayearth: I really love the friendship that developed between Hikaru, Umi and Fuu almost right away and I loved how even though they didn't really know each other for very long they started to think of each other as sisters and that they would never betray either of the other two girls for personal gain and that they would die for each other. I really love the girls delightful friendship that developed quickly but had a long lasting impact on all three of the girls.
6. Gallagher Girls: I really love the friendship between the four girls I love how they work together and I love how they're there for each other through bad times and good times. I also just really love that the girls seem like a fun group to be around even in dire circumstances.
7. Uglies: I feel like the friendship between Tally and Shay drives the plot of the Uglies series and I also find it to be a very interesting relationship. Tally and Shay's friendship is a very dysfunctional one that probably isn't healthy considering that the stab each other in the back all the time and the go from loving to hating each other at least once a book but if their friendship didn't exist there wouldn't be a story to tell and their friendship makes the story way more interesting than if one of the romances was the  driving relationship of the series.
8. Teen Wolf: I am now going into the TV section of the list because I adore friendships in all mediums. The most important relationship of the show in my opinion is that of the friendship between Scott and Stiles while it doesn't always drive the plot there always there for each other no matter what the other one is going through and seem to be willing to face anything as long as the other is by their side. I love the friendship between Scott and Stiles because I love both of them as characters and I love the way they interact with each other since it's always entertaining to watch but most of all I love how much they love each other and don't seem to want live in a world were the other one isn't in it. I also love the friendships between Alison and Lydia, and Scott and Isaac that are also a part of the show although not given the same amount of importance as Scott and Stiles friendship.
9. Psych:  I just really love the friendship between Shawn and Gus and I feel like it's the relationship that gets the most screen time on the show which is something that I am more than okay with since I love to see those two.
10. Revenge:  Now while this show clearly isn't about friendship(it's about vengeance obviously) I feel that the emotional heart of the show is the friendship between Emily and Nolan. This friendship is at the beginning the only time that we are able to see Emily being her true self which of course puts a great deal of importance on the relationship but it's the way that it developed from Nolan being Emily's ally that she doesn't really want but reluctantly admits that she needs to being the partner she never expected that she would have. This friendship is by far the most well developed relationship on the show and it's the one relationship that is based on trust rather than deception on the show which is a big part of why it's the heart of the show that would otherwise be heartless. It's also worth noting that when the writers neglect this relationship the show doesn't really pull you in emotionally nearly as much as it should.

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Laws of Gods and Men(4.06)

In this episode Daenerys is beginning her rule over Meeren and just starting to see how difficult ruling really is. Daenerys is first confronted by a man that supported her in her mission to free the slaves of Meeren but has had his entire herd of sheep burnt by her dragons which shows how even though Daenerys is the mother of dragons she cannot control them and they are becoming more and more dangerous and next time it might not be just be sheep that die. Daenerys's next visitor is that of Loraq who is the son of one of the masters that Daenerys had crucified and is currently left rotting on the post on which he died and Loraq is begging to be allowed to bury his body. The confrontation with Loraq goes to show that Daenerys's brutality while dealing with her enemies may not be as justified as she likes to see it and it also goes to show how this may lead to her downfall as a ruler in the long run.
The main story of this episode is Tyrion's trial which is really a joke considering that just about everyone knows that Cersei has paid off all the wittiness to say what she wants them to say to make Tyrion look guilty. Tyrion is obviously very frustrated with the way that the trial is going even though he expected it to go something like this but that doesn't make the situation any better knowing that he'll be found guilty of a crime he didn't commit. While there's a short break during the trial Jamie goes to Tywin to beg for Tyrion's life and Tywin agrees that if Tyrion confesses to the crime he could be sent to the Night's Watch to live out his days if Jamie agrees to leave the Kings guard and take his place as Tywin's heir.
The last wittiness that is brought forward is Shae who I am assuming was forced into testifying because it looked like it hurt her to have lie about her and Tyrion's relationship and how she saw him planning for Joffrey's murder. Tyrion eventually has enough with hearing Shae's lies and he confesses that this trial is a farce and he knows it has more about him being a dwarf than him having killed Joffrey and how he wished that he was the one that killed Joffrey, he also declares that he demands a trial by combat.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top 8 Books I Almost Put Down But Didn't

1. The Summoning: The first part of the book was a little slow and I remember that when I was reading about Chloe putting red streaks in her hair between classes after she got her first period and her being weirdly happy about it I thought to myself  'why am I reading this book' by the end of the chapter she sees her first ghost so that got me interested again and I'm overall extremely happy that I did because The Darkest Powers series is now one of my favorite book series.
2. Heart of Darkness: I hate this book it was written way too densely for my tastes and over half of the book was descriptions of landscapes seriously this book is about the dark creepy forbidden forest since the author decided to neglect both plot and characters to focus more on setting. I also hated how only three characters were named through out the whole book which just made it needlessly confusing and I hate the format of the book at least the edition that I read it had around every single paragraph in the whole book so I never new when someone was talking or if the narrator was just describing things and there was no space between paragraphs and sometimes the paragraphs would go on for three or four pages and the font was like size ten. I hate this book and the only reason I finished is because I read it for class.
3. Taming of the Shrew: This play I hated because all of the characters were very unlikable and the story is extremely out dated with how it treated Katherine and Petruchio they were both unlikable characters but it felt better gross that Petruchio abusing Katherine into submission was considered a happy ending, also the play wasn't funny if you want a good and funny version of this story watch the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. I also only finished this because I read it for a class.
4. Evermore: I really wanted to like this book but the main character Ever never really seemed to do anything but try to block out her powers and date this guy that was really creepy so I thought about quitting this book a bunch of times but I ended up sticking to it until the end.
5. Wings: I didn't hate this book or anything I just wished that it was more exciting than it was in the end I felt the book was okay overall but I also thought it was pretty boring.
6. Anna and the French Kiss: I know this is an unpopular opinion but I hate St. Clair both because he doesn't feel like a real person do to being French-American with a British accent seems like he was just designed to make girls swoon which I might've been able to forgive if he had actual been able to make me swoon. I hate St. Clair because through out the majority of the book he has a girlfriend named Ellie who has done nothing wrong accept embraced college life but St.Clair spends most of the book ignoring Ellie in order to flirt with Anna and he even admits that he has known that he had strong feelings for Anna since thanksgiving but doesn't break up with Ellie until after his friends catch him with his tongue halfway done Anna's throat and even then the only reason he breaks things off with Ellie is because he's afraid his friends would tell her. Through the whole book St. Clair treats Ellie like crap which shows that he's a bad boyfriend and doesn't respect Ellie at all since he moved on before he even let her know that the relationship was over. I also really hated how Anna fantasied about smashing Ellie's head against a brick wall because Ellie dared to kiss her boyfriend, seriously Anna is stealing Ellie's boyfriend and I'm suppose to root for a girl that not only feels no shame about this but feels she has the right to wish violence on someone she doesn't even no and has done nothing wrong. I finished this book but I didn't like it and while I feel bad about that I can't force myself to like a guy like St. Clair.
7. The Lovely Bones: This book was pretty disturbing at parts, sad through out the story and there wasn't a real strong plot so I thought of quitting it at times. Overall I didn't dislike the book it's just I didn't like either.
8. 1984: This book just felt a bit dense at time and I wasn't really invested in the characters but the world and plot were pretty interesting and I actually really do love the book even if it was a bit hard to get into.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Rag Tag(1.21)

                                      Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Rag Tag(1.21)Review
  • Seeing how Ward first met Garrett when he was offered a deal by him to get out of juvie by agreeing to join some secret organization that Garrett tells him nothing about other than he promises that no one will ever screw with him again which is something that would sound extremely appealing to someone with Ward's background so I understood why he agreed to this deal. These flashbacks with teenage Ward and Garrett really go a long way in showing how much Garrett has always been manipulating Ward.
  • I liked how Skye, Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and May were all working together trying to find out what Hydra's next move is. I also liked when Coulson pointed out they were no longer working within any official agency that Fitz said that made them vigilantes while Coulson was trying to say they were just doing what's right.
  • I really hated how Garrett kept calling Mike a monster because of the things that he forced him to do.
  • I liked how Tripp brought over some of his grandfather's old gadgets and that him and Coulson totally geeked out over them.
  • I liked how after Fitz accidently set the curtains on fire that May kind of sarcasticly said "Look out Hydra."
  • So I really hate that after Garrett made Ward a fugitive that he just left him out in the woods with just a bag of clothes and a dog and acted like it was unreasonable that Ward would be upset with him abandoning him in the middle of nowhere.
  • I loved how Coulson and May dressed up as Fitz and Simmons but with glasses in order to meet with Cyber tec. in order to allow Skye access to hack their files. I just found the scenes where Coulson and May pretended to be Fitz and Simmons to be hilarious.
  • I loved how after May knocked out the security guard before he could call the rest of security that Coulson looked admirely at her and then told her how glad he was to have her back.
  • I liked the twist that the reason Skye couldn't hack cyber tec's files is because they are all physical files.
  • I liked how Raina revealed to Mike that she and Skye are the same and that she is only using Hydra's resource to find out about herself not because she believes in their cause anymore.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Garrett is the original deathlok and that there has been quite a few made since him.
  • I liked that Ward is actually mad at Garrett for being willing to gamble his life away for some data on a hard drive and I hate how Garrett basically told him to stop whining like it was unreasonable for him to be upset that Garrett who he's unfailingly loyal to doesn't care about whether he lives or dies.
  • I find it really sad how much concern Ward shows for Garrett's well being while it's clear that he doesn't care for Ward at all. I also find it interesting that reason behind the centipede project was to find away to save Garrett's life since his organs are failing.
  • I liked that Fitz wants to know the reasons behind Ward joining Hydra because doesn't believe that people are just born evil but I understand why Skye wants to think that way at the moment.
  • I like that when Skye calls herself weak for not just letting Ward die that Coulson says that she wasn't weak but compassionate and that's harder.
  • I liked the scene between Skye and May where May tells her that she just keeps her hate in check in order to use that later on.
  • I liked how Raina pulled Ward aside to tell him about Skye and I find it interesting that the monsters that were after her as a baby were actually her parents. I also love that Ward doesn't tell Garrett about what Raina told him.
  • Well I really hate how Garrett in fact left Ward to fend for himself in the woods for six months and that Ward seemed to forgive within a matter of minutes for this.
  • I think it's interesting that Raina was able to make a synthetic form of the drug that saved Skye and Coulson.
  • I really didn't think that it seemed like a good idea at all split up the team into two groups being Coulson, May, Skye and Tripp and the other being Fitz and Simmons since they are the ones that have the least combat abilities. It really wasn't a surprise that they were caught by Hydra.
  • I both liked and found it sad how much Ward cared for Buddy especially with saying that he's better than people because he's kind and loyal. I also find it interesting that it seems like Garrett isolated Ward from society for five years and that it took about that long to mention either S.H.I.E.L.D. or Hydra so that by the time that he did it's clear that the organizations themselves don't really matter only Garrett's opinions of them do.
  • I liked how Fitz told Garrett that they came to take their plane back because even though that was an absurd thing to demand given his and Simmons position it was also very brave.
  • I liked how the EMP Fitz had in his pocket almost killed Garrett and I liked how he said that he was glad that he did it and I loved how Fitz told Ward that he doesn't need to listen to Garrett anymore and encouraged him to just let him die sadly Ward didn't really listen to him.
  • I really hate how Garrett seems to have a habit of ordering Ward to kill anyone he cares about and then if he protest it he calls him weak.
  • I'm glad that Ward wasn't able to kill Buddy and instead tried to set him free but I'm pretty sure that Garrett ended up killing him after Ward couldn't make himself do it.
  • I liked how Fitz continued to appeal to Ward until the end and how sure he was that Ward does care about them and I love that he turned out to be right but I hate that it wasn't enough to save them from him dropping them in the ocean. Although I have to say that Ward probably gave Fitz and Simmons their best chance at survival by getting them off the plane that was filled with Hydra agents who would have killed them without a second thought although not a very high chance of survival still better than on the plane and I still hate that Ward did this I could understand why.
  • I find it a bit odd that Garrett left behind so many centipede soldiers in Cuba just on the off chance that Coulson's team would find them.
  • I really dislike that the cure thing seemed to work on Garrett and seemed to have made him stronger than ever.
  • I'm not sure why Garrett wanted to have Quinn sell his super soldiers to US army but I bet it has to do with more than just making money.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

TV Review: Revenge: Impetus(3.21)

                                                   Revenge: Impetus(3.21)Review
  • I found that it felt out of character that Emily was the one to have Charlotte kidnapped because in the past she had at least tried to make sure her revenge schemes didn't directly hurt her while this one puts Charlotte in a very traumatic situation.
  • While I liked that Nolan seemed to be uncomfortable with whole Charlotte kidnapping I feel that he didn't protest enough and that it was overall completely out of character that he didn't talk Emily out of his this scheme.
  • I like that Margaux is looking into her father's death because she believes that Conrad killed her father and she's right to think that since that's the truth.
  • I liked how when Javier said he was Nolan's friend that Jack remarked about he wasn't a really a good friend and I liked that he was the one that let Jack know that he didn't know where Charlotte was.
  • I thought that it was really creepy that Emily had an ear sent to Conrad and I really wonder where that came from in order to make it clear that he had to confess if he ever wanted to see Charlotte alive again.
  • I'm glad that it was the my clone app and not actually footage of Charlotte being tortured that was sent to Conrad but I still don't feel like this whole storyline was believable.
  • I liked that Emily pretty much admitted she has no idea what she's going to do after she finishes her revenge because she's devoted to it for so long.
  • I'm glad that the truth about David Clarke being innocent and Conrad being responsible for crimes that he was accused of were revealed to Charlotte but I feel like it could of been revealed to her in much less traumatizing way.
  • I liked that when Jack found the place where they were holding Charlotte that he pointed out how inexcusable and sick the whole thing was.
  • I liked that Conrad was willing to confess to his crime in order to save Charlotte's life.
  • I was annoyed by how Daniel tried to frame Emily for killing Pascal but I'm glad that she was able to get Nolan to alter the prints that were in the system so that even if the print on the wire was hers she wouldn't get arrested for the crime.
  • I thought it was strange that Aiden told Jack that things weren't going to work out with him and Emily and then by the end of the episode they were getting back together again it just felt weird.
  • I liked how Victoria it seemed figured out that Emily was the one that took Charlotte therefore she knew no harm would come to her so she refused to confess to the crimes.
  • I found the scene in the police station where Aiden randomly tackles Daniel and then Daniel was all like I'm pressing charges to be both ridiclues and hilarious.
  • I liked how the detective guy pointed out that Daniel had it out for her and that he was the one that should be careful.
  • I really wonder what version of the truth Daniel told Margaux because I doubt it's the full one because there's no way she would still like or trust him if he told her everything and I really didn't like the whole he might need her to save him thing since he's been pretty awful recently and he pretty much plotted her father's murder so she has no reason to save him.
  • I'm it was explained that Charlotte was released before a press conference was to be held so she could confront Conrad about his crimes and record with a hidden camera Conrad's admitting to them in a way that wouldn't be considered under duress.
  • While I'm glad that Emily finally got Conrad's confession I think they went overboard with Conrad's speech since he said that he would take Charlotte out while earlier in this very episode he was willing to confess his crimes to save her and she's always been his soft spot so that scene didn't feel right for his character.
  • I loved how when Conrad was waiting to be arrested that Victoria played the piano in celebration and he drank scotch as he promised that he'd find away to dragged her down with him and that she showed him the door as he was lead out by the police.
  • I liked that it was acknowledge that Emily really can't have a relationship with Charlotte now after what she had done.
  • I'm curious about the ring Jack found and if that means that David is secretly still alive or something like that.
  • I liked how Emily revealed that she was the one behind Conrad's demise and that she will be taking Victoria down next which pleased him greatly.
  • I overall felt that this was an episode I should have loved but I felt that a lot the characters actions didn't ring true to their characters so I was kind disappointed by it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thoughts on Game of Thrones:The First of His Name(4.05)

I liked how Margery it seems has clearly has gotten Tommen to like her quite a bit since he was smiling over at her during his crowning ceremony and I like that when Cersei saw this she didn't actually get mad at Margery for it but instead asks her if she still has an interest in being queen. I liked how Margery pretends she's in mourning for Joffrey still and that she'd have to talk to her father about any further plans to marry Tommen. I liked Cersei conversation with Tywin and how she was so reasonable and calm in it which is something we don't see whole lot of from her and I was shocked to find out that the Lannisters are actually broke. I liked how Cersei talked with Oberyn about how she wishes that she could have saved her son and how even though they both of plenty of power they couldn't save their loved ones, I also liked how Cersei asked about Myrcella and I liked that Oberyn said she was happy in Dorne and I like Cersei want to believe that since she was a sweet little girl I hope that nothing bad is happening to her.

I like that Sansa made it to the Eyre and that she for a bit it seemed felt she was somewhere safe and since she was with her aunt she felt that she was with someone who cared for her. Although I'm sad that Sansa's relief didn't last long since her aunt Lysa kept creepily accusing her of having slept with Littlefinger until she cried and mentioned how Littlefinger is always call her a stupid little girl with stupid dreams. While I already knew that things weren't going to go smoothly for Sansa I hate seeing her always being put in this positions where she doesn't feel safe or like she can trust anyone although I would say she's at least a little bit safer in the Eyre I'm guessing than she would be in Kings landing.

I liked how Daenerys after hearing how the cities in which she had freed slaves from last season are now falling back into the slavers power that she feels like she should off trying to take over Westeros until she is able to gain control over those cities because if she can't even maintain control over three cities how is she suppose to rule seven kingdoms.

I liked what we saw of Bran's storyline, I find it interesting and concerning how Jojen was able to see handing burning and he said that he would know when the journey would be at it's end and I'm thinking that means that his burning hand showed him how long he has left although I'm unsure if there fire would be burning out or becoming bigger as his own death becomes closer. I also liked how Jojen told that one awful guy that took them captive that he saw him die that knight and laughed in his face about and then that did happen by the end of the episode. I also liked how Bran took over Hodor in order to get  himself out of harms way and free Jojen and Meera.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 10 Covers that are Works of Art

1.Wicked Lovely series: I've always found these covers to be beautiful and even though I only truly care about two characters in this series I always think of these covers when asked about what covers are my favorite because the images are very pretty but also looks a bit magical and mysterious.
2. The Darkest Powers Series: These covers are fairly simple looking but I've always liked them even before I started reading this great series. I've just always loved the necklace on these covers and I like the way the girl looks that we don't quite see as well.
3. Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura Vol.2: I just really love the artwork on this cover and I especially love the way she's holding the fan and the sword in this picture. I also just generally love Arina Tanemura's artwork so there's that as well.
4. Cardcaptor Sakura Vol.3: I love Clamp's artwork in general and the style they used in Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorites. I really love the color green in this picture and I always enjoy seeing Sakura's happy face as well.
5. Magic Knight Rayearth Vol. 3: I really love the Magic Knight Rayearth art style and I really like Fuu's dress in this image and I like her big sword as well.
6. Chobits Vol. 3: This is just another pretty picture by Clamp and I really love Chi's dress in this picture.
7. Magic Knight Rayearth II ombinous: Another pretty dress and pretty picture drawn by Clamp.
8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 15: I really love this image because first of all Sakura and Syaoran together looking all cute is something I always love to see and second of all I love the uniforms and the idea of them having a regular and going to school but I also know this the volume that starts off the acid Tokyo arc which were everything starts to go to hell so it's a big contrast between the cover and what's inside this volume.
9. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 9: Another picture of Sakura and Syaoran but this time in snow I just really love all the covers with the two of them on it but I just choose this one and the last one represent that.
10. Gate-7 Vol. 1: Just another pretty cover by Clamp that I love.

TV Review: Reign: For King and Country(1.09)

                                          Reign: For King and Country(1.09)Review
  • I liked that when this episode started it was mentioned that Mary and Bash had been on the run for a week now.
  • I liked that Francis remained determined to find and marry Mary because despite everything that he thinks she has done he still loves her.
  • I liked that Mary told Bash about the prophecy and that Bash told Mary of his mother's plans to legitimize him and that she also knew that he never wanted to be king.
  • I liked that Bash was ready to let the guards cut off his fingers but Mary spoke up and agreed to return to French court in order to save him.
  • I liked that Francis was willing to hear Mary out because he knew that she was just giving him excuses with saying she didn't trust him to put her first because he would die for her and will never stop fighting for them no matter how many people stand against.
  • I like that when Mary told Francis that Aylee dying made her not want to marry him that Francis pointed out that, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  • I liked that Mary said no to going along with Henry's story and I liked that Catherine pointed out that Mary wasn't just some girl but a queen.
  • I thought it was really cruel that Henry said that if Mary didn't marry Francis that he would execute Bash.
  • I liked that Mary spent the episode trying to find a way to keep both Francis and Bash alive because neither of their deaths were okay in her eyes.
  • I liked that Mary decided to tell Francis the truth about why she left and that Francis did his best to convince her that the prophecy wouldn't come to past and that the two of them could still be together. But since Mary truly believed the prophecy she could not be swayed.
  • I liked that Mary found a way to keep both Francis and Bash alive and agree to Henry's terms by marrying Bash.
  • I liked that Mary pointed out to Catherine that she already sacrificed the man she loved because of the prophecy so Catherine should be willing to sacrifice her crown to save Francis.
  • I liked that Kenna told the other girls she suspected that the Aylee was poisoned and that the poison was meant for her.
  • I liked that Francis was angry with marry for deciding to marry Bash  and plot to take the crown from him all because of some prophecy. I also liked that Bash was angry with Mary for making plans for him to be king when she knows he doesn't want to be king.
  • I liked that Henry figured out Catherine's plans to kill Mary and Bash and ended up putting a stop to them.
  • I liked that Francis told Catherine that he would kill her if she killed anyone in the room so that he could be on the throne. I liked that Francis was clearly very upset with Mary and Bash and what they had done to him but he also doesn't seem to hate them either.
  • I liked that Catherine planned to leave at the end of the episode in order to save herself from being executed but Henry stopped her because he suspected that she would've found a way to ruin his plans if she had left.
  • I like that Bash at the end of the episode still doesn't like the idea of being king and really can't believe the events that had happened and I like that both Mary and Bash acknowledge that while they were trying to save Francis they ended up loosing him in the end.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: Fated(1.08)

                                                       Reign: Fated(1.08)Review
  • I loved the opening scene with Mary and Francis in bed together where they are kissing. giggling and talking about their future marriage.
  • I was surprised by the announcement that England's queen is dying and since Mary as the best claim in the eyes of the Catholic church Henry wants Mary to make a claim for England's throne and for her and Francis to be married as soon as possible.
  • I liked that it was pointed out by Mary, Francis and Catherine that laying claim to England's throne was a huge risk for Mary and Scotland since Elizabeth was many followers and will fight her for the throne.
  • I like that Bash continues to tell his mother that he doesn't want to legitimize because he doesn't want to steal the throne from Francis even if he does have feelings for Mary and he doesn't feel like stealing his brother's throne is a way to win a woman.
  • I felt bad for Kenna with how she realizes that even though she's given Henry everything he still refuses to give Diane up and he will choose Diane over her if he was forced to choose.
  • I liked how Francis took Mary for a walk outside to help her clear her head about making a decision about whether she wants lay claim to England or not. I love that Francis proposes to Mary without attaching the string of having to lay claim to England but instead made it about them spending the rest of their lives together and I love that Mary said yes to that. I also love how Francis hugs her and picks her up and spins around in a circle.
  • I like that Nostradamus suggest that Catherine tells Mary of the prophecy that her marriage to Francis would cost him his life rather than killing her because it's clear that Mary loves Francis.
  • I liked how Kenna went to Catherine with the news that Diane has been trying to legitimize Bash and let her do what she liked with it.
  • I liked that Catherine told Mary of Nostradamus's prophecy and that she also pointed out that telling Mary this information could be used to get her and Nostradamus executed. I also liked that despite Mary being skeptical she was at least willing to consider the possibility of the prophecy being true.
  • I liked that Mary and her ladies in waiting went over how true Nostradamus's past prophecy was true and I liked how their opinions all differ on them.
  • I liked how Bash told Mary when he could tell she wanted to know something about how true Nostradamus's prophecies were that he's right more often than not.
  • I disliked how when Catherine was kicking Diane out of the castle that she tried to convince her to kill Kenna for her because she believes Kenna to be a betrayer and stupid although I liked that Diane didn't end up going through with it.
  • I found it sad that Aylee died and I find it odd that it seems like Clarissa seems to be the one behind it since she felt Mary needed to believe in the prophecy.
  • I liked that Diane told Bash that they both needed to get out of the castle because Henry would be angry with them because of her trying to legitimize him but she'll win him over again soon enough.
  • I was very sad that Mary had come to the decision that she had to leave in order to save Francis and that it broke her heart to have to break his but she thought she was doing what is best for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nothing Personal(1.20)

                              Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Nothing Personal(1.20)Review
  • I liked how this episode opened with Maria Hill on the phone complaining about how much the other government agency have been pestering her since the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that she mentioned that she was going to work for Tony Stark.
  • I liked how May confronted Maria about who was in charge of Coulson's operation and that she sent Maria to help Coulson out.
  • I liked how Coulson, Fitz, Simmons and Tripplett were trying to figure out where the rest of the team and Eric had gone and why.
  • I liked that Coulson knew that May only left because he basically told her to and he felt bad about that.
  • I liked how when Tripplett suggested that maybe they got orders from higher up that Fitz pointed out that there really isn't anyone left to give orders at this point.
  • I liked Fitz and Simmons talk about how they have to help keep Coulson from worrying too much and I liked how Simmons suggested that they make pancakes to cheer him up.
  • I liked how Simmons found Eric's body at the same time Fitz found a message that said that Ward was Hydra.
  • I liked how Skye kept trying to find a way to contact the team but kept getting caught by Ward so she had to keep playing him.
  • I like how Ward was trying to reassure Skye that she would be safe because he wouldn't let her out of his sight but this is something that now frightens Skye but she does her best to hide that.
  • I liked how much Fitz didn't want to believe that Ward was Hydra and was very upset when was proven to be true.
  • I loved that Coulson knew that Skye was playing Ward and that she had some kind of plan and that they just need to find them.
  • I liked how Skye told Ward that the hard drive was location base to the diner that she met Mike Peterson in and that she kept telling him that the hack would take a long time in order to buy time so that the police would arrest them.
  • I liked how Skye kept trying to tell Ward how he disgusts her without telling him really anything.
  • I liked how Coulson told the military guy that he found it strange that he went to all this trouble to track down four S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.
  • I liked how Fitz, Simmons and Tripplett didn't want to take the military guys deal because they hadn't done anything wrong.
  • I liked how Coulson told Maria about how Ward is Hydra and therefore Garrett is still alive so they still need to takedown Hydra.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Mike Peterson was following Skye and Ward under Garret's orders because he didn't believe that Ward could handle Skye which is really can't.
  • I like that Skye flat out refused to give Ward the information that he needed and called him out on being pretty much a serial killer and that Hydra is basically the Nazis although I could see how Ward wouldn't think of himself as such because he's loyalty to Garrett not the Hydra party itself.
  • I liked how Skye found it sick that Ward really does care for her in spite of the fact that he's Hydra because when you think about it that's more screwed up than him having just been playing her the whole time. I also love how Skye calls him out on the whole it's nothing personal thing because of course it's personal how could it not be.
  • I liked how Skye still trusted that Mike was a good man and that he wouldn't hurt her and I like that it's clear that he still doesn't want to and that he's only doing these bad things because if he doesn't Hydra would kill his son.
  • I liked that Mike almost killed Ward to motive Skye to give them the information that they needed and that she didn't let him die because she didn't want to be responsible for ending someone's life even if they are a bad person.
  • I liked that Maria and Tripplett distracted Ward as Coulson snuck on the plane to rescue Skye.
  • I love that Coulson came and rescue Skye and that they escaped with Lola free falling from the sky.
  • I liked that Ward still want to go back for Skye even though he didn't need her for any reason anymore he just wanted her.
  • I liked how Maria told Coulson that there really isn't any S.H.I.E.L.D. anymore and that after taking down Hydra he should look for work for him and his team in the private sector.
  • I liked that Fitz needed Simmons to tell him that she wasn't Hydra because he doesn't know what he would do without her and I liked that Simmons knew that of course Fitz isn't Hydra.
  • I liked that Coulson promised Skye that they'll get Ward as in take him down.
  • I liked that Tripplett sees Coulson as his knew boss and still very much believes in the principles of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • I liked that when May showed up at the end that Coulson was happy to see her and that she got him the answers that he wanted.
  • I was shocked to find out that Coulson was the one behind project Tahiti although he had advised to end the program it seems before he needed it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: Oathkeeper(4.04)

I really enjoyed how this week's episode started out with Daenerys storyline since we ended on her storyline last week and I like how it was shown how she got members of her army to supply and convince the slaves of Meereen to fight back against their masters and that they did so. I liked how Daenerys has captured the city of Meereen and that the people seem to love her at the moment and I also love how she wants to punish the slave masters by nailing as many of them to post as they did of slaves because she saw that as a just punishment for what they had done and I like how Ser Barristan warns her that sometimes it's best to meet injustice with mercy rather than an eye for an eye like she is doing.
I really loved the scene between Sansa and Littlefinger where she asks him point blank if he was the one that killed Joffrey and even though he kept trying to talk around that point and not really answer the question she is still sure that he played a role in Joffrey's death. I also liked when Littlefinger brought up that he has no motive and that he implied that he did it to confuse people that Sansa calls him on that since she knows there's no way he would do something that dangerous just confuse people and than Littlefinger admits to wanting everything in a very creepy way. I also just loved how Sansa pointed out that Littlefinger isn't someone that can be trusted and that she was working it out in her head how he could've killed Joffrey because he obviously needed help to pull it out. I just really loved this scene because it shows how smart Sansa is and always shows how Littlefinger is in a way training her on how to play the game better.
I really loved how Margery was upset that Ollena was going to be leaving her alone in Kings Landing and I liked how Ollena told Margery to be sure to win Tommen's affections quickly because while their alliance with that Lannisters is still on she knows that Cersei would spend the years before they wed making Margery out to be villain because she doesn't want to loose her son to her. I loved the scene where Margery comes into Tommen's room in the middle of the night and arranges for the two of them to have secret meetings and we meet one of Tommen's kittens and I just love how charming Margery is here.
I like how Bronn convinced Jamie to go visit Tyrion while he was in jail and I like that after the meeting Jamie was sure that Tyrion isn't the one that killed Joffrey. I also liked that after Cersei told Jamie she was sending out knights to look for Sansa in order for them to bring them her head that he sent Brienne out to go look for Sansa and protect her like she promised Catlyn she would.

TV Review: Revenge: Revolution(3.20)

                                                  Revenge: Revolution(3.20)Review
  • I enjoyed Conrad being impatient with Aiden getting what he wants from Pascal and I liked that he made a vague threat towards him.
  • I think it's odd that Victoria to find it strange or suspicious that Pascal proposed to her despite the fact they had really only been seeing each other for about a week or so at this point.
  • I liked how when Emily and Nolan were setting up for her newest plan to get to the Graysons that Nolan was trying to vent about how upset he was that Javier screwed him over.
  • I liked that Daniel and Margaux seemed to be happy for Victoria and Pascal when they told them that they were engaged.
  • I thought the whole plan with Aiden kidnapping Pascal and Emily pretending to be a homeland security agent was pretty risky but it seemed like Pascal somewhat bought it so it worked out better than I expected it to.
  • I was pretty intrigued by the mystery of who was sending Charlotte letters while pretending to be David Clarke partially because I thought it could mean that David Clarke is alive although that doesn't appear to be the case.
  • I liked how Conrad went over to basically tell Victoria he isn't exactly happy to see her out of his life and to basically make her have another reason to doubt Pascal once again.
  • I liked how Charlotte went to Jack  in order to have him help her find out who the letters she was getting sent were from and I like that Jack went to Nolan to find were the letters were sent from although he didn't tell Nolan what the letters were.
  • I liked that Emily was able to convince Pascal to get enough evidence to get Conrad thrown in jail for her.
  • I liked that Victoria became suspicious of Pascal when he overreacted about her asking about his day and that she worries when she thinks he's talking to homeland security and tells Daniel about it.
  • I think it was pretty awful of Daniel to plot Pascal's demise with Conrad while with Conrad it was something that was expected out of him but still a pretty awful thing to do.
  • I think it was pretty awful that Daniel made Margaux get in writing that she will be the one to get her father's company because he's planning on having her father killed soon.
  • I liked how at the launch for Javier's program that when Nolan's name wasn't on the guest list he pointed out that it was on the hardware which means he should be allowed in. I also liked that Emily and Nolan entered the party with their arms linked.
  • I liked that Nolan made a glitch occur in Javier's program to prove to the world that he and his program weren't ready to be given to the public yet.
  • I felt bad for Pascal when Conrad pushed him into the path of helicopter's propellers and then he died a bloody death, also it's pretty freaky how casual Conrad was about the whole thing.
  • I felt bad for Victoria and Margaux having to mourn Pascal's death especially with Victoria with how she knows Conrad killed him but she just can't prove it.
  • I'm very worried about Charlotte getting kidnapped by the freaky guy that was sending her letters and I really hope that she ends up okay in the future.
Please tell me your thoughts in this episode.

Book Review: The Darkest Powers: The Reckoning

                                  The Darkest Powers:The Reckoning Review
The final book of The Darkest Powers series starts off with Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori at Andrew's house who was a trusted friend of Derek and Simon's father so they think that they are safe at least for now but they also know that the Edison group is still out there and still looking for them. During the first part of the book Chloe, Tori and Simon are to be given lessons on how to use their abilities and it soon becomes clear that Chloe and Tori are unusually powerful which frightens Andrew and the colleagues that he brought in. It soon becomes clear that Andrew and his colleagues might have their best interest at heart and could very well be working for the Edison group or at least someone like them. Chloe, Derek, Simon and Tori end up trying to find a way to escape before they end up prisoners of the Edison group once more.

There's also a subplot where Chloe realizes after a date with Simon that she actually likes Derek and that she really is better off just staying friends with Simon. Overall this was a very minor part of the book but I think that it was dealt with nicely and I liked that it was never the most important thing since their lives were in danger through out the book.

I overall really loved the book and the series as a whole and I felt like this was a pretty good conclusion to the series even though it ended a bit open ended overall I think it fit with the rest of the series. I loved that there were a bunch of twists, turns and reveals in the second half of this novel but in order to avoid major spoilers I really can't talk about them but it made the book really exciting which something that all three of the books in the series were and I really enjoyed and cared about the characters as well which is always a good thing in my book. Please tell me your thoughts on this series and this book.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: Dreamers Often Lie(1.05)

                                   Star-Crossed: Dreamers Often Lie(1.05)Review
  • I liked that the Atrian seven were allowed to go around time in this episode.
  • I liked that although it's obvious that Roman likes Emery that he still wishes her luck in her relationship with Grayson.
  • I liked how Lucas continued to help Roman out with finding out who his father was talking to.
  • I really dislike how the Trags are working on a plan to kill all the humans in the area with black cypher. I like that Drake seemed at least a little conflicted about it and I understood why Terri was upset that her mother trusted him with the mission more than her.
  • I liked how Grayson went to help out Eric when he was being chased by the cops because he was helping out some fellow Red Hawks but I felt bad that Grayson was the one who got caught when he did nothing expect pick up a friend.
  • I like how Gloria in this episode decided that she needed to find a safe place for her son and that she needed to find algita the fabled safe haven for Atrians but she knows that she needs an Atrian to lead the way so she leaves clues so that Roman would lead her there.
  • I liked how Taylor decided to be nice to Sofia and take her shopping in order to learn more about Drake.
  • I liked how Roman spent his day in town looking for algita and that he invited Drake to come along with him because he knows that Drake has talked about finding it in the past but sadly Drake would rather help make a black cypher outbreak happen.
  • I liked that Grayson didn't want to let Eric take the fall for something he didn't do but rather the guys that he was with did and that him and Emery worked together to find those guys so that they could turn them in.
  • I think that Drake was pretty dumb to assume that Taylor was the atrian contact that had there marks removed that he was suppose to meet because she was very clearly flirting with him and once they were alone the first thing they did was hook up.
  • I was surprised that the outside Atrian contact was the girl who he had seen before as Taylor's friend although it's pretty clear they're not really friends considering she's excited for her to die in the near future.
  • I felt bad for Taylor when Drake got mad at her once he realized she wasn't an Atrian especially when he got mad that she was human and she pointed out that he didn't seem to mind a minute ago. I was sad that Taylor was so hurt and confused over Drake's actions.
  • I liked that Emery saved herself and Grayson from being beaten by the Red Hawks by telling them that she recorded what they admitted to beating that guy and that she was able to convince them to confess to their crimes.
  • I liked how Taylor and Terri got drunk together and that Taylor told Terri that she didn't need a man and stuff it was actually pretty funny.
  • I liked that we got to learn that Drake's mother was put in this place called the crate I believe and that's a big part of the reason he wanted to join the Trags so badly.
  • I felt bad for Roman when he learned that his father had a child with Gloria and that he doesn't really know who his father really was anymore.
  • I find it interesting that Sofia developed a crush on Taylor and I like that Lucas seemed to like Sofia although considering Sofia's feelings nothing is likely to happen with that.
  • I liked that Emery and Roman shared a brief moment together before Roman had to go back to the sector.
  • I liked how after Roman figured out that Drake had joined the Trags that he tried to convince him that the Trags weren't the answer to their problems but sadly Drake is more committed than ever to the Trags and their cause.
  • I'm glad that Gloria's son was able to go to Algita and she was promised that he will be kept safe.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.