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TV Review: Agents of Shield: Love in the Time of Hydra(2.14)

                               Agents of Shield: Love in the Time of Hydra(2.14)Review
  • I really loved seeing Ward again but I felt like quite a bit of the conversation in the first scene with Kara was there to recap what happened with them while they were offscreen and this makes me even more upset that they were absent for as long as they were.
  • I found it kind of adorable how excited Ward was those pumpkin pancakes that he ordered but never got to eat. I also liked that he paid for his food and tipped really well despite never actually getting to eat it.
  • I liked how quickly and efficiently Ward and Kara were able to hold up the diner and take the scientist who could fix the mask on Kara's face.
  • I find it a bit sad that Fitz and Simmons seem to only be able to communicate with each other about how things have changed in their relationship by arguing about something else entirely such as in this case Skye and her abilities.
  • I'm glad that May told Coulson about how she agreed with Andrew's advice that Shield is not a good place for Skye to be. I also liked that when Coulson tried to brush things off and say that May could handle things that she told him that she doesn't think she can and that she doesn't always have the answers.
  • I liked how Ward was so nervously worried about Kara as the scientist worked on her face because I just really like seeing him concerned.
  • I felt bad for Kara that the scientist wasn't able to find a way to give her own face unless she was willing to reveal her scar which she is clearly not comfortable with doing.
  • I liked that when the scientist suggest that the mask could be useful for Shield or Hydra jobs that Ward made a face that indicated that he wasn't part of either of those organization but especially not Hydra.
  • I really like real Shield with how they were portrayed as very calm and rational people as well as them being completely right in their assessment of Coulson. I liked that everything that they said was true and I like that finally someone is willing to call out Coulson within the show.
  • I liked that even though Lance really didn't like real Shield that even he had to admit that they were pretty right about all of the things that they were saying about Coulson.
  • I like that even though Simmons is doing what Coulson ordered her to do that you can tell she's pretty unsure about whether or not she's doing the right thing with trying to find a way to suppress Skye's abilities.
  • I felt bad for Kara when she was trying on a bunch of different faces because it's just so clear that she doesn't know who she is right now and she's just so lost.
  • I liked that when Kara told Ward that she doesn't have anything to repay him with that Ward told her that's not why he's doing this because this just goes to show that Ward really does just want to help her get her life together and he's helping her in the ways that he wished someone had helped him when he needed it most.
  • I'm glad that Coulson is sending Skye away from Shield because I think that being away from everyone is the only way Skye's going to relearn how to be her own person but I found myself pretty bored by all of their scenes.
  • I really didn't like how Kara came onto Ward while wearing Skye's face but I'm glad that he rejected her but made sure to do so somewhat gently because he knows that she's in a pretty fragile state right now. I also like that Ward more or less said that he won't be chasing after Skye anymore because with the way that Skye has treated Ward this season I really need him to be on guard around her for his own sake since I don't want to see him get hurt again.
  • I liked how Ward told Kara that what is most important for her to do is find herself again and I liked that Ward did try to dry from personal experience in order to help her even though his methods of finding closure may not be the healthiest in the world they have allowed him to move on with his life and that's what he wants for Kara to be able to move past the pain she experienced.
  • I like that it seems like Ward is finally aware that what Garrett did to him was turn him into a killer rather than save him like Ward thought that he had.
  • I liked that Skye snapped at Coulson about always taking in Shield terms and hiding behind that rather having a real conversation with her because this gives me hope that someday Skye can find her way back to the girl that would stand up to Shield's bullshit rather than blindly follow it.
  • I liked that Lance asked Bobbi run away with him and for the two of them to start over away from all of the Shields but I also liked that Bobbi was too loyal to real Shield's cause to go even though part of her wanted to.
  • I'm curious about where Lance ran off to in the plane in stole and I felt bad for Bobbi that he left her even though I could understand why he did.
  • I'm pretty worried about Bobbi and Mack since Coulson and May are suspicious of them but I really hope that they and new Shield are the ones that come out on top.
  • I loved that at the end of the episode Kara put her real face on and I liked how she and Ward introduced themselves to each other and he told her that he was proud of her and she thanked him and he told her that she did it all by herself. I just really love how supportive Ward is of Kara and how important it is to him that she finds herself again and I like that she's grateful for his help and values his opinion of her and  he ever gives her understanding and approval, I just really love the friendship between these two.
  • I really liked Kara getting her revenge on Bakshi by putting him through what he put her through and I really liked her vicious she was towards him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Fog of War(2.06)

                                                     The 100: Fog of War(2.06)Review
  • I liked that Clarke and Bellamy were planning a way into Mount Weather and I liked that when Bellamy said that he'd go alone if Clarke's mom didn't sanction a mission soon that Clarke told him he wouldn't be alone.
  • I like that Clarke feels weird and uncomfortable around Finn now because what he did last episode was really scary especially since he doesn't seem to think that he has done anything wrong.
  • I liked how Clarke told Murphy that just because the counsel cleared him doesn't mean that she has.
  • I liked how Raven found out how Mount Weather was jamming their communication and I like how she went with Clarke to plan a mission to destroy it. I also liked that Clarke was able to convince Abby that their plan was for the good of everyone.
  • I liked that President Wallace refused to lock up the members of the 46 and instead said that the treatments can only go forward if they volunteered. Also I find it interesting that the original plan for the 46 was to get them in the gene pool in order to improve the health of the people of Mount Weather.
  • I'm very concerned about what plans that Dr.Sing and Cage have for the 46 if they don't comply.
  • I like that Octavia was upset that they let Finn out of the camp after what he did to the grounder village.
  • I find it very strange how Jaha is taking being locked up for days without food or water so well and I really think that Kane's response is the more normal one.
  • I think it's pretty reasonable for the grounders to want someone to pay for the village massacre I just don't feel like Kane and Jaha are the ones who should have to die because of it.
  • I think that it's perfectly reasonable for Clarke to not trust Finn and be unsure of what he would do if he was left alone considering the massacre he committed just a few days ago.
  • I really don't understand how Finn thought that he could explain away the massacre as an accident because you can't accidently kill that many people.
  • I liked how when the guards went after Bellamy and Octavia and the acid fog came and they all went to the underground garage that the guards let Bellamy and Octavia carry on with their mission of finding an entrance to Mount Weather since they saved their lives.
  • I felt really bad for Clarke being locked up alone in the bunker with Finn and the dead body of the guy who he got Clarke's dad's watch back from. I also felt bad that Finn pretty much telling Clarke what he did to get the watch back tainted the memory of her father a bit.
  • I liked that Raven found a way to listen in on Mount Weather's communications and I liked that her and Abby decided to keep the tower up in order to have a leg up on Mount Weather.
  • I liked that when Jasper tried to get the rest of the 46 to volunteer to give treatments that they refused because they're starting to distrust Mount Weather and because they all knew that Jasper throw up for three days afterwards.
  • I liked that Monty tried to convince Jasper to leave and for the two of them to go and search fro Clarke just like they were planning to.
  • I liked that Maya showed Jasper and Monty how the grounder's were locked in cages and that's where they got the blood from treatment and I liked that Maya didn't want this to happen to the 46. I also liked how when Maya said that they would die without the treatments that Monty said that is what they should do.
  • I like that Jasper finally sees that the Mount Weather people aren't good and that now he's convincing people to volunteer for the treatment in order to buy time for the 46 while they wait for Clarke and I like that both Jasper and Monty have faith that Clarke is still alive and will come.
  • I felt bad for Octavia when she found out that Lincoln was turned into a reaper and I like that Bellamy agreed to help Octavia to find away to fix Lincoln because he knows how much Lincoln means to her.
  • I liked that Kane wanted Jaha to kill him so that their people can have peace with the grounders but I also like that Jaha didn't want to accept that either of them have to die.
  • I liked how Lexa revealed herself as the Commander and I liked that she revealed that she led them to believe she wasn't anyone important in order to figure out who they really are and what their true motives are.
  • I liked that President Wallace threatened his son after he reveled that he suspected him of having to allow the containment breach to happen because it shows that he isn't as oblivious to things as Cage and Dr. Sing like to believe he is.
  • I'm concerned about how it seems that the grounders are planning to attack in two days time if the people from the Ark don't leave and since they really have nowhere to go that's not going to happen.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TV Review: Agents of Shield: One of Us(2.13)

                                            Agents of Shield: One of Us(2.13)Review
  • When Cal was describing all the horrible things that Shield has done to his ragtag group of people who are on the index I couldn't help but to feel bad for the ways they suffered since they were treated as if they were less than human and that's something that I will always think of as evil which makes me more willing to side with Cal than Coulson.
  • I think that Skye acting like everything will be normal and that she will soon be able to go back into the field and Coulson's comment about how that seems unrealistic makes me believe that Skye still really doesn't understand how Shield really works and that soon she'll have to face the reality of what Shield really is.
  • I loved that Bobbi pointed out that they're all spies therefore they all lie because everyone on this show takes lying way to personally for a spy show.
  • I like that Simmons is still shown to be upset with Fitz that he hid the truth about Skye from her and how that relates to the general distance between the two.
  • I was pretty surprised to learn that May's ex husband Andrew his a psychologist and I was even more surprised to find out that he was a good one who respected the rights for his patients more than Shield's agenda although sadly I wasn't surprised that May thought he was ridiculous for caring about his patients more than Shield.
  • Cal and his group were really very fun to watch this episode because even though they were all a bit crazy and a lot dangerous they were also all sympathetic to me and I completely understand why they would want to make Shield pay.
  • I liked that when Simmons started suggesting drugging Skye to Andrew before he even met her you could tell that he was against the idea especially since he hasn't even been able to assess her yet.
  • Skye taking having to talk with a shrink when she's clearly unstable as personal is just another thing that shows that she doesn't understand what it means to be an agent.
  • I liked how when Skye was deflect Andrew pointed out what she was doing and he was able to get her to talk about the truth what is going on with her and how she's feeling. I also liked that Andrew answered a few of her questions about May after Skye shared with him.
  • I thought it was really sad that there was this guy that hasn't spoken in years because an experiment left him with vocal cords that sent people into comas and I think it was terribly unfair of Coulson to call the guy a monster simply because he was cursed with an awful ability that has left him terribly isolated from the rest of society.
  • I liked how Carla the woman who got knives on her fingernails in order to protect herself from her abusive boyfriend said that maybe it was for the best if they just tried to forget about Shield and move on with their lives.
  • I liked that it was explained that Cal wasn't gifted or anything but rather someone who experimented on himself to make himself stronger so that he could avenge his wife and rescue his daughter from the people who have destroyed his life.
  • I liked how Skye indirectly acknowledge that she was killed people for having abilities like she now has and that she fears that one day she won't be firing the gun but be the one being shot. I liked that on some level Skye's beginning to realize how unsafe Shield is for her.
  • I liked how Andrew pointed out to Skye that May's training for control doesn't actually have her handle her emotions but rather pushing them aside waiting to explode on her the second she lets her guard down such as when she's asleep.
  • I liked that Mack tried to reach out to Lance by talking about their friendship and I find it sad that Lance can only seem to remember being lied and how he's once again being lied to by someone he considered his friend.
  • I liked that Andrew got mad at May for taking the plane up in the air without telling him when he was in session with Skye.
  • I liked that when Skye said that she could control herself in the field that Andrew rightful pointed out that she had no way of knowing if she could and I liked that he was against the idea of putting her in any potentially emotionally distressing situations.
  • I like how over the top dramatic Cal's plan to lure Coulson out his and I love that the whole point of his plan is to reveal Shield as the monsters that they are.
  • I liked that Cal told Skye that even though she rejected him once that he is more than willing to help her to discover who she really is and to accept her. I also like that while he could see that Coulson and May wouldn't kill Skye now that his whole point was that they might someday and he wanted her to see that and I think she's starting to.
  • I find it interesting that Gordon kidnapped Cal because he was making too much noise and the inhumans wanted him to keep quiet.
  • I liked that Skye seeing Coulson meet the crap out of a man on the index has he tries to surrender and beg for mercy triggered Skye to cause on earthquake because this shows she sees how Coulson is in the wrong here.
  • I think it's very concerning how Skye not only can't control her powers at all but her attempts to have led her to directing her powers inwards which is something that could someday kill her if she never learns true control.
  • I hope that Coulson having Simmons research ways to disable inhuman's abilities in secret is something that Skye discovers and this leads to her leaving and/or turning against Coulson entirely since he really deserves to face consequences for his actions.
  • I liked how Andrew recommended that Skye should leave Shield entirely because he can see how much of an unhealthy environment it is for her to stay in. I also loved how Andrew pointed out that Shield hasn't changed at all.
  • I'm very curious about this real Shield that Bobbi and Mack are apart of and I can't wait to learn more about it.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: Who You Really Are(2.12)

                                Agents of Shield: Who Are You Really(2.12)Review
  • I liked that Fitz was trying to look after Skye with how he went down to her training with May and suggested that Skye needed a break it wasn't a suggestion that May was willing to take but I guess it's the thought that counts.
  • I find it a bit sad that as soon as Lance decides to stay and his relationship with Bobbi seems to be going well he'll soon find out that she's still keeping secret.
  • I find it interesting that Coulson decided to put Mack in the field especially since it's clear that Mack doesn't really like or trust Coulson it seems odd that Coulson would think putting him in the field would be a good idea.
  • I really didn't care about the plot with Lady Sif and tracking down a Kree man who was looking for inhumans that had recently came into their powers because the Kree designed the inhumans to weapons but they are weapons that got out of their control so they now want to destroy them. I feel like this plot was just a way to get the team to find out about Skye's powers but I don't think a whole episode need to be devoted to that considering that Skye has horrible self control.
  • I think that Fitz telling Skye that it's a bad idea to let anyone else know about her powers shows that Shield's policies in these type situations don't end well for people like her.
  • I thought that it was a bit sad that Mack thought it would be for the best if Bobbi pushed Lance away so that he would leave and they wouldn't have to fight him if he said with Coulson's team.
  • I find it a bit concerning that there's apparently a bunch of obelisk scatter through out the world.
  • I thought that it was really odd and unprofessional of Coulson to allow Skye to sit out because of a supposed minor injury when he would never let anyone else sit out because this just shows Coulson's favoritism.
  • I think that Lady Sif had a really good point that it is in fact safer for everyone if she takes Skye back with her because Asgard is better able to handle the affects of her powers.
  • I think it's really messed up that the only way Skye can think of getting control of her powers is to shoot herself with an icer and it also goes to show that the methods of control that May's been teaching Skye don't actually control anything.
  • I think that the whole team is extremely hypocritical with how they are protecting Skye because if it was someone not on their team that got these powers they would have probably killed her after hearing what that Kree guy said about inhumans.
  • I think that Mack has a point that the team does need to be protected from Skye but I also like that Fitz wants to protect her.
  • I liked that Skye moved herself into vault D and I liked that because it shows that she starting to feel like she doesn't belong anymore and if she feels that way then soon she'll leave and then she'll be able to find herself again and become decent human being again because she hasn't been one all season and she's not going to remember how to be one until she leaves Shield.
  • I'm curious about what Mack is going to do now that Lance wants answers about the secrets that are being kept from him.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Book Review: Love, Rosie

                                                           Love, Rosie Review
Love, Rosie is a book told through letters, notes, emails, text and instant messaging about two friends Rosie and Alex who have known each other for forever and both have had feelings for each other since about their teens but are unable to get together for various. The characters in this book are pretty likable and the relationship between Rosie and Alex is great and makes you wish that they would just get together already since it's painfully obvious for most of the book that they both want to.

This book while it has plenty of cute moments and likable characters is also very frustrating since there is really no good reason why Rosie and Alex can't be together other than the universe hates Rosie and seems to think that it's sole purpose is to make her miserable. Rosie is a character that I felt really bad for through out the book because she basically makes one stupid mistake when she's eighteen and pays for it until she's in her fifty's. She is unable to fulfill her dreams several times through out the book and she has to settle for a relationship with a man that she just kind of likes that ends up cheating on her multiple times and she is forced to give up careers opportunities in order to make other people happy. I'm actually pretty sure that Rosie suffers at least three spells of depression through out the book and no one really seems to take it seriously which kind of bothered me. Anyways I felt like Rosie's life was really unfair to her and I felt the happy ending came much to late for me to be satisfied with it.

Overall this book had it's enjoyable moments, likable characters and an interesting writing style to it but I felt like the ending took too much time to come and I felt Rosie's life was far to miserable for a story that was suppose to be seen as lighthearted. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: Aftershocks(2.11)

                                            Agents of Shield: Aftershocks(2.11)Review
  • I really liked that Skye's mom was shown to compassionately help out young inhumans such as Gordon the eyeless man that we saw at the end of last episode who got a signal from the obelisk that showed that a new inhuman's power has been awakened.
  • I liked that it was explained that Skye's mom helped many inhumans through out her life because she had such a long life span.
  • I liked that Skye was shown to be really upset about Trip's death because she hasn't before this point this season she has been shown not to really care about anyone or anything other than Coulson and May and their opinion of her.
  • I like that Skye's being kept in quarantine because that's exactly how Shield would handle those who are different and I like that the show is starting to isolate her from the team even if they don't know what she is yet it's good to see that she is going to have to deal with being separate from them right away.
  • I liked that Skye pointed out to Coulson that Hydra isn't the reason that Trip died or that their plan to destroy the city failed but because she went down there and Trip followed her. I'm glad that Skye is feeling guilty but I dislike that Coulson seems to just want a scapegoat more than anything else.
  • I'm confused by what even happened with Mack being possessed by the city but I liked that he was shown to be somewhat traumatized by it.
  • I liked how they showed us a brief look inside of how Hydra works with the meeting of the heads and how they decide who the new leader will be.
  • I liked how the show took it's time to reveal what Raina's transformation was like which seemed to make her grow thorns and made it so that bullets couldn't kill her.
  • I thought that it was nice of Bobbi to visit Skye in quarantine especially since they aren't really friends or anything and I don't believe that we've even seen them talk before this but I really disliked that how she praised Skye for shooting Ward because that was a bad move on Skye's part for multiple reasons that I mentioned in my review of the last episode.
  • I felt bad for Simmons when she asked to come back to head quarters because it just showed how isolated she felt from the rest of the team.
  • I loved that Mack yelled at Coulson when he tried to say that Trip's death was all Hydra's fault because he could see that it was actually Coulson's fault for putting the team at needless risk in order to figure the alien writings in his head.
  • I kind of liked that the team completely ignored Skye freaking out and almost causing another earthquake because it just goes to show how disconnected the team is from each other's emotional needs. It also goes to show that Shield is not a place that's going to handle Skye's changes compassion because they are incapable of even recognize what the real problem is so how could they possibly help her.
  • I really didn't like how the team was able to fairly easily pull one over on Hydra using Bakashi because Shield isn't really all that good at these kind of things so I didn't really believe that they were capable of something like this because if they were why wouldn't they have done it earlier.
  • I find it pretty frightening how Simmons is talking about finding a way to eliminate all things alien because she's talking about killing an entire species of people without finding out if they're good or bad just because she's sad that Trip died it's really very frightening how much this team is willing to justify killing people just because they're sad or angry.
  • I felt bad for Raina that she waited her entire life to evolve only for her transformation to be something she hates. I felt really bad for Raina when she described how her insides cut her and hurt her every times she moves, I liked that while she was upset with having lost her beauty that wasn't the only reason why she was so upset with her transformation.
  • I liked seeing that Raina was angry and jealous of how Skye's transformation gave her powers but didn't still her good looks but I disliked how Cal didn't even bother to tell Raina that Skye's transformation didn't have any real affect on Raina's transformation but I do like the idea of Raina being Skye's dark counterpart so I like that Raina resents her.
  • I liked that Cal pointed out that Shield is the worst place for Skye to be during a time of transformation and how this will lead to her seeing how Shield truly treats people like her and how Cal thinks that Skye will come running to him because she needs him because he would be able to understand her ways Shield never will. I also liked that Raina pointed out that it doesn't really matter that Skye transformed because she still won't come to Cal although he ignored her comment I still think she's right.
  • I disliked how after Raina told Cal that she couldn't live with what she had become to just not live because it was so dismissive of her when the two of them had known each other for years.
  • I liked how Lance figured out that whatever Bobbi is up to that she is in on it with Mack and I just generally like the scenes those two had together.
  • I'm a bit confused by why Coulson and May seemed surprised that Simmons recommended using lethal force on Raina considering that Raina is a known enemy of Shield has been since before it's fall and is now more dangerous  then ever especially since neither Coulson nor May have any problems killing any of their other enemies whether they be people with or without powers.
  • I liked how Fitz figured out that Skye was the one that caused the earthquake and I liked that he was able to figure out that the data in his head wasn't wrong but that Skye has become something inhuman which was why the data didn't make sense.
  • I really don't understand why no one was able to figure out that anything was wrong with Skye considering that she was freaking out through out this episode and caused two earthquakes which leads me to believe that she caused more than before the episode even started while in quarantine which just shows how little attention Shield pays to their agents.
  • I really don't understand why Coulson would be so upset about Trip's death and I don't really buy that he is because Coulson and Trip weren't close and he didn't really seem sad that Trip died just angry that Hydra won.
  • I think that Skye complaining and completely falling apart after less than a week in quarantine goes to show that she really isn't ready to be the agent that she has been acting like in the first half of this season because agents are suppose to be able to withstand torture and Skye can't even hold herself together after a few days in quarantine.
  • I thought that it was really great of Fitz to hide the fact that Skye had changed but also pretty dangerous since Skye is incredible unstable and has extremely destructive powers now that could get everyone killed. I understand why Fitz feels that it's best to keep it secret though because he's been with Shield long enough to really know their policy on gifteds and their policy on inhumans probably won't be much different.
  • I thought that it was nice that Fitz comforted Skye and told her that even though she was different now that didn't mean anything was wrong with her also I think that Fitz treating Skye like this is especially good of him considering that Skye abandoned him just like the rest of the team during his time of need because his difference made her uncomfortable.
  • I thought it was sad how Raina was trying to kill herself and I'm glad that a grown up Gordon came in at last minute and saved her told her she was beautiful and promised to help her find her way.
  • I liked that we found out that Bobbi and Mack her after Fury's toolbox and that they're planning to make their move soon.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Abduction(4.13)

                                              Revenge: Abduction(4.13)Review
  • I liked seeing Emily and Victoria in a situation where they were forced to work together in order to survive but I disliked that Victoria seemed unwilling to work with Emily and blamed Emily for the whole situation for no real reason.
  • I liked that Jack's partner told Jack right away that he knew Emily's secret and that he was willing to keep it a secret for at least a little while.
  • I liked that Jack, Jack's partner and David were all working together to find Emily but I find it a bit odd that they made sure not to tell Nolan about Emily being missing since he could have been helpful and there's no way he wouldn't have wanted to help.
  • I dislike that Margaux is now planning on destroying Emily now that she knows the truth because it's pretty clear to me that this is the exact opposite of what Daniel would have wanted so the idea of her doing it for him just doesn't hold true.
  • I felt bad for Louise when she had to deal with her mom coming back into her life and trying to retake control of Louise's life and make her leave the new life that she has made in the Hamptons.
  • I liked that Emily was able to attack and take down one of Malcolm's guy and that she used that moment in order to plant a message on that guy for Jack to find so that he could figure out where she was being held.
  • I liked how Emily told Victoria about her father's plan to kill Victoria because that's something that I feel Victoria need to hear and I also love seeing Emily get a moment to get one over on Victoria after Victoria being so awful about the David thing all season to Emily.
  • I liked that Nolan married Louise so that she could be free of her mother's control, I just always love seeing how much Nolan is willing to do for those he considers friends and the two of them are just really sweet together.
  • I liked seeing Emily kick the ass of a few of Malcolm's men because I always like seeing this side of her skill set.
  • I'm glad that Malcolm is dead because his plot wasn't very good so I'm glad he's gone.
  • I'm glad that Victoria put herself at risk in order to save Emily's life and I like that at the end of the episode she gave up on both her vengeance against Emily and her relationship with David.
  • I'm glad that David now seems to want to focus on rebuilding his relationship with Emily.
  • I like that Jack's partner is willing to keep Emily's secret and that he tells her that he will keep her secret.
  • I like that Victoria tells Margaux that seeking vengeance against Emily is a bad idea because Emily is just plain better at it than either of them could ever be.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: What They Become(2.10)

                               Agents of Shield: What They Become(2.10)Review
  • I'm glad that Coulson at least told May that killing Ward and ensuring everyone's on the plane's death was a bad idea even if I felt it wasn't exactly said for the right reasons.
  • I like and was surprised that the team was still thinking of ways to maybe save Mack considering how Coulson was so eager to ditch him last episode but I feel like it was mostly Fitz, Simmons and Bobbi that were determined to find him not Coulson so I guess it makes sense.
  • I liked that Lance asked Bobbi how she was doing and I liked how Bobbi admitted that after the mission was done she would probably cry for like a week it's nice to see someone allow themselves to be vulnerable on this show this season. I also liked that Lance spotted Bobbi hiding a flash drive from him but decided to trust her and not pry about what was on it.
  • I really disliked how Coulson said that the reason that Skye was an agent  was solely because of May because Skye had her hacking skills long before she met anyone on the team and that was the original reason she was even allowed on the team and that had nothing to do with May. Then there's also the fact that Ward trained Skye throughout season 1 he was the reason she was able to earn her badge and he was the one that was able to convince Skye to take things seriously and ironically make her believe that Shield were the good guys once again everything that Skye achieved in season 1 wasn't because of May it was because Skye put the effort in herself and because Ward trained her well. But the thing that May can take the blame for is the cruel mindless obedient Skye who seems to be incapable of compassion, friendship or any emotion other than hate so I guess I'm okay with the showing telling me to blame May for season 2 Skye's unhealthy lifestyle but I hate the show trying to give May credit for Skye's skills as an agent.
  • I really don't understand why Ward believes that Skye has good self control because her self control is awful she is extremely unprofessional and hateful in pretty much every interaction she has with an enemy the only explanation I can think of is love is blind. On a side note I really liked that Ward complimented Skye's skills even if her self control is pretty much non-existent.
  • I'm really confused as to why Skye can't figure out that Ward was bringing her to meet her father considering that he told her that he was keeping his promise to her.
  • I was worried about Ward when he was telling Skye he wasn't loyal to Hydra while walking through a hallway filled with Hydra soldiers because you'd think they would kill him for being disloyal to Hydra.
  • I liked how Skye's dad was so happy to meet her and how he tells her that he wished that they could have met under different happier circumstances and how he had been dreaming of this day of years. I also liked that he didn't lie to her about the bad things that he had done. I also liked that he told us that his name was Cal because it's nice to have a name to call him.
  • I was disappointed and sad that Skye was completely dismissive and hateful of her father who clearly loves her simply because she had been searching for her parents her whole life and she decides to give up her chance of having a relationship with her father just because he isn't who she imagined him to be or because Coulson wouldn't approve, it's just sad to see how easily and how much she's given up on the things she use to want for Coulson's approval.
  • I liked how Bobbi and Lance spied on the Hydra guys and had make out in order to throw them off.
  • I liked that Cal told Skye about who took her mom and her way from him and how Whitehall experimented on her mother then killed her and that he was now going to avenge her. I also liked that Cal explained that her mother had a gift that didn't hurt anyone. I also liked that Skye was sad to hear what happened to her mother because it shows that she is at least able to care about non-shield related things.
  • I liked that Whitehall was able to figure out just about everything about everyone's true motives for being here expect Ward because it's nice to have a fairly smart villain.
  • I liked that Raina pointed out that Ward's motive was clearly his love for Skye because I liked that Raina sees that his love is the most obvious thing in the world because it's really obvious and the only reason that Skye and the rest of team can't see that is because their heads and hearts are so filled with hate that they can't see anything positive anymore.
  • I'm glad that Skye actually heard Whitehall say that Ward tried to protect the team and went against his orders because she really needs to see that Ward isn't loyal to Hydra and never was.
  • It really continues to concern me how easy killing people is for Skye since she used the obelisk to kill several guys like it was nothing once again this show really needs to address at some point why it's so easy for her because unlike the rest of the field agents on this show killing is new for her and not something that she's been properly trained to handle so they need to show her processing it someday.
  • I liked that as soon as Skye was in danger that Ward blew his cover completely in order to try and protect her.
  • I was so terrified when Whitehall threatened to brainwash Ward and I was so concerned with how Ward didn't seem to take this threat seriously because he has no idea if he can withstand machine brainwashing and we all know that he was real world brainwashed so I don't know how good that makes his chances of resisting machine brainwashing but luckily he didn't get brainwashed so I was worried for no real reason. I also liked that Skye seemed upset at the idea of Ward being brainwashed.
  • I liked when Agent 33 said that she was only loyal to Whitehall and that he gave her life purpose that Ward connected her relationship with Whitehall with his relationship with Garrett and he told her how he was loyal to a guy once and he went completely insane. I also liked that Ward seemed more concerned than anything else that Agent 33 was wearing May's face unlike everyone else on the show who had treated it like a joke.
  • It was super creepy when Whitehall was telling Skye about what he did to her mother while touching her knee and telling her that he had similar plans for her. I also liked that Ward struggled against his bonds at that point because he wanted to protect her.
  • I liked that Ward distracted the guards a bit when he saw that Cal was close to get himself free and I liked how he tried to convince Cal to let him go but Cal apparently didn't want to for reasons with Skye it was because he didn't want her to witness the violence he planned to inflict on Whitehall but I'm really unsure about why he wouldn't help Ward.
  • I was sad for Cal that he didn't get to kill Whitehall because he had been planning to for so long but I like that for once Coulson actually wasn't trying to be asshole when he killed Whitehall but I do get why Cal hated him for it. Also I find it kind of pathetic that Coulson pretty much killed the big bad of the season pretty much by accident.
  • I felt bad for Agent 33 when she found Whitehall's dead body because she was dependent on him and now he's gone and she's lost.
  • I liked Lance's line about how joining Shield allows you to travel meet interesting people and kill them, I just found the line funny.
  • I thought it was very nice of Ward to release Skye from her bonds after he somehow escaped his and I liked that he apologized for how things didn't go as planned and that he was going to do his best to get her out of there safely and was even looking out for her to see if the coast was clear this was all really great of him sadly Skye didn't appreciate any of these things.
  • I really hated that Skye shot Ward first because I love Ward, second he didn't deserve to be shot because he wasn't a threat to her and was actively trying to help her when she shot him, and finally because it was stupid of her she was surround by enemies and she could clearly hear lots of gun fighting and she had no way of knowing who the second party was it could have easily been someone like the FBI or something  that would kill a Shield agent just as quickly as the would kill Hydra agent therefore trying to kill the only sure ally you have is a dangerous move because she easily could become out numbered and get herself killed. I do like that with Skye shooting Ward it means that she no longer as the illusion of the moral high ground to stand on since she's actually hurt Ward way worse than he's ever hurt her. Also I say illusion because Skye lost the moral high ground when she told Ward that he should have tried harder to kill himself.
  • I find it a bit sad but I also like that Ward doesn't look mad that Skye shot him but just emotionally hurt by it as well as physically hurt because I don't want him to be hateful and I don't think he's going to be.
  • I'm glad that Skye didn't end up kill her father and I liked how Cal told her that she was going to change and that no one would understand her anymore because Skye being different will hopefully mean that she'll no longer feel safe with Shield and then she will leave and be able to regain her agency that she lost between seasons. Also Skye's birth name being Daisy means nothing to me because I don't read the comics and I hope she never goes by it because I don't think it suits her.
  • I find it extremely disturbing that Skye cried and said she was sorry to Coulson because she couldn't murder her father it's just so fucked up that she believes it's a bad thing that she can't murder a man that has done nothing but loved her. This is just another thing that goes to show how bad Coulson is for her because her relationship with him makes her believe she has to murder people in cold blood in order to gain his approval.
  • I liked how Agent 33 went to find Ward after finding Whitehall dead because she remembered their earlier conversation and that he would be able to help her with what she is suppose to do now that Whitehall's gone because he went through something similar.
  • I liked that when Agent 33 approaches Ward tells him that Whitehall's dead that the first thing Ward does isn't to ask for help for the gunshot wound that is currently bleeding out of his side but to tell her that she's free now because to him the most important thing for Agent 33 to know was that Whitehall being dead is actually a good thing even if it doesn't feel that way right now her getting her knowing she's free now is more important to Ward than his own life. I just love Ward so much being able to show compassion for someone he barely knows as he lies there nearly dying he honestly is the character that I still think is the most heroic on the entire show because he cares about other people more than himself.
  • I really love that Ward and Agent 33 agreed to help each other figure things out and walked out of the place before things got even more chaotic. I'm really excited for this relationship because these two really deserve the chance figure out how to live their lives for themselves and I like that their treating each other like human beings unlike the way every single other character in the show has treated them.
  • I liked that at some point Raina snuck off with the obelisk to go find the city and get the powers that she had always long for.
  • I think that it was a really bad idea for Skye to follow Raina into the city despite knowing that the team were planning to blow it up soon.
  • I liked that Trip went back down into the city to disable all the bombs by hand in order to make sure that Skye wouldn't die for running into the city and I liked that he was able to succeed.
  • I really adored how happy Raina was to find out what she will become and I'm really curious to find out what that is as well.
  • I was sad that Trip died but I never really got that emotional attached to his character because the show never really gave him much to work with so I didn't cry or anything.
  • It seems that Skye has earthquake powers this can only lead to her killing a ton of people because like I said earlier Skye has terrible self control and those kind of powers are super destructive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

TV Review: Revenge: Madness(4.12)

                                                   Revenge: Madness(4.12)Review
  • I liked how it was shown how David was taken out of prison and forced into working for Malcolm Black in this episode because it's something I've been wondering about all season so it's nice to see how things came to be.
  • I liked how when Louise's brother Lyman came to town that Nolan was really distrusting of him and wanted to figure out what he was hiding in order to protect Louise from him.
  • I liked that Emily was a bit mad at David for planning to kill Victoria because Victoria is completely alone and miserable which is what Emily always wanted for her so she thought that killing her now would be mercy rather than vengeance so she was against it.
  • I really disliked how Malcolm showed up at Jack's house and pretty much threatened his kid's life because I always hate the idea of kids getting hurt or killed.
  • I liked how when Emily came to tell Nolan that she was planning to leave town with her dad and that when she said that Nolan already replaced her with Louise that he tells her that no one could replace her and how gentlemen prefers blondes and she knows that. It was just a nice moment that shows how much he loves her.
  • I liked how Nolan asked Emily for her help in figure out what Lyman could be up to when it comes to Louise.
  • I'm a bit confused as to why Jack would call David about Malcolm showing up rather than Emily or Nolan considering he isn't close to David nor does David seem all that trustworthy.
  • I like that Victoria seems to be more focused on preserving Daniel's memory than anything else and I dislike that Margaux is hell bent on destroying Emily but since she doesn't know the truth at this point it's understandable.
  • I liked that when Nolan tells Emily about how Louise had a criminal record and he didn't look at it because he wanted to respect her privacy that Emily looked at it because what she was interested in was protecting him. I just really love when Emily shows that she cares for Nolan and she usually does so by being protective of him.
  • I also really enjoy Nolan's faith in Louise being a good person who have done a few questionable things in the past and may be a bit crazy but is still someone worth sticking around for.
  • I liked Emily and Nolan teaming up to discover what is up with Lyman. I just really love anytime I see these two together.
  • I felt so bad for Louise when she hallucinated her mother during dinner and had a total freak out about it.
  • I liked that when Nolan almost gave up on Louise that Emily actually restore his faith in her but revealing that Louise's family had been drugging her in order to convince everyone that she was crazy.
  • I liked that after Margaux had driven herself crazy with her crusade about Daniel's death that Victoria told her the truth about his death but I disliked how Victoria told her about Emily being Amanda Clarke because that wasn't really necessary or her secret to tell, I also didn't like how Jack's partner over heard the whole thing either.
  • I liked that Emily and Nolan told Louise that her family had been drugging her and that she wasn't really crazy and I liked that Emily found out that Victoria sent Kate after her.
  • I liked that Jack tried to just get Malcolm arrested because that seemed a lot more sensible then the nonsense plan David had to catch him especially considering how much evidence David had on the guy.
  • I liked how Nolan pretty much told Lyman that he knew what his family was doing to Louise and to get out of her life.
  • I really don't understand why Malcolm was released other than to create more drama but I guess that'd how the law works on this show.
  • I liked how Emily mentioned that she picked up a few things because her best friend is a hacker and that's how she lured Victoria to the lighthouse.
  • I liked that Emily told Victoria that she was at fault for getting Daniel killed because she is much more at fault than Emily is because if she hadn't sent Kate after Emily then Kate never would have killed him.
  • I was very worried when Emily and Victoria were captured by Malcolm at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Agents of Shield: Ye Who Enter Here(2.09)

                                     Agents of Shield: Ye Who Enter Here(2.09)Review
  • I think that Skye's dream at the beginning of the episode is foreshadowing that Shield won't be accepting of her once her true nature is revealed and they will abandon her on at least some level and/or Skye will leave the Shield due to her fear of being abandoned.
  • It's sad that Fitz and Simmons aren't even talking to each other at all when last season they were always together now they're barely ever even in the same room as each other.
  • I think it's pretty hypocritical that team keeps call Skye's dad crazy when Coulson was acting even crazier two episodes ago and Mack was the only one that seemed even a little bit bothered by it. Also I'm shocked that the team actual told Skye the truth about meeting her dad since they seem to love keeping her in the dark about vital information about herself.
  • I think Coulson's plan to blow up an underground sea  side city is incredible stupid and can only end in complete disaster and I can't understand why everyone thinks he's a good leader since his plans are just so stupid.
  • I really loved seeing Raina and I liked how it turned out that she was using a rich older man to take care of her needs.
  • I was surprised to find out that Agent 33 was still alive since I thought that she was killed off in episode four also I'm curious about why she's still wearing May's face is the mask stuck or is their some other reason it's still on.
  • I was surprised and confused that Shield was actually keeping track of Raina and looking out for her because one Raina is an enemy that has more than proven that she's only out for herself and because Shield usually doesn't protect anyone so it's strange that a known enemy is literally the only person that they put any effort in protecting this season.
  • I think it's super hypocritical for Skye to judge and hate Ward for possibly killing his abusive family members when one for her current life goals is to murder her father that she never met and has been searching for her for her entirely life, it bothers me because Skye's dad has done nothing to her but she thinks she has the right to kill me while Ward's family abused him for the first fifteen years of his and then after not seeing him for fifteen years they try to have him kill yet somehow Skye, May and Coulson mourn those asshole and hate Ward despite knowing what monsters they are.
  • I liked how Simmons talked to Bobbi about how she felt after Fitz woke up from his coma because she hadn't talked about her feelings at all about that as of yet and I also liked that it let us know that Simmons so far just doesn't have romantic feelings for Fitz but still loves him as her best friend.
  • I'm interested in the secret that Bobbi and Mack have with each other and I'm interested in learning more about it.
  • I think that it didn't make much sense that Skye was able to hold her own against Agent 33 when Agent 33 was able to hold her own against May last time they fought and Skye has been an agent for less than a year there's no way she's anywhere close to the same level of fighter as May is.
  • I found it out of character for season 2 Skye offer Agent 33 help even if she does know she's brainwashed because the last time she encountered a brainwashed asset she murder him in cold blood and didn't feel guilty about it for even a second so while I felt bad for Agent 33 being left at Hydra's mercy once again after her fight with Skye I'm glad that Skye didn't actually help her because it wouldn't have felt in character for season 2 Skye show someone compassion.
  • I liked that Bobbi felt that Coulson's plan to blow up a city wasn't a good one because it was a really awful. I also think that Coulson's his ridiculously stupid for believing that he can blow up the city without any loss of civilian life because there's just no way.
  • I felt bad for Simmons that when she was trying to reach out to Fitz he told her that he was going to be leaving the lab and her to work with Mack in the garage.
  • I think that Skye is completely delusional for believing that Coulson is the forgiving type since he's one of the least forgiving main characters that I have ever encountered in ninety percent of shows I watch Ward would have been offered a second chance three or four episodes ago.
  • I liked that as soon as Raina found at that Hydra had the obelisk and were looking for her in order to find the city that Raina tried to screw Shield over and get caught by them in order to be able to go to the city and find out what her true nature is.
  • I think it's pretty awful that Coulson and his team know that Agent 33 is brainwashed and they not only aren't trying to help her but they are also making fun of her for having a May mask stuck on her face.
  • I liked how Raina told Skye about how they are both something a bit more than human but not alien and about how much Skye's father loves her and that his sole goal is to meet her. I also liked that we got to learn a bit more about Raina that she worked as a con before meeting Skye's father and that she so clearly cares for him and wanted to be the daughter he never got to raise but she was never good enough for him which is sad for her.
  • I found it strange that being left down in the city that Mack seemed to become possessed by it for some reason and I liked that both Fitz and Bobbi tried their hardest to reach out to him. I think it was pretty crappy of Coulson to give up on Mack as quickly as he did but it's also in character.
  • I was very concerned for Ward when everyone was aiming guns at him when he came to fetch Raina and I liked that Raina was more than happy to come with him.
  • I think that May is ridiculously stupid and unprofessional for thinking that murdering Ward is worth the lives of everyone on this plane which I believe is the lives of six Shield agents she was willing to sacrifice in the name of petty vengeance this for me is one of the main problems I have with Shield they are unable to think logically and care more about their hurt feelings than anything else. Although I did like that Lance pointed out that he wasn't okay with that because really no one should be okay with dying for some petty grudge.
  • I like to think that Skye agreed to go with Ward because she knew that he was talking about taking her to meet her father when he talked about finding a way to keep his promise to her and also because she has to know by now that he wouldn't do anything to really hurt her since he never has.
  • I liked that the end of the episode confirmed that Ward wasn't loyal to Hydra with Agent 33 telling Whitehall that Ward cancelled the order to shoot down the team's plane, I always knew that Ward was just working undercover in Hydra even if he wasn't working with anyone else outside of it but it's nice to be proven right.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

TV Review: Revenge: Epitaph(4.11)

                                                    Revenge: Epitaph(4.11)Review
  • I couldn't help but feel bad for Victoria when she saw Daniel's dead body and then rushed towards it and held it in her arms and cried even though I haven't been a big fan of her character this season I still really felt for her here.
  • I find it a bit strange that David didn't seem more concerned for Emily and how she was handling almost being killed and instead he seemed more angry that Kate's death could piss Malcolm Black off when if Kate was still alive Emily would be dead it just seems like David should care a bit more about his daughter.
  • I thought it was messed up how they had to frame Daniel's death like he was trying to kill Emily in order to make sure that Malcolm didn't find out about Kate's death when Daniel had actually died saving Emily's life and I completely understood why this pissed Victoria off.
  • I liked that Emily had a bit of trouble in answering the questions about Daniel's death because this proves that at one point she did care for him at least a little bit.
  • I'm glad that things between David and Victoria are pretty much ending because they really don't work for me as a couple and they never have.
  • I liked that Jack told Emily how she didn't have to keep answering all the questions all night and it was okay if she need sometime to process what happens because it only makes her human to need a bit of time and doesn't make her look suspicious.
  • I liked that Nolan had stayed up all night to ensure that it looked like Kate had left town and went to Miami.
  • I liked that when Louise came to Nolan all upset about Daniel's death that he was a bit confused by why she was so upset about it but comforted her none the less.
  • I liked that both Emily and Victoria were pissed at David for making them spend time together and I kind of liked that Emily was in charge of watching Victoria and making sure that she didn't reveal the truth.
  • I liked that Margaux sought Victoria out and that the two of them found some comfort in each other. I liked that Margaux wanted to uncover the truth about Daniel's death and was a bit sad that Victoria couldn't tell her because I feel like she has a right to know about it.
  • I liked that Jack was feeling guilty about killing Kate even though he did so in order to save Emily's life and I liked that Nolan was there to provide him some emotional support but also keep him on track with completing the task at hand.
  • I liked that Louise baked a pie for Victoria and came over to offer her comfort over Daniel's death. I didn't like how Victoria used Louise in order to steal evidence that she was the one that led Kate to Emily though.
  • I really hated how Victoria and Margaux made sure that Emily couldn't go to Daniel's funeral because he would have wanted her there because all he ever really wanted was to have meant something to Emily and he did die so that she could leave so I feel that it was disrespectful to Daniel not to allow Emily to come. I like that Emily did want to come and that she knew he would want her there.
  • I liked that David told Emily that he planned to kill Victoria and that Emily was surprised by this.
  • I'm glad that it turned out that Malcolm wasn't really dead because having him die before we ever even met him felt pretty anticlimactic.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Anime Review: Hyouka: The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club(1.02)

                Hyouka: The Activities of the Esteemed Classic Literature Club(1.02)Review
This episode starts a few weeks after the last one Hotaro and Chitanda had been going to the classics club most days after school despite Hotaro feeling like he has been spending more time there than he would like. Chitanda purposes that they should make an anthology for the upcoming festival Hotaro at first rejects the idea because it sounds like too much work but Chitanda points out that it's a tradition for the club so he agrees to it. Chitanda and Hotaro then look for the past anthology to use as an example and when they can find none in the club room they go to the library to find them.

At the front desk of the library Mayaka Ibara is working there she had went to middle school with Hotaro and Satoshi she dislikes and has had a crush on Satoshi for quite sometime. Mayaka ends up informing Chitanda and Hotaro that they will have to wait for the Librarian to return from a meeting before they can look for the anthologies in the archives. Mayaka and Satoshi than start to tell the story of the mystery of the book that is returned at the same exact time each week, Chitanda is very interested in the story and Hotaro isn't interested at all. Hotaro ends up working out the mystery of the book because it is what will satisfy Chitanda curiosity.

The book ended up being used for a prop in a painting class and everyone was very impressed that Hotaro solved the mystery but he did care about or understand why they were impressed by this. The Librarian ends up telling the club that there aren't any anthologies in the archives. On Sunday Chitanda calls Hotaro and asks him to meet with her that day and he ends up agreeing to despite not really wanting to and she reveals that she has something that she wants to confess to him.

Overall I thought this episode was enjoyable and I liked learning more about the characters and seeing them interact with each other. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.