Friday, June 29, 2012

Fangirl Friday 13

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf: This week's episode of Teen Wolf was really exciting with us finding out who  the Kanuma(mysterious reptile creature) was and the whole cast teaming up to protect their friend. It was also nice that it created another mystery and solved a few old ones and confirmed which mysterys were still mysteries. Overall I've been loving this show all season and I don't see that changing.
2. Bakuman:I read the first volume of this manga about to middle school students trying to create their own and get it published. I found the plot and characters to be interesting and enjoyable. I also really liked the art.
3. Heroes of Olympus:I'm still reading The Lost Hero and I stil find the plot entertaining and interesting. I also love the three main characters and being able to read things from all three of their point of views.

4. Clamp:I'm really sure why but I was just really into looking up things about Clamp manga this week despite not reading any this so far but I also do enjoy their gorgous art and I love the theme of love trandsends. This fangirling of about their series has just made me more detrimined to read all their series, also I heard a rumor that darkhorse was thinking of publishing Tokyo Babylon does anyone know if this is true?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Venomous(2.05)

                                            Teen Wolf: Venomous(2.05)Review
  • I liked how Derek called Jackson a snake at the beginning of the episode and then test to see if the venom paralazed him.
  • I'm glad that Issac is no longer a fugitive because I kind of like his character and he didn't commit the crime he was accused of.
  • I liked that everyone wanted to protect Lydia from Derek and his pack.
  • I loved that Stiles refused to believe that Lydia was the Kanuma even though there was quite a bit of evidence that suggested that she could be it.
  • I liked the scene were Scott confronted Derek about his plans to kill Lydia and how he suggested that Lydia could be immune and how Jackson didn't change on the night of the full moon.
  • I feel kind of bad for Danny because he seemed to have developed a crush on Matt who's clearly obessesed with Alison.
  • I hate that Jackson is a complete jerk to Lydia and that the two of them kissed in this episode, I thnk Lydia is far too good for Jackson.
  • I loved that Alison was able to out smart Erica and take her down. I'm not quite sure how Issac was taken down but I liked that he was.
  • I love that Lydia isn't the kanuma but I'm still curious about what she is.
  • I love that Jackson is the kanuma and I'm curious about his connection in kanuma form to the person in the car.
  • I liked the part at the end of the episode Derek said that Scott already has a pack of his own.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top 5 Book Characters I relate to

1. Laura Wingfield(The Glass Menagerie): I related to Laura because she's very shy and timid which causes her a lot of problems with connecting the outside world which is something that I can relate to very easily. I also relate to her because she likes to escape into her own make believe world which I also love to do. I also relate to her because when something slightly embarrassing happens to be me I think it's a really big deal but in reality no one even notice. I also have no real experience with boys and neither does Laura.
2. Hikage Sumino( I am Here): She's extremely shy and has a blog, I'm also extremely shy and have a blog.
3. Sansa Stark(Game of Thrones): I relate to Sansa because we both just want life to be a nice and pretty fairytale which I know it's not but I still wish it was. I also relate to her because I've had crushes on guys who were actually jerks and all my friends told me the guy was a jerk but ignored them because he was cute but eventually learned the truth, even though my experience was a lot less painful than Sansa's I completely understand the way she felt. I also relate to her because if I was in a situation were I was basically held captive I would do everything I could to please them in hopes that they'd let me go. I also relate to her with a few more little things such as I also enjoy watching medieval sports, I also look to say something nice to someone when there's an awkward silence and I prefer the warm to the cold.
4. Chloe Saunders(The Darkest Powers series): I relate to her because she thinks of things as if she were in a movie which I tend to do as well. She also wants to work in the movie industry as well which I would like to do as well although she wants to be a director and I want to be a writer so it's a bit different.
5. Lena Kaligaris(The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants): I relate to her because were both shy and at the beginning of the series she didn't really have experience with boys which I don't have either. I also like art as well but I'm not as good at as she is.

TV Review: Bunheads: For Fanny(1.02)

                                                      Bunheads: For Fanny(1.02)
  • I found that this episode was a very interesting second episode with having to plan a funeral for a Hubble.
  • I felt really bad for Fanny and Michelle having to go through this situation especially this early in the show.
  • I found the way that Fanny planned for the funeral to be both entertaining and very sad.
  • I could felt bad for Michelle because she was placed in such an awkward situation but no one would really let her do anything.
  • I liked how Boo felt really bad for skipping school and watching a movie the day after Hubble died and I liked that the other girls felt bad about it later too.
  • I thought the memorial service put on by Michelle and the girls was very nice.
  • I find it interesting that Hubble had it so that his will was transferred to Michelle.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Abomination(2.04)

                                               Teen Wolf: Abomination(2.04)Review
  • I find it very interesting that the creature has a form of venom that paralyzes it's victim before it kills them, also that it's only purpose may be to kill, it can't swim and it can't recognize who or what it is.
  • I find it interesting that the vet has a past with the Argents and that the Argents have a book full of a list of other species.
  • I found the scene with the creature in the body shop to be very frightening especially when I thought the creature was going to go after Stiles who at the time couldn't move.
  • I liked the scene between Stiles and his dad in this episode not exactly sure why.
  • I find it interesting and frightening that Stiles feels that the creature recognized him.
  • I liked the scene were Derek is training his betas to survive.
  • I found it funny how Stiles had to be Scott and Alison's go between this episode.
  • I liked the scene with Lydia and the guidance councillor because of how Lydia kept questioning whether or not the person was qualified.
  • I'm pretty worried about Lydia still because of how she was covered in blood when she woke up and how upset she was in this episode.
  • I really loved the scene between Stiles and Lydia in this episode were she almost confided in him.
  • I find it interesting that there's two hours of missing footage on Jackson's video.
  • I found the dinner at the Argents to be very awkward.
  • I found the scene with the creature at the pool to be very tense.
  • I like what we see of Derek and Stiles relationship with how they don't like each other really but they'll keep each other safe when they''re in danger.
  • I find it interesting that the creature is called a kanum.
  • I find Alison's grandfather to be quite frightening and I thought it was really cruel of him to stab Scott for a long time and to threaten to kill his mom if he didn't do as he said.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie Review: Like Minds

                                                         Like Minds Review
This movie is about how the complicated relationship between Alex(Eddie Redmayne)and Nigel(Tom Sturridge)led to Nigel's death which the police think that Alex caused. Over the course of the film it's shown how the two boys meet and the odd relationship that couldn't  quite be called friends or enemies but they were most definately close. There's also a lot about the knight templars and the church during the 1300s that is important to the plot due to Nigel's belief that he and Alex are descended from them and have been chosen to due their work.

I overall really enjoyed this film because it has a really interesting plot and the two main characters are well developed as is their relationship. I also thought that all the acting was good and I thought Eddie Redmayne did an especially good job at playing Alex who went through a whole lot of emotions over the course of the film. I found the end a little odd at first but after thinking about for a while it makes sense. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 10 Books I'd like to read Summer 2012

1. A Clash of Kings: I recently finished the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series so I'm excited to read the second book and I'm especially excited because season 2 of the tv show was fantastic which was based off this book.
2. Entwined:I've wanted to read this book for the longest time because of it's pretty cover and interesting sounding plot since I now own this book I plan to read it as soon as I finish A Clash of Kings.
3. The Secret Circle:The Divide: I loved the first three books in the series and I would love to see the characters again plus I'm still mourning the lose of the tv show.
4.Ender's Game: I've wanted to read this book for awhile now since it's plot sounds interesting and since it's set to be made into a movie I think it would be best that I read it as soon as possible.
5. The Reckoning:This is the last book of The Darkest Powers series which I have loved the first two books and I would love to see how everything ends.
6. Born Wicked: I really like the cover and the plot sounds really interesting. I also recently read a review that made me really want to read this book.
7.Wither: The last time I read the summary of this book I just really wanted to read this book because I wanted it interesting. I also really like how distress the girls on the covers look.
8.Hex Hall: I like the covers of this book and I love stories about teenage witches. I also have seen some quotes from this book that made me laugh.
9.Grave Mercy: I love the cover and the plot sounds super interesting.
10. Hide and Seek: I enjoyed the first three books of The Lying Game series so I'm looking forward to reading the fourth book.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fangirl Friday 12

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Teen Wolf: I continue to love this season of Teen Wolf with all the new werewolves Derek has been making this season and I like that they all seem like interesting and sympathetic characters so far. There's also the mysterious behind who and what the lizard creature is and also what's go on with Lydia. I also like that Alison is starting to be trained as a hunter and I loved that Scott can actually focus on something other than his relationship with Alison this season.

2. Bunheads: I'm shocked by how much I loved the pilot it was so good I loved the dialogue, the characters and of course the dancing. I so far love this show way more than I thought I would and I'm really looking forward to the next episode.

3. The Heroes of Olympus: I started reading The Lost Hero, the first book in The Heroes of Olympus series which is interconnected with the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series which I love. I so far have only read the first four chapters but I love it so far and I really like the characters of Jason and Piper. I also like that it's told from three different point of views.

4. Within Temptations: This week I discovered some new songs by Within Temptations which is a band I love already. The songs were Faster, Blue Eyes, and Where is the Edge, oddly enough I discovered all this songs by watching fan videos for the BBC Merlin series the first two songs were Morgana tributes and the last one was Morgana/Merlin video. Anyway I love this songs a whole lot and this band in general.

TV Review: Bunheads: Pilot(1.01)

                                                       Bunheads: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I love the dialogue for this show, it's really entertaining and I like that it kind of reminds me of Gilmore Girls which makes sense since it's created by Amy Sherman-Palladino who also created that show.
  • I liked all of the dancing that we get to see in the show.
  • I think that Michelle makes for a good main character because she flawed yet still very likable and I liked that she's a good dancer and that, that's a big part of her character.
  • I found the relationship between Michelle and Hubble to be pretty interesting because even though he loves her she doesn't love him and he knows that but is okay with that.
  • I loved seeing Kelly Bishop(who I know and love for playing Emily Gilmore) and I like her character Fanny and how she can be a good foil to Michelle's character.
  • I also liked seeing the young girls who take ballet, I feel like there wasn't much of them this week but I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.
  • I'm little confused if Hubble died in a car crash or was just severely injured but either way that's sad.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Ice Pick(2.03)

                                                         Teen Wolf: Ice Pick(2.03)Review
  • I find it interesting that Argents have the females as the leaders and that the men are merely soldiers.
  • I like that Alison has started some of her training as a hunter.
  • I enjoyed the sweet moments between Alison and Scott through out the episode.
  • I find it interesting that Derek only really offer people the bite who have lives that are currently not very good and that the two people he gave it to so far lives have overall improved.
  • I kind of like the character Erica since she had a pretty good reason to want to be a werewolf and I like how confidant she became after she got the bite.
  • I liked when Scott, Alison, Stiles and Lydia all went to the skating rink together and I still like the idea of Stiles and Lydia as a couple.
  • I'm worried about Lydia since she hallucinated several times this episode about Peter the alpha from last season and I'm curious to see whether or not Jackson's theory about Lydia being naturally immune to werewolf bites is true.
  • I find Alison's mom to be scary with how she cuts herself with a knife in order to have an excuse to visit Scott's mom at the hospital.
  • I loved that Scott tried to prevent Derek from turning the last member he needed for his pack.
  • I found it sad that Scott wasn't able to prevent Boyd from becoming a werewolf and that he got Boyd to decide that he'd rather be like Scott than Derek. I also find it sad that he wanted to be turned because he didn't have anyone sit with at lunch.
  • I'm really curious about who and what Scott's boss really is and what he knows about the new creature.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones

                                                       A Game of Thrones Review
Game of Thrones is the first book in George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series that has a lot more to do with who gets the power to rule over the seven kingdoms than it does with magic. This book is full of medieval political intrigue and depthful characters which is all set in a world that is described in vivid detail. I feel that it's best to split up my review into several parts do to how many different narrators there are and it will include spoilers.
"When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."

Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark of Winterfell is asked by his old friend King Robert to become the hand of the king after the last one, Jon Arryn had died under mysterious circumstances. At first Ned is reluctant to leave Winterfell and go south to King's Landing but after receiving a letter from the last hand's widow who's also his wife's Catelyn sister that her husband was murdered Ned felt duty bound to become Robert's hand and figure out who killed Jon Arryn and why. Soon after arriving in King's Landing Ned learns that things such as honor and duty aren't as valued in the south as it is in the north, the politics in Kings Landing with the way everyone lying to and spying on each other is something that Ned doesn't approve or fully understand.

Ned ends up asking three members of the council what Jon Arryn was looking into around the time that he died, the three members being Grand Maester Pycelle who's an elderly man who is a healer and gives Ned the book that Jon Arryn was reading before he died, Varys a eunuch who is known as the master of whispers and serves the realm rather than a certain king and Lord Petyr "Littlefinger" Balish who was a childhood friend to Catelyn and was in love with her. Littlefinger ends up offering the most help to Ned which makes Ned thinks it's a good idea to trust him even though Littlefinger says he'd be wise not to trust him, so when Littlefinger betrays Ned it only comes as a surprise to Ned. Ned eventually learns that King Robert's children are not actually his true born children but rather the product of the incest between the Queen Cersei Lannister and her twin brother Jaime a member of the kings guard known as the kingslayer.

After Ned found out the truth about the Lannister incest he decided it was a good idea for him to tell Cersei so she can save her children from Robert's wrath but Cersei had other ideas. Soon Robert died and Cersei's oldest child Joffrey had become king and when Ned told the truth about him not being the rightful king he was imprisoned and most of the members of his household he brought with him were slaughtered.

Towards the beginning of the book Ned's son Bran saw Cersei and Jamie together and was pushed off a high tower by Jaime, Bran was crippled but he didn't die and before he awoke someone was sent to kill him.  After the second attempt on Bran's life Catelyn went to Kings Landing to find more information on who tried to kill her son since she was sure it was the Lannister's behind it and the blade the killer used was to nice for a sell sword. Catelyn is led to believe that it was Tyrion Lannister doing so she held him as a prisoner for a time until she was forced to release him after taking him to her sister who has became not quite right in the head since she last saw her.
After Ned is taken prisoner his eldest son Robb called their house's bannermen and started marching to King's Landing which is pretty much the start of the war between the north and the Lannister's. Catelyn's house the Tully's have already been fighting the Lannisters for some time so by the end of the book they join forces.

"All she wanted was for things to be nice and pretty, the way they were in songs."
Sansa Stark at age 11 is Ned's eldest daughter and much to her delight a marriage between her and Prince Joffrey is arranged towards the beginning of the book. Sansa loves the tales that are told in songs were the knights and prince are brave and handsome heroes and they always treat their ladies kindly,Sansa thinks that her life in Kings Landing is going to be like it's described in songs. Sansa at first loves her life at court with being able to be around her prince, seeing tournaments and King's Landing is warm and pretty compared to cold and deary Winterfell.
Throughout the book Sansa slowly learns that life at court isn't like how it's described in the songs. One of the first time she sees this is when the Hound tells her of how he got the burn marks that covers his face. Sansa believes Joffrey is like the princes she has heard about in the songs and for most of the book she's in love with him so she ignores the early signs of his cruelty. After her father is arrested for treason Sansa begs Joffrey for mercy on her father he promises her he will if he confesses but instead Joffrey orders that Ned's head to come off while Sansa screams in protest for him to stop.

After her father's death Sansa finally sees for  Joffrey the cruel tyrant he is and wishes to go home but she's not allowed to because their still to be married. Sansa at the end of the book is basically the Lannister's prisoner but she's forced to act as if she still loves Joffrey even though she now hates him.

"Fear cuts deeper than swords."

Arya is Ned's younger daughter who he also takes to Kings Landing but unlike her sister she doesn't dream of marrying some handsome prince but of being a knight. Arya isn't interested in fulfilling the acceptable roles for women of this time period and she is one that will make sure her opinion is known to all. Throughout the book Arya is trained in the art of sword fighting by a foreign dancing master who gives her many sayings to go a long with her training that she often repeats to herself.

Arya doesn't trust or like the Lannisters therefore she sees them as they truly are, when their guards come looking for her she easily figures out that something has happened to her father and that it's best for her to run. After Arya escapes the Red Keep(the castle area in Kings Landing) with her sword Needle she lives on the streets in the lower towns of Kings Landing since there are guards not allowing anyone to leave Kings Landing. The last time Arya appears in the book is when she witnesses her execution but Yoren(a member of the Nights Watch) makes sure that she doesn't see the actual act and leads her away from the crowd before the Lannisters could find her.

" Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you."
Tyrion Lannister is a dwarf and while that's an important part of his character and it's not all he is. Tyrion is also known for his wits and his sense of humor by fans of the series. In all honest Tyrion's storyline in this book isn't all that great but his character is great so I still looked forward to chapters.

Over the course of the book Tyrion journeys to the Wall and gives Jon Snow some good life advice and then starts to head back south. He's soon taken prisoner by Catelyn Stark for some crimes he didn't commit and has to find away to get them to let him go which he does. After gaining the loyalty through the means of money to a sells sword named Bronn and some hill tribe men and at least one woman he reaches his father's war camp, he's forced to fight in battle  even he isn't any good at it but he manges to survive. At the end of the book his father gives him orders to serve as hand of the king until the war is won.
"Now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall live and die at my post."

Jon Snow is Ned Stark's bastard son, knowing that he'll never be able to rise above his status of being a bastard Jon decides to join the Nights Watch(a group of men who devote their lives to fight the evils on the other side of The Wall and protect the realm). Jon soon discovers that most of the men of the Nights Watch were criminals who only joined to avoid death or imprisonment. Through out the book Jon grows to accept the Nights Watch for what it is and to find his place among his new brothers.
The most interesting part about this storyline is that on the other side of The Wall there are these creatures called Others that are some kind of zombie that was thought to be extinct until the recent sightings of them. The mystery of the Others and everything else beyond the Wall is the only part of the Nights Watch storyline that storyline I really get excited for.

" He was no dragon, Dany thought, curiously calm. Fire cannot kill a dragon."

Daenerys Taragaryen is one of the last living members of Taragaryen family that had previously ruled over the seven kingdoms for certantries because of their dragons that at the beginning of the book have been dead for quite some time and after the last Taragaryn king known as the Mad King was killed his remaining family Daenerys and her older brother Viserys were forced into exile. At the beginning Daenerys is a frighten young girl who is sold into a marriage with a Dothraki horse lord(the leader of his tribe known as Khalasar and leader is chosen by who's the strongest fighter or really best killer) in exchange her brother will get an army.

Daenerys eventually develops a surprisingly loving relationship between her and Khal Drogo which that and her role as the Khaleesi(queen) helps her to become a stronger more confident person. Over the course of the book she experience much loss with the deaths of her brother, husband and unborn child but in the end this helps her to become the leader she was always meant to be. At the end of the book Daenerys walks into the fire were she had placed her dragon eggs and by the next morning she had brought back dragons and was unharmed by the flames.
I overall loved this book, my favorite character and storyline was Daenerys since over the course of the book she changes the most. My favorite Point of view was Sansa because I just felt the most connected to her since I completely understood her way of looking at the world. I loved the book and I plan to read the next book soon. Please tell me your thoughts on this book.

Top 10 Beach books

1. Fruits Basket volumes 10 and 11: These are my two favorite books in my favorite series and these volumes are set at the summer house so I thought it was a fitting beach read.
2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series: I love this series and it's an easy read and every book but the third book is set during the summer.
3. Heist Society series: This series is fun and I love all the con artist stuff.
4. Secret Circle series: This is another fun series that can be a bit ridicules but in the best way possible, also there's quite a few parts set on a beach.
5. The Lying Game series: A fun and addictive of read.
6. Pants on Fire: The first book I read by Meg Cabot who always makes her series fun reads that are fun to read on the beach.
7. How to be Popular: Another Meg Cabot book that's a quick and fun read.
8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series: A nice series about friendship and growing up that all takes place during the summer.
9. The Gallagher Girls series: A fun story about girls in spy school who are still just like every other teenage girl expect they're smarter and better at fighting.
10. Higurashi No naku Koro Ni: A horror series that takes place during the summer not exactly a light read but it is a good read.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fangirl Friday 11

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Game of Thrones: The Game of Thrones season finale aired this week and it was a great episode but less epic than last week's. In this episode Deanerys actually has a pretty interesting storyline with how when she goes to the house of the undying she sees walks through a bunch magic induced scenery that include a snow covered throne room, the north side of the Wall and a tent which saw Knal Drogo and her baby. She also got her dragons back who have learned how breath giant flames and then she and her khalser threw Xaro  and her traitorous handmaid in his empty safe then stole all his gold and jewels in order to buy a ship. I also love that Margaery is back and one step closer to becoming the queen, I think she'll be very good a manipulating Joffrrey to get what she wants since she seems to know what she's doing. I also loved seeing how happy Sansa was after she found out she no longer had to marry Joffrey. I'm glad that Tyrion survived the battle and I hope that he finds a way to get back on the small council because he's right about how the political manipulation game is what he's good at. I think it was a bad idea for Robb to get married because of the spoilers I heard for book three. I also loved seeing Jaime and Brienne again because I just find Jaime really entertaining. I was really sad that master Luwin died and that Winterfell was burnt. I find the White Walker army to be very frightening and I think that the Night's Watch is in need of some wildfire.

2. Teen Wolf: Teen Wolf's second season premiered this week with 2 new episodes and I enjoyed both of them. I'm really excited about this season because it starts off a few days after last season's finale and a lot of new interesting plot developments have already appeared. I also loved seeing all the characters again especially Stiles and I liked that we were introduced to a few new ones. I also love that Price Peterson of also photo recaps Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle) is photo recapping each episode this season.

3. Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer: Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite book and from how the trailer looks it seems like the movie is staying true to the book. I'm just really happy the trailer looks good.

4. Secret Circle: I finally watched the Secret Circle finale and the finale was really good and made me even more sad that the show was cancelled. I thought that the stories of all the main characters as well as the plots were wrapped up nicely but I also liked there was some set up for a season 2 that will sadly never come. I will miss this series greatly because I loved all the main characters(expect Nick but he's been off the show for a long time), I love shows about magic and I liked the friendships between the girls(because I feel there's not enough strong girl girl friendships on tv).

TV Review: Secret Circle: Family(1.22)

                                               Secret Circle: Family(1.22)Review
  • I loved seeing some more of Diana and Grant being sweet together and I'm super pleased that he's in no way connected to the circle drama.
  • I hated seeing Faye get attack by Eben and his goons.
  • I loved that everyone's main goal was to get Faye back and kill Eben.
  • I loved that the circle has finally been unbound. I especially loved when Faye got her powers back and was totally bad ass with it.
  • I loved how Dawn and Charles made sure to get their powers back to save their children and that they realized that it was all their fault that Blackwell was able to succeed. I also loved that they went to Charles mother to get the power back.
  • I loved how Faye told Dawn that she knows she's a witch and then asked her to save her if she can.
  • I loved how Charles mother told him that even though Diana isn't related to them by blood she's still their family.
  • I was glad that Diana never trusted Blackwell and I liked that she was the only one out of the three that wasn't seduced by the power of the crystal skull.
  • I loved that Jake and Melissa came to Faye's rescue even though they weren't able to help much.
  • I liked the hug between Adam and Melissa before Adam left to see if he could help Cassie and Diana.
  • I liked that Dawn and Charles were able to save Faye, Melissa and Jake but I was sad that Charles had to sacrifice himself in order to get the demons out of Eben. I'm not sure if he's dead or comatose but it doesn't really matter since this a series finale.
  • I loved that Jake killed Eben.
  • I hated that Blackwell tried to kill all the non-balcoin witches and I'm really happy that Cassie and Diana were able to defeat and kill him.
  • I'm glad that Diana is leaving town and that she and Grant are going to travel across the country together.
  • I loved that Faye and Jake ended up together because they really suit each other and it gives me hope that Damon and Katherine on Vampire Diaries can be end game as well.
  • I loved that Faye and Melissa have decided that they should use their new solo magic to have fun.
  • I'm disappointed that the show got cancelled and I've already signed a petition to get the show to air on abc family but I'm not letting myself get my hopes up yet.
  • I overall loved this series and I thought this was a fantastic episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Shape Shifted(2.02)

                                             Teen Wolf: Shape Shifted(2.02)Review
  • This episode opened with Issac and it showed that his father was an abusive asshole and that Derek did turn him at the end of last episode. His father is than killed by some creature that wasn't Issac.
  • I find it weird and mean that the Argents tortured the principle until he quit so that grandpa Argent could take over his job.
  • I liked that Stiles bought a lot more chain to tie Scott up with for the full moon and I found it to be awkward and funny when it all came out of his lacrosse locker with everyone watching it fall.
  • I have to agree with Stiles that sometimes I too wonder how he gets through life when Stiles isn't around since he didn't get Stiles obvious plan for him to play goalie in order get close to everyone.
  • I found the sequence when Scott was horrible at playing the goalie with how he ran up and tackled everyone and then obviously smelled them to be hilarious. I also loved how the coach keep yelling at him for how it seemed like he had no idea what a goalie was suppose to do. I also really liked the moment Scott and Danny had although if Scott keeps having theses moments Danny's going to start to think that Scott's into him.
  • I felt bad for Issac through out the whole episode because of how his father treated him, how his dad died and that he was arrested for his dad's murder.
  • I liked how Stiles and Scott got out of class to ease drop on what Jackson was telling Stiles's dad and I liked how Scott and Stiles found out about Alison's grandpa being the new principle.
  • I liked that Derek and Scott both wanted help Issac even though it was for different reasons. I also liked how Derek is still offering to be Scott's mentor even though Scott claims he doesn't want his help. I also liked that Scott said that Derek can't keep turning people and I liked that Derek says that only turns people who want to turn even after he tells them the risks.
  • I liked that Alison's dad still wants to follow the code even though grandpa Argent has declared war on werewolves but Mr.Argent compares what he's doing to genocide.
  • I liked how Alison called Stiles to help with the Issac situation and I loved that Alison slowed down the guy with wolfsbane by shooting arrows in his tires and his leg.
  • I liked the scenes with Stiles and Derek those are always good since there so different from each other.
  • I'm glad that Issac was okay and that no one except the wolfsbane guy was seriously hurt.
  • I'm really curious about what the lizard creature is and who the lizard creature is.
  • I'm also worried about Jackson since the bite didn't turn him and earlier in the episode Stiles mentions that if the bite doesn't turn you it kills you.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Top 10 Book Heroines

1. Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket):Tohru is pretty different from any of the other characters on this list because she doesn't really have any special talents other than being extremely nice and she doesn't really set out to defeat enemies. Tohru is able to save pretty much everyone including the main villain just by being kind and accepting them for who they are flaws and all. The reason I think that her character can work as a hero in this series(because in most series she wouldn't be very heroic) is because most of the characters problems are psychological and all the other characters really needed was for someone else to tell them that it was okay to be who they are, that's exactly what Tohru does for them.
2. Sakura Kinomoto(Cardcaptor Sakura): Sakura is another character that is able to win people over with kindness but unlike Tohru it isn't her only skill. Sakura is also very skilled in magic and she can be suprisely resourceful with how well she is able to use it. She also doesn't give up when she is faced with a challenge.
3. Daenerys Targaryen(A Song of Ice and Fire series): I technically only read the first book and watched the first 19 episodes of the tv series but I don't see my love for Daenerys changing anytime soon so I thought it was okay to include her. I love Daenerys because of how she goes from this timid girl to a powerful warrior queen throughout the first book. I also love how fierce she became but even through that it's still very clear that she cares for her people just that now she'll make sure their enemies will suffer. I also loved that she was able to walk through fire and not get burned.
4. Sakura Hime(The Legend of Princess Sakura):She's a rebellious princess who has to find demons now and so far she seems to be pretty good at defeating them with her sword. She's also pretty brave and believes in protecting Innocent people even when it's likely to get her hurt.
5. Amu Hinamori(Shugo Chara): I just find her relatable since she doesn't really know who she is or what she wants out of life but she also has quite a bit of magical powers and a firm sense of what's right and what's wrong.
6. Katarina Bishop(Heist Society series): She's really smart with her being able to pull off quite a few heists even though she isn't even old enough to graduate high school and she also has good morals now because she refuses to steal from anyone who hasn't already stolen from someone else first. I also love how she acts in her scenes with Arturo Taccone because in those parts she's so witty and brave.
7. Chloe Saunders(The Darkest Powers series): I love that she compares everything to a movie and that once she discovers that she's a necromancer that she keeps trying to figure out how her powers work and that she's trying to figure out how to take down the Edison group.
8. Alyss Heart(The Looking Glass Wars series):Over the two books of the series I read she already had to win back her throne once and in the second book there's yet another war she has to try to win, so I think it's save to say she's a bit of a war queen.
9. Katniss Everdeen(The Hunger Games):I feel like now a days you couldn't make this list without mentions Katniss who is brave and has great bow and arrow skills.
10. Tally Youngblood(Uglies series): She has pretty much led revolutions and all though she does seem to suffer from chronic backstabbing syndrome she has made the world she lives in a better place.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Manga Review: Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.2

                                                Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.2Review
The second volume of the series starts off right were the first one ends with the girls meeting Ferio who at first the girls are unsure if they can trust him but they decide he's most likely not an enemy do to the fact that he saved them from getting killed and Mokona seems to like him. After finding out the Ferio also wants to go to the Legendary Fountain of Eterna as well but doesn't know the way Fuu convinces him to come with the girls as there bodyguard since he seems like a good fighter and monsters attack often in the Forest of Silence.

Just as they make it out of the Forest of Silence, Umi is attacked and seriously injured by Alcyone(the evil sorceress from the first volume) so Hikaru of course decides to avenge her her friend with the magic she learned in volume 1. Umi wakes up during a point in the fight were it looks like Hikaru is going to loose and through Mokona Guru Clef is able to teach Umi magic that was able to defeat Alcyone and save Hikaru. Once Umi completes the spell she collapses because she's still badly injured and then Fuu is able to learn magic the same way Umi did and she's able to heal Umi.

 After seeing all this Ferio figures out that the girls are the legendary magic knights and after they ask he tells them what he knows of the story. Ferio leaves soon after this because the only reason he wanted to go to the Fountain of Eterna was because he wanted to see if he could become a magic knight because he also wanted to save Princess Emeraude but since he now knows that Hikaru, Umi and Fuu are the knights he now knows that only those three can be the magic knights. Ferio gives something to Fuu and kisses her hand before he leaves which makes Fuu blush a lot.

The girls then arrive at the Fountain of Eterna and after figuring out how to get into it. They go in and are faced with some that they love and after they acknowledge that in real life this person would never hurt them they are able to defeat it and receive Escudo. With the Escudo Presea is able to make the girls the weapons that they'll need to defeat Lord Zagato and save Cefiro. The girls then go on their way to find the mashin.

I loved this volume and I loved to see that the girls think of themselves as sisters. I also liked meeting Ferio and I like the relationship between him and Fuu. I liked learning about how everything in Cefiro works do to the will of someones heart and I find it interesting that the monsters are created from the fear of the citizens of Cefiro are feeling. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Omega(2.01)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Omega(2.01)Review
  • I was kind of surprised that Derek gave Jackson the bite because I thought it wouldn't happen as fast as it did but I knew it was bound to happen eventually because of how determined Jackson was to get the bite last season.
  • I still think Scott and Alison are adorable and sweet together so I'm glad that her finding out that he's a werewolf didn't end their relationship.
  • I loved that Stiles stayed in the hospital all weekend in order to give Lydia a get well soon balloon(even though he never got a chance to do that). I just loved seeing Stiles again he's my favorite character so I missed him all school year.
  • I'm still confused and worried about what is going on with Lydia with how she hallucinated about the tub being filled with her and blood, then ran around outside naked for about a day.
  • I liked that when Stiles's dad asked for more information on what Lydia looks like that Stiles just came up and gave a detailed description of what she looked like that was slightly stalkerish due to his long time crush on her.
  • I liked that Stiles had Scott track Lydia using the blood from her nightgown and I loved that Alison insisted that she come with because Lydia is her best friend.
  • I liked the odd conversation that Scott and Mr.Argent had while Scott was hanging upside down by a trip wire, it was just an interesting conversation and it showed that as of now Mr.Argent doesn't want to kill Scott.
  • I'm interested to see what's going to happen with Issac the guy who's a grave digger, on the lacrosse team and is an aspiring photographer who Derek is most likely going to bite very soon.
  • I liked that when Stiles thought that Lydia stole a dead guy's liver that he was still into her and I liked how after Scott mentioned that he never ate someones liver that Stiles thought it would be good to use him as a control group.
  • I liked the odd speech that the lacrosse couch gave to the team about why they should help find Lydia and I found it odd that he mentioned that he ran around naked once when it was 40 degrees outside because that just seems like something you wouldn't share with your students.
  • I'm really creeped out by the science teacher that seems to randomly hate Stiles. I wonder if the teacher is just naturally creepy or if he's somehow involved in something supernatural.
  • I'm curious and worried about why Jackson's body is rejecting the bite and I think it's especially worrisome that Derek doesn't know why that's happening.
  • I liked that Scott hide in the grave yard for Alison's aunt's funeral in order to give her moral support and I loved that Stiles came a little bit later and brought a tie with him even though he was wearing normal clothes and didn't wear the tie.
  • I find Alison's grandpa to also be creepy and I find it kind of scary that least scary person in Alison's dad.
  • I liked that when Scott and Stiles overhear in Stiles's dad's police car about the attack on the ambulance that they head out there right away.
  • I found it interesting that the person who was attacking everyone was the homeless omega wolf and not Lydia who we originally thought it was. I also liked that Scott wanted to help the omega wolf.
  • I liked that when Lydia turned up and asked for someone to give her a jacket that Stiles tried to takeoff his dad's jacket to give to her but he past out before he could do so and his dad gave her his jacket.
  • I liked that Derek made sure that the Argents didn't see Scott and that he made Scott watch when grandpa Argent sliced the omega wolf in half with a sword(which was pretty graphic). I also liked that Derek told Scott that this is why they have to stick together.
  • I really don't like grandpa Argent since he said he's not going to follow the code that Mr.Argent obeys when it comes to werewolf hunting.
  • I overall thought this was a good way to start off the season and I can't wait until the next episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Fangirl Friday 10

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Game of Thrones:This week's episode was very different the rest of the episodes in the series so far since it only focused on the battle at Kings Landing but that is part of what made it such a good episode. I loved that in this episode we saw lots of fighting and that we saw were all of our characters were during the battle and how it effected them. I worried that one of my favorite characters might die in this episode and hoped that Joffrey and Stannis would die in this episode, I don't think either did but I'm not sure about Stannis. I also loved that we saw Sansa and Cersei during the battle were the women are kept safe, I especially loved that Cersei was advising Sansa on what it means to be a queen while telling her how much she hates it and I loved that Sansa pretty much did a better part playing that role just because she doesn't want to scare the other women. I was really shocked but delighted that the Lannister's were able to win the battle even though I know they're not really good people.

2. Grimm: I watched episodes 15 through 22 this week and I really enjoyed all of them, I believe the second half of the season was much better than the first which is why I was able to watch so many episodes in a short period of time. I loved the season finale which was very exciting and had three cliffhangers which makes me really excited for season 2 which is said to start some time in August, if you haven't watched this series you can watch all 22 episodes on hulu.

3. Tokyo Babylon: I got the fifth volume of this series this week and I loved it. I also no from spoilers that the end of this volume is a pretty big turning pointing and that the series becomes pretty angsty after this point.