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TV Review: The 100: His Sister's Keeper(1.06)

                                        The 100: His Sister's Keeper(1.06)Review
  • I think it's pretty messed up and sad how when Octavia was born by Bellamy had to watch his mother give birth and fear for her life since they couldn't call a doctor and it seemed like they might have really needed one.
  • I thought it was strange yet sweet that Bellamy actually named Octavia also pretty surprising that's the name he came up with considering how young he was.
  • I thought that it was pretty messed up for his mom to tell Bellamy that since Octavia was his sister she was his responsibility to take care of her especially considering that he wasn't even allowed to let cry but I did like that he promised Octavia he would never allow anything bad to happen to her.
  • I liked how Bellamy was frantically looking through out the camp for Octavia since he notice that she has been gone for hours.
  • I liked how while Clarke was clearly still mad and worried about three people dying on the ark due to Bellamy's actions that when she saw how seriously worried he was about Octavia she offered to help him check the camp one last time before going to look for her.
  • I like that when Bellamy announced that they were going to form a rescue party for Octavia that Jasper despite not having left camp since he returned was one of the first to volunteer even though he was still clear scared.
  • I liked how Raven scold Finn for letting his hair get so long as she cut his hair because he seriously needed a haircut. I also liked that Raven could tell that Finn was hiding something from her.
  • I like that when Finn tried to talk about a relationship with Clarke that she said he has a girlfriend and what they started isn't something that can't be easily stopped.
  • I liked that when Raven was understandable yelling at Bellamy for being the cause of the deaths of 300 people that Clarke stepped in and said that he knows that and now he'll have to live with it.
  • I like that Clarke had to stay behind from the rescue party in order to help Raven find the parts that are needed to fix the radio which can be found in the bunker.
  • I like that when Octavia woke up for the second time in the cave she noticed her wound had been treated and then started looking everywhere to find away out of it and she continued until she found one breaking a hole in the wall and climbing through it.
  • I liked that when they came to that one really steep hill that Octavia fell down last episode that Bellamy was of course the first one down it but I was pleased and surprised to see that Jasper was the second one that went down.
  • I found it sweet how when they were younger Bellamy used give Octavia piggyback rides around their pods and apparently would pretend for her that they were in the jungle or the forest.
  • I felt bad for young Octavia with how she wanted so badly to be able to see the rest of the Ark and how she hated to have to hide under the floor. I also liked that in this scene we were where shown their mother telling Octavia to slay her demons by saying she wasn't afraid.
  • I liked how when walking into the area that was marked by skeletons that Bellamy said the others could turned back but he was going to forward because his sister his responsibility and that Jasper was the next to follow who said he'd go to hell for Octavia.
  • I liked how Raven compared Clarke to her mom and made sure to tell Clarke that her comparing the two was definitely meant to be a good thing.
  • I found it sad that Raven's mom mostly just used her for her rations and that Finn pretty much kept her alive which really shows how deep their connection was and how much of jerk Finn is for moving on from her so fast.
  • I liked how Bellamy knowing how happy it would make Octavia got her a mask for the masquerade and made sure that he'd be on the unit working security at this party because he just wanted her to have a fun night out like she has always wanted.
  • I liked how Octavia looked at the moon rising with wonder and that Bellamy looked at her so very pleased to have made his sister happy.
  • I liked that Jasper had briefly saw Octavia at the masquerade and had found her attractive right from the start although I doubt he remembers the moment.
  • I liked that grounders becoming more deadly did nothing to discourage either Bellamy or Jasper in their search for Octavia although no one else seem near as committed which is understandable.
  • I liked that Octavia realized that this one grounder saved her and that she was grateful for this and that since she had seen this one girl get killed she knew Bellamy would be out there looking for her and she begged the grounder to make sure he was safe as well.
  • I liked how Raven was able to figure out that Clarke and Finn were a thing before she got to earth and that she didn't let this distract her from getting what was needed for the radio.
  • I like that Bellamy was willing to put himself at the mercy of an older guard and do whatever was asked of him no matter what it was if it would keep Octavia safe but sadly Bellamy could not save her from the guards.
  • I love that when Bellamy and Octavia were reunited both before and after he unlocked her they hugged each other and they were both so clearly glad to see the other.
  • I liked that after the grounder had stabbed Finn and looked like it was going to kill Bellamy that Jasper was able to knock it out again.
  • I like that when Raven confronted Clarke about Finn that Clarke was honest about how she didn't know about Raven and that in the end it was pretty clear that Raven was more sad and mad at Finn than Clarke since he's only been gone about ten days which really makes Finn an asshole in my book.
  • I found the whole confrontation between Octavia and Bellamy to be very painful to watch because I know they both truly love each other so it hurts seeing them fight the way they did. I liked how Octavia blamed Bellamy for all the mistakes he's made since he came to earth and I understand why she blames him at the moment for her arrest and their mother's death which this then leaves Bellamy blaming it on Octavia because he's spent all her life looking out for her and even goes as far as to say his life ended when she was born which I know he doesn't mean but it hurts all the same.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Reign: The Consummation(1.13)

                                           Reign: The Consummation(1.13)Review
  • I liked how Catherine was planning Mary's wedding and her own death at the same time because if she had to die she wanted it to be memorable.
  • I liked how both Francis and Lola want each other to end up happily married to other people one day.
  • I liked that we met Mary's mother Marie even if she isn't the nicest of mother's with how she manipulates things and doesn't seem to have the highest of opinions of Mary despite having barely ever spent any time with her through out her life.
  • I liked that Mary could figure out right a way that her mother wouldn't allow for her to marry Bash.
  • I liked that when Francis and Lola returned to court that Mary and Francis couldn't stop staring at each other and didn't seem to notice anything else that was going on around them.
  • I liked that Nostrodamus had visions that proved to him that Francis marrying Mary won't lead to his death and that he tells this Catherine even though he knows it will enrage her that his mistakes have almost led to her death.
  • I liked that before Catherine convinced Francis to fight for Mary that he didn't plan to come between Mary and Bash despite him still being in love with Mary.
  • I was sad to see Francis and Bash be so angry with each other over their relationship with Mary with them both wanting the other gone but hopeful things will improve between them one day.
  • I liked how Mary did eventually believe that the visions have changed and that she can now marry Francis if she chooses to but she ended up having a hard time choosing between Francis and Bash because she does love them both.
  • I liked that Catherine gave Mary a blank letter that she could use to say it was word from the Vatican that she could say either approved or disproved of Bash becoming king and I liked that Catherine told her that she loves either Francis or Bash more.
  • I liked that scene were Mary tells Bash that she can't marry him that they both clearly still care for each other it's just that she loves Francis more.
  • I loved how when Mary tells Francis that he's the one that she loves most that she runs up to him and kisses him and tells him how his mother allowed her to make her own choice in the end.
  • I liked how Kenna was able to convince Henry to write letters for her to get her a husband at court but I dislike that Kenna restarted a relationship with him.
  • I liked how Lola told Kenna that she doesn't think a relationship with Henry is a good idea and I liked that Kenna told Lola that she knows something happened between her and Francis.
  • I really enjoyed seeing Francis and Mary's wedding since the two of them were so clearly happy to be with each other it was magical to watch.
  • I liked how Mary told her mother that she wanted her out of her life after learning that  she was the one that forced Mary's hand earlier that day.
  • I thought that it was pretty cruel of Henry to make Bash watch Mary and Francis have sex especially since Bash was already on his way to leave court.
  • I doubt that Francis was the one behind the guards trying to kill Bash and it makes me sad that Bash would consider that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Twilight's Last Gleaming(1.05)

                                    The 100: Twilight's Last Gleaming(1.05)Review
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she was telling Finn that them being together was about her wanting to be with him not just wanting to be with someone because I don't believe that he feels the same way about her despite what he says before Raven affairs.
  • I like how Abby when she hears that the council chose to kill 300 people that day that she begged the Chancellor to just wait longer in order to hear back from Raven, I'm also glad that Abby was given work release instead of just being executed.
  • I liked how when Clarke suggested bringing back some of the supplies from the bunker that Finn points out that by doing that they'd have reveal where they found that stuff and that would mean giving up their safe hiding place.
  • I liked how when Finn brought up wishing on a star that Clarke was completely confused with the whole logic of why someone would wish on a star.
  • I liked how excited Octavia was when she saw Raven's rocket crashing down to earth with how she yelled for Bellamy right away when she saw it and wanted to go look for it right away.
  • I liked how Clarke and Finn theorize about what had been sent down from the ark with how the both thought it was mostly supplies Finn thought weapons and Clarke thought food of some sort.
  • I liked that Clarke pretty much implied that her sleeping with Finn was a mistake because it distracted her from the goal of trying to contact the ark in some way.
  • I liked how when Clarke returned to camp and saw that Bellamy was gone already despite telling everyone else to wait into morning to find the ship that Clarke knew right away that he was going after the radio and that she was mad at herself for not realizing it earlier.
  • I liked how Octavia followed and confronted Bellamy about him seeming like he was only looking out for himself when she found him going off to find the ship alone.
  • I like that Bellamy finally told Octavia that he shot the Chancellor in order to get on the drop ship because he need to protect her and I like that Octavia told him that she never asked him to do any of this even he did do everything for her and he agreed that he was the one that made the choice, I liked this scene even if I do dislike these two being at odds with each other
  • I like how Abby shows her frustrated she is by not being able to help most of the sick patients because what they need is oxygen and the ark simply doesn't have enough of it.
  • I liked how the Chancellor tried to get Kane to be the one that would the killing of the people because it's really been Kane's agenda all along.
  • I liked how when Clarke found Raven in her ship that the two girls ended up smiling at each other as well as when Raven got to take her first steps on earth.
  • I felt bad for Clarke when she had to see Finn kiss Raven right in front of her and not being able to say anything about it but on the other hand I thought Raven was pretty cute with how she was saying it wasn't much of a challenge to rebuild the ship and I did feel a bit bad for her as well, I just thought that Finn was an ass for his behavior over the last two episodes.
  • I liked that Clarke told Finn that she didn't want to talk about what happened with them last night and instead focused on helping Raven and didn't direct any angry at her for how Finn had misled her.
  • I liked how Raven when she figured out who Clarke was told her how mom was the one that set up this whole thing and told her about the voting on 300 people dying thing.
  • I liked how when Abby told the Chancellor that him wanting to die with his people tonight wasn't noble but cowardly and that she believes that they haven't went through every possible option that would prevent more people from dying.
  • I liked how the truth of why Bellamy was so dead set against anyone from the ark coming done was revealed to Clarke and Finn. I also liked how Raven told Bellamy that he was lousy shot and he didn't kill the Chancellor.
  • I liked that after Clarke hears that Bellamy didn't kill the Chancellor that she tells him this means he isn't a killer and that who is, is someone that would anything to protect his sister. I also liked that after hearing this and that 300 people will die today if they don't contact the ark that Bellamy tells them he through the radio in the lake.
  • I liked how Abby released her husband's video to the public  of him explaining that the ark is dying and added her own part to the video about how the council will kill 300 people today.
  • I found it very sad but also very noble and brave that so many people were willing to die in order to give their loved ones more time to survive and I liked that knowing this information really did bring out the best in people.
  • I think that despite Bellamy not saying much on the matter I think he does indeed feel bad that 300 people could die today because of him.
  • I like how Raven when she found the radio said that she would probably be able to fix it but it would take at least a day to dry out and I like that she pointed out that they didn't need to talk to the ark to let them know their alive just send them a signal which she thought up the idea of rockets.
  • I like how Clarke was very calm in her acceptance that her and Finn won't be thing and that she was understanding of his relationship with Raven even though I feel that Finn didn't fully deserve her understanding.
  • I liked how Raven told Clarke that she's never seen anyone love anyone as much as her mom loves her.
  • I liked how Kane convinced the Chancellor not to die because he realized that the Chancellor is the leader they need because he can inspire the people.
  • I like that Kane finally seems to be willing to work with Abby rather than against her with helping the saving of the people of the ark with how he has someone monitoring the radio.
  • I found the whole sequences with the people being put to sleep than to death to be very sad but also very powerful thing to watch.
  • I both liked and found it sad that when Clarke told Bellamy to make a wish on star that he said he wouldn't even know what to wish for.
  • I'm pretty worried about Octavia since she has suffered a pretty serious head wound and is getting kidnapped by a grounder.
  • I'm glad that the people on the Ark now have some form of confirmation that the 100 are alive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: Royal Blood(1.12)

                                                Reign: Royal Blood(1.12)Review
  • I think it's sad how Clarissa had decided that she should spy on Henry and Charles as a way for the three of them to feel like a family to her.
  • I like that Mary decided to take Henry and Charles to the village frost fair in order to cheer them up but I was sad that they were attacked before they get to the festival.
  • I like that both Mary and Bash are very concerned with the safety of Henry and Charles even though they have different ways they think they should go about it with Mary thinking they're safest at court and Bash thinks they would be safer a way from court so that they could have a normal life.
  • I liked that Mary promised Catherine that she would take care of Henry and Charles and that Mary wanted to also bring Clarissa out of the shadow although Catherine disagreed with that idea.
  • I liked how Mary told Bash that she would the one that they king would side with so him disagreeing with her means very little but I disliked how Mary implied that Bash didn't love his brother.
  • I liked how Lola went to Paris in order to pay off her brother's gambling debt but I hated how the guy he owed the debt to instead that in order to consider the debt paid Lola would have to sleep with him.
  • I thought that it was pretty smart of Catherine and Nostrodamus came up with a plan that she would fake her own suicide so that she could escape.
  • I liked how Bash had a frost fair brought to the castle so that Henry and Charles could have a fun day.
  • I loved that Francis was able to save Lola from having to sleep with that one guy that her brother owes a debt to while still having her brother's debt forgiven. I also just really enjoyed seeing Francis again since I missed him much more than I realized I did.
  • I liked that it turned out that Bash arranged that Charles and Henry taken to safety at the frost fair because he thought that was what was best for them.
  • I liked how Charles remembered that Clarissa was his friend at the castle and that he explained to Henry who she was when Clarissa came and took the boys away from the driver who Bash had paid to take care of them.
  • I liked how Francis and Lola connected with each other and that they opened up to each other about how they feel empty and things that made them sad.
  • I like that Catherine refused to leave until she knew that her sons are safe and I like that she went with Mary and Bash to find Henry and Charles.
  • I liked that Catherine tried to talk Clarissa out of killing Charles by saying that she would be her mother and that can all be a family.
  • I liked that Mary killed Clarissa in order to save Henry's life and I liked that this act finally convinced Catherine that Mary never wanted to hurt her family despite the way things turned out.
  • I liked that Francis decided to return to court in order to stop his mother's execution from happening.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Murphy's Law(1.04)

                                             The 100: Murphy's Law(1.04)Review
  • I liked how this episode started with Clarke at Wells grave and I liked how she also mentioned how Wells used to trade his things to give her art supplies.
  • I liked how Clarke took off her wristband to both punish her mother and so that Monty could have a functional wristband that can be used to communicate with the ark.
  • I felt bad for Abby when she thought that Clarke was dead but I also liked that she didn't completely give up hope that Clarke is still alive.
  • I really hated seeing Murphy being a complete dick to a ton of people with how he abused his power and was just generally unpleasant but I liked how this behavior reflected how he was treated later in the episode.
  • I liked how Bellamy jokingly asked Charlotte if she got this one big branch to build the wall and then smiled at her and told her he was just kidding, it was a cute moment.
  • I liked how Octavia was trying to show Jasper that he didn't need to be afraid to leave camp with how she was leading him just a few steps out. I liked that when Jasper thought that Octavia was in danger he went after her even though he was scared luckily she wasn't in any danger and it was just some guy pulling a prank.
  • I liked how Raven explained to Abby how necessary the part was for the pod by saying they'd not only be dead without but the bad kind of dead. I liked that Raven tried to reassure Abby that Clarke was still alive even though neither of them had anyway of knowing that.
  • I liked that Octavia and Jasper after they found a knife and Wells fingers they brought it right to Clarke and Bellamy.
  • I liked how after Clarke came to the conclusion that whoever killed Wells is one of them and not a grounder that Bellamy said it was best to keep it quiet because everyone thinking the grounders killed Wells is getting the wall built and keeping the group united in a cause.
  • I also liked how when Clarke proclaimed that there's a murder at the camp that Bellamy pointed out that's not actually new information due to some members of the group having been charged with murder before coming to earth.
  • While I liked how Clarke thought that everyone had the right to know the truth I wasn't at all surprised by the totally chaos that erupted after Clarke confronted Murphy saying that he killed Wells.
  • I liked how when Clarke confronted Murphy she pointed out that he had hated Wells and threatened to kill him the past although I thought Murphy had a fairly good contour point with how since Wells father is the Chancellor most everyone here had a reason to kill him, I also liked how Octavia mentioned that Murphy tried to kill Jasper and I liked that Bellamy got offend when Murphy said he didn't have to answer to anyone.
  • I completely understood why the majority of the group wanted to kill Murphy once Clarke started to mention how they need to punish Murphy for he did and from there things just got completely out of control with the whole mob mentality kicking in and the group getting Murphy tied up and hung from a tree within a matter of minutes.
  • I liked how Clarke begged for everyone to stop the entire time and I liked how she begged Bellamy to stop this madness because she believed that he actually could control the crowd and because she knows he's not a killer because she remembers how he struggled with Atom. I also liked how it was pretty clear that Bellamy didn't believe that he could control the crowd and instead felt he had to give them what they wanted even if he didn't want it, I also liked how Bellamy told Clarke how Murphy's death is on her.
  • I liked how Charlotte confessed to killing Wells after she thought that Murphy was going to die because of her and she didn't want that even if she does dislike Murphy, I also liked that Clarke cut down Murphy using Bellamy ax that she took from him without him even moving.
  • I liked how Raven went to this person Nigel in order to get the part that was needed to launch the pod but refused to sleep with someone to get it and went to attack Nigel when she said Raven's mother would've and had done it.
  • I liked that Bellamy, Clarke and Finn decided to do what they had to do to keep Charlotte safe from Murphy and the guys that were following him after it was revealed that she was the real killer.
  • I liked that when Charlotte said that she killed Wells to slay her demons that Bellamy said that actually killing someone wasn't what he meant and I liked how he told Charlotte to stay with Clarke and Finn no matter what happens.
  • I liked how Murphy got angry at the people because most of them didn't want to kill Charlotte after she confessed to killing Wells but almost all of them wanted to kill him when he hadn't done anything, while Murphy is a pretty awful person he's right to point out how hypocritical this is.
  • I liked how while Clarke in no way wanted to kill Charlotte still thought that Charlotte should be punished somehow because you can't just go around killing people but I also liked how Finn wanted to take things easy on Charlotte since she's just a kid.
  • I liked how Abby went to bribe Nigel with morphine for the part but I was sad that this turned out to be fatal error because it lead to Kane having enough information to arrest her.
  • I liked the underground bunker that Finn had found that he, Clarke and Charlotte hid in from Murphy and his guys. I liked how Clarke was happy to see art supplies in it and I liked how Clarke thought it was better that whoever made it never got there while Finn found it kind of sad.
  • I liked how Clarke and Finn discussed how they need to come up with a plan to punish people that didn't involve just hanging them, I also liked that when Finn tried to comfort Clarke by telling her she had no idea things would end the way they did that she pointed out that Bellamy knew.
  • I liked that Charlotte ended up leaving the bunker because she didn't want Clarke or Finn to get hurt or killed protecting her so she decided to let Murphy have her.
  • I liked that Bellamy ended up being the first person that found Charlotte outside the bunker and I liked that Bellamy refused to leave her no matter what and I liked that Charlotte respond to this by saying "I'm not your sister you don't need to protect me."
  • I liked how when Bellamy and Charlotte were backed up to edge of a cliff by Murphy and his guys that Bellamy refused to give up on protecting Charlotte even when it meant certain death for himself.
  • I liked that when Murphy had Clarke at knife point and was threatening to kill her that Charlotte was more than willing to die to make sure that no one else got hurt because of her.
  • I found it really sad when Charlotte ended up jumping off a cliff to her death so that no more pain will be caused because of her.
  • I liked that Bellamy beat the hell out of Murphy for him driving Charlotte to suicide and that he had to be pulled off of him by Finn to stop from killing him. I liked that Clarke admitted that she was wrong about letting everyone know everything after seeing what happened today and I liked that she said that they also can't decide who lives and who dies and instead decides to banish Murphy.
  • I liked how Clarke told Bellamy that whatever the hell we want is not the rules the group can leave by and that the two of them are to be the ones that make the rules.
  • I liked how Abby insisted that Raven find her way to earth in the pod even though she couldn't come with her because the council will arrest her and if Raven won't leave then they'll arrest her too. I liked that Raven didn't want to leave Abby since she knows that she will get floated.
  • I was not at all surprised to learn that Raven's boyfriend was Finn but considering what Finn ends up doing at the end of the episode I think she deserves better.
  • I liked that after Monty figured out a way to contact the ark with the wristbands that he let Jasper due the honors unfortunately this ended up shorting out all the wristbands so now the people on the ark think their all dead.
  • I liked that Octavia told Jasper that she didn't think he was cursed or unlucky like he thinks he is but that he's brave and that's something that should be rewarded and I like that she kisses him.
  • I didn't like the whole Clarke and Finn hooking up together thing at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: An Old Accustom'd Feast(1.08)

                                   Star-Crossed: An Old Accustom'd Feast(1.08)Review
  • I liked how this episode dealt with an Atrian holiday that Castor described as a mixture of thanksgiving and Christmas because I found that interesting to hear about.
  • I like how Roman and Emery had been sneaking around for sometime to share kisses with each other which they agreed to keep secret because they were worried that other people will react badly to their relationship.
  • I like that when Roman invited Emery to the Atrian holiday that he joked about how it's something that would mean nothing to her although it was clear that it did indeed mean something to Emery.
  • I liked how Emery was worried about whether or not Roman's mother would like her and that she even asked Sofia the traditions of the Atrian holiday in order to impress her which didn't end up working.
  • I liked that Sofia had invited Julia to come over for the Atrian holiday.
  • I liked how Julia spent most of the episode trying to prevent that one scientist lady from using her to research cypher and I'm glad that even when she did have to give up some information on cypher she never ended up giving away the full secret of cypher.
  • I liked how it was mentioned that Roman invites Drake to celebrate the holiday with him every year but Drake always ends up refusing to come although this year Roman was actually able to convince him.
  • I liked that Grayson while upset with Emery during their break up that he wasn't really unfair to her even though he didn't want anything to do with her anymore.
  • I liked how Roman told Gloria that he wasn't going to trust her because of the affair she had with his father but since he's still believes in integration he will still work with her on the program.
  • I liked that Castor and Roman were able to convince the trags to not kill any of the humans that were coming to the sector for the holiday.
  • I was sad that Drake was told that he would have to get his markings remove and move another city to work for the trags when he clearly didn't want to. I like that Roman made sure that this didn't happen but securing the release of a prisoner for the trags who turned out to not be a trag or violent.
  • I disliked how much Roman's mother seemed to hate Emery because it's not Emery's fault in anyway that her husband died but at the same time I can understand why she was mad at her.
  • I liked how Sofia figured out that Emery was the girl that saved Roman's life by the fact that Emery made string into a star shape for a little girl.
  • I'm sad that Grayson seems to be warming up to the idea of joining red hawks but it is understandable from the information that he has which is mostly half truths at this point.
  • I find the whole thing with the Atrian ship flight recorder to be very interesting with how it put Emery in the memories of the person piloting the ship and it revealed to her that Castor shot the pilot. I also liked that Emery told Roman this information.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: The 100: Earth Kills(1.03)

                                              The 100: Earth Kills(1.03)Review
  • I liked how this episode showed what happened that got Clarke's father executed even though I was able to figure out most of what happened from it being mentioned in other episodes it was still nice to see it.
  • I was pretty worried about Jasper since his wound was infected and his condition didn't seem to be improving but I liked that Clarke refused to give up on his recovery.
  • I liked how Clarke told this little girl Charlotte after she woke up from a nightmare and told her about how it was about her parents being floated that she said she could relate to that and how she sees earth as a place where they can move past all the bad stuff in their lives.
  • I was glad to see that Atom was actually killed at the end of last episode but was instead just hung up in a tree for the night as punishment for disobeying Bellamy.
  • I liked how Octavia told Bellamy off for making it so Atom refuses to be near her I especially liked how she told him to not involve her in his power trips.
  • While I didn't like how Bellamy thought that it Jasper was a lost cause I did like that he at least gave Clarke another day to find away to save him before he was willing to kill him.
  • I like that Clarke, Monty and Octavia all refused to give up on Jasper even though his condition has yet to improve.
  • I like that Clarke figured out that what the grounders put on Jasper's wounds had healed most of his other wounds other than the one infected one and I liked that Wells was able to figure out that it was seaweed.
  • I liked that when Bellamy and his group of hunters found Charlotte following them that he first warned her that it was safe out there and when she made it clear that she wasn't just a little girl he gave her a knife so she could defend herself.
  • I found the whole yellow-orange cloud that seems burn you alive to be really frightening since if you aren't close to any shelter it will definitely kill you and also the whole idea of having to out run a cloud is really frightening to me.
  • I like that even when Clarke was really telling Wells how much she hates Wells for turning her father in that Finn doesn't take advantage of this situation at all and instead tries to keep peace between the three of them while their trapped inside the abandoned car.
  • I liked how when Bellamy hears Charlotte crying out due a nightmare he wakes her up and then he tells her that she has conquer her fears by slaying her demons while she's awake so she won't be afraid when she goes to sleep which seemed like fairly good advice and I liked how gentle he was with her.
  • I liked how when Murphy decided that he was just going to kill Jasper that Octavia and Monty made sure that he couldn't get anywhere near Jasper.
  • I liked how Finn pointed out to Clarke how it just doesn't seem to make any sense for Wells to have been the one that turned in her father and that this leads Clarke to rethinking things and seeing how he's right about it not making sense.
  • I liked how when Atom was found pretty much dead because of the effects of the yellow-orange cloud and begging for death that even though Bellamy knows that there's nothing that can be done to save him and he sent everyone else back to camp that he was unable to make himself kill Atom and in the end Clarke ended up killing Atom for Bellamy because she saw that he couldn't.
  • I liked that when they all returned back to the crash site that Bellamy order that they get Clarke everything she needs.
  • I liked that Octavia was mad at Bellamy for Atom's death even though it really wasn't his fault but it also made me sad that she refused to listen to him at the same time.
  • I liked how Octavia told Jasper while Clarke was finishing up healing him that he wasn't allowed to die.
  • I like that Clarke figured out that her mother was the one that turned her father in not Wells and that her and Wells made up by the end of the episode.
  • I was really glad that Jasper woke up by the end of the episode and that Clarke, Monty, Octavia and Finn were all really happy to see him awake.
  • I was really surprised that Charlotte ended up killing Wells because she saw his father killing her parents every night in her dreams so she felt she has to kill Wells to slay her demons which I think is a bit unfair since Wells hasn't done anything to her but at least she was crying as she killed him. I was sad that Wells ended up dying especially since him and Clarke had just made up.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Earth Skills(1.02)

                                                 The 100: Earth Skills(1.02)Review
  • I liked how this episode started pretty much right after the last one ended. I liked that when Clarke heard Jasper scream that she demanded that they all go back to save him.
  • I liked how Wells buried the guys that died during the crash and that he took their clothes and he planned to give them to people based off who needs it the most.
  • I liked how Wells told Bellamy that they way in which he is ruling is chaos and that there isn't anyway that he can hope to control all of this.
  • I liked that Wells tried to stop John Murphy from taking off the wristband of this one girl and doing it slowly so that it looks like they died of natural causes, I liked that when Murphy pulled out the knife during the fight that Bellamy stopped the fight momentarily in order to give Wells a knife so that it's a fair fight.
  • I liked that when Clarke walked into the camp site and told Wells to stop the fight that he did and that Bellamy made sure that Murphy did too.
  • I liked how when Clarke saw that everyone was taking off their wristbands that Clarke told them all that the arc was dying so that means by taking it off their killing everyone on the arc and that there are other people on earth and they are in danger from them and need help to survive.
  • I liked how after Clarke's speech Bellamy starts his own speech and he tells everyone that those on the arc sees them as criminals only and that he doesn't and that they no longer have to play by the rules of those who sent them to prison and that he believes that they can survive on their own.
  • I liked that Monty wanted to come on the rescue mission to find Jasper because he's his best friend and that he was also the one that convince Clarke that she needed to let Wells go along since no one else volunteered to come on the rescue mission.
  • I like that Clarke didn't let Monty come on the rescue mission because their going to need his engineering and pharmidical skills if they want to survive and contact the arc.
  • I like that Bellamy was cleaning Octavia's cut and was showing concern for her and that when Clarke walked up to him she mentioned that Jasper is the one that saved her life.
  • I liked that Clarke convinced Bellamy to go on the rescue mission with her by saying that the people see both her and him as leaders and that he's the only one that is looking scared at the moment.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Adam one of his most loyal followers to look after Octavia and that he announces before he leaves that anyone who touches her he will kill.
  • I liked how Bellamy tells Murphy that their only going on the rescue mission in order to get the wristband off of Clarke's risk but Clarke tells him early on that the only way that the wristband is coming off is if she's dead.
  • I like that Finn did eventually come to join the rescue mission because he does in fact have good tracking skills which is probably what ended up allowing them to find Jasper.
  • I liked how Bellamy told Wells that they are the same because they both came down to earth in order to protect someone they love, Bellamy with Octavia and Wells with Clarke.
  • I liked how Adam stopped one guy from hooking up with Octavia because he knew that Bellamy was serious about killing anyone that tried to get with her and I liked how he mentioned that guy was charged with murder but he's actually trying to protect him from her.
  • I liked that Octavia ended up locked up in the ship for quite awhile with Monty and he told her about how much Jasper means to him and she was willing to help him try to make the wristband into a radio, I liked that just before she leaves she tells him that Jasper would understand why he couldn't go on the rescue mission to find him.
  • I liked how Adam told Octavia that she's lucky that she has someone that loves her and would do anything for her but he also says he knows that her life has been worse than his but he still envies how much her brother loves her.
  • I liked how Raven a young genius mechanic figured out that something was going on with the prisoners and that the council was keeping something from everyone so she decided to spy on Abigail and that she told Abigail that the 100 were taking the wristbands off not dying.
  • I liked that Raven was willing to fix the ship for Abigail but only if she could come with her because her boyfriend was one of the 100 so she wants to make sure he's okay.
  • I like that when Clarke almost fell down the hole that Bellamy saved her even though he claimed that all he cared about was making the people on the arc think she was dead but this shows that he isn't willing to kill her to get that result.
  • I like that Wells killed the panther I think that attacked them and that ended up saving the group.
  • I'm glad that they were able to save Jasper and that they were able to bring food back for everyone.
  • I liked how when they were demanding that wristbands be taken off in order to get food and then Clarke tells Finn that she refuses to do it that Finn tells she doesn't have to and he takes food and when Murphy tries to tell them to follow the rules Finn points out their aren't any rules and Clarke then gets food.
  • I was sad that Adam died but I wasn't surprised after he hooked up with Octavia and Bellamy found out about it I wasn't surprised that Bellamy made good on his promise to kill anyone that touches his sister.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TV Review: Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon(4.01)

                                          Teen Wolf: The Dark Moon(4.01)Review
  • I liked how this episode started off with Lydia telling Stiles that she thinks that their plan is going to get them killed and I liked how Stiles asked if that was a banshee feeling or if she was just being pessimistic.
  • I liked how Stiles and Lydia went to Calirios place which is part of some night club in Mexico and met with the head of the family and planned to buy her off with fifty thousand dollars  in order to give Derek back to them. I liked how it was revealed that Scott, Kira and Malia are also at the club as well.
  • I actually really like the new opening sequence because I really like that Stiles part shows his investigative skills and I really like Kira with a sword as well.
  • I liked how Malia told Kira that they had to blend in and that the two of them ended up dancing all sexily with each other.
  • I liked how Scott knocked out one of the Calirios men and then told Stiles through a walkie talkie to take away 10 thousand of the money.
  • I liked how Stiles pointed out that Derek really isn't fun to be around anyways as a reason to give Derek back to the pack.
  • I liked how Malia, Kira and Scott kicked the asses of three of Calirios men and then went to find Stiles and Lydia.
  • I didn't like that Scott, Kira and Malia got knocked out by wolfsbane but I liked that Scott figured out before he passed out that they don't know where Derek is either.
  • I liked how a flashback showed how Scott, Stiles and Lydia met up and Scott told them how he has a feeling that something was wrong with Derek and showed him the bullets he found in Derek's loft. I like that Scott asked Lydia to feel the bullets in order to figure out if Derek was dead but oddly enough she felt he was somewhere in between.
  • I liked how everyone was crowded around Scott when he woke up and told him that the head of the Calirio family had Lydia with her and they don't know why but I like that Scott was concerned for her.
  • I liked how when the head of the Calirio family said she doesn't have much experience with banshees that Lydia replied she doesn't have much experience with being a banshee.
  • I found it frightening how the head of the Calirio family killed one of her own so causally in front of Lydia after trying to figure out a bit more about Lydia's powers.
  • I liked how when Malia said that they should just knock out whoever opens the door and run for it that Scott pointed out that they can't leave Lydia and when she asked why Stiles explains that they don't leave without anyone.
  • I found it funny how when Kira asked if leaving her own was what she would have done as a coyote that Malia said that yes she would leave an injury one and if it was a bad hunting season she would eat it then leave, I also find it funny that Stiles called this progress.
  • I thought it was awful how Kira was forced to turn the dial up to electrocute Scott while the Calirios were questioning him and I found it sad and I also loved Scott for this that he told Kira that it was okay before she turned the dial.
  • I liked how when Malia was trying to concentrate her hearing Stiles told her to just focus on anything whether it be his eyes or his voice but she ends up choosing to kiss him which seems to surprise him.
  • I was glad that the Calirios weren't actually trying to kill Scott but just come to the answer that Kate Argent could still be alive before they decided to tell him where they think Kate has taken Derek and they even hired Braeden  to guide them and to bring Kate to them.
  • I liked how Malia asked who Kate was and I liked how Kira shyly said that she would also like to know and Stiles added he'd like to know how Kate is still alive since he was at her funeral.
  • I liked how when Scott, Lydia and Stiles looked like they didn't really want to talk about it that Kira said that it was okay but Malia not getting the subtext said it wasn't.
  • I liked how it was explained that Calirios knew that Kate was alive so they brought her back to their place and tried to make her kill herself but she didn't and instead killed twelve people in order to escape.
  • I liked how when Stiles jeep ended getting broken down because of some creature with large claws that Stiles told Scott to go ahead with Braeden  but Scott didn't want to go without Stiles.
  • I liked how Kira told Scott to be careful but she was kind of awkward about but Scott told her she choose the right words and they hugged cutely.
  • I liked how when Lydia suggested that maybe  they should just walk that Stiles said that he would never ever abandon his jeep.
  • I found it interesting that Kate seems be keeping Derek in some church that is said to be a place for werjaguars.
  • I liked how Lydia was the one that was holding the flashlight for Stiles while he worked on the jeep and I liked how she was frightened by the possibility of getting attacked and when he pulled a random part out that she clearly doubted the odds to him ever getting the jeep to run again.
  • I liked how when Malia sensed something out in the night but couldn't see it because they only have one flashlight that Kira helped her out by using her sword to reflect the light from Stiles jeep.
  • I liked how when Malia saw the creature that she just ran after it to attack it and I liked that Kira followed her with her sword, I also liked when Stiles tried to follow that Lydia yelled at him and told him he wasn't going anywhere until he fixed his jeep.
  • I liked how Scott questioned how Braeden could be so okay with giving Kate to the Calirios when he knows their going to kill her and I like that Braeden freely admits she'd kill anyone if the money was good enough.
  • I like that Braeden asked Scott why he didn't kiss his girlfriend and Scott kind of awkward said they aren't technically  together but Braeden then ask if he dies down here is he going  together not kissing her and she takes Scott non-answer as a confirmation.
  • I liked how when Stiles told Malia that he was afraid she was going to leave them that Malia said she would never leave Stiles I found that really sweet and I found it funny how she said she would leave Kira and Lydia.
  • I liked how when they were being attacked that Braeden told Scott to get behind her and that Scott ended up howling to get whatever was attacking them to go away.
  • I'm really confused about how and why Derek is a teenager again especially since I know this won't last but I find it really strange all the same.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode. technically

TV Review: The 100: Pilot(1.01)

                                                       The 100: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I found the backstory about how do to radiation people have been unable to live on earth for the last 97 years but instead must live in a space station where all crimes no matter how small are punishable by death if the person is older than 18 years old.
  • I like how this episode started with the 100 prisoners being sent down to earth for a trial run in order to see if the earth was safe for humans.
  • I like that from early on in the episode it was clear that Clarke was a very sensible person with how she dealt with everything and how she was throughout the episode telling other characters what they needed to do in order to stay alive.
  • I like that Wells a former friend of Clarke's and the Chancellor's son got himself arrested in order to be there for Clarke once they landed on earth but I was sad to learn that he somehow reported on something about her dad that got him killed so Clarke now says she hates him which I think seems fair although she didn't really act like she hated him for most of the episode.
  • I like that the first time we see Bellamy is when he's assuming a leadership role to most of the 100 and that he's presented as a bit of a foil to Clarke with Clarke pointing out that the air might not be safe and him pointing out that if the air isn't safe their all dead anyways so what's the point of waiting.
  • I liked how Octavia run up to Bellamy once she knew he was on the ship because she hasn't been able to see her brother in over a year and I liked that Bellamy said he made sure that he was on the ship so that he could look out for Octavia on earth.
  • I liked that when people started talking about how Octavia is the girl who hide under the floors that she wanted to fight them over that and that Bellamy stopped her and told her to let them remember her for something else and then gave her the chance to be the first person to stand on her in 100 years, I also loved how fond of her he looked while he watched her excitement.
  • I thought that the earth itself looked really cool with it being basically one huge forest and I really like the glow in the dark trees but I found the two headed deer and the river shark to be pretty creepy.
  • I'm not a big fan of Finn or how he calls Clarke princess even after it's clear that she dislikes that nickname. Also he was kind of an idiot with how he unbuckled himself during the landing and two guys died because they followed his horrible example.
  • I liked that Clarke realized where they had landed and how far away they are from the food supply and she starts to map out the best course to get to where the food so that they all can survive.
  • I liked that Finn stopped that one guy from beating up Wells and I found it interesting that Will only has one real leg and I'm curious about why that is.
  • I liked how Clarke explained that the wristbands show the people up in the space station if it's safe for them to come down and live on earth and how Bellamy uses this information to get a lot of people later in the episode to take off their wristbands because he knows that he will most likely be killed if the people from the space station come down.
  • I liked how Clarke, Finn, Octavia, Jasper and Monty went off on the journey to find food, I liked how towards the beginning of it Octavia told Clarke that Finn is her's and Clarke replies she doesn't care.
  • I find it sad that no one is allowed to have more than one child and that Octavia's only crime is being born and that her mother was executed for keeping her alive.
  • I was surprised that we learned so quickly that the bad thing that Bellamy did to get on the ship was shoot the Chancellor and I wonder if he did it because he needed to or out of revenge for what his laws has done to his family or a little bit of both.
  • I liked that when Octavia was almost eaten by a river shark or something that Jasper and ended up jumping in to save her and that he was actually able to get them both to shore.
  • I think that it's pretty scary that the space station can only support life for a total of four more months even after sending the 100 down to earth and that trying to tell this secret is what got Clarke arrested and her father killed.
  • I was worried about Clarke's mother Abigail when she was sentence to death for using too much blood and oxygen to save the Chancellor's life so that Marcus Kane wouldn't come to power and I was glad that she didn't die.
  • I liked how Wells stood up to Bellamy encouraging everyone to take off their wristbands and saying that they can all just rule themselves and do whatever the hell they want, but then Wells pointed out how they needed the rest of society to survive and also he knows what it means for humanity if they don't come down.
  • I was glad that Bellamy didn't end up killing Wells after he refused to take off his wristband but instead got some of his followers to forcibly take off Wells band.
  • I liked that Jasper went first across the river in order to impress Octavia and that it seemed to work.
  • I'm really worried about Jasper since he was stabbed by a spear at the end of the episode but I'm curious about who or what is also living on earth that made that spear.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Top 10 Books On My Summer To Be Read List 2014

1. Demonglass: I really loved the first Hex Hall book so I believe that I'll also love the second book of the series as well and since I know own this book I should have the chance to read it soon.
2. Out of Sight, Out of Time: I loved the first four books of the Gallagher Girls series so I'm sure I'll love the fifth one as well especially since I hear that this series just gets better and better as it goes on.
3. Also Known As: I thought that this book sound a bit like the Gallagher Girls series so I thought it would be a good idea to check out this book since I only have two more Gallagher Girls books left to read.
4. Splintered: I think that I'll enjoy this book because it's a retelling of Alice in Wonderland and I usually love those type of books and since I own it hopeful I'll read it soon.
5. Etiquette and Espionage: I really loved the title of this book and this was another series that I felt sound quite a bit like the Gallagher Girls series which I love so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try.
6. The Mark of Athena: I loved all of the Heroes of Olympus books I have read so far as well as the Percy Jackson books so I think I really should read this book soon because I've been meaning to for quite some time now.
7. Crank: I love Ellen Hopkins books and this one it one of her most popular ones and I now own it so I really should get to reading it soon.
8. Triangles: Another Ellen Hopkins book but this one is a companion novel to Tilt which I loved and would love to see the story from another side so I plan to read this one soon as well.
9. Entwined: I've been meaning to read this book for a really long time and since I own it already this summer seems like as good of time as any.
10. The Gate Thief: I read the first book of this series and I always wanted to read it's sequel but I hadn't known that one had come out until I bought this one about a week ago.

TV Review: Reign: Inquisition(1.11)

                                                    Reign: Inquisition(1.11)Review
  • I liked how Mary and Bash realized that since the baby was marked as a pagan they needed to find a way to get it out of the castle before anyone discovered the mark.
  • I liked how Catherine's family had come to France in order to help her fight Henry but it seems that Catherine trying to maintain her power is something that led Henry to try to get Catherine beheaded for adultery.
  • I felt bad for Kenna when she was going over what she would say against Catherine in court that when she mentions she could say that Catherine tried to kill her that Henry said no one cared.
  • I liked seeing how Catherine seemed to be able to find a way to find out most anything she needs to know by having her own spies all around court and with the help of her family.
  • I like that both Mary and Catherine refuse to back down from their goals even though they are both threatening to have each other killed.
  • I like that Bash tells Mary that the threats that Catherine spoke of with both himself and Mary being in danger if anyone found out about his family history is true and that he wants her to really think about her decision to marry him considering those risks.
  • I like that Catherine was almost able to convince Henry not to go through with executing her by telling him that at the beginning of their marriage she did love him and that deep down a part of her still does which is something that seems to be true for him as well.
  • I'm glad that Mary and Bash were able to ensure the baby's safety before anything happened to the child.
  • I was surprised to learn that Clarissa is actually Catherine's daughter that she thought had died and was a product of an affair which renews Henry's desire to have Catherine executed.
  • I found it rather frightening how Henry was willing to kill one of guards that agreed to be Catherine's witness to finding evidence of Diane being a pagan.
  • I thought that it was rather sad that Catherine's family gave up on her and inside suggested that she poison herself to save the family's reputation.
  • I both like and find it frightening that Bash would be willing to kill his father if he was a threat to Mary's well being.
  • I disliked that Catherine tried to kill Mary along with herself and I'm glad that she was unsuccessful in her attempts.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Star-Crossed: To Seek a Foe(1.07)

                                           Star-Crossed: To Seek a Foe(1.07)Review
  • I like that Emery's family was so willing to be there for Grayson after what happened with him finding out that his parents are terrorists, I also like that Emery wants to be there for Grayson even though she has feelings for Roman.
  • I like that Roman and Drake still see Zoe as a threat and that they make plans to stop her and to prevent black cypher from spreading.
  • I liked how when Grayson mentioned he doesn't want to talk about his mom and when no one could think of anything else to say that Eric mentioned that he was failing trig and Julia offered to tutor him in it and when Julia mentioned how her car wasn't working right Eric offered to fix it for her.
  • I like how Lucas told Sofia that he admires her taste when it comes to Taylor and that Sofia mentions that Atrians don't choose who they love based on gender.
  • I was really worried about Lucas when he inhaled cypher and almost died from it.
  • I liked how when Emery and Sofia showed up at the hospital to see what the doctors were saying about Lucas's condition that his mom was glad that they were both there to support Lucas and that she mentioned that Lucas talks about Sofia a lot.
  • I like that Drake actually seemed to care about Taylor when he was talking to her after she was freaking out about what happened to Lucas and he was trying to figure out were Zoe was.
  • I like that Taylor once she realized that nothing was going on between Drake and Zoe started to worry that something might have happened to her and that's why she gives Drake her address, it's also a bit sad how much Taylor really loves Zoe when we know that Zoe hates her.
  • I like that Roman ends up telling Emery about everything that he knows about going on with the Trags, black cypher and why the two of them can't be together.
  • I like that Grayson told his mom how mad he is with her for lying to him and being a terrorist but I disliked how his mom put the idea into his head that Emery was just using him to get to his parents which isn't true at all but it's something that Grayson might start to believe once he say Emery and Roman kiss.
  • I like that Eric ended up fixing Julia's car and he said that she could repay him with tutoring him.
  • I like that the black cypher was destroyed and that Zoe it seems was defeated along with it.
  • I loved how Roman and Emery had an underwater kiss and that once they were back on land they also had I'm so glad we're both still alive kiss.
  • I like that Sofia insisted that she would be the one that would cure Lucas.
  • I like that Drake lied to Taylor about Zoe in order to spare her feelings because he could see how much Zoe matter to Taylor.
  • I liked how Roman told Emery that he wouldn't hold her to the kisses they shared earlier and I love that Emery told Roman that she was going to hold him to the kisses and that she wanted to be with him and that while she wants to be there as a friend for Grayson she knows she can't be there as a girlfriend when she feels the way she does about Roman.
  • I'm worried about how this one teacher knows about Julia being cured by cypher.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Reign: Sacrifice(1.10)

                                                  Reign: Sacrifice(1.10)Review
  • I liked how Mary went and found Bash after he didn't come to court to do the duty of the regent because Mary knows that Bash doesn't know how to do the job of king and he really does need to come to court in order to learn how to do the job.
  • I like that Bash recognizes that his life is very much in danger at the moment due to what legitimizing a bastard could do to other noble families but he is willing to face this threat in order to do what Mary wants of him.
  • I liked how Bash wonder if he might die of boredom while listening to the people in court and I liked that Mary told him to take things seriously.
  • I find it quite impressive that Catherine was able to plot an attack on Bash's life and control a good chunk of the castle's servants all from within her jail cell.
  • I loved how Mary reminded the servants that Henry is someone to fear and that if they follow Catherine's wishes they will be likely be punished by him and that Mary order everything and everyone to be taken away from Catherine.
  • I found it interesting that Bash's cousin Isabelle who is pregnant is the daughter of a convicted traitor who Catherine thought Bash was lovers with but in fact the fact that their related would actually have put him in more danger of execution than Catherine's original assumptions.
  • I like that Mary and her ladies dressed Isabelle up in fancy clothes to disguise her in order to sneak her out of the castle in order to get her somewhere safe.
  • I liked how Lola, Greer and Kenna went to Catherine's cell in order to take away what she needs to write notes and to see if she'd let anything slip that could be used against her.
  • I disliked how Catherine insulted Kenna, Greer and Lola and I like that Lola stood up to her.
  • I liked how Bash said that he thought of Isabelle as a younger sister of sorts and how he had always looked out for her.
  • I liked how Isabelle told Mary that while she could see Bash married to Mary because of the way he looks at her she could never imagine him as king since it require him to make decisions that could hurt his loved ones for the good of the country and pretend he likes people he can't stand.
  • I liked how Mary knew how to get Isabelle through the birth of her baby because she has seen the nuns deliver babies plenty of times.
  • I liked how Kenna didn't respond to Catherine's taunts and instead calm got up and walked away once Catherine gave her something she could use against her.
  • I liked how Mary learned this episode that Bash's family on his mother's side were once Pagans and I liked how when Mary was ranting about how evil Pagans were that Bash told her that most Pagans are nothing like how she describes her and that while he himself isn't actually a Pagan he just picked up some of the prayers but he doesn't see being Pagan as evil in anyway expect for the fraction that believes it serves a beast that feeds on human blood.
  • I like that Mary told Bash that she realized that he would do anything for his family no matter the cost to himself and while she thinks that's a noble thing to do it isn't something that a king can afford to do.
  • I like that Mary tells Bash that he has a choice in whether or not he wants to be king and I also like that Bash answers that he wants to marry her because he's saying that he wants something entirely different than what she asked him.
  • I was sad that Isabelle ended up dying because of complications with child birth after the baby was born but I like that Bash intends to keep his promise to keep the baby safe and find a family to raise it.
  • I liked how Lola revealed to Catherine that Greer forged Catherine's handwriting in order to write a letter that proves that Catherine tried to kill Bash and another that used Catherine's money to throw a feast in Bash and Mary's honor.
  • I liked how Lola told Catherine that she thinks that Catherine is the bitter one and that she doesn't care why Catherine abuses her power she just wants to take that power away from Catherine forever.
  • I think it's sweet that Bash says that he would be loyal to Mary over a country but I also think that, that's something that would make him a bad king as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: The Mountain and the Viper(4.08)

In this episode I liked how when Ser Barristain was given a document that shows that Jorah has spied on Daenerys in the past in order to get a royal pardon so that he could return to Westeros that Barristain respected Jorah enough to warn him about having received this information but that he also wouldn't hide it from Daenerys and that will not allow for Jorah to ever be alone with Daenerys again. I liked how Daenerys demand an explanation out of Jorah and after his confession I thought it was down right foolish of Jorah to beg for forgiveness due to how his spying has hurt her in the past and because he should know Daenerys well enough to know that she's not the forgiving type. I liked how Daenerys was so furious at Jorah that she told him she doesn't want him in her city dead or alive because that shows how done with him she is and it also hurts him the most considering that what he wants most is to be by her side.
I liked how the elders of the Vale all suspected that Littlefinger was behind Lysa's death because they were wise to think he was and I like that Sansa was brought into to be questioned what Lysa's death and that his faith was entirely in Sansa's hands and he had no control over the situation for once. I loved how Sansa was able to make Littlefinger nervous like when she said that she would tell the truth which she actually did stick very close but I have to say that Sansa's testimony seemed so heartfelt and sincere that if I hadn't of known better I would have believed every word of it which just goes to show how good of a player she will one day be in the game. I loved that Sansa's reason behind defending Littlefinger was that she doesn't know what would happened to her if Littlefinger were to die but she knows him and she knows what he wants therefore she took the offer that she knew was safer for her at the moment.
The trial by combat  fight between Oberyn and the Mountain was one of the best fight scenes that I think that show has had so far if it were not the best. Oberyn's style of fighting is very interesting with how he uses this long sword type thing and his movements were fast and graceful in a way especially the flips that he did throughout the fight. I loved how Oberyn no matter how the fight was going shouted for all to hear that he was going to kill the Mountain for raping and murdering his sister and killing her children and how he wanted more than anything to hear him confess not only his part in their deaths but also Tywin's. While I did love that Oberyn wanted to avenge his sister so badly I wished that he would have just killed the Mountain when he was at his mercy but unfortunately his lust for vengeance strong than anything else and this allowed the Mountain to kill him. I was sadden by Oberyn's death not only because I enjoyed him as a character but because I wanted him to get his revenge against the Mountain he we've only ever heard terrible things about and it would have been great to see that even in a world as cruel as this one there will someday be some kind of justice for those horribly murder but that's not something I should have dared to hope for in Game of Thrones. Also while Game of Thrones as had a ton of gory deaths I think that Oberyn getting his skull crushed has got to have been the most disturbing one so far in my opinion.

Movie Review: The Way Way Back

                                                    The Way Way Back Review
This movie is about a 14 year older boy named Duncan who has to spend the summer at the beach house of his mother's jerk boyfriend. Duncan spends the first part of the movie feeling very uncomfortable with his situation but being very quiet in his suffering because he doesn't really know how to stick up for himself. After awhile Duncan finds a place where he can be happy in this water park where he forms an unlikely friendship with Owen who is the slacker manager of the waterpark who helps to show Duncan how to have fun and believe in himself.

I overall thought that this movie had a pretty good story to it even though I don't think I did that great of job describing it but I did like the story. I really liked Duncan as a character and I really felt for him which I think is a good thing because you see almost everything from his point of view which I think helped me to invest in and understand him. I thought that the acting through out the movie was good and I just really liked this movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

Friday, June 6, 2014

TV Review: Grimm: Eyes of the Beholder(3.10)

                                          Grimm: Eyes of  the Beholder(3.10)Review
  • I liked the interactions between Jared and his girlfriend Joy at the beginning of the episode they were cute together and I was scared for him after he saw a Wesson gang beat another Wesson to death.
  • I liked how Nick told Juliette at the beginning of the episode that he found out that her friend Alicia is a Wesson but that he thought it was best that they didn't let her know they know because he was afraid her finding out he's a Grimm would scare her.
  • I was surprised to learn that Jared was the younger brother of Hank's physical therapist Zuri and I found it very awkward how Hank and Nick had to bring her brother into custody because of how Hank and Zuri have been having a flirty relationship up to this point.
  • I liked that Jared and Zuri eventually decided to testify against the gang after they were attacked by members of the gang at their apartment.
  • I found it interesting that Rosalee knew about Wesson gangs due to buying drugs from them from when she was younger. I also liked how Rosalee mentioned how she was glad that she didn't have to hide her past from Monroe even though it isn't something she's proud of.
  • I liked how Juliette wanted to tell Alicia that she was accepting of her Wesson nature even though that ended up making things awkward between them. I also liked the conversation between Juliette and Rosalee where Rosalee tells her how often times Wessons try to hide the fact that their Wessons from even other Wessons because most people aren't accepting of them in the way that Juliette, Nick and Hank are.
  • I liked that after Juliette and Nick help to defend Alicia from her husband that Alicia was able to not only believe that Nick won't hurt her just because he's a grimm and that she was willing to show Juliette her Wesson form and that Juliette hugged her afterwards.
  • I was really surprised to learn that Zuri and Jared were Wesson towards the end of the episode because they both were able to control themselves really well in highly stressful situations through out the episode.
  • I found it sad that while Hank was able to accept Zuri Wesson nature and all she wasn't able to accept herself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Grimm: Red Menace(3.09)

                                                  Grimm: Red Menace(3.09)Review
  • I felt bad for Juliette's friend Alicia who's husband was abusing her so she decided to run away and stay with Juliette and Nick for awhile, I was also very surprised to find out that both her and her husband are Wesson.
  • I liked the exchange between Renard and Adalind with how they pretend to like each other, Renard revealed that he knows she's pregnant and informed her that while everyone is interested in her child not many people care about what happens to her after the child is born.
  • I liked the mild flirting between Hank and his physical therapist I thought they were kind of cute together.
  • I found it interesting that the Russian healer was a Wesson called cosjay who's touch can either heal or kill.
  • I liked how when it was revealed that Renard could speak Russian that Hank remarked how that doesn't even surprise him at this point.
  • I liked how when Hank suggest that they bring Renard to the trailer that both and Nick and Monroe looked at him like he was crazy.
  • I liked how the Russian healer was a former assassin who was working to redeem himself by becoming a healer even though the healing was something that was slowly killing him.
  • I was surprised that the one working to kill him was the house keeper Larissa who was trying to avenge her father rather than his wife who although the two had a very tense relationship she still clearly loves him but hates to see him slowly killing himself.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.