Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Dogs of War(1.07)

                                   The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Dogs of War(1.07)Review

In this episode Chloe meets a boy named Kai(he’s played by Colton Hayes who plays Jackson on Teen Wolf) who is a Jackal which is the Mai’s mortal enemy. Chloe sees that Kai seems like a good person so she wants to bring him home to his family and she does along with Jasmine, Alek, Amy and Paul only to discover it was a trap. It ended with no one dying but it got quite close for both Alek and Chloe.

In this episode Alek’s feelings for Chloe are confirmed and at the ended of the episode he kisses and surprisingly she kiss him back, and I think I’m happy about that. I also felt bad for Jasmine towards the end of the episode when her mom called her a disappointment. I also liked the scenes between Chloe and her mom they were pretty touching.

I overall enjoyed this episode and I found it much better then last week’s episode. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Book Review:Gallagher Girls:I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You

Gallagher Girls:I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have To Kill You: Review

I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill by Ally Carter, is about a girl named Cammie who goes to an all girls spy school called Gallagher Academy and she known for being able to blend into a crowd, no one sees her unless she wants to be seen. But on one mission for her cov-ops class a boy named Josh sees her and her and her best friends Bex and Liz decides to research about him and through out the rest of the book Cammie has a secret relationship with Josh.

I really liked Cammie she was a good narrator and I liked that she was the girl who just kind of blended in but at the same time she was pretty badass like all Gallagher girls. I also liked Bex and Liz, Bex I liked for being the daring one who’s always seems ready for the combat stuff and I also liked that she’s British and I like Liz for being the smartest one(since all the girls at Gallagher Academy are really smart) and I like that she saw Cammie’s relationship with Josh like a science experiment. I also liked the three girls friendship together and I also like the relationship that they ended up developing with their new roommate Macy who’s the expert when it comes to boys since she’s new to spy school.

I overall really liked the book and the style it was written in I especially like the parts were it shows the parts of the report they have written. I really liked the relationship between Cammie and Josh but I doubt it will continue in future books. I also liked that the book reference Buffy several times. I really liked this book and I’ll continue to read the rest of the series. Please tell me your thoughts on the book.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Wolf's Bane(1.09)

                                         Teen Wolf: Wolf's Bane(1.09) Review
  • I liked that this episode started out with Derek being chased it was nice to start the episode off with an action scene.
  • I don’t understand why Jackson want to be werewolf so badly but it seems like he’s willing to make Scott’s life to get it.
  • I enjoyed the scenes between Stiles and Derek and I think it actually makes a lot of sense for those two to work together since they’ve also been the two characters focused on the werewolf plot.
  • I’m happy that Jackson and Lydia ended their doomed relationship.
  • I’m glad that Alison wants to take up a level in badass but I don’t think aunt Kate is a good mentor.
  • I found the scene were Danny came over and Derek took off his shirt to be funny.
  • I notice Derek's tattoo and for some reason it looks like the druid symbol from Merlin which really confuses me, although I'm sure they're unrelated.
  • I was surprised that Derek’s uncle was the alpha.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Manga Review: Sakura Hime:The Legend of Princess Sakura Volume 1

                              Sakura Hime:The Legend of Princess Sakura Volume 1Review 
The Legend of Princess Sakura is by Arina Tanemura who also wrote Kamikaze Katio Jeanne and Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, the story is set in ancient Japan and is about a young girl named Sakura who has been betrothed to marry Prince Ora but she doesn't want to marry him because she has never met him so she rans away. After she rans away she looks up at the moon on the night of a full moon and then learns that she is a descend of Princess Kayuya who is the only person can kill the demons of the moon that are called Youko but since Sakura is her descend she can also defeat them and by the end of the book she vows to destroy the Youkos and protect humans.

This paragraph will include spoilers. In the middle of the volume after Sakura has went to live with Prince Ora she learns that Prince Ora hates her and he tries to kill her because she is a Princess of the Moon and he fears that she'll eventally turn into a Youko and kill him and the rest of his people. Sakura manages to escape but is very freaked out by what she just learned and she falls into a lake and almost drowns but is saved by a girl ninja named Kohaku who after seeing that Sakura is a good person she decides to protect rather then turn her into the Prince.

I overall really liked this volume and felt that quite a lot has happened in a short amount of time. So far I like Princess Sakura I can understand were she's coming from and she seems like a nice person and she pretty good with using her sword to slay Youko. I also really like Sakura's spirit friend Asagiri I find her to be completely adorable, she seems to be a good friend to Sakura, and in the side bars it said she had a sad past which hope we get to learn about in future volumes. I also love Kohaku because she's energetic, really nice and a good fighter. At this point I would really like for Sakura and Kohaku to be a couple because their so sweet together with them both wanting to protect each other but doubt it'll ever happen.

I also found the art to be very pretty and similar in style to the other series I've read by Arina Tanemura. I overall really liked this volume and I plan on buy the next one as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this volume.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TV Review: Alphas: Anger Management(1.03)

                                              Alphas: Anger Management(1.03)Review

In this episode the team tracks down an alpha with the ability to release a chemical that would make the people around them really mad and very violent. The scenes were the chemical was released were very frantic, violent and chaotic and filmed in a different way. This episode also had a good amount of character development moments like Hicks still trying to adjust to working with the other alphas or when Rachel said that she was moving out of her parents house.

I overall really liked this episode but not as much as last week’s episode, Cause and Effect. I’m really enjoying this series and I’m excited for next week’s episode. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode in the comment such below.

Monday, July 25, 2011

TV Review: Switched at Birth:Pandora's Box(1.08)

                                 Switched at Birth:Pandora's Box(1.08)Review

  • First off I think the title really suits this episode.
  • I liked the relationship between bay and Emmett although it seems like he still has feelings for Daphne.
  • I was surprised how much I liked the relationship between Daphne and Wilki.
  • I was surprised by Regina knowing about the switched for thirteen years and that she didn’t tell any of them that she knew earlier.
  • I thought that everyone did a good job acting tonight but I think the best were Constance Marie and Vanessa Marano.
  • I felt bad for Regina at the end but at the same time I can understand why everyone is so mad at her and I think they all have a right to be.
  • I liked the scene at the end were Toby says he’ll miss Regina and thinks she’s a good person.
  • I think this episode is one of the best so far but I think the last half is far better the first half.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below.

TV Review: Wilfred: Respect(1.05)

                                                 Wilfred:Respect(1.05) Review

  • I didn’t like this episode as much as past ones.
  • I’m pretty sure Wilfred killed someone and I’m glad that Ryan thought it was horrible as well.
  • I found it funny when Wilfred said it would thunder now and then it did and it was just by chance.
  • I liked that Ryan wanted to something with his life.
  • I found kind of funny and disturbing that Wilfred had a God complex.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review: The Lying Game

                                                       The Lying Game Review

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard, the author of Pretty Little Liars( I’ve watched the TV series and I love it and plan on reading the books) is about a girl named Emma whose a foster kid who discovers that she has a long lost twin named Sutton who was adopted by a wealthy family. When Emma goes to meet her she discovers that Sutton’s been killed and that killer wants Emma to be Sutton. Through out the book we get more clues about who could of killed Sutton but in the end Emma still has no idea who killed Sutton.

I found Sutton and her friends to be extremely cruel with the lying game which is a series of a whole bunch of over the top pranks that are mean spirited. Because of the lying it looks like just about everyone has a reason to want Sutton dead and we later discover that all of Sutton’s friends also have a reason or two to want Sutton dead which makes it really hard for Emma to solve her murder. Also one of the pranks for the lying game was Sutton’s friends all teaming up to together to strangle Sutton so basically none of those girls are nice.
I liked Emma she seemed like a nice fairly normal person who was put in a really weird situation and is trying to do the right thing and to keep alive at the same time which is kind of hard in this book. I found Sutton in flash backs to bitchy in a kind of awesome way( like she’s entertaining but you’d hate to know her in real life). Most of the other characters I didn’t really like expect for Ethan who I like a lot he’s this guy who’s a bit of loner and he’s a pretty normal person and I got happy each time his character was around. I really liked the relationship that developed between Emma and Ethan they have this connection and have quite a few things in common(likes to look at the stars, make faces with their food, like poetry and are the most normal people in the book) and also by the end of the book he knows Emma’s secret.

This book is told from Sutton point of in first some of the time since her spirit follows Emma around but for most of the time it’s in third person limited were it only goes into Emma’s thoughts unless Sutton’s adding her thoughts but dead Sutton is pretty boring. I really liked the flashbacks that were inserted in the books because they gave us the feel of who Sutton really is.

I overall enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down and I will defiantly read the next book and watch the upcoming TV series. Please tell your thoughts on the book or the upcoming TV series.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

TV Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Nothing Compares 2 U(1.06)

                      The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Nothing Compares 2 U(1.06)Review

This episode dealt mostly with Chloe and Brain’s relationship in fact they go to this art gala that was put on by his father’s company. It was interesting to see that a few people at the gala seemed to recognize Chloe but they choose not to do anything. I also liked that there was a little more development involving Brain’s mother’s murder. I was sad at the end when Chloe and Brain had break up but I knew it had to happen sometime.

Also in this episode Amy briefly gets a new boyfriend who I find very attractive especially when he wore glasses and he was involved in illegal gambling and ended up almost getting both him and Amy killed. In the end Chloe kicks the thugs ass while wearing a very pretty evening gown and Paul and Amy seem to be back together. I also enjoyed Alek’s relationship Mimi another Mai who he was with the summer before.

Overall I like this episode but found it a little disappointing after the last five episodes. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review:Teen Wolf:Lunatic(1.08)

                                                    Teen Wolf:Lunatic(1.08)Review

  • I found Stiles being drunk to be very funny.
  • I was annoyed with Scott being all upset over Alison when it’s the night of the full moon and all because he has bigger things to worry about.
  • I liked the scenes were Stiles was telling his dad to be careful and I almost cried when I thought his dad might be dead I’m so glad he wasn’t.
  • I liked learning that werewolves have ability to feel other peoples emotions.
  • I liked the scene were Scott has a panic attack and Stiles calms him done. This scene also pretty much defines why I like Stiles far more then Scott stiles mentions that he used to get panic attacks after his mom died and Scott has it because Alison broke up with him.
  • I liked that Stiles has had a crush on Lydia since third grade, I think that’s really sweet.
  • I liked that Lydia figured out that Scott left to protect them during last episode.
  • I completely hate Scott for making out with Lydia because hello Stiles your best friend has had crush on her since third grade and he’s been a great friend to you even with all your werewolf issues and refusing to accept reality. I know it was probably just the full moon but still Scott just not a good friend most of the time.
  • I like that Stiles was able to figure out that Scott and Lydia made out.
  • I like that Alison’s dad’s main goal is to protect innocent people instead of just kill werewolves.
  • I’m glad Stiles stayed mad at Scott and told him how much of jackass he was being. I like that even though he was mad at Scott he still tried to protect him from himself.
  • I’m happy that Derek still alive and he ends up saving Scott from killing anyone.
  • I find it interesting that there’s a cure for being a werewolf if your bitten.
Please tell your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review:Switched at Birth: The Stag Hunt(1.07)

                                         Switched at Birth:The Stag Hunt(1.07)Review

  • I continue to enjoy the relationship that’s developing between Bay and Emmett.
  • I liked that both Daphne and Bay went to talk about the guy they thought was Bay’s father but he wasn’t.
  • I liked all the stuff with Toby especially the part were he admits he has a problem with gambling and once again I thought Lucas Grabeel did a great job acting.
  • I'm glad that Regina ended her relationship with Bruce beecause he wasn't a good guy at all.
  • I liked the scenes that involve the realtionship between Daphne, Bay and Toby because they feel like siblings in those scenes.
  • I’m very curious how Regina knew about Bay and why she has a whole bunch of pictures of her.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TV Review:Wilfred:Acceptence(1.04)


  • I continue to find this show strange but really funny.
  • I like that we dealt with the relationship between Ryan and his sister again and that she’ll try t accept him for who he is but I still don’t like her since she’s kind of a bitch.
  • I thought it was both sad and funny that Wilfred said he was getting taken advantage of and I like that he refused to leave without making sure that the stuffed bear was safe as well.
  • I liked the part at the end were Wilfred uses his superior hearing to hear glass breaking a man screaming then he ignores that to listen to two golden retrievers going at it.
Please tell me yourthoughts on the episode in the comments section below.

TV Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King:Girls Night Out(1.05)

                                     The Nine Lives of Chloe King:Girls Night Out(1.05)Review

In this episode Chloe meets to bad girl Mais named Nikki and Lilah and like all bad girls at first Chloe has a great time with them going out dancing and speeding around on motorcycles. The fun times end when Chloe sees one them ready to give the kiss of death and discovering that the think Mais are better then humans. In the end Chloe and Jasmine fight Nikki and Lilah while a Mai girl fight isn’t quite as good as a slayer fight it’s definitely fun to watch, in the end Nikki dies and I’m sure that Lilah will come back for revenge. I liked Nikki and Lilah for being bad girls and giving into their primal nature with them maim guys and careless making out with them.

I liked that Brain’s dad cared enough about his son to try to make him leave and I’m a little worried what Brain working for him will teach him about the Mai. I also continue to enjoy Chloe and Brain’s doomed relationship and I’m still intrigued by the who killed Brain’s mother plot. I’m kind of disappointed that Alek wasn’t in this episode.

I overall really enjoyed this episode but not as much as All Apologies, but it was still one of the better episodes. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Monday, July 18, 2011

TV Review:Alphas: Cause and Effect(1.02)

                                            Alphas:Cause and Effect(1.02)Review
In this episode a deadly former patient of Dr.Rosen named Marcas who has the ability to see cause and effect escapes and he and the rest of his time has to find him. I found the character of Marcas to be very interesting and I liked how he saw the whole thing as a game and I found his ability incredible and terrifying seeing how many people he manage to kill with just throwing a coin or something. I also liked seeing the relationship that Dr.Rosen and Marcas shared I liked that even though Dr.Rosen feared him he still cared about him and genuinely wanted to help him and was saddened by his death(although it’s not entirely clear if he’s dead or not since they haven’t found his body yet).

I liked the connection that was made between Hicks’s and Marcas’s ability and I like that Dr.Rosen said that just because their minds work similar when it comes to their abilities it doesn’t mean that there are the same psychologically. I also liked how it was shown that Hicks’s ability also allowed him to work backwards to see what caused something to happened.

I overall Really enjoyed the episode and I’m glad that this episode was even better then last week’s and I hope that show continues with this trend. Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review:Switched at Birth:The Persistance of Memory(1.06)

                                       Switched at Birth:The Persistence of Memory(1.06)Review

  • I liked that the relationship between Bay and Daphne seemed to have improved a lot in this episode.
  • I liked the relationship that developed between Bay and Emmett in this episode and I liked him helping her find out who her dad is. I’m also happy that Bay found out who her dad is.
  • I felt bad for Daphne when she saw everyone talking about her and she almost got ran over by a car.
  • I thought that Lucas Grabeel did a really good acting job this episode especially in the scene were Toby tells his dad he got into trouble with gambling again, in that scene I totally felt for him.
  • I think that Toby and his blonde friend are going to get in trouble for stealing the exam and I think it was a bad idea for Toby to go along with the idea.
  • I liked that the reason John wanted to sue the hospital so bad was because he just wanted them to say their sorry.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Night School(1.07)

                                               Teen Wolf: Night School(1.07)Review

  • I liked that this episode start right were the last one ended and I like that it all took place at night at mostly in the school. I also like how suspense filled the episode was.
  • I’m a little confused if Derek’s dead or not and if he is I think that was a bad move because his character still had a lot of potential.
  • It’s pretty much confirmed that Scott’s boss is the alpha and the kind of villain I like in that he wants Scott to be the one to kill his friends.
  • I see potential for a love triangle between Scott, Alison and Jackson developing with all the scenes were Jackson shows concern for her and she’s a little flirty with him.
  • I love that Lydia knew how to make a bomb too bad Jackson screwed it up.
  • I liked that Stiles wouldn’t call his dad because he was worried about him getting hurt. I also liked that he ends up trapping the alpha for a while but he loses points for taunting it. I’m also super happy he didn’t die because he’s my favorite character and it seemed like someone was going to die this episode.
  • I’m kind of glad that Scott and Alison broke up because it will force Scott to focus more on the whole werewolf plot.
  • I disliked how Scott blamed Derek for everything that was going on after Derek helped him a whole bunch.
  • This is probably my favorite episode of the show so far.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

Monday, July 11, 2011

TV Review: Alphas: Pilot(1.01)

                                                       Alphas: Pilot(1.01)Review

I found the first episode of Alphas to be very interesting it’s about a group of people with special powers who help to solve crime. The Characters include Nina whose power is a short lasting kind of mind control, Bill whose power seems to be super strength but if he uses it for too long it’s bad for his health, Rachel whose power is increased senses also when she’s doing such as a sight scan she can’t hear, Gary who can pick waves( such as wifi, TV, and cell phones) and they are lead by Dr. Rosen who doesn’t seem to have powers but is very knowledgeable about them. I like the characters so far and I think there’s a lot of room for them to grow which is always important for a tv series.

In this episode the alphas find out who could have made a near impossible shot that killed a federal witness and they find that it’s a man named Hicks who is also an alpha whose power is being a near perfect shot and he’s under mind control. Hicks ends up helping the alphas in the end and it looks like he’ll join the team next episode although it’s not exactly because he wants to. The bad guy of this episode is also an alpha with a strong mind control power and a strong case of OCD, the guy complete freaks out when there’s a loose thread on his jacket and when it’s ripped a little later on and he wears gloves most the time probably because he’s afraid of germs and his hands has blisters all over them probably due to over washing he seemed like an interesting villain so I’m a little disappointed that he died.

I overall really liked this episode and I’m excited for next week’s episode. Please tell me your thoughts on this episode in the comment section below.

TV Review: Switched at Birth: Dogs Playing Poker(1.05)

                                         Switched at Birth: Dogs Playing Poker(1.05)

  • I liked that in this episode it focused a lot on Bay and Ty’s relationship and for most of the episode their just great together like always. But I felt really bad for Bay when she found out that Ty joined the army and will leave in 3 days.
  • I thought it was unfair of Toby to get mad at Daphne when he lost at poker.
  • I liked that Bay apologized to Daphne about making her break up with Liam and I like that later on in the episode Bay warned Daphne about Toby’s gambling problem.
  • I also liked that early on in the episode Daphne and Emmett make up.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Heart Monitor(1.06)

                                                  Teen Wolf: Heart Monitor(1.06) Review
  • I like that Derek finally makes Scott see that he can’t just spend all his time with Alison since something bigger is going on.
  • I like that even though stiles is mad at Scott he’s still there for him and I found it funny how Stiles ended up helping Scott by hurting him but at the same time he lets out his feelings of anger. I also like that they made up by the end of the episode.
  • I like that Alison starts to learn more about her family history.
  • I found it interesting that Derek’s uncle isn’t completely comatose and I wonder how Scott’s boss is involved with the alpha.
  • I’m curious about what is going on with Jackson with his scar not healing and it looked like he threw up claws which just shouldn’t be possible.
  • I like that Scott is bring the alpha to him and that he’s actual focusing on the main plot instead of his relationship with Alison.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Wilfred: Fear(1.03)

                                                                 Wilfred: Fear(1.03) Review

  • I’m glad that in this episode they deal with the guy whose house they broke into in the first episode and also Ryan finds out were his wallet went and that Wilfred once again screwed him over.
  • I thought it was funny I an awkward way that Spencer made Ryan watch porn with him and go to a strip club and I also felt bad for Ryan being put in that position.
  • I thought it was funny that the animal control guy was Spencer’s ex-best friend and I liked the part were Ryan made them realize they were both being bad friends and they made up.
  • I liked that Ryan learns it’s best to tell the truth even if it does get you beat up and I liked that Wilfred knocked the guy out for him.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King: All Apologies(1.04)

                                   The Nine Lives of Chloe King: All Apologies(1.04)Review

This episode focuses on Chloe learning to control her new found powers especially her enhanced hearing and empathy link with humans which only the uniter has. I liked that there was quite a bit of Chloe practicing training because she’s still in a lot of danger even though the scar guy’s dead. I liked the scene where Alek teaches Chloe to control her enhanced hearing and the part where she listens to his heart beat gives reason to start shipping them but Chloe still seems to have no interest in him.

I liked that Chloe helped Lana out with her ex-boyfriend and liked the way that storyline developed both Lana as a character and Lana and Chloe’s relationship. I liked how Paul being the comic book nerd that he is that he wants to be Chloe’s sidekick. I didn’t like how Amy was being such a bitch about Chloe being busy training with Alek and Jasmine but I’m glad that Chloe told her that’s just the way things have to be and I’m glad they made up in the end.

I liked that the order seems to made up of a lot of people and I liked how Jasmine’s mom threatened Brain’s dad towards the end of the episode. I continue to enjoy the relationship between Chloe and Brain. I liked that the show showed that Brain’s father while he’s a bad guy it’s clear he loves his son and his deceased wife. I’m also very intrigued by how Brain’s mother was killed and by who, I have a feeling it involved the mai in some way but I wonder what learning the truth behind her death is and how it will effected Brain. I overall really enjoyed this episode and I think it’s the best one yet.

Please tell me your thoughts on the episode in the comment section below.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

TV Review: Switched at Birth: Dance Amongst Daggers(1.04)

                                  Switched at Birth: Dance Amongst Daggers(1.04) Reveiw

  • First off I love the title of this episode.
  • I’m glad the girls finally found out who each other is dating and I’m a little surprised that Bay didn’t react worse to that then she did with her being a drama queen and all.
  • I actually really liked Toby’s band and I was surprised at how good of a drummer Emmett was.
  • I found the part were Toby’s friend asked him if he could date Bay and Daphne to be very funny.
  • I really liked the flower in Daphne’s hair.
  • I liked how at the party Bay said there making a tv movie about them and how she says who she wants to play her and I found funny when the blonde girl after hearing the story wonders why Bay and Daphne don’t look alike.
  • I kind of feel bad for Bay since everyone seems to be in love with Daphne but at the same time I can understand why since Daphne is nice and pretty.
  • I really liked the relationship between Daphne and Liam and I’m really sad they broke up and I hope they get back together soon.
  • I liked at the end of the episode when Ty came to the party and he and Bay left that was a nice moment.
  • I liked the scene were Bay has a drink and Regina tells her it won't make anything better.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.

TV Review: Wilfred:Trust(1.02)

                                               Wilfred: Trust(1.02) Review
  • I continue to find this show to incredibly funny and I still enjoy the odd friendship between Ryan and Wilfred.
  • I think it’s funny in a cruel way that Wilfred keeps trying to force Ryan to prove that he’s trustworthy while through out the series Wilfred continues to screw Ryan over.
  • I enjoy that the character of Ryan is actual quite messed up with having a hard time opening himself up to people and I like that Wilfred helps to open up to the world in his weird way.
  • I feel bad for Ryan since Jenna has a boyfriend who is a dick according to Wilfred but I'm not so sure he can be trusted.
  • I also find it funny that Wilfred thinks that vet is part of some evil conspires.
Please tell me your thoughts on the episode.