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TV Review: While You Were Sleeping

                                             While You Were Sleeping Review
While You Were Sleeping is about a young woman named Nam Hong Joo who has been having dreams about things that will happen in the future since she was a child, sometimes the dreams are of good things that will happen but most of the time there about bad things that will happen. Hong joo has never been able to change the future that she has seen in her dreams no matter how much she has tried so by the start of the series she has given up on using her dreams to change the future until she sees that her mother will die after she has been in some sort of accident which leads Hong joo try to find a way to prevent the accident in order to save her mother but really all it does is make her worry. Around the same time that Hong joo has the dream about her mother Jung Jae chan, a rookie prosecutor ends up moving in next door to Hong joo and shortly after he moves in he ends up having a dream about Hong joo's future which ends in her trying to kill herself because in that future she is being framed for a crime and her mother had died. At first Jae chan doesn't think the dream means anything until he notices that things are happening the same way they did in the dream and this leads him to doing what he can to change what happens and he is able to succeed in changing the future but he ends up looking foolish to everyone but Hong joo who is grateful that he saved her and mother from a bad future and that someone has similar abilities to her.

After the first episodes most of the other episodes in the series deal with Hong joo and Jae chan trying to find a way to prevent bad futures from happening and most of the futures tend to involve whatever the current case that Jae chan is working on. At first Jae chan is reluctant to actually believe in the dreams or do anything that could cause him to loose his job because he's afraid that he won't be able to make things any better but Hong joo is able to convince him that he should at least try to make things better and that she won't be disappointed in him if he fails. Han Woo tak a police officer who was saved by Jae chan preventing the accident in the first episode also develops the ability to se the future in his dreams and he ends up befriending and helping Hong joo and Jae chan with preventing bad futures from happening and he is the one who is the most interested in trying to figure out why and how they have the abilities they do.

This show is one that I found myself enjoying mostly for the characters and the relationships that they have between them rather than because of the series plot. Hong joo was someone who comes across as pretty odd and she is completely okay with that I loved how she completely embraced all her weirdness. Although Hong joo could be pretty quirky I like that she is someone who is still clearly very smart and we see that she is very good at her job as a reporter once she goes back to it, I also like that she is someone who has a very firm sense of right and wrong. Jae chan is someone who likes to look a lot more well put together than he actually is and he is a lot more fearful of looking foolish and gets embarrassed a lot more easily than Hong joo does since he's about just as quirky as she is but he's more ashamed of it. I like that Jae chan is someone who has to work really hard to be successful at things and that he is often filled with self doubt when it comes whether or not he'll be able to win the cases he's working on but I like that at same time he can't not do what he believes is the right thing to do even it's something that makes his life harder. The character of Woo tak is different from Hong joo and Jae chan in that he seems be a lot cooler and more normal than the two of them but he like the two of them is unwilling to not do the right thing just because it's easy.

The relationship between Hong joo and Jae chan is one that is built on the friendship that the end up developing at the beginning of the series and is one that is built off the small gestures of affections that they show each other through out the series. The things that make their bound what it is are the smaller moments such as Hong joo telling Jae chan that she wouldn't be disappointed in him if he failed as long as he tried or Jae chan holding Hong Joo's hand and promising to hold her hand when she returned to work while knowing that doing her job could lead to her death in the future. Through out the series Hong joo and Jae chan are there for each other offering emotional support to one another whenever they need it and they are able to communicate openly through which is something that made me love them so much as a couple.

Overall I really loved this drama there are so many characters and relationships that I didn't mention in my review that I loved as well and they really made the series all the more wonderful or interesting for existing. This show was one that was made by it's characters and I was more than happy to watch them grow over the course of the series. This show was one that I thought had a great look to it and I thought that the music was great as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this drama.

Top 10 Books on My Winter To Be Read List

1. Glass: This is the second book in the Crank series which is written by Ellen Hopkins who is one of my favorite authors so I'm sure I'll be a fan of this book as well since I've enjoyed all the books that I read by her so far.
2. Heartless: Since I loved Marissa Meyer's previous series The Lunar Chronicles and I also like Alice in Wonderland retellings I figure that I'll probably be a fan of this book as well and since I already own this book it's pretty high on my to be read list.
3. Isla and the Happily Ever After: Since I own this book already and I did really enjoy Lola and the Boy Next Door I'm looking forward to reading this book but since I'm one of the few people who didn't like Anna and the French Kiss I'm also a little worried that I won't end up liking this book.
4. The Fill-in Boyfriend: This book is a YA novel that involves fake dating and since I love fake dating I think this book sounds like it would be a fun read.
5.The Raven King: So far I have loved every book in The Raven Cycle series and every book I read written by Maggie Stiefvater so far and I don't think that will be changing when I read this book so I'm really looking forward to reading it.
6. Turtle All the Way Down: This book is the newest book by John Green and since I liked the other books he has written I think there's a good chance I'll like this one too.
7. Why We Broke Up: This book seems like one that could be really good and interesting because it's dealing with the ending of a relationship rather then the beginning of one which isn't something that I have read that many stories about so far so I'm intrigued by the concept of the story.
8. Holding Up the Universe: I really want to read this book since it's by the same author of All the Bright Places which was one of my favorite books I read this year so anything written by this author is worth checking out in my book.
9. Literally: I think the concept of this book the main character figuring out that she's a fictional character is really cool one and even though the reviews I read haven't been great so far I still want to read it because it would at the very least be fun to compare it to the kdrama W Two Worlds which deals with the same concept.
10. Be More Chill: I want to read this book since I loved It's Kind of a Funny Story which was written by the same author and because I really enjoy listening to the cast recording of the musical as well.

TV Review: The Gifted: Exodus(1.03)

                                                 The Gifted: Exodus(1.03)Review
  • I liked that the episode opened in a flashback to three years ago to when Lorna was showing Marcos around the safe haven for mutants and I liked how Lorna showed Marcos what she does with her powers just for the joy of it and then asks him to show her what he does with his powers for the joy of it and then he shows her.
  • I liked that when Lorna and Marcos kissed that their combined powers made these beautiful lights glow between the two of them.
  • I like that Marcos and Sonya where able to convince John to train Clarice so that she could use her powers to break Lorna out of prison.
  • I like that Caitlin wants to try to use her connections to lawyers to find a legal way to get Lorna out of jail because she still believes in following the law.
  • I like that Clarice is willing to help break Lorna out of jail but she doesn't think she'll be able to because her powers haven't been working right since she recovered which is probably do her fearing that her will become out of control again.
  • I like that John tells Sonya that he doesn't want her planting memories into Clarice's head that would motivate her more get Lorna back.
  • I like that when Caitlin tells Lauren and Andy that she's going to visit their uncle to see if he can help them find their dad that they both insist that they go with her because they don't want to loose her as well.
  • I like that John keeps trying to convince Clarice that she should focus on positive things rather than fear to make her powers work since that is more reliable than fear in the long term.
  • I find it interesting that Sonya wants to be with John but the two aren't together because John doesn't think that being together and working together is a good idea.
  • I liked that when they needed money for a cab that Andy suggest that he uses his power to rob a bank and I like that Caitlin and Lauren thinks he crazy for even suggesting that, I also like that he blew up the parking meters instead which they did end up using for a cab.
  • I like that John and Marcos go off to find Caitlin, Lauren and Andy because they know them getting arrested would put them all at risk.
  • I like that Lauren and Andy's cousin seems to find the fact that they are mutants and on the run from the cops to be cool.
  • I dislike that Caitlin's brother refuses to help Caitlin, Lauren and Andy in anyway because it puts his family at risk when they are his family.
  • I dislike that Reed is helping out sentinel  services find the mutant underground in order to save his family but I do like that it's clear that he feels bad about it.
  • I like that Reed ended up not leading sentinel services to the safe haven for mutants because he realized he would be putting innocent people like his family in danger if he went through with that deal.
  • I like that Lorna is willing to use her powers even if it ends up hurting her because she wants to escape so badly.
  • I liked that when John and Marcos found Caitlin at her brother's house that they just wanted to get her and Lauren and Andy out of there safely without hurting anyone even though there was an angry mob outside the house.
  • I like that the show is showing that Andy is having a hard time dealing with how people are treating him and other mutants as less than human because they're a little different.
  • I dislike that Sonya implanted memories into Clarice's head about a relationship between her and John so that she could have someone she cares enough about in order make her powers work, I think this will cause problems later on.
  • I like that Caitlin admits that Marcos was right that they can't do things through legal means anymore and I like that Marcos tells her he understand doing something stupid for someone you love.
  • I'm glad that sentinel services isn't willing to just hand people over to the scientist guy because I feel like he could be even worse than them but I dislike that it seems like Reed and Lorna are being taken to a facility were they are most likely going to be tortured.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Echoes(4.01)

                                                      The 100: Echoes(4.01)Review
  • I liked that when Octavia saw Indra that she rushed over to her to make sure that she was alright.
  • I liked that Clarke tried to comfort Bellamy by telling him that Octavia can handle herself and I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that's not what he's worrying about right now with her. I also like how Bellamy wonders if maybe they all deserve to die like Pike did.
  • I like how Bellamy tells Clarke that they should wait to tell everyone that the world is going to end again in six months since they've  just been given back their pain and he's afraid of how much worse people will react if they knew that they were going to all die in a few months.
  • I liked that Clarke thanked Bellamy for keeping her alive through everything and I like that he told her that she doesn't make it easy.
  • I like that it is shown to be quite a traumatic experience for everyone who now has their pain back but I dislike that the grounders are blaming the people of the ark for everything that happened and that their blaming Clarke in particular who had very little to do with how things went so bad.
  • I like that Jasper is trying so hard to appear like he is happy but I'm sad and worried that he has to try so hard to appear happy.
  • I'm worried about Raven since she hiding the fact that her leg is causing her pain again which will probably end up leading to trouble somewhere down the line.
  • I liked that Bellamy and Clarke realized that the grounders blame them for ALIE and that it would be best for their people to just leave.
  • I liked that Clarke and Bellamy have decided to let Raven know about the radiation that is likely going to kill them all.
  • I like that Clarke and Abby were trying to save Roan but I dislike that Echo refuses to let them and that she declared that Polis is now ruled by the Ice Nation and that she's not allowing the people from ark to leave.
  • I like that Jaha is shown to feel guilty about his decision to follow ALIE has caused so much pain for others.
  • I like that Murphy invited Emori to come back to the arcadia with him when she told him that her kind isn't allowed in Polis.
  • I like that Indra is willing to work with the ark's people in fighting a war against the Ice Nation but I also like that Clarke thinks that it's best to avoid a war all together since they're all going to die in six months.
  • I liked that Indra pointed out regardless of the fact that the world is ending in six months there's a thousand ice nation soldiers that want to kill them today and that have to deal with that today.
  • I find it interesting that Clarke had Bellamy say that the ark's people have surrendered so that she and Abby could sneak in and save Roan's life.
  • I like that Murphy tells Emori that her plan to just run off was better after he learned of Clarke and Bellamy's plan to save Roan.
  • I think that Monty and Harper are so sweet together and I'm glad that they are continuing their new relationship.
  • I was sad to see that Jasper was trying to kill himself before he learns that the world is ending in six months and I like that he laughed in response because it's ironic that they're all going to die no matter what they do and he was just thinking of killing himself.
  • I liked that when Clarke was taken that Bellamy and Abby were the ones that tried the hardest to make sure she wasn't taken.
  • I like that Clarke told Roan about the world coming to the end in six months and gave him in order to get him on her side and make sure that he lets her people live.
  • I liked that when Echo asked Bellamy if he thought that they can ever trust anyone again that he told her that he didn't think so.
  • I like that Kane and Abby are staying in Polis to try and keep the peace with the grounders and that Clarke and Bellamy are going back to their people to try and figure out a way to save everyone.
  • I like that Kane told Bellamy to just try to do better today than he did yesterday and that someday soon he'll find that he deserves to survive.
  • I like that when Bellamy asked Clarke what do they do now that she told him they survive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Baby Driver

                                                            Baby Driver Review
Baby Driver is about a young man that goes by the name Baby(Ansel Elgort) who works as a getaway driver for Doc, a kingpin who he's owes a debt which is the only reason that Baby is working for him. Baby is someone who music is such a big part of his life that he listens to it at all times and the music is something that can both help and detract from how well he will do his job as a getaway driver because if his music is matching up to things he does really well and if it doesn't match or he doesn't have it things start to fall apart.

By the midway point of the film Baby thinks that he has put his life as a getaway driver behind him since he has now paid back his debt to Doc and so he starts to make a life outside of working for Doc for himself which includes getting together with Debora(Lilly James) a waitress that he's when flirting with. Things are going pretty well for Baby until Doc informs he doesn't really have a choice about whether or not he works him again since he threatens the people that Baby cares about when he refuses to do another job. After Baby is forced back into a life of crime he starts making plans for him and Debora to ran away together but things don't end up going as planned.

Overall I thought this was a good movie it had interesting characters and plot. The directing in this movie was really good and especially loved the use of music and all the chases scenes this movie had because they were all really well done which made the movie really fun to watch. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

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Book Review: Embassy Row: All Fall Down

                                                        All Fall Down Review
All Fall Down is about a teenage girl named Grace who is sent to live with her grandfather who is an ambassador while her father is off fighting for the military somewhere that is too dangerous for her to go. Grace hasn't been back to the embassy  nor has she seen her grandfather since before her mother died. The circumstances of Grace's mother's death is something that has put her at odds with most people in her life because while everyone around Grace believes the death was an accident Grace knows that her mother was shot right before her eyes.

As someone who is known as a troublemaker their are several people around the Embassies who were told to look after her such as her brother's friend Alexi who is the son of the Russian ambassador who Grace has known for most of her life but never really got along with all that well, then there is Noah who is a well behaved son of ambassadors from both Israel and Brazil who has decided that he and Grace should be best friends which she agrees with rather quickly. Grace ends up finding trouble fairly quickly despite everyone including her trying their best to prevent any trouble from occurring when she sees the man that she saw kill her mother and hears him talk about getting rid of someone else. Grace along with her new friends then makes it her mission to find out who the man is and put a stop to his plans to kill another person while also trying to convince everyone that she isn't crazy.

Overall I really liked this book it was a fun read that put our characters in an interesting setting and had an interesting plot as well. The characters and the relationships in this book are very enjoyable which made this book all the more pleasant to read. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: The Gifted: Rx(1.02)

                                                       The Gifted: Rx(1.02)Review
  • I liked that the episode open a year earlier with the Stucker family having a bowling night and I liked seeing a bit of their normal life because it shows how much has changed for them in just one episode of the show.
  • In the flashback when a young mutant girl accidently looses control of her powers because people are making fun of her I dislike that Reed tells the girl and her father that it would be better for them if they leave because they didn't do anything wrong but I did at least like that Reed doesn't think it's right that people were making fun of her just that he knows who the law will side with.
  • I really can't blame the Stucker family for wanting to go back for Reed but I'm glad that Marcos and John tells them that going bad won't help Reed, would be bad for them and what is really important right now is making sure that Clarice is okay since traveling as far as she did seems to have been bad for her health.
  • I'm worried about how Lorna is going to fair in jail were she can't use her powers due to the collar they put on her neck and because the other inmates have it out for her especially since she is a mutant.
  • I really can't blame John for being mad that Marcos went on his own on to help the Stucker family and I like that he can tell that it was because of Lorna that he did what he did.
  • I like that it turns out that Caitlin is a nurse and I like that she's trying to help Clarice but it seems like she may be too badly injured to be okay without the help of a hospital which she can't go to since she's wanted by the police.
  • I find it worrying that since Clarice is so badly injured her powers are going haywire which is putting both her life and anyone who is trying to help her lives in danger.
  • I liked that Lauren was able to close the portals that Clarice was accidently opening in order to prevent people from going through them and hurting the mutants.
  • I like that Marcos decides that he should take Caitlin with him to hospital so that they can get the medicine that Clarice needs so that she can heal.
  • I liked that Marcos questioned Caitlin whether or not her or her husband would be willing to stand up for or help out mutants if their kids weren't mutants.
  • I find it sad that Clarice was arrested for stealing food because since she couldn't pass for a normal human she wasn't able to get a job so she had to steal to survive.
  • I find it sad that very few hospitals actually allow mutants to be treated at them which just seems wrong.
  • I liked that in order to get to the medicine that Caitlin pretends that Marcos is her boyfriend and that she unwrapped his wound from earlier to make it look like he was injured so that they could get back to where patients are treated.
  • I liked that when the doctor made the assumption that mutants are more likely to be abusive that Caitlin was confused and offended that someone would think that.
  • I find it sad that the other mutant girl that Lorna meets in prison is so defeated that she doesn't even want to try to find a way to escape because she doesn't believe that there's a way it can work.
  • I like that John doesn't want to risk moving Clarice because it could hurt her even though that would be easier than evacuating all of the other mutants which is what he is making plans to do in order to keep them all alive.
  • I think it's absurd that Reed is being tried for terrorism when it's very clear that all he was trying to do was keep is family safe and I think it's cruel that they're threatening his mother who has nothing to do with anything.
  • I like that when one of the prisoners tried to harm Lorna's child that she was able to overpower her collar and use her powers to attack the other prisoner but I was sad that she was locked up in solitary because of this.
  • I find it sad that it turns out that Marcos's parents rejected him when he first showed his powers when he was thirteen and I like how he refers to Lorna as his true family because she's the one that has been there for him through out the hardest times in his life.
  • I like that Caitlin insist that she should be the one that goes in to help Clarice because she's the one that knows the proper dosage that is need to save her rather than kill her.
  • I liked that Clarice when she woke up worried that she might have hurt someone and I liked that John assured her that only property was damaged and that everyone is okay.
  • I liked that Caitlin told Lauren and Andy that she was proud of them and then promised them that they would find their dad and bring him back to them.
  • I liked that Reed realizes that sentinel services don't actually know anything that will end up getting his family captured and I liked that Reed made a deal that would make it sure that he would go down alone.
  • I'm worried about what the scientist that seems to know about mutants siblings could know that could get Lauren and Andy captured.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Secret Love Affair

                                                  Secret Love Affair Review
Secret Love Affair is about Oh Hye-won who is a married woman who runs an art foundation as well as keeping track of the scandals of the wealthy family that owns said foundation. Hye-won is in a loveless marriage and she spends most of her time at work helping the wealthy family manage their affairs and tries to keep them fighting too much although the family really couldn't run without her the family doesn't truly respect Hye-won despite needing her. Hye-won's husband who works as a music teacher at a university ends asking Hye-won for her help teaching his new student Lee Sun jae because she is much more talented pianist and teacher than he could ever hope to be.

Lee Sun jae is from a poor family but happens to be discovered to be an extremely gifted pianist after Kang Joon hyung hears him playing piano one day after he dropped off a delivery and because Joon hyung wants to have an extremely successful student he convinces Hye won give him a scholarship and to also be his teacher. Sun jae and Hye won end up bounding over piano rather quickly which leads to the two falling for each other despite the fact that Hye won is married and much older than Sun jae. Eventually Hye won and Sun jae start an affair with one another which makes Hye won's life even more complicated but also makes her happier than she has been in years which leads to Sun jae asking her to leave the life that makes her so unhappy behind which Hye won feels like she is unable to do.

Overall I thought that this was a good series it had a good plot, characters and relationship development. I thought this series had really good directing since this whole series just had a look to it and the tone of the series is very well betrayed both visually and by sound. I really love the use of the piano music because not only did it sound great it also moved the story along quite a bit like with how when Hye won and Sun jae would play piano together you could just feel the sexual tension between which might sound weird but it works really well for this series. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Perverse Instantiaition Part 2(3.16)

                                The 100: Perverse Instantiation Part 2(3.16)Review
  • I liked that Clarke used the EMP on Abby after she found out that Ontari wouldn't be able to help her.
  • I liked that Abby told Clarke she was sorry about what she did while she was under ALIE's control and I liked that Clarke told her that it wasn't her and that she doesn't need to be sorry.
  • I like that after Bellamy and Pike told them that the floor is safe for now that Murphy pointed out that they don't have a way down anymore, like that it's made clear that Murphy is always looking for an escape route and feels uncomfortable when he doesn't have one.
  • I think Clarke's plan to put night blood in her and then the flame in her head is one that is really risky but it might very well be their only chance at stopping ALIE.
  • I liked that when Jasper was threatening Harper's life so that Raven and Monty will destroy the machine that gives them access to ALIE's code that Harper tells them not to destroy the machine.
  • I find it a bit creepy how ALIE talks through Jasper to Raven in order to try to convince her to destroy her machine.
  • I liked that Raven distracted Jasper/ALIE in order to give Monty the chance to sneak up on them and knock them out and save Harper.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Octavia to be careful before she leaves.
  • I like that Bellamy is by Clarke's side and holds her hand when Murphy inserts the flame into her head.
  • I like that Abby wants to take the flame out of Clarke as soon as she reacts badly to it but Bellamy and Murphy are more willing to see if she can handle it because they know that they're all doomed if she fails.
  • I think it's interesting that Clarke has to enter the city of light in order to stop ALIE and that the flame will protect her from ALIE once she gets in there.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Octavia ended up cut Pike in the leg and letting ALIE's people attack him when she was left alone with him.
  • I like that Bellamy knows right away that Octavia being left alone with Pike is a bad thing and I like that he's clearly frustrated with how Octavia attacked one of their allies while they have so few of them.
  • I liked that Bellamy told Octavia that he understands how your need for revenge can put you on the wrong side of things and that he doesn't want that for her.
  • I like that Bellamy told Pike that he wanted to think like Pike did with believing that the grounders are bad and they are good and that he doesn't really know what he believes anymore but he knows that he has to live with what he did.
  • I find it freaky how ALIE was aware that Clarke was in the city of light and I find it interesting that Raven and the others found out about this by reading the code.
  • I'm glad that Lexa showed up in the city of light and that she is helping Clarke stay alive long enough to stop ALIE.
  • I like how Murphy is assisting Abby with keeping Ontari alive long enough for Clarke to find the kill switch and destroy ALIE.
  • I like that Bellamy doesn't tell Bryan and Miller how ALIE's people were able to get in the tower.
  • I like they use the wet floor and the tazer sticks to knock out all of them out.
  • I like that Raven is able to get Clarke to the kill switch by using her portal to show Clarke where to go and a way to get there.
  • I find it interesting that Clarke meets ALIE's creator and that she is the one who tells Clarke how to destroy ALIE.
  • I find it worrisome that ALIE says that there will be a second time that nuclear power plants are melting down and will make the earth uninhabitable.
  • I like the debate that ALIE, her creator and Clarke have about humanity and what it means to truly save them.
  • I like that Clarke tells ALIE that you don't easy pain you overcome it before she pulls the kill switch.
  • I liked that Clarke thanked Murphy when she realized that he was helping keep her life while the flame was in her.
  • I like the moment when Murphy and Emori reunited with each other and hugged each other.
  • I liked that Monty told Jasper that he knows that this world can suck but it's real and that he promises him that they'll be happy again one day. I like that Jasper told Monty that he's sorry he stabbed him and Monty told him he's sorry that he shot him and that Jasper said he didn't feel it, I like that they hugged and I like that they have truly made up now even if Jasper is still clearly struggling.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy about how the world is still in danger and they still have to find a way to save it again.
  • I wasn't surprised at all that Octavia killed Pike even after he saved her life earlier in the episode because Octavia doesn't really do forgiveness and she's always hell bent on killing people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Morning Star(1.13)

                                   Shadowhunters: Morning Star(1.13)Review
  • I like that Clary tells Jace that one of the few things that she is sure of is that Jace is a good person and nothing like Valentine.
  • I like that Jace points out to Clary that they're different because Clary was raised by Jocelyn while was raised by Valentine.
  • I like that Clary and Jace go to Simon for help on getting a meeting Camille so that she can tell them where the book of the white is.
  • I like that Alec was concerned when no one had seen Lydia for hours after the wedding had ended.
  • I dislike how Robert brings up Magnus reputation of getting around as a reason that Alec shouldn't date him but I like that Alec decides that he wants to get know Magnus for himself rather than listen to rumors about him.
  • I feel bad for Magnus when he thinks that Alec might regret coming out but honestly I don't think Alec regrets it, he just feels overwhelmed by it.
  • I'm glad that Lydia seems like she is going to be okay since when Alec and Magnus found her she could tell them that Hodge was the one behind the attack.
  • I like that Jace, Izzy and Alec all feel betrayed by Hodge betraying them and stealing the cup for Valentine.
  • I feel a bit bad for Hodge when Valentine refuses to take him back after he gives him the cup but I also feel like he deserves to get screwed over since he is a traitor.
  • I like that Clary is worried that Jace is letting his anger is ruling him when it comes to Hodge and Valentine.
  • I like that Luke feels angry when he finds out that Hodge is helping Valentine again while he had to walk right passed him to get out of the institute.
  • I really can't blame Raphael for not being willing to allow them to speak to Camille considering that Camille is a big threat to the vampires safety and is completely unwilling to help others unless there's something in it for her.
  • I actually understand both Jace and Hodge's anger with Jace being mad that Hodge betrayed them despite them treating him like family while Hodge feels enraged that he couldn't leave the institute while Maryse and Robert cut a deal and he got blamed for their crimes and they got off with a slap on the wrist.
  • I like that Alec stopped Jace from killing Hodge and I like that Alec was able to calm Jace down at least a little bit for a moment when he remind Jace that his parents are Jace's parents because they raised him.
  • I don't think that Jace and Valentine talking to each other is a good idea because Valentine is very good at getting into Jace's head.
  • I like seeing Clary and Simon working together to break out Camille even though I don't think what their doing is the smart thing to do.
  • I like that Alec tells Luke that he's worried about how Valentine is getting to Jace and I like how when Luke mentions he remembers something similar happening with Valentine that Alec tells him that Jace isn't like Valentine.
  • I dislike how Camille uses how she's Simon sire as a way of showing that she still has power over him.
  • I like how Alec tries to talk Jace down from going after Valentine by himself, sadly he is unable to get through to him.
  • I really can't blame Raphael for being angry at Simon for freeing Camille because that is a huge betrayal.
  • I like that Clary keeps telling Camille that she wants to kill her and I really can't blame her for wanting to.
  • I dislike how Camille demands that Simon signs a document that claims that he asked her to turn him so that she won't get in trouble with clave for killing and turning Simon.
  • I really hate the way that Camille does her best to get in Magnus's head and tries to convince him that he'll never find love and if he ever does it won't last.
  • I like that both Clary and Alec are concerned about Jace because they know he's in a bad place right now but since they don't where he is they plan to stay on mission of finding the book of the white.
  • I dislike how Valentine decides to go after the people that Jace cares about rather than Jace himself because it will make things easier for him.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Camille disappeared as soon as she got what she wanted and without fulfilling her end of the bargain.
  • I like that Clary found the book of the white disguised as a cook book that she remembers from her childhood.
  • I think that Valentine is delusional in his belief that Clary and Jocelyn would ever choose to join him.
  • I hate that Valentine is forcing Jace to come with him by threatening to kill the people he cares about but I like that Jace is willing to do that to save all of them.
  • I like that Simon tells Clary that he believes that love makes you stronger not weaker and that they'll use that to get through to Jace.
  • I like that what concerns Alec most about what Camille said was that Magnus does have to watch the people he loves age and die, I just like that Alec is more concerned about the pain that Magnus feels when he looses someone rather than fearing  that he'll leave him when he gets older.
  • I like that Jocelyn was woken up in the end and that Luke held her in a bridal hold as she woke up.
  • I like that Clary tells her mom that she doesn't want to get into the whole her lying to her for her whole life but more being happy that she's back and telling her that she really needs her mom right now.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.