Monday, July 8, 2019

TV Review: Come and Hug Me

                                                           Come and Hug Me Review
Come and Hug Me is about how Gil Nak Won and Yoon Na Moo are connected to each other both do a friendship and mutual childhood crushes that they have on each other and because Na Moo's father was the serial killer that murder Nak Won's parents and he ended up saving her from that same fate. Nak Won and Na Moo are still living with the trauma of what happened when they were young as adults and both of them now go by different names to try and get a fresh start although this doesn't seem to help much since reports end up looking into them and reveal what their new identities are to the public. Nak Won as gone on to follow in her mother's footsteps and become an actress like her mother was before her death, this is something to keeps her in the public eye of course which one of the reasons reporters seem unwilling to let her move on with her life. Na Moo was become a police officer because wants to try and make up for the damage that his father has done by saving more people's lives than his father has killed. Na Moo ends up facing quite a bit of backlash from the victims families and the public in general because they feel like he should be punished for his father's sins despite the fact that he is a big part of the reason that his father was caught in the first place and he is nothing like his father with how he wants to protect people rather than kill them. Throughout the series there is a question posed whether or not being a psychopath is genetic and whether Na Moo is like his father which he isn't but his father likes to think they're the same so other people who don't know Na Moo well questioned this.

Nak Won and Na Moo are separate for twelve years but end up meeting again as adults and it's clear right away that they still have feelings for each other but they don't get together right away because of the fear of public backlash which would accuse Nak Won of betraying her parents memory by loving the son of the man that killed them and for Na Moo they would think that he's shameless because not only is he daring to be happy after what his father did but he is with the daughter of one of his victims. At first Nak Won and Na Moo keep their distance Na Moo more so than Nak Won but then there seems to be someone who is copying Na Moo's father and is threatening Nak Won which leads to Na Moo being assigned her case and protecting her which leads them closer together and after awhile they decide to forget about everyone else and just try to be happy with each other.

This series also has sub plots about Na Moo's brother Yoon Hyun Moo who strangely idolizes his father at the start of the series and wants nothing more than for him to be proud of him which leads him down a dark path. Hyun Moo eventually starts to see that Na Moo as well as their step Mother and step sister truly care for him in the way a family should which makes him realize that he's wrong to put his faith in his father and instead wants to protect the rest of his family from his father. There's also subplot about Nak Won's adopted brother who is dealing with his own inter darkness while fearing  that Na Moo has it as well and wanting him to stay away from his sister.

Overall this was a fantastic series it was extremely written, acted and directed. This series was one that was really sad especially in the first half but in the end this series was about finding away to heal from your trauma and move on to live a better life in spite of it. Please tell me your about thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

Top 10 Songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2019

1. Me!-Taylor Swift feat. Brendon Urie: This song is a bubblegum pop song by two of my favorite artists that I just love to listen to because it's just really fun to listen to. This song is a love song that is more about self love than any romantic relationship. This song is one that I find cheesy in a fun way rather than an embarrassing way even though it comes close couple of times with lyrics like Spelling is fun or You can't spell awesome without me but I feel like Taylor and Brendon deliver them with just the right attitude that is comes off kind of charming and silly rather than embarrassing.
2. Bad Guy- Billie Eilish: This song in which declares herself to be the bad guy is quite fun and different than most pop songs. This song is more playful with just a little edge of darkness unlike some of Billie's other songs such as Bury a Friend. The song takes a darker turn towards the end of the song which I think just adds a little more to the song.
3. You Should See Me in a Crown- Billie Eilish: This song has a very dark forbidding mood to it and I feel like the production for this song works really well with what sounds like a blade being scrapped against stone on the verses and the drop that happens during the chorus which makes Billie sound like someone who is powerful and dangerous. The whole song being about Billie telling us how we should see her in a crown works really well with her sounding like a threat during the verses and downright dangerous during the chorus all without really raising her voice is something I found really impressive and enjoyable.
4. Kill This Love- BLACKPINK: This song is about ending love once it because unhealthy and makes you miserable. This song unsurprisingly has amazing production which is something that is to be expected for K-pop songs, the production is one that goes through both anger and soft phases but it always full of life and is great to dance to. The girls do an excellent job singing and rapping on this song as well.
5. Ocean Eyes-Billie Eilish: This song is a really pretty song that sounds a lot lighter and sweeter than most of Billie's newer songs but she sounds just as good in this style as in her darker songs. This song is a love song about her falling for a guy because his ocean eyes that she can't get out of her head although there is a bitter edge to the song with how she sings about how the guy really knows how to make her cry.
6. Hey Look Ma, I Made It-Panic! at the Disco: This song is basically the cynical, sarcastic and lyrically interesting version of High Hopes and it also has better production in my opinion. The production in this song goes to the background during the verses allowing Brendon's voice to shine and during the chorus when the horns come in it sounds like a sarcastic celebration which works perfectly with what the song is about. Lyrics like Cause I'm a hooker selling songs/and my pimp's a record label and Friends are happy for me/Or they're honey-suckle phonies/Then they celebrate my medals/Or they wanna take my trophies are ones that stick in your head and make the song more interesting to listen to.
7. All Good Girls Go to Hell-Billie Eilish: I'm not entirely sure what this song is about but I find it to be really interesting lyrically with how she sings about how all good girls go to Hell because everyone has enemies, I also feel like there is something there about embracing your dark side because of this but I'm not entirely sure if that was intended or just the vibe that I was getting from the song personally. I also really like the production on the song and the way that Billie was singing it gave off a dark cynical side which really suited the song.
8. My Strange Addiction-Billie Eilish: I feel like this song works much better than it has any right to, it has audio clips from The Office that somehow end up fitting in with the song. The song is about how Billie finds her art(her music) to be her strange addiction that she is unsure of if anyone else will understand. The production that feels like it's always building to something works really well on this song as well.
9. Boy With Luv- BTS feat. Halsey: This song is just really nice sounding pop song about love that is done really well. The production is great as it always is for K-pop songs and the boys sound great singing on the song and Halsey sounds good on the song as well even though it's clear that she's only on this song so that it does better international it still works for the song itself.
10. Xanny-Billie Eilish: This song is a sad one that is about how the people around Billie are intoxicated on either drugs or alcohol which keeps them from caring about things or do things but none of them seem to care while Billie is refusing to take a xanny to feel better. This song is one that feels personal and what is really sad about this song is that Billie herself seems to feel sad and distant from the people around her because she can't understand why they're doing what they're doing while the people around her all numb from the drugs and never seem to learn from their mistakes, in this situation it feels like no one is better off in the end. This song's production reflects the song really well with being sad and haunting through out.

Book Review: Pretty Little Liars

                                                       Pretty Little Liars Review
Pretty Little Liars is about four former friends Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna whose friend Allison went missing years before the series began while the five girls were having a sleepover. Allison was someone the girls all admired but also someone who used the secrets that she knew about them in order to control the girls actions by holding them over the girls heads. The four remaining friends drifted apart soon after Allison went missing and became strangers to each other. Spencer spends her time being an overachiever because it's what's expected out of her and because of her need to be better than her sister Melissa who her parents clear love more than her. Aria had spent the few years living in Iceland and found who she truly wants to be someone who is adventurous and artsy. Emily has been working hard on the swim team and overall being the perfect daughter her parents expect her to be. Hanna has transformed herself and has become very pretty and popular along with a former unpopular girl named Mona who is now her best friend.

The girls were fine with living their lives as they have been for the last few years before they started getting messages from a mysterious person how calls themselves A Who not only knows their misdeeds that their currently doing but also knows things about their pasts that only Allison would know. The girls while spooked by the messages spends most the book just living their separate lives and just hoping that the messages will go away. During the book Spencer spends her time getting close with Melissa's boyfriend Wren, Aria starts and stops a relationship with Ezra who is her English teacher several times, Emily starts a journey of self discovery when she starts to fall for her new friend Maya and Hanna spends her time shoplifting and trying to convince her boyfriend who recently to a virginity pledge to have sex with her.

This is book pretty similar to the TV series which really just made me want to start re-watching the series and I find it interesting how this book ends at the same spot that the pilot did. So far I feel like the changes that the TV series made early on were for the better since I liked the characters a lot more from the start there and I liked how first episode had a much tighter timeline for the plot and I know it's because the show only had about 40 minutes to get the audience hooked while the book had as much time as it wanted to have to tell it's story but in this case less was more. Another thing that I didn't like about this book was how Spencer's parents acted like she was the bad guy for Wren and her kissing even though Wren is close to ten years older than Spencer who is a teenager so I feel like her parents should be more worried that she was being taken advantage of rather than acting like she was a home wrecker for ending a relationship that clearly wasn't going to last, I feel like this would have bothered me a little less if I read this when I was younger but it just feels really wrong reading it now.

This book was overall pretty good and it did a good job of establishing who the characters were as individuals before getting them all together at the end of the book and then deciding to put a spotlight on what the main plot of the series was going to be at the end of the book too. Overall while I enjoyed the book I couldn't help but compare it to the TV series which makes it a bit hard to judge it on it's own merits but does show that it's first book was a pretty well adapted for television. Please tell me your thoughts about this book or series as a whole.