Monday, July 8, 2019

Top 10 Songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 in April 2019

1. Me!-Taylor Swift feat. Brendon Urie: This song is a bubblegum pop song by two of my favorite artists that I just love to listen to because it's just really fun to listen to. This song is a love song that is more about self love than any romantic relationship. This song is one that I find cheesy in a fun way rather than an embarrassing way even though it comes close couple of times with lyrics like Spelling is fun or You can't spell awesome without me but I feel like Taylor and Brendon deliver them with just the right attitude that is comes off kind of charming and silly rather than embarrassing.
2. Bad Guy- Billie Eilish: This song in which declares herself to be the bad guy is quite fun and different than most pop songs. This song is more playful with just a little edge of darkness unlike some of Billie's other songs such as Bury a Friend. The song takes a darker turn towards the end of the song which I think just adds a little more to the song.
3. You Should See Me in a Crown- Billie Eilish: This song has a very dark forbidding mood to it and I feel like the production for this song works really well with what sounds like a blade being scrapped against stone on the verses and the drop that happens during the chorus which makes Billie sound like someone who is powerful and dangerous. The whole song being about Billie telling us how we should see her in a crown works really well with her sounding like a threat during the verses and downright dangerous during the chorus all without really raising her voice is something I found really impressive and enjoyable.
4. Kill This Love- BLACKPINK: This song is about ending love once it because unhealthy and makes you miserable. This song unsurprisingly has amazing production which is something that is to be expected for K-pop songs, the production is one that goes through both anger and soft phases but it always full of life and is great to dance to. The girls do an excellent job singing and rapping on this song as well.
5. Ocean Eyes-Billie Eilish: This song is a really pretty song that sounds a lot lighter and sweeter than most of Billie's newer songs but she sounds just as good in this style as in her darker songs. This song is a love song about her falling for a guy because his ocean eyes that she can't get out of her head although there is a bitter edge to the song with how she sings about how the guy really knows how to make her cry.
6. Hey Look Ma, I Made It-Panic! at the Disco: This song is basically the cynical, sarcastic and lyrically interesting version of High Hopes and it also has better production in my opinion. The production in this song goes to the background during the verses allowing Brendon's voice to shine and during the chorus when the horns come in it sounds like a sarcastic celebration which works perfectly with what the song is about. Lyrics like Cause I'm a hooker selling songs/and my pimp's a record label and Friends are happy for me/Or they're honey-suckle phonies/Then they celebrate my medals/Or they wanna take my trophies are ones that stick in your head and make the song more interesting to listen to.
7. All Good Girls Go to Hell-Billie Eilish: I'm not entirely sure what this song is about but I find it to be really interesting lyrically with how she sings about how all good girls go to Hell because everyone has enemies, I also feel like there is something there about embracing your dark side because of this but I'm not entirely sure if that was intended or just the vibe that I was getting from the song personally. I also really like the production on the song and the way that Billie was singing it gave off a dark cynical side which really suited the song.
8. My Strange Addiction-Billie Eilish: I feel like this song works much better than it has any right to, it has audio clips from The Office that somehow end up fitting in with the song. The song is about how Billie finds her art(her music) to be her strange addiction that she is unsure of if anyone else will understand. The production that feels like it's always building to something works really well on this song as well.
9. Boy With Luv- BTS feat. Halsey: This song is just really nice sounding pop song about love that is done really well. The production is great as it always is for K-pop songs and the boys sound great singing on the song and Halsey sounds good on the song as well even though it's clear that she's only on this song so that it does better international it still works for the song itself.
10. Xanny-Billie Eilish: This song is a sad one that is about how the people around Billie are intoxicated on either drugs or alcohol which keeps them from caring about things or do things but none of them seem to care while Billie is refusing to take a xanny to feel better. This song is one that feels personal and what is really sad about this song is that Billie herself seems to feel sad and distant from the people around her because she can't understand why they're doing what they're doing while the people around her all numb from the drugs and never seem to learn from their mistakes, in this situation it feels like no one is better off in the end. This song's production reflects the song really well with being sad and haunting through out.

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