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TV Review: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Pilot(1.01)

                                            Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Pilot(1.01)Review
  • I really like how this show is dealing with the whole the world after the avengers with how everyone is now aware of the possibility of superheroes and gods and how that changes the way in which people see the world.
  • I liked how when Ward was asked why he thought that the words that made up S.H.I.E.L.D. were chosen he said that he thought someone really wanted their initials to spell out the word shield.
  • I liked how Colson couldn't help but to hide in corner in order to make sure that he made a dramatic entrance once he revealed that he wasn't actually dead. I also liked that Colson likes to make his death seem more dramatic then it actually was.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Ward is an agent who is great in combat and espionage but has terrible people skills because I tend to like watching those type of characters.
  • I like how it's implied that there's something that Colson doesn't know about the time while he was away that is a mystery that I'm interested in solving.
  • I really enjoy the character Skye and I really liked how she come off as a totally fangirl when she was talking to Mike about how he's a hero and she could totally help him out in making that a profitable thing for him.
  • I like how Skye lives in a van that she parks in a place so that it will always have a wifi connection and she is also this organization called the Rising Tide that can hack into S.H.I.E.L.D. and other top secret organizations with ease.
  • I'm interested in the ace pilot character Melinda May who is clearly someone who is well known and probably has a pretty interesting backstory considering that she is someone who is quite skilled in field work but was working in an office.
  • I really like  how the characters Fitz and Simmons would rapid fire talk about all their tech and other science stuff because I really love it when that happens in tv shows and I tend to like characters that can talk that fast about those type of things.
  • I really enjoyed the scenes were Skye was sort of interrogated by Ward and Colson about what she knew and I liked how it ended up being something that was more a test for Ward considering that Colson hit him with truth serum instead of Skye in order to allow Skye to ask him anything in order to gain her trust.
  • I liked how the tech works in this show it looks really impressive and I liked how Fitz pointed out that the tech allows him not to have to get his hands dirty.
  • I liked how it was revealed that Mike wasn't just someone who naturally had superpowers but someone who gained them through part of a project which is what led to the building blowing up in the first place and that the woman he saved was actually the doctor that gave him the stuff to become stronger in the first place.
  • I liked how Mike started to think of himself as a hero once he started to loose his mind due to the speech Skye gave him earlier in the episode.
  • I liked how once Skye learned that Mike was a danger to himself and others that she decided to help the S.H.I.E.L.D. because she now knows they aren't the enemy in this situation.
  • I loved how Colson absolutely refused to let Mike being killed be the solution to the problem and that he believes that everyone is worth saving.
  • I really enjoyed the speech Mike gave towards the end of the episode to Colson and I liked that it looked to touch even Ward.
  • I'm glad that the team was able to find a way to stop Mike from exploding without killing him in the end.
  • I overall really enjoyed this episode and I think this looks like a good start to the series and I also enjoyed the fight scenes we got as well.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Fear(3.01)

                                                    Revenge: Fear(3.01)Review
  • I'm slightly concerned about Emily getting shot in two months time but since she's the main character I'm assuming she'll survive and I'm more worried about the fallout after she recovers because whoever shot her clearly has found out something big about her.
  • I find it interesting that for the past six months the Graysons only source of income is Conrad's position as Governor and I find Daniel a bit too idealistic with not wanting a job similar to the one he had before considering that he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.
  • I'm glad that Nolan was released from prison right away in this episode and that his program carrion ended up giving up the people involved in the initiative  as well as proving his innocence, I also liked that it seems like the initiative arc is over. I really loved that Emily was there to pick him up and I loved that he hugged her as well.
  • I really enjoyed Emily telling Nolan all that has happened while he was locked up and I like that Emily mentioned that she didn't tell Jack that Nolan was involved and also Jack has been gone for six months as well.
  • I really loved how Emily tried to tell Nolan that she should have never involved Nolan and that Nolan tells her that he's going to be working by her side until she destroys everyone who destroyed her father.
  • I also liked how Emily bought Nolan a house just like she promised she would last season.
  • I think that Victoria's son Patrick seems very sweet which is why I knew he wasn't going to last long in the Hamptons.
  • I liked how Conrad showed how narcissistic he truly is when he was mad about how he thought the eyes in his portrait weren't deep enough.
  • I found it somewhat terrifying that Conrad was planning on running for president and I'm glad that by the end of the episode that is no longer an option.
  • I liked how Ashley who through out the course of the series was screwed over quite a few times by both Emily and the Grayson family decided that she was going to blackmail Emily into giving her the means to gain the power she has always longed for.
  • I'm liking that French girl Margo who's an old friend of Daniel's that clear wishes the two of them were more than friends, I'm just really liking what we've seen of her personality so far.
  • I liked how Charlotte went over to Emily's house right away when she noticed that Emily was back because she missed her and that she gave Emily information about Patrick.
  • I liked how Emily used the information to get Victoria suspicious of Ashley so that she could get Victoria to help her destroy Ashley later on.
  • I liked how Charlotte went to Patrick's hotel and both warned him about how Victoria destroys peoples lives and then threatened him that if Victoria doesn't destroy him she will.
  • I liked how when Nolan told Emily that he'll find a way to sneak in the poison that she needs for her scheme that she should trust him because he always trusts her and I like that Emily did actually just trusted him because that says a lot about how close their relationship is considering how hard it is for her to trust people.
  • I really liked how Jack told Emily is able to understand why Emily was taking revenge against the people who destroy her father but he also doesn't want her to be any part of his or Carl's life because of all the harm her revenge has brought him and his family.
  • I liked how Emily did what Ashley wanted with introducing her to a powerful man but she made sure that her talking to that man a doctor would later lead to her downfall.
  • I liked how Emily poisoned Conrad's water so that he would pass out during a big event and that she made it look like he was starting to show signs of Huntington's disease which is something that he would die from and that she leaked it to the press in order to force Conrad to step down which is a pretty good form of revenge considering that's the Grayson's only form of income at the moment.
  • I liked that Emily and Victoria worked together to destroy Ashley and make her leave the contrary. I actually really enjoyed Ashley as a character but I think she had a pretty good send off for this show.
  • I liked that Charlotte confronted Victoria about Patrick and that she was totally unafraid to let Victoria know that she was the one that caused Patrick to leave. I dislike how Victoria has always made it so blatantly clear that she doesn't really care for Charlotte and that she is by far her least favorite child.
  • I'm a bit worried about Jack threatening to reveal Emily's true identity but I can understand why he thinks it's necessary considering how much collateral damage her schemes have had in the past.
  • I'm a bit curious about how Emily marrying Daniel is going to complete her revenge scheme. I find it interesting that it's implied that the date Emily chose for the wedding is the date her father got arrested which is certainly poetic.
  • I loved how at the end of the episode Emily went down to the beach by Nolan's new house to sit with him and drink wine and celebrate their revenge victories of the day, I'm just really enjoying the two of them having so many scenes together and being partners in crime again.
  • I'm disappointed that Adian isn't dead but I'm kind of glad that he wants to destroy Emily now rather than be with her because treating him as an enemy for Emily I feel will work better in the show because he won't be able to take over her revenge plots like he often did last season.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Movie Review: The First Time

                                                         The First Time Review
This movie starts off with this guy Dave(Dylan O'Brien who I know and love for playing Stiles on Teen Wolf) who is outside of a party rehearsing this speech that he wants to give to this girl Jane who's he's had a crush on for years and then this girl Aubrey(Britt Robertson who I know and love for playing Cassie on Secret Circle) ask him what he's doing and the two of them get to talking. I kind of love that one of the first things they talk about is how they don't really get why they go to high school parties since with Dave he just ends up not knowing anyone and feeling awkward and with Aubrey she came with some girls because she thought that it would be fun but they're all out hooking up with people so she ends up feeling awkward. After awhile Dave asks Aubrey for some advice on girls and reads her this speech he has written for Jane that is very sweet but also with the way in which he reads it's pretty awkward as well which is pretty much his character sweet and awkward. Aubrey ends up telling him that thing he really needs to get a girl like Jane would be confidence and Dave really doesn't think that's something he can have.

After awhile the party is broken up by the cops and Dave and Aubrey have been talking and walking for awhile Aubrey invites Dave over to her house. That night the two of them talk more and it becomes pretty clear that Aubrey is the type of person who is both artistic but also the kind of person who thinks that pretty much anything that is romantic is cliché and tried. I really enjoyed the contrast between Aubrey and Dave with how they think of relationships with how for example how Aubrey thinks that dating is just being with someone to be with someone and Dave who fantasies about being his crush's boyfriend with being able to hold her hand and kiss her in the rain. So over the course of the night they bond.

By the end of the next night after Aubrey breaks up with her jerk of boyfriend Ronny who is this type of guy that seems to hate everything mainstream and blames every problem on some cooperation and he is just really unpleasant to be around in general. Also that night Dave decides not to spend yet another night with Jane where she tells him about the latest jerk she was with and how she's done with those kind of guys when he knows that's not true because it's pretty clear that they've had many conversations just like this one. So by the end of the night Dave and Aubrey sort of become a thing I mean they kiss but there's no labels or anything put on their relationship.

The next night Dave and Aubrey end up having sex and it's really awkward which really shouldn't be a surprise considering that neither of them have ever done it before. The awkwardness of the sex leaves them to almost ending their relationship before it even starts but in the end it seems like they worked things out.

I loved this movie so much and I'm so glad that I did because I've been looking forward to this movie since I first heard about back when it first screened at Sundance and I'm glad that it exceed my expectations. I just really loved the characters and I loved seeing their relationship and I love the way the dialogue was. I thought that the acting was good overall but that wasn't something that I was worried about. Overall I think this is a great movie and I think that you should definitely watch it because it's just really good. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

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Top 10 Sequels

1. Linger: This is a book that spoke to me in a way that I don't think most think of this series as being capable of doing this probably one of my all time favorite books now in fact if you look at my Top 10 Book Moments list you'll see it appears a lot. Most people right this book off as another paranormal romance when the main characters obsess about their love for one another and while that does happen a bit I think if that's all you get out of the book your missing out on a really great story. When I think of this book the first thing I think of is how it's kind of set after happily ever after with how Sam adjust to the idea that he now gets to always stay in his human skin and I really love that we got to see him process his feelings about this and I also love that we saw more of his past as well because the young odd fragile Sam is probably my favorite Sam. I also really loved the character Cole St.Clair who's is that asshole bad boy who is really hot but in the end isn't worth the tears you cry over him and I love that Cole hates himself for being that guy but doesn't seem to be able to stop so he's just became a self-destructive mess in order to escape himself. I really enjoy the relationship that Sam and Cole have in this book because they're so different in personality and life views that they don't really get along although Sam always tries to be polite which only serves to make Cole more eager to get under his skin. I also really love the relationship Cole and Isabel have where Isabel is looking for a way to self-destructive since she feels guilty for the role she played in her brother's death and Cole couldn't be a more destructive force and I kind of love the unhealthiness of their relationship with how she actually resents him for starting to pull himself together before she could. Overall I love this book for really all the little characters moments.
2. The Battle of the Labyrinth: This is my favorite book of the series I just love seeing all of the characters we met over the course of the series storylines coming together within the labyrinth. This is also the book that made the threat of Kronos something that couldn't be prevented anymore which in turn made the series have a bit of a dark feel to it. I just really loved all the interconnected storylines with the quest, the thing with Nico, Grover finally finding Pan and of course Kronos finally becoming a real threat rather than just a prophecy. I also loved just seeing all the characters and their relationships.
3. The Awakening: This book is one that I loved because the action never really felt like it stopped and when it did it was about developing characters or abilities so I was never bored with the book. I felt like this book moved fast and that a lot happen and that really worked for me.
4. The Son of Neptune: I just really loved all three of our narrators and I loved learning Hazel and Frank's backstories and I liked seeing a relationship develop between them as well. I also really loved seeing Percy as well considering he's one of my all time favorite characters and I just really loved the whole story.
5. Perfect Scoundrels: I really love this book because of how well it handled Kat and Hale's relationship I loved how this book gave them relationship problems that came completely from them with how the conflict was that they come from two different worlds and while Hale is part of Kat's now that doesn't mean that he'll always want to be a part of it. I also love how this story also gives us a lot of background information on Hale as well.
6. Only the Good Spy Young: This book is one that had a lot of plot twist that both shocked me but at the same time made sense and learning about them I felt the same way in which the characters did which is always a good thing because you never want to be frustrated by a characters stupidity.
7.Cross my Heart Hope to Spy: This book is the one that I think really made the series have more of an ongoing storyline to it with introducing the mysterious Blackthrone boys and the start of Cammie and Zach's relationship. This book I would say was slightly darker than the first but still pretty light and fun also there was an espionage ball which is my favorite thing this series ever done.
8. The Titan's Curse: I really loved this book because I enjoyed the overall story of it and I really love the character of Zoe Nightshade who only appeared in this book but made a big impression on me. I also liked getting to know Thalia better and this is the book that introduced two of my favorite characters of the whole series Nico Di Angelo and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. Overall I just really loved this book.
9. A Clash of Kings: This one probably should be higher up on the list since it's great but I've been reading it for over a year now, I'm stuck on a Jon and Theon chapters right in a row and I'm not really a big fan of reading their point of views so I read other things instead. I feel I should mention I am update with the show which I'm also loving and I still do intend to read all the books it's just going to take me awhile to finish this one. I really love the book because well Sansa point of view chapters are my favorite because she's a favorite character of mine and her journey is more of an internal one since she can't speak her true opinion it works better in book form and it seems like quite a bit of her story was cut out of the show. I'm also really loving Bran's storyline in the book and I'm pretty sure they cut a ton out of his storyline in the show since Jojen and Meera Reed arrive much earlier and there's much more about important people staying in Winterfell.
10. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: It's been a long time since I've read this book but I remember loving it and I remember being mad that the movie didn't follow the book closer although I still enjoyed the movie.

Movie Review: Stoker

                                                               Stoker Review
Stoker is about a teenaged girl named India(Mia Wasikowska) who's father dies on her birthday. India is different from most in that she rarely talks but she can hear and see things that others cannot. At her father's funeral she meets her uncle Charlie(Matthew Goode) who she didn't even know she had for the first time. India feels very suspicious of her Charlie and is uncomfortable with him staying with her and her mother Evelyn(Nicole Kidman) who is thrilled to have Charlie around because he reminds her of her husband from when he was younger and the two of them actually got along.

India over the course of the film discovers secrets about her uncle's past and that the two of them are far more alike than she would have ever thought that they could be. The relationship between India and Charlie becomes pretty inappropriate especially on Charlie's side since for the entirety of the film he seems pretty obsessed with her the reason why is revealed towards the end and it's revealed why India had never heard of India before the funeral.

This film had a very particular look to it, it was stylized in a way and that made the film really great to look at. I overall the story was interesting if at times somewhat disturbing and I felt like the acting was good and I enjoyed the directing as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this film.

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Movie Review: Submarine

                                                          Submarine Review
Submarine is about high school boy named Oliver Tate who is quite a strange individual he likes to read the dictionary, he does routine checks of his parents bedroom and likes to think of himself into alternate realities. Oliver because infatuated with a girl named Jordana the two start a relationship after he refuses to call her a slut when he is getting beaten up by some bully. There's a falling in love montage which involves a lot of the two of them setting stuff on fire, some running around on the beach and a tiny bit of kissing.

The other plot in this movie is that Oliver's parents are going through marital problems and Oliver feels like he is one that has to fix them. Oliver believes that his mother is having an affair with their new neighbor Graham who happens to be his mother's first love and Oliver feels like he must inform his father of this information. His father doesn't really do anything with this information since he's a pretty passive person and he periodically suffers from depression.

I overall really liked this movie which I found a bit strange but I really enjoyed the strangeness of this movie and I like that the characters all had distinct personalities. I especially liked Oliver's charcter because he was so odd and thought about things weirdly and had a lot of weird interest and knew strange things. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: As My Love First Came(2.02)

                             Chihayafuru 2: As My Love First Came(2.02)Review
This episode starts off with Sumire following Taichi after he leaves the train to find out more about him and she is disappointed to see that he has went to karuta society. While at karuta society she is shocked by how fast the players move and she confused by why so many people seem to find karuta fun.

At one point during the episode Chihaya has decided that she should help with cleaning up the karuta club room because she notices that Kana is the one that always ends up doing it and feels like she should pitch in. At first Kana is very touched by this but she notices that Chihaya is doing it wrong and then she tells Chihaya that if she wants to help out she's going to have to teach her the proper way to do so. Chihaya then goes off to teach the first years and is very sadden to discover that very few had returned and the next day there was only one person left a boy named Tsukuba.

Meanwhile Sumire is learning that she has already ran out of things to talk about with her new high school friends and worries this is what her high school experience will be like if she doesn't join a club. Sumire also gets a text from her ex which angers her and makes her more determined to get a new boyfriend and since she has decided that she wants Taichi she decides to join karuta club. While at karuta club it becomes clear that she isn't exactly there for the right reasons due to how much she cares about her looks and that she flat out tells this to Chihaya and Kana, Kana calls her foolish for caring so much about love and Sumire points out that the hundred poems are all love poems.

Tsukuba reveals that he use to play second verse karuta and that he was pretty good at it this causes a few problems since he's pretty arrogant about his abilities and has been refusing to take other club members advice despite the fact that competitive karuta has different rules the second verse karuta. Chihaya notes that when Tsukuba plays he uses both hands and that he can go start for the card he wants. When Sumire is playing against Tsukuba and gets her first card Chihaya notices the joy it brings her and tells Sumire she should cut her nails because if Tsukuba would hit her nails too hard it could get torn off. Sumire refuses and ends up revealing that she likes Taichi to the whole club and feeling embarrassed she runs out of the club room.

Chihaya ends up revealing that one of the reasons that she was so invested in the first years is because at the team tournament last year she felt bad about fainting and leaving the team without the proper number of players and wonder how well they could have done if they had at least one more player. This inspires Nishida to agree to teach Tsukuba and it looks like this will also end up teaching Tsukuba some humility as well. Kana goes after Sumire and tells her that she was right about the hundred poems being about love and that she thinks crying when ones embarrassed is a sign of a beautiful soul. In the end Sumire returns to the club room and cuts her nails which symbolizes her willingness to take karuta seriously.

I really enjoyed this episode I think it did a good job at showing us what the new club members will be like and even a bit about how they'll interact with the original club members. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anime Review: Chihayafuru 2: So the Flower Has Wilted(2.01)

                                 Chihayafuru 2: So the Flower Has Wilted(2.01)Review
This episode starts with the karuta club trying to figure out the best way to attract new members to the club, Chihaya wants to do a karuta demonstration but the rest of the club feels like that scare away potential new members. In the end Kana comes up with the idea that to have them wear hakamas and just saying general information about the club this seems to work since many first years show up at the meeting but none of them seem particularly serious about karuta.

Chihaya while a bit sad that none of the new members love or are serious about karuta is still determined to be the one to teach them about karuta even though she would be the one that would be the worst teacher. The other club members are more focus on other goals for the club Chihaya realizes in the end Chihaya reveals that she has a lot of goals she wants to have accomplished by karuta club although the one she said that was most important was that Taichi makes class A but she also wants to become the best karuta club and to establish a karuta club that will last long after she graduates.

There's a subplot in this episode about a first year girl Sumire Hanano who's boyfriend dumps her by text message on the first day of school so she becomes determined to find a new boyfriend to make her old one regret dumping her she ends up setting her sights on Taichi. Sumire is quite jealous of Chihaya through out the episode because she notices that Chihaya and Taichi are close and look good together. Sumire eventually realizes while talking to Taichi towards the end of the episode when he tells her he'd rather choose the girl he'll devote himself to than have one to choose him this leads Sumire to realize he'll never be choose her.

I overall really enjoyed this episode it was a good start to the second season. I love seeing more of Chihaya seemingly endless love for karuta and how she wants as many people as possible love karuta. I loved seeing how different everyone's priorities were for karuta club. I love that there seem to be quite a bit of ship teasing for Chihaya and Taichi because I just love the idea of those two. Please tell me your thoughts about this episode.

Anime Review: Hyouka: The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club(1.01)

          Hyouka: The Revival of the Long-established Classic Literature Club(1.01)Review
Hotaro Oreki is a high school student who lives by the motto "I f I don't have to do something I won't but if I have I'll do it quickly." He doesn't like to waste any energy so he avoids situations where he'll have to exert extra energy. Hotaro is forced by his sister join the classic literature club in order to keep it alive but when he arrives in the club room he discovers a girl Eru Chitanda has already joined the club and he feels that there's no need for him to join the club now so he tries to just leaves but is stopped by Eru.

Eru was very upset to learn that she was locked inside the club room without knowing it so she keeps questioning Hotaro about during this time Hotaro's friend Satoshi Fukube shows up as well and while he makes up some stories about Eru's family but also gives some background information on her like she does very well on exams and is regarded as beautiful. Satoshi also reveals that it's impossible to lock the doors of the club room without a key so Eru couldn't have accidently locked herself in. Hotaro is ready to just let the whole thing go until Eru comes up to him and says she just can't stop thinking about it and Hotaro just can't seem to disappoint her probably because he's unknowingly attracted to her so in the end Hotaro, Eru and Satoshi end up solving the mystery by finding out it was a janitor who was fixing the lights in each room who locked the door. Eru is able to convince Hotaro to join the club despite his usual motto and Satoshi also decides to join.

The next day after hearing about the mystery of the music room from Satoshi and knowing that Eru was interested in that mystery, Hotaro decides to mention a mystery of a secret club so she'll be interested in that one instead and need to solve it instead. It's revealed that this mystery was entirely made up with Hotaro even making a little fake poster for the club and hiding it and him trusting Satoshi to make up a story about it. Satoshi later on tells Hotaro that the plan with the secret club probably ended up being one that took up more energy that the music room would've and that he found it odd that Hotaro seems unable to let Eru down despite having no problem doing so to anyone else.

I overall really enjoyed this episode I felt that it was a good start to the series so far I'm really enjoying the characters. Please tell your thoughts on this episode.

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Thoughts on Game of Thrones 3.08-3.10

Second Sons(3.08): I loved how when Daenerys sees the sells swords the second sons coming to fight for Yunkai that she arranges for their to be a meeting between those in charge of the second sons so she can convince them to fight for her instead. I love how confident Daenerys was that if it came to battle she would win and that when one of the second sons captains question her abilities to take over the seven kingdoms she points out far she's come within the past year. I liked that it took some convincing and Daaraio swearing his loyalty as well as the second sons loyalty in order for him to gain the right to join her side. I liked how Margery in her conversation with Cersei was very kind, polite and seemingly cheerful which was a great contrast with how Cersei was cold and started telling the story of how the Lannisters slaughter house Castamere with the clear threat that could one day happen to house Tryell. I really enjoy the Margery-Cersei exchange because while they both somewhat see each other as enemies they handle each other very differently Margery with fake kindness and Cersei with threats of murder which only really show how threatened Cersei feels by Margery. I'm glad that Tryion is trying to do his best with not making Sansa's life any harder than it has to be with not making her sleep with him and being kind to her I still understand that this is still a horrible arrangement for Sansa. I liked that Tryion threaten to cut off Joffery's cock when he kept trying to get Tryion to take Sansa to bed, but I really don't think it was a good idea for him to yell that can of threat in front of the whole court. I liked how Ollena pointed out how screwed up the Tryell and Lannister family tree will be once all the weddings happen.

The Rains of Castamere(3.09): This episode as everyone already probably knows is the one that has the red wedding and I think it lived up to reputation of being violent and heartbreaking. I really liked that Rob admitted that he should have followed his mother's counsel last season and that he actually asks Catelyn for advice about his latest battle plan. I really liked the looks that Edmure and Catelyn exchanged in this episode while he was getting married with how she looked proud of him and that he was glad to have her approval. I enjoyed the look Catelyn had when she heard the rains of Castamere and how you could tell she knew that the chances of them getting out of there alive are slim to none because she knows the story of the house of Castamere. I found it particularly horrifying for Catelyn when she notices that Roose Bolton who she had been exchanging pleasantries with all night had known the entire time how the night would end and I liked that Catelyn told Rob to run even thought it was far to late by the time she did. I found slaughter of all Starks party to be horrific and it broke my heart and made me cry. I really loved Bran's storyline in this episode as well with how he was able to use his warg abilities on Hordor in order to make sure that they weren't heard by the wildings and Jojen tells Bran later in the episode that no one else can do that with humans. I found it sad when Bran told Rickon that he won't be coming with him to beyond the wall and Rickon tells Bran that they're meant to protect each other and their goodbye made me cry quite a bit. I also enjoyed Osha telling Meera and Jojen to keep Bran safe because he means the world to her. I also quite enjoyed Jon's storyline where he couldn't kill the man who raises horses for the nights watch so Ygritte did it for him and the rest decides that Jon's still a crow so they try to kill him and when he leaves Ygritte seems to be feeling very betrayed by him.

Mhysa(3.10): I really enjoyed the conversation between Tyrion and Tywin about how Tywin was the one that backed Walder Frey because Frey is too much of a coward to do anything like that without being backed up by someone powerful. My heart broke for Sansa even though we didn't see her find out about her mother and brother's deaths it's clear she had been told and I find this especially sad because Rob was Sansa's last hope in escaping Kings Landing. I liked that Shae told Varys that she loves Sansa and would kill for her, I just really enjoy the Sansa and Shae friendship on the show. I liked how Cersei talked about how when Joffery was a baby he was happy with her which made her happy and I liked how she said that when people say that you can tell the awful ones when they were babies is complete nonsense. I liked how Jojen mentioned that he always liked the scary stories and I liked how Bran mentioned how he use to as well and I liked the story Bran told about the man who was cursed by the gods after he killed a guest and fed him to his father. I liked that Bran, Jojen and Meera met Sam and Gilly and got them to help them get beyond the wall and I liked that it took some convincing because beyond the wall is dangerous. I liked that it seems that because of the abilities they have Bran and Jojen seem to be the only ones that might have a chance against the white walkers and such creatures. I also liked that Sam gave everyone of them some dragon glass because it can kill white walkers. I like that Stannis and his people seem to now know that the war of five kings means nothing compared to what is going on beyond the wall. I found it quite disturbing how calculated Arya's killing the man with how she played the role of a someone weak and innocent and drops the coin and then just starts stabbing him all over.

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Season Premieres

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving TV and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
Since fall TV shows will start returning soon I thought that now would be the best time to make a list of my favorite season premiere episodes, I feel I should note that I'm not including any pilot episodes because I feel like pilot episodes are quite different with how there needs to be a lot more set up and so they won't be included on this list.
1. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour(5.01): I watched Doctor Who in a strange order in that I tried to start with the first series but I got bored with it after three episodes but then I decided I start with series 5 instead which was a really good decision on my part since I absolutely loved The Eleventh Hour. I loved the Eleventh Doctor right away with how odd he was and I loved little Amelia Pond and I loved how she handled the Doctor and is weirdness and the crack in her wall. I was sad for Amy when I found out that the Doctor had been gone for years and she had grown up waiting for the Doctor who no one else believed was real. I loved that Rory noticed that coma patients were walking around town while they were also in the hospital and that the Doctor notice Rory taking pictures of them was because he noticed something often. To be honest even though we weren't suppose to think of Rory as an important character yet I ended up loving the Doctor, Amy and Rory all as individual characters and also as a group. I loved seeing the Doctor get rid of the alien that was trying to destroy the world and then he called it back to tell it earth is under his protection. I really loved this episode and I thought it was a really good introduction for the Doctor, Amy and Rory.
2. Vampire Diaries: The Return(2.01): The first seven episodes of season 2 are pretty much regarded as the best period of the show by most fans and I have to agree with that statement. I loved this episode because it's the one that introduced us to modern day Katherine who is the best villain this show has ever had by far. Katherine was terrifying, charming and seductive and I completely loved her for it. I love how her motives are so unclear and I love that we just know she's up to something but no one has a clue as to what. I loved how seamlessly already Katherine is able to play Elena and I love how this adds an extra layer of threat to everyone who isn't in the know about vampires and doppelgangers. I loved that extremely sexy make out Katherine and Damon has it was so passionate and I love how he started off somewhat violently and I love that Damon poured his heart out to her and that Katherine lied to him and said she never returned his feelings because she's planning something and she can't afford to get distracted by emotions. I loved how the episode ends with Katherine killing Caroline telling her to deliver the message "Game on." because it just made me wonder what she's up to and how many people she's willing to kill to get what she wants.
3. The OC: The Aftermath(3.01): This is the first episode of The OC that I ever watched and this is the episode that made me completely fall in love with the show and it's characters. Even when I re-watch this episode I still love it and I feel like this episode in a lot of ways was a throwback to season 1 with Ryan getting arrested, Jimmy and Julie being together, Julie being villainous with getting Trey to blame the shooting on Ryan, Marissa and Summer dressing up as candy stripers and the fact that there were hardly any guest stars in this episode with it mostly focusing just on the main characters. I love this episode both because I think it's a good episode and because it's the one that introduced me to my favorite show.
4. Degrassi:TNG:When Doves Cry(2.01-2.02): This episode is the one that introduces Craig Manning who was my favorite character of the show and it does so with such an important storyline for him. While I don't think enjoy is the right word to describe how I felt about Craig's storyline about being abused by his father and feeling like he can't take it anymore I thought it was well written and especially well acted by Jake Epstein who I still have on a list of my favorite actors because of how much I enjoy his acting on this show. I also enjoyed the lighthearted subplot with JT trying to get a date with Paige probably mostly because I love both of those characters as well.
5. Revenge: Destiny(2.01): I really loved this episode because it just really got me excited about the rest of the season. I loved that Emily and Nolan had so many scenes together in this episode because I so missed seeing those two on my TV screen and I like them best when they're with each other. I loved that Emily was keeping in touch with Charlotte in order to have a new way into the Graysons lives and I loved how Victoria was revealed to have faked her own death with the help of the white haired man. I loved pretty much every bit of this episode and I don't think I have a particularly good reason as to why just that I really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Top 10 Books on my Fall To be Read list 2013

1. Forever: I loved the first two books of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series especially the second one so I'm really looking forward to seeing how the series ends although I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like how it ends because I have stumbled on to some spoilers that makes it sounds like the one thing that I absolutely did not want to happen to Sam does but I'm sure even if I'm right about that I'll still enjoy the characters and their relationships so that means all overall enjoy the book.
2. The Reckoning: I've loved the first two books of the series and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the series ends.
3. The Mark of Athena: I loved all the books that came before this one and I love all the characters and I'm excited to see on what adventures they go on next.
4. Manic Pixie Dreamgirl: This book sounds like it would be really interesting with how it seems to be about deconstructing the manic pixie dreamgirl trope which is a favorite of mine and it also sounds like the main character is the type I tend to like. Also the passage on the back cover totally sucked me in.
5. The Maze Runner: The movie is going to be released in February and since I'm a big fan of three of the cast members I feel I need to read the book before that and also the books sounds pretty interesting.
6. Demonglass: I loved the first Hex Hall book and I would love to be able to read the second book of the series soon.
7. Catching Fire: This book is one I feel more like I need to read then I want to read because while I liked the first book it did really make feel all that attached to the characters or care as much as I should have and in all honesty I'm more than willing to just watch the movie because like half the reason this book is on this list is because I really love Jena Malone and I'm excited to see her act again and well that's a pretty crap reason to read a book so don't except a review anytime soon.
8. Crank: I love Ellen Hopkins books and this is her most well known one which ironically is one of the few that I haven't read yet. I love Ellen Hopkins writing style and the story sounds like an interesting one.
9. If I Stay: I've heard a lot of great things about this book and I own it so I feel like I should read this one.
10. Adam and Eve: When this book first came out I thought it didn't sound that interesting but after reading the TV Tropes page on it, it actually sounds really interesting and like a type of book that I would really enjoy.

On a completely unrelated note I'm writing this post about comparing the show Teen Wolf to paranormal YA and I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in reading it since it's going to be fairly long post I'm not sure I want to put the effort into if no one wants to read it.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Top 10 Shows I'm Looking Forward to fall 2013

1. Revenge season 3: I've loved the first two seasons of the show and I'm really excited to see the characters again and see what revenge schemes Emily is setting in motion. While season 2 was a bit uneven in places I still overall enjoyed it and I think that show could easily fix the problems it had in season 2 namely Aiden trying to take over Emily's revenge plans but I have faith that he won't be around as much or at all this season so Emily will be free to make her own moves like she did in season 1.
2. Reign: I saw the trailer for this show and I pretty much fell in love with it, I can't wait for this show to air because it seems like one I'll love completely. This show is very loosely based off the history of Mary Queen of Scots but with a teen drama twist angle which really works for me. I love that this show seems to be about court politics in a lot of ways with how people don't have friends they have alliances and people aren't in love they're betrothed. I also love that there seems to be a bit of visions from the future elements and assassination attempts. Anyways this show is one that I think is exactly what I didn't know I wanted so badly.
3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: I'm excited for this show because it's created by Joss Whedon who's shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse are some of my favorite of all time so I'm super excited to watch another show of his to watch. I liked the Avengers movie but to be honest I'm not really all that into the whole marvel verse not because I don't see the appeal to it because I do get why people love it so much but because I simply didn't see the movies leading up to it and I've only seen parts of the other movies since but I don't feel like I need to have all that information to enjoy the show which is a good thing for me.
4. Grimm Season 3: I've loved the first two seasons of Grimm way more than I ever expected I would and I'm really excited for it's return since it ended on a cliffhanger again and if there's one thing Grimm's great at it's season ending cliffhangers although not quite as good as the season 1 cliffhanger it was still great and I can't wait for the third season to began.
5. Elementary Season 2: Elementary was the show that last fall completely surprised me with how much it made me care about the characters as well as the case of the week that was usually much smarter than what I've come to expect from crime shows. Last season ended with the best episodes yet and I have faith that this show will continue to hold my attention every second that it's on so I'm really excited for season 2.
6. American Horror Story: Coven: I've loved the first two seasons of this show which were really like nothing else on television which makes this show must see tv in my book. I'm really looking forward to this season because it focuses on witches and witches are one of my favorite things so I'm really excited for this season and the treasers as always are getting me really excited and a bit confused with what's happening in them.
7. White Collar Season 5: I've loved the first five seasons of the show and I feel like this show has never let me down so I'm really excited to see what season five as set in store for me.
8. Blacklist: I saw the trailer for this show and it looked great, once I saw it I felt like I needed to see it right then and there and now I'm eagerly waiting for it to premiere.
9. Dracula: I saw the trailer for this show and it looked interesting, I like that it's a vampire story that's set in the Victorian era I believe and it looks different from most vampire stories I have seen which is a good thing.
10. Michael J. Fox Show: I really enjoyed the trailer for this show and I enjoy Michael J. Fox so I'm looking forward to the show but I'm a bit worried about keeping up with the show since I'm pretty horrible with consistently watching comedies for some reason.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Top 10 Books I'd like to see as movie or tv shows

1. Gallagher Girls: I love this series and I want it to be a TV show that airs on USA network who yes probably wouldn't pick this show up but I think that they would remain pretty faithful to the books and the seasons on that network tend to 14 to 16 episodes long only rather than 22 which I think would be good for this series in the long run with there  being less filler episode needing to be made.
2. Heist Society: I love this series and  I would really love if it was a TV show of USA network but kind of doubt that is where it would air if it was ever made but their weirdly the only ones I trust to not entirely change the series and I like that their season are shorter and they already air my other favorite con-artist series White Collar so I think it's a good fit.
3. Impulse: This is one of my favorite books of all time and I have always loved the idea of this book being made into an indie film and I really wished that it would happen someday.
4. Cinder: I really love this book and I would love to see it brought to life because it sound like it would be great visually and I would love to see a western made movie with an all Asian cast which would be require for this movie.
5. The Battle of the Labyrinth: This is my favorite book of the Percy Jackson series and I would love to see it brought to the big screen although I doubt that it will ever happen and even if it does it will probably suck but in a perfect world it would follow the books the actors would be good and the characters would have their book personalities.
6. Reading in the Dark:  This is one of my favorite books but not to many people seem to have read this book which means that it becoming a film isn't likely but it also means that if it's ever adapted for a film it will because the filmmakers loved the book not to make a quick buck which is the upside for not being well known. This story is one that has a lot of tension in it and there are many moments in the book where there are just moments where characters exchanges looks which communicate everything but a word is never spoken between them which means that the acting in this film would be amazing. I really just want this made into a film so I could see amazing acting because I love really good acting more than almost anything and I love that there would be so many scenes in this film that would require it so I would love to watch ever look that is exchange and see how much the actors could convey with just their eyes.
7. Wolves of Mercy Falls series: I love this series a lot and there are so many moments that I feel I need to be brought to life especially since there are some scenes that I can visualize so well. I would love to have this series brought to life because I feel that the acting in the films would fantastic because I feel that it would need to be because the characters have a lot of internal conflict which means that there needs to be good and subtle acting for that to come across, which make me very happy because I there are few things I love as much as great acting. But I also don't want this to be made into a movie because I feel like the movie would never be good enough to match the one in my head and no one would bother to care about the acting because they see the series as just a way to make money and it would taint the series for me so a big part of me also doesn't this series brought to life as well.
8. Heroes of Olympus series: I really love this series and I would love to see it brought to life and I would see what all the characters look like and all the monsters. I think that this movie series would require good young actors which is one of my favorite things so I would love to see that and I also think that all the action adventure stuff would draw in a large audience so it would be good for whatever studio made it as well. Also I would just love to be able to talk to my sisters who don't read about this series because I'm sure that they would love it and I would love to have someone to talk to it about but I'm almost 100 % sure this series will never be made into a movie series.
9. The Darkest Powers series: I just really love this series and I feel like it isn't well known enough so I feel like movies being made would give the series recognition that it deserves and it would be cool to see some of those powers in action.
10. The Looking Glass Wars: I think that this series would be great if made into movies because it's world is described very vividly and I would love to see that brought to life. I also love how well thought out the main characters are and I would love to have the chance to see how they look and see how they interact with each other. Also since the story covers many characters stories it does actually lends itself really well to film because films often show main characters storylines rather than being stuck in one characters point of view.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

TV Review: Revenge: Truth Part 2(2.22)

                                                    Revenge: Truth Part 2(2.22)Review
  • I liked how after the blast when Emily wanted to go inside and looking for Jack that Nolan tried to convince her not to go because he didn't want her to be in danger.
  • I liked how Ashley seemed to find Conrad's speech about him and his people being the first responders to be pretty suspicious.
  • I really liked how Daniel's main concern after the blast was to make sure that Emily was okay even though their relationship is completely one sided I like how much Daniel sincerely loves who he thinks Emily is.
  • I liked how relieved Nolan was when he saw that Jack was okay and I liked that Jack wanted answers about how Nolan knew something bad was going to happen and I like that Nolan was able to tell him something close to the truth.
  • I'm really confused as to why Declan was in the building when the bomb exploded but that's a question the show didn't feel like answering.
  • I liked how when Jack confronted Ashley about the text Ashley was able to figure out what Conrad did within ten seconds.
  • I liked how Nolan told Emily as soon as Jack left about Jack being alive but ditching his phone so that she could follow Jack.
  • I liked how disgusted by and anger Daniel was with his father when he realized that Conrad knew about the bomb the whole time and did nothing to stop it.
  • I loved how Nolan told Jack that he trusted Emily with his life and that Amanda did to and I liked that Jack really didn't trust Emily at all when she showed up and was even mad that Nolan told her the truth.
  • I liked the scene in the car between Emily and Jack where Emily tells him she's helping him because he's been suffering.
  • I liked that Jack and Declan got a brief scene together in this episode and I like that Jack at this point was considering get away from the Graysons.
  • I liked that Emily was again refused to go away with Aiden and that she told him she might never be able to give up her revenge. I also loved that she told Aiden that it was time that he left.
  • I liked how Nolan was surprised that Aiden could walk away from Emily because he never could.
  • I found the scene between Declan and Charlotte to be heartbreaking with him knowing he'll die but needing her last memory of him to be somewhat happy and needing to see her smile.
  • I liked how Nolan offered to buy the best medical care money could buy for Declan when he heard that things weren't looking good for him but Declan pointed out that what he needed was something that couldn't be bought.
  • I liked how Declan made Nolan promise to be there for Jack and that Nolan said that he'll always be there for Jack.
  • I liked how Emily told Victoria basically that her children are all choosing to leave her and she tried to make it seem like Victoria was just putting the blame on her to comfort herself.
  • I liked how Victoria pointed out that her and Emily are similar in that they are both determined and ruthless when it comes to their goals.
  • I like that Daniel wants to get as far away as possible from his family and that he told Victoria who was shocked that Conrad knew about the bomb.
  • I found it mildly surprising that Conrad knew for months about the initiatives plans and that he is now part of their inner circle, he just became more evil than I thought he could be but I'm very entertained by him so I don't really hate him.
  • I liked that Victoria wants no part of the initiatives plans and feels like she has blood on her hands.
  • I was very sad about Declan dying and I'm a bit surprised by that since I never really cared much about him in the past.
  • I liked how Nolan tried to convince Jack to take Carl and leave town so that he could be safe and not possibly trying to get vengeance.
  • I liked how Victoria feels guilty about Declan's death and felt that she deserved to be killed although I'm glad that Jack didn't kill her.
  • I like that Ashley after seeing how unaffected by everything Conrad is decides to not try to stop him from going on stage and possibly getting murdered.
  • I hate that Nolan is getting arrested for the bombing and I'm really worried about him and need him not be in jail long. Although I did like that there were mentions of all his visits with David Clarke since I've always wondered why people didn't find that suspicious.
  • If Daniel killed Aiden I wouldn't blame him since Aiden nearly choked him right before and I'd be happy if Aiden was off the show.
  • I'm a little surprised that Emily told Jack the truth about her but I could see why she had to under the circumstances.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Revenge: Truth Part 1(2.21)

                                                  Revenge: Truth Part 1(2.21)Review
  • I liked how Nolan said that his plans for the apocalypse were to just call Emily.
  • I liked how Emily encouraged Nolan's plan to use the solar power satellite to gain access to power while Aiden dismissed it.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Victoria pretended to be on Jack's side simple to get information from him of what he's planning to do, what evidence he has and who's he's working with, I did enjoy seeing how well she played him though.
  • I found it interesting that Regina disliked Declan so much because she was in love with Charlotte.
  • I found it really suspicious that Conrad was able to get cell service during the blackout but I'm not at all surprised that he seems to be somewhat involved in whatever the initiative's plans are.
  • I liked how Nolan didn't want Emily to be out there during the blackout alone so he went with her.
  • I thought that the blackout didn't really last anywhere near as long as I thought it would.
  • I felt sad for Emily when she found Takeda's body because he was her mentor in revenge and she clearly cared for him.
  • I liked the flashback with Emily first training with Takeda and how she tells him that she wants them all to pay.
  • I liked that Nolan comforted Emily and I loved that she let him do so since it's not something that she lets happen often.
  • I liked how Emily was able to tell right away that the weapon by Takeda's body wasn't the one that killed him and that he was killed in a fair fight because the body was removed out of respect.
  • I liked how Victoria told Conrad all she discovered about Jack's schemes to take Conrad down and I especially love how Victoria called him an idiot for not knowing that Ashley's on Jack's side.
  • I liked how Daniel was concerned about all the people who invested with Grayson Global and also with making sure that he wasn't framed. I just liked that he didn't just decided to take Conrad at his word and actually tried to verify that the company's assets were safe.
  • I loved that Emily found out that Aiden was Takeda's killer and that even after Aiden explained his reasons she didn't just forgive him even though she could understand were he was coming from.
  • I loved that Emily told Aiden that she wouldn't go with him and leave revenge behind and that it wasn't a decision that he could make for her.
  • I loved that Emily told Aiden that it was time he left since I've been wanting Aiden to leave pretty much all season.
  • I felt bad for Declan when Charlotte believed Regina's story about her hitting her and stealing from her and when he found out that Charlotte was pregnant from Victoria rather than from Charlotte herself.
  • I liked that when Aiden admitted to Nolan that he was the one that killed Takeda that Nolan was visibly frightened of him.
  • I kind of liked that Aiden had no idea about Emily's past feelings for Jack because it meant that she didn't fully trust which makes me a bit happy because I never thought she should trust him.
  • I liked how Conrad used Ashley's phone in order to send Jack to place he wanted him.
  • I liked that Charlotte realized that Regina was a liar and that she actually trust Declan.
  • I found it really kind of odd in the best way that during his speech Conrad gave the to go for a bomb to be set off.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Male Friendships in Fiction

Top 5 Thursday is a meme that I create to make lists of things involving tv and movies. I would love for anyone that sees this post to make list of their own whether it's in the comment section or on their own blog.
I actually made a list of my top 5 female friendships a couple months ago so I figured it'd be a good idea to make one for male friendships as well. Also since people tend to be more into guys friendship for some reason I figured it'd be a good topic for this list but if you want to write a list on female friendship instead as a response to this post that would be great as well really hope that someone responds to one of these posts.
1. Seth and Ryan(The OC): With this one I don't think I have that much of a deep meaningful reason why their my favorite I just really love every single scene that they have together and those scenes tend to be my favorite in each episode. I love that even though one the surface the two of them are really different they seemed to just work together really well and I loved that they formed a friendship right away and through out the whole series they never had a fight that lasted long which is something that I really enjoy because a lot of series in genre of show likes to not value friendships but that's never been a problem with this show in general. I also really love that even though this show dealt a lot with relationship drama that it was also clear that show always found Seth and Ryan's relationship just as if not more important then the romantic ones but mostly I love these two because they made the show for me.
2. Scott and Stiles(Teen Wolf):These two are pretty much the reason that I was able to watch past the first couple episodes of the series back when it wasn't all that good and I questioned why I was watching it but within the first couple of scenes I found my answer: Scott and Stiles friendship. I love that these dorks wonder into the woods in the middle of the night to find a dead body and I love that Scott didn't even seem to be into this idea but went simple because Stiles asked him to and I love that Stiles dad assumed that wherever Stiles was Scott was close by and love that Stiles figured out that Scott was a werewolf before he did and I love that abandoning Scott never even crossed Stiles mind even though he had just became a dangerous creature. I love that these two always seem to be there for each other and I love that they have been best friends for pretty much their whole lives and I love that even through all the changes that happen through out the series they still always have each other. I love that their friendship obviously means the world to both of them with how Stiles would rather die than live in world without Scott and how Stiles was able to take Scott out of committing suicide by telling him he'd have to take him with him. I just really love these two from the start and my love for this friendship only seems to grow.
3. Corey and Shawn(Boy Meets World): I haven't watched Boy Meets World in awhile but I remember how good of friends Corey and Shawn were I remember them being there for each other through good and bad times and I remember them always seeming to want to be at each other's side. I just remembered that these two always had a great friendship and I remember always enjoying.
4. Shawn and Gus(Psych): I just really enjoy these two because they had been friends their whole life and they can both be really ridiculous. I like that even though there are times when they really annoy each other they clear love and care for each other also I love that they mentioned before they have a plan to live next door to each other and share a pool someday.
5. Yuki and Kakeru(Fruits Basket): I just really loved their friendship because Kakeru was the first person who was an outsider that didn't know about the curse that Yuki really became close to which was something that he'd been struggling with his whole life. I also just really love their dynamic together and I love that Yuki felt he could somewhat confide in Kakeru even though he never told him anything about the curse. I just really enjoyed both characters and their relationship.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Top 6 Books that Should be Required Reading

1. Fruits Basket: This series is one that I'm sadly sure will never be taught at schools but I really think it should. Fruits Basket is really just bout broken people who end up helping each other fix themselves while learning to also love each other but more importantly accept themselves. This series is one that sounds shallow but is actually incredible deep with having almost every character having a backstory reveal and the fact that about half of the major characters personalities are more or less defense mechanism that they developed at a young age to hide how broken they are. I love that while most of the characters have a sad past and a lot are trapped in a life where they have few choices and most of them think very poorly of themselves, I love that the series is about the characters growing and learning to like themselves and learning how to form meaningful connections with people. I just really love this series and I feel that reading the series makes your life better, I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I feel like it's true. I also feel like this series is well written and could lead to a lot of class discussions and I have wrote an essay on this series before so I think that there's a lot to be learned from this series.
2. Perks of Being a Wallflower: This is another book that means a lot to me and I feel like this would be a good book to be taught in school because I feel like a lot of people could relate to Charlie's struggles to find himself in high school. I also think that reading this book for class would be a good idea because Charlie is such a kindhearted person that I think he'd be someone that people could easily root and be invested in. I feel like a lot could be written about this book because it deals with a lot of issues and that also makes for good discussions as well.
3. Perfect: I think that Perfect would be a good book for students to read because in high school a lot of people are motivated by expectations whether they'd be their own or other people's expectations they feel they have to live up to some ideal and often times people standards are to high to be met which leads to distress. The book Perfect is about four teens who deal with the concept of perfection with what it means to them and how they feel the need to live up to being perfect and the desperate measures they go to trying to achieve the impossible. I think this book would be one that students could relate to which would make them more interested in the book considering that almost all required books are about adults from long ago it's no surprise that students aren't interested or understanding the stories fully. I think this book could lead to some much needed discussions and there's a lot of issues to be talked about.
4. Looking for Alaska: This book is a coming of age story that deals with death and I feel that it's one that is very well written and could be a book that students would enjoy reading and on some levels could relate to. But on other levels I feel that the students could learn much from this book and much could be discussed and written about it as well.
5. Thirteen Reasons Why: This book deals with suicide and it shows that it can be caused by simple everyday actions that seem harmless at the time and I think that this book being taught in schools would lead people to be more thoughtful about how their actions could affect other people.
6. Linger:  This may seem like a weird book to put on this list but this book really spoke to me and if you've read my Top 10 Book moments list you know how much I loved it. I really loved how this book dealt with Sam's uncertainty that his cure was real and how he didn't really know how he was suppose to feel now that his curse was lifted and I love that he's still broken from all went through in the past and is still working through it, I just kind of love Sam's storyline in this book because I felt like it was dealing with the whole what happens after happily ever after. I also really loved Cole's mission to get away from himself and I love that he hates himself for being basically what one thinks of as a bad boy because those people are actually awful people and he knows this but doesn't seem to know how to be anyone else so he'll settle for getting out of his own head. I also really loved Isabel's whole thing with feeling guilty about her brother's death and how she wants to start a self destructive relationship with Cole. I think this book has a lot going on in it and I feel like there's much to discuss and write about.