Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 5 Female Friendship in Fiction

I'm just making this list because it's been a while since I did a list that wasn't a part of some meme.
1. Sakura and Tomoyo(Cardcaptor Sakura): I just really love this friendship because they both clearly love each other, they both have so much faith in each other and while they are different in quite a few ways the two of them just end up admiring each other for those differences. I love how Sakura values Tomoyo's emotional support so much through out the series and that she was able to trust Tomoyo with her secret right a way. I love how Tomoyo has this complete unwavering faith in Sakura and all of her abilities and that she wants more than anything is for Sakura to be happy. I just really love this two and I think they have a beautiful friendship.
2. Faye and Melissa(Secret Circle): I love their friendship because they have this good understanding of each other and they there for each other when they need to be. I really love how Faye can be a bit protective of Melissa such as when she started seeing Nick and Faye thought he wouldn't treat her right so she made sure to confront him about it to make sure he treated her right. I love how Melissa can see that although Faye can come off as a bitch a lot of the time that she does truly care about her but she just isn't always the nicest person. I loved how the two of them would have fun together with their magic as well and I love the chemistry that the two of them share as well.
3. Hikaru, Umi and Fuu(Magic Knight Rayearth): I love how fast these girls bonded and I loved how within a day or two of being transported into to this strange world that they all learned to work together and started to see each other as sister. I loved how all three of them would never turn on or abandon each other to save themselves but that they were all willing to die in order to save the other two. I also loved how they all had different personalities but were still able to come together so quickly and I loved how the whole story was mostly about their friendship with each other.
4. Holly J and Fiona(Degrassi: TNG): This two are a bit different from the rest of the friendships on the list since when they first met they didn't get along at all but that all changed in season 10 when Fiona went to Holly J when she felt she had no one else to go to. I love that these two became friends because before this Fiona didn't have any friends and none of Holly J's friends really appreciated her overachiever personality. I really just loved how their relationship developed and how much the care for each other and see the good in each other and are there for each other whenever they're going through something.
5. Sophie and Jenna(Hex Hall): Even though I've only read the first book of the series so far I have to say that there friendship is my favorite part so far. I love how they are both outcasts with Sophie's dad being the head of the council and Jenna being a vampire although both these things makes it hard for them to make friends with anyone else it doesn't stop them from being friends with each other nor does the fact that Sophie could have had the chance to have more friends if she wasn't friends with Jenna. I love how when people started to accuse Jenna of killing people that Sophie trusted that Jenna would never do something like that no matter what anyone else said. I also love how the two are able to tease each other and do normal teenage girl things such as have fun getting ready for the dance despite their supernatural status.

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  1. 1,000X yes to Sakura and Tomoyo! They were always one of my favorites!