Friday, March 1, 2013

Fangirl Friday 30

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Game of Thrones season 3 official trailer: This week Game of Thrones first non-treaser trailer for season 3 premiered and it got my really excited for the third season. I don't actually know what's going on in the trailer for the most part since I'm still reading A Clash of Kings at the moment. I loved that there was quite a bit of Daenerys through out the trailer and that she standing in front of fire and large groups of soldiers looking extremely confident. I also liked how we saw one of her dragons in the trailer. The line "Death is coming to everyone and everything." was pretty worrisome but also just made me more intrigued by what's going to happen this season. I liked that there was lots of talk about vengeance through out the trailer as well because I like those type of stories and most the characters I love in this series have a good reason to be vengeful. I loved that I saw both Sansa and Bran for like half a second during this trailer since I love them both. The part where the trailer makes it look like Sansa and Cersei are exchanging looks is probably my favorite part of the whole trailer because I love them both and I feel that there characters reflected each other in a lot of ways so I really loved that cut between them. I overall thought the trailer looked great and I love all the intense looks exchanged and all the most likely foreshadowing lines in through out the trailer.
2. Psych: The seventh season of Psych finally premiered this week and the episode was great as I knew it would be. I liked how the show dealt with the aftermath of Henry being shot with Shawn being really determined to catch his dad's shooter by making him act like a crazy person in ways that are still very comical. I really liked how Shawn had a habit of breaking glass through out this episode and that he broke a bunch of the guy who shot his dad things. I liked how Shawn kept giving Gus fake outs and how Gus wanted to take them but then Shawn told him they weren't real outs so he stayed. I liked how Lassiter was so excited about finding a room full of weapons and that he practically fanboyed over them, I also liked that he helped Shawn out in the end. I liked how Juliet worried about Shawn's mental state through out the episode and was able to save him towards the end of the episode. I overall loved this episode and I'm super glad that the shows back to airing new episodes again.
3. White Collar: I liked this week's episode of White Collar which had to do with someone forging sculptures of their old mentors work. I liked how in this episode it was mentioned that Neal is super talented with his forgers and how it seems a bit strange that he doesn't really make his own art and I liked that he gave a reason for it this episode.

4. Nikita: I've started watching Nikita season 1 awhile ago and this week I watched episodes 7 through 11, I loved all the episodes. I love the characters, the plots, the action and that it has a sense of humor as well. I loved that within this episode that there was an episode that gave Michael's back story and that in that episode him and Nikita spent quite a bit of time together and actually worked together instead of against each other like they normally do. Then there was the episode were Nikita and Owen started to really worked together which I quite enjoyed watching them learn how to work with each other. Then in the last episode dealt with Alex having to make her first kill and how she couldn't quite do it until the end of the episode when she accidentally killed Tom. I overall love this show so far and I see no reason why I would stop loving this show any time soon.

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