Tuesday, February 6, 2018

TV Review: Fight My Way

                                                        Fight My Way Review
Fight My Way is about childhood friends Go Dong man and Choi Ae ra who both start off the series with working dead end jobs while they had put their true dreams on hold. Ae ra had grown up wanting to be an announcer but she had put down pursuing that dream on hold because earning money was more important than getting her dream job which now seems out of reach because she's not as young or experienced as the other girls that are trying out for the announcer position. While Dong man has been avoiding pursuing his dream of being a taekwondo fighter because of an incident that he was involved years ago that caused him so much shame that he's given up on martial arts completely because he no longer believes he deserves to pursue his dream. Eventually both Ae ra and Dong man decided to pursue their dreams despite the doubts that they are both feeling about whether or not they will come true.

As the show goes on it becomes clear to both Dong man and Ae ra have feelings for each other but since they have been friends for the majority of their lives neither one of them knows what to do with their new feelings for each other. It seems that Ae ra has been somewhat aware that she has romantic feelings for Dong man despite not knowing what to do with that while these feelings are new for Dong man and he has no idea what they mean which leads him to being confused and awkward about he feels. As time goes on Dong man and Ae ra figure out their feelings and decide to take a chance on a romantic relationship with each other and their relationship is a joy to watch.

One of the subplots in the series deal with Ae ra and Dong man's friends Baek Seol hee and Kim Joo man who have been dating for years but are still hiding their relationship at work which is something that makes Seol hee feel insecure especially when one of Joo man's new co works start flirting with him even though he keeps turning her down he still doesn't tell her that he isn't single which cause Seol hee to worry. As time goes on it becomes clear that while Seol hee is fine with the way things have been between the two of them even if they don't have a lot of money that Joo man is unhappy with where he is in life because he feels that Seol hee deserves better than what he can give her and he feels like she sacrifice too much for his benefit which causes even more of a rift in their relationship.

Overall I really liked this series, I really enjoyed the characters and I felt like they were pretty realistic and relatable which is something I really enjoyed. I thought that the relationship between the leads was really great and I thought that the relationship between the secondary couple was complicated in way that overall enjoyed even if it was far from perfect. Please tell me your thoughts on this show in the comment section below.

Top 10 Books That Have Been on My to Be Read List for the Longest Time

1. Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin: This book has been on my to be read list since it first came out and while I do still want to read this book I also didn't remember that this book existed until I went back and looked at my old to be read lists.
2. Born Wicked: This was another book that I forgot about until I went back and looked at my list but once I saw the title I remembered what it was about and then I got really excited about reading this book someday, again.
3. A Touch of Power: I'm pretty sure I actually started reading this book but I stopped for some reason but since I don't remember disliking it and I remember the description being good I'm going to still put this on the list.
4. Dash and Lilly's Book of Dares: I have owned this book for years now and I really don't know why I haven't bothered reading it yet but now that I remember that I have this book hopefully I'll read it soon.
5. Will Grayson: Another book I own that I've had for awhile now that I don't understand why I haven't read especially considering that John Green is one of the authors for this book and I'm a big fan of his work.
6. Wither: While I do still want to read this book, I actually do get why I haven't read it yet because honestly I remember being only mildly interested in reading this book but I also quite loved the cover for the series.
7. If I Stay: This is another book that I already own that I haven't read but I was never too terribly interested in reading this book and since my only real interested in this book came from the fact that everyone else was talking about it, I think I'm going to skip it since it really doesn't sound like my kind of thing.
8. Entwined: Yet another book I already own that I feel like I should read but since I can't actually remember what it was about I don't see myself reading it anytime soon.
9. The Gathering: I've wanted to read this book since I finished reading The Darkest Powers series since this book is set in the same universe and since I got this book for Christmas hopefully I'll be able to start reading it soon.
10. Vampire Academy: This is another book that I hope I'll be able to start reading rather soon since I also already own this book.

TV Review: The 100: The Four Horsemen(4.03)

                                         The 100: The Four Horsemen(4.03)Review
  • I find it worrying that the hunting trips are bring back less and less meat because that could be because the radiation is starting to get to the animals in some way and as Raven points out that at the rate their getting their food and with no way to make their own there won't be enough food for everyone to eat one meal a day.
  • I like that when Bellamy causally says that he won't be starving because he won't be inside that Clarke says right away that he will be inside despite the fact that she hasn't made the list of the hundred people that will survive yet because she just won't let herself think of a situation where Bellamy isn't one of the people that is surviving.
  • I like that when some grounders come to the Ark's people for help when they are suffering from an illness that Luna begs them not to turn them away since she didn't help them when they came to her for help.
  • I find it very worrying that the grounders are suffering from an illness brought on by radiation since it means that they don't have much time to find solutions on how to survive.
  • I liked that Roan went to Octavia when the flame was stolen and I liked that she told him that if he can't trust Indra than he can't trust her, I like that Indra points out why they can't search everyone and I like that Octavia pointed out that finding the flame is a better solution than starting a war.
  • I like that Roan can tell that Indra is worried about the person that Octavia has become and the fact that she helped to make her that way.
  • I'm sad that Emori is feeling jealous of the relationship Murphy had with Ontari even though he says multiple times that he didn't have a choice about it and I understand why she finds that hard to believe but he is telling her the truth.
  • I'm sad that Murphy is leaving Emori to steal food from the ark's people because he's a better thief than hunter but I'm glad he's going back there because it means he'll learn about the radiation coming.
  • I liked that when Luna asked Bellamy if he thought she deserved this that he tells her no one deserves to suffer and that this would have happened regardless of the choices she made.
  • I find it very worrisome that it seems like the radiation will end up hitting in two months rather than six months and that it will be very hard to be sure that the ark is going to be ready in that amount of time.
  • I kind of like and find it a bit cruel how Raven points out to Clarke that she is in charge of repairing the ship and making it ready for the fallout while Clarke is the one that decides who lives and who dies.
  • I like that it turns out that Jaha has found out about a fall out shelter that was owned by a doomsday cult that can sustain the lives of a thousand people. I like that Clarke and Bellamy are ready to go see if it's survivable while Raven doesn't want to risk loosing even one day of work being done on the Ark.
  • I like how Raven is thinking of what will become of them all in two months rather than thinking of how they can save people today and I like that Abby sees that as her being the one sentencing those people to die while Raven sees that as preserving their lives.
  • I liked that after Murphy hears about how the world is ending and how Abby wants to save the sick people that he steals the radiation medicine for Abby and tells her and Jackson to go be doctors.
  • I like that Abby decides to give the medicine to the child first and then wait and see if it works before giving to the others so they don't waste medicine on people they can't save.
  • I like that the new flame keeper turned out to be Indra's daughter and I like that Octavia spared her life for Indra's sake.
  • I like that Octavia came up with a plan that made people believe that the flame was destroyed while it was actually safe with Indra's daughter who went on the run with it.
  • I liked that Jaha told Bellamy that Clarke is lucky to have him because he keeps her centered and I liked that Bellamy told him that it's really the other way around.
  • I liked that Jaha doesn't think that Bellamy needs redemption because everything he did was to protect his people and I like that he asks Bellamy how many people does he have to save before he forgives himself.
  • I was sad that the doomsday cult's shelter wasn't one that was able to survive the radiation but I hope that there is a way that they can make it survivable before the radiation hits.
  • I like that Murphy tells Emori that there is something bad coming and that they need to find a way to be on the right side of the door to survive it and I like that she knows that he means that they have to find a way to make themselves useful in order to survive.
  • I like that Clarke puts Bellamy on the list of hundred people who can survive even though he didn't think he deserved to be on that list and she didn't even put her own name on the list.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that if he's on the list than so is she and then he writes her name down when she refuses to.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that they should put the list away and hope that they'll never have to use it and I like that he tells Clarke that as long as their still breathing he has hope they can save all their people.
  • I like that Luna being a night blood means that she can survive radiation and I like that Abby plans to try to use that to find a way for them to survive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Top 10 Kdramas I Watched in 2017

1. W: Two Worlds: This series is one that dealt with a very creative idea with having one of our leads be a comic book character that discovers that is a fictional character and this leads to quite a few philosophical questions about what it really means to be human and it also I allowed for the plot at least whenever it was in the comic book world to be dictated by story logic rather than real world logic which was a lot of fun. The story also had a very sweet romance at the center of it and it was also a thriller that ended up having a villain that was almost completely unstoppable since he lacked an identity. This show had lots of twists and turns through out and also had characters that I loved rooting for which makes this series one that is very hard to top.
2. While You Were Sleeping: This series is one that deals with the idea of if you can see the future would you actually be able to change the future for the better and if you can't than how will you deal with that. This drama is one that I really ended up loving because of it's characters they were just so well written that I felt like they felt like real people and I really ended up adoring the lead couple because of how well they suited each other and worked together.
3. Because This is My First Life: This series was a really fun one that dealt with our leads finding themselves accidently living together and eventually deciding that getting fake married was the most logical solution to their current problems. I really loved the characters in this drama they were well fleshed out and a bit quirky and I loved seeing them and their relationship develop through out the series.
4. Dream High: This series is a heartwarming story about high schoolers pursuing their dreams to make it in the Kpop industry. This series is one that had a lot of heart to it and really loved that we focused on a group of characters rather than just one or two and I ended up loving them all and enjoying their growth as individuals as well as their relationship development. I also really loved the soundtrack for this series.
5. School 2013: This is a series that dealt with the daily struggles of high school students and teachers and I really loved how this series did such a good job of making you invested in all the characters and making you understand things differently depending on which characters point of view you were viewing the situation from. I really loved how this series was able to make everyday problems feel so high stacks because of how much they matter to the characters.
6. White Christmas: This series is a great psychological thriller and character study that asked interesting questions about humanity. I really loved the mood and atmosphere that series had and I really loved how the series constantly used the threat of violence rather than actually violence to raise the stacks in any given situation.
7. Suspicious Partner: This series was one that was a lot of fun it was romantic comedy that also had a murder mystery and legal drama aspects to it which worked pretty well together in this series. This series had good characters I really enjoyed watching and I found myself invested in it's story for the majority of the series.
8. Cheese in the Trap: This series that dealt with the college life of a girl just finishing up college was one that I found myself relating to and investing in a lot because of how well written the characters were and like School 2013 I felt that this series also did a good job of making the everyday stuff feel high stacks.
9. Witch's Romance: This is a delightful romantic comedy that had great leading characters that worked so very well together and it is honestly one of the series that I find the most fun and romantic to watch.
10. Marriage Not Dating: This series is a hilarious romantic comedy that involves fake dating and surprising amount of character depth and growth as well as being series that can be quite heartwarming at times as well.