Tuesday, February 6, 2018

TV Review: Fight My Way

                                                        Fight My Way Review
Fight My Way is about childhood friends Go Dong man and Choi Ae ra who both start off the series with working dead end jobs while they had put their true dreams on hold. Ae ra had grown up wanting to be an announcer but she had put down pursuing that dream on hold because earning money was more important than getting her dream job which now seems out of reach because she's not as young or experienced as the other girls that are trying out for the announcer position. While Dong man has been avoiding pursuing his dream of being a taekwondo fighter because of an incident that he was involved years ago that caused him so much shame that he's given up on martial arts completely because he no longer believes he deserves to pursue his dream. Eventually both Ae ra and Dong man decided to pursue their dreams despite the doubts that they are both feeling about whether or not they will come true.

As the show goes on it becomes clear to both Dong man and Ae ra have feelings for each other but since they have been friends for the majority of their lives neither one of them knows what to do with their new feelings for each other. It seems that Ae ra has been somewhat aware that she has romantic feelings for Dong man despite not knowing what to do with that while these feelings are new for Dong man and he has no idea what they mean which leads him to being confused and awkward about he feels. As time goes on Dong man and Ae ra figure out their feelings and decide to take a chance on a romantic relationship with each other and their relationship is a joy to watch.

One of the subplots in the series deal with Ae ra and Dong man's friends Baek Seol hee and Kim Joo man who have been dating for years but are still hiding their relationship at work which is something that makes Seol hee feel insecure especially when one of Joo man's new co works start flirting with him even though he keeps turning her down he still doesn't tell her that he isn't single which cause Seol hee to worry. As time goes on it becomes clear that while Seol hee is fine with the way things have been between the two of them even if they don't have a lot of money that Joo man is unhappy with where he is in life because he feels that Seol hee deserves better than what he can give her and he feels like she sacrifice too much for his benefit which causes even more of a rift in their relationship.

Overall I really liked this series, I really enjoyed the characters and I felt like they were pretty realistic and relatable which is something I really enjoyed. I thought that the relationship between the leads was really great and I thought that the relationship between the secondary couple was complicated in way that overall enjoyed even if it was far from perfect. Please tell me your thoughts on this show in the comment section below.


  1. The secondary story broke my heart! I was like.. GUYS JUST TALK!!! And Park Seo Joon, anything he's in is a joy to watch. He was so cute and fun in this one. I love a friend relationship that turns romantic. So fun!

    1. Friends to lovers as always been a favorite trope of mine which made this series a must watch for me. If you love Park Seo Joon you should Witch's Romance because his character in that show is the most swoonworthy male lead I've seen in a drama so far. I agree that secondary love story was both heartbreaking and frustrating because they just needed to be honesty with each other. Thank you for commenting.