Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Top 10 Kdramas I Watched in 2017

1. W: Two Worlds: This series is one that dealt with a very creative idea with having one of our leads be a comic book character that discovers that is a fictional character and this leads to quite a few philosophical questions about what it really means to be human and it also I allowed for the plot at least whenever it was in the comic book world to be dictated by story logic rather than real world logic which was a lot of fun. The story also had a very sweet romance at the center of it and it was also a thriller that ended up having a villain that was almost completely unstoppable since he lacked an identity. This show had lots of twists and turns through out and also had characters that I loved rooting for which makes this series one that is very hard to top.
2. While You Were Sleeping: This series is one that deals with the idea of if you can see the future would you actually be able to change the future for the better and if you can't than how will you deal with that. This drama is one that I really ended up loving because of it's characters they were just so well written that I felt like they felt like real people and I really ended up adoring the lead couple because of how well they suited each other and worked together.
3. Because This is My First Life: This series was a really fun one that dealt with our leads finding themselves accidently living together and eventually deciding that getting fake married was the most logical solution to their current problems. I really loved the characters in this drama they were well fleshed out and a bit quirky and I loved seeing them and their relationship develop through out the series.
4. Dream High: This series is a heartwarming story about high schoolers pursuing their dreams to make it in the Kpop industry. This series is one that had a lot of heart to it and really loved that we focused on a group of characters rather than just one or two and I ended up loving them all and enjoying their growth as individuals as well as their relationship development. I also really loved the soundtrack for this series.
5. School 2013: This is a series that dealt with the daily struggles of high school students and teachers and I really loved how this series did such a good job of making you invested in all the characters and making you understand things differently depending on which characters point of view you were viewing the situation from. I really loved how this series was able to make everyday problems feel so high stacks because of how much they matter to the characters.
6. White Christmas: This series is a great psychological thriller and character study that asked interesting questions about humanity. I really loved the mood and atmosphere that series had and I really loved how the series constantly used the threat of violence rather than actually violence to raise the stacks in any given situation.
7. Suspicious Partner: This series was one that was a lot of fun it was romantic comedy that also had a murder mystery and legal drama aspects to it which worked pretty well together in this series. This series had good characters I really enjoyed watching and I found myself invested in it's story for the majority of the series.
8. Cheese in the Trap: This series that dealt with the college life of a girl just finishing up college was one that I found myself relating to and investing in a lot because of how well written the characters were and like School 2013 I felt that this series also did a good job of making the everyday stuff feel high stacks.
9. Witch's Romance: This is a delightful romantic comedy that had great leading characters that worked so very well together and it is honestly one of the series that I find the most fun and romantic to watch.
10. Marriage Not Dating: This series is a hilarious romantic comedy that involves fake dating and surprising amount of character depth and growth as well as being series that can be quite heartwarming at times as well.


  1. I've heard mixed things about Cheese in the Trap... I'm glad you liked it. Maybe I'll bump it up my list. The last two you listed I haven't heard much about. I'm intrigued!

    1. I personally loved Cheese in the Trap and while it had a different feel to it compared to most Kdrama it was a difference that I thought worked really well for the show. I how you'll bump it up on your to watch list because it's a really good show.

      I think you'd love both Witch's Romance and Marriage Not Dating their both really fun romcoms that I think would really suit your tastes. Thank you for commenting.