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TV Review: Coffee Prince

                                                        Coffee Prince Review
Coffee Prince is the classic Kdrama about a hardworking tomboy named Go Eun Chan who is often mistaken for a boy and one day she is mistaken for a boy by Choi Han kyul a man from a wealthy family who isn't looking to settle down with anyone but is being set up on marriage dates by his grandmother. Han kyul ends up hiring Eun chan to be his fake boyfriend and Eun chan doesn't bother telling him that she's actually a girl because she really needs the money and she figures she won't see him after this but they do keep running into each other.

Eventually Han kyul is told by his grandmother that he has to successfully run a coffee shop for three months if he wants to go back to America and continue living as he was, Han kyul is reluctant at first but is convinced to do so by Eun chan who wants him to run the shop solely because she wants him to hire since she has recently loss her job and she needs another one fast. Eun chan and Han kyul end up working closely together as time goes on and the two of them become very close friends and they both start developing romantic feelings for each other. Eun chan spends the first half of the series worrying that Han kyul wouldn't be attracted to her even if he knew she was a girl and Han kyul spends it worrying that he might be gay since he has feelings for Eun chan regardless of what gender she is.

This series is also one that has a lot of sub plots like for instance their is the on again off again relationship between the second leads Choi Han sung and Han Yoo joo who can be really sweet in one episode but breaking up in the next not to mention at the start of the series our leads had unrequited crushes on the second leads that never really went anywhere since they had their own relationship going on already. There's also subplots involving the other workers at the coffee shop like how Min Yeop is dating Eun chan's sister or how Sun ki is trying to track down his lost love.

Overall I really enjoyed this series it was one where the leads really where what made the series and considering how talented the actors were and how well they worked together that is by no means a bad thing. I thought that the pace was a lot slower than most dramas which I think worked for the series but at times made the episodes feel a lot longer than they actually were. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

Book Review: Highly Illogical Behavior

                                              Highly Illogical Behavior Review
Highly Illogical Behavior is about a boy named Solomon Reed who hasn't left his house in three years because of his severe social anxiety and currently has no plans to ever leave the house again. Solomon doesn't feel like he's missing much of anything by staying put in his house and he's perfectly fine with only having talked to his mom, dad and grandma for the past few years although he does feel guilty about how his parents feel like they can't go much anymore because of him but that isn't enough for Solomon to consider leaving his house.

Lisa Praytor is an over achieving high school who decides that she is going to find a way to get Solomon to get out of his house by befriending him because she believes that she can cure him of his disorder. Lisa believes that if she can get Solomon to get out of the house that she can write about it in her college essay to get into the second best school for psychology and she hopes that if her experiment is a success that she'll not only get into college but get a full ride scholarship to it.

Through out the book Solomon after befriending Lisa and her boyfriend Clark starts to want to make some small steps back into the world at large but knows that it's a lot easier said than done and he's not sure if he'll ever be ready to face the world. Lisa starts to figure out that trying to fix someone she just met for personal gain is both something that she doesn't have the skills to do so and is of course morally ethically the wrong thing to do. In the end both Solomon and Lisa are able to grow as people because of their relationship with each other.

Overall I really loved this book it had a unique plot and the characters were ones that I was interested in following and I really like the writing style which made for a pretty quick read for me. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: The Gifted: Exposed(1.01)

                                            The Gifted: Exposed(1.01)Review
  • I liked how the episode opened with showing us how mutants are being hunted down by the cops simply for being mutants which the show us with the character Clarice.
  • I liked that John, Marcos and Lorna were looking for Clarice when she was running from the cops and that when they found her they invited her to join them and that they protected her and helped get her to safety.
  • I was sad that Lorna was captured by the police after she tried to get revenge on a cop fro shooting Marcos.
  • I liked that Reed threatened to sue the school if they didn't do anything to stop his son Andy from being bullied.
  • I like that Lorna refuses to give up any information about the other mutants after she was captured even though it is something that could end up saving her.
  • I like that Lorna pointed out to Reed that if she really wanted to kill the cops they would be dead by showing him how easy it would be for her to remove the screws from his legs.
  • I find it interesting that Andy feels so trapped in his own home that he tags along with Lauren to the dance even though he is likely to run into the kids that are bullying him because he wants to get out of the house so badly.
  • I'm not really surprised that Andy abilities manifested when they did considering the bullies had him trapped and had showers of freezing and burning hot water pouring down at him.
  • I liked that when the gym area of the school started to collapse in on itself that Lauren refused to leave without getting Andy to safety and I like that she used her own abilities to get to him and get them both out safely.
  • I like that Marcos wants to go on a mission to rescue Lorna but I also like that John won't let him since they aren't strong enough to win against an entire building worth of cops.
  • I was surprised to learn that Lauren had her abilities for three years now and that she was able to keep them secret for so long.
  • I find it sad how when Caitlin is reassuring Lauren that her dad doesn't arrested all mutants just the ones that hurt people that Andy said ones like me since he hurt people when his powers manifest because he wasn't in control of them.
  • I liked that when some people told Caitlin that they were going to take Lauren and Andy that she refused to even let them in the house and I liked that she then went on the run with Lauren and Andy.
  • I like that Reed made it clear right away that the most important thing is that Andy and Lauren are safe but I also like that he tried to figure out if Andy actually did anything wrong legally because he wants to find away to keep him out of jail.
  • The fact that Reed find Sentinel services to be frightening is worrying and the fact that them being involved makes him think that his family fleeing the country is the best course of action shows how dangerous they are.
  • I like that Lauren tells Andy how she relieved that she can finally talk about being a mutant and I like that she tells Andy that she doesn't blame him for ruining their life or anything and promises to teach him how to control his abilities.
  • I liked that Clarice thanks Marcos for helping to save her and tells him sorry that he lost Lorna while rescuing her and I like that he tells her it wasn't her fault.
  • I like that Reed called Marcos to get him and his family out of the country but I also like that Marcos was hesitant to help him considering what he does for a living.
  • I was a bit surprised to discover Lorna was pregnant but I wasn't surprised at all to find out that Marcos is the father.
  • I think that the deal Marcos has with Reed is fair with him being willing to get his family to safety but having Reed stay with him until he gets Lorna back.
  • I liked that Clarice told John about how Marcos went off on his own to help someone and I like that John then decides to go find him.
  • I wasn't all that surprised that Sentinel services was able to track down the Stucker family but I was glad that John and Clarice found them in time to help them all escape.
  • I like that Clarice was able to use a portal to get almost everyone to safety and I like that Andy was able to control his abilities for a little bit.
  • I'm worried about Reed since he was shot at the end of episode but I have a feeling that he'll live but won't be able to get back to his family for along time.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire

                                                  The Throne of Fire Review
The Throne of Fire is the second book in the Kane Chronicles series and in this book Carter and Sadie have to find and awaken Ra the sun god in order to stop Apophis the serpent of chaos from devouring the sun and destroying the world. Carter and Sadie have only a few days to complete their task and neither of them full know what they're doing or if Ra really is their best chance at defeating Apophis since he is now old and frail.

The Kanes between this book and the last one have started training other young magicians in the old ways and this is something that upsets the house of life which causes a few more problems for Carter and Sadie along the way but it also gives them quite a few allies. In this book Sadie finds herself worrying about a recruit named Walt whose bloodline has been curse long ago which means that he is dying because of that and there doesn't seem to be anything anyone can do to stop it. Throughout the book Carter is worried about whether or not he can save Zia who he sort of met but not really last book and now feels like he has to be the one to save her, this is something that causes him to become a bit distracted from their main mission.

Overall I thought that this book was pretty good, it had a good plot, good characters and relationship between those characters and there was a lot of interesting mythology in this series that you don't see often because there's not a whole lot of series about Egyptian mythology so that makes this series stand out. This book was a good read overall but I didn't feel myself being as invested or entertained as I was when I was reading the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or the Heroes of Olympus series and I'm unsure of why that is since this series and those series have a lot in common with each other. Please tell me your thoughts about this book in the comment section below.

Movie Review: Train to Busan

                                                 Train to Busan Review
Train to Busan is a south Korean film about Seok woo(Gong Yoo) a single father who has been focusing more on work than on his daughter Soo an(Kim Su an) and how when he takes her on the train so that she can visit her mother just as a zombie out break starts around Seoul. One person who has been bit ends up hopping on the train right before it leaves the station and soon there is a lot more than one zombie on  the train and the people on the train have to fight to stay alive and out run and out smart the zombies while being trapped on a train for the majority of the film.

The thing that this film does very well is making you invested in the characters that the story is focused on the film revolves around the relationship between Seok woo and his daughter with him starting out as someone who is pretty self center but him become much less selfish as he fights for not just himself and his daughter to stay alive but other people on the train as well. Other characters that we follow in the film is this tough guy and his pregnant wife they are really sweet together and they were characters that you like right from the start, there's this high school baseball team and the one girl that came to cheer them on who you are always easy to like, these two elderly sisters and there's the selfish CEO that everyone ends up hating because he gets so many people killed with his selfishness. This film made me care about the fate of these characters much more than it made me anticipate seeing the zombies attack because it did a good job at creating characters for the audience to invest in rather than creating characters just to be killed off although most of them did die, I was sad that they died for the most part.

Overall I loved this movie it was a horror movie that I think feels more like a drama and I think this feel added a lot to the film and this is by far the best zombie movie that I have ever seen. This film I think had great writing, acting and directing and I would recommend that you should watch this movie. Please tell me your thoughts on this film in the comment section below.

TV Review: Cheese in the Trap

                                                 Cheese in the Trap Review
Cheese in the Trap is about a poor and hardworking college student named Hong Seol who notices that Yoo Jung a popular upperclassmen is not the person that he pretends to be and is in fact some who is very manipulative and is capable of destroying someone's life without anyone being able to see that he is the bad guy. Since Seol was able to see through Yoo Jung's act he makes life for her very difficult at school for about a year until he decides to take an interest in her and begins treating her kindly. Seol finds it difficult to trust Yoo Jung at first but after awhile she starts to think that her first impression of him was the wrong one and the two begin to date, most of the conflict between them has to do with Seol wondering if her first or second impression is the right one and what she will do if her first impression is the right one now that she has feelings for Yoo Jung.

Seol ends up becoming friends with Baek In ho who is someone that knows Yoo Jung better than most people since Yoo Jung's father took in him and his sister. In the past Yoo Jung caused an incident that ended up destroying In ho's hand and since he was a talented pianist who was doing very well while he was competing this also ended up destroying his dream as well. In ho had only recently returned after leaving years ago due to the hand incident and he hates Yoo Jung because he sees how two faced he really is and he's one of the people who warn Seol of Yoo Jung's true nature after the two of them start dating. Seol ends up inspiring In ho to start playing piano again after years of not playing and the two of them end up spending a lot of time together through out the series which leads to him falling for her but never actually pursuing her since he understands that she's in a relationship.

This series is also one that has a lot of subplots such as one's with Seol having trouble in getting her classmates to do their share of the work in a group project, Seol has a stalker who wants to date her and she has a girl who wants to be her so badly that she starts dressing like her, there's subplots about how Baek In ha keeps trying to live off of Yoo Jung and his father forever and how Yoo Jung keeps trying to get her cut off and there's a subplot of Seol's closest friends Bo Ra and Eun Taek having feelings for each other and eventually deciding to date. There's a lot of other subplots as well in the series since this series is a slice of life one most things that happen her are just events in Seol and people who surround her lives.

Overall I really liked this series, I liked that although not all that much was really happening in this series I was also so invested in it because I find the characters to be so interesting and engaging. The characters and relationships were what really made this drama and I love stories like this so this was a show that really got me. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Perverse Instantiation Part 1(3.15)

                                 The 100: Perverse Instantiation Part 1(3.15)Review
  • I like that Bellamy believes that the best course of action is to go back and make sure that the others are okay and have them all work together figure out another way to stop ALIE.
  • I like that the others are finding Clarke's insistence that they go off looking for night bloods to put the flame in to be an idea that isn't likely to work both because they don't know if there are anymore night bloods and because they know that going to villages looking for one is likely to get innocent people killed by ALIE.
  • I liked that Roan saved Clarke from being taken in by one of ALIE's people but I disliked that he only did so, so he could take the flame from Clarke to give to Ontari but I liked that Bellamy stopped Roan from leaving with it.
  • I'm not sure what made Clarke decide that putting the flame into Ontari was a good thing when literally a minute before she agreed to that plan she was against it.
  • I liked that Roan understood why Bellamy shot him and that he said that the two of them are even now.
  • I like that Clarke knows that they have to disconnect Ontari from the city of light before they put the flame in her head because other wise they would be giving ALIE exactly what she wants.
  • I liked that when Roan said that the ice nation wasn't afraid of ALIE that Bellamy told him that he should be and I liked that him and Clarke explained to him how all of ALIE's people are interconnected so if they're seen by one of her people they're seen by all of them.
  • I like that Raven was able to rebuild a wrist band to use as an emp in order to get Ontari disconnected.
  • I like that Raven and Monty have an idea about how to get access to ALIE's code again.
  • I liked that when Roan insist that he takes the flame with him when he lures Ontari out that Clarke insists that she goes with him because she's unwilling to let the flame out her sight and I like that Bellamy doesn't want to let Clarke do this because he doesn't trust that Roan won't betray them.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy that she trusts him with her life and that the reason she's okay with going along with Roan is because she knows that Bellamy will be covering her the whole time.
  • I liked that Jasper told Monty that he was happy for him about how he and Harper got together and I like that Monty pointed out that Jasper hasn't been happy about anything for along time and I like that Jasper told Monty that for along time after mount weather he blamed Clarke and Monty for what happened but he's done blaming now. I like that Jasper and Monty seem to have made up.
  • I was surprised when it turned out that Jasper had been chipped and I'm really worried about how badly things are going to go now that ALIE knows their entire plan because of this.
  • I liked that when Bryan asked Miller if they would ever be done fighting that Miller told him that they would be someday and that they would live on a farm together and grow old together.
  • I liked that Bellamy told the others that they were to use non lethal force because the other people aren't their enemy and are being controlled.
  • I liked that when Clarke figured out that something wasn't right that she tried to let the others know that but sadly they didn't figure it out until after they got captured.
  • I liked that Jasper revealed to Monty that the reason that he took the key wasn't because he was tortured but because of the fact that their mission to get Luna to take the flame ended up destroying the rig which was a peaceful place before they came and because Shay died and during the time he spent with her was the first time since Maya died that he wasn't thinking about her.
  • I like that Jasper said that from what he's seen of the ground that it isn't survivable which says a lot about the different meanings of survivable.
  • I felt so bad for Clarke when ALIE had her own mother torture her because that means that Clarke is being both physically and psychologically tortured because of who is doing the torturing. I like that Clarke didn't even consider given in while she was being tortured.
  • I like that Abby pointed out that the way to get to Clarke was through her friends and I liked that she suggested that they start with Bellamy because it shows how clearly close Clarke and Bellamy's relationship to each other is.
  • I liked that Octavia was worried when Bellamy was being taken away but I also liked that Bellamy told her not to worry about him.
  • I liked that Murphy, Pike and Indra come in and rescued the others right before Bellamy was taken up to be tortured.
  • I like that when Pike cut Bellamy's bindings and asked if he was okay that it was clear that Bellamy felt very strange talking to him like this.
  • I like that Indra told Octavia that she was only working with Pike because sticking together is the only way they can survive and I like that Bellamy pointed out that it was a good plan.
  • I like that Bellamy wants to go up to the tower so that they could follow through with their plan and stop ALIE once and for all and I like that Murphy is so annoyed that he has to stay and fight rather than run away and keep himself alive once again.
  • I like that Bellamy is angry at Pike for killing guys that are controlled by ALIE because they aren't the enemy and they could've saved them.
  • I like that Bellamy asked Murphy why he was here and I liked that Murphy eventually admitted that he too is trying to save someone he cares about.
  • I like that Indra tells Octavia that they can't kill Pike now because he isn't useful to them if he'd dead.
  • I like that Clarke tells ALIE that if she kills her mom she'll never give them that pass phrase and I like that Clarke proved this to be true when it looked like her mom was going to die and she cried and said she was sorry but still refused to give ALIE what she wanted.
  • I dislike that ALIE had Ontari killed so that they couldn't use her in order to give them the kill code.
  • I liked that as soon as Bellamy came in the room Clarke told him to stop Jaha and he did it right away.
  • I liked that Murphy cut Abby down and made sure that she was still alive.
  • I'm really concerned about how they are going to stop ALIE now that Ontari isn't an option anymore.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Malec(1.12)

                                            Shadowhunters: Malec(1.12)Review
  • I like that Izzy decided to support Alec's decision to get married because he supported her through her trial.
  • I like that Izzy is concerned about how Jace and Alec are both refusing to talk to each other right now.
  • I like that Clary thanks Alec for everything that he's done to help her find her mother and that Alec thanks Clary for returning the cup which ended up saving Izzy from being exiled, I like that they find getting along to feel a bit odd.
  • I like that Magnus questioned Alec on what is honorable about living a lie when Alec claimed that honor was one of the reasons that he was getting married.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec that he would stop pushing if Alec could tell him that he was in love with Lydia which Alec of course isn't, I like that it's clear that to Magnus the only reason people should get married is if they love each other while Alec clearly believes differently because he's getting married for every reason but love.
  • I liked how Magnus described to Alec what the symptoms of falling in love were and I like that Alec was clearly effected by his speech but he pushes him away none the less because he feels like he needs to go through with getting married to save his family and his career.
  • I liked that when Clary invited Simon to the wedding that she told him that he was the person she is closest to in the entire world.
  • I find the conversation that Clary and Jace have about her training to be pretty awkward which makes sense since they no longer know how to behave around each other.
  • I liked that when Magnus mentioned that he wished they had cocktails that Clary pointed out that it's nine am yet Magnus didn't see the problem with that.
  • I liked that Magnus was offend that Hodge thinks that Ragnor is more powerful than him.
  • I like that Clary wants to talk to Jace about how they feel about learning that their siblings while Jace doesn't since it doesn't change anything, I also like that Clary pointed out that they didn't do anything wrong since they had know way of knowing they were related.
  • I like that Izzy wants to throw Alec a bachelor party and that he wants nothing to do with one.
  • I like that Jace thinks of Maryse as his true mother because she was the one that raised him, I just love it whenever Jace says that the Lightwoods are his true family.
  • I like that Clary believes that her mother would never abandon her son while Jace doesn't believe her.
  • I like that Clary was able to find Ragnor in the painting because of her artist eye.
  • I like that Clary offering Ragnor anything if helped her was the reason he decided to help her by telling her how he needed the book of the white in order to wake her mother.
  • I was sad that Ragnor died so shortly after we met him but since we barely knew him I mostly just feel bad for Magnus has been friends with him for centuries.
  • I liked that Clary and Jace figured out that there is a mole in the institute sadly they suspect the wrong person of the crime.
  • I like that Clary and Izzy stop Jace from confronting Lydia about being the mole because he is far too angry right now.
  • I don't think that Clary did a good job of lowering Lydia's guard because she accused her far to easily of being the mole so Lydia was of course defensive right away.
  • I like that Clary feels that it's wrong for Alec to live a lie and can't understand why Lydia would be willing to marry him while knowing that Alec will never love her the way a husband should love a wife, I like that Lydia understand why Alec is doing what he's doing and she respects how much he loves his family.
  • I like that Izzy went to Simon for advice about what goes on at bachelor party and I like that Simon tells her about how what there really about his best friends being there for each other.
  • I liked that Izzy's idea for a bachelor party is to basically lock Alec and Jace in a room together because she knows that they need to make up.
  • I like that Jace admits to Alec that he has been doing a lot of crazy things lately that has caused a lot of problems but he never wanted to hurt Alec and he's sorry if he did.
  • I like that when Jace was saying that there was something wrong with him since he was falling in love with Clary that Alec tells them there's nothing wrong with him and he understands what that's like and considering that he was in love with Jace who is his adoptive brother I think he does understand better than just anyone else would.
  • I like that Alec tells Jace that he understands what it's like to live your life one way always fulfilling your duty until you meet someone who changes the way you think and knocks you off that path, while clearly talking about his feelings for Magnus. I also strangely like that Alec's response to those feelings is to try harder to stay on the path of your duty because he feels that is what's most important.
  • I like that even though Jace knows that Alec's marriage won't make him happy that he's still happy to give Alec a way at his wedding because it speaks to the bond they share with each other.
  • I like that Ragnor's ghost or something came back to talk to Magnus about his past loves and how if Magnus falls in love again that he should fight for it as hard as he can. I like the brief insights we see in how Magnus sees love with him clearly wanting it but also believing Camille is right that he's destined to never have it.
  • It made me a bit sad for Alec when his mom tells him that she's proud of him for getting married to someone he doesn't love to save his family's reputation because that's not something that a mother should be proud of.
  • I liked that when Magnus walked in that Jace and Izzy were gossiping with each other about what's going on despite the fact that there on the alter, I just find that detail a little funny.
  • I like that after seeing Magnus walk in that Alec realizes that he can't deny his feelings for Magnus anymore and that getting married to Lydia isn't the right thing to do and I like that Lydia understands that and that she gives him her blessing to go after Magnus.
  • I liked that Alec walked up to Magnus and just kissed him right in front of everyone despite having feared anyone finding out that he was gay for so long.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec after he kissed him that he never ceases to amaze him.
  • I liked that Alec started panicking about what he just did right after he did it because that was a pretty big statement he just made and he did it on impulse and he never does anything on impulse.
  • I like that Izzy tells Alec how proud she is of him and I like how Simon compares Alec and Magnus to The Graduate.
  • I like that Jace tells Lydia that she would always have a place with them because of what she did when she let Alec go to pursue his own happiness.
  • I like that Jace realizes that he can't keep pushing Clary away but he still doesn't know how to deal with her after what Valentine told them.
  • I dislike that Hodge knocked Lydia out and stole the cup from her in order to give it to Valentine in exchange for his freedom.
  • I'm worried about Jace with how he keeps saying there's a darkness in him and how thinks maybe he belongs by Valentine's side.
  • I dislike how Maryse makes Alec coming out all about it effects her and barely even acknowledges what he just revealed to everyone.
  • I like that Robert at least tries to understand Alec's relationship with Magnus even though it does seem odd to him.
  • I find it a bit funny how Alec almost told his dad that right now his feelings for Magnus is more about lust than love since it's so new but I'm glad that Magnus saved Alec from saying something that would've made them all feel really awkward.
  • I like that Alec and Magnus agree to go for drinks together and that they're both really happy about the idea of it.
  • I like how Luke tells a comatose Jocelyn how Alec's coming out and kissing a downworlder shows that the world is changing and that he hopes that someday that means their relationship can be accepted.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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TV Review: Suspicious Partner

                                                    Suspicious Partner Review
Suspicious Partner is a drama about how Eun Bong-hee a prosecutor in training ends up being framed for the murder of her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her a few months earlier. Bong-hee ends up having the charges against her dropped because the prosecutor who had been training her No Ji-wook reveals that someone had been trying to frame her for the murder which upsets the chief prosecutor and gets him fired from the prosecution office. Bong-hee is obviously very grateful to Ji-wook that he got the charges against her drop and this along with the fact that the two have shared some bonding moments before because they have both been cheated on in the past leads to her falling in love with him while Ji-wook wants nothing to do with her because her case cost him his career.

Ji-wook ends working as a defense lawyer which he is terrible at because he hates all criminals and thinks that they deserve to punished which leads him to go off on his clients because doesn't believe they deserve to be defended. Meanwhile Bong-hee is also working as a defense lawyer but she's having a harder time getting anyone to hire her at all since most everyone believes that she murdered her ex-boyfriend and she is still working her hardest to find out who the real killer is in order to clear her name. Eventually after meeting up several times and sort of working together Ji-wook opens his own law office so that Bong-hee can have a stable job and the two start working together on find the real killer as well as on cases which leads to the two becoming much closer and Ji-wook realizing his true feelings.

This drama is one that has a few subplots that I really liked as well such as how Ji-wook's former best friend Ji Eun-hyuk keeps trying to make things up to him because he was the one that his ex-girlfriend cheat with and I oddly ended up loving his relationship with the ex because he was truly in love with her but he also regretted what happened because he had lost Ji-wook's friendship. I also liked the subplot of Bong-hee and Ji-wook's mom not liking each other and how upset they were when they found out that their children were dating each other(I also like that while they were upset they never actual disapproved of the relationship their kids had).

Overall I really loved this drama it had an interesting plot and great characters that really stood out in my mind and I really did end loving the relationships that developed in this show as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this drama in the comment section below.

Top 5 New Fall TV Series I Want to Watch

1. While You Were Sleeping: This series is the series that I have been look forward to the most all year it's written by my favorite Kdrama writer and stars my favorite Kdrama actor which automatically made me excited for the series. This series is about a girl who can see the future in her dreams and how she works together with a guy who has just became a prosecutor to stop the bad things she sees in her dreams from happening. This is the one series on this list that I've already started watching and even though it's only been three episodes the premise has already been turned on it's head which is great and I'm really enjoying the characters and the show as a whole so far.
2. The Gifted: This is a show that is set in the X-men universe and since I've always liked the X-men that makes me interested in this series but I also like that at least two of the main characters are teenagers because I always like stories about teenagers discovering who they are and if you add super powers to the mix everything just becomes even more interesting.
3. Runaways: This series is one about teenagers discovering that their parents are super villains and then they runaway to escape them and they have powers of their own, while I haven't heard a lot about the TV show version of this series I do think that the premise sounds good and honestly what's not to love about that premise.
4. Dynasty: This show is written by the same writer as The OC and Chuck and since those two series are some of my favorite TV series of all time I thought that it would be a good idea to check out this series but I also worry the most about whether or not this series will end up being a good one.
5. Ghosted: This series is a supernatural sitcom and I thought that the trailer made the show look funny so I thought that I'd give this series a try chances are I won't end up following this series super closely since I tend to just randomly stop watching sitcoms for no real reason but who knows maybe this one will be different.

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Book Review: All The Bright Places

                                                 All The Bright Places Review
All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is a novel about a boy and a girl who meet while thinking about jumping off a bell tower and form a bond because of this encounter. The boy, Theodore Finch claims that he wasn't up there because he want to kill himself but because he wanted to stay alive and awake especially since he has been asleep in the metaphorical way for the past few months. Finch is someone who has been called a freak by most of the school because he is different with how he behaves strangely with how he likes to radically change who he is in order to find out who he really is and because of his mental illness which makes the way he experiences life very different from the majority of his classmates. The girl's name is Violet Markey who is a popular girl who is still suffering from survivor's guilt over the death of her sister who was also her best friend and she did mean to kill herself but changed her mind at the last second. Ever since her sister's death Violet hasn't really allowed herself to live her life with how she doesn't go out anymore, doesn't write anymore although it used to be her passion and she can't ride or drive a car anymore.

The thing that brings Finch and Violet even closer together is a school project where they have to wander around places in their home state of Indiana which Finch decides to put a whole lot more effort and enthusiasm than is required but this ends up inspiring some enthusiasm in Violet as well. Through Finch, Violet is pushed to go out into the world and start to live her life again and with Violet, Finch finds someone who makes him believe that it is possible for him to remain awake all of the time. Finch and Violet end up falling for each other and become an unlikely couple and while they do make each other happier it doesn't solve all of their problems which come back in the later half of the novel.

Overall I loved this book it had a beautiful story that did end sadly, the characters were really great and I found myself so completely invested in their stories, the relationship with Finch and Violet was great. The writing of this novel was great the voice that she gave the two main characters were so distinct and that made them feel all the more real. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Blood Calls to Blood(1.11)

                             Shadowhunters: Blood Calls to Blood(1.11)Review
  • I thought Jace being confused about how his father is still alive after he saw Valentine murder him years ago and I like that he was a little hesitant to believe he was really who he said he was until he mentioned a specific memory that they shared.
  • I feel bad for Izzy that she's being used as a scape goat for the Clave since they want the cup but I don't think her just completely giving up is going to help matters so I'm really glad that Alec is still trying to find ways to stall the trial or find someone who can help her get the charges dropped.
  • I liked that Luke is still helping Simon to adapt to his new life of being a vampire by trying to make him feel more normal about drinking blood.
  • I liked that Clary brought Jace to Luke when she didn't where to take him after seeing that Jace needed to go somewhere to recover from his wounds.
  • I like that Luke was shocked to see Michael as well since he too thought that he was killed by Valentine years ago.
  • I like that Simon blackmailed Raphael in order to get Clary the blood that Jace needed for a transfusion and I like that Raphael seemed both annoyed and impressed by how Simon blackmailed him.
  • I dislike how Imogen wanted to make the trial happen as soon as possible despite the fact what the Clave really wants is the cup which they won't get by prosecuting Izzy.
  • I dislike how Imogen keeps shaming Lydia and then she pretends to act confuse when Lydia says sorry which is something that it seemed like she wanted Lydia to tell her.
  • I like that Clary finds it odd how Michael says that Valentine asked him about Jocelyn despite the fact that Valentine has believed for years that she was dead.
  • I like that Clary brings up to Jace that she thinks that there's something off about his father and I like that she also brings up how messed up it was that his father killed his falcon when he was a child although Jace claims that's a perfectly normal way for a shadowhunter to treat their children a lesson, Clary and I aren't convinced.
  • I like how Clary was thinking about how her and Jace's alternate selves were in love and she's wondering if they are on their way to being in love as well and I really enjoyed the passionate kissed they shared after that conversation.
  • I find it a bit suspicious just how much Michael was able to find out about Valentine's current plans while he was held prisoner.
  • I like that Clary was able to convince Jace that he needed to rest and that her and Luke went to scout the location rather than her and Jace.
  • I liked that after Izzy declared that she would rather by stripped of her runes than he be part of a society that values law over justice that Alec told her that this sentiment won't mean much to her when she's being chased by demons without shadowhunter powers or weapons that would help her fight them.
  • I like that Izzy wants to have Magnus to be the one to defend her in court and I like that when Alec assumes that a downworlder can't defend a shadowhunter that Magnus points out that they can because the Clave didn't bother to discriminate against them because the idea that a shadowhunter would want a downworlder to defend them was just too unfathomable for them.
  • I liked that when Magnus jokingly told Alec that the price he'd have to pay would be himself that Alec didn't take the remark seriously for a second.
  • I think that the reason that Magnus decides that the payment should be Alec's bow and quiver is because he knows Alec values it and he wants to hurt Alec just a tiny bit since Alec has broke his heart a little bit.
  • I like that Clary tells Luke that she thinks that something is off about Michael and I like that Luke actually gives Clary more information that makes her doubt Michal's story.
  • I find it very concerning how Michael keeps telling Jace that he let himself become weak and that he tries to convince Jace that his relationship with Clary is part of the reason that he's weak because he doesn't like that Clary has a sway over Jace, so many things about the way that Michael is written tells us that he's abusive.
  • I find it interesting it's implied that the soul sword could kill a downworlder if they lie while touching it.
  • I don't think that Magnus's arguments about why Izzy shouldn't be on trial were invalid like Imogen said they were but they were ones that the Clave doesn't like since they don't care much about downworlders safety and they don't like having to admit that they're just trying to get the cup.
  • I really liked Izzy speech about how the Clave isn't all that different from Valentine with how little they value the life of downworlders and how she thinks it's important for them all to remember that they are also part human.
  • I like that when Clary revealed her plan to use the cup to control the demons and Michael said that is what Valentine would want that she said that she'd like to see him try and take it from her.
  • I liked that Luke ended up fighting some circle members with seperah blade even though he's no longer a shadowhunter.
  • I was so happy for Clary when she finally found her mom but I was sad for her when she realized that she couldn't wake her up.
  • I like that when Jace and Michael arrive and tell Clary that they left Luke behind because he told them to that Clary was very much concerned about Luke's safety.
  • I like the speech Lydia gave about how she doesn't think the law is right in this case because they are punishing Izzy for being compassionate and I like that this leads Lydia to dropping the case against Izzy.
  • I like that Izzy, Alec, Magnus and Lydia were all happy and celebrating after Lydia dropped the charges.
  • I dislike how Imogen said that Lydia refusing to prosecute Izzy won't stop the Clave from finding Izzy guilty and that she admits that the only reason they're charging Izzy is because they want the cup, there is a lot wrong with the Clave's legal system which is shown very clearly here.
  • I wasn't all that surprised when it turned out that Michael was actually Valentine using the shape shifter rune but I did feel bad for Jace when he found out.
  • I love that Clary figured out that Michael was Valentine and that she gave him a fake cup so that he would reveal himself to them and I like that Clary was completely willing  to have the demons finish Valentine off right there but Jace insisted that he kill Valentine himself.
  • I felt so bad for Jace when Valentine was telling him that he was the one that raised him while pretending to Michael Wayland and I think it's extra awful of him to convince Jace and Clary that their siblings but I understand why Valentine did it since he's an abuser he thought that Clary's influence over Jace might make his own influence weaker so he made sure to create a wedge between the two of them.
  • I get why Jace was unable to kill Valentine since he is the man that raised him and I hated how Valentine taunted him for it but I still really wish that Jace could have killed him there and then.
  • I like that Clary was perfectly willing to kill Valentine and that the only reason she didn't was because he used Jace has a human shield before escaping through a portal.
  • I like that although Alec is clearly furious with Jace that he tried to avoid any kind of confrontation with Jace until Jace insisted that they have one.
  • I dislike how Jace tries to tell Alec that he was saving him from himself when he saved Melrion from being tortured because that's not why he did what he did, he did it for Clary and Alec knows this so he makes it clear that he doesn't buy into Jace's reasoning.
  • I like that for once Alec tells Jace that he's mad at Jace for the things that he is doing for Clary and that this time he's blaming Jace and not Clary for them.
  • I think that it was such a low blow for Alec to refer to Izzy as his sister rather than their sister to Jace and I think that Alec meant it as one.
  • I like that Clary was trying to ignore the awkward we're siblings now thing but wondering about how they are going to wake her mom up.
  • I find it very concerning that Jace is referring to himself as weak like the way that Valentine was earlier in the episode.
  • I liked that Magnus told Izzy that he's sorry that they lost the trial and I like that Izzy then tells him that at least they lost it in style.
  • I liked that when Alec came in and told Izzy that Jace and Clary returned with the cup so she's free now that Izzy run up and hugged him and she told him that he knew that they would come back and he tells her he didn't know he just hoped.  I just really love the hug that Alec and Izzy shared they're so sweet and love each other so much.
  • I liked that Magnus told Alec that if he marries Lydia that they will both be lonely all their lives and that neither of them deserve that and neither does he, I liked that Magnus pointed out to Alec that he wouldn't just be ruining his own life because Alec clear doesn't put much stock in his own happiness so telling him that what he's doing will hurt other people is more likely to get to him.
  • I found the scene where Simon is trying to tell Luke that Clary is into Jace and not him to Luke to be somewhat confusing because it sounded like for a second that he was saying that he was in love with some guy because of the way he worded things.
  • I think it's a little weird how happy Simon  is to learn that Jace is Clary's brother because he's got to know that Clary must be feeling really uncomfortable right now since she was dating Jace.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Red Sky at Morning(3.14)

                                        The 100: Red Sky at Morning(3.14)Review
  • I like that Murphy's plan is for them to escape and runaway because that is what will allow them to survive while Indra's plan is to kill Jaha because she believes he is their leader. I like that Murphy was down with killing Jaha but pointed out that Jaha is being controlled so killing him wouldn't really do them much good.
  • I like that when Pike and Indra decide to go after the back pack that is the thing that is controlling the AI while the others were escaping that Murphy decided to go with them only because it leads to ALIE's people not following them which increases his chances for survival, I just like that Murphy doesn't care much about anything but keeping alive.
  • I liked that when Jaha told Emori that she can correct her defects in the city of light that Emori said that she would if she had any, I like that it seems she doesn't think of her deformed hand as a defect.
  • I like that Luna pointed out to Octavia that she doesn't want saving but someone to fight alongside her which isn't something that Luna is willing to do and I like that Luna points out that the place she lives is a place for people who are done fighting and killing which Octavia clearly isn't done doing. I like that Luna points out to Octavia that Lincoln understood what this place was about and he knows that Luna is done fighting and that he wouldn't want Luna to help them in a way that goes against who she has chosen to be.
  • I like that Raven is able to tell how much progress ALIE has made based off of computer coding and I like that Raven thinks that she may be able to destroy ALIE without Clarke's help.
  • I like that Monty tells Raven to not try to take ALIE down by herself because she doesn't have the kill code and since ALIE will know the second they use the back door entrance into the city of light they really only have one chance to take ALIE down this way.
  • I like that Monty is worried about Raven since she's been working non stop for two days and because the city of light is something that is real to her in a way that it isn't for him.
  • I like that Harper tells Monty that they shouldn't spend all their time worrying about the next attack in between each attack and that she then kisses him.
  • I like that Jasper actually seems happy now and that he seems to be bonding with a girl named Shay who has lived her whole life on the rig and I like that Jasper tells her that it's a good thing that she has always lived there because he knows how harsh life on the ground is. 
  • I like that Bellamy takes notice that Jasper is actually smiling for the first time in months.
  • I like that when Clarke first suggests that she forces Luna to take the flame that both Bellamy and Octavia tell her that what she is doing is wrong. I'm not surprised that Bellamy eventually comes around to Clarke's way of thinking when she points out that ALIE's army is just their own people controlled by her so there really isn't another way to save their people.
  • I liked that Raven figured out that ALIE was hiding something but I also liked that Monty wouldn't let her go in, to find out what it was because it's too dangerous and I like that he won't leave her side afterwards because he can see how on edge she is.
  • I liked that when Clarke was trying to convince Luna one last time to help them and she said that some causes are worth killing for that Luna tells her that she doesn't believe that to be true.
  • I like that Luna was able to stop Clarke from forcing the flame into her head and I like that Luna told Clarke that she ran not because she was afraid that she would loose but because she knew she would win and she didn't want to be the commander.
  • I liked that Murphy wouldn't let Pike kill Emori and I liked that Emori warned Murphy that the backpack is nuclear powered and if it was simply smashed it would destroy the whole city.
  • I was surprised when it turned out that there were people among Luna's people that were controlled by ALIE and I'm worried about what will happen next since they now have the flame.
  • I find it sad how Jasper tells Shay that since it's nice here he shouldn't stay because he would probably screw it up.
  • I was sad that Shay was shot by an arrow and I think it must've been traumatic for Jasper to see that since she's the first person he's really bonded with since Maya's death.
  • I felt so bad for Luna when her own people were turning against her and she had no idea why they were doing so and she finds that she can't reason with them at all.
  • I liked that Jasper told Luna would he could about the key while they were both being tortured even if it did little to answer her questions.
  • I think that Raven using the back door to possibly defeat ALIE without a kill code is very risky but considering how frightened ALIE is it is also something that has a good chance of succeeding at defeating her as well.
  • I think it's cruel that ALIE is using Monty's mother to stop him and Raven from destroying her but I like that it was Monty who was the one that decided to delete his mother in order to give Raven the chance to find the kill code which she did but she didn't have time to activate it.
  • I like that Monty was angry at Raven for putting him to a position where he had to kill his mother again and to have it all be for nothing in the end.
  • I like that Murphy wasn't able to destroy the power source when he believed that Emori's mind would be destroyed along with it.
  • I liked that Shay managed to help Clarke, Bellamy and Octavia escape and tell them where Luna was being held.
  • I like that Luna didn't defend herself or kill her attackers until they threatened the life of a child and that she cried after she killed them because she had to kill people that she cared about and she hates that she had to do that.
  • I liked that when Bellamy got in the room that the first thing he did was make sure that the child was okay.
  • I kind of like that Luna still refuses to take the flame at the end of the episode even though it means that Clarke and the others are now no closer to stopping ALIE and saving their people.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: Spiderman: Homecoming

                                             Spiderman: Homecoming Review
Spiderman Homecoming is about how high school student  Peter Parker(Tom Holland) is going to school and being Spiderman, he is more interested in his work as Spiderman and is trying to convince Tony Stark/Iron Man(Robert Downy Jr.) to let him become part of The Avengers official and help take down more dangerous criminals. A lot of the movie deals with Peter ignoring his high school life in order to try and take down more dangerous criminals by himself despite the fact that he isn't really prepared to do so yet.

The main villain of the movie is Adrian Tomes/Vulture(Michael Keaton) who uses stolen alien tech to make weapons that he mostly sells to criminals while also keeping a few for himself. Vulture had been working on selling weapons for years with no one any wiser to what he was up until one night Peter stumbles upon a deal with his weapons and tries to stop him. While Vulture isn't exactly a high profiled super villain or anything he is still someone who has a better idea of what he is doing than Peter does which means that Peter is a bit outmatched by him.

One of the things that I liked about the movie was that Peter was a high school student who had to balance going to school and being an geeky nobody with being a part time superhero who isn't all that well known outside of his neighborhood. Another thing I liked was that Peter's friend Ned found out about him being a Spiderman and of course found that really cool and I liked that he was able to help Peter out later on and that Peter had a friend to talk to about the superhero related stuff.

Overall I really loved this movie it was a lot of fun, I had a lot of love for the characters in it and that made it easy for me to become invested in the storylines. I also thought that the movie had some cool actions scenes as well which is a good thing in this types of movies. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: The World Inverted(1.10)

                                     Shadowhunters: The World Inverted(1.10)Review
  • I find it interesting that the seelies have their own realm that they live in that is connected to the regular world and has connections to other dimensions.
  • I liked how Melrion said that Izzy was clearly the smart one in the family after Jace admitted to never really thinking about how portal shards work.
  • I find the concept of having to go to another dimension to find the last remaining portal in said dimension in order for Clary to be able to find Valentine because said portal would work differently than regular ones to be an interesting one.
  • I like that even though Alec suspects that Izzy was in on the same plan Jace and Clary were to save Melrion that he doesn't seem to be mad at her even though she is a bit mad at him and instead his main concern is about whether or not there is any evidence that could get her arrested.
  • I like that Jace is suspicious of Melrion in this episode because throughout the series seelies have shown themselves to very sneaky so it's for the best to be weary of them even when their helping you and especially when they aren't getting anything in return.
  • I find it interesting that the alternate dimension is basically a world in which demons have been around for centuries and therefore shadowhunters are all living as mundanes since they have no reason not to and the downworlders are conforming to mundane way of life as well, I think that it's fun to see what life could've been like for these characters in a world without demons.
  • I find it interesting that when Clary travels to the other dimension that she well be placed in the body of her alternate self and that she could easily become her alternate self and loose this world's version of herself forever if she doesn't keep herself focus on the task at hand which is an interesting take on dimension hopping that I haven't seen before.
  • I felt bad for Simon when he went to visit Luke at the Jade Wolf and found that all the werewolves other than Luke now hate him for being a vampire.
  • I liked how Simon told Luke that Raphael isn't the most patient trainer and that he told Simon to go for a walk because he got tried of training him.
  • I like how Simon describes become a vampire like going through puberty for a second time and I like that Luke tells him it's sort of the same for new werewolves so he promises to do his best to help Simon out.
  • I liked that when Clary was worrying about traveling between dimensions that she asked Jace how much they really know about that and he tells her a little bit and she points out that he's not being all that reassuring.
  • I like that Clary makes Melrion promise that he'll allow Jace to go between dimensions once she finds the portal because she'll need help when facing Valentine.
  • I liked that when Clary got to the alternate dimension that when she saw the alternate version of Valentine she demand he tell her where her mother is while holding up a butter knife. I like that alt Valentine thought she was cosplaying and he tells her that he really wants to go to one of those conventions one day but alt Jocelyn tells him that he's not allowed to do so.
  • I like that alt Magnus's commercial for tarot card readings is so over the top cheesy and  I like that seeing it makes Clary remember who she really is.
  • I liked that Lydia told Alec she was sorry before she had to arrest Izzy and honestly I kind of can't blame her for it because Izzy did commit high treason so the Clave is well within their rights to arrest her for it.
  • I actually disagree with Izzy when she says that Lydia hides behind the law because she hates downworlders because we literally have no evidence that Lydia hates downworlders other than the fact that she followed orders given to her like she legally had to do and I really like how Lydia told Izzy that she doesn't hide behind the law she simply follows it which is something Izzy doesn't do which is the reason she's being arrested.
  • I liked that when Clary saw alt Simon that she tried to get him out of the sun right away because she knows in her dimension that he's a vampire.
  • I find it a bit funny that alt Izzy has a crush on Valentine which it seems that no one other than alt Alec knows about.
  • I'm not surprised that Clary almost lost herself again when she and alt Jace where kissing because that is something that would be hard to resist.
  • I like that Simon and Izzy are dating in the alternate dimension and I think that seem really cute together.
  • I like that Luke told Simon that Clary will be okay because she is a fighter just like her mom is so she'll make sure she'll get back to them.
  • I like that Luke reminds Simon that he can't go back home until he gets his vampire urges under control.
  • I think it's interesting that demons are attracted to the alternate dimension because it is a peaceful one.
  • I like that is surprised that alt Magnus has two cats and that gets her to remember that she's not in her own dimension.
  • I like that at first alt Magnus doesn't believe Clary when she tells him that she's a shadowhunter from another dimension and that she has to draw a picture of a demon to convince him that she's telling the truth.
  • I find it interesting that alt Magnus's magic isn't working because he no longer uses it.
  • I like that Alec came up with the idea to trade the cup in order to get the charges against Izzy dropped because there is really is no way around the fact that Izzy is guilty of the crimes they are accusing her of so the best way to save her is to get the charges dropped all together.
  • I like that alt Magnus is able to wake up his magic to help Clary be touching the portal shard necklace that traveled to the alt dimension with her and I like that he tracked the portal to the institute.
  • I like that Alec is mad at Jace for stealing the cup from him because it's the only thing that can save Izzy and he believes that Jace has not only put Izzy in danger by taking it but also the entire shadow world.
  • I like that Alec is perfectly willing to risk is parabatai bond with Jace if it means keeping Izzy safe.
  • I like that Simon pretends to be behind the demonic murders in order to clear Luke's name with internal affairs.
  • I liked that alt Jace was so adorably nervous when he met Clary's father and I feel a bit bad for him since Clary keeps blowing him off because she's from another dimension but he doesn't know that.
  • I think it was really bad timing that when Alec tracked Jace was one he was fighting off demons and that tracking made Jace unable to fight them and lead to a demon getting in the alternate dimension which is very bad.
  • I liked that alt Alec let alt Magnus into the party because he decided that he wanted to date him.
  • I liked that alt Magnus tries to remind Clary of who she really is by magically showing her his cats.
  • I like that when alt Jace sees a demon that Clary has to protect him from it and later on comfort him, it was nice to see a bit of a role reversal for these two.
  • I'm glad that Jace was able to come to the other dimension in order to help Clary fight off the demon.
  • I find it interesting that blood travels with a person when they travel between dimensions which is why when Jace is injured by a demon in alternate dimension he is still injured when he returns to his own dimension.
  • I felt bad for Alec and Izzy when he told her that he wasn't able to find Jace or the cup so he has no way of stopping her trial and I like that Izzy tells him that it's okay she knows he did everything he could for her.
  • I find it interesting that Clary and Jace find someone who appears to be Jace's father while looking for Valentine.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Book Review: Gallagher Girls: United We Spy

                                          Gallagher Girls: United We Spy Review   
United We Spy is the final book in the Gallagher Girls series and it's about how Cammie and her friends are getting close to graduating which means they have to decide on the type of career path they want to follow and they have to find a way to stop the circle once and for all so that they are safe to live their lives outside of the safety of Gallagher Academy. Cammie and her friends find out that the circles members are planning something big that will lead to a lot of innocent people getting killed if they can't stop them but since circle members are being killed off one by one getting information about their plans is more difficult than it usually is.

This book does a good job at blending the story about taking down the circle for the good of the world and also how Cammie is struggling to decide about what she wants to do after she graduates, I like that two very different storylines are able to blend together so well. Cammie finds herself unable to really focus on her future because all she can seem to think about is finding a way to take down the circle because she'll never be able to feel truly safe until it's taken down which means she doesn't allow herself to plan a future for herself until it's done.

I overall loved this book I found the plot to be a good one that kept me invested, I continue to love the characters and I love the relationships that the characters shared with each other. I thought that this book was a fitting ending to the series it sent off our favorite characters in a way that makes me happy and keeps true to who they are, it's going to be hard to say goodbye to this series since I've been reading it for so long but I'm glad that we got such a nice ending. Please tell me your thoughts on this book and series as a whole in the comment section below.

TV Review: The 100: Join or Die(3.13)

                                                 The 100: Join or Die(3.13)Review
  • I like that Kane is horrified to see the bodies hanging on polls in Polis and the blood covering the streets while Pike thinks that this is to be expected of grounders.
  • I find it interesting that Pike was only brought to jail because he refused to take the key because this shows how much people change after taking the key because before taking it the grounders would have went straight to killing Pike.
  • I like that Kane refuses the key to the City of Light as well and I like that he is being kept away from the others because Abby thinks she can change his mind.
  • I find it interesting that Pike was the old earth skills teacher on the ark and that he taught a  refresher class to the hundred before they would be sent down to the grounder which makes him one of the few people who knew about the hundred being sent to the ground before it happened.
  • I like that Jasper kept pointing out that the map their following doesn't have any distances so they really have no idea how long they'll have to travel before they find Luna.
  • I really don't think Bellamy is wrong to be worried that the grounders could be hostile because they don't know these people and they have no idea what their like so I don't think it's a bad idea to be on guard.
  • I was disappointed when it turned out that Luna's village isn't where the map said it would be and it's clear that Clarke and the others have no idea what to do now that they don't where to find Luna.
  • I feel a bit bad for Pike in flashbacks because he's trying to teach this kids how to survive and none of them are taking any of it seriously.
  • I like that it's mentioned that Jasper and Monty had to be put in different classes because they would've caused trouble if they were in the same class.
  • I like that in the flashback Murphy told Pike that he'd survive and that he when he sees Pike in present day he mentions that he told Pike that he'd find away to survive.
  • I like that Indra was able to unchain herself and I think her vengeance against Pike for killing three hundred of her people by cutting him three hundred times does make sense in an eye for an eye kind of way.
  • I honestly am completely on Bellamy's side he didn't kill Lincoln, he tried to prevent Lincoln's death and things very well could've turned out differently and since he and Octavia are family it seems like she should be able to forgive him someday.
  • I like that Jasper accidently figured out how to make a signal fire that would bring Luna to them.
  • I like how Abby pretended to not be chipped in order to get information about Clarke out of Kane and I liked that Kane only figured out what was going on after Abby started kissing him because that's something they've never done before and it didn't make much sense for her to throw herself at him that situation.
  • I feel so bad for Kane because he's being crucified on the cross as a way to torture information out of him.
  • I liked that Clarke went to check if Bellamy was okay after he left and I liked that he tried to act like he didn't want her there but then caved right away and started telling her how he felt.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy that Lincoln's blood isn't on his hands and that when he said maybe some his she agrees but points out that he never wanted Lincoln dead and tried to prevent his death and that is something that is important to remember.
  • I liked that Clarke told Bellamy that it was more important that he forgives himself rather than Octavia forgiving him and I like that Bellamy mentions that forgiveness is hard for them and that he tells Clarke that he knows that she is still struggling to forgive herself.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that he was so angry at her for leaving but he non longer wants to feel angry at her.
  • I like that Clarke tells Bellamy that they need each other in order to survive all of this and to stop ALIE, I just love how much she feels like she needs him at her side to do what needs to be done especially because most other people don't see she needs him.
  • I liked that Clarke and Bellamy had a very long and intimate hug where they were so lost in their own world that they didn't see these group of grounders come which lead to them being captured by them.
  • I like that after Octavia mentioned Lincoln that the grounders said that let them come with them but insisted that they take this liquid that makes you pass out if they want to come. I like that Octavia just trusts that the grounders won't hurt her, Jasper just goes what the hell and drinks it then regrets that choice when Octavia passes out and Clarke and Bellamy only drink it because they feel they have no choice and they drink it at the same time as a team.
  • I find it interesting that Pike figured out that the ark was dying the day before the hundred were sent down and I understand Pike's frustration with the hundred because he knows that they needed to learn but I hated how he beat and humiliated Murphy in front of everyone to teach them a lesson.
  • I liked that Murphy convinced the grounders that need Pike alive because they need everyone they can get to fight Jaha's chipped army and I like that the logic of it's more important to make sure their people to survive than for them to get their revenge. I also like that Indra just says that she'll get her revenge at a later date.
  • I liked that Murphy told Pike to go float himself and that he learned everything about survival on the grounder and not from Pike.
  • I liked that Kane only took the key to the City of Light because Jaha threatened to kill Abby if he didn't.
  • I like that Luna mentioned that she vowed to never kill again and that she doesn't want to be the commander or take the flame because she believes killing is part of that job because that is what grounders are taught and she wants no part of that.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Movie Review: The Hitman's Bodyguard

                                              The Hitman's Bodyguard Review
The Hitman's Bodyguard is about a man named Michael Bryce(Ryan Reynolds) who works as a bodyguard for high end criminals and is very successful at his job until one day one a client of his is killed while he was working and this led to him being much less sought after and in turn he made a lot less money. The movie is mostly about how Michael has to protect a hitman named Darius Kincaid(Samuel L. Jackson) who has to be protected so that he can testify against a dictator of Belarus.

The majority of the movie is about how Michael and Kincaid have to work together despite the fact that they don't get along because of past interactions and because they have very different methods for handling situation. Michael is someone who makes a lot of plans and tries his best to control the situation no matter how chaotic the situation seems while Kincaid prefers to go with the flow and do what he feels is right regardless of whether or not said actions are smart ones to do. Through out the movie Michael and Kincaid learn more about each other and start to at least understand the other's way of thinking.

Overall I really liked this movie it was a lot of fun, quite funny and it quite a bit action that weirdly could feel quite funny at times as well. This movie is a lot of fun and I'd recommend checking it out if you're looking for a fun time. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Rise Up(1.09)

                                          Shadowhunters: Rise Up(1.09)Review
  • I find it a bit sad that Simon clings to that last bit of hope that he's not a vampire when he sees his reflection but Raphael dashes that right away.
  • I find it sad how when Simon calls Raphael a monster after he accuses him of turning him only to realize that he too is a monster.
  • I like that Raphael realizes that Simon needs time to accept what he is now and that he can't truly help Simon until he's willing to face the truth.
  • I like that after Jace hears that Alec is injured that he feels the need to return to the institute right away and I like that Clary's top priority is still finding Simon so Jace tells her that she's right that the two of them have to go their separate ways because Jace needs to be there for Alec and Clary needs to be there for Simon, I also like that Jace suggests that Clary asks Luke for help since werewolves are good trackers.
  • I liked that Magnus offered to heal Alec's injury free of charge and expressed his worries about anything bad happening to Alec but I dislike and was unsurprised by how Alec did his best to keep his distance from Magnus and discourage his feelings.
  • I'm still unsure of whether or not Melrion and the other seelies were working with Valentine or not because on the one hand the Clave tends to think the worse of downworlders but on the other hand the seelies have admitted that they side with whoever they think has the best chance of winning so who knows what side they truly chose.
  • I like that Clary is worried that Simon is going to hate her because she decided to turn him into a vampire since she couldn't live without him.
  • I liked that Alec was shown to be taking out his frustrations on a punching bag despite being injured which showed the somewhat self destructive way he deals with his feelings.
  • I find it interesting that Alec is the only one that is doubting his parents loyalty after he finds out that they were members of the circle while Izzy and Jace believe that despite their flaws there is no way that they would be traitors again, I just find it interesting that Alec is the only that is feeling angry about how was lied to his whole lie and made to think that he tarnished his family's name by not living up to his parents expectations rather than admitting to that they were the ones that ruined it.
  • I thought the scene where Lydia tells Jace and Izzy that she and Alec are engaged to be so awkward for her. I can't blame Jace and Izzy for being angry at Alec for going through with a loveless marriage but at the same time being mad at him isn't helping him any.
  • I like how when Simon saw his mom and hugged her that he felt relieved for a moment like since the first time since he awoken he felt normal again just for a moment before he desired to drink her blood although luckily Clary stopped him from biting her.
  • I liked that Clary convinced Simon to let her help him through what he was going through by pretending to need his help when they were in front of his mother.
  • I liked that when Robert confronted Alec about being engaged to Lydia that Alec tells him that he knows about him and Maryse being circle members and how angry he is that he had it drilled into his head that he was never good enough while growing up when really they were just trying to push him to better so that he could make up for their mistakes and restore their name which they destroyed.
  • I kind like that Alec is just stubbornly sticking with his plan to restore the family name despite the fact that everyone else thinks what he's doing is a bad idea.
  • I like that Luke tells Simon that he understands what he's going through and that he will be okay once he gets what he needs although it is an adjustment.
  • I can't blame Simon for being mad at Clary for deciding to turn him but I also can't blame Clary for doing the only thing she could to keep him in her life because he's her best friend and she loves him.
  • I like that when Alec and Izzy were on different sides about Melrion being investigated that Jace refuses to pick aside.
  • I find it very suspicious that Melrion doesn't answer a single one of the questions Lydia asks him and instead brings up that Clary has the cup which is something that very few people know which makes me wonder are the seelies working with Valentine since Valentine's men are the only people outside of the main cast that know that Clary has the cup so it's very possible that seelies got that information from them.
  • I think that Alec is right that they should turn over the cup but I understand why Jace doesn't want to hand the cup over without telling Clary about it but I do think that he shouldn't have went behind Alec's back and stolen the cup from him in order to give it to Clary.
  • I like that when Raphael says that this isn't a hotel that Simon points out that hotel dumort is literally a hotel.
  • I liked that Clary used the fact that Raphael needs Simon to prove that Camille broke the accords in order to get him to help her and Simon.
  • I get why Izzy and Jace think that Melrion could be innocent and that taking him to the silent brothers which is a process that is tortures to downworlders is going too far but I honestly don't think the clave is wrong about Melrion and the seelies.
  • I find it very odd that Alec never found out that Magnus helped Jace and Izzy steal Alec's stele because it seemed like this would come up at some point in the future.
  • I think that it's sad how after Alec tells Magnus that he's getting married that Magnus joked about how they should go on a date first because even though he knew it was likely Alec was talking about marrying someone else he was trying stay in denial to keep from getting hurt.
  • I like how when Alec describes a marriage with Lydia as a solid partnership that Magnus mockingly calls it hot because Alec is talking about marriage as a business deal while Magnus thinks the only reason someone should marry is because of love, I like how this shows the differences between the two of them.
  • I liked that Jace told Izzy that everything that is happening is not her fault and that she shouldn't blame herself.
  • I like how Alec expressed doubts about what they were planning to do with Melrion and I like that Lydia admits she doesn't like it either but since she lost her husband because she wasn't willing to do what it takes to get information from a downworlder in the past she can't let herself be too soft on a potential threat.
  • I like that Alec and Lydia agree to rule with their heads instead of their hearts and I like that even in the current episode in season 2 that Alec is still ruling with his head because I think in this type of position that's the best way to rule.
  • I liked how Clary confessed to Simon that part of the reason that she turned him was because she wanted him to be part of this new world that she was part of but that he wasn't yet but now he is.
  • I honestly my opinion on the whole lets save Melrion from the silent brothers is one that is very different now than it was when this episode first aired because back then I wasn't sure of whether or not Melrion was trustworthy but now I'm almost hundred percent certain that he's not based on what is happening in the second half of season two.
  • I kind of like that Clary just assumes that Alec would join them soon.
  • I liked that Simon pledged his loyalty to Raphael simply because he wants to help Clary and the others save Melrion.
  • I like that Alex noticed that something was up as soon as he got close to the city of bones and I like that he did everything he could to complete the mission.
  • I do like that Alec told Clary that she doesn't know the first thing about being a shadowhunter is when she says that orders don't matter because orders are a huge part of being a shadowhunter and you can't ignore them whenever your don't like them.
  • I like how Alec mentioned that while Jace had always broke the rules that he never broke the law until Clary came along.
  • I was a bit surprised when Jace mentioned that he knew that Alec had feelings for him but I really don't think that Jace is right about Alec's feelings for him being the reason behind his actions because I really don't think that's true.
  • I like that Alec tells Jace that he won't help him defeat Valentine if it means going against the Clave to do so because he doesn't want to be label a traitor like his parents were.
  • I'm glad that Clary helping out Melrion is getting her a way to get to Valentine but the fact that Melrion is the one that suggested that to be how he repaid her for saving him is slightly suspicious.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: The 100: Demons(3.12)

                                               The 100: Demons(3.12)Review
  • I liked how Miller was telling Harper and Bryan a ghost story before the three of them were taken by a very quiet grounder.
  • I liked that Emori assumed that Murphy was planning to steal from Ontari and I like that she tells him that she wants in on the con which he's happy to allow her in on except there isn't a con he's just trying to survive.
  • I like that Raven and Clarke both are able to give insight on ALIE and her plan and how they could stop her and how they believe that Luna could be the one with the key to stopping her.
  • I like how Monty thinks about how his mom is still alive inside the City of Light and I like how Raven points out that depends on your definition of alive.
  • I liked that when Octavia broke down for a moment that he told her that it was okay to let herself break down a little but I dislike how Octavia was acting all high and mighty and told him that a warrior doesn't mourn until the war is over but I like how Jasper says he wouldn't know.
  • I like how Raven figured out that the flame can be activated when a certain phrase is said by a non-night blood but since only a night blood can be connected to the flame without dying they still have to find Luna.
  • I find it interesting that Raven now knows how to do all sorts of things she didn't know how to do before she was connected to ALIE.
  • I like that Monty doesn't know if he wants to destroy the City of Light now because his mother is alive in there but dead in the real world.
  • I liked how Murphy told Emori that he really is just doing whatever he can to survive and I like that he told her that Ontari isn't the real commander and that he's doing his best to help her fake it.
  • I liked that after it's revealed that Emerson the last mountain man is the one that has been taking their people that Clarke tells Bellamy she believes that this is all her fault because she let Emerson live despite when she had him at her mercy.
  • I was sad that Sinclair died but I liked that he died protecting Raven although I'm sad that she was captured anyways since she tried to rescue Sinclair.
  • I liked that when Bellamy said that they were too late after seeing Sinclair that Clarke pointed out that Emerson must not have killed the others because he didn't leave their bodies laying around.
  • I liked how Clarke was willing to give herself up to save the others life but I also like that Bellamy pointed out to her that her letting Emerson kill her is as stupid plan and that he tells her a better plan would be she distracts Emerson and he shoots him.
  • I liked that the second that Jaha showed up that Murphy wanted him to leave right away because he wants nothing to do with Jaha and the City of Light.
  • I was surprised to learn that Emori had taken the chip and that she helped Jaha which is how Jaha knows that Ontari is a false commander which gets Murphy arrested since he told Emori the truth earlier.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Jaha told Ontari that the way to become a real commander is to take the key to the City of Light since he wants everyone to take it.
  • I'm not all that surprised that Emerson figured out Clarke and Bellamy's plan or that he threatened Octavia in order to get Bellamy to drop his weapons and lock himself up or that Emerson's plan was to kill all of Clarke's people and make her watch before he killed her was his plan for revenge.
  • I liked how Clarke used the flame to kill Emerson when it looked like he won both because it was smart of her to do and because it showed how dangerous the flame is to non-night bloods.
  • I liked how they gave Lincoln and Sinclair a funeral so that they could mourn their deaths.
  • I liked that Raven, Monty, Miller, Harper and Bryan are staying behind to look into ALIE's one software that she downloaded into the ark while the others go and find Luna.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.