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TV Review: Timeless: The Capture of Benedict Arnold(1.10)

                          Timeless: The Capture of Benedict Arnold(1.10)Review
  • I liked that Agent Christopher asked Lucy to keep a file on her children in the time machine because she doesn't want to loose her children and not even remember them.
  • I liked that when Mason turned up at Jiya's apartment to have a private talk with Rufus that Rufus pointed out that it was her apartment so she shouldn't have to leave.
  • I found it a bit odd that Mason came over drunk to talk to Rufus about how he never wanted to things to get this bad and that Ritten House knows that Rufus has been tampering with the recordings and that if he doesn't do it right on the next mission he can't protect Rufus and his family from them anymore.
  • I liked that when dealing with Benedict Arnold's capture that Flynn's plan could be to help Arnold succeed in his plans or kill George Washington before he even became president or something else, I just like that there were so many possibilities to what Flynn's plans could detail.
  • I liked that when Lucy mentioned that Arnold once spent 80,000 dollars on a bottle of wine that Wyatt asked who does that and Rufus says a douche would.
  • I was surprised when Flynn actually helped out Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus by saying that they were spies rather than traitors so that Washington's men would let them go because he wants them to help him with something.
  • I liked that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus all don't trust Flynn but since Flynn's true goal is to stop Ritten House before it even gets started they can see how it might not be such a bad idea to work with him on this one since it would be the end of Flynn traveling through time and messing up history and the end of Ritten House.
  • I was surprised that Flynn somehow knows who killed Wyatt's wife and I can see why this piece of information would get Wyatt willing to work with Flynn briefly.
  • I was surprised to find out that Flynn is aware that Rufus has been recording the missions.
  • I like that even after they agree to work with Flynn that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are still talking about whether or not it's a good idea to help him and they all seem pretty unsure of if it is.
  • I liked how Lucy convinced Arnold that he could trust him and that she made him believe that he has met Wyatt before.
  • I disliked that Flynn just started killing people because he wanted to talk to Arnold alone since he's involved with Ritten House. I liked that when everyone became chaotic and Wyatt made sure to keep Arnold from leaving and Rufus asked what was happening that Wyatt told him he was managing the situation.
  • I was surprised when Flynn told Arnold that they were time travelers but I wasn't surprised that he didn't believe him.
  • I liked that while threats of violence didn't get Arnold to talk but Lucy using what she knew about Arnold in order to empathsis with him did get him to tell him what he knew about Ritten House.
  • I was surprised to learn that Ritten house was founded by just one person which makes it a bit easier to take it down.
  • I liked that Flynn appealed to Arnold's love for his wife in order to get them a meeting with David Rittenhouse.
  • I liked that Rufus has decided that now all that they have to do is take down one man in order to free himself and his family from Ritten house that he is okay with that.
  • I like that Wyatt is also okay with killing one evil man in order to save the lives of hundreds of people.
  • I like that Lucy is worried about the affect that destroying Rittenhouse could have on history and I liked how Wyatt told her that history isn't an excuse to sit back and do nothing when they can something to protect innocent lives. I like that Wyatt told Lucy that he knows her well enough by now that he knows what she really believes in is saving lives.
  • I liked Wyatt made sure that Lucy was okay without what they were about to do before he answered if they were ready or not, I just like that he left the decision up to her.
  • I find it sad how Flynn plans to only see his family one last time if he succeeds in bringing them back because he knows he's become someone else by doing horrible things to bring back his family and he doesn't want to bring the type of person he has become into his home.
  • I liked that when Arnold said it would be best not to bring everyone to the meeting that Flynn said these are idiotic unenlightened times but he understands so they won't bring Rufus with them.
  • I find it odd that David Rittenhouse seems to be obsessed with clocks and he makes his son make a whole lot of them.
  • I find it a bit disturbing how David Rittenhouse's son, John recited his father's ideals about what Ritten house is and how most people shouldn't have a voice but be controlled from the shadows.
  • I was very worried when David Rittenhouse figured out that they were there to kill them and it was chillingly the way he killed Arnold like it was nothing.
  • I liked that Rufus came to rescue them right before David Rittenhouse was going to kill them.
  • I found it oddly enjoyable watching Wyatt and Flynn fight off Rittenhouse's men together.
  • I'm glad that Flynn killed David Rittenhouse but I wonder how much of a difference it would make since he already has so many followers.
  • I disliked that Flynn wanted to kill Rittenhouse's son but I liked that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus were all against it and agreed to work together in order to stop him.
  • I liked that Lucy was able to stop Flynn from killing Rittenhouse's son but I disliked that he kidnapped her because of this and I'm now worried about her.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Notorious: Chase(1.07)

                                                            Notorious: Chase(1.07)
  • I find it interesting that the episode started 48 hours earlier with Jake going on the run which just seems like a bad idea.
  • I like that Jake's brother is the one that is representing him in court and that he's willing to do anything to get his brother free. I also like that he's telling Jake that he can't work on the case because he can't be objective right now.
  • I like that Julia is just really worried about what's going to happen with Jake as his friend.
  • I like that Jake ends up staying with Julia because the media is surrounding his house and his brother's house.
  • I like that Jake wants Julia to allow the DA to try him on the air before it goes to trial because it would allow him to learn how the prosecution is going to try the case.
  • I was surprised to learn that Sarah had a loan shark for some reason and that she was trying to get away from some guy named Brian.
  • I find it interesting that Sarah was using a loan shark to pay his gambling debts.
  • I liked that Julia ended her deal with the DA because she doesn't like that he's using her show to get her friend convicted for a murder that she believes that he didn't commit.
  • I think it's pretty dumb that Jake cut his tracking anklet because he wanted to personal look into a new lead in Sarah's case by himself.
  • I was surprised that it seemed like Jake's brother and Ella helped Jake get off his tracking anklet.
  • I was surprised to learn that Sarah's baby is still alive and that Jake suspect that he she maybe his biological daughter which isn't true but instead the father of the baby was actually Sarah's baby.
  • I liked that Jake had Julia make a deal with the DA in order to not have a lot of press at his being taken into jail again.
  • I liked how Julia convinced the DA that Sarah's brother is the one that killed his sister which leads to him getting arrested and Jake getting released from jail.
  • I'm a bit surprised that it seems that Oscar was in on the murder of Sarah with her brother.
  • I find it interesting that someone named Dana called Julia because she needs Jake as a lawyer.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: All Eyez on Me(1.05)

                                        Sweet/Vicious: All Eyez on Me(1.05)Review
  • I felt so bad for Rachel a girl who was assaulted by a guy that worked for a car service who drive drunk people home.
  • I like that Harris is working with the campus patrol guy in order to figure out what is going on with the recent attacks on campus.
  • I liked that Jules tried to use Greek mythology to indirectly broach the topic of accidently killing his brother, it doesn't really go anywhere of course.
  • I like that it turns out that Tyler is an art major who is doubting himself and I like that Jules wants to throw him a pop up art show and I like that Kennedy wants to help her throw it.
  • I found it awkward how Ophelia ran into the guy she hooked up with in the first episode while she was looking for the driver that assaulted Rachel.
  • The driver being the son of the president of their college is something that I think could cause big problems in the future.
  • I like that Jules is doing her best to support Tyler and be a good girlfriend to him when it comes to setting up the art show.
  • I like the way that Harris and the campus patrol guy interact with each other and I find it interesting that they found out that Ophelia might have something to do with their investigation.
  • I understand why Ophelia was mad at Jules for not asking anything about the mission she went on when she almost got ran over on said mission.
  • I felt bad for Tyler when he started getting frustrated by people not getting his art and I like that even though the whole art show was giving him anxiety that Tyler still let Jules know that he thought what she did was sweet and that he knows she had the best of intentions but he just can't handle being there right now.
  • I like that Ophelia and Kennedy were both comforting to Jules after her fight with Tyler although in different ways.
  • I liked that Ophelia told Jules that she would understand if she wasn't in the mood for a take down and I liked that Jules said she wanted to punch someone by ten.
  • I liked that Harris learned that Ophelia met Jules because she found her necklace and I like that he was connecting the dots until Ophelia made up a story that made the two events seem unrelated.
  • I liked that when Ophelia made a quick exit after her talk with Harris she said she was going to class and then he looked at her weird and then she said she meant she's going to smoke weed which he said makes sense.
  • I liked that the plan was for Ophelia to be bait and that Jules would wait at the spot that they thought that they rape the girls only they didn't go to the spot that they thought he would.
  • I was really afraid for Ophelia when things didn't go as plan with it being at a different location and their being two of them but luckily she was able to taze them both.
  • I liked that when Ophelia was acting like she was totally fine and Jules could tell she wasn't that Jules made sure that they didn't do the takedown that night.
  • I felt so bad for Jules when Nate was calling what he did to her cheating as if she did something wrong or had a say in any of it and how he wanted them to all hang out again and move past it, I wanted so badly for Jules to say something to him about how wrong he is but I understand why she couldn't find her voice then.
  • I like that Harris is figuring out that Ophelia is lying to him about what she and Jules are doing together.
  • I was worried about Jules when one of the guys stabbed her in the leg.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Ophelia taking down one of the guys was caught on several students Iphones.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Scream: When a Stranger Calls(2.12)

                                         Scream: When a Stranger Calls(2.12)Review
  • I think it's twisted that the killer killed the deputy and then gave Emma and Audrey the keys to their handcuffs simply because he didn't want them to be able to stop playing his game.
  • I liked that when Emma took the guy with her when she and Audrey escaped that Audrey pointed out that she didn't think that them having it was a good idea.
  • I think it was freaky that the killer called the gas station right when Emma and Audrey walked into it and asked to talk to Emma. I also think it's twisted that the killer told Emma that if she or Audrey turned themselves in or were caught by the police that he would kill someone they love.
  • I like that Brooke still believes that Emma and Audrey are innocent but I understand why Gustavo had a harder time believing it since he knows them less and Audrey did go after him for being the killer pretty hard so I can understand that from his point of view Audrey looks guilty.
  • I don't like that Emma went to Kieran and told him her and Audrey's plans because I don't really trust the guy.
  • I liked that when Brooke visited Noah that she opened up a bit about how she misses her dad, it was a nice moment.
  • I liked that Noah also believes that Emma and Audrey didn't do what the police are saying they have done.
  • I liked that when after Emma called Noah and talked to both him and Brooke and told her that they were hiding out in the movie theater that Brooke and Noah decided that they have to meet up with them because they can't let their friends go through all this alone.
  • I like that Emma's mom doesn't think for a second that Emma is guilty and that she's now just worried about what could have happened to her daughter.
  • I liked that when the killer called Brooke to taunt her about her dad's death that Emma took the phone away from her and told the killer where she was and to come and get her. I like that Emma has decided that she's done running and that now she and the others are going to take the killer down once and for all.
  • I like that Noah started going on about how if this was a movie they would be at the unmasking stage and I liked that Brooke told him not to go all meta on her since she needs his help guarding the door.
  • I liked that after it's been awhile that Audrey started to doubt the killer would actually show up since the killer loves to be the one in control of a situation not to have someone else be the one that has more control for once and I like that Emma knows the killer isn't going to be able to resist this chance at getting them.
  • I understand why Brooke and Noah won't let Gustavo in when he comes to the theater while their waiting for the killer to show but since he got a text that he thought was for Brooke that told him to come I think we can trust that he's not the killer.
  • I think it was smart of the killer to lure everyone away from the doors by playing his videos of his kills on the movie screen.
  • I was very worried about Brooke when the killer stabbed her but luckily the stab wound didn't kill her.
  • I liked that Emma told Noah to call the police after Brooke was stabbed even though they are after her and I liked that she didn't want to leave Brooke's side but I was glad that Kieran did convince her to leave in the end.
  • I felt bad for Emma when she was blaming herself for Brooke getting stabbed and Audrey being presumably taken by the killer.
  • I liked that when Gustavo broke down at the hospital after hearing that Brooke was hurt and that when his dad saw him he gave him a comforting pat on the leg to let him know that he was there for him.
  • I liked that Noah convinced the Sheriff to look at Eli as a suspect rather than Emma and Audrey.
  • I liked that Emma told Kieran that she had to go after the killer on her own this time because she can't let anyone else die because of her.
  • I think it's messed up that the killer thinks the bond of killing with someone is similar to being in love with someone.
  • I feel so bad for Eli even though he was telling the truth about Kieran being the one who stabbed him and about all the other messed up things he did Emma believed Kieran over him and she shot him and then Kieran killed him once Emma discovered Kieran was the real killer.
  • I liked that what tipped Emma off was that Kieran used a phrase that was similar to a phrase that the killer had told her just a few minutes ago.
  • It was really surprising seeing how much Kieran's demeanor changed once the truth was revealed he was like an entirely different person clearly unhinged, violent and a whole lot more interesting than he has ever been in the past.
  • I liked that when Kieran tried to taunt Emma with the fact that she just told him she loved him earlier that not that Emma tells him that she doesn't feel that way anymore now that she knows who he really his.
  • I liked that when Audrey pointed out how pathetic it is that Kieran whole motive was daddy issues that he said that killing people is way more fun than going to therapy, his entire view on life is just demented.
  • I liked that Kieran went on a monologue about his and Piper's whole plan and I liked that Audrey told Kieran how she ruined their plan by shooting and killing Piper.
  • I liked that when Kieran was going to kill Emma that Audrey pushed a chair in his way which gave Emma the chance to run from him.
  • I liked that even though Audrey was being held captive by Kieran that she still told Emma to run because at least one of them should live and if at least one of them live his sick plan can't succeed.
  • I liked that Emma and Audrey got the upper hand on Kieran and that while Emma pointed out that now she can decided how he'll die that she tells him he's not going to die today instead his going to rot in prison for what he did.
  • I liked that Noah's ending speech was more about hope for the future and the idea that people can move forward with their lives after all the tragedies.
  • I liked that we saw that Gustavo and his dad have become closer and that things are going well with his and Brooke's relationship and I liked seeing Emma and Audrey hanging out again.
  • I find it interesting that it seems that Brandon James is still alive and mad that Kieran wore his mask.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Top 8 Things That Will Make Me Instantly Inerested in Picking Up a Book

1. Witches: I really love witches because I find their powers to be the most interesting and I like the fact that they are almost always girls as well. I also like that witches have a lot less defined mythology than vampires or werewolves which makes their stories a lot harder to predict which is usually a good thing.
2. Dimensional Travel: The idea of traveling across dimensions is a really interesting one that has seemingly endless possibilities to it but it's also one that I really don't see all that often in books which I think is a shame. The only series I read that has dimensional travel have been Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and The Chronicles of Narnia.
3. Friends to Lovers: This is one of my favorite romance tropes so if I book has it I'm much more likely to read it because I just like stories about people evolving from friends to lovers because I find those type of stories to be very sweet.
4. Deals with Mental Health: I've also been very interested in mental health so if a book is going to be dealing with mental illness I'm going to be interested in reading it because this is a topic that I'm just very interested in.
5. Magical Girls: I love Magical Girl series and I have loved them since I first watched Sailor Moon back in elementary school and my love for them has only grown over time so if a series sounds similar to a magical girl series I'm definitely going to check it out. I will admit I haven't seen any novels about magical girls so this is more of what would make me pick up a manga or watch an anime rather than pick up a book topic.
6. Shy Main Character: I'm a really shy person so when a book has an actually shy main character I'm interested in it because I usually don't relate all that much with fictional characters because they're all so much more out going than I am so I have a special place in my heart for stories about shy characters.
7. If it Reminds Me of Something Else I loved: A lot of times I start reading or watching series simply because something about it reminds me of another entirely unrelated series that I loved so I pick up that series because I think it could be similar to the series I loved. I can't really explain what it is that draws me in exactly to this type of series because it's always different each time but it's that certain familiarity that can draw me in.
8. If It's Written by Writer I love: This one is kind of a no brainer if you loved something an author wrote you should check out the other things they wrote and hopefully you'll like them too and then you'd have just add a whole bunch of books to your reading list.

TV Review: Flower Boy Next Door

                                                 Flower Boy Next Door Review
Flower Boy Next Door is about a young woman named Go Dok-mi who lives her life isolated from the rest of the world in her apartment which she works as an editor from and she can stay in her apartment for months on end. Dok-mi prepares to be by herself because she feels very nervous about meeting and interacting with people but despite her desire to remain distant from the rest of the world she does develop a crush on the guy that lives in the building across from and she spends quite a bit of her free time spying into the man's apartment from her apartment. One day when spying into the man's apartment she notices that there is a new man, Enrique Guem and this one has noticed her looking into the apartment which leads to him confronting her about her spying and this relationship eventually develops into a sort of friendship.

Enrique is a video game developer who has been living in Spain for most of his life and he is someone that always tries his best to give happiness to other people but doesn't think it's of much importance whether he himself is happy. When Enrique finds out that Dok-mi generally doesn't venture out into the world he makes it his personal mission to bring her out into the world and show her how beautiful life outside her apartment can be. Over the course of Enrique working on getting Dok-mi to come out into the world the two of them start develop not only a friendship with each other but also romantic feelings although neither seemed all that willing to act on them with Dok-mi not quite having the courage to tell someone what she really wants yet and Enrique thinking that Dok-mi should be with Oh Jin-rak a web comic creator who has lived next door to Dok-mi for years and says that he is in love with her.

This series is one that is very sweet and cute with the way that it presents love as wanting to do everything you can to help support the person you love to fulfill their life long dream. This drama is one that is all about the relationship that the characters have with each other and it turns out that these relationships were compelling enough to carry this drama. Overall I really, really like this series and I thought that the characters were well thought out and that the main relationship was very heartwarming. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

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TV Review: Teen Wolf: Radio Silence(6.05)

                                             Teen Wolf: Radio Silence(6.05)Review
  • I think one of the scariest things about the train station is that everyone there is just so calm, quiet and accepting of whatever is going to happen to them since that just makes them more vulnerable.
  • I like that once Stiles wakes up from his trance that he starts asking questions about what is going on and starts to look for clues to where he is and how he can leave.
  • I was surprised to see that Peter has also been taken by the ghost riders since he hasn't been mentioned in so long but I guess that kind of makes sense with the way that the ghost riders work.
  • I found it a bit odd that after Peter got annoyed that Stiles was there that he went back to just waiting for his train to come and then Stiles had to remind him that the ghost riders just come into the station with hostages.
  • I found it interesting that Peter escaped Eichen House the night that the pack broke Lydia out of Eichen House.
  • I like that Stiles is still determined to find the way out of the train station but when Peter revealed that the train station isn't a really place so escape isn't possible for them that kind of makes things a hell of a lot more difficult.
  • I find it odd and a bit unnerving that when Stiles would open the door out of the train station it would just lead back into the same room over and over again.
  • I liked that Peter noticed that there was a boy that was intently watching Peter and Stiles and I liked that he was surprised that Stiles tried the doors since no one ever really tries to escape. I like that the boy suggest that the tunnel the ghost riders come in might be the only way out.
  • I liked that Peter had Stiles push him into the tunnel and I liked that Peter ended up pulling Stiles along into it.
  • I liked that Lydia noticed Stiles jeep before it would be towed away and I liked that she could tell that it was something important and I liked that Scott noticed her noticing it.
  • I liked that when Lydia left class that Scott followed her out to check if she was okay, I also liked how the teacher asked the other students in the class if they knew class wasn't optional.
  • I liked that Scott claimed the jeep as his own after Lydia revealed that it wasn't hers to the tow guy because he knew it was important to her and I like that when Lydia made Scott give her money to keep the jeep that Scott gave it to her even though he was highly doubting it was worth it.
  • I liked that when guy suggested the highly dangerous plan to escape by grapping a ride from the ghost riders as the jump through their lightning portal that Stiles didn't want him to go through with testing his theory because he would most likely die and I like that Stiles even tried to get Peter(who was all for the guy testing his theory)to help him convince the guy not to got through with it, it really shows that Stiles is used to partnering with Scott who tried to save everyone in these types of situation because there was no way someone like Peter would have helped him with this plan.
  • I was sad that the guy died instead of escaped but I wasn't really surprised by it either.
  • I liked Peter's speech about how the two of them are already dead and forgotten and that there is no escape and everything they do or have is completely useless because that really shows how bleak their situation is.
  • I like that Stiles says that someone is going to remember him whether it be Scott, Lydia or Malia and that no one is ever going to remember Peter and come for him because who would care about him.
  • I like that Stiles figured out that they could maybe use the radio to send a signal to the really world to tell the others he's alive and I like that it actually works.
  • I like that when they went back into the jeep that Scott picked up on his, Lydia and Malia's scents in the car despite them having no memory of being in the car.
  • I like that Scott didn't side with either Lydia, who believes that Stiles is real and that they have to get him back, or Malia, who is sure that Stiles isn't real, because Scott can see merits in both their arguments.
  • I like that when Lydia was breaking down at the hopelessness of the situation that we also saw Stiles sitting against a wall also thinking about hopelessness of his situation as well, it was just a really nice shot.
  • I liked that Scott stood up to the tow truck guy when he tried again to take the jeep away and I liked that Malia broke the guys truck so that he couldn't take even though neither of them are convinced of the importance of the jeep.
  • I liked that when Peter notice that the towns that the ghost riders go through leads to the towns getting wiped off the math that he decides to try his lucky of going through the portal since he'll heal unlike a normal human.
  • I like that Stiles basically uses the fact that Malia is Peter's daughter as a way to manipulate Peter into telling his friends who he is and to help try and save everyone.
  • I liked that when Malia and Scott saw Peter that they remembered who he was and they were shocked that they had forgotten him.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia noticed the keys to Stiles jeep in Peter's hand and I liked that Scott brought them back to the jeep and Lydia and how delighted they both were when it worked.
  • I liked that Stiles once again started working on using the radio to communicate and that this time he was able to talk to Scott and Lydia.
  • I liked that after Lydia and Stiles asked if it was Stiles and that Stiles asked if it was them and I liked that he said Scott's name first because Scott almost always comes first to Stiles.
  • I liked that Stiles asked Lydia if she remembered him and although the answer is not really, I liked that she did remember the last thing he told her.
  • I liked that the first real question that Scott asked Stiles was if he was okay because that's what's most important to him.
  • I liked that Scott wanted to know where Stiles was because he wants to go and save him and the others but Stiles points out that he won't be able to find him and instead tells him to look for Cannon. I liked that Scott called Stiles name in distress once the line went dead.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.