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TV Review: Age of Youth

                                                        Age of Youth Review
Age of Youth is a series about five very different college girls sharing an apartment together and the show is about them as a group and as individuals. The five roommates are Yoo Eun-jae a timid country girl who is in her first year of college she has some trouble adjusting to living with a house full of strangers but all of the girls are able to clear the air fairly early on. Eun-jae being the youngest is also usually the most naïve which leads to the other girls sometimes playing a mentor role towards her especially when it comes to dating but for as naïve as she seems Eun-jae still as some dark secrets in her past surrounding the deaths of her brother and father. Another roommate is Jung Ye-eun a girl who is very invested in appearances and hanging onto to her relationship with her boyfriend that doesn't treat her right. Ye-eun ends having to come to terms to with the fact that her boyfriend doesn't care about her the way that she cares about him this is often times frustrating to watch since it takes her such a long time to let go of him.

Kang Yi-na is another one of the roommates and it turns out that she isn't actually a student at the college like the other girls are but she is instead working as a prostitute of sorts who as three different rich men whom she calls boyfriends are more like clients that pay her to go on dates with her among other things. Yi-na is also struggling with a bit of survivor's guilt do to the fact that she was able to survive an accident on a school trip at the expense of another girl and do this she decides to live in the way that is easiest instead of living well. The oldest of the roommates is Yoon Jin-myung who is a very hard working student that has three different part time jobs because she is responsibly for paying back her mother's loans that she took out in order to keep her brother who has been in a coma for years alive. Jin-myung's situation is clearly draining her and keeping her from truly living her life but she won't allow anyone else to help her because she fears if she let's herself be weak even for a moment that she won't be able to pull herself back together. The last of the roommates is Song Ji-won who is a very talkative girl who very much wants to have a boyfriend but she has the habit of scaring boys off but being too talkative and she claims that she can see ghosts.

This series also has two nice side romances with Eun-jae and her boyfriend Jong-yeol who is an upper classman that takes a liking to her first and their relationship is both a very sweet and awkward portrayal of one's first love. The other romance is between Jin-myung and Jae-wan a chef that works at the same restaurant that she works at as a waitress, this romance is one that is shown to be one of the few bright spots that Jin-myung has in her life and that makes all the more special when she allows herself to enjoy his company which doesn't happen very often.

Overall I loved this series I thought that it had good characters and that they had interesting plots for us to follow. I really loved that there was such a focus on the girls friendship in this series and I liked that they always did their best to be there for each other when they really needed someone there for them. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

TV Review: Sweet/Vicious: Back to Black(1.08)

                                           Sweet/Vicious: Back to Black(1.08)Review
  • I think it's smart that the campus cop and Harris are using a guy as bait as to find out who the vigilante is.
  • I'm glad that Kennedy is mad at Nate even though she is believing his story over Jules at least she's not just forgiving him.
  • I'm worried that Jules is doing things for the takedowns while lying to Ophelia about what she was doing.
  • I liked that Tyler found it weird when Kennedy told him that Jules didn't live at the house anymore and that she won't be seeing her again.
  • I like that Ophelia and Evan are doing so well as a couple in this episode and I like that Ophelia is having to deal with balancing being a girlfriend and a vigilante.
  • I liked that Nate's friend decided to help him win Kennedy back by using things he has seen in romcoms but I disliked that these things actually worked to get Kennedy back.
  • I liked that Harris told Evan that Ophelia and Jules often go off and have private conversations and that he shouldn't interrupt them.
  • I liked that when Tyler came to tell Harris that he wants to win Jules back that Harris decides to use this as an excuse to go to the party that he wanted to go to but that he thought he shouldn't go to because he's in law school.
  • I found it sad that when Tyler went to the party he saw Jules when she was trying to act as bait so that she could lure the target somewhere for her to attack him.
  • I felt bad for Jules when she saw Kennedy at the party with Nate after she finally told her the truth about him.
  • I'm glad that Jules and Ophelia got the girl who the guy was trying to rape home safely before he could do anything to her.
  • I found it scary when Jules almost beat their target to death and I'm glad that Ophelia found it scary as well and that she once again told Jules that she has to find some other way to deal with what happened to her because she easily could have beaten him to death and that's not what their trying to do.
  • I wasn't surprised that Jules lashed out at Ophelia after Ophelia told her that she wanted to fix her but I still didn't like seeing Jules telling Ophelia that she didn't need her and that she's a mistake but I understand that Jules is in a bad place right now and so does Ophelia.
  • I liked that when Tyler asked if Jules was alright that Ophelia told him that, that was a question only Jules can answer.
  • I liked that after Jules disappeared that Ophelia went to talk to Kennedy and that she told her how much Jules is hurting because what Nate did her and the fact that Kennedy didn't seem to believe her when she told her the truth. I liked that Ophelia told Kennedy that deep down inside she knows Jules is telling the truth and that terrifies her but she needs to stop being afraid and help Jules.
  • I'm glad that Kennedy realized that Jules was telling the truth after Nate was a bit too forceful with her.
  • I liked that Kennedy knew to find Jules in the library and I liked that she then told Jules she was sorry for not believing her and not noticing what has wrong sooner. I also liked that Kennedy told her that she was sorry that she wasn't there for her before and I liked that Jules said that was okay because she's here now.
  • I liked that Kennedy is making sure that Jules files charges against Nate and that she won't let Jules give up just because Nate's the campus golden boy.
  • I'm worried about what's going to happen now that Harris has figured out that Ophelia is at least working with the vigilante.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)

                                         Teen Wolf: Memory Found(6.09)Review
  • I liked that after both Scott and Lydia expressed their doubts of the doors holding back the ghost riders that Malia told them that they shouldn't expect her to be the optimistic one.
  • I think the plan to get their core temperature down low enough in order to get into a trans like state in order to remember Stiles is a dangerous one.
  • I like that the Sheriff was unwilling to trust Theo and I like that Theo pointed out that trust isn't really important right now and that what is important right now is finding away to beat the ghost riders by working together and I like that Liam pointed out that Theo is kind of right.
  • I liked that the Sheriff didn't let Theo out until Theo told him one true thing about Stiles and I liked that Theo chose to say that Stiles was smart enough not to trust him.
  • I was sad that the Sheriff was taken by the ghost riders towards the start of the episode.
  • I liked that when Theo and Liam were escaping the ghost riders that Liam had a tray of keys and that he had to find the right key for the car they were in and at one point Liam handed Theo a key that wasn't even for a car, I just found the whole scene funny despite the seriousness of the situation they were in.
  • I liked that Scott trusts Lydia to figure out how to keep him from dying if something goes wrong with their plan despite Lydia not trusting herself.
  • I like that Liam tells Theo to take them to the hospital because he knows every inch the building and he plans to hid there from the ghost riders.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense that Scott would overwhelmed by all the memories that he has of Stiles because he has so many of them and since Stiles was so important to him there are so many of them that are powerful, so it's hard for him to focus on just one of them. I also like that Lydia and Malia aren't really to get through to him when he was remembering Stiles because his bond with Stiles is so much stronger than the one that he has with them.
  • I like that Liam is willing to lure all of the ghost riders to the hospital in order to buy as much time as possible for Scott.
  • I like that when Theo told Liam that he's only on his side for as long as his useful and that Liam tells him he knows that.
  • I liked that Lydia helped Scott to focus on just one memory by guiding him to search his memories one at a time.
  • I like that Liam told Theo that he wouldn't protect him when the ghost riders came and that he would treat Theo just like Theo would use him which is like bait.
  • I liked that Malia figured out that it was important to remember what Stiles meant to Scott when trying to open a rift.
  • I really loved how they showed Scott remembering Stiles talking him down from his suicide attempt and I don't understand why that memory didn't work to open a rift since that's one of the most powerful scene in the whole series.
  • I liked that after Scott came out of the machine that he wanted to go back in right away even though both Lydia and Malia told him it was too dangerous and I like that his own safety didn't seem to matter him when it came to getting Stiles back.
  • I liked that Malia was more than willing to get in the machine in order to remember Stiles and I like that Malia said that Stiles was the first one that she connected with.
  • I like how they showed Malia as remembering Stiles while flipping through books that would show her memories. I also liked that her memories were almost strong enough to open the rift.
  • I liked that Scott and Malia were both willing to go back in the machine in order to get Stiles back despite the fact that they both almost died from going in there and I like that they both convince Lydia to try to remember Stiles and that she has to use normal hypnosis.
  • I like that when Liam and Theo are cornered by the ghost riders that Liam decides to fight rather than run from them and I liked that he inspired Theo to do the same and that in the end Theo actually chose to be the bait to save Liam.
  • I liked that when they were looking for a match that Malia asked if a blowtorch was too much.
  • I liked that when Lydia needed someone to read a script in a calming gentle voice that Malia tried to first but did a bad job and then Lydia switch it to Scott and he did a much better job.
  • I loved that Lydia confirmed that she had romantic feelings for Stiles since she kissed him because while I always believed that to be the case many other fans didn't so it's nice to be proven right after all these years.
  • I'm glad that Lydia remembering that she loved Stiles and yet never told him that was a strong enough memory to open the rift but I also still don't understand why Scott's memories weren't strong enough to open the rift.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)

                       How to Get Away with Murder: There's My Baby(2.14)Review
  • I was glad that Annalise got a way from Philip fairly easily but I also felt that the whole scene was kind of anti climatic since nothing really happened.
  • I liked that Eve asked why Annalise would give Wes the files about the case that involved his mother when she never intended to tell Wes the full story.
  • I'm worried that Caleb now that he is missing and has likely been taken by Phillip and who knows what Phillip intends to do with him.
  • I really liked the scene when Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Wes were questioned about what they were doing on the night that Annalise was shot and I like that they were all able to keep their cool and not give anything away it really shows that despite the fact that they still freak out over a lot of things they have become much better at covering things up as well.
  • I like that Asher felt bad about everything that has happened since he believes that everything started because of him and I liked that Bonnie said that the person that killed Lila is the one that started this whole mess, I liked that she said this with Frank in the room because she recently found that he's the one that killed Lila.
  • I liked that when Michaela suggested that maybe it would be safer to tell Oliver the truth since not telling Caleb about Philip didn't end up well and I liked that for second even Connor considered telling Oliver the truth but I also liked that Bonnie and Frank told them all that telling Oliver or anyone else is completely out of the question.
  • It was sad that Annalise ended up loosing her baby because she went against her clients to protect Wes and they had her attack but I wasn't that surprised by it since we know that she doesn't end up having the baby.
  • I'm worried about Asher since his interview didn't go as well as the others but I don't think the DA has any solid evidence to suggest that Asher was involved in Sinclair's death so there's not too much of a reason to be worried.
  • I liked that Laurel suggested that Frank was the one that shot Annalise to see how Oliver would react to the idea of a cover up but I honestly don't think that Connor was ever going to really tell Oliver because he cares about their relationship far too much to risk telling the truth.
  • I dislike how Annalise takes out the fact that she's feeling guilty about what happened to Wes's mother and is covering that up by drinking and being angry and taking out those feelings on everyone else when honestly no one including Wes was really demanding all that much out of her during this episode.
  • I like that Oliver can tell that Connor and the others are keeping secrets from him and I like that he worries that Connor thinks he's weak and that's why he hides things which isn't true at all and Connor tells him that but because he can't tell him the real reason why he keeps things from him.
  • I was surprised when Oliver told Connor that he quit his job and that he would like to work for Annalise and I like that Connor doesn't want Oliver to work for Annalise because he knows how dangerous that working for her can be.
  • I like that Annalise finally told Wes the truth and I was surprised to learn that Wes's mother was raped by the father of her client and that he is Wes's biological father that is something I never even considered.
  • I'm not sure how I feel about Michaela and Asher hooking up because it feels like it came out of nowhere but I felt the same way about Bonnie and Asher and I ended really like them.
  • I like that Frank at least confirmed to Bonnie that he killed Lila on Sam's orders and I like that right after Bonnie said that Annalise can't know about this Laurel ends up telling her in the next scene that Frank killed Lila although Laurel believes he did it on Annalise's orders.
  • I like that Annalise ran away to her mother's house after receiving the news that Frank killed Lila.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review :Notorious: Taken(1.10)

                                                    Notorious: Taken(1.10)Review
  • I liked that when Louise accused a local police as the reason that Julia was taken because that might make them think they brought him and I liked that the officer told her that since her and Julia decided to come to their country to interview a very dangerous killer and what happened to Julia is on the two of them not him.
  • I like that it turned that the drug trafficker wanted them to take Louise instead of Julia.
  • I was surprised that the interviewer that went missing is actually still alive and I like that he refuses to give the drug trafficker what he wants even if it kills him.
  • I like that Jake is doing is best to look out for Julia's best interest even though the network doesn't want him involved.
  • I like that Louise is planning to use the media in order to help Julia and I like that Jake is planning to use striking a legal deal to get him to trade Julia for someone else.
  • I liked that the DA helped Bradley and Ella in getting the criminal to be able to trade him for Julia's safe return.
  • I like that Julia is so determined to do the interview in place of Louise because she believes it's the only way for her and the other reporter to escape with their lives.
  • I liked that Louise is going with Jake when he goes to set up the deal of the hostage exchange.
  • I disliked that Julia's boss got fired because he allowed a story about Julia's kidnapping to be aired which was the right thing to do.
  • I was surprised that the nephew of the drug trafficker is afraid that his uncle is going to kill him and I like that he warns them that the drug trafficker's girlfriend is going to betray them.
  • I like that Jake and Julia both try to convince the father of the drug trafficker's nephew that he take the deal gives him his son back and let's ever live.
  • I was glad that the drug trafficker's brother ended betraying him because he was willing to betray him and leave his son in jail.
  • I'm not surprised that this show was cancelled since the show hasn't been very interesting to watch and I think the pacing of the plots have been pretty bad since the arcs seem to only last a few episodes which is hardly enough time to be invested in them. I really liked the idea about a show that deals with how the media manipulates the news but sadly this show was never more than okay.
Pleas tell me your thoughts on this episode and show as a whole.

TV Review: Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)

                                         Timeless: Karma Chameleon(1.13)Review
  • I like that Wyatt comes over to tell Lucy that him and Rufus are going to steal the time machine to save his wife and I like that she wants to help him and I like that he won't let her come with because he wants to protect the deal she has to get her sister back.
  • I like that Wyatt is pretending to take Rufus hostage because he wants to make sure that he doesn't get in trouble for helping him.
  • I find it interesting that Ritten House could use the time machine to destroy reality itself and I like that both Emma and Anthony think that destroying both time machines is the safest plan of action.
  • I like that Wyatt actually did do quite a bit of research before going back in time and that his plan is to make sure the killers parents never meet and I like the Rufus calls the plan reverse Back to the Future because it kind of is.
  • I kind of like that things in plan keeps getting messed up because of small details that Wyatt missed while doing his research.
  • I liked that after they bring Lucy in for questioning that Agent Christopher tells Lucy that she doesn't believe that Rufus is really a hostage and I like that she says she knows that Lucy is also in on it. I like that Lucy tells her that she completely understands where Wyatt is coming from and that she's surprised that he hasn't done something like this sooner.
  • I liked that when Wyatt was worrying about them not being able to prevent the killers parents from hooking up that Rufus pointed out that they survived The Alamo so making sure two people didn't hook up should be easy compared to that.
  • I find it a bit odd how both of the killer's parents seem like their good people which is something that makes, making sure that they don't hook up a whole lot harder.
  • I like that Anthony called looking for Rufus in order to tell him about Ritten House's plans for the time machine because he wants to have both machines destroyed and that he settles for talking with Lucy because she's the only one there he could trust with that information.
  • I like how Jiya is upset that Rufus didn't tell her that he was leaving and I like that she says that when someone really loves you they tell you these sorts of things and I liked that she then asked Lucy how she found out about Wyatt and Rufus going out and then Lucy tells her that Wyatt told her beforehand.
  • I like that Anthony is going to go against Flynn and destroy the time machine in order to make sure that Ritten House can't screw things up even more.
  • I like that Wyatt becomes more and more desperate as his plan keeps hitting roadblocks and as he becomes more desperate his plans just fails apart even quicker.
  • I like that Lucy and Agent Christopher agree to destroy their time machine once they get Lucy's sister back.
  • I was surprised to learn that Lucy's father is definitely the man from Ritten House that Mason was meeting with.
  • I find it sad that even though Wyatt didn't mean to he still ended up killing the killer's father even though that wasn't his intention and he didn't deserve that.
  • I find it sad that Wyatt says that Jessica would hate it if she knew what he just did and he doesn't know how he'll be able to look her in the eye.
  • I found it so sad when it turned out that Jessica wasn't saved although the two other women that the killer killed were and I found it so sad how Wyatt just couldn't accept that this could possibly be true because how could he possibly accept that everything he just did and risked was all for nothing. That he got an innocent man killed and got arrested and it still didn't save his wife.
  • I was sad that Anthony was killed for trying to do the right thing and destroy the time machine but I'm glad that they're at least going to tell his family that he died a hero.
  • I liked that Lucy confronted her father and I liked that he did actually want to be apart of her life and I liked that she didn't care about any of that she just cared about how he's part of Ritten House and how she believes what they do is inhuman. I found it odd that her father told her that Ritten House is something that is in your blood because that doesn't seem like something that could be true.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Top 7 Things I Want to Read this Summer

1. School Spirits: This book is set in the same world as Hex Hall and since I loved that series I'm looking forward to reading this book.
2. While You Were Sleeping: This one is a Korean drama rather than a book but since I have to read subtitles I figured that it can fit the theme of this list. This drama is written by favorite drama writer, Park Hye-Ryun who also wrote I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, Dream High and Page Turner and it also stars my favorite Korean actor Lee Jong Suk who also starred in I Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio, W and School 2013. So anyways I'm really excited about this drama because of who are working on it and because the description of it kind of reminds of I Hear Your Voice and in case it's not clear by this point I really, really loved that drama. Although I have to admit I don't actually know if this drama will come out in the summer since the only air dates they have released for the show is in the second half of 2017 and it will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
3. United We Spy: This book is the final book in the Gallagher Girls series and I feel like it's time that I finally finish this series that has brought me so much joy.
4.All the Bright Places: This book is one that sounded interesting and since I already own it seems like a good idea to read it sooner rather than later.
5. Literally: This book is a new release about a girl who finds out that she is becoming a character in a novel and how she has to fight to get agency over her life once more. This novel has a cool concept that reminds me a lot of the Kdrama W but from the description I think this book will have lower stakes since the in universe novel that our main character is part of seems to be more of the coming of age genre rather than the crime thriller genre so less chance of dying and probably less questioning about how a writer should take care of their characters.
6. School 2017: This is another Kdrama that I want to see this summer but unlike While You Were Sleeping I know that this one will air in the summer. I'm not sure what this series will be about exactly expect that it will deal with the school lives of high school students but since I love those types of shows and I loved School 2013 I think that I'll probably enjoy this one as well.
7. Pretty Fierce: This is another new release that sounds really good about a girl whose parents were professional killers which sounds like an interesting idea for a character to have that type of background while still being a romantic YA novel.