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TV Review: I'm Not a Robot

                                                     I'm Not a Robot Review
I'm not a Robot is about a man named Kim Min kyu who developed an allergy to humans shortly after his parents died and at the beginning of the series he gets a message from some scientist who tell him they have developed a robot that looks and should be able to act just like a real human. Min kyu decides to meet the scientist to check out their robot and after he sees how human-like the robot is and assures that it's really a robot he agrees to keep funding the scientists research if he the robot is able to brought over to his house for him to test out how well it works. Right before the scientists are suppose to bring their robot over to Min kyu's house one of the scientists end up damaging the report which leads to Hong Baek kyun, scientist that created the robot to go look for the woman he based the robot on, Jo Ji ah, his ex girlfriend. Ji ah is an inventor who seems to only manage to invent things that most people find useless which has led to her being in a lot of debt because she's always working on her inventions or starting up a new business to fund her inventions, since Ji ah really needs the money she ends up agreeing to pretend to be a robot when Min kyu does the test for it.

Ji ah is only really able to pull off pretending to be a robot because the scientists tell Min kyu that there is a function called friend mode after she first reacts in a way a robot wouldn't and they are all very surprised when he buys that excuse. Since Min kyu hasn't really had the chance to interact with people for the last fifteen years he ends up finding anytime Ji ah screws up acting like a robot to be delightful rather than suspicious and this ends up leading to him wanting to train the robot himself and since the robot is still going to take awhile to repair that means that Ji ah is going to have to continue to pretend to be a robot. As time goes on Min kyu and Ji ah end up actually developing a real friendship and Min kyu discovers that his allergy started to be cured when he was with Ji ah which only makes his affection for her grow even more.

 Soon enough it becomes clear to both Ji ah and Min kyu that they have romantic feelings for each other and since it seems pretty clear at first that the feelings are mutual they are both very happy about this until they remember their situations. Min kyu realizes that he can't be in love with a robot because a robot can't ever really love you back because their just doing what their programs tell them to and Ji ah realizes that Min kyu thinks that she's a robot and that there really isn't a good way to tell him that she's been deceiving him for as long as she has been. It ends up taking quite a long time for Min kyu to figure out that Ji ah is not a robot and for them to actually get together.

Overall I really loved this series, I really loved both our main characters and I loved watching them interact with each other and I found them be extremely cute together. I was surprised by how emotionally invested this show ended up getting me because I actually found myself crying more than once and I also really liked that the show made me understand why Ji ah couldn't just tell Min kyu that she's not a robot which made the middle angsty section of the show much more compelling to watch. I also thought that this show looked really beautiful there were so many scenes in this show that just looked and felt so dreamy and romantic and the music also helped add to this atmosphere. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.

Top 7 Books That Surprised Me

1. Reading in the Dark: This book isn't the type of book that I usually read but I ended up finding myself very invested in the main character and how he deals with discovering more and more secrets about his family and how learning the truth put a strain on his relationship with his family.
2. Catch 22: Since all I knew about this book before I read it was that it's a war book I assumed that I wouldn't like it but once I started reading it I found that I actually really enjoyed this book because of it's absurdist sense of humor.
3. Slaughter House Five: This is another war book that I thought I would hate but actually ended up enjoying although not for exactly the same reason, this one I more enjoyed that it had a science fiction element and a non-linear timeline.
4. Anna and the French Kiss: I really expected that I would love this book because everyone seemed to love this book and couldn't stop talking about how dreamy St.Clair was so I figured that I would feel the same way, I didn't. While I do think that the book was well written and it certainly isn't the worst book I ever read, I found that I couldn't get invested in the romance because I ended up hating St. Clair for flirting with Anna for months while having a girlfriend and I found that I didn't like Anna much better. I also found it really annoying that Anna was suppose to be a film geek but thought that Paris didn't have movie theaters because anyone who knows anything about films knows that the Cannes film festival takes place in France so anyone with common sense would assume that Paris would at the very least have a movie theater.
5. Lola and the Boy Next Door: Since I wasn't a big fan of Anna and the French Kiss I didn't think that I would like this one much better but to my surprise I found that I really loved this book. I found that Lola was a flawed but likable heroine and that Cricket was a very sweet and swoonworthy love interest and that I really loved the two of them together.
6. Splintered: I thought that I would like this book a lot more than I actually did because I thought the premise for this book sounded great but unfortunately I ended up not really liking any of the main characters so it made it hard to become invested in the story.
7. Miss Mayhem: I really loved Rebel Belle so I assumed that I would love this book just as much but I sadly found that I didn't love it as much although I still did like it this book didn't leave me eager to read the next book because I was worried that book would end up disappointing me as well.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TV Review: Oh My Ghostess

                                                     Oh My Ghostess Review
Oh My Ghostess is about a Soon ae an outspoken ghost who can't move on to the afterlife because she died a virgin and therefore she has to find a way to settle her grudge by possessing someone and having sex with someone else. Soon ae started off the series unable to settle her grudge because she is only capable of having sex with someone who has a lot of negative energy. Meanwhile Na Bong sun is a timid assistant cook who can see ghosts who is having a hard time with most everything in her life because ghosts won't stop bothering her and one day Soon ae ends up possessing Bong sun's body and finds out that she is unable to get out of it. Soon ae of course there's to take advantage of being stuck in Bong sun's body and soon finds out that Bong sun's boss chef Kang Sun woo is a man that has a lot of negative energy so she sets her sights on him to be the one that will help her resolve her grudge.

After awhile Soon ae ends up being separated from Bong sun and she realizes that she has been possessed by a ghost and is frightened about how someone else was in her body and has changed her life quite a bit in the last few weeks which she has no memory of. At first Bong sun understandably wants nothing to do with Soon ae but after Soon ae finds out that Bong sun has had a crush on Sun woo for along time now Bong sun eventually makes a deal with Soon ae that she can possess her and settle her grudge and at the same time get Sun woo to fall for Bong sun. The plan works well enough in getting Sun woo to fall for Bong sun but Sun woo wants to wait to have sex with her to make it more special which while Bong sun finds sweet Soon ae doesn't really have time for.

This series also has a lot to do with Soon ae figuring out who she was when she was alive since she lost all her memories from when she was alive when she died and this leads to her looking out for her dad when she re-meets while possessing Bong sun. Soon ae also eventually ends up solving the mystery of how she died. Another thing I really loved about this series is that the events of the series cause Bung sun to grow more confident both as a person and as a chef as the series goes on and that was really beautiful to see.

Overall I really loved this series it was a unique series that was a lot of fun and I kind of liked that the series felt like it had to two female leads even though I felt like they should have balanced the two characters screen time better especially at the beginning of the series. I really liked the main couple and I was relieved that show was able to convince me that Sun woo was in love with Bung sun not just Soon ae possessing Bong sun and I feel like that was something that was probably a bit difficult to do. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

Top 10 Books I Could Reread Forever

1. Fruits Basket: This series is my favorite series ever and I have already reread the series at least five times and I find that my love for the series only increases with each time I reread it and I can't see that changing ever. This series is a really good one to reread because it becomes clear that the author knew where she wanted to take the characters and series from the beginning so you notice new bits of foreshadowing when you reread the series. The series is one where I just love seeing the characters and relationship develop over time and I find myself just as invested in them on rereads as I was the first time I read it.
2. Reading in the Dark: This is a book I always feel compelled to reread and I think that the reason behind this is the fact that I think so much of the story is about what isn't being said rather than what is said so it takes rereading it to truly appreciate what the book is about.
3. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: I feel like this series would be good to reread because the books are so much fun and I love the characters and world that the series is set in so much that I find myself wanting to revisit this series.
4. Wolves of Mercy Falls series: This series is one that I think would be good to reread because I really enjoy the characters and I really would like to see if I see them a bit differently on my second read of the series. I also feel like Linger and Sinner would be the two best books to reread because I feel like those books are the ones that did the best at digging into who the characters are.
5. It's Kind of a Funny Story: I think this book would be good to reread because I really loved it when I first read it and I've been wanting to reread it sometime in the future.
6. Cardcaptor Sakura: This series is one that I loved rereading because it is one that just makes me happy each time I revisit it because it such a sweet and optimistic series as a whole.
7. Hex Hall series: This series is one that I remember being a really fun read so I would like to reread because I felt like I went through this series fairly fast the first time I read through it because I just had to know what happened next, so I think I reread would help me appreciate the series more.
8. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: This series is a long one and one that had a lot of twist and turns in it's second half so I think that a reread for this series is something that is necessary for this series.
9. All the Bright Places: This is a book that I really loved and I find myself wanting to reread even though I just read it a few months ago.
10. Dare Me: This book was a great read and I really loved the writing style that this book had because you got real sense of personality from it and I think it would be a good one to reread.

TV Review: The 100: The Tinder Box(4.05)

                                          The 100: The Tinder Box(4.05)Review
  • I find it discouraging that it seems like Abby and Jackson get the theory of how nightblood came to be but seem to be unsure of how to make more of it quickly.
  • I'm very worried about Raven who started to hallucinate and then started having a seizure because of it for some reason, this isn't a sign of anything good as far as her health is concerned.
  • I'm glad that the show had Octavia unable to reach the ark's people on her own since I found it really unbelievable that she was able to pull herself out of the river at the end of the last episode but I'm not sure why Illyan would bring her back to her people when he hates her people because of what ALLIE did.
  • I'm glad that Octavia was able to get the message to Clarke about how Roan is marching an army towards them.
  • I'm glad that Clarke stopped Miller's dad's idea of lighting a fire outside of their ship to keep grounders away from them because I too thought that might cause problems for ship that they are still working on preparing for surviving the radiation.
  • I liked that Monty came up with the idea to meet the grounders half way and use the element of surprised against them, I also liked that he mention how it was something he learned from Pike because it shows that the show remembers that Monty did side with Pike for a time and because while Pike did plenty of bad things he did know how to fight and win against the grounders.
  • I liked that after Roan realized that him and his army walked into a trap set by Clarke and her people that he let her convince him that they go off and talk things through together because he understands that he's already played into her hand.
  • I liked that when Monty sees that Riley is still targeting Roan when everyone is suppose to be targeting the army that Monty is the one that ends up talking him down from taking the shot.
  • I liked that when Bellamy realized that someone had to warn Clarke in order for her and their people that means that Octavia must have survived and warned them which is very good news for him.
  • I liked that Raven figured out that the way to make the nightblood work is to make it in a zero gravity environment which can only be achieved in space.
  • While it's good that they have a way to get to space in order to make the nightblood I'm sure if they could safely go to space, make the nightblood and get back before the radiation hits and kills everyone.
  • I was irritated that Riley snuck off to go kill Roan himself when he was off talking to Clarke which would start a war but I like that Monty went after him to try and stop him from doing so.
  • I was sad that Roan didn't listen to Clarke any better than he listened to Kane but I did like that Clarke pointed out it was him and not her that ended up breaking their peace deal with bring his army to attack her people.
  • I like that Clarke offers Roan that their people could share the ship with each other if they can't find a better solution by the time the radiation hits.
  • I like that when Monty surrenders himself to grounders in order to warn them of what Riley is going to do that Bellamy asks him if Octavia is alive and he tells him she is.
  • I liked that when Echo questioned why Monty was would warn them about what Riley is going to do that Bellamy points out that it's obvious that he's trying to prevent a war between their people.
  • I like that Bellamy was let out of some of his chains so that him and Echo could go and find Riley and make sure that he doesn't kill Roan but I dislike that Monty got chained up in his place but I was unsurprised by this turn of events.
  • I liked how Harper is clearly worried that Monty is going to get himself killed by trying to prevent a war.
  • I find it very concerning that what is allowing Raven to use so much of her brain is also something that is causing her to show the early signs of a stroke. I liked that it was explained that it was because part of ALLIE's code is still in her brain.
  • I like that Raven is willing to die in order to make sure that everyone else survives but I'm really hoping it won't come to that.
  • I like that Bellamy points out to Echo that all this sides stuff won't matter once the radiation hits because the radiation will kill them all.
  • I like that Echo tells Bellamy that she's glad that he'll get to say goodbye to his sister and I like that Bellamy tells Echo that if she had really killed Octavia he would've strangled her with the chains he still has on.
  • I like that Roan is willing to take Clarke's deal that allows fifty of his people and fifty of her people to survive but questions if her people will except it which she says that they will because they'll have to.
  • I liked that Bellamy had to talk both Riley and Echo down at the same time and I like that he was able to do so successfully for both of them.
  • I liked that Octavia figured out that Illyan was trying to destroy all the tech which means the whole ship but sadly she wasn't able to talk him down.
  • I liked that Illyan made sure that both Octavia and Niylah survived but that still doesn't make up for the fact that he damned so many people by destroying the ship.
  • I liked that Bellamy rushed over to Octavia as soon as he saw her to make sure that she was okay.
  • I find it worrying that Abby seems to be having similar problems to Raven because she also had ALIE removed with the use of an EMP rather than a kill switch.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

TV Review: Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath(2.04)

                                    Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath(2.04)Review
  • I think that the city of bones jail area is very creepy looking and sounding which I think is quite fitting for a prison.
  • I like that the first thing that Jace asks Clary when she visits him is if Alec is okay and that he only starts to talk about them after he's assured that Alec is alright.
  • I liked how when Clary tells Jace that she's feels like it's her fault that he's in there that he tells her it's not.
  • I liked that when Jace told Clary that she shouldn't ever come see him again because he's Valentine's weapon and Valentine knows that Clary's his weakness which will mean that he'll come to get Jace again and put anyone near him in danger that Clary is tells him that if Valentine comes they should just fight him off together.
  • I like that when Jace tells Clary that they can't have any kind of relationship with each other that she's unwilling to accept that.
  • I liked that Alec thanked Magnus for all he did to keep him alive last episode and told him that even though Jace was the one that pulled him out of his coma what Magnus did, did help him and he was aware of it.
  • I find it a little sad how Alec still trusts the Clave's legal system to be just and believes that since Jace was never on Valentine's side that means that he has nothing to fear from the Clave but since the Clave is corrupted Alec's trust in their judgment is sadly misplaced.
  • I liked that Alec and Magnus were planning to go off on their first date before Alec was told that he was needed for a mission and I liked that they were both so excited about going on a date with each other.
  • I like that Jocelyn wants Clary to move to Idris with her after she gets the order from the Clave she has to move their to prove her loyalty to them and I like that Clary isn't sure if she wants to move their with her mom because on the one hand she doesn't want to loose her mom again right after she got him back but on the other hand she doesn't want to completely leave behind the world she grew up in to move to someplace that she only recently even found out was real.
  • I like that Izzy and Alec pretty much ask Clary to be the three member of their team on the mission since Jace is gone right now.
  • I liked that Luke helped keep the mundanes away the crime scene were someone was killed by a demon.
  • I like that Clary points out to Alec that since she hasn't been training to be a shadowhunter her whole picking up on these things in such a short amount of time  are almost impossible and I like that Alec tells her that just means to try again.
  • I like when Alec mentions Clary going to Idris that she tells him not to get too excited jut yet since she hasn't made up her mind about going just yet.
  • I really didn't like how Aldertree tortured Raphael but I'm not really surprised because it seems like Aldertree only does things that I dislike or hate.
  • I like that Simon is trying to reconnect with his family and that he is making the time to try and have dinner with his mom and sister.
  • I found Jace's nightmare about how Clary comes to visit him again and he stabs her to be really messed up.
  • I find the idea that the silent brothers are able to use some form of mind control to give all the prisoners nightmares to be really creepy.
  • I liked how Jace says that he stands by all of his actions both good and bad and is willing to stand the consequences for these actions.
  • I like that Hodge tells Jace that he was sorry for what he did and I like that he clear sees now why he was in the wrong back than.
  • I liked that when they found a girl that was just possessed by a demon that Alec explained to Clary what just happened and I liked how Clary stepped in and was able to calm down and comforted the girl.
  • I liked that when Luke found out that Jocelyn was being forced to move to Idris that he decided that he would move there with her because he doesn't want to go another day being separated from her and I really liked the kiss they shared.
  • I like that when Izzy was clearly feeling guilty for putting Jace in the City of Bones that Lydia assured her that she did the right thing and ended up saving both her brothers.
  • I liked that Raphael went to Magnus for help after what Aldertree did to him and I liked that Raphael says that he knows it's a lot to ask of Magnus for his help finding and turning Camille into the Clave.
  • I liked that Raphael was able to figure out that the box Simon found in Camille's  place in India contains her grave dirt which can be used to summon her and that they can open the box with Simon's blood since Camille sired him.
  • I find the idea of demon that possesses people and feeds off people's negative emotions being loose in the Institute to be frightening. I liked that it was explained that the demon was only able to get past the wards because of Valentine's experiments on it.
  • I like how Izzy tells Clary that she's lucky to have a mom that thinks she's great and wants to spend time with you because it's so clear that Izzy wishes that she had a mom like that.
  • I liked that when Clary asked Izzy if she thought that she should go to Idris with her mom and I like that Izzy tells her that she doesn't think that she should go because no one there is going to teach her to fight in heels.
  • I was worried for Lydia when Raj was possessed by a demon and attacked her but I was glad that she was able to fend him off until Alec came be and shot him with an arrow which made the demon leave his body.
  • I liked that when Simon was trying to assure Magnus that Camille is a bad guy and deserves to pay for her crimes that Magnus admits that he can't defend anything she has done recently only states that she hasn't always been that way.
  • I was sad to learn that Magnus almost killed himself in the past but Camille being the one that talked him down from it does explain why it's still so hard for him to turn her in even when he knows that she puts a lot of people in danger just by being free.
  • I liked that Jocelyn went to Clary's room to make sure there wasn't a demon there because she wanted to make sure she was safe.
  • I liked that Clary tells her mom that she doesn't want to move Idris even though she'll miss her mom once she leaves.
  • I really hate how Aldertree keeps asking Jace about his relationship with Clary even though that has nothing to do with the crimes that he is being charged with.
  • I really don't understand how Aldertree knows so much about Jace's relationship with Valentine from childhood because there is no reason that he should have that information and it really has nothing to do with trial so I'm confused about why he'd even bring up the details that he shouldn't even have up.
  • I think it's pretty awful that Jace was suppose to be sentenced to life in prison just because he's unwilling to blindly follow the Clave even when there in the wrong.
  • I felt bad for Clary when she found her mother's dead body and I felt for Alec when he realized that he was the one that did when a demon possessed him.
  • I like that Alec tries to apologize to Clary after they see the video of what the demon did in his body but I also like that the only thing Clary can focus on is finding that demon and killing it for what it did.
  • I really hate how Camille tries to trick Magnus into letting her go by using his fear of loosing the ones he loves against him but I like that it doesn't work since her actions have put Raphael who he sees as family in danger so he sends her to the Clave.
  • I liked that when Valentine claimed that he attacked the City of Bones to rescue him that Jace pointed out that Valentine didn't come for him but for the soul sword.
  • I like that even when Jace is looking at spending his entire life in prison that he refuses to go with Valentine even then.
  • I was glad to see that Dot was still alive but sad that she was still being forced to work for Valentine.
  • I liked that when confronted by Izzy who was possessed that Alec was completely incapable of attacking her and instead only tried to restrain her and then tried to reason with her even though I'm pretty sure that you can't get through to someone who's possessed with an emotional appeal in this universe, I just really love that Alec just can't bare the thought of hurting Izzy.
  • I find it a bit odd that Izzy when possessed called Alec the favorite because he never came across that way but I'm guessing she would be talking about their mom and not their dad because their dad obviously favors Izzy but I guess Alec has a little better relationship with their mom than she does.
  • I like that Clary was able to get the demon out of Izzy and kill the demon but I was sad by how Clary started to breakdown after that because it's hitting her now that her mom is dead.
  • I like that when Simon comes in he goes over to Clary and comforts her even though he doesn't know what's wrong.
  • I like that when Jace comes in he goes over to Alec and Izzy to make sure that they are okay.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

                                                       The Beauty Inside Review
The Beauty Inside is about Woo jin(various actors) a man who has woken up with a different body everyday since he turned eighteen and he has been living a fairly isolated life with only his mother and his childhood friend Sang baek(Lee Dong hwi)knowing about his condition and making a living making furniture. One day Woo jin encounters a woman named Yoo si(Han Hyo joo)who he develops a crush on and after a few weeks when he wakes up in an attractive body he decides to ask her out and she agrees to it and things go well, Woo jin then stays awake for the next two days so that he can stay in the same body but of course he falls asleep and wakes up with a different body.

Woo jin decides to tell Yoo si about his condition because he realizes that's the only way a relationship between the two of them can possibly work and at first she doesn't believe him, Yoo si eventually comes around to the idea that he is telling her the truth. The rest of the film deals with how difficult it can be to be in a relationship with someone who looks like a completely different person each day since Yoo si isn't able to recognize Woo jin as Woo jin each day until he lets her know that it's him and it also makes people assume that she's dating a bunch of different people since the way people describe her boyfriend is always different.

Overall I liked the film it had an interesting concept and I thought that it tried to look at a relationship like this one as honestly as it could. I thought that it was kind of fun to see how many of the actors playing Woo jin that I recognized from watching Kdramas. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section.