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Book Review: Vampire Academy

                                                      Vampire Academy Review
Vampire Academy is about how Rose Hathaway, a dhampir(a half human, half vampire- protects moroi) and Lissa Dragomir(a royal moroi vampire) have returned to St.Vladimir's Academy after they have ran away a year ago since Rose believed that staying at the academy was no longer safe for Lissa since she has developed healing powers. This book is mostly about Rose and Lissa dealing with being back at the academy after their long absence which is something that has made them the subject of much gossip since leaving the academy and living among humans is something that is simply never done. Rose decides that it would be best for her and Lissa to keep a low profile which Lissa is fine with at first since she doesn't like being a center of attention but is a bit harder for Rose who loves attention, a good party and has trouble keeping out of fights due to her short temper.

A low profile is something that is made nearly impossible for Lissa to maintain after she keeps finding the bodies of dead animals left in her bed back at school which is something that terrifies Lissa and worries Rose because she believes this means someone knows about Lissa's healing abilities. After a rumor is started about Rose letting guys suck her blood Lissa decides that she has to protect her by getting in with the popular group which she does by using compulsion that works on dhampirs and morois alike but also takes a toil on Lissa's mental health which worries Rose a lot but she is unable to stop her from using it.

There are romantic subplots for both Rose and Lissa in this book with Rose falling for an older guardian who works as her instructor named Dimitri who makes it clear that nothing can ever happen between them since he's so much older than her and because guarding their moroi's will always have to come first which means there's no room for romance in their lives. Lissa ends up bonding with Christian Ozera who is an outcast at the academy since his entire family decided to turn into strigoi(bad vampires who are stronger than morois and dhampirs) and then were killed when he was very young. Since both Lissa and Christian are last surviving members of their families and now that Lissa doesn't feel like she fits in with anyone else(expect for Rose) at the academy the two of them connect and develop romantic feelings for each other very quickly.

Overall I really liked this book it had good characters, an interesting and while the book felt a bit light on actually plot I felt like this worked well with introducing us to the world and the characters. I really loved the friendship that Rose and Lissa share with each other and I also really enjoyed the romance between Lissa and Christian as well. Also an unpopular opinion I have is that I think that movie actually did do a pretty good job at adapting this book. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Favorite Songs From Every Show Nominated for Best Musical Tony Award: Top 5 Songs From Kiss Me, Kate

I have Wanted to listen to the cast recordings to all the Best Musical winners for along time now so I thought making a series of post listing my favorite songs from each show was a good way to go about doing this and I've decided to expand it to every nominated for Best Musical because a lot of the more recent show I love have been nominated but haven't won the award. While for this show I'm only doing my top five songs for other shows later on I will have a longer list both because the number of songs are larger for some shows and I tend to love the more recent musicals a lot more.

Kiss Me, Kate is a musical that I have never seen before but I did read the plot summary before listening to the original cast recording, so I have a somewhat limited knowledge on the plot and characters so I'm mostly judging this show on just the cast recording. This show won the Tony for Best Musical in 1949 and since no other musical was nominated that year I have assume that it winning was well deserved. Overall I found the recording enjoyable enough and I found a number of the songs to be quite catchy but it's still not a show that I'm dying to go out and see.

1. We Open in Venice: This song is what I believe is the opening of the show within the show which a musical version of Taming of the Shrew and this song is one that I enjoyed listening to right away and I found that the longer the song went on the more I enjoyed it. This song is super catchy and while it can be quite repetitive this was a trait that I found worked for this song because the repetitive lyrics just made me want to sing along with the song and I also liked that there were a few jokes mixed in with the song as well.
2. Another Op'nin, Another Show: This song was a really fun and catchy number to open up the show with and it gets you excited about seeing the show even though it really doesn't tell much of anything about the show that you're going to watching.
3. Too Darn Hot: This one of the three songs that I have heard of from this show before listening to the show and I can see why I have heard of it. This song is one that has a really good beat to it and it's one of the songs that feel like is suppose to be a dance number because listening to it makes me want to dance which I think is a good thing. This song is also one of the few songs in the show that I feel like the song is building up some kind of intensity as it goes on which is also a good thing to have happen while listening to songs from a musical.
4. Tom, Dick or Harry: This is another one of the few songs from the show that I have heard of before I listened to the show and I can understand why since it's one of the best of the show and super catchy. I found that the part with the girl playing Bianca in the play singing was a lot better than the parts where the male suitors were singing while they're parts weren't bad they weren't as good as hers and if it weren't for them this song would've been higher up on my list.
5. I Hate Men: While I overall really did enjoy this song and that the actress was a good singer I have to admit that one of the reasons this song made it on the list has to do with my hatred for the male characters in Taming of the Shrew and since this sang by Katherine in the show within the show it speaks to my hatred for those characters a bit. I also really enjoy the slyly calling men dogs by comparing them to Lassie.

Book Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend

                                                 The Fill-In Boyfriend Review
The Fill-In Boyfriend is about a popular high school senior named Gia Montgomery who is dumped by her college boyfriend who her friends haven't met yet in the parking lot before prom. Gia feels like she can't bare to face her friends without a date since Jules the newest girl in her group of friends has been implying that Gia has been lying about her boyfriend since she first mentioned him and now Gia believes that her other friends will believe that she's a liar too so when Gia sees a boy sitting his car after dropping his sister off at prom she begs him to pretend to be her boyfriend. The boy reluctantly agrees and it turns out that he's pretty good at acting so they're able to trick her friends into thinking he's her boyfriend.

After awhile Gia ends up repaying the fake dating favor for the boy whose name is Hayden by pretending she's his girlfriend at his ex's graduation party after Hayden's sister pretty much forced them into going together because she didn't want Hayden to get back with his ex who cheated on him with his best friend. While pretending to be each other's boyfriend and girlfriend Gia and Hayden end up connecting with each other and developing a real friendship with each other and it is also quite obvious from early on that the two of them are attracted to each other so it's really no surprise when their fake relationships start to develop into a real one.

I overall really enjoyed this book it was a fun read and I really loved the romance between the main characters and I liked how they felt like they could be more honest with each other than they could be with their friends from the start. I really enjoyed that Gia's plot about not being able to be honest with her friends didn't end in the way I thought it would because it wasn't just that Gia screwed up her friendship by lying to them but also that Gia's lifelong friends were eager to force her to be friends with Jules who clearly hated Gia and played her friends against her so I'm glad that Gia's friends weren't made out be faultless in the end. Another small plot thread I liked was Gia becoming friends with Hayden's sister even though she's not the kind of person Gia usually hangs out with. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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Movie Review: To All the Boys I've Before

                                        To All the Boys I've Loved Before Review
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is about a high school junior named Lara Jean(Lana Condor) who's older sister recently left for college which leaves her feeling a bit lost because of how close the two of them were. Shortly after the school year begins Lara Jean discovers that her love letters that she writes for all of her crushes but never intended to be sent have been sent after Peter(Noah Centineo) a popular boy was her first kiss during a game of spin the bottle in seventh grade tries to letter her down easy after receiving her letter. Lara Jean is very freaked out by the news that her love letters have all been sent out and when she sees Josh(Israel Broussard)her sister's ex-boyfriend who she still has feelings for walking over with another one of her letters she kisses Peter to convince Josh that she isn't into anymore and then runs away from both of them which leaves both boys confused and Peter seems to have already fallen for her a bit after that kiss.

Lara Jean plans to just avoid all the boys that got her letters but she ends up being confronted by Peter about the letter again and after she explains that she kissed him so Josh won't know she still has feelings for him and this leads Peter to suggesting that the two of them fake date each other he claims that he wants to make his ex girlfriend Gen jealous and that it would help Lara Jean with her situation with Josh. Lara Jean agrees to fake date Peter and then the two of them come up with a contract where Lara Jean says that their will be no more kissing which disappoints Peter, they agree to watch Sixteen Candles and Fight Club together, Peter suggests that he writes Lara Jean love notes every day and says she has to go with him on the school ski trip which is three months in the future. Over the course of the story Lara Jean and Peter become closer and the two of them begin to share things with each other that they haven't with other people and began to fall for each other for real which makes things complicated in the best way possible.

Overall I loved this movie even more than I liked the book which was very good to began with, I found it nice that the movie didn't real make the story a love triangle between Lara Jean, Josh and Peter but rather just a love story between Lara Jean and Peter and an awkward friendship situation between Lara Jean and Josh. I liked that Peter much more clearly and quickly fell for Lara Jean in the movie than he did in the book and I liked how in the movie it seemed like Lara Jean's fear of falling in love was rooted in fearing loosing someone if they aren't just a fantasy. I thought that the movie had good acting and that the leads had good chemistry with each other as well and the movie was very pretty to look at as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this movie in the comment section below and maybe mention how you thought it compared to the book.

Book Review: To All the Boys I've Loved Before

                                             To All the Boys I've Loved Before Review
To All the Boys I've Loved is about a high school junior named Lara Jean who's older sister, Margot  is moving away to go to college in Scotland and since the two of them are incredibly close Lara Jean feels lost without her because of much she relied on her both at home and at school. While already having a rocky start to the school year Lara Jean's life becomes more complicated when she realizes that the love letters she wrote to her crushes in order to put an end to her feelings for them have been sent out which puts her in a very awkward situation especially with Josh her sister's recent ex-boyfriend and neighbor of Lara Jean who she still has feelings for. Lara Jean ends up telling Josh that she's dating Peter, a popular jock that also received one of her letters, in order to convince Josh that she doesn't have feelings for him anymore. Peter ends up going along with Lara Jean's fake dating idea and suggesting to take it further because he wants to make it clear to his ex girlfriend Gen that the two of them are done for good this time and he thinks him and Lara Jean dating will prove this.

Lara Jean and Peter set up some ground rules for their fake dating arrangement and then the two of them began to fake date and start to get to know each other better. Through fake dating Lara Jean finds herself opening up to new experiences and begins to experience a different side of high school and finds that she quite likes it. As time goes on Lara Jean begins to fall out of love with Josh and in love with Peter but she's not sure that Peter feels the same way especially when it's clear that Peter can't stop caring about Gen even though he knows that relationship is bad for him.

Overall I thought this was a good book it had an interesting plot with good characters and relationships that made the book a great read all the way through. This book had a great bond between sisters in it and was an interesting take on the whole fake dating trope which is something that I always love to see. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

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TV Reviw: Can We Get Married?

                                                Can We Get Married? Review
Can We Get Married is about Hye yoon and Jung hoon a young couple who have just gotten engaged and now have to deal with getting their approval for the marriage. At first Hye yoon's mother is very against the marriage because she wants Hye yoon to marry someone who is far more rich and successful because she doesn't want her daughter to be wanting for anything after she had to grow up without a father. Jung hoon's parents are supportive at first but after awhile Jung hoon's mom feels insulted by Hye yoon and her mother because Hye yoon and her family simply can't afford to spend as much on the wedding as she thinks they should be spending on the wedding which she takes to mean that they think lowly of her. Hye yoon and Jung hoon's mother's fighting end up bring up their own insecurities about themselves and their relationship with each other which leads to the two of them fighting and doubting whether or not they can actually handle getting married to each other.

There are a bunch of other subplots in the series about various other couples in the series who are connected to Hye yoon and Jung hoon in some way. The pairing that takes up the most screen time is Hye yoon's sister Hye jin and her husband Do hyun who are getting a divorce since he has been cheating on her for quite sometime. The whole plot with Hye jin is honestly kind of depressing to watch because Do hyun just treats her so badly and he is threatening to take away their son and her means to support herself simply because he can and I don't understand why the show spent so much time on this storyline. My favorite pairing in this series was Hye yoon's and Jung hoon's friends Dong bi and Ki joon who have been dating for five years but Ki joon refuses to marry Dong bi because he believes getting married would destroy their relationship but as the series goes on they end up finding a new understanding of each other and eventually changing views on marriage. The last couple is Hye yoon's aunt Deul rae and Min ho who are both older but end up falling in love with each other and the two of them are very cute together through out the series.

Overall this series was pretty good but there were also quite a few characters and storylines in this series that I found annoying or frustrating which keeps me from really recommending that anyone watch it but it really wasn't a bad series as a whole either. Please tell me your thoughts about this series in the comment section below.

Top 5 Hidden Gem Books

1. Highly Illogical Behavior: This book is one that is about a high school boy who hasn't left is house in years because of his social anxiety this book as a really interesting story and interesting characters and the writing style that this book had made this book a really fast read. I read this book last year and became a fan of it right a way but I haven't really seen many other people talking about this book.
2. Reading in the Dark: This is a book that I read quite a few years ago that has always left a big impression on me, it's a historical novel about a family that has a bunch of dark secrets and how the son discovers them and this leads to an emotional distance developing between himself and his family that he can never fill gap without destroying his family in the process. I don't recall ever seeing anyone else talking about this book so I think that makes this book very underrated.
3. Linger: While Shiver the first book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series was fairly popular when it first came out it always seemed like the sequel books in the series were something that people never cared much about and well Linger the second book in the series has become one of my favorite books of all time. I love Linger for being an interesting take on what happens after happily ever after with the way it deals with how Sam feels now that he's no longer has to become a wolf but still has to deal with the trauma he endure because of him being a wolf before. I loved being the ever self destructive Cole St. Clair and I loved the relationship that he develop with Isabel and I like Isabel getting more development after the first book as well. While this book isn't one I consider a hidden gem because no one read but because no one really gave this book a chance to be anything but yet another paranormal romance that came out during a time when it seemed like almost every YA book that was coming was one.
4. Sinner: This book is the fourth book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and since it came out much later than the first three books of a series I feel like a lot of fans didn't read this book because they were done with this series by the point this book came out but this book is surely worth revisiting the series for. This book is one that is about Cole and Isabel living their lives in LA and since their stories were pretty unfinished at the end of the original trilogy this book is a welcome addition to the series.
5. The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy: This series is my personal favorite retelling of Alice in Wonderland and it's also one of the retellings that I hear the least about which is a shame because I really liked how they played around with the story and gave the series a much better leading romance and villain than any other retelling ever has.