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TV Review: Because This is My First Life

                                            Because This is My First Life Review
Because This is My First Life is about Yoon Ji ho a thirty year old who is still working as an assistant drama writer who finds herself forced out of the apartment that she shares with her brother that has paid the down payment for when she discovers that he has gotten married to girl who he got pregnant during the time Ji ho was off working on the last drama she was helping to write. Around the same time Nam See hee a man who likes his life to be as uneventfully as possible and seems to care about maintaining a sense of order and his cat above all else, has had to kick out his most recent tenant because said tenant not only didn't take care of the recycling and feeding his cat when he worked late like was agreed upon when the tenant moved in but he also caused some property damaged after coming home drunk. It ends up that Ji hoo needs to find a new place to live but discovers that pretty much anywhere that she can afford to live is not really somewhere one should live so she ends up moving in Se hee's apartment without her knowing that she moved in with a guy and Se hee is also unaware that his new roommate is a girl but despite going about a week living together without meeting each other he thinks Ji hoo is the best tenant he has ever had and she quite fond of him as well as landlord both because of the affordable price for the room and because of how nice the apartment is.

After Ji hoo and Se hee realize that they are living with each other they at first find it awkward but after awhile they decide that since it's unlikely they would have romantic feelings for each other it's okay that they live together and that goes well for awhile until Se hee's mother discovers that her son's roommate is a woman and while ee hee is fine with just ignoring his mother's feelings on the subject Ji hoo isn't so she moves out. Later on something happens in the place that Ji hoo is staying that makes her feel unsafe there and so she ends up back at Se hee's apartment again and shortly after that the two decide to set up a contract marriage and well as time goes on the line between being fake married and just being married starts to blur.

The subplots in the series have to do with how one of Ji hoo's closest friend Yang Ho rang wants nothing more than to get married to Sim Won seok ,her boyfriend of seven years while he wasn't even thinking about marriage even though he does love her and wants to be with her forever. The two of them have very different expectations for their relationship and they spend the series figuring out whether or not their love for each other means more to them than having the futures that they picture themselves having even if they aren't with each other. The other main subplot is about the unusual relationship between independent business woman Woo Su ji  and dorky Ma Sang goo who at first seem to be mostly about they hooked up one time in the past and Su ji doesn't remember it while Sang goo does and therefore he wants to hook up with her again to leave a more lasting impression but after Su ji tells Sang goo that she has never dated anyone despite having hooked up with many men he starts to look at her differently and this leads to him wanting be therefore as someone who supports and cares for her in a way that no one has before. I ended up likely the relationship between Su ji and Sang goo much more than I thought I would mainly because of the shift that happened in the relationship early on that changed what the relationship was about and turned it into something unexpectedly sweet.
Overall I really love this series it had a cast of great characters that I couldn't help but invest myself in and I really loved all the relationships in this series and not just the romantic ones(although those were great) but also the platonic ones, my favorite of those was the friendship between Ji hoo, Ho rang and Su ji. This series had a lot of good things to say both about relationships and finding your place in the world and at the same time it was a lot of fun to watch as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

Book Review: I Believe in a Thing Called Love

                                          I Believe in a Thing Called Love Review
I Believe in a Thing Called Love is about an overachieving high school senior named Desi Lee who seems to have everything in her life all planed out and going smoothly expect for her love life. Desi has never had a boyfriend because she gets nervous and makes a fool out of herself in front of any boy she likes. After developing a big crush on a new student named Lucas and finally watching some Korean dramas with her dad Desi comes up with the idea of using Kdrama tropes as a way to win Lucas over because she realizes that quite a few Kdramas start off with the heroine embarrassing herself in front of her love interest and still getting her happy ending, so Desi things that she can study the common tropes that appear in Kdramas and making a list of them and finding a way to make them happen so that she can get her happy ending with Lucas.

The character of Desi was one that I really enjoyed because of how she was both very headstrong and smart yet also insecure and nervous about the things in which she can't control in her life. Desi was a character that was likable yet frustrating with how it was obvious to the readers that Lucas like Desi without her having to force them into situations that are similar to ones that occur in dramas yet she didn't give up on her plan because she couldn't just trust that being herself was enough to get Lucas to like her. I liked that we saw quite a bit of the friendships that Desi had as well and I especially liked that we got see quite a bit of time spent on showing the relationship between Desi and her dad as well.

Overall I liked this book quite a bit it had an interesting main character and I really liked the premise since I'm a fan of Kdramas although I'm not sure I exactly agree with the list of tropes that Desi came up with based off of them. I thought that there were a few times that the editor really let the writer down in this book because there were a couple of times were I noticed that a word was missing were one needed to be or added were it shouldn't have been. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

TV Review: White Christmas

                                                     White Christmas Review
White Christmas is set at a boarding school in the middle of the mountains and this school is a private school that only takes the top 1% percent of students in the country this school is one that is extremely strict when it comes to academics to the point that students aren't allowed to focus on any interests outside of academics and this school only has eight days off a year that happen from Christmas Eve to New Years day. Since most of the students think of the school as a prison most years students don't stay behind during the one break of their school year but this year seven students stayed behind because they received a threatening letter telling them that in eight days they'll see a dead body under the clock tower. The seven students are Park Moo Yul a student that is known for being well behaved, Choi Chi Hoon the smartest student in the school, Yoon Su who is from a wealthy family and comes across as spacey and it's implied that he has some kind of mental illness, Jo Young Jae who is the bully of the school and also a total coward, Yang Kang Moo who is films everything that goes on around him and is deaf without his hearing aid, Yoon Eun Sung the prettiest girl in the school who used to be warm and friendly before become cold and aloof, and Lee Jae Kyu a transfer student that no one really knows anything about since none of them have cared to learn anything about him. At the school there is also a teacher that was assigned to stay behind with the students during break, Kim Yo Han a psychologist who is staying at their school after he got into a car accident near by their school and Kang Mi Reu a rebellious student who is secretly staying behind at the school for his own reasons.

The first half of the series deals with the students trying to figure out what the letters they all received means and who sent the letters. It is also made clear in the first half of the series that none of these characters really trust each other and that seems to be what is actually causing most of their problems at the moment. In the second half of the series once the killer is revealed it is flat out stated that as long as everyone can trust each other they can all survive until the end of break but since it's already been established that these characters don't trust each other you just know that something terrible will happen because of that which is what makes this series such a suspenseful watch.

This series is one that does a great job at creating an atmosphere with it's direction and it really knows how to use it's sets and location to convey the mood the story wants you to feel. The series also has a very unique soundtrack that strangely uses a lot of English songs that oddly really end up fitting well with the tone that series as already set up. One of the best parts of this series is how the characters layers are peeled back through out the series which gives us a better understanding of why the characters act the way that they do through out. The main question that the series ask of whether monster are born or created is an interesting one and the fact that they don't explicitly give you an answer is a good thing as well.

Overall I really loved this series it was well written, directed and acted. The series had a great atmosphere and interesting things to say with the story it was telling. This series kept me invested from start to finish. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

Book Review: School Spirits

                                                      School Spirits Review
School Spirits is set in the same universe as the Hex Hall series but in this book instead of following supernatural characters we follow Izzy Brannick who is one of the last members of a family of female supernatural creature hunters. Izzy's mother doesn't really trust her to handle hunting down monster on her own because she is the youngest in her family and her older sister has recently went missing while out on a job. Izzy is given the chance to prove herself when she is given her own mission to investigate a ghost that is haunting a high school and this leads to Izzy having to attend high school the first time as she investigates what's going on at the school.

When Izzy goes to the high school she ends up joining the school's ghost hunting club because she figures if anyone is going to have any theories about the recent hauntings it would be the group that spends their time trying to find ghosts. As time goes on Izzy starts to become friends with the other members of the club, Romy, Dex and Anderson which makes it a bit harder for her focus on her mission because she actually starts to enjoy herself and finds herself reluctant to leave the life that she just started to build for herself. Izzy also finds herself falling for Dex but she also suspects that he might be supernatural because she senses some sort of magic on him but since he seems to be unaware of whatever it is Izzy is confused about whether or not he really is supernatural or not.

Overall I found this book to be really fun, I liked the characters, the story and the world that they all exist in and I really wish there could be more books written by these characters although I no that there can't be. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

TV Review: Who Are You: School 2015

                                               Who Are You: School 2015 Review
This series centers around the stories of identical twins Lee Eun bi an orphan girl who is dealing with being severely bullied by her classmates and Go Eun byul a popular girl who is often rude and harsh to the people around her who is being raised by her loving adopted mother. By the end of the first episode Eun bi is forced to leave school and was filmed topless by her classmates after they ripped open her top which leads to her deciding to take her own life and Eun byul who is in the same because of a class trip ends up missing after receiving some threatening texts. Eun bi who can't remember who she is ends up going home with Eun byul's mother since everyone including her believes that she is Eun byul.

Once Eun bi starts living Eun Byul's she is able to experience many good things such as having a loving mother who she can go to with her problems, best friends in the form of Cha Song joo and Lee Shi jin and she even gets the affections of Han Yi an who is has been in love with Eun byul since they were in elementary school he is a star athlete when is comes to swimming and all around nice guy. Then as times goes on Eun bi starts to find out that Eun byul's life wasn't as perfect as it seemed on the surface with finding out that she might not have been a nice person and she starts receiving the threatening texts that she doesn't understand but makes her want to regain her memories to find out what kind of person she was only to learn that she isn't actually Eun byul at all.

Soon after regaining her memories Eun bi has to deal with the ring leader of the girls who bullies her Kang So young transferring into her class and threatening to destroy her life once more because she believes from the start that Eun bi isn't Eun byul with basically no evidence because it would cast her as the victim which So young thinks she is despite being a mercilessly cruel bully. From very early on Eun bi has Gong Tae kwang, the class troublemaker and is said to have some sort of mental illness so he is often dismissed by others, is looking out for her when it comes to So young and he is one of the only people that knows that she isn't Eun byul and actually likes her for her rather than because they think she's someone else.

The series primarily focus on two things the threat that So young is making to Eun bi's new life with how she could destroy it by revealing who she really is if she ever got any proof that she wasn't who she says she is and the sort of love triangle between Eun bi, Yi ah and Tae kwang which is actually a fairly entertaining love triangle although I have a lot of problems with how things were resolved in the end. There is also a lot of subplots in this series as well both that center around the main characters and ones that center around other students and one of the teachers as well which I think were actually pretty engaged and during those times is when the series reminded me the most of School 2013 which this series is part of the same franchise of but definitely as a different feel to it.

Overall I really loved this series and I found myself engaged through out most of the series and I found myself at least interest in almost in all the characters. I love the characters of Eun bi and Eun byul both although for different reasons but that's part of what made them engaging and I loved Tae Kwang so much he was such a great character and I hope to write more him in a future post one day. I also thought that So young made a good high school villain and I thought that the actress playing her did an especially good job. This series is great and I'd recommend to anyone who likes teen dramas like I do. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.

Book Review: Finishing School: Etiquette and Espionage

                                              Etiquette and Espionage Review
Etiquette and Espionage is about a fourteen year old girl named Sophronia Temminnick who is living in a steam punk version of the Victorian era and since she doesn't behave in ways that are proper for a young lady in that time period her mother is making plans to send her off to finishing school. Sophronia is against the idea of going to any kind of finishing school since finds lessons in proper etiquette to be dreadfully boring but she soon learns that her new finishing school is unlike any other finishing school since this school is also teaching the fine arts of spying, intelligence gathering, self defense and inventing these lessons are ones that Sophronia finds herself interested in and the ones that she tends to do a better job in since she already had a knack for ease dropping, climbing and messing with her family's mechanicals.

As well as learning the art of espionage at school Sophronia finds a reason to put her newly learned skills to the test when she realizes that her older classmate Monique as stolen an important prototype for the school and plans to sell off the prototype so that she can profit from it. Sophronia along with a few of her new friends spend their free time trying to figure out what the prototype is and where Monique could have hid it and this leads to her doing many things that could get her expelled if she is caught doing them partially because those things are against the rules but also because it would be a sign of being a bad spy if she is caught sneaking around the school.

Overall I really liked this book it was one that had a clear defined world that was different than any other world I read about in the past and I enjoyed that there isn't a lot of time being spent on giving background on how this world works rather this world is just shown to us through Sophronia's eyes and we accept the steam punk and mild fantasy elements this world has. I thought that the premise of this story was interesting and I thought that the characters were pretty good as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this book in the comment section below.

TV Review: The Gifted: EXit Strategy(1.04)

                                            The Gifted: EXit Strategy(1.04)Review
  • I like that the episode started with a flashback of when John along with a few other mutants were trying to break out fellow mutants from a Mutant Relocation Center because it shows how heavily guarded those places are and how dangerous trying to break someone out of there can be.
  • I'm not surprised at all that Lorna doesn't want to work with Reed at all because she obviously doesn't trust him because the last time they met he used information about her pregnancy as a way to manipulate her.
  • I like that when most of the mutants were against the idea of breaking into a prison to save Lorna and Reed that Marcos pointed out that Lorna at one point has saved everyone in this room so they owe her and I like that Marcos just makes it so clear that all he cares about is making sure that Lorna is safe.
  • I liked that Caitlin came up with the plan to try and get to Lorna and Reed while they were being moved because getting them out of prison would be too dangerous.
  • I'm worried about Marcos going back to the cartel for help on getting information on when and how Lorna and Reed are being moved because that kind of information isn't the kind that comes for free and will no doubt lead him to having to do things that he doesn't want to have to do anymore.
  • I like that John wants Sonya to tell Clarice the truth about how she put a false memory in her head and how he doesn't like that she did that because it wasn't right how she invade her mind.
  • I became even more worried for Marcos once it was made clear that his ex girlfriend is the one who is now in charge of the cartel and is surely interested in making Marcos pay as much as possible for the information that he needs.
  • I like that when Lauren heard that they need to find safely stop a prison truck that she came up with the idea that her and Andy could use their powers together to stop a prison truck.
  • I like that Reed as come to the realization that he has been wrong about the way he has seen mutants and how he has treated them in the past but I also understand why Lorna still hates him for everything that he has done in the past.
  • I like that Caitlin doesn't want her kids to be part of a plan to attack a prison truck because of how dangerous it could be for them but I like that Lauren and Andy are able to convince her that they need to take this risk.
  • I hated that Marcos had to use his power to torture a guy in order to get the information that he needed but I'm not surprised that, that was the price for the information.
  • I liked that when Clarice asked John if he ever thought about quitting the mutant underground that he tells her he does all the time but he keeps doing what they are doing because saving mutants is too important not to do.
  • I like that Clarice asks John if the memory she's been dreaming about all episode is real and that he tells her that it isn't, I also like that it's clear that he wants to tell her that Sonya put that memory in her head but considering the timing of the conversation I think it was probably for the best that he didn't tell her then.
  • I liked how Lauren realized just how much their lives have changed in the last couple of days when she realized it was Sunday and that she was suppose to make corn muffins for this thing for school.
  • I wasn't really surprised when Marcos told Sonya and Trader that he wasn't going to leave without Lorna even if things go really wrong.
  • I liked that when Andy's powers wasn't working when they needed them to that Lauren made him angry because she knows that his powers work better when he's angry.
  • I was a little surprised to see Pulse a mutant that we saw at the beginning of the episode who John says was his best friend working for sentinel services(although I assume he's being mind controlled in some way by them) and that his ability can make it so all other mutants are unable to use their powers.
  • I wasn't all that surprised that when Marcos found out that their powers weren't working that he pulled out a gun and was willing to use that to try and get him a chance at getting to Lorna.
  • I liked that Caitlin used a shot of something to knock out one of sentinel services guys so that she could get Lauren and Andy to their car and I like that she made them leave while she stayed behind to do her part in making sure they get Reed back.
  • I felt bad for John that he had to knock out Pulse so that the rest of them could have a fighting chance against sentinel services.
  • I liked how when Reed offered to let Lorna use the metal screws in his leg that she was hesitant to do so but I'm glad that she did use them in the end.
  • I like that in the end Lorna was the one that got her and Reed out of there but I liked seeing the reunions between Lorna and Marcos and between Caitlin and Reed at the end of the episode.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.