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TV Review: The 100: The Four Horsemen(4.03)

                                         The 100: The Four Horsemen(4.03)Review
  • I find it worrying that the hunting trips are bring back less and less meat because that could be because the radiation is starting to get to the animals in some way and as Raven points out that at the rate their getting their food and with no way to make their own there won't be enough food for everyone to eat one meal a day.
  • I like that when Bellamy causally says that he won't be starving because he won't be inside that Clarke says right away that he will be inside despite the fact that she hasn't made the list of the hundred people that will survive yet because she just won't let herself think of a situation where Bellamy isn't one of the people that is surviving.
  • I like that when some grounders come to the Ark's people for help when they are suffering from an illness that Luna begs them not to turn them away since she didn't help them when they came to her for help.
  • I find it very worrying that the grounders are suffering from an illness brought on by radiation since it means that they don't have much time to find solutions on how to survive.
  • I liked that Roan went to Octavia when the flame was stolen and I liked that she told him that if he can't trust Indra than he can't trust her, I like that Indra points out why they can't search everyone and I like that Octavia pointed out that finding the flame is a better solution than starting a war.
  • I like that Roan can tell that Indra is worried about the person that Octavia has become and the fact that she helped to make her that way.
  • I'm sad that Emori is feeling jealous of the relationship Murphy had with Ontari even though he says multiple times that he didn't have a choice about it and I understand why she finds that hard to believe but he is telling her the truth.
  • I'm sad that Murphy is leaving Emori to steal food from the ark's people because he's a better thief than hunter but I'm glad he's going back there because it means he'll learn about the radiation coming.
  • I liked that when Luna asked Bellamy if he thought she deserved this that he tells her no one deserves to suffer and that this would have happened regardless of the choices she made.
  • I find it very worrisome that it seems like the radiation will end up hitting in two months rather than six months and that it will be very hard to be sure that the ark is going to be ready in that amount of time.
  • I kind of like and find it a bit cruel how Raven points out to Clarke that she is in charge of repairing the ship and making it ready for the fallout while Clarke is the one that decides who lives and who dies.
  • I like that it turns out that Jaha has found out about a fall out shelter that was owned by a doomsday cult that can sustain the lives of a thousand people. I like that Clarke and Bellamy are ready to go see if it's survivable while Raven doesn't want to risk loosing even one day of work being done on the Ark.
  • I like how Raven is thinking of what will become of them all in two months rather than thinking of how they can save people today and I like that Abby sees that as her being the one sentencing those people to die while Raven sees that as preserving their lives.
  • I liked that after Murphy hears about how the world is ending and how Abby wants to save the sick people that he steals the radiation medicine for Abby and tells her and Jackson to go be doctors.
  • I like that Abby decides to give the medicine to the child first and then wait and see if it works before giving to the others so they don't waste medicine on people they can't save.
  • I like that the new flame keeper turned out to be Indra's daughter and I like that Octavia spared her life for Indra's sake.
  • I like that Octavia came up with a plan that made people believe that the flame was destroyed while it was actually safe with Indra's daughter who went on the run with it.
  • I liked that Jaha told Bellamy that Clarke is lucky to have him because he keeps her centered and I liked that Bellamy told him that it's really the other way around.
  • I liked that Jaha doesn't think that Bellamy needs redemption because everything he did was to protect his people and I like that he asks Bellamy how many people does he have to save before he forgives himself.
  • I was sad that the doomsday cult's shelter wasn't one that was able to survive the radiation but I hope that there is a way that they can make it survivable before the radiation hits.
  • I like that Murphy tells Emori that there is something bad coming and that they need to find a way to be on the right side of the door to survive it and I like that she knows that he means that they have to find a way to make themselves useful in order to survive.
  • I like that Clarke puts Bellamy on the list of hundred people who can survive even though he didn't think he deserved to be on that list and she didn't even put her own name on the list.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that if he's on the list than so is she and then he writes her name down when she refuses to.
  • I like that Bellamy tells Clarke that they should put the list away and hope that they'll never have to use it and I like that he tells Clarke that as long as their still breathing he has hope they can save all their people.
  • I like that Luna being a night blood means that she can survive radiation and I like that Abby plans to try to use that to find a way for them to survive.
Please tell me your thoughts on this episode.

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