Friday, January 26, 2018

TV Review: Heartstrings

                                                          Heartstrings Review
Heartstrings is about a girl named Lee Gyu-won a traditional music who goes to a performing arts college and she ends up challenging Lee Shin a popular male student who is lead singer and guitarist of a band that is very popular at their school especially among the female students. Gyu-won thinks that Shin is a jerk because he's overly harsh when he rejects girls and can come across as quite arrogant when it comes to his music but after the two of them actually have to spend time together they both do end up developing feelings for each other as they get a better understanding of each other as people.

Another one of the main plots of the series revolve around the 100th anniversary performance that the school is having and pretty much all the important characters are working on the show in one way or another. Gyu-won ends up in the running to play the female lead despite having no experience in acting or dancing and very little experience in actual singing which is something that upsets a lot of her fellow students but since the director of the 100th anniversary performance is oddly fixated on Gyu-won she's in the running for the role despite lacking the skills and experience that such a role would require.

One of the students that wants to be the female lead the most is Han Hee-joo who is an extremely hardworking student who has been working on dancing, acting and singing through out her time at the school and is the daughter of the head of school who most people don't like since she's often mean to her classmates because she doesn't want to appear weak in front of them. Another subplot in this series is about how a nerdy drummer named Yeo Joon-hee ends up falling in love with Hee-joo basically at first sight and she ends up falling for him as well because of how he's kind to her and always there for her even after she tells him to go away.

Overall I liked this series a lot I liked the lead characters and most of the supporting characters expect for the director and Gyu-won's grandpa, and I was happily surprised by how well Gyu-won and Shin worked as a couple once they got together and I found them to be very sweet together. I thought that the music in this series was good but since there was a limited amount of songs I felt like the music could become a bit repetitive at times but still enjoyable. Please tell me your thoughts on this series.


  1. I've never heard of this series! What language is it in?
    Esty @ Boarding with Books

    1. It's in Korean but it's available with English subtitles on Hulu plus, Viki and Dramafever, so if this sounds like a series you'd be interested in you should check it out on one of those sites.