Friday, January 12, 2018

TV Review: Because This is My First Life

                                            Because This is My First Life Review
Because This is My First Life is about Yoon Ji ho a thirty year old who is still working as an assistant drama writer who finds herself forced out of the apartment that she shares with her brother that has paid the down payment for when she discovers that he has gotten married to girl who he got pregnant during the time Ji ho was off working on the last drama she was helping to write. Around the same time Nam See hee a man who likes his life to be as uneventfully as possible and seems to care about maintaining a sense of order and his cat above all else, has had to kick out his most recent tenant because said tenant not only didn't take care of the recycling and feeding his cat when he worked late like was agreed upon when the tenant moved in but he also caused some property damaged after coming home drunk. It ends up that Ji hoo needs to find a new place to live but discovers that pretty much anywhere that she can afford to live is not really somewhere one should live so she ends up moving in Se hee's apartment without her knowing that she moved in with a guy and Se hee is also unaware that his new roommate is a girl but despite going about a week living together without meeting each other he thinks Ji hoo is the best tenant he has ever had and she quite fond of him as well as landlord both because of the affordable price for the room and because of how nice the apartment is.

After Ji hoo and Se hee realize that they are living with each other they at first find it awkward but after awhile they decide that since it's unlikely they would have romantic feelings for each other it's okay that they live together and that goes well for awhile until Se hee's mother discovers that her son's roommate is a woman and while ee hee is fine with just ignoring his mother's feelings on the subject Ji hoo isn't so she moves out. Later on something happens in the place that Ji hoo is staying that makes her feel unsafe there and so she ends up back at Se hee's apartment again and shortly after that the two decide to set up a contract marriage and well as time goes on the line between being fake married and just being married starts to blur.

The subplots in the series have to do with how one of Ji hoo's closest friend Yang Ho rang wants nothing more than to get married to Sim Won seok ,her boyfriend of seven years while he wasn't even thinking about marriage even though he does love her and wants to be with her forever. The two of them have very different expectations for their relationship and they spend the series figuring out whether or not their love for each other means more to them than having the futures that they picture themselves having even if they aren't with each other. The other main subplot is about the unusual relationship between independent business woman Woo Su ji  and dorky Ma Sang goo who at first seem to be mostly about they hooked up one time in the past and Su ji doesn't remember it while Sang goo does and therefore he wants to hook up with her again to leave a more lasting impression but after Su ji tells Sang goo that she has never dated anyone despite having hooked up with many men he starts to look at her differently and this leads to him wanting be therefore as someone who supports and cares for her in a way that no one has before. I ended up likely the relationship between Su ji and Sang goo much more than I thought I would mainly because of the shift that happened in the relationship early on that changed what the relationship was about and turned it into something unexpectedly sweet.
Overall I really love this series it had a cast of great characters that I couldn't help but invest myself in and I really loved all the relationships in this series and not just the romantic ones(although those were great) but also the platonic ones, my favorite of those was the friendship between Ji hoo, Ho rang and Su ji. This series had a lot of good things to say both about relationships and finding your place in the world and at the same time it was a lot of fun to watch as well. Please tell me your thoughts on this series in the comment section below.


  1. There were a lot of great things about this drama, but of course my favorite bits were when that line between fake marriage and real feelings started to happen... YES! Oh, and when See He started too soften up around the edges... and I knew that would happen and so when it did I was like... YES, here we go! Do you know what i mean by that... like there are so may leads who at first we the viewers might think they are too gruff or mean or hard... but then.. as we get to know them, and as their character changes throughout the story... they soften up. And you can actually SEE it happening. It's my favorite. I'm watching one right now... Just Between Lovers... where this is going to happen too... and I can't wait. :)

    1. The best part of any plot that involves fake relationships is when the characters start to catch feelings for each other and start to forget that they are only suppose to be faking a relationship. It's always so much fun to see a character that tries to keep their emotions out of things failing to do so and eventually slowly letting themselves pursue the happiness that they've been denying themselves. Just Between Lovers is the drama I'm planning to watch once I finish I'm Not a Robot because I've been hearing very good things about that series and I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying that one as well. Thank you for the comment.