Friday, March 15, 2013

Fangirl Friday 31

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Psych: This week's episode of Psych was probably one of my favorite of the whole series so far. In this episode Shawn and Gus go out into the woods to try to help(sort of) film students to find Big Foot and Shawn wants to make a video of his own in order to steal the film student academy award from them, he enrolled Gus in a class for the purposes of winning said award. After finding some dead bodies as well as very many funny moments then Juliet and Lassiater show up because they thought Shawn and Gus might have been dead and Lassiter is upset to see that isn't the case. Soon the group learns they're not alone out there and they eventually take down some criminals. I loved this episode it was so funny and so many good character moments and I love this episode as a parody to the found footage movies, this is actually better than any found footage movie I've ever seen.

2. Revenge: Revenge return this week and I think this episode dealt with Amanda's death pretty well with having Emily of course start off right away planning her revenge again and having one small private moment to truly mourn her. I also loved that Nolan was worried about Emily and what she might do next and I liked that they seemed to have more scenes together in this week's episode than they have had for most of the season. I also liked seeing that Jack may actually be involved in a plot that's somewhat relevant to the rest of the show which would be nice because if he's going to get screen time his storylines should at least be interesting. I liked how Charlotte was very sincere in her mourning of Amanda which was a contrast to the rest of her family. I really enjoyed the plot with Daniel wanting to get out of the initiative's control. I loved the theme of the episode with Emily going to not let anything else distract her from her vengeance.

3. Vampire Diaries: Vampire Diaries also returned this week and I actually quite liked this episode. I liked how Elena was bored and just kind of bitchy and not caring about anything or anyone although I disliked how mean to Caroline she was. I liked that Stefan and Elena had quite a few moments together and I liked that there's a bit of sexual tension between them because I've been missing that lately. I liked all the Stefan and Caroline interaction because I always like those two together. I liked but was sad about the Caroline and Tyler stuff especially when Caroline read his letter realized he's not coming back, that made me cry. I liked that Damon was chasing after Katerine again and I liked the scenes he and Rebekah shared together.

4. Nashville: I caught up with Nashville this week with watching the last two episodes and I enjoyed them quite a bit and I especially liked the stuff with Scarlett and Gunnar. I also still love Juliette even though her plots weren't my favorite in these last two episode. I also loved the new songs we got in these episodes, Casino was my favorite by far though.
5. Elementary: I really loved this week's episode because it dealt with Joan being a bit unsure about if she can be a detective and I liked that because I feel like that's a natural feeling to have but I loved that she is able to solve the case in the end and was able to feel confident in her decision to become a detective. I also really liked the whole Alfredo teaching Joan to break into cars because that's a skill that Sherlock believes a detective needs.

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