Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 Books I had tobuy but are still on my bookshelf

1. Perfect Scoundrels: I've only got this book two weeks ago so it really hasn't even been on my shelf for too long but I really want to put it at the top of my to read list.
2. Tilt: It's a book by Ellen Hopkins who I love, and it has more than one narrator another thing I love in books and I got it for Christmas so I really need to read this book soon since I'm sure I'll love it.
3. The Mark of Athena: I got this for Christmas as well and I so far love the Heroes of Olympus series so I need to read this soon although I think I've already read like the first like 5 chapters.
4. Forever:I love the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and I got this book for Christmas so I really should get to reading this relatively soon as well.
5. Hide and Seek: I really love the Lying Games series and I'm sad that I got so far behind in these books so I want to read this book soon in order to work my way get caught with the series.
6. Entwined: I bought this book this summer but I just keep putting off reading this book for some reason.
7. A Touch of Power: I've had this book since summer and I've actually tried to start reading this book right before Christmas but then I read A Fault in Our Stars instead and now I need to get back to this book.
8. If I Stay: I got this book for Christmas and I hear great things about this book so I feel that I should try to read this book soon.
9. It's Kind of a Funny Story: I bought this book this fall and I read the first chapter and even though I loved it I just haven't read it since and I also love the movie of this book as well so I'm sure I'll enjoy the book once I read it.
10. A Storm of Swords:I'm still reading A Clash of Kings and I just bought A Storm of Swords in order to have the next book available when I finish the second book of the series.

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  1. I still need to read If I Stay. And I am even farther behind. I need to read Tilt too, but I feel like I need to read my copy of Perfect first.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Deidra @ Simply Books.