Friday, March 29, 2013

Fangirl Friday 33

Fangirl five Friday is a weekly meme host Nancy Drew is my Homegirl and what it's meme that has you list the top five things you've been fangirling about this week.

1. Revenge: I really loved this week's episode of Revenge like a ridicules amount of love for this week's episode I'm not exactly sure why I have so much love for this week's episode but I'll try to explain. I really loved pretty much everything with Nolan this week, I loved all the moments he had with Padma who I've shipped him with since their first kiss and never really stopped so seeing them say I love you to each other made me very happy even though I knew that something bad was bound to happen to her by the end of the episode. I really loved how Nolan just really wanted Emily there during the exchange with the initiative even though her being there wouldn't have made a difference. I loved how he didn't want to be part of killing anyone even if he knows that those people are awful and I like that it's this moral that causes the plan to go worse then already did. My favorite scene of the episode was the one towards the end with Emily and Nolan where Emily told him to start working on finding out where the test message he received came from and that she promises that she will help him which I loved so much because we don't really get scenes were Emily says she'll be there for him while we often get scenes with him promising to be there for her so it's nice to hear that she'll do the same. I also loved how Emily hearing that her father sent her letters while she was in foster care made her consider how much her life could have been if she had known the truth back then and while it makes me sad that she jumps to blaming herself for Amanda's death I'm glad to see that her death is still effecting her. I also really liked seeing Emily's old foster mother revealed to be abusive and that she is now ruined. I loved the last scene of the episode when after Emily finds out that Victoria has another son she has this smile that shows she'll use this information to cause a lot of problems in the future.

2. Psych: The 100 episode of Psych aired this week and it was a very entertaining episode which took place at a dinner party inside of an eccentric rock star or former rock star's mansion. The episode was hilarious and had a great cast of guest stars that made the episode even better. The mansion was also a great set for the episode because it was very odd with having a screaming doorbell, a hidden chocolate room and panther outside the front door that is known to ripe people's faces off. This was another great episode of Psych which plot had many hilarious twists and turns.

3. Community: This week I watched pretty much all of season 3 of community and I found this season to be even more enjoyable then the last I continue to love the shows willingness to have unique episode formats and I love the characters more and more the longer I watch the show. My favorite episodes were Remedial Chaos Theory, Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps, Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts, Virtual Systems Analysis, Basic Lupine Urology and Curriculum Unavailable.

4. Vampire Diaries: I enjoyed this episode way more than I thought I would so that was a pleasant surprise. I loved seeing all the scenes in the dinner between Elena, Rebekah and Katherine they were just really enjoyable and I actually loved them all. I loved that Elijah was back and I particularly love all of his scenes with Elena which isn't much of a surprise to me since I've always liked their relationship. I also enjoyed seeing Klaus suffer extreme pain while Caroline tells Klaus that he deserves it. I also loved that Stefan wants to get out of his toxic relationships with Damon and Elena once and for all because that's pretty much the healthiest thing for him to do.
5. The Bates Motel: The second episode of The Bates Motel was another good one but not quite as exciting as the first one which is understandable. I liked how this episode dealt more with the dark things that happened in the town rather than the dark things that happen within the Bates family. There was still lots of evidence of how messed up the Bates family is especially with the arrival of Norma's other son and even more evidence that Norma murdered her last husband as well.

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