Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Top 10 Moments in Books

I feel like I should mention that most of the moments on this list comes from Linger, I guess that book just really touched me.
1. "I was nobody when Beck brought me back, Cole.  I was so damaged, I couldn't function. I barely ate and I used to scream when I heard running water. I don't remember that at all. I have giant holes in my memory. I'm still damaged, but not as bad as I was." (Linger)
I really love this moment because it's one were Sam tells someone how messed up he actually is and because the person he tells it to isn't someone he knows very well or even really likes all that much which makes the moment more powerful to me. I really love this moment because for the most part Sam tries to keep everything to do with him being damaged in the past but in this moment he admits that he's still damaged but in a way that makes me think he's also saying he's trying to move pasted all the bad things in his life while knowing he'll always will be at least a little bit damaged.
2. Sansa's last POV chapter in Game of Thrones
This chapter is one that completely broke my heart and I sobbed while I read it which is one of the many reasons it's my favorite chapter in the whole book. This is the chapter in which Sansa realizes pretty much every belief she ever had is wrong in one of the cruelest ways possible starting with her fathers death which she was told by her betrothed was mercy which bad her see that Joffrey is complete monster; there's this moment were she looks at Joffrey and she's so repulsed by him she can't understand how she could ever have been attracted to him in the first place. This is also the chapter in which Sansa learns that she is basically the Lannister's prisoner as well as the chapter were Joffrey starts having her beaten by his knights. This chapter sticks out to me so strongly because this is the chapter were Sansa realises what kind of world she lives in and it's utterly devastating to me to see her have all of her ideals so cruelly ripped away from her. One of the most powerful moments of the chapter is the one in which Sansa is watching the courtly meeting seeing how the man that helped killed her father was rewarded and how she comes to the conclusions that heroes don't exist and in life the monsters win.
The other reason I love this chapter is because this is really the chapter were Sansa really starts to learn how she is going to survive now in King's Landing with doing what Joffrey wants her to do but she is also learning that there are things that he can't really make her do. Such as when Joffrey makes her look at the head on the pikes but she thinks he can make me look but he can't make me see, also after awhile Sansa starts to think about how the heads don't even look real, in this moment Sansa is able to do exactly what Joffrey asks but at the same time disobeying him because he can't control her thoughts and  Joffrey is unable to punish her because she didn't do anything wrong. Also throughout this part of the chapter Sansa refuses to react to seeing the heads by crying or screaming in horror which takes away from Joffrey's fun which takes some of the power away from him. There's also the moment at the end of the chapter were Sansa thinks she could push Joffrey to his death and if she fell with him it wouldn't matter at all, this is such a powerful moment to me because it shows just how deeply depressed she is at this moment with no giving a second thought to her own life.
3. Chapter 26 of Linger
One of my favorite things about Linger was the relationship between Sam and Cole because they are very different types of people and have very different outlooks on life so they don't really get along particularly well but they are still somewhat forced to interact with each other which I find really interesting, this chapter is one in which the two of them interact the most. I really love the exchange between Sam and Cole of "I'm just not really crazy about you being drunk." "I'm not really crazy about being sober." I just really love this quote and it kind of sums up quite a bit of their interactions with Sam trying to be somewhat polite still and Cole just being well Cole.I really love how their exchange starts off about how Cole wants to be a wolf and how Sam just can't seem to understand why anyone would want that. I really like that as the conversation goes on Cole eventually calls Sam out on being just as messed up as he is which is something I really love about this conversation with how Cole doesn't even seem bother to hide how messed up he is and how he actually brings up that Sam is messed up too, I really like this because I don't feel like any of the other characters really ever confront Sam with this which is another thing that makes this relationship interesting. I find it quite interesting that Cole did really seem to think that showing Sam a bathtub would help him although another big reason he did it was because he was just plain curious about how Sam would react.
The moment when Sam sees the tub he starts thinking back to the time in which his parents tried to kill him and while we heard about this part of his past before these new details made it even more sad and scary that little Sam was put in that situation. The saddest part for me to read was when Sam remembered how for a brief moment he thought that maybe it was part of a game which is such an innocent and trusting thought which just brings out how young he was at the time that this horrific even happened. I also really just love how after seeing how traumatized by the experience Sam is Cole is kind of anger at Sam for making him out to be a bad guy and I like to think that at least some of Cole's anger comes from the way Cole sees himself as a person who destroys people so he's mad at Sam for bringing up those feelings again when all Cole did was show him a bathtub. I overall loved this entire chapter and I there's quite a few quotes I love in this chapter as well.
4.  "I'm sorry. It's just, I've been so sad." "Yeah, Mom.Me, too."(Tilt)
I just really love this moment between Shane and his mother because through pretty much the whole book I felt like that these two characters really needed to lean on each other but they both just kept suffering on their own especially Shane who part of him didn't even want his mom to worry about him but at the same time he felt like he really needed her. So I love this moment because it's the one where they finally realised that they should be working together to get past Shebly's death and finally really talk to each other which I thought was a pretty perfect ending to Shane's story.
5. "He looked young and uncertain and endearing, and I felt betrayed that he was somehow getting himself together when I couldn't."(Linger)
I really loved the relationship between Isabel and Cole in Linger because it is somewhat at least on Isabel's side a relationship that is found on them both being damaged and also Isabel mentions earlier in the book she saw Cole as a way for her to self destruct and how she is kind of drawn to that at the moment. I really love this moment because it kind of points about why their relationship is messed up with Isabel is actually mad that Cole is somewhat pulling himself together because she is still can't make herself do that so she doesn't want him to get better until she can too. I also really love how she goes on to think about how she doesn't want to open up yet because she sees that it hurts to be that honest with yourself and she's not ready to hurt yet.
6. "I fold the Letter"(Impulse)
This is really the moment in which Connor really decides that he isn't going to go back home ever and I really like how his reasons behind this decision is pretty clear with the letter his parents sent him basically telling him that once he gets back home things will be exactly as they were with the unrealistically high expectations and no real affection which were a major factor in why he tried to kill himself in the first place. Connor was having doubts about going home through out the trip but this moment really made him feel that there wasn't really a reason why he would want to return to that life. I really loved the symbol of the perfect paper airplane and how he throws it off the side of the cliff and how the poem ends with the words " let it fly straight to hell." I think this section is beautifully written and great foreshadowing.
7. Chapter 17 of Linger
I really loved this chapter because it's pretty much the first time in which we get to see Sam and Cole interact and I really like seeing that. I liked that Cole can tell that Sam doesn't particularly likes him but he's still being polite and this actually kind of annoys Cole. What I loved the most about this chapter though was the phone call between Cole and Isabel which had a fair amount of banter and flirting which I always enjoy but the part that makes me love this chapter so much is how they opened up a bit to each other and that the reason behind why they were talking to each other was at least a bit because they didn't really care about the other at least not yet.
8. " I wanted her to fill the empty spaces left by a father who never once praised me, 'friends' who used me, an ice princess mom who raised me with glass kisses."(Impulse)
I really love this moment because it's one of the first real insights into what Connor's home life is like and is just a quote that I really love and stuck with me through out the book. This is also a part that looking back at it after finishing the book I think helps me to understand Connor's choice more.
9. " My parents had always been so careful with me, until the day they decided I needed to die."(Linger)
I really loved this part of the novel because it showed how complicated Sam's feelings are regarding his parents while he is of course deeply traumatized by them trying to kill him he also can still remember a time where they did love him and did their best to take care of them. I really liked that this was part of the book because it was interesting and sad to read that there is still a part of Sam that misses his mother even after what she tried to do to him and how Sam can't really talk to anyone about it because to everyone else Sam's parents are horrible people that Sam shouldn't miss but while they are the people that tried to kill him for Sam they are also his parents so his feelings about them aren't so clear cut their complicated and messy.
10. Faye's introduction(Secret Circle: The Initiation)
One of the most memorable book moments for me is when Faye read her sensual poem about fire in front of the class and then lit it on fire once she finished her reading. In this moment I decided that Faye was my favorite character and I didn't come to regret that decision, I also just think this is a great way to introduce a character.


  1. Wow, this is good! I actually never read Linger but now I really want to read it! :)

    Joana @ Joana In The Sky With Books

  2. Really agree about Sansa's chapter on Game of Thrones - I am still not a huge fan of Sansa as a character, but at that point I saw her in a different light. And I have heard that her character gets better and better in the following books.

  3. Hmmmm, I think you must really like Linger!! I love your list and topic!!!! Those moments all sound so epic!!