Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thoughts on Game of Thrones: 3.05-3.07

Kissed by Fire(3.05)
In this episode I quite enjoyed Arya's storyline with the Brotherhood Without Banners with how when the Hound wins his battle against Lord Beric and it's decided that he is allowed to live that Arya keeps scream for his death, I find Arya's lust for vengeance to be both very interesting and disturbing part of her character. I was also interested in how the brotherhood Without Banners were able to use the lord of light's powers such as Lord Beric lighting up his sword and one of Lord Beric's men saying a pray that brought him back to life. I found the storyline with Rob punishing his men for betraying him by death to be interesting because I could understand why he found the need to punish the men but at the same time it was obvious that he should have listen to everyone else's council and  left the one lord alive because it would allow him to keep the lord's men, with all the poor choices that Robb has been making it's easy to see why things won't work out for him in the future. I really enjoyed hearing Jamie tell Brienne about the mad kings final days and why he felt that he need to kill him as well as why he never bothered to explain himself to Ned Stark. I really enjoyed seeing Shireen Stannis's daughter for the first time on the show, I really like her because she's such a sweet little girl and I love her friendship with Davos with how she doesn't care if he's a traitor and how she wants to teach him how to read. I enjoyed how Daenerys is being shown as trying to find a way to adjust her new army into free people and how her ideas of what that means kind of come in conflict with what her army views as freedom such as with Grey Worm feeling that his name is lucky because it's the name that he had when Daenerys set him free unlike his birth name which is the name he had when he became enslaved. I really loved seeing Sansa be happy and hopeful about the future in her scene with Margery and I liked the way she played Littlefinger in her scene with him but sadly Littlefinger already knew the real reason she didn't want to leave King's landing. The last scene were Tywin tells Tryion that he is to marry Sansa and Cersei that she is to marry Loras, is one of my favorite of the episode even though it upset me that some of my favorite characters were put in the position. It broke my heart for Sansa that she'll have to marry Tryion and I'm glad that Tryion pointed out that it's flat out cruel to force Sansa to marry a Lannister after all Joffery as put her through. I also felt bad for Cersei having to be forced into another marriage because it's obvious that she hated her first one and hated to be used in such a way which was why earlier in the scene she seemed to be delighted that Tryion was forced into a similar position that she had been in the past but with news of another marriage all of her previous joy had vanished.

The Climb(3.06)
I really loved seeing Bran again since I'm really enjoying his storyline this season even though he hasn't been given all that much screen time so I'm happy anytime his storyline gets screen time. I liked how Bran was able to get Osha and Meera to stop fighting and I also kind of like that Osha and Meera were fighting about hunting and skinning rabbits. I enjoyed seeing how having a vision effected Jojen and I liked that his vision relate to Jon's storyline because it helps his storyline feel connected to the rest of the show. I enjoyed seeing Theon get tortured far more than I probably should but that was mostly because the guy torturing him so clearly enjoys inflicting pain on people and always seem to love characters who are unapologetic about being evil. I actually really enjoy the relationship that is developing between Jon and Ygritte because I like the way she teases him and I like the whole they look out for each other because their just soldiers to everyone else type of thing they have going on. I loved the scene between Olenna and Tywin I loved that Olenna simple refused to bow to Tywin's threats and I also loved that Tywin just assumed she would bow to his demands since everyone else does. I enjoyed the scene between Tyrion and Cersei about who gets the worse end of the deal as well as who sent someone to kill Tryion during the battle of black water, I just really enjoy seeing these two interact. I really enjoyed the sweet awkward scene between Sansa and Loras were they talked about their upcoming wedding and I loved the scene were Sansa talks excitedly to Shae about how much better life in Highgarden while be. The scenes of Sansa being happy makes it all the more sad when Sansa is left crying at the end of the episode after she finds out that she is to marry Tryion, it just breaks my heart to see her cry and to have her  hopes crushed once again.

The Bear and the Maiden Fair(3.07)
I love how Daenerys feels the need to try to free as many slaves as she can and that she's willing to slaughter people to achieve her goals but I'm worried that her ambitions may get her into trouble later on in the series. I really love the scene where Daenerys meets with one of the leaders of Yunkai where she decides to keep their gives of gold even after she refuses the deal that was given to her and she offers the leaders of Yunkia the gift of their lives if they free all their slaves. I just really love of confidant and ruthless Daenerys is with dealing with people she sees as her enemies and I love that she refuses to compromise to achieve her goal and she's willing to kill anyone who apposes her. I really hated seeing Sansa crying and calling herself stupid because she thought that she would have a fairly happy life because I hate seeing Sansa in pain because she doesn't deserve it and I don't think it's stupid at all to hope for your life to be not awful. I'm glad that Margery was there to tell Sansa that she hoped to see Sansa happy and to make the best out of her situation because that is often what ladies of their status of to do in life and to basically try to look on the bright side of her situation. I really enjoyed seeing how much the relationship between Jamie and Brienne has developed over the season such as Jamie feeling like he owed a debt to Brienne and Brienne telling Jamie that to repay the debt he only has to return the Stark girls to their family which is something she wouldn't have trusted him to do a few episodes ago. I also love that Jamie came back for Brienne in the end and demand that she comes with him or else they'd have to kill him.

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